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Some (late) morning-after thoughts:

1) You already started the discussion this morning: What do you root for if Orr and Brashear have a tangle tonight? I’m sure Orr will be cheered when he hits the ice. You can’t possibly have a problem with that, right?

2) How about Avery. He ticked off plenty of Ducks, including the coach, and it was just vintage stuff, Scott Niedermayer running out of position to take a shot at Avery while Anisimov was putting the puck in the net.

3) The rookies don’t seem to be doing so badly so far, eh?

4) Steve Valiquette pitching a shutout, even just getting a solid win, has to be comforting in this compacted season and with the Olympics sure to be on Lundqvist’s plate in the winter. Valiquette is going to have to pitch in more than he did last year, and he’s going to have to be better than he was last year.

5) I think we will see more from Christopher Higgins. But so far he has only been good. He does enough things in the course of the game to deserve his minutes. You just expect him to be a little more involved offensively.

6) Decent bounce-back game from Rozsival. Another good one from Redden. A much better one from Girardi.

I’ll check back in later from MSG.

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  1. I will be rooting for Orr to knock HuggyBear out.

    Good point on our three slacking defenders picking it up. Girardi for once had a good game.

  2. Thanks for the new post Carp.

    Orr vs Brash is a tough one. But if they do rumble… Orr wins hands down. I haven’t been really impressed with Brashs fights…

  3. agree with Mako, Brashear’s looking his age in the fights

    I like Orr but, Rangers come first. I gotta root for the Blueshirt in any fight

  4. The minute Orr stopped wearing the Rangers sweater, that’s when I stopped caring about what he does or when/where he plays. My allegiance is to the guys in Rangers blue.

  5. Sorry,have to re-post
    1. Joe in DE
    You obviously missed my point. You have all rights to love and hate. It is your PERSONAL feelings, belongs to you and has nothing to do with any given game realm. Because fights ARE an integral part of the game, it admittedly could affect the result, particular with otherwise more or less equal teams. My PERSONAL ultimate goal is a WIN for my team, therefore I root for ANY elements of the game which helps that goal, period. General discussion about characters and personal preferences is very good and entertaining for off season. Deliberate rooting for ANY other player in a game against your team is just simply preposterous. But that’s me.
    And btw, do not underestimate Toronto (however here I would like you to be right).
    2. jagrforgovernor
    That’s exactly what I’m saying. I loved Simon being a Ranger, but start hating him doing the SAME job for fishsticks. Still love Jagr (playing in Russia), but would never root for him if he would sign with Pissburgh, and so on and so forth. Btw, it has nothing to do with having full respect for other team’s players, just not against yours. Definition for Fan comes in mind.

  6. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    It’s going to be a physical hard hitting game…. Orr-Brashear may be the main event(possibly more than once) but i’m curious to see the undercard…. you know Avery will muck it up…Higgins maybe?

  7. Hey Carp. Do you still feel Anisimov will be sent down to Hartford.??? Notwithstanding some defensive zone mistakes. he really becoame a quiet presense on this team. Puck control, digging in the corners, passing and a better than average shot.

  8. Im rooting for Orr. For the first time since i became a hockey fan, i really don’t care aboot hockey fights. Unless Aves, or somebody else gets into a fight.

    Im over the whole Brash*it thing, i cant complain aboot it any more than i have already, but Orr still is the man, even if he’s with the Leafs. Im rooting for him to send Brash*t a message tonight.

    Nyr better win though, it would be embarrassing to be the first team to lose to the Leafs.

  9. I will root for two fights, the first one to be won by Orr and the second to be won by Brashear in case we need some momentum born from it. It would be funny if Voros was playing and he tried to fight Orr because he doesn’t know any better. Maybe Avery can go after Jason Blake again.

  10. That prick Komisarek will obviously try to start something. It’s funny, when he was with the Habs, and he had somebody pinned against the boards, he would throw hard shots to the back of a player, like Jags, but never got called, but when Nyr does that, it’s a penalty, and not even a warning.

    I wonder why ?!?!?!!?

  11. Joekuh - Looking for a MDZ Authentic! on

    I’ll cheer Orr when he steps on the ice. If he scores a goal, I may give a short clap, but no more. LOL @ Voros going to fight a real enforcer. Hope he remembers Janzen(?) in St.Louis punching him silly last time.

  12. BTW

    Was anyone else uncomfortable when Joe Michiletti, was talking aboot Getzlaf, or Ryan ? I remember him saying “He has such big hands, and a big body”, but he said it in this weird voice that just made me feel really uncomfy.

  13. I’ll be looking for the Leafs to come out like gangbusters tonight and take advantage of the Rangers playing yesterday…
    It will be a great test of mental & physical conditioning… Especially in discipline of all aspects.

  14. Toskala has three starts and a 4.98 GAA. He is not off to a great start and will look to steal this game even if the Leafs are no match in skill.

  15. ORR – hahahahahhahahahahahah yeah.. Micheletti’s man crushes are hilarious. And definitely a bit awkward.

    As far as tonight, I expect a pretty tough game. The Leafs are going to be very hungry not having won yet, the Rangers are at the top and riding high – all the more incentive for the Leafs. Will be a true test of Torts’ system, for sure. Looks to be another awesome night.


  16. I can see the mapleleafs take many stupid penalties and the rangers taking advantage on the power play. I expect more ranger POWER PLAY GOALS.

  17. Orr Not to long ago I spotted Joe THE SHILL MICHELEETI standing outside an elementry school with a bag of candy and video games in his hand. Could he be the next MSG embarrasement ?

  18. Why is everyone making Orr’s first game back at MSG like it was Leetch’s?

    Orr was a good enforcer, he came to this team far worse than he is now in terms of what he brings to a team but he is a 4th liner than we picked up off of waivers. Wasn’t drafted by the Rangers, was only here for 4 years and wasn’t a go to guy.

    For a guy who played 4-5 minutes a night, he’s being treated like a king.

  19. I agree about Higgins. He’s very active during shifts which is why fans will like him. But there’s some scoring ability too. He, Drury and Callahan have chemistry. They’ve been doing a lot of good things out there. It’s just a matter of time.

    Agreed on Orr even though Brashear is a better player. Something many other bloggers can’t admit because of pride. Screw pride.

  20. I am amazed/appalled by all the people saying the are going to “cheer for Orr” in a fight against the Rangers, or even clap for him if he scored a goal against us. Unbelievable.

  21. Well said, Jason…regarding Orr, it’s an odd attachment to a marginal player. We’re lucky in one sense, though: you know the team is going well when the most people can find to complain about is that we have Brashear instead of Orr.

  22. Hockeyman Rangers on

    I really think that a lot of our success SO FAR this season (can’t get giddy yet)should be credited to Torts. Under the old regime we never had so many new players do so well right from the start. Torts system is working, players are responding quite well. And with each win comes more and more confidence (lets keep that confidence in check PLEASE) form everyone. All rookies have goals now which is preety cool in it’s own. The lines are gainign more and more chemistry and the POWER PLAY IS WORKING, AMAZING. This post is dedicated to John Tortorella for his hard work and winning the confidence of the team. Ok I’ll drink to that, anyone else???

  23. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Maybe Torts can teach me how to spell in his spare time. Wow should have reread that post b/f putting it up.

  24. Salty- its on par with the stupidity of people who cry every night because they miss Prucha’s 5 goals and dawes’ 10 goals

  25. Chris

    comparing Prucha to Orr is apples & oranges. Prucha was a great player until something happened (we still don’t know what or why) and was mistreated BADLY by Renney. The kid was ALL heart & played his @ss off everynight.

  26. So I’m looking at the Leafs lineup for tonight and I realize I don’t know who most of the players are, particularly past the 1st line (although it looks like Jason Blake is on their 3rd line).

    Who in their right mind would pay $300, allegedly the average cost of a Leafs ticket, to see that team?

    It will be funny to see Kessel return only to realize he had it so much better in Boston.

  27. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    There were some hard working guys on the roster who endeared themselves to the Garden Faithful (Orr, Betts, Ortmeyer) NY loves gritty hard working guys, and i for one, appreciate the effort they brought. Orr had a specific job to do, and he embraced it, as did the others. I enjoyed their tenure but now it’s over.

    Now, i have to respect what Brashear does, and i don’t want to see a Ranger get beat up at MSG or anywhere. You play for the team on the front, not the name on the back.

    I want to see Betts/Ortmeyer/Prucha/Orr do well…. just NOT against the Rangers!

  28. GOALIE

    Im sort of with you, i enjoy the fights, but not his. If i wanted to see all of that hugging, id watch a couple of lezzies do it on one of those softcore showtime love shows. It’s a lot more entertaining.

    And i hate the way people cry over Prucha fans. It’s not aboot his 5 goals, it’s aboot his fuggin effort. He had a ton of heart, and gave it 100% every night, but that piece of garbage Renney had a hard on for him, for what ever reason, and never kept him in the lineup. You can tell most of the players weren’t happy aboot it, cause Pruchs was a popular guy in the locker room. Even guys that knew him for a week or two would say that he’s one of the best locker room guys around. Ugh, thank god the Renney days are over !

  29. Salty- its on par with the stupidity of people who cry every night because they miss Prucha’s 5 goals and dawes’ 10 goals


    Not for nothin’.. but now that you bring this up:

    Maybe you meant Prucha’s 31 goal rookie season? Or his 20 goal sophomore year featuring limited PP time?

    Renney rubbed Prucha out just when he could have started growing/maturing as a player, in favor of burning out 38 year old Shanahan on the PP/PK/and with 2nd line mins. (Granted, Renney likely had no real say in where and when Shanny played… Renney bent over to Shanny at any given opportunity)

    Prucha should still be on this team (especially at ~$1.25M). If you think Petr Pruch would not be THRIVING in this Torts system you are either bananas or don’t understand the game whatsoever. Tom Renney single handedly stunted the growth of Petr Prucha.

    All that said, when Prucha comes to NY and scores a goal, No, I don’t “cheer for him”. I’d pretty much forgotten about Prucha… but wow… you can’t tell me he wouldn’t fit right in.

  30. and thats not a shot at you Chris, just a rant now that you bring up Petr Puck.

    As for Dawes… came up with some BIG goals but in general I always knew he’d be a goner soon enough.

  31. I just hope the rangers show up for this game. Big test for their mental game tonight. Leafs are in a bad way so far. lets hope we pounce

    Party Of Five Leads To Artie High Fives : Artem Anisimov’s First NHL Goal Video

  32. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    We need to put the Leafs on their heels early, and get the first goal. Make them play from behind, try to take the physical aspect away.

    I expect Hank to be on his ‘A’ game as usual.

  33. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    Joe Mich’s man crushes… HAHAHA

    I’ve touched on that subject before… he get’s WAY to into some players. Didn’t he once comment on how Jagr used his strong legs and big backside to his advantage?

  34. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    ….somebody send CCCP a text message or set his alarm off…. haven’t heard from him in awhile… what time is it in Russia??

  35. Agreed that although I liked Orr when he was with us… He’s the enemy now. No cheering for anything he does… Sry

  36. Salty- Prucha would fit in well with this team if he were the only small, aggressive forward. But he wouldn’t be. When we play more physical teams, especially Philly, our system will be under some serious fire and guys like Prucha would wilt.

  37. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V )
    At least 8 hours difference. But don’t worry – he is here, just hibernated at day hours, this beast of hockey police will wake up and patrol after midnight. Don’t tease a bear.

  38. Olga Folkyerself on

    I still need to adjust to Brashear in NY Blue, but much like Simon, Orts, Hollweg, once Orr took off the blueshirt, he’s dead to me…

  39. I don’t know, I disagree with people to some extent. I don’t really care about Orr being on another team. He wasn’t a Leetch or Messier, he’s gone, I don’t care. I wouldn’t cheer for him if he scored a goal or won a fight or whatever.

    But I honestly can’t cheer for Brashear. Blueshirt or not, he’s a goon. And he took a late, hard, cheap shot against a member of our team last season. If you honor the team or the sweater, how can you honor a man who showed such disrespect for that team or sweater just a few months ago?

  40. I always knew Dawes would get traded, but i thought we’d get a better return than Morris. Same with Montoya, i though we’d get a better return, but Slats waited until Monty couldn’t handle the starting job in Hartford. Dumb move.

    Everything Salty said aboot Pruchs is spot on. Renney really ruined the kid, and screwed up Shanny in the long run.

    Only thing aboot Pruchs i didn’t like, he never showed up for the playoffs. I don’t think he has a single playoff goal.

    Go Avs !! They look like they’re pretty damn good. Maybe the 05-06 NYR of this season.

    BTW – If anyone hasn’t heard the Avs announcer, go watch the game, he is so hilarious. This guy screams when someone shoots a simple wrister. So hilarious.

  41. Does anyone know what reporter asked Torts a question at the post game last night, heard it on radio. Torts got mad and said, “dont start up shit”, real nasty and barked “next question”.

  42. “If you honor the team or the sweater, how can you honor a man who showed such disrespect for that team or sweater just a few months ago?”

    Few months ? More like 4 seasons.

    It seems like every year, he goes out of his way to disrespect this team. Throwing cheap shots at Jagr, fighting Shanny and taunting him, and pretending like he beat him up, when all he did was give him a big ol’ hug with some rubs to the back of the head, sucker punching Aaron Ward with his bare fist, chasing Kaspar around the ice, challenging him instead of Orr, and pulling Kaspar’s hair, the cheap shot on Betts, and on, and on, and on.

    You know what. I hope Orr “Fedoruk’s” Brash*t !! One night only. Let him get what he deserves, then ill officially be over this guy.

    Take the ass kicking you deserve !!!!

  43. Hate to say it, but Brashear is a much better all-around hockey player than Orr.

    You root for the Blueshirt in any fight. And you don’t cheer when a former Rangers scores against the current squad. You may tip your cap and think “good for him,” but cheering? No.

    I see the Rangers continuing their roll tonight. Hopefully they can bottle the way they played last night and keep it going.

    Also, isn’t it great to look up and see that the top Rangers are actually putting up numbers. There are a lot of guys with multiple goals/points already. Gaborik, Prospal, and so far MDZ are getting a point-per-game. It’s just a great difference between last year’s squad and this one.

    Last year’s squad started 5-0 and 10-2…but this year’s team is so much better on a lot of levels.

  44. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    You honor the man BECAUSE of the sweater, not in spite of it.

    He did what he was supposed to do on those teams he played for. Muck it up, fight, get guys off their game, agitate, be a physical presence…. Avery does the same thing, but because he’s on our team, we adore him, When Dallas played the Rangers last season and Avery was in green, he did what he used to do for us against us, Yapped and Hank, and got in Dubi’s face, and called Vally a ‘minor leaguer’.

    Short memory? selective amnesia? Either way you love him when he’s on your side, and hate him when he’s against you.
    I take the same approach with Brashear.
    I’m not saying the hit on Betts was OK, and i’m not saying he’s the same player as Avery, just saying when he pulls the Rangers sweater on, he’s one of us.

  45. Blueshirt Brawler on

    I have to say as much as I don’t like Brashear I could never root AGAINST him in a fight. Let’s put it this way, let’s hope for a draw and a Rangers win. That’s the best thing that could happen in my mind. Brashear will definitely win over some fans if he could ever beat Orr tonight. But I’d rather the club focus on hockey and extend the winning streak rather than worrying about fighting. The Leafs aren’t very good but they always play us tough in our building. I’d love to see the Rangers come out with a hard fought 3-2 win tonight.

  46. For starters, I can not believe we are still talking about Prucha. I was so happy when he was finally sent away.

    I can not disagree more with the notion that Prucha would fit into Torts system. He is small, fairly quick but far from blazing, easy to get knocked off the puck and easier to clear from the front of the net (regardless of all his Jagr assisted PP goals). This new system is predicated upon blazing speed, hard forechecking and relentless pressure. Prucha would not be a “perfect fit!”

  47. Rmant
    For starters, I can not believe we are still talking about Prucha. I was so happy when he was finally sent away.

    I was starting to think I was the only one who feels this way!

  48. Come on… You have to admit when Leetch was traded you ALL wanted him to light up the Rangers. Its in our nature to have allegiance to certain players. We all have our certain players we love and wish never were traded….

    Anyone watching the Kings / Isles game?

  49. Matteauonov-

    I was reluctant to even make the comment so as not to contribute to more Prucha talk but I couldn’t sit idle and read how he would fit in so perfectly without retort. So far from the truth.

  50. Mako-

    I agree with you, I do cheer for players, as well as the Rangers. I always want the Rangers to win but if they win 5-1, would it hurt for Orr to score the lone goal? I’d be happy for him. This ain’t war, it’s hockey.

  51. Del Zotto = GOD on

    Very scary game tonight….gotta come out ready to go or it could be a real dissapointment

  52. I’ve got to imagine Tortorella had some input with Sather into the Prucha/Dawes/Kalinin for Morris trade and his response was not positive on either forward.

    Prucha was a total flash in the pan. Amusing to watch those first two years but lets face reality. You don’t resign with Phoenix, arguably one of the worst NHL cities, for 2/3 of your prior contract because you’re a good player with upside.

  53. Wow, Avs beat the B’s. Rask not much better than Tiny Tim. Looking like the B’s might have been a bit of overachievers last year.

  54. st0w-Brash is a Ranger, so you go for him. I always hated Erica Lindros but rooted for him when he wore the sweater. Looking back, I still hate him but cheered when he scored for us. Same with Brash, yes he’s committed alot of cheapies but now he’s fighting for my team. After he is done with the Rangers, I’ll go back to not liking him.

    Torts work your magic tonight and avoid the predictable letdown!

  55. Rmant

    Yep… like when Zubov or Kovalev was traded. Zubov NEVER should have been traded -he and Leetch were phenomenal together. But then again Nedved, Samuelsson & Robitaille never would have been Rangers… I say, it would have been fine by me if he would have stayed. 1068 games 771 points +148

  56. Oh and just think how many more points Zubov would have had if he was on the back line with Leetchie all those years :)

  57. I have nothing against Prucha, he played his heart out. But that is not enough in the NHL. If he didn’t have those 2 good years early no one would have ever even spoken of him. He had a bout of beginners luck and good fortune being with Jagr, but his size and lack of strength was his undoing. A marginal player at best.

  58. UESBlueshirt – “Wow, Avs beat the B’s. Rask not much better than Tiny Tim. Looking like the B’s might have been a bit of overachievers last year.”

    Its still early, but yea thats waht im saying.. after we played them in preseason i said that there is no way of 2 things happening this year.. bruins finishing first in conference again, and tim thomas winning the vezina again, matter fact he wont even be a finalist… id guess luongo, lundqvist and mason, and the caps to win the east, that division they play in is what gives them the nod over anyone else for top spot

  59. I hope the puglist will defer to good hard checking.

    DZ has a big hockey brain, future leader of the team and AA
    is not to far behind; he will catch-up.

    I love those gritty NY players we have.

    I look forward to viewing the games , no knock on Renney, but this team and its style of play is worthy of Broadway.
    Happy Columbus Day!

  60. Gravey - Formerly known as Jor71 on

    Yeah, that Avs announcer is funny. The one dude I cannot stand is the play by play guy for the Sabres. He screams goooaaallll every time a Sabre scores. He sounds like he is dying. Also, he is a huge homer!

  61. Rick Jenarette or something like that? I’m sure Sally has heard enough of him.

    Woohoo, just got tix for the game tonight!

  62. Did anyone notice the other embarrassing moment for Michelletti last night?

    On Kotaliks goal;

    “Watch Gaborik explode with speed”…

    Umm, explode? Two soft strides… Thats great Joe, real perceptive.

  63. mako-

    I’m not sure I understand your logic. One player’s success does not denote another’s. Comparing Zubov’s career to Prucha’s just because both were traded away is flawed logic. Gretzky too was traded away, could we say Prucha would have had that success?

  64. Anyone think Higgins doesn’t really fit? I’m hoping we can add him to a deal to entice someone to maybe take Rosival off our hands mid season when (I’m hoping) Grachev is ready to contribute for a veteran defensemen with an expiring contract…like Kotalik on the pp but 3 million a year for 8 minutes a game isn’t ideal-

  65. MAKO, it would definitely be awesome for Lundqvist to win the vezina, and im sure he will get one at some point in time.. but id alllmosst be just as satisfied with him never winning one and just being a finalist every year for it, like he had been for every year up until last year

  66. Drew Doughty just had a sick shot, slapper top shelf past biron, to make it 2-0 kings vs. the isles..

  67. higgins wont be going anywhere in a trade, he only has a contract for this year and will be a UFA at the end of the year, nobody is going to give something valuable up to get him for half a year.. and i dont want him to go anywhere, we’ve only played 5 games, he hasnt scored yet but he has played well and will definitely contribute to the team on the scoresheet eventually

  68. Rmant

    I wasnt comparing their careers at all. My point was there are fan favorites who have been traded. I was simply stating I wish Zubov was never traded.

  69. Alex T – I noticed that. After he said, “Watch Gaborike explode with speed…” he says, “stride, stride, stride, stride and then a quick pass!” He took two strides, and glided a little towards the point before cutting back to make the pass.

    I’m not saying I’d be a good color person but Joe Micheletti ain’t one either.

  70. what did i say staal wart? i didnt say lundqvist will win vezina this year im jus sayin he will win one at some point in his career

  71. I am Petr Prucha. I live in Arizona, and i don’t have to clean Jaromir’s house any more, he helps me with my social security. I really miss New York, and the big city people.

  72. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    I think Joe Mich had a ‘quick release’ while watching youtube highlights of Gabby…

  73. Greg_Section_403 on

    Anyone interested in tickets for Wednesday’s game (October 14 v Kings)? I have 2 seats, section 403, row d. I can’t make it to the game.

    I’m a season ticket holder, so i’ll give you the subscriber price: $74 total for the pair ($37 each). Much cheaper than box office ($49.50 each, plus fees).

    email me if interested: macsgreg at gmail dot com

  74. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    Oh… and i’m starting to think MSG does a few too many replays. If you show the same replay 7 times…. there is only so much Sam and Joe can say.

  75. is anyone else watching the isles-kings game?
    funny thing just happend, Bill Jaffe goes:

    “Jonathan Quick may end up being the brother-in-law of Matt Moulson, they played together in Manchester in the AHL and Jonathan Quick’s wife is the girlfriend of Matt Moulson”

    Howie Rose waited a minute then said “you did mean the sister of jonathan quick, right?” haha

  76. Fly Line…maybe you could change your handle? Two flys around here could get confusing. And I don’t want to be associated with anyone who wants to trade away Higgins because he hasn’t scored in 5 games even though he’s been forechecking hard and getting chances with the puck.

    Thanks pal,

    The Other Fly Guy.

  77. rmant:

    Let’s give Prucha a year with a coach who knows a little bit about coaching and then see what happens. If Tippett can’t get Prucha back on track then you may be right. But I’ll always feel that Renney destroyed the kid’s career. He had 16 power play goals in his rookie season… so Renney takes him off the power play. Great move, Einstein.

    And yes, he would fit right in on a Tortorella team.

  78. Guys, I have a question for all you XBox/PS3 players…
    If I was to get one of these systems…which would you suggest?
    I really want it to play NHL, Madden etc. I Don’t do any first person shooters.

  79. ESPN’s power rankings are up for the week. We started at 22, then up to 12 last week, and now up to #5. I know that such rankings aren’t all that meaningful, but it’s still nice to be recognized as one of the really good teams so far. Hope it keeps up.

  80. ryan smyth on the kings just cleared it down the rink where there was an open net, and he just missed, the puck glides through the crease and went down for an icing… there used to be a rule that if the puck went through the crease then the icing was waved off, when did they ever change that rule???

  81. and staal i think xbox360 is alot smoother and better, ps3 is real good too but last week i was at a friends and we played nhl for ps3 and it just wasnt the same, some glitching up here and there where as on xbox 360 its always smooth… just my take on it

  82. A F L Y Guy- I was actually Fly Line before you were posting, but I’ll change it if you want-and I don’t want to trade Higgins because he hasn’t scored its because, as you guys said, he is an UFA that has value which we cannot sign.

    Everyone calling me crazy- just let me know in what spot you see Grachev slotting in eventually and how much you want to sign Higgins for this offseason…

  83. Staal Wart- I recently picked up a new PS3 (slim model) over the 360, mainly for NHL10. What swayed my decision was the PS3 having builtin wifi (otherwise I would’ve needed a cable running across my apartment), and online play being free. The fact that it plays Blu-rays is also a nice extra. Otherwise, they really are very similar.

  84. I’m rooting for brash all the way, I’d be shocked…SHOCKED I say if they did not fight for obvious reasons…but brash all the way. He is the ranger NOW, so he gets the support! Wish colton the best any other time though! Higgins might be mixing it up tonight for sure, kinda thinking lisin might sit and voros dress, but just a hunch!!

    As far as zubov goes, if it had been anyone else except ulfie (or vlad the impailer perhaps) i would have been pissed at the trade, but it was ulfie, so I’m glad as hell we traded him to get ulfie!!!

    Well, back to work and watching the DVR’s game later tonight!!

    LGR!!!! And have a crease cleraing hard hitting physical d man day to all!! (interesting spin on the semenov deal that cae out today, gross I think, still like semenov and like the fact that sather still went back for him because he knows we need to be more physical back there).

  85. Rob M-
    Rob M wrote:
    is anyone else watching the isles-kings game?
    funny thing just happend, Bill Jaffe goes:

    “Jonathan Quick may end up being the brother-in-law of Matt Moulson, they played together in Manchester in the AHL and Jonathan Quick’s wife is the girlfriend of Matt Moulson”

    Howie Rose waited a minute then said “you did mean the sister of jonathan quick, right?” haha

    That was hilarious! Heard that too. Quick looks great in goal and I hope he doesn’t play on Wed. because I will be torn. You see, he is from the town where I grew up (Hamden, Ct.) and I watched every one of his High School games and even a few up at U-Mass Lowell where he played for 2 years before going pro last year with the Kings. I got Center Ice so I could follow him out in LA. He was born in Milford, Ct. where I now reside. What do I do???
    I will have to hope for a 0-0 tie that goes to a shootout and the Rangers win it in the Shootout. That wouldn’t be too bad on me.

  86. Howie’s the best. And I don’t have to tell you all how big a Rangers fan he is.

    To answer your question about last night, it was Jeff Klein from the Times who asked the question, and it was really simple — asking for an assessment of Rozsival’s play — when Torts got ticked off.

    Power rankings are idiotic. I used to have to do them with my Sunday NHL column, and I hated them. Let’s see, who beat who? As if that means something.

    As for Brashear being better than Orr … I’ll give you that. But it’s marginal.

  87. Fly Line – I’m just kidding about changing your name. I’ve only been around since the end of last season but I haven’t seen you around.

    Higgins isn’t going to have a ton of value being a UFA after this year. Lets see how things work out with him. I wouldn’t be surprised though if he took a hometown discount if things work out this year.

  88. Staal Wart

    Do you like free stuff? Like free online playing? Or some of the most amazing exclusive games, Blu-Ray player, web browser and just all around great platform? If your answer is YES…then PS3 is a must have.

    Xbox has major overheating issues and the biggest exclusive game they got is HALO…which in my opinion is the most overrated game of all time!

    Yes, PS3 has some lag problems that could easily be avoided by choosing the opponent with “green” connection signal… that’s it! You cant go wrong with Sony… you just cant!

    Oh and almost forgot… if you get PS3… you get to play against ME online!! what could be better than that?!

  89. Theres always lagging on online play whether it is xbox 360 or ps3, but i was playing one on one with a friend offline, against each other, and there was some lags in the game… they are both good though either way cant go wrong,

  90. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    CCCP good afternoon! I was waiting for you to show up today, I’m working on getting a PS3…. when i do, we’ll get down to business in NHL10.

    I’m liking the new name… i’ll let people get used to it before i drop the (vinny v)

    We did this in a previous game, not sure who started it… but let’s do it again…

    What will tonights score be?
    Who will be the Rangers goal scorers?
    PP success rate?


  91. SCX

    What’s your PS3 ID ? Im getting a league started with a few people on here.


    The PS3 is better. The online play is free, the only problem with the online play is, if you verse someone with a bad connection, there’s a lot of lagging, and glitches, but if you play someone with a good connection, it’s fine. Not just that, like SCX, and CCCP mentioned, it has the built in Blue Ray, WiFi, blah, blah, blah. It’s perfect, the games are great, and has a lot cooler exclusives than 360. Like in this one game, i forgot the name, but the hidden character for the 360 was Yoda, but for the PS3 it was Darth Vader. And the new Batman game, you can play as the Joker instead of Batman, and that’s only for the PS3. The 360 version, you only play as Batman.

    Not knocking the 360, it’s a good system, and when i get a job, im gonna probably buy it, but right now the PS3 is the way to go.

    Also, more people here have the PS3, so join us !!! And just encase you don’t know what to do, click my name, and you’ll see pics of Susan Sarandon’s super hot daughter, Eva Amurri’s chesticles !!!

    I saw her last night, WOW !! She went from nowhere on my list, to top ten, potentially top five !

  92. JAY

    Just dropped down by $100, right now it’s $199 i think.

    360 might be the same.

    BTW – CCCP mentioned the over heating, and i don’t know if you heard the story of a kid leaving his 360 on over night, and the thing started a fuggin fire, and burned his apartment. True story.

    Also, just encase you’re “that kind of guy”, you can watch pawn on the PS3, muahaha, i don’t, but just out of curiosity, i checked. I do have a bunch of Megan Fox pics saved though.

  93. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    I’m going with…

    2/6 on the PP

  94. Well I predicted 4-2 win yesterday LOL

    At least I got Kotalik goal & Gabby’s assist right LOL

    I’ll go for Rangers win 3-1…
    Goals by: Avery, Rozsival & Dubinsky
    Kotalik, Gabby, Staal & Cally with assits…

  95. There was a great article in Forbes I believe…two summers ago about te best hockey enforcer. Colton Orr was ranked number 1 based on how many times he faught, what percentage of those fights he won and how we basically payed him nothing. I forget where brashear was on that list….

  96. When I said this:
    _If you think Petr Pruch would not be THRIVING in this Torts system you are either bananas or don’t understand the game whatsoever. Tom Renney single handedly stunted the growth of Petr Prucha._

    This is the kind of person I was talking about:

    “I’ve got to imagine Tortorella had some input with Sather into the Prucha/Dawes/Kalinin for Morris trade and his response was not positive on either forward.”

    _Tortorella by his own admission knew NOTHING about most of the guys on the team. You walk into a situation, look at Prucha’s resume at crunch time… You make the move. That I understand, he didn’t know Prucha’s game, only that he’d been a perpetual healthy scratch under the last guy._

    “Prucha was a total flash in the pan. Amusing to watch those first two years but *lets face reality*. You don’t resign with Phoenix, arguably one of the worst NHL cities, for 2/3 of your prior contract because you’re a good player with upside.”

    _The reality is something was up with Prucha and Renney, whatever that may be. Prucha wasn’t a big strong guy, but he never hesitated to try to play like it. He was one of the ONLY players who ever even attempted anything creative offensively in the post-Jagr era. The reality is that Renney squashed Prucha’s career for some unknown reason. I still maintain that Prucha would have VASTLY outscored Drury last year if they had been given equal ice time/opportunity._

    Knock Prucha all you want, I’m not saying he’s the 2nd coming by any means… but he was grossly mistreated and jerked around by Tom Renney. If you deny that, it’s pretty clear you didn’t have a grasp on the situation.

  97. Staal Wart, now that PS3 is $299 you can’t go wrong. I’ve had mine 3 years almost, never had an issue, whereas I know people that are on their 3rd 360 (though mine has been fine so far, knock on wood).

    Orr, I’m already on your friends list, send me a league invite.

    Brashear to finally kick ass in a fight tonight and beat Orr I think.

  98. Wicky229 – Actually, Gross was linking to the _New York Times_ Slap Shot blog, which discussed a translated interview from Semenov says that the money was the only factor for not signing with the Rangers and that he had never actually agreed to a deal, which sounds fishy because Sather announced it and Semenov’s agent posted it on Twitter. Semenov also totally rejected the theory that his wife was a factor, saying that she lives with him wherever (rather than in Russia) and that she wanted to deliver her baby in the United States, although it sounds like she was in Russia at the time since they spend summer there anyway. Either way, he got more money from Dynamo, so good for him. I would expect Sather to respond to this, except he doesn’t talk much and probably doesn’t care.

  99. I’m back and forth, always a lingerer though and love the conversation on here. Just big picture I’m thinking we are pretty much set in terms of forward spots (the guys we want to move are unmovable and the rest we don’t want to move) as a top 9 of gabby,drury,kotalik,avery,cally,dubi, and the 3 kids (anisi,grachev,lisin). I don’t think we have the $ with Staal and Girardi needing somewhat substantial deals to keep a guy like Higgins, so just trying to maximize his value to the Rangers, which to me is by freeing up $ in the future-

  100. Salty

    great post about Pru… Like you I absolutely believe that something happened between Prucha and Renney. How can you not like the kid… he gave it his all every night… despite his size he took all of the punishment and kept on going…

    He did get his bell rung the other night though :(

  101. I can’t wait for tonight’s game! It should be interesting how they come out after playing a tiring game against the Ducks last night. Toronto will be hungry for a win but sometimes hunger isn’t enough. That team doesn’t have a heck of a lot of skill. They are physical but that’s about it. The Rangers need to play smart and roast Toskala early. Let’s go Rangers!!!

  102. Staal- had an issue with my ps3 (bluetooth) and sent it back- had a new one in 8 days, they were great about it- this is more of an endorsement of the service than a complaint about the quality…I’m the only one of my friends that had any type of issue with one-

  103. Orr- it’s Supahcoolx. I haven’t played online yet though. Only had it a couple weeks, and haven’t had a ton of time to play.

  104. Orr, I think it was you, go visit egotastic ASAP, Eva Amurri vid on there. I won’t pass the link, because it is definitely not appropriate, but I just had to let you know. Because you are my Ranger brother, and I am looking out for you.

    Let’s go Rangers with another big win tonight.

  105. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on


    of course that link has a Megan Fox section! haha
    that Australian chick is stupid hot.

  106. CCCP I’m sure you’d kick my a$$
    I have only played xbox a few times and it was Halo and I almost puked…terrible game!
    I have played PS2 a ton with college friends a long time ago in college and grad school.

  107. NASTY

    Lol, you think i wouldn’t know aboot that ? I got that bad boy in my name, lol. But i saw it last night, cause Californication is a great show. Funny thing is, i saw it last night, then when i watched it today, i realized there were other strippers in the scene. I was so focused on here gonzagas, that i didn’t even realize what was going on in the background.

    That’s what a true babe can do.

  108. GAB

    Lol, yup, it’s a great site, and introduces me to babes from all over the globe. I love it !

    And i cant believe it’s gonna be a year since Cherry died. This definitely would have been the year Artie, and Cherry both made the team. Depressing.

  109. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on


    that site definately violates my company’s policy on internet use… though it may be worth it!

    I must say i didn’t get to see any of Cherapanov’s play, but definately a tragic and unfortunate death. Nobody should go at 19 with your whole life in front of you.

  110. Rangers 4-3 win in a shootout.
    Dubi gets the shootout winner. Gabby has a shootout goal also.

  111. Hey boneheads! Hope everyone had a survivable Monday. Gotta go read two chapters for research then… party time!

    PS Yes, Jeanneret is super annoying. I’ve almost been beaten up a few times for saying that. Buffalonians love RJ more than the actual Sabres, it seems.

  112. got NHL10 over the weekend and it is truly the greatest sports game i have ever played. it’s smoother and better than NHL09 and i scored my first goal in my first game with a slapper from just above the circles on D!

    otherone81 for PS3 add me if interested in starting a club.

  113. “of course that link has a Megan Fox section! haha
    that Australian chick is stupid hot”


  114. What I don’t get, is that they updated the online rosters, and that is great, but they didn’t update the actual rosters so that you can use them in a season mode. I have the 360.

  115. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    NEW POST—————————————————————————-

  116. Alex T – lol, yea I caught that

    Higgins is on pace for a career high SOG.
    I think he’s shown enough scoring touch in the past to think he’ll be fine once he nets his first.
    I think he gets it tonight.

    Regarding the Brashear/Betts hit – go watch it again – 4 seconds prior Voros hits Brashear ,
    Voros has his stick high and it sure looks to me like his elbow is in Brashers face.

    Anyone recall a Messier cross-check to the face of Doug Gilmour in the playoffs vs the Devils ’97?

    It’s an emotionally charged game and coaches ask players to play with passion.
    (We tend to love those that don’t have to be asked.)

    Sometimes it’s a fine line between playing with passion and being cheap or dirty.
    I think Torts has said as much in speaking about Avery being in that world.

    Sometimes the line is crossed. Remember McSorley clubbing Brash with his stick.

    Anyway, Brashear is Ranger now and I think any true Fan should support him.

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