Heatley’s hat


You’ve probably seen by now that Dany Heatley scored on a penalty shot to complete a hat trick last night.

Just to remind us, whether you like him or not, whether you think he’s good or a team or not, that he’s a pretty special talent.

But I can’t help but wonder how much worse (or maybe some of you think better) the Rangers would have been if they’d gotten Heatley July 1.

Because if they’d gotten Heatley they probably wouldn’t have signed Marian Gaborik, and they probably would have had to give up Brandon Dubinsky plus (Michael Rozsival would have been OK, but it likely would have cost more than that, perhaps draft picks). So two-thirds of the Rangers top line wouldn’t be here, but Heatley would.


We discussed Theo Fleury’s sad story yesterday, and there was so much compassion shown here. But I encourage you all to go back and read Linda’s comment at 10:16 p.m., one of the best things ever written on this blog, or any.


In a non-related, non-hockey issue, has anybody else noticed that more fair/foul calls, and home run/no home run calls, have been botched in postseason play rather than regular-season play? I firmly believe it’s because MLB adds two umpires, one down each line, instead of sticking with the age-old four umps, with the corner umps calling the lines. When you’re stationed down the line and the ball is hit over your head you have to spin to make the call. Much more difficult for an outfield ump than a third-base ump, for example. Why don’t they just go back to four? Or put the outfield umps in the seats by the foul poles?

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  1. They review home run calls, foul/fair should be next even though baseball has a holier than thou attitude.

    I’m happy to keep Dubi and not take on another problem, talented or not. And when was the last time a troubled player came here and led this team to a deep run?

    Carp, Avery in tomorrow? When does Valle get in tomorrow or Monday? I’m going tomorrow, will have fun!

  2. Just an opinion here, but avery was “troubled” when we first got him and we would not have made the playoffs without him that season!! We didn’t get the cup, but would not have made it without him!!

  3. DUBI DUBI DUBI-keep the kids-focus on the long term-this kid needs to be a staple in the rangers organiztion for the next 5,7,10 years….he is only going to mature, he is going to get stronger-he is our FUTURE CAPTAIN…..

    With regards to all the Rozsival news i know he hasnt played well and i respect the benching by torts and i respect the “Clean slate status” starts tomorrow….but on the ovechkin play at the end of the 1st period i do not think that was a lazy play at all-call me crazy but i think Michael knew how much time was left and played that play well

  4. Wicky-Avery had a bad reputation when he got here but he really added to his villian status while here and with Dallas. Speaking of bad calls, let’s see how much abuse Avery takes, again and again, while the refs look at him and skate away.

  5. I was in the pool!! on

    I still can’t believe Rosy was benched! How long have we waited for that? A few minor changes and the addition of Avery and I am excited about the possibilities.

  6. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    It wasn’t just the missed poke check.
    It was the missed poke check … AND the turnover on the first goal, the play where Rozi loses the puck at the Rangers blue line, it bounces around, he retrieves it in his corner and then passes it to a Cap who thankfully shoots it right into Hank’s chest, and it was the lazy penalty. There were a lot.

    Rozi has sucked since pre-season… of 2006.

  7. OMG this site is about Rangers, NOT the Yankee’s or Sienfeld, Sry but Sam was waaay better.

  8. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Pool boy,
    Lest we not forget, Renney knew how to discipline!

    There were those 22 games for Prucha (one of the hardest working forwards on the team) and that third period for Nylander that one time.

    An added comment about Rozsival… you all forget that game 7 against Pitts 2 playoffs ago, Hossa scored that late (or OT) winner… Rozsival had 3 DUMB, LAZY, penalties that game! THREE! In a GAME 7! Guys’ been a sham for a long time and I’m happy people now realize it.

  9. I agree with 22, rozy had to take the body there regardless of the amunt of time left….horrible play by rozy!

  10. 22figure8-

    i hear ya-but right now everything rozsival does is under a microscope-his condfidence is shot…his turnover right outside the blueline was brutal but IMO i think the ovie play and the call on clark were way overblown…i am more concerned that he cannot one time the puck anymore or shoot the puck cleanly…..

  11. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    ^…i am more concerned that he cannot one time the puck anymore or shoot the puck cleanly…..

    And I’m concerned he’ll still be in Rangers blue tomorrow afternoon. There’s no good to a veteran who makes mistakes and $5million a year AND, be that at it may, I still believe Potter or Sanguinetti would make LESS mistakes (regardless of their salary and the fact that they would be improving in the process of making mistakes).

  12. carp- last night i think cabrera hit a fair ball deep left feild, and it hit about 1-2 feet inside the line, and they called it foul. i mean, if a puck goes in over the line in hockey just over an inch, they review it, and it would stand a good goal. idk y they don review replay in baseball. but it helped the yanks win last night!!

  13. i still think rozsival turns it around and has a decent year-i know i am in the minority here but he has talent he just needs to gain some confidence back…

    where do we think avery ends up tomorrow…….does torts play avery w/ brashear and boyle? or does lisin move down to the 4th line

  14. seth- its only the beginning of the season. wait until teams are hungry for points to get a playoff seed. do u think rozy will be able to just step it up to play well enough now, let alone march and april? granted, he was very good in the playoffs paired with redden last playoffs. so, he can be better, we all have seen it. but maybe hes just had it. sometimes playrs just dont have the drive and determination anymore that they used to. i will give him till november to really see if he can adjust to torts, but its not lookin good right now. redden, while doin well, also has just been doin enough just to get by. i wanna see him play even better. hes still not strong enough in his own end. even if hes made minimal mistakes and all, he needs to play like he gets paid even half of what his salary is. i think redden will have a good year though. its a good sign that hes doing well early into the season though.

  15. old reader- youre still here though. if people dont like it, go somewhere else, but they still seem to come back here. maybe because the blog is packed with smart, knowledgable, passionate ranger fans. i can go to a few sites and check out news, but to talk to alot of fans, i come here. its good enough for teh rest of us.

  16. Rick
    Thank you for pointing out to everyone what Linda wrote. I know we probably dont know each other personally, but you really get a sense of what type of people you all are from how you all post ( Local Fan… there’s no help for you ;) ) But it really is touching to see and yes Linda that was a phenomenal post. I dont have kids yet but I would absolutely go to jail if I have to if something like that (God Forbid) ever happened to one of them.

    RE: Heatly. I have ALWAYS like the guy. He’s HUGE, great on his skates, protects the puck really well in the corners and has tremendous skill. What happens behind closed doors we will never know… I think it is safe so assume some players are emotional more sensitive than others (which shows their human side) we saw that with Jagr. You cant fault them for it… some players act out ( we see that with Avery) Im just guessing that if a player is given a diminished role on the team when they are 1/3 parts of one of the most dangerous lines in hockey… yeah I think they would take it personal. But then there is the question of the players professionalism. Lets face it… what happened to him probably changed him emotionally as a person and I have no idea if he sought counseling after it… But you cant take away how he finds his happiness and which team he would want to go to to fit in. The kid obviously wants to win a championship, I dont know if SJ is the team to win it …. But him and Thornton are wicked together.

    Any of you read the comments on the TSN.com website if there is every a article about the Rangers? Some fans who are faithful for other teams are saying the Rangers will be a force to be reckoned with… MY personal question is WHEN are the Rangers going to be taken seriously? Rather WHAT do they HAVE to do TO BE taken seriously?

  17. all i am saying is he has been decent defensively in his own zone in the first 4 games……he is stronger on the puck then people give him credit for…..he made a poor decision on the turnover that lead to a goal against but the other plays are being overblown just because he is struggling….he took a holding penalty-that is going to happen….

  18. Reeshay (or Riche') on

    It’s way to soon to make the call on Heatley vs. what we have now…

    If Gabby nets 50 and Dubi becomes a real force in the league, Ranger fans would go nuts if they were doing it for another team.

    If however, Heats wins a cup this yr in San Jose and Gabby gets hurt tomorrow… Dubi does nothing without a real threat on his line and this scenario repeats itself for the next few years…

    well, let’s not think about it.

  19. Mako, i think for them to be taken seriously, they gotta keep on going the way they are, but lessen the mistakes. It’s been a long time since a coach held a vet accountable for poor play, and Torts did that with Rozi! Torts proved his word to me the other night by sitting him. Torts may not want to rip a guy, but he made it known that the TEAM is more important than any one millionaire! If the young kids keep playing well, if the lines keep clicking, Gabby doesn’t miss multiple games/weeks due to injury, and the special teams do their job, if Dubi blossoms and Cally keeps playing this way, if Hank can have a season without a lull…this team will be taken seriously. I’m expecting Artie to really explode soon, just a feeling but I think we’re gonna see some nice offense from him in the next little while.

    The team is NOT taken seriously because of the Daddy Warbucks mentality of spend spend spend but on the wrong guys, and of not having the right people in place, from coaching staff to players! It’s only 5 games in, but, with some minor tweaking (R & R) we have the right coaching staff AND a good amount of the right players. If we could lose the owners, that’d help even more! :-)

    Looking forward to seein the rest of the season unfold, how the kids gain experience and mature, and how the team continues to find their chemistry. Judging from the first few games, it could be pretty exciting!

  20. Linda,

    Great point. I think when the contracts run their course ( we all know which ones ) I dont think Sather will make those mistakes again. Well at least I hope not LOL There is some great YOUT in the system and implementing them among the vets is the perfect way to build a winning team….

    Dont think the owners are going anywhere unfortunately :(

  21. Sam did a good job, but I remember during the off season that the same post would be up for weeks at a time. Carp has gone over and above to keep things fresh and lighthearted. I say keep it up Rick, especially since you are doing this blog for kicks basically.

    Don’t kill Independent Carp! We love that Carp!

  22. Rick Carpiniello
    October 10th, 2009 at 12:57 pm
    old reader, sorry. everybody else seems to like it.

    Rick, not everybody! I do appreciate your hard work at keeping this blog active; but this time of year, I expect us to be reading and discussing Rangers and the NHL, EXCLUSIVELY. I can assure you, if you go to baseball blogs, they’re not talking about Rangers hockey [Texas Rangers, maybe]. We let it slide during the off-season, but come on, there’s plenty of hockey news out there now to keep you busy until end of June.

  23. here ya go boys, from Zip:

    Avery, Valiquette expected to start Sunday
    12 m ago By Steve Zipay

    Although John Tortorella wouldn’t confirm, Sean Avery said he feels good and would start Sunday. He skated on the fourth line with center Brian Boyle and Donald Brashear. Steve Valiquette was the first goalie off the ice this afternoon, an indicator of the starter, especially with a 5 p.m. puck drop and no skate in the morning.

    More in a few

  24. future captain is # 24 no doubt about it. so i would not go buying the dubinsky “C” shirt just yet

  25. Reeshay (or Riche') on

    Good question Nasty1…

    I was asking myself the same… especially given the fact that last year Valley played well against the Leafs (had a shutout and would have had two except for the last 7 mins in the game they blew the 2-0 lead and lost 5-2).

    Torts does know what he’s doing though so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

  26. i think Dubi will eventually have the “C”, that is not in any means on a knock on callahan…i hope we staple the one “C” and the two “A”s with dubi, callahan, and staal…. im waiting on dubi to officially get the other “A” this year before buying his “new” jersey….interesting call if vali does go tomorrow-i would start hank tomorrow and vali monday…we have a lot of work to do tomorrow but how long will it take donald and orr to drop the gloves on monday night or maybe avery and hollweg….speaking of toronto did dominic moore ever find a home this year?

  27. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    From beyond blueshirts .com

    Tell me honestly, did you poke fun a little bit at Henrik Lundqvist for the goal from Backstrom?

    ANISIMOV: No way! He saved us so many time tonight.

    LISIN: Why would we make fun of him? He is our number one goalie. Tonight before the game I simply touched his iPod and the team almost kicked my butt. He has this special music he listens to before every game. He has these songs in a very particular order. And I just skipped five songs and his order of songs was a mess. Everyone didn’t understand what was happening. And when Henrik let in his first goal I thought to myself ‘Darn! What did I do?’

  28. Yeah bad idea starting Vally against the Ducks. There is some firepower on that team. He’d be better off starting against TO.

    Moore signed a 1 yr deal with the Panthers…

  29. hopefully the ducks win a dog fight against the flyers tonight and come to the garden a lil exhausted tomorrow afternoon….

    tks MAKO for the update on MOORE….

  30. Dont bring down the excitement and thrill of this blog with baseball talk!!! Baseball is HORRIBLE!!!!!!! So overrated with over rated players/skills. As much a snoozefest as Nascar!

    Let this be a hockey blog!!! And of course, a Seinfeld blog too!

  31. Oh and I hope Vally plays against the Leafs because I will be at the Kings game and I wanna see my Henrik!!!!!!!!

  32. They could have had Healtley if it was not for Rozsival. Ottawa wanted Dubinsky from the Rangers. They had no interest in Zherdev or Rozsival. Rozsival seems very expandable right now and maked 5 million a year.

  33. nasty

    im going to look now but i thought it was something like dubi/rozi/mcdonagh and a pick.

    some site like leafs hot stove or something.

  34. “Sam did a good job, but I remember during the off season that the same post would be up for weeks at a time. Carp has gone over and above to keep things fresh and lighthearted. I say keep it up Rick, especially since you are doing this blog for kicks basically”

    Yeah, look at all the other blogs in the summer. Barely anybody even posts, and same when Sam was around.

    This blog has gotten better since Carp took over. One of the biggest changes is most of the losers from back then don’t show up, maybe we get a troll or two, but that’s it. It was a lot worse back then, and Sam didn’t do much aboot it.

    Anyway, i think it’s a mistake to play Vally against West teams. Hank should play every Western Conference team, leave Vally for someone else.

  35. I don’t know how I feel about Vally starting against the Ducks. I would have personally put him in against Toronto on Monday. Oh well, should be a good game regardless.

  36. I know this is semi bad to say, but i hope Rozi keeps screwing up, so Torts can convince Slats to trade him. I want his mistakes to lead directly to goals, but of course, im hoping that Nyr can battle back like they did last night.

    It’s like last season, i used to be insane after a loss, and wouldn’t be able to talk or do anything i like doing, cause im so pissed, but after a while i didn’t care, cause after every loss, i knew Renney would come closer and closer to getting fired, even though i hated seeing them lose, it was good to know that eventually this guy would get canned.

    Same deal now, this guy has to go, he doesn’t have his little hip surgery excuse, he has to go. So keep screwing up, and go to Dallas !!! Or Columbus, or maybe we can somehow get that retard Gainey to take another big contract off our hands, since Markov is out for a while, even though they signed Bergeron.

    Get it done !

  37. TR

    Oh yeah, that too. The only thing i don’t like aboot Carp is, he dumped Josh !!! He gave him the Mike Pelino treatment. Just like when Torts got hired, he took one look at him, and said “hell no”. Carp probably got pissed that he was parading around as a 26 year old when he’s not.

  38. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Good point, Orr. In the past MANY people used the excuse “well, he had hip surgery” … “it’s not a czech team anymore” … “his dog died.” Ok, maybe that last one was used by Beer Me, but other good posters have written lame excuses for Rozsival. While I hope Rozi can turn it around before it really hurts this team, I also believe this team is much better without him (again, same situation as Renney). Good comparison Orr.

  39. Its gotta be pretty embarrassing for a veteran when 2 rookies are playing better than them. I guess that’s why Redden picked up his play this year. Redden is starting to look like a $2M player, too bad he’s being paid to be a difference maker.

    P.S. baseball is terrible

  40. orr- after our huge losing streak and then the home loss(rennys last game) to the trashers on howell/bathgate nighht i think, i too, felt that yea, it sucks we lost again, but renny is getting closer to being fired. i liked renny, thought he was good the first 2 years, but slowly started to see how the team just turned on him and i was pissed at how he would sit prucha all the time, even after a good game where hed score, hed sit the next one. that was probably a reason the players turned on him. he made bad decisions and after that hot start last year, he went back to trap hockey as soon as we lost a few games. i like renny as a person, but he was too timid for ny. rozy is quickly on a downward spiral and it’ll be interesting to see how long torts puts up with it. u know they cant trade him now, but id like to see him do well for awhile instead of bad, just so he can gain a little value back so he can be traded.

  41. I gotta think that most of the time if your a hockey fan, you’re probably a fan of other sports also, not ALWAYS the case but i would think most of the time. I dont think there is a problem with having a paragraph at the end of the post about what Rick wrote, a lot of people are watching playoff baseball, my team is not in the playoffs and I hate the yankees but im still watching… and when talking about the officiating it can spread to a conversation about referees in hockey.. and I think that its ok for Rick to mention such a brutal call in a postseason game like there was last night. I disagree that taking two umpires away would help solve it, I think the guy just blew it, badly.. not only did the ball hit melkys glove, but it landed nearly a foot fair.. if that was the other way and it happened to the yankees, and they lost, it would be like the world ending.. that was a joke and changed the game significantly

  42. Rozi cant play any worse than hes been playing, he will get better and be fine for 5th/6th defenseman, its 4 games, he usually starts off slow, he played well second half of season last year and real well in playoffs

  43. I still think rozy is tradeable. To the right team for a mid round draft pick and/or a 3 or so mil salary back (what we do with said player that comes back depends on the player). The problem is, that would be admitting another bad signing and I’m not sure if that is possible. We need to trade him sooner than later, before he ends up injured, or loses soo much playing time that he is viewed more worthless than he already is.

  44. Finally home!

    here we go again… talking aboot what should or should not be posted on the blog… i for one enjoying this place no matter what the topic is… there is a lot of hockey talk here throughout the day…night…week…month…eternity!

    who cares what people talk aboot on other blogs… this blog is different and that is why it attracts a lot of people… some people need to get over themselves…

    EXCLUSIVE hockey talk…please … what is this? a prison? This is INTERNET! People forget that… information is the key… you don’t like what you read……click the website off!


  45. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I’ll tell you what bothers me more than wasting about 10 second reading baseball news… wasting 5 seconds reading someone whine about baseball news. Sheesh.

  46. Haven’t had time to post, but have had time to watch the games… after catching up on all the posts, I can’t believe there aren’t many comments about the officiating.

    The first Dubinsky penalty was total horsesh*t, the Cap player had Dubi’s stick pinned between his arm and body. The Cap player should have gotten the penalty, not Dubi. Also, I saw at least three hooking penalties that appeared to be blatant and obvious hooking penaties that weren’t called on the Caps. It doesn’t seem to matter that Avery wasn’t playing for the calls to be one-sided. It made the victory that much better!

  47. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Duck hunting is Sunday !!! " ...says Greg L. on


    Orr said it best about this blog .Carp has chased away trolls ,imposters and alot of fairweather fans. Having Seinfeld,baseball and heatley news sucks but it chases away the “drop ins” and makes this blog more personal. I for one have never seen not one episode of Jerry Seinfeld and I never wanna read anything about baseball. Heatley ‘s hattrick does nothing for me ( thanks alot all you posters wanting more news).But do I complain about that? So Stop whinning about too much news ,no news,selective news…who cares!!! It’s Carp’s show , LET HIM RUN IT..he doing perty good I’d say.

  48. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Duck hunting is Sunday !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    BTW Truefans (sigh) What’s this garbage about Gaborik’s injury?

  49. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Duck hunting is Sunday !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    3 and 1 , say it…three and one…ahh just roLLLLLs off yer toungue!!! SURE SURE we were that last year , don’t be so spoiled..this time we deserve it and it looks promising down the road to make this record even more better!!

    THREE and ONE . beutey!

  50. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    LoL… Greg. What’s this about me saying besides the two goals, Gabby looked off? A couple of you mocked that and said “BUT HE SCORED TWO GOALS!” and what did Torts say “Until scoring, i’ll be honest, Gabby didn’t look very good.” Based on how Gabby’s played the last two games, how tentative he’s been during his stride (it’s been barely a stride at all) I think the guy’s hurting. He may not have broke anything, but there was a reason he sat out the first 7-10 days of camp and I think it didn’t go away.

    Watch him next game, he just wants the puck to shoot out. He isn’t trying to skate with it at all, he barely battles for it when its near him. Yes, he was HUGE and CLUTCH last game, but outside of those two goals he didn’t look like himself.

  51. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Let’s also face this fact… if the goalies were swapped, Caps probably win that game 6 to 2 and Gabby never scores (Kotalik may not and Cally may not… so perhaps its even a shut out).

  52. oh my god are we really going back to the “goalie swap” talk? the one we had last april, which is ridiculous… what IF we had ovechkin and they didnt, saying that we would have lost or been shutout that game if the goalies were on opposite teams is the most irrelevant thing you could possibly say, by far… Henrik Lundqvist was the NYRangers Goaltender on thursday, and Jose Theodore was the Washington Capitals goaltender on thursday, it is what it is, there best strength is their offense, our best strength is our goaltender, and he let up a goal from the redline and we still won, what IF he didnt let that goal up from the redline? you know waht, i DONT CARE!! it happened, and we still won, dont try to say if we had their goalie and they had ours, etc etc… because these are the rosters each team has and thats how it is, stupidest argument EVER

  53. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    THat ( ^^^) is the ‘stupedist argument EVER.’

    In all seriousness, however, Ovech makes about a jillion dollars a year for the next 12 or so years so maybe he’ll turn into Forsberg (the bionic man) due to his aggressive style and the Rangers will probably trade for him and turn him into Luc Robitaille while he does nothing and leaves to go somewhere else and become himself again. I agree Mako, wouldn’t be a shock.

    Rob M. Midol sir.

  54. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Duck hunting is Sunday !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Gaborik does have a tender groin , yes he has to watch his stride ,Duh . I saw Gaborik with a beuty wrap around that almost worked , I also saw him hussle his butt off. Easy to say hes hurt when he missed games in the preseason because of caution or nursing his groin .

  55. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Duck hunting is Sunday !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    I predicted 2 pp goals that one game , I was right. I say Gaborik will break Jagr’s 50 goal mark. I’ll be right but I have been wrong at game preditions. If I could do it right I ‘d be rich by now.

    Rob M , His name is is about me , he saw me post alot and changed his name to “truefans” because of my passion with the club.

  56. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Duck hunting is Sunday !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    BTW Truefans if you wanna swap goalies….then Hank goes against Gaborik and Gabby gets 5 goals instead of 2 , HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  57. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Greg, you’re right and that’s true. My observation is that his skating and general stick handling time (on the puck) has diminished each game. The explosiveness he had in his strides during preseason has turned into him now trying to make fancy passes and get the puck and shoot it with that sick release. Gaborik’s never been the kind of guy that will knock you out of your chair with Jagr moves or Zherdev moves, but when I see his speed starting to fade I get a little concerned. Only time will tell if it’s paranoia, fatigue, or a nagging pain/injury. You’re right though, he did have a good chance at the wrap around, but you didn’t notice his skating was really timid most of the game? Actually, most of the past 2 games?

  58. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Funny about the 5 goals… perhaps its true (the sickest part of those 5 is that 2 of them were knocked out of mid-air, purposely waiting for one of them to fall below the cross bar).

    Also, Greg, don’t flatter yourself… my screen name has been “True Fans…” since 2006. Nice try. Google it if you don’t believe.

  59. This is a great blog because of the blending of so many personalities. Yesterday I used the word “interesting” and many of you laughed. You are all much more than interesting. Let’s keep this blog just the way it is…unique…fun…informative….thought provoking…open!

  60. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Duck hunting is Sunday !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Colton Orr , good fight with Goodard just now , I see blood on Goddard!!!

  61. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Duck hunting is Sunday !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    HAHA , True fans , just a little fun . Gaborik is all about skating and we don’t want him to make things worse. I say sit him if hes not 100 percent.Hard to say though.

  62. LOL Chuck…

    Yep… Im impressed with them tonight. Rask is definitely keeping the B’s in the game.

  63. Hmmmmm Quebec is hurting for a hockey team. I really like the Nordiques when they were around… great Jersey ;)

  64. HAHAHAHAH Chuck …. I better not mention I have #91 in my f******y l****e LOL

    Yep!!! I actually used to like the old Canucks V jersey in black NOT yellow :)

    2 – 0 Islanders.

  65. LOL MAKO

    So far Tavares looks like he’s legit, which sucks. I was hoping he’d be a bust. Too bad mad mike’s not running the isles anymore, he’d probably trade him for a back up goalie, a number 5 d-man and a 4th round pick.

  66. Hey all (not just Staal!)….glad you’re back to hockey fun, but just have to say…I’m late to the party here since Friday cause I’ve been sick (how you feeling Sally?), so sick I missed Bruce on Friday, so you know it’s bad….

    However, and here’s my rant..Carp, excellent post on news about Fleury…you want news here all, you got it, and I found the discussion and Linda’s comments in particular outstanding.

    For the dissers, we are a community here and we talk about a lot of things, mostly Rangers and hockey, but sometimes we digress, and proudly! Carp in particular works his butt off for this site, as you regulars know.

    Yes, I’m cranky. Sorry blogfather, but I just had to weigh in.

  67. Laurel

    Feel better girl!!!

    Note to bettman…please…PLEASE….put the nhl back in quebec!!!!

  68. anyone watching HNIC? Talking about making the goalies pads smaller

    what the hell is wrong with the game right now? The game has been pretty damn good with the exception of the weak hook calls now we want to make more scoring? why not have no goalies and go for NBA scores every night.

  69. Chris…

    Ugh… its Bettman’s way of killing the game further. Piss off the faithful fans buy changing rules every year. Last year was equipment & smaller jerseys & different material. I mean more aerodynamic ??? give me a break LOL If they want to change something … change that stupid 2 penalty diving rule and hits to the head.

  70. Olga Folkyerself on

    I always liked the fleur-de-lis on the Quebec jersey but the logo itself- not so much. I’d much rather that there was a team in Quebec than Florida or Nashville or Phoenix or Atlanta or Tampa or Columbus or Anaheim or Dallas or Carolina or Long Island.

  71. Olga Folkyerself on

    I only mentioned the isles because there were rumors of them moving. It would be sweet if they went north for a change instead of more teams in the sun belt.

  72. MAKO,

    Glad I’m not playing against you this week, but I’m getting beat by MrsWicky anyway. Apparently she doesn’t need a hard hitting crease clearing d-man.

  73. LOL Chuck…

    I had a pretty good lead at the beginning of the week cwgatti is beating me pretty good now LOL

    Oh she can just put up the nekkkid pic of Chara… that should be enough LOL that will scare anyone off…

  74. hey laurel, you don’t happen to live around hartsdale do you? bc i could see and hear fire works from my window. Anyways, enough with the fish stick talk, let’s go rangers

  75. Hey Laurel, I’m still sick but starting to feel better. Thanks for asking! How are you?

    Man, the Sabres have some great chances and CAN NOT score. Also, I still think Jeanneret has an annoying voice.

  76. Olga Folkyerself on

    Jeanneret is a real homer. Wait til you hear the “Top shelf, right where momma hides the cookies” bit.

    And the fact they black out the Rangers in Western NY is just one more reason to hate the Sabres.

  77. Olga, actually I haven’t had any problems catching Rangers games out here.

    WTF? Maloney just said the Sabres don’t get a lot of support in Buffalo?

    I’m bored.

  78. Gravey - Formerly known as Jor71 on

    Hey TR, are you planning on going next Saturday?

    I will be in NY that weekend and plan on checking it out.

  79. gravey

    im there every saturday. i usually get there late cause i close my store @ 1030. saturday is an away game too which kinda sucks but yeah let me know and well meet up.

  80. I’m in Buffalo, from Ithaca originally.

    Are you a Jackals fan? My mom just called to see if I wanna go to a Jackals game after Thanksgiving. I looooove Korchinski!

  81. Olga Folkyerself on

    I’ve gone to a bunch of Jackals games but am not really a fan, as such. Mostly, it’s the only action around. I do go to a lot of Elmira College games- Alumni, don’t ya know….

  82. Olga Folkyerself on

    You know why many foreign names end in ski? They don’t know how to spell toboggan….

  83. Best hockey line I have heard in quite a while after the kings blues game, kings d man jack johnson getting interviewed by reporter who ways so you were pretty physical tonight, johnson replies yeah, well I come from the old hockey school teaching of they can’t score if they are on their butt (kings win 2-1). That is exactly correct, too bad we don’t have a d man or two that came from the same school!!!

  84. Rangers are #1! Then Sabres. And I went to school with Brown and his wife. She said Brown would help out the Rosen’s Nosens as long as I rooted for the Kings! But I hate silver and purple…

  85. paulieplatypus on

    Really really really glad Slats did not trade for Heatley. People like Heatley and New York never mix. Besides that… Every team this guy has ever played for, things have ended horribly. In Atlanta his car accident while driving at a very excessive speed killed teammate Dan Snyder. Then he demands a trade out of Ottawa because they are not talented enough for his liking.

    How could Heatley ever have morally ask out of Ottawa? Ottawa traded a better player (Hossa) inorder to give him a fresh start away from Atlanta and the moment their not a good team anymore, he wants out instead of trying to make them a better team. How does a guy like this live with himself and be able to sleep at night? Any Rangers fan who feels the Blueshirts should have traded for this frick and frackle low life, should never again have their opinion taken seriously!

  86. sally

    I’m winning on PIMs and that is about it….go figure my team mirrors me in real life….HA!

  87. Hi Mako

    Good to see you still active in the blogs. ( This is the former Fran of NYP days)

    I had reached a point there that there was no combination of entry attempts that they would accept from me. I packed it in.

    Would you believe that they still have the last entry in their so called blog, that has not had a single entry for a month now? Everyone has abandoned it. We had a pretty good bunch of guys there and they ruined it.

  88. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I can understand people being upset that Heatley got a second chance in Ottawa (post-Snyder incident) and seems ungrateful for that. It’s true, the guy is developing a reputation as a player who 1) NEEDS to be needed and 2) ONLY wants to be part of cup contenders (not rebuilding teams).

    However, to say that Ottawa traded away a BETTER player for him in Hossa is truly under-rating Heater’s skills. Heatley is a point per game (PLUS) player, Hossa is NOT. Heatley has over a point per game in playoff performances (Hossa is about .75 pts/game). Heatley is only outscored in points post-lockout by 3 players (Thornton, Ovechkin, Crosby). Hossa is #12 and they’ve played the same number of games. Heatley is also a +86 since then while HOssa is a +30 (both of them splitting the 4 years with 2 good and 2 bad teams, arguably, Hossa having the 2 GOOD teams as cup contenders).

    Heatley doesn’t get the props he deserves for his on-ice skills and Hossa is too often over-rated.

  89. so just wanted to announce if any of u goons care i turned 21 yest so today will be my first official game at a bar in he city do u guys no any good hockey bars by the garden?

  90. FRAN!! FLYNN!!!

    I completely stopped trying to post there. It wouldnt accept anything I tried. I tried to change my name as well and nothing.. nada…zilch got through…

    Yeah great bunch of guy there and I miss them… but hey Fran/Flynn is the the most active Rangers Blog and probably the best right now. Great bunch of people and regulars there are some ladies here to know their stuff too…

    Also, the writer Rick aka Carp -always keeps us up to date even during the summer. He couldnt have folded up the site… but he kept it open so we all had a place to post. He’s great, you’ll really like him…

    And not too many trolls… well one who outted himself 2 weeks ago that he was a Devils fan :)

    So pull a chair up and make here your home :) Glad to see you here :)

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    have my children tested here, usually. I am sure they will lea n many new things here

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