Theo’s sad tale


I know a lot of people in and around hockey speculated and suspected this, but now it’s out, this sad story about Theo Fleury, who will spill all the beans in his new book.


Also, Evgeny Grachev was reassigned to Hartford today.

Me, I’m going to dry off.

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  1. Carp:

    Can Theo’s coach serve more time for this or is their a statue of limitations? Must’ve been rough for Sheldon Kennedy to watch Theo self-destruct.


  2. there is a special place in hell for people who prey on kids. they deserve nothing else but a tortured eternity.

  3. People who prey on kids should have the eternal torture of being paired with Michael Rozsival !

    But seriously, this is sick, and sad. Hopefully this guy gets the sh*t kicked out of him every day, and then he eventually just takes a quantum leap off the top of the prison !

  4. It’s stunning how people are soooooooo selfish and egotistical that they have NO REGARD for the lives they destroy. I sit here thinking about this story, which I had seen earlier today, and thinking about the problems and demons that Fleury encountered from a young age,and am stunned by the callousness of those sick, demented subhumans who care nothing about the damage they are causing, evil, sick twisted people who are trusted by the kids, their families and their communities. Bastages who make sure they are involved in kids activities, like it’s their personal freakin candy store!. Stories like this make me absolutely sick to my stomach,and the sadder thing is….sooooo many kids go through this on a day to day basis, just hoping for someone to rescue them from their torment. God bless all these poor kids, and I pray that their hero comes to them.

  5. Linda

    They get sent to Iowa??? (no offence grabachev)

    On a serious note, rumour has it they are not treated well by other prison inmates if you know what I mean, so that is a start of horrible things to come, I hope!!!

  6. Greg_Section_403 on

    One can only hope that James was someone’s bi##h in prison. And, i agree with Da Chiefs … Don Cherry was right for once!

  7. Well, after that last post by linda, I have to use a phrase from the movie a few good men…”don’t I feel like an effing ahole” for making my Iowa joke!

    sorry linda (and all)!!

  8. This dude was in jail for what he did to Sheldon Kennedy and whoever the 2nd person was that came forward but remains annonymous, how did he make it out of jail and now is supposedly living in Montreal. How can anyone who runs into him treat him like a normal human being? How can you NOT have the urge to annihilate him where he stands? He’s subhuman and does NOT deserve to share this time on earth with the rest of us.

  9. Wicky, I’m in Alabama, and we got some doozies down here too!!! It’s pretty much the meth capital of the world,especially in ‘the real Alabama’. Lately, I’ve really been starting to miss NY, but there’s no way we could afford to move back.

  10. Linda

    oh yes, I understand that. We couldn’t even afford the fuel for the moving van to move anywhere now!!!

  11. And even more horrible is the fact that there is always people who knows. There is always someone who witnesses or knows about these things. Just look at that whole Catholic-thing a couple of years ago, where this priest commited these awful crimes for years with the Cardinal and the rest of that establishment knowing about it. They just kept transferring him, and he just kept raping kids. From the ages 8 months and up. He is currently living freely in Ireland. The world is an ugly place sometimes.

  12. Alex, you are absolutely right! People know, and they do NOTHING to help these poor kids!!! That’s just beyond comprehension! How could you freakin let anyone abuse a kid and NOT do a damned thing to help the kid???? That whole priest thing really turned me off from the Church. I haven’t been to Mass since that all broke out, because it’s just hypocritical that not even the Church did the right thing by all those poor children who were abused. When I started dating again, my daughter was almost 3. Any guy I was involved with (and there weren’t many) I told straight out, if you so much as raise a hand to or look at my kid the wrong way, I’ll freakin kill you. How parents or guardians can be blind to changes in their childs behavior just astounds me! PAY FREAKIN ATTENTION, be involved, and get to know any adults that are involved in your kids sports teams, music studies, ANYTHING . You can’t be too careful!

  13. well… that story explains everything. I’m in a bit of a shock though… I feel for Theo…

    but I’m glad Theo was able to have a great career regardless of his tragic youth… he is definitely one of the greats.

    people are monsters.

  14. linda- noooooo, iowa is the meth capital of the world. its so bad here that the town i live in which is about 15,000 people, has about 2 drug rehab and counseling places and about 15-20 dentistrys and oral surgeons because of what it does to your teeth. and towns are spread out so theres also one big dental clinic and has about 10 dentists and surgeons and theres all these anti meth posters on the walls showing people with rotten teeth and black gums!! yuck!!! no, but its well known the midwest is where alot of it is made and its surprising hoe quickly it is spreading to southern and eastern states too.

  15. alex- that reminds me of that movie “doubt” with philip seymour hoffman. it was a good movie and it showed how impressionable young kids are and if youve seen the movie, the priest befriends the kid because hes black, the only black kid, and he sees the kid getting picked on and hes basically alone, so he takes advantage. gives him things and gains his trust. if youre gay, just find another adulty gay person to be with. its just horrible that they dont care at all about what this will do the kid. they are scarred for life and some turn out to be criminals and ruin their lives. its a shame.

  16. Linda

    I agree… people must say something if they know something… but sometimes its not that easy…

    In Fleury’s situation, Kennedy knew about the abuse but as he said it was not his story to tell…

    there is also a stepfather situation…where a step child is being abused… and in most situations like that mothers know about the abuse but refuse to acknowledge it in fear of losing their man…

    and there is a reputation situation… like Church/religious reputation… its sick

    Every time I hear this type of story I ask myself … is this human nature? Scary…

  17. Staal Wart:

    I never said he deserved the peace prize, i just think its pathetic that you are making him out to be a bad guy for getting it.

  18. yikes, what did i start two topics ago with saying I should get a Nobel peace prize for my Lasagna and cheesecake.

    CCCP, the stepdad/ mom thing is another mind blower! Lets be serious, as a mom, your first instinct is to protect your child!! Women these days find it hard to define themselves if they have no man! Low self esteem/self worth. They don’t consider themselves as successful or happy without a man. But once you have a child/children, THEY become your priority and you should do whatever you need to do to make sure they are protected and happy. To sit idly by and let your new husband abuse your kids,that is just beyond the pale! Now matter how much you dont want to believe it, you need to hit the guy in the freakin head with a baseball bat or cast iron pan, get your kids and get the hell out of there! The same for women who let their man beat them.

    I read that Kennedy knew about the situation but it wasn’t his to tell, but there had to be another adult that knew what was going on. Why didn’t that person step up and put an end to the horror these kids were going through? Pillar of the community my ass!!! I just find it hard to believe that this happened and the only ones who knew about it were James, and the kids he was abusing!

    Have we really become such an insular society that noone is will to help someone escape from a nightmare situation? Is it possible that everyone is in their own little world and doesnt give a crap that the kid next door is being beaten or abused? Have we all turned a deaf ear and blind eye to the sounds and signs of a kid being terrorized?? So sad to think that noone cares enough to step up.

  19. very deep and sensitive topic… i agree with you Linda 100%

    we can talk about it till the morning, but that is how people are… selfish…

  20. Hopefully by telling his story it will help not only Fleury, but also enable other kids and adults who went through the same things get help. The victims are not to blame — by keeping these secrets, it only makes the victims suffer more and lets the perpetrators walk free.

  21. Linda,

    Just got my first kid a couple of months ago. And I now realize just how completely amazing and incredibly fragile the dynamics between parent and child can/will/should be. What kind of dawned for me was that this one guideline that my old teacher used to always propose; if you strike your child, you teach your child to strike, if you hug your child you teach him how to hug, and so on. It’s the simplest and most fundamental philosophies that are often the most correct, and coming of your argument Linda – concerning the bi-standers – it all gets pretty clear. Dante said that the deepest circles of hell are reserved for the ones who saw and did nothing and I guess that your ideal, Linda; to get involved and to care is one that can only be taught through linage via our own actions. I hope that I can show/prove my solidarity in a way that it inevitably affects my sons values in a positive way. I think that it’s the only way to do it.

  22. You guys reaffirm my faith in humanity. We all sit here,very different people from hugely varied backgrounds, with opinions spanning miles on topics of religion, politics, philosophy, etc…, bound by our love of hockey, the New York Rangers, and the festivus blog.

    It is good to know that, despite our differences of opinion, YOU ARE the people out there who would make that call, make that attempt to help someone in need. Thanks for not being so all about yourselves, and for caring about stuff like this. You all have the power to be a hero to a kid, whether its just taking the time to teach them how to skate or bake, throw a football hit a baseball or sew, get them interested in math, art or science, how to be a good responsible person with common sense, or you could actually save someone from the nightmare of predators. I’ve known this since I started coming here…you guys freakin ROCK! You’re not the insular, selfish type. Ya can’t be, you’re Rangers fans!

    Alex you are well on your way to being a terrific dad!!

  23. Gravey - Formerly known as Jor71 on

    BTW, I am in love….sorry CCCP, but I take Emily Scott over Megan Fox….wow!!

  24. Gravey

    Since i never was a fan of Fox… i forgive you. :)

    I think you meant ORR.. he’s the one with the boner for Megan… i call her MegORR Fox!

    Franzen is a starting center in one of my fantasy leagues!! Huge loss! I’m pissed!

  25. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Duck hunting this week end , this time it's Donald!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Graham James was a sick man . Moose Jaw warrior played my Saskatoon Blades because moose jaw is a few hours away from here. I guess Joe Sakic wont ever admit that he was also molested by James because he has kept clean where Fluery and Kenedy were drunks.

  26. Linda,
    I’m truly amazed. You become my instant hero. Never ever would I expect to see such deep, passionate, wonderfully crafted essay for unrelated topic on a hockey blog, as well as most intelligent discussion about it. I’m stunned, touched and extremely proud to be part of this unparallel blog and unmatched bunch of Rangers blogers. It’s like warm wave of emotions in this cynical world. Thank you Linda and all of you guys.

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