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From the NYR:
October 11, 2009 – New York Rangers 3, Anaheim Ducks 0 (Game #5, Home #2)

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• The Rangers defeated the Anaheim Ducks, 3-0, in front of a sold-out crowd (18,200) at Madison Square Garden to extend their winning streak to four games.
• New York has sold out 158 consecutive regular season games, dating back to November 5, 2005 against New Jersey; the last regular season non-sellout was October 31, 2005 vs. Montreal (17,697); including the playoffs, the Rangers sellout streak is now at 172 games.
• The Blueshirts improved to 4-1-0 overall, including a 2-0-0 mark at home; the Rangers are in the midst of a six-game home winning streak dating back to last season, and are 10-1-0 in their last 11 regular season games at MSG.
• New York tallied two goals in five power play opportunities, and have now registered five power play goals in their last three games (5-14, 35.7%).
• Rangers goaltender Steve Valiquette made 18 saves to record his fourth career shutout.
• Ales Kotalik opened the game’s scoring on the man advantage at 2:14 of the third period to extend his goal-scoring streak to three games (three goals).
• Rookie Artem Anisimov registered his first career NHL goal with a power play tally at 14:22 of the third period; he has now recorded a point in each of the last two games (one goal and two points).
• Marian Gaborik collected an assist on Kotalik’s power play goal, and has now registered at least one point in each of the Rangers five games this season (four goals and seven points).
• Two Rangers players – Michael Del Zotto (two goals and five points) and Vinny Prospal (one goal and five points) – collected one power play assist apiece to extend their respective point streaks to four games.
• Rangers defenseman Dan Girardi notched a shorthanded, empty-net goal with 1:59 remaining in regulation to seal the victory for New York.
• Sean Avery registered a power play assist and delivered five hits in his return to the lineup.
• The Rangers return to action tomorrow, October 12, when they will face-off against the Toronto Maple Leafs at Madison Square Garden (7:00 p.m.); prior to the game, the team’s morning skate is scheduled for 10:30 a.m. at Madison Square Garden.

John Tortorella on Steve Valiquette… “Valley (Valiquette) made some big saves at some key times. He played very well. I am happy for him. He goes about his business. He is kind of a forgotten man. If we want to get where we want to be, he is going to have to play well for us and he certainly played well for us tonight.”
John Tortorella on the defense… “I think the strongest point of our defense is how they get up in the neutral zone. There wasn’t much zone time in our end zone. That is due to them getting up the ice. I thought all of the defense, including the forwards fore-checking was important to us. We made some good defensive plays.”
Steve Valiquette on having a shutout at home… “It feels good. It is such a team effort, so much goes into it. It is not a goaltending record, it is a team effort.”
Ales Kotalik on tonight’s game… “We played a solid game right from the start. We knew they had a game yesterday, so we were pressing. Some chances hit cross bars. We had been saying to just stay with it (and) be patient, and things are going to happen for us. They did (tonight). We made a difference in the power plays. That is why we are up there (in the standings).”

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  1. Lets Go Yankees! Finish the day good for me, I got the Jets and Rangers tomorrow at the same time, so I don’t want to flip between 3 games!

  2. Great game today, had a blast watching it. Now watching the yankees getting ready for their sweep!

  3. on a somewhat related topic, have any of you signed up for the Blueshirts United?

    Jets on MNF!!! That’s just great for me, it’ll actually be their 2nd game I’ve gotten to see this season! Too bad we have to deal with the ESPN clowns though!

  4. hey i heard that torts got mad at one of the reporters and flipped out a little. Does any one why and what was said?

  5. After countless years of waiting listening to announcers try to explain the lack of clicking, gelling, cohesiveness and general poor team play – I am loving seeing a team firing on all cylinders as soon as that candy cane hit green!

    I feel like the franchise has turned a corner and is really headed in the right direction. Nice work!

  6. If we get the Vally from the 07-08 season then I hope we play him as much as a backup should. If not, then hopefully Ocho Cinco can backup

  7. Reeshay (or Riche') on


    No need to be jealous… I was not having fun… trust me… didn’t get to see much of the course. Looked for our fellow friend Sam Weinman but didn’t find him.

    Great win today!!! Can’t believe how well the defense played… they really stepped up.

    Agreed with whoever said that the PP is why we won… they would’ve lost that game last yr for sure.

    Great passing by Avery and ???? on Anisimov’s goal.

  8. Reeshay (or Riche') on

    I wonder what happens when all the other clubs have the same conditioning that we do… 3rd periods may go differently.

    Maybe I’m just worrying needlessly.

  9. I was about to say the same thing! We are really getting these other teams players tired out there with all the skating and great passing.

  10. Gravey - Formerly known as Jor71 on

    I love what I see in this team. They are playing better as they get more games under their belt. I know the season just started, but I really like what I see. They better not let MDZ go back to junior; he is a keeper in my book.

    The one concern I have is if they will be able to stay at this tempo all season long.

  11. A sellout crowd? Did Cablevision buy back about 5,000 seats to announce a sellout or is Carpinello trying for Trautwig’s job as Dolan’s salesman.

  12. I watched the entire post-game interview with Torts on MSG and there was no blow-up. Might have happened after the cameras stopped rolling, but he seemed in a very good mood.

  13. Fantastic game tonight. This team looks better and better. Love what we’re seeing so far. They seem to be meshing already. Rozsival had a bounce back effort and the entire D played well. PP is clicking. Avery was Avery. Vally!

    Hey loser fan who’s just here to stir the pot. I guess you got nothing else to bring to the plate except the cheesy Cablevision junk. Would that be cause our team’s better?

  14. they are looking good. no way delzotto goes back to juniors that would be insane….

    anisimov has a chance to be a good player……

  15. I know its early and we are all loving the way they played and YES we ALL said the same thing last year when they went 10-2. But I feel it in my gut this team is different. They have a different mentality, a different coach, new key players who ARENT selfish, these are players who ARE giving their best every night, who are hungry and BELIEVE in the safe is death, never say die, Torts system.

    Love this team…

  16. Orgasmic game. Most impressive – looked like a real complete team, from D to O with control and dictating the pace. No comparison Prospal and Kotalik vs. Naslund and Zherdev by level of energy.Not even to mention Gaborik vs.Gomes. So far so good. Just pray Torts knows how to channel this and keep for the whole season.

  17. Something did happen at the post game,on the way home after the game I turned the radio on to hear the post game, a reporter asked Torts something I did not make out, Torts got agitated and said to the effect oh stop it, stop trying to stir up . there is nothing there. next question.You could hear in his voice he was pissed.

  18. Del Zotto is NOT going back to juniors. on

    He looks like a legit Calder Trophy candidate. No way he goes to juniors, he’ll finish the season with 10 goals and 50 assists at least.

  19. MAKO, regarding the good start and this team, I agree. It is early but it feels different. I really think we got the right coach who has a pulse on his team and won’t tolerate any laziness. We’re already seeing it.

  20. They better not let MDZ go back to junior; he is a keeper in my book.

    gravey- at this point, w/out semenov or any other vet 7th d man, he cant be returned unless they bring up potter or sangs up in his spot. i meazn they could bring up potter as a 7th, or sign a vet d man but they really cant dump him now. and yea, with 5 points in 5 games and almost everyone on the pp, theres no way he gets returned.

  21. mako- yep me too. its a differnt feeling from last year. the only big thing im not sure of still is when they hit their first rough patch and have their first losing streak. their young, but so far theyve battled and fought back in games and shown a winner mentality on the ice. aves really brought even more”jam” to the game last night and was crucial on teh 2nd goal. AA got one finally!! so happy for that kid. hes gonna be great. 1st line centr for this team one day.

  22. oh and gravey, the chemistry between kotalik and DZ on the pp is great. they are workin it very well. some pp’s look bad, but overall, when they do get set up, they always make something happen. very goo dto see. and im actually impressed with higgins and ru. they are hustlin for sure. even rozy was decent last night. that is how they should play in front of hank. i think maybe they played so well defensively because valley was in net. idk, but maybe they feel a little too comfy with hank in net. u could see girardi bustin a$$ to block shots and he had his best game. staal made the worst play actually with that huge giveaway right in front where valley had to make a huge save.

  23. Staal had a Rozi-like giveaway but still played a big part in containing the Getzlaf-Perry line.

    The team as a whole played well in their own end, hence the huge mismatch in SOG and the goose (duck?) egg on the scoreboard.

    How long has it been since the Rangers could say the PP is having a positive impact? 3 straight games with a PPG!

  24. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I didn’t have time to read through the entire thread either, but I hope people are giving Prospal his due. The guy is everywhere, he sets up offense and is extremely responsible defensively. For 1.1mil he seems like a steal now. Even Kotalik at 3mil is a LITTLE overpaid, but certainly contributing. I’m hoping to see a little more from Higgins and Drury who are this teams’ second and third highest paid players. Drury has been very good on the PK and we’ve seen a lot of flashes (in the pan) of Higgins, but i’d like to see both contribute a little more.

    Gabby still looks very flat to me. I don’t know if its chemistry or a nagging pain in the groind, but that whole comment from Joe Jerk (Michelletti) about Gabby “stride, stride, striding away from the defensman” seemed like hog-wash and I didn’t see Gabby outskate one person yesterday.

  25. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    …second and third highest paid *Forwards* is what I meant. I briefly forgot about those two ‘dominating’ contracts they have on the defensive side of the puck.

  26. Gravey - Formerly known as Jor71 on

    Tonight will be a true test for them. I do not care what Toronto’s record is, they are going to play hard against us.

    This is also the back end of a back to back game. I am really looking forward to seeing how they perform tonight.

    I also believe MDZ is here to stay, but you never know with Slats behind the wheel.


  27. True fan? How can you possibly say Gaborik is flat? Maybe he’s not flying by people with his speed, but he’s been the teams biggest contributor. You may say he’s getting lucky or something, but that’s how the great players are. The puck seems to follow them and they know how to finish. He also was the biggest contributor to the first goal last night, that move and then pass is what setup the opportunity.

  28. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Plenty of guys can contribute while playing a game that they choose not to (or physically can’t) give 100%. Lemieux strung many weeks of injury into a career, Jagr strung a 2006 season of baby’ing his shoulder into 90 something points and he ‘saved some in the tank’ the following year and still had his 70 something points.

    I didn’t say Gaborik failed to contribute. Don’t assume i’m saying Gaborik isn’t talented either. What I am saying is that he’s passing the puck a heck of a lot more than skating with it and he’s avoiding any and all contact when he has (or a nearby opponent has) the puck. The guy has a sick nose for the net and an awesome release, no doubt about it, but even if the guy scores 10 goals in a game and I don’t see him take one serious stride or at least attempt to outskate one player in the entire game, when his game is mostly about speed, then I’m going to think he looks flat; not bad, but not normal.

  29. I have three tickets available for tonight’s game against Toronto. Section 91, row M, club gold – asking face value $210/ea. If anyone is interested email me, tickets will be forwarded via email, paypal only.

  30. From the “make of this what you want” department.

    The Rangers have played 300 minutes so far this season. Of that time they’ve only trailed for 67 mins 27 seconds and have played 2 games where they’ve never trailed. Their longest stretch of trailing was in the opener vs the Pens where they trailed from 12:25 of the second period through the end of the game (27:35), while their shortest time was 0:18 vs the Caps.

  31. Great game last night followed by the Yanks.
    True fans are you on Crack? Damn…Gaborik doesn’t play Ovechkin style in your face speed hockey. He almost plays in the shadows then emerges when it counts.
    I swear people just need to find something to pick on…
    Roze played much better…
    Redden is quietly doing a good job…
    DZ plays like he’s been in the League for 5 years.
    Avery was impressive as was the usual list of Cally, Dubi etc.

  32. This team is, in every way, superior to last year’s. They’re fun to watch play, the style is exciting, and really fun to cheer for. This season’s been a blast so far, even though it’s admittedly in its infancy.

  33. Overall, this team is exciting to watch. No doubt.

    Marc Staal is returning to his peak form. I also like that he is getting more scrappy in his own zone.

    Girardi had his best game of the season and is getting back to form as well.

    MDZ continues to play. Redden holds up too.

    Glad to see Rosy rebound with some urgency in his game too.

    Avery looked gritty. He got under some people’s skin and added a sweet assist.

    The team is really playing cohesively. I don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, but the team comes to play every night. They are faster than most of their opponents on average.

    The fear is that if a team starts taking it to us physically, we might not be able to maintain the energy and the strength.

    Nice job by Valley who enables Hank to get a nice rest without a loss of confidence by the team.

    I like what I see so far.

    If I had to nitpick, I would like to see Higgins finish something.

  34. RickD, I’ll be pulling for Orr. Watching Brashear game after game now, I d see that he is a superior hockey player to Orr, but I still don’t like the guy, and if Orr and Brash throw down, I’ll be pulling for Colton

  35. Fruity Cupcake on

    Reports have Henrik back in net tonight. After a shut-out—and his record against the Leafs—wouldn’t you give Valli the start? Or is it too much back-to-back? But wasn’t he conditioned all summer for this sort of thing? I’d like to see him get the start tonight.

  36. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    Very well played game, easily could have been 7-0 or so with all the posts… Giguere is the only reason it wasn’t a blow-out.

    Avery is the man… i’m excited every time he is on the ice.

    Nice to see Artie jam one home… the rookies are bringing it this year!

    BTW…. trying out a new blog name… what do you guys think??

  37. Joe in DE
    “I’ll be pulling for Colton”…and a result of that, if Orr prevails, Toronto gains even more adrenalin and momentum and wins a game! Really good thinking for a Rangers fan, who put personal emotional attachment ahead of a team interests. Never understood that as well as booing your own players.

  38. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    Orr was a fan favorite… no question, but his time is gone. If Orr took a run at Gaborik and injured him, Ranger fans would hate him instantly.

    If a fight breaks out with him and Brash, You gotta go with your boy in blue. Period.

  39. I’m surprised Vally isn’t getting the start tonight, he’s 4-1 against Toronto, and that team is struggling at the moment.

    I watched Pens v. Leafs on Saturday night. The Leafs just brawl, they don’t have many skilled players, and their goaltending situation is a joke right now. Hopeuflly this will be a win. Then again, they surprised the Rangers last year with that three goal comeback or whatever it was.

  40. Fruity – Hank is the no. 1 starter. My guess is they played Vally last night instead of tonight because the Ducks played a game the night before in Philly. The reasoning behind it being he’d fair better against a tired Anaheim team than a struggling yet still determined Leafs team.

    You have to start your number one goalie if you can in the second of back-to-back games. Chances are the Rangers will be a bit tired and need someone they can rely on to back them up on any odd-man rushes.

    Definitely pulling for Brashear in a fight even though I loved Colton. But really I am rooting more for a fight between the two than anything.

  41. Gaborik to me plays similar to the way Gretzky played by not getting involved and kind of hiding around waiting for that opportunity.

  42. rooting against your own team, even if it is only a fight, makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. none.

  43. Don't You Enver Lisin? on

    I have a question…I’ve been so busy with school lately I haven’t gotten a chance to watch a full Rangers game. Are people still booing Brash at the Garden?

  44. Jeeeeze people…. do some of you expect Gaborik to score everytime he touches the puck?? Get real!!! He’s a very sneaky player, usually waiting in the shadows…away from the play… And has Some mustard on that damn shot. Just wicked!!

  45. 4everranger

    I have more integrity than to root for every player that wears the Rangers sweater. That’s why. I’m a Rangers fan first and foremost, and while I want my team to win, I also root for players that laid it on the line for the blueshirts, too. So it’s OK for the fans to chant “Eddie! Eddie!” when Eddie Giacomin made his return to the Garden wearing the winged wheel, but it’s not OK to dislike a player who cheap-shotted Blair Betts, one of the only Ranger players who consistently gave 100% on a roster that consistently mailed it in? What about loving Messier as a Canuck or Leetch as a Bruin? Or hating Holik or Zherdev as Rangers?

    The Leafs will need to do more than win a fight to beat the Rangers. They’re a team with lots of grit but no finish. When Stajan is your number 1 offensive threat, you’ve got some issues. Frankly, if a slug-fest between 2 players that get below 8 min ATOI is the deciding factor, we have some issues too.

  46. I can’t imagine ever pulling for a player in the other teams jersey to win a fight against a Ranger. Would you want to see Prucha put one past Hank when the Rangers play the Coyotes? Did you ever want Shanahan to score against the Rangers during his season with the Devils? How about pulling for Paul Mara to play a solid shift when they play the Habs?

    I thought Orr was great as a Ranger, but now he’s a Maple Leaf and that’s that. Good luck to the guy, but the last thing I would want to see is him beating on a guy in blue. I respect the guy but I don’t want to see the Rangers on the losing end of anything. It’s about the the crest on the front of the jersey, not the name on the back, right?

  47. Gravey - Formerly known as Jor71 on

    I like Orr, but you need to root for the Jersey and the last time I checked, Brash wears the Rangers jersey.

    We should cheer Orr when he first steps on the ice. But, once the puck is dropped, it was nice knowing you!

  48. Did any of you guys see the bit with Vinnie Prospal in between the 2nd and 3rd periods? I don’t know why, but that guy cracks me up. Seems like a real likable guy, definitely one of my favorite Rangers this season.

    Higgins has been getting lots of quality chances but can’t seal the deal. He needs to bury some of those

  49. You CANNOT root for Orr tonight in a fight. No way! You can cheer for him when he hits the ice or touches the puck, fine. But I know you are not rooting for Gomer to score for Montreal when we play them, so real Ranger fans have to side with Brash over Orr.

  50. No contest… This team is bettr, more likeable AND more fun than the last few yrs… Like someone said above… It’ll be interesting 2 c what they do in a losing streak or in the face of real adversity

  51. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    The Rangers are quietly rolling along so far this season. For all the hype surrounding Philly and Washington this season, and Pitt being the defending champs… the Rangers slid under the radar.
    The ‘experts’ didn’t give them a shot at all this season in the east.

    It’s not a bad thing to be the under dog, or play with a chip on your shoulder… hell look what the Giants did 2 seasons ago. They just kept winning, and beat all the good teams along the way.

    It will be interesting to see where we stack up after 30 games, but Torts has these guys playing good hockey, and the team has to feel they can be competitive and win every night.

    I like the fire from Vinny Prospal, Girardi had a much better game, Staal was great with the exception of that one horrid give away, another good outing by Vally…. i mean the list goes on.

    LET’S GO RANGERS!!!!!!

  52. Joe in DE
    You obviously missed my point. You have all rights to love and hate. It is your PERSONAL feelings, belongs to you and has nothing to do with any given game realm. Because fights ARE an integral part of the game, it admittedly could affect the result, particular with otherwise more or less equal teams. My PERSONAL ultimate goal is a WIN for my team, therefore I root for ANY elements of the game which helps that goal, period. General discussion about characters and personal preferences is very good and entertaining for off season. Deliberate rooting for ANY other player in a game against your team is just simply preposterous. But that’s me.
    And btw, do not underestimate Toronto (however here I would like you to be right).

  53. jagrforgovernor on

    this team IS so fun to watch.

    And I cheered for Betts when he played the Devils on opening night… but I don’t think I’d cheer for him in a Ranger-Flyers game.

  54. Rick (No, not that one) on

    “If a fight breaks out with him and Brash..”

    Should read “When.” I’d be the most shocked person on Earth
    if they don’t tangle tonight.
    Going to be a real hard hitting game.

  55. jagrforgovernor
    That’s exactly what I’m saying. I loved Simon being a Ranger, but start hating him doing the SAME job for fishsticks. Still love Jagr (playing in Russia), but would never root for him if he would sign with Pissburgh, and so on and so forth. Btw, it has nothing to do with having full respect for other team’s players, just not against yours. Definition for Fan comes in mind.

  56. Willie Huber lives forever on

    (new to posting, been reading for a while now).

    Gotta say, I like what this team has been bringing, night in and night out. I think the chemistry is there, with the kids and the vets. (Don’t know if it’s been pointed out, but Redden may ultimately be an OK player under Torts’ system; Rosival is not as good a fit, although he played a solid game last night.)

    The one disappointment in my eyes is Higgins, and as stated previously he has had chances that he hasn’t converted. I like his game, but he has to score some more.

    As far as the rooks go, I don’t think DZ or AA go anywhere so long as they are scoring and effective. Really like the combo with Avery.

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