Avery in, Voros out


So Avery will probably play fourth line, which is a good idea to ease him back in with an MCL sprain. Plus he can muck it up with Brashear there for reinforcements and really be extra annoying.

And Tortorella needs some abrasiveness late in the game, he can move Avery up.

Here’s your new, blank game thread. See yas.

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  1. Is this considered an afternoon game or an evening game? We know how the Rangers usually stink it up in the afternoon.

  2. I am jealous too. I was supposed to go, but couldn’t. Dammit! I wish Hank was playing tonight, and Valli tomorrow, but who knows, maybe Valli will be very fresh and ready to go. I hope so. Let’s Go Rangers!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hey Sally, neck is almost 100%! gettin old really sucks!!

    our boy Aves is in today, i hope Laurel is watchin too!!!

  4. Linda, that’d be pretty sweet. I hope Parros inspires Dubi to grow a really amazing mustache!

    Glad to hear your neck is better!

  5. I just can’t picture Dubi with a stache just yet! Maybe in 5 years!! i hope I can watch the game on the comp at the gym, if not, I’ll be pretty pissed!!

  6. Good evening from Sweden, everybody.. Anyone else feel like this could be the best opponent so far this season?

  7. LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can’t wait to get home and watch on my supercomputer damnit!!!

  8. Two changes in the line-up for an afternoon match. Lundqvist should have started this one. I don’t like it!

  9. Sally first! YAY! I’m feeling better Sally and Wicky, thanks, glad to to see the chat has gotten back to love and happiness….I missed some funny posts while laid up :(

    Now, off to the TV room…LGR! (Carp, Leaves, that was hysterical, I got it right away, but then I’m in the biz)

    Lucky, you must live close by, Hartsdale with White Plains P.O. maybe? I’m in WP…wasn’t the show great!

  10. Alex, I don’t speak Swedish. I just learned how to say that in case I ever met Lundqvist. But then I met him and I didn’t have the balls.

    Look at Drury tryin!

  11. Alex, I don’t understand what you said either (sally, that was effing hysterical) but you bring me back to a Swede I briefly loved and lost a million years ago in college…sigh!

    I don’t care what you all think, but sweet 16!!!

  12. i actually had a duck for lunch…there’s a place on 86th and bay pkwy in BK..they make some mean Peking Duck…yum

  13. How have they not scored? They’ve had a lot of opportunities, but on all the gimmies, they keep missing the net :p

  14. why do they keep calling him ‘young dan girardi’. isnt this like his 4th year? sheesh!!

    they domintated that period, but need to put the puck in the net!! Lets go RANGERS

  15. Whats up with these bad entries on PP?

    Whats up with these missed chances?

    Whats up with Micheletti saying great save on a shot that missed the net?

    Whats up with this Anaheim team?

  16. BANJ, that’s so right.

    Linda, you haven’t seen that before? I think it’s so awkward! His head is so tiny compared to his body. I think the stache balances things out a little.

    That period was frustrating. Hope they can keep up the energy, but FINISH.

  17. Alex T – Micheletti never has a clue what’s really going on. Hilarious that he said “what an amazing save” as the slow-mo replay is clearly showing Prospal hitting the side of the net :D

  18. Stow,

    Yeah, did you noticed how he changed his mind mid-sentence and said “to get over there” instead of “with his leg” or something. I usually don’t mind Micheletti that much, but that was embarrasing. It’s like the whole crosby thing and michelletis man cruch on him.

  19. I dont mind that one bit sally!!! he’s got some vinny barbarino hair going on though! Stan should just retire, crotchety mean rude older man!

  20. I expected the Ducks to come out flat in the first haveing played 20 hours before. We need to stay on them in the second.

    Excellent first period. defense by playing offense. Torts had to be happy with that.

    It is great to see Avery back out there.

    It’s even better to have my cable modem magically start working again today.

  21. It really is great to see Avery back in. I don’t like giving Kotalik less ice time though. If anything, just stick Lisin on the fourth line, but also give him PP time. I like what I’ve seen from Kotalik, much more that what I have seen from Lisin thus far.

  22. Man I really love Torts… love how he describes what he wants out of Avery. Real real smart, good man.

  23. Nasty

    Im telling you… watch out for Lisin… He is lightning fast. He made a great defensive play at the end of the first. Give him time… :)

  24. Yeah, it’s really good to have Avery back. He busts his butt out there as much as anyone. And whoever keeps doing the “Potvin Sucks” whistle seriously needs to STFU. Enough is enough, man.

  25. Damn it, this always happens. I think I’m gonna score, and then I never score. It’s not fair. We’ve traveled, um, a hundred miles ’cause we thought we were gonna score. But now it’s not gonna happen. Damn it!

  26. no CCCP, i’m on the computer at the gym…grrrrrrrrr gotta make sure i never work again on a sunday afternoon when they play!

  27. Anyone else on Time Warner having a lot of trouble with the MSG HD feeds lately? mine has been really choppy and freezing a lot the last few games, and I”m trying to figure out if it’s just me before I call and yell a lot…. I like to be very informed while screaming about things

  28. Rangers are just a bit unlucky at the moment. If they keep this up something is going to go in eventually. They’re playing really well.

  29. HAHAHA

    Did anybody see that Duck player go up to Blowzy and give him a cross check, lol, that guy scared the sh*t out of him. He nearly jumped out of his skin. Hilarious.

    Gotta get that fuggin goal in the 3rd. It would suck to lose this, with all those post shots.

  30. Hello all, and bathroom staal.

    Does anyone know where i can find watermelon flavored gatorade, i don’t see any on the bench, and im new to New York, and don’t know any stores around MSG. Can any help me ? *voice cracks continuously*

    Have a good night.

  31. A couple of thoughts:

    Where is Gilroy?

    Micheletti saying how exciting this game is, is embarassing. Its pretty boring right now. We are playing very well though

    I forgot how much I love Avery. Always stirring things up.

    Prospals got some grit. More then you could ever say for Naslund.

  32. My internet has been giving me problems all day grrrrr

    You guys think this game is boring???? GS & Valley are playing excellent….

    Well I might not have been right about the score. At least Kotalik scored and Gabby got an assist LOL

  33. damn i hate being 60 ticks behind you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I told ya artie would get going!!!!!!!!!!!! Please point for aves lmao

  34. This is the best game the rangers have played in a LONG time, great game by the ducks too but the passing has been nuts

  35. JBytes-

    I saw it. It looked like he said “Come on guys, it’s just a game, let’s just have fun”.

  36. Was thinking that when I saw it, Sally, but instead of cute, I had more ‘leader’ in mind.

  37. Keep Drury off the power play — he’s been destroying our power play for the past 2 seasons. Leave him on the PK. But it’s great to see Gaborik, Kotalik, Anisimov, Avery, Callahan, Del Zotto actually give us some power play line-ups that can score. Scoring beats defense-first hockey every day.

  38. Weinermobile??

    i gotta say, after 5 games, i am pretty happy with the product on the ice so far. they are so much more gritty, so much more prepared……….keep it up guys!

  39. What a game! The Ducks played a tough one last night, but I’m not gonna let that take away from the domination. That should shut up the Valiquette haters from the preseason for a little while. Sweet goals by Kotalik and Anisimov, really pretty work. Maybe Anisimov can get some more power play time off of that. So excited right now!

  40. The effort they give is great…And I really can’t see Gomez giving the kind of effort these guys do…It is starting to make alot of sense as to why he isn’t on the team anymore

  41. HELL. YEAH. Amazing game, amazing start to the season. This team looks so much more well put together than at any point last season. And hey, tied for first in the league with Pittsburgh and Calgary.

  42. Slow night here, must be cause of gorgeous day and early game. If you missed it…ayyyyyy! Vally! Girardi (speaking of gorgeous), and my man, Aves!!! Fall is looking good! Keep it up boys!

  43. First really, really good game through 60 minutes I’ve seen our boys play in since 2007. Not perfect, but nearly perfect executions throughout. Great game by all four lines, and once again the coaching played in.

  44. Oops, forgot a thought again: credit has to go to Giguere. This could have been a higher scoring game if not for him. The loss wasn’t totally his fault….

  45. Giguere would have shutout too if the Rangers had’nt been so dominant. He kept the numbers down, thats for sure.

    And I gotta say, this Anaheim team is one of the best i WC. Even though they played last night, this is a big win.

  46. i am gonna say something i didn’t think i’d say, but SO FAR…

    thanks Sather for getting these guys! (well, with one exception lol) OMG I FREAKIN LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE THIS TEAM RIGHT NOW! Just for the effort alone!

  47. Linda

    You must have ESP or something… I was going to say the same thing LOL

    Now lets see how Torts running them into the ice will work tomorrow….

  48. lmao Mako!!!

    ya know, with their improved conditioning, i am NOT expecting they typical lag tomorrow night! Gonna be interesting to see Colton Orr!!

  49. Well I hope not. Yeah it will be good to see him again. I wonder if him and Brash will go at it?? :)

  50. Well I hope not. Yeah it will be good to see him again. I wonder if him and Brash will go at it?? :)

  51. I wish it was 5:30 Monday night! And not only are the Rangers playing, but the JETS are on MNF vs. the dolphins. Could be a very good night!!

  52. “Im just not a good enough coach to go line to line….I just go with my gut.”

    Torts is the man. Jack Adams this year!!!!

  53. Kings/Avery fan here. Nothing better than to watch Aves get an assist in his debut AND the Ducks lose.

  54. I am glad we are done with a coach who line matches all the time. When you line match from a position of weakness you are basically telling the other team that they are in control. They control who you have on the ice. If the coach is trying to keep you off the ice when a certain guy is on the ice, there is a sense of panic if something goes wrong and you are out there.

    It’s a much better coaching philosophy to worry about your team and not the other teams.

  55. excellent all around performance by the Rangers. they smothered the big Getzlaf line with quickness, gave them no room. they forechecked relentlessly the young Ducks dmen in their end.

    great debut by Aves. he definitely makes them better.

    Vally with the solid shutout

    and they hit 3 pipes or the game would have been even more lopsided.

    the Ranger dmen were very good as a group

    keep ‘er goin’ vs the Leafs

  56. Can’t believe Lisin is ahead of Kotalik. Kotalik on the fouth line? He is still better than Lisin.

  57. What a great game, Vally was perfect, and Danny G had his best game of the season, and really turned it around. Hopefully he keeps this up, cause he was great.

    PP is weird, at times it looks great, then it looks like they don’t know what to do, but ill take it. The PP is a whole hell of a lot better than ever.

    Del Z, and Gabby got a nice point streak going.

    Aves did pretty good for his first game, and set up a great play for Artie’s goal. Artie has been a lot different than the first 2-3 games. He’s a lot more confident than before, gotta keep it up.

    Rozi was better, but he still has to go. And dare i say, Kotalik hasn’t been that bad so far, although it’s only 5 games, so im not gonna jump the gun.

  58. i don’t want to compare them to any team from the past. I just want them to keep playing well, keep being exciting, and keep it fun for us to watch.

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