Review of Rangers-Caps


Heave ho, three in a row.

Lots going on with this team so early.

1) If John Tortorella really was Mike Keenan-esque, he’d be in Glen Sather’s office today telling him to get rid of Rozsival or I’ll just bury him. I don’t think Torterella is that way, though. Rozsival had a chance to wipe out Ovechkin at the first-period buzzer, instead went for the poke check and missed, and got lucky that the buzzer sounded with Ovechkin still with the puck and nobody between him and Lundqvist. I believe he also committed the gaffe that led to the first goal.

2) Torts sure got some players’ attention last night, though, including Rozsival (who sat the whole third period) and Aaron Voros (who committed a ridiculous penalty in the third) and I imagine Donald Brasher (who somehow committed another).

3) Here we go again with this “upper body injury” stuff. I know, a lot of you guys aren’t bothered by it. To me it says, “We’re lying to your face” and I hate that. I think it totally slaps you fans in the face when somebody as important and beloved as Callahan is hurt and they won’t tell you what’s wrong.

4) Give Callahan the “C.” I know, that’s not going to happen. If I’m Tortorella, though, I make Callahan a permanent “A” and let the other one rotate between Dubinsky and Gaborik. Maybe one at home (Dubinsky) and one on the road. The Rangers had four alternates in ’94. That worked out well.

5) Gaborik is exactly what they were missing last year. Exactly. They didn’t have a single top-10 scorer type on the roster. And now you see the type of difference one big gun can make. Imagine if they didn’t have all that money tied up in B-list players, they might be able to afford another Gaborik type.

6) Ron Duguay still has a terrible time trying to say “Tortorella.”

7) Right after the postgame came the Rangers’ Jeff Beukeboom feature. I loved it. I wish they had asked me to participate as I did for some of the others, because I’ve got a few great Beuk stories. Remind me Sunday or Monday to tell you my favorite. How does Slats not get interviewed for a piece on Beukeboom?

8) I said it the day it happened … I think the Kotalik signing was terrific, and very much the type of signing the Rangers rarely make while they throw money at bigger names. OK, maybe he still got too much (3 years, $9 million) but he’s a solid, solid multi-dimensional player.

Me and my friend Mr. Titleist are going to attempt to be reacquainted today. Of course, as has happened just about every single time we’ve met this year, the forecast is dreadful. See youse later.

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  1. Freddyhamptons on

    Rozi needs to taken out back and shot….I wish everyone played with their heart like Cally!!

  2. Carp, you think Voros comes out for Avery and Lisen moved to the fourth line but is still used on the Power play?

  3. RangerfaninNJ on

    I absolutely loved the Callahan goal. If you saw it, he first got a break away by poke checking Ovechkin and had that play broken up. He hustled back, again poke checked (I can’t remember who, maybe Ovie again) and broke free to score on the back hand. Even Sam (Rosen) and Joe (Michelleti) commented on how gassed he was after that shift! Callahan, thanks for staying as a Ranger!

  4. I unfortunately missed the 3rd period last night. But I was looking at the box score on and I noticed something really weird. It said Rozi and MDZ played 0 minutes in the third period, and Gilroy got 2 minutes. So we played with only 3 Dmen for 18 minutes? That can’t be right can it?

    Also, it said voros, Anisimov, Brashear didn’t touch he 3rd period either. I know that’s true, as Voros and Brash both had 3rd period penalties…but did Ani play at all?

  5. been mia last week or so.

    gotta love the resilency of this team. they find ways to gut games out. torts has made his stamp on this team and i love it. big 3 game homestand.

    still trying to get a job. unemployment sucks

  6. also, i know rosi is going to play simply b/c of his “experience” and salary, but im glad torts sat him but i dont think hes gonna get the message. All that is going to do is make him lose any confidence he has left. Torts will eventually say something to sather, if it hasnt been said yet about rosi. Redden on the other hand looks solid to me so far this season, good defensive plays and joining a bit on the rush, worth the money? no way but if hes gonna be here im glad hes atleast playing decent. ROSI MUST GO tho.

  7. Don't You Enver Lisin? on

    I think I sh*t myself when I saw Ovie dance around Rozi at the end of that period; was too caught up with the play to notice the time left but I thought that would be a sure fire goal.

    In honor of Marion Gaborik, I’ve come up with a new username that someone should use:

    Marion, with children

  8. Rozi needs to be buried NOW. on

    2 years later and he’s still trying to find Jagr open for him to pass to…

    Guys I’m sure that Kasparaitis was better than Rozi, made less money, and we all know what Renney did to him…

  9. Rozsival will bounce back. He had a fairly solid latter half of the 08-09 season. Last night was awful. But I don’t see us being able to trade him, and if Redden can play decently, so can Rozsi. Give him time and hope for the best. It’s more productive and less stressful than clamoring for his burial.

    Great win last night. I loved watching the game. This team is FUN to watch now. The Renney years were not fun or exciting in the slightest. Seeing actual goals being scored is wonderful.

  10. gabby had few great chances in the first. he didnt look hurt to me. he maybe was a little sore from playing alot of minutes each game. ya know for a guy coming off surgery, i wish we had at least 1 other guy like him, maybe not as good, that can step up and play a little of gabbys shifts if hes feeling sore or tender. but he scored 2 and hes doing great so far. rozy just looks scared and lost. he looks like a guy who’s overheard ather talking about trading him or somethings on this guys mind except for what should be… HOCKEY!!!

  11. Rozi needs to be buried NOW. on

    Rozi’s problem is that the Rangers are not a Czech-centric team anymore like he was used to or even how the Penguins were when he played for them. There is one other Czech player on the roster (Kotalik) and last year the only other one was Prucha who didn’t last the whole year or even played regularly before he got dumped).

  12. Rozi needs to be buried NOW. on

    Rozi’s problem is that the Rangers are not a Czech-centric team anymore like he was used to or even how the Penguins were when he played for them. There is one other Czech player on the roster (Kotalik) and last year the only other one was Prucha who didn’t last the whole year and didn’t even play regularly before he got dumped).

  13. I don’t like the injury ambiguity either, but maybe they do that for a player’s protection.. in the case of Cally, other teams know he loves to hit and play his heart out.. if they know he had back problems that day… they could use it to their advantage.

  14. Oh man was i relieved when time ran out on Ovie…. whew!

    Solid game for the most part, nice goal by Kotalik driving hard, GREAT goal by Callahan… and Gaborik is a legit sniper. I’m feeling GOOD!

  15. Audioserf
    October 9th, 2009 at 9:01 am
    Rozsival will bounce back. He had a fairly solid latter half of the 08-09 season.

    He did??? Good for Torts for benching him. What about that blind backhand pass that he made at the side of the net, right to a wide open Cap? He’s done, he’s done, he’s done. Bringing up Bobby Sangs or Potter looks like a better option. There’s an up side to a rookie’s mistakes. What’s the up side of a tired, old defenseman who loses every battle and is a turnover machine? The Rangers need to bring in a 7th D and start sitting Rozi. If Torts is going to ride 4 or 5 D for a close 3rd, we need more bodies on D to last for the long haul.

    I worked but saw the game in 60. Hank’s flub reminded me of Richter giving up that long goal vs Pitt in the playoffs. No big deal. Cally is great! I hope Higgins gets one soon. I like his game but people will start yelling if he doesn’t score. Prospal is solid. They didn’t show Voros’ penalty in 60, but showed Torts chewing him out after it. He’s sitting when Avery comes back.

    All you guys were right about Gabby. I really didn’t know him, except for the 5 goals vs us. We’ve got a sniper who keeps us in it. Think we win that game last year after blowing a lead in the 3rd? Real nice 2 points.

  16. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Solid Game, loved it.
    And ever since last yearm I really REALL hate the Crapitals. Nice to see them lose.

    And how about Redden, he’s actually sacrificing himself getting destroyed in the corners to move the puck.

    We didnt see that AT ALL from him last year. And he looks a bit tougher with that shiner around his eye.

    And I really think Rosi is going to get some private time with Torts and the staff before the Ducks game. I mean we all know he can play and be responsible, it just doesnt seem like he has his shit togetehr. Maybe personal stuff, who knows, but I guarantee they won’t play him if he puts in more performances like that. Salary be Damned. Unless they dont mind having 5 million riding pine night after night.

    But let’s not turn Rosi into the new Redden (HAHAHA) this year is totally a clean slate and i’mwlling ot give Rosi til game 10-15 to see how he responds and get his act together.

    PRove your worth and you will play, love The Torts/Sully mindset.

    And I think Voros just signed his ticket to Hartford with lat nights play.

  17. So can they just Rozi until the 2nd half of the season?

    Worse than his play is the fact that Sam and Joe always make excuses for him. I know they tend to sugar coat the problems with the team and I hope that’s only for the watching audience and they don’t really believe the guy is just terrible.

    I hope being involved on Kotalik’s goal boosts Artie’s confidence. He looked a lot better last night with more assertive puck movement and offensive zone play. As a whole the top 3 line forwards have played pretty well this season. I too hope Higgins finds the back of the net, he did have a couple of straight on chances that I thought he should have buried but not everyone has the scoring touch of the Great Gabo.

  18. Rosival has had some good years here, but since got his contract he looked like a disinterested player. Last night had to be the worse game of his career, and that was before the benching. Two penalties, two horrid turnovers (one resulted in a goal), trips the referee, and gets completely exposed by AO at the end of the 1st.

  19. Some thoughts..
    I think Redden played worse than Rozi.. He is plays soo soft, gets pushed off the puck, and commits turnover after turnover.. they both need to go.. I love how this team is playing but this team will not win too many playoff series with the two of them on the roster..
    I love Cally.. If I had a sister.. I would want her to marry him..
    I have a feeling Dubi will play hard every game.. but may not get the numbers to show for it…
    Guys like Gilroy and Kotalik are going to be very important pieces to this puzzle…
    Drury played a hellova game..
    Brashear almost got that goal that would have won him some NY fans..
    About a minute before Gaborik’s first goal.. I questioned if this guy plays hard… After the 2nd I was convinced he must not play hard but sure can turn it on… Unfortunately, I think inconsistent play may keep him slightly under 50 this season (but not much)..

  20. “So can they just Rozi until the 2nd half of the season?”


    So can they just sit Rozi…(I’ve even had my coffee this morning so excuses there) or you can fill in the blanks, your choice guys.

  21. “(I’ve even had my coffee this morning so excuses there)”


    Haha, I did it again. I am having a Rozi-like day on the interwebs.

  22. Fishstick Freddy on

    I’m all for the Rosie bashing; well deserved.

    Not sure how Girardi gets a pass? He made a few boneheaded errors last night that could’ve been really costly.

    Granted, he also had a handful of nice hits and good plays, but still…

    He looks like he’s in a fog.

    Than again, so did Gaborik for 48 minutes. He was fighting the puck all night. A foot out of place, a step too late, a bad bounce…

    But when it counted…oh baby!

  23. completely agree with all points, except #3. I really don’t see what the big deal is with the whole injury “upper body” stuff. I don’t see it as an insulting lie to anyone’s face. And I’m pretty sure it’s all in the best interest of the player’s recovery. As a fan, I don’t care what exactly it is specifically that’s injured, I’m more concerned about the severity of the injury and approximately how long it’ll take for the player to return. Absolutely not a slap in anyone’s face, sorry.

  24. I missed it. What exactly did Voros do that was so bad? I was not watching the game at that point as I just got in my car

  25. I don’t think anyone has been more critical of Redden than me – but he is playing more solid now. I’ll still be critical becuase we all know there is a long way to go.

    Someone needs to explain X’s and O’s to Rozy. They are not the things you put at the bottom of a greeting card.

    Lisin looked better. Higgins needs to bury that wide open chance – period.

    Gilroy is a rock star.

  26. I was just perusing the comments from last night and I swear some comments are unbelievable…Stuff like where is Gaborik, he’s doing nothing! Girardi is gonna get chewed out…Damn so pathetic!
    Meanwhile…Girardi led in ice time last night so obviously to the most important person watching the game (Torts) Girardi did a fine job. Then the so called “do nothing” Gaborik scores 2 goals in the third to win the game for us…Please people stop with the stupid knee jerk comments!
    On the other hand…a certain Rozi got benched and for good reason.

  27. Voros took a “free hand” penalty on Mike Green. He was trying to pin Green to the boards/knock him off the puck but Voros being Voros wasn’t quick enough to keep up with him and got his open hand wrapped around Green’s shoulder.

  28. Brashear and Voros cannot take those stupid penalties. Not in any game and not against a Washington, a Philly, a Pittsburgh or a Red Wing power play.

  29. Eh…when I got in the car Albert was talking about how Voros was sure to be scratched for that and be the one avery replaces. Its just a penalty.

    And im no Voros fan.

    I also got a laugh out of the comments about Gaborik yesterday. The guy has 4 goals already. Last year our highest goal scorer scored what, 26?

    Its early boys. I myself was pleasantly surprised. I was thinking 5-2 loss yesterday. Im just trying to limit my excitement a bit, until a solid defenseman falls out of the sky and lands on roszival.

  30. Dino,

    Right after the Caps scored on the PP from Voros’s penalty, MSG showed Voros back on the bench and Torts screaming at him so loud I’m sure he probably popped an ear drum.

  31. Rosival isn’t going to turn it around. The guy was brutal in the exhibition games and hasn’t changed and won’t change. Sather needs to do whatever to get this guy off the team. If he has to bury him in hartford.

  32. Anyone catch the comment lundqvist made comparing gaborik to ovechkin…While it seems innocent, its my opinion that its a little swipe at OV in retaliation for comments OV had made last year

    “He’s not the type of player who’s going to be as physical as Ovechkin, he’s gonna snipe. He’s SMART.”

  33. I wish torts would pull a keenan. That’s all I’m saying (and have been saying)!!

    Have a crease clearing hard hitting physical d man day to all!!

  34. See direct the negative comments to Rozi, at least give the team some time to mature.
    Rozi on the other hand…makes me long for the days we had Poti.
    and another thought…Redden is definitely playing better, is more physical and seems like he’s playing well for Torts.

  35. Leetchhalloffame on

    Bury Rozsi in Hartford – he’s earned it. He belongs in the AHL for the rest of his remaining hockey life. Great line Pavel about signing a parking cone in his place.

  36. Here are my thoughts:

    Love MDZ’s offense, esp the slick passes. He is young though and needs to put some size on his body and toughen up. But he’s been great. He is not going anywhere after game 9 either.

    Gilroy too.

    Hank let in a flub. But after seeing Jose 3 or more, still in Hank We Trust. He stood on his head for most of the game.

    PK was great. We can’t take that many penalties. And Voros and Brash, two O zone penalties? Not helping.

    AA had his best game of the season and is getting more and more confidence.

    Staal had his best game of the season too.

    Fade Dredden even played OK….I can’t believe I am saying that.

    Boyle continues to improve and does things that don’t show up on the scoring sheet.

    Very glad to see Torts sit Rosy. Again, something Renney would never have done. Rosy is our 7th Dman. We need a 6th.

    Even strength I thought we outplayed the Caps. They looked a bit flat to be fair. But we kept Ovech off the scoresheet. I think that is the key to beating the Craps.

    F-ing Gabby! That is why we got that mofo.

    Avery…where do you play him? I think Lisin goes to 4th, Voros goes to bench, Avery goes alongside AA and Kotalik.

  37. One more thing…..this is directed at the Mouth….a while back I wanted to take you to task for saying Cally stinks. I didn’t then because you followed up with some good insights in posts after that.

    But after last night’s effort and results, do you still think Cally sucks?

  38. I think lost in all the shuffle is how amazing our PK was last night. We killed 8 of 9, against a team that is HEAVY on offensive, PP firepower. OV had 2 5-on-3’s and got zero points. That’s huge.

    Now, we shouldn’t have had to kill 9 penalties (incl. 2 LONG 5-on-3’s), but that’s another issue. It’s very reassuring that we can still kill ’em.

  39. Jay Riemenschneider on

    The Rangers certainly didn’t deserve at least 2 of those calls last night and WTF… the caps got away with EVERYTHING the Rangers were getting called for. So given they were crippled in that regard they for the most part played a fairly solid game IMO. Higgens was great but I hope he can find the net soon and I thought the Anisimov, Kotalik, Lisin line had it’s best game offensively thus far. Gilroy seems to be getting better with each game and DZ kept his composure well. You could really see the caps trying to press those rookies and yet the only glaring mistakes came from Rozi. Still, if that was Jose Threeormore in nets, the team likely loses.

  40. Imagine how scary good this team can be if they fire on all cylinders and play a full 60 minutes.

    The support players are doing their jobs thus far… Kotalik banging in a few, points from the D men, MDZ and Gilroy…

    Our Sniper is doing what he does and lighting the lamp…

    Staal I think has been spectacular thus far

    And i’ll give Hank a pass on that softie, He keeps us in games all the time.

    Callahan’s goal equals ridiculous effort. THAT guy flat out plays hard.

  41. I missed the game (was at the Bruce concert–awesome), but just watched the highlights online. A few observations:

    – Callahan’s goal was sick. This guy is going to be a star.
    – Is Drury still even on the team? Not one highlight (or lowlight) even mentioned his name
    – Rangers looked dead in the water after the Cap’s third goal. Last year’s team loses this game 3-2. Gaborik is an absolute game-changer. Man I hope he stays healthy.

  42. kph – Drury was excellent on the PK. He took a shot off the leg on during a long 5-on-3, could barely stand, but somehow kept up in it. He was seriously hurting, but was a gamer. He gets a thumbs-up for last night, despite no scoring or anything.

  43. “Right after the postgame came the Rangers’ Jeff Beukeboom feature. I loved it. I wish they had asked me to participate as I did for some of the others, because I’ve got a few great Beuk stories. Remind me Sunday or Monday to tell you my favorite. How does Slats not get interviewed for a piece on Beukeboom?”

    I watched that piece on Beukeboom, too – boy, did it bring back some memories. I really miss having a 6’4″, 235 pound, mean, tough as nails defenseman on the Rangers. I don’t think that we’ve ever had a defenseman like him since he left.

  44. No Country For Old Rangers on

    I agree with all those points Carp. What I love most about Gaborik is that he was invisible for most of the night,
    except for those two snipes.

    There are very few players who can be that dangerous even on nights when they don’t necessarily bring it for 60 minutes.

  45. Wasn’t Kevin Hatcher or a reasonable facsimilie on the team? Not sure if he actually played defense or stood around watching the game go past him.

  46. Drury deserves major credit for our PK last night. He didn’t show up on the score board but he had a great game.

  47. No Country For Old Rangers on

    If “The Mouth” said Callahan is a bad or even average player, it was clearly talking too much

  48. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on


    I know this nevers happens…great post and I agree with evrything you said today.

    Good luck golfing, I hate playing in the rain or the cold or both.

  49. That was a great game to watch. Last year’s team never would have come back to win that one. They’re pretty legit so far this year, I hope they can keep it up. Gaborik was stellar. They haven’t had a guy that can pick his spots like that in a while.

  50. Danizme –

    Gilroy played 9:06 in the 3rd, more than Staal or Redden.
    I think the 2:00 you saw was his total SH time for the game

    AA had 3:09 and DZ 3:22 in the third



    Hockey is a game of mistakes – that said, Girardi was a team high +2 while logging team high in minutes played,
    on the road, against possibly the best player in the world

    Torts when asked about Gabs first goal:

    “I don’t think he was playing that great up until that point …”

    Alot of ticky tack penalties but you just can’t give the refs a chance to make those calls, but the PK was great

  51. I happen to like Drury as a player alot. He brings alot of intangibles to the game, and he’s willing to sacrifice his body all the time. He’s rarely out of position, and is a quiet leader. Not the offensive threat Messier was, nor nearly as vocal…. but the guy gets it done.

    That being said i know we gripe because of his contract, and rightfully so. He’s not a 7 million dollar player, but he’s not a liability on the ice either.

    New yorkers want their leaders to be brash, aggressive, and outspoken (Jeremy Shockey anyone?) Or Messier’s game 6 prediciton(to which he contributed a hat trick). That isn’t Chris Drury, but the guy can play.

  52. Man it was great to see a Ranger get the puck up and into the net under the cross bar. And, as for Gaborik, it’s awesome to see a player who simply scores. On net. Past the goalie. Good stuff.

    Imagine how good Hank would be if he didn’t let in a soft goal almost every other game.


  53. Lol, Mr. Titliest

    That 3rd last night was great, seeing Rozi on the bench for those 20 minutes. Fantastic !!

    And so far, im on and off with Kotalik. He has back to back goals, which is great. I mean if this guy can put up 30 goals, that’s great, but im still not 100% on his side yet. Higgins, has been the real surprise so far. Im not happy with what im seeing. This guy isn’t supposed to be our best defensive player, we’re already paying Dreary a sh*t load of money to do that, but this guys supposed to score some fuggin goals, and help on the PP. He hasn’t done much yet. Last night he played a good game, but failed to score on 3 solid scoring opportunities. He needs to start putting the puck in the net.

    And i loved what i saw from Artie. Hopefully his confidence is starting to build.

    Also Gabby is off to a great start. This guy needs to stay healthy all year long, cause he can be huge. He didn’t really show up for the first, and second periods, but he stepped up when we needed him the most, and he got us the win.

    And ill tell you one thing, if Hank is gonna start playing like he does in December, and January, he better skip the fuggin Olympics. That goal was unacceptable. He does bail us out of games, but you just cant let a goal like that in.

    And that post game was so awkward last night, the delayed fist bumps, the retarded quotes, Du-gay, showing off his chest. Horrifying stuff !!

  54. BTW

    I HATE the Lightning. All they had to do was clear the puck, but they failed, and now the Devs got their first win. It would have been great if they went 0-3.

    I bet you my right nut, this is the year Lecavalier gets traded. Just looking at his face on the bench, he doesn’t even look like he wants to play there. Which you can understand. The team sucks, and they’re going for another top 3 pick.

  55. And to think, if Gaborik didn’t overskate the puck in the first, he could have had a hat trick. I love the way the team is coming together and winning games. The best part about it is that they aren’t even playing as good as they can play yet. And that is GREAT! Also, I love watchign Gilroy skate. The kids has like 5 gears. I am loving the kids. Fun start to the year so far. Could have been 4-0 if not for some brain farts during Pitts.

  56. Dugay flashing chest hair was very disturbing to me. What a weirdo. And Pidto with the comment, “No grey hairs.” I mean really? Really guys?

  57. Bill Pidto is an idiot, he called Danny Briere some weird name during the intermission, then after the game, the idiot still had trouble with his name, he some something like Daniel Brere-ier.

    MSG as always, SUCKS. just play the game and shut up, nobody wants to see these tools.

  58. I wonder even after taking into account that it’s only the first week of the season how the “experts” would reshuffle their rankings of the East?

    So far Pitt is the class of the conference, but Boston got blitzed by the Caps and destroyed by the Ducks. The Canes are looking more like the team that missed the playoffs those couple of years after winning the Cup. The Caps can score but can’t kept help being scored on. The Flyers started off solid but are they more the team that was extra stingy in their first two games or the team that just allowed 10 goals in their last two games? If not for a last gasp goal from Zajac the Devils would be 3-0.

    So where would the Rangers now stack up?

  59. I thought that Voros would be the guy to go when Avery is activated. Unfortunately, I think Torts hinted that he is concerned about getting Anisimov enough time. My prediction is that Anisimov is sent down on Sunday. Not what I would do, just what I think is going to happen.

  60. Staal,

    Girardi made some bonehead plays early on during the game & I’m certain Torts chewed on him because his play afterwards was pretty stellar. I don’t say things just to say them lol

    You know the opposite of getting a noble peace prize for doing absolutely nothing to deserve it ;)

  61. Why don’t we sign Chelios as a 7th defensman to play with Del Zotto? You know Chelios won’t be joining the rush and he will help cover up some of the mistakes Del Zotto will make.

  62. MAKO
    “You know the opposite of getting a noble peace prize for doing absolutely nothing to deserve it ;)”

    haha what?
    my feeling is the guy can’t make decisions period…Seems…nvm.

  63. Finished watching the game just now…

    Im so excited!! I just can’t hide it! Take that Ovechka!

    Great f’ing game! I could definitely get used to this type of play! We are way better team than the one from last year… cant even question that! We are in for a great season boys!

    Torts yelling at Voros after Voros returned to the bench from the penalty box was one the most priceless moments of all time! Voros stood there like a 4 year old kid who just got yelled at by his mom for making doo-doo in his pants! He could even look in Torts eyes! lol

    Gabby is a “5 hole master” … I love him already! He definitely earned his paycheck last night.
    Oh and since Nobel Peace Prize isn’t so hard to get no days I think I nominate Rozi for keep the bench warm! Thanks guy… hopefully you’ll be gone soon.

  64. ThisYearsModel on

    Anisimov played a good game last night. Sure hope he does not end up in Hartford. As for Rozy….the Renney puck position style was great for him…..this system is not. His lack of foot speed and aggressiveness precludes him from being successful. He needs to be traded to a team that plays a style he can handle. If you think he is bad, can you imagine if we would have had Kyle McLaren back there? Semenov outplayed Rozy throughout the preseason. Unfortunately, that $5MM pricetag will keep Rozy a Ranger.

  65. Staal…

    Ohhh you know i can’t really elaborate on that or else the police will come
    out of the wood-works. But we share the same views on that ;)

  66. ORR you cant jump on Higgins case yet.. I wish he would have buried one of his chances last night too but its 4 games into the season.. he has played good all around hockey and hasnt made any glaring mistakes, his goals will come.. Its only 4 games into the season and there are 18 skaters on the team everyones not gona score right out of the gate. Goals are going to come from Lisin, Higgins and Anisimov soon just be patient…

  67. Have to disagree with you Rick on the injury thing. They do it now so they can protect players from being run at. At any level of any sport, if a team knows you are hurt, they will go after you, especially if they know exactly where. If they said Cally had a bruised shoulder, you could bet they would be trying to hit him there the whole game. So while it sucks for the media not to know, it protects the players. Plus I don’t think the fans care as long as they know if he plays or not.

    As for the other A, I really think it goes to Prospal. I really think he’s the glue that keeps that 1st line together. He’s a great defensive player, is still excited to play even at age 34, and does whatever is asked of him for the coach. Plus he’s the liason between the players and Torts since he knows him much better. And not to knock Drury, but Vinny has actually looked like more of a vocal and lead by example captain than Chris. There’s a reason why Torts is willing to use Vinny in just about any situation at any time while Drury is limited to the PK and maybe a few faceoffs.

    Also that Callahan goal would’ve never happened last year. That was 100% conditioning. He was dead tired but managed to fight through it to skate back, steal the puck, then back up ice and score. Torts has these guys ready to play 2 games in a row, something they need to be successful in his system and something we haven’t seen in awhile.

  68. hopefully we can get 4, maybe even 5 pts in this 3 game homestand, Anaheim and LA will be tough games, I had LA being the one new team in the playoffs this year, with st.louis coming out, i want phoenix to do well but i think they are still too young and hav another year until they take that step.. in the east i have the devils and canadiens out, the panthers and sabres in.. waht do you guys think?

  69. Orr – I don’t know what you are looking at in regards to Higgins. The guy has a ton of skill and some tricky moves to go along with his physical game and solid defensive game. Who was on the ice at the end of the game and dove to poke the puck out of the zone to ice the game? That was Higgins. He’ll eventually get some goals, especially if he continues to see PP time on the 2nd unit with Dubi and Lisin. It’s just a matter of time.

    It’s no coincidence that he’s playing with Drury and hasn’t put up any significant numbers yet. He’s had chances, but he’s more of a rebound/garbage/crash the net goal kinda guy. Drury hasn’t done much with the puck so it’s hard for him to get that going. He’ll be fine and I love the fire he plays with every night.

  70. Rob – LA is a tough team if they show up. The team they were supposed to have would’ve been really good. However they sent most of their top prospects to Manchester like Moller, Hickey, and Loktionov. So now guys like Lewis, Martinez, and Drewiske are playing, the only which of being close to NHL ready is Lewis. Either way if they show up, those top 2 lines can do some serious damage.

    The Ducks are hit or miss too. They have the skill, but it depends on if their special teams show up or not. Phoenix is going to be tough for everyone with Tippett coaching, so they shouldn’t be a walk over either.

    The Toronto game interests me because that team is overrated and in shambles. I hope the Rangers get up for that one because they should win.

  71. JONNY

    I know that he’s a good defensive player, but we need him to score goals. And i know it’s only 4 games, but im just saying, if he’s not gonna have a good offensive year, it’s gonna be a problem.

    Anybody see Heatley last night ? Took him a few games, but it looks like he’s back to his scary self.

  72. Rick,

    If you remember I agreed with you on that summer day when Kotalik was signed even though most of the crowd was done on kotalik. He has looked very good for 2 consecutive games-he is a better skater that i thought he would be…..i guess voros is now the odd man out for Sunday do to his selfish penalty….it also does not help voros than anisimov had has best game last night as well….the lines sunday should be interesting does Torts break up the 3rd line-i would assume so but who knows….

    MSG definitely told Sam and Joe to praise Drury if he did anything of what deemed to be a good play…Drury was good on the PK but Joe made him out to be the next coming!

    It was nice to see the team bail out the KING for a change….

  73. Burke made a stupid decision trading for Kessel. This guy has been injury prone his first few seasons, and this team isn’t good, so they might give the Bruins a top 10 pick. Which isn’t good.

    Fuggin Burke. It’s different if Slats gave up the two first round picks, because we’re gonna be picking in the 20’s most likely.

  74. Oh and that call on brashear was brutal last night and i dont think i have seen one person point that out yet… i know everyone still hates him but that was a really weak call he went in for a clean check and green turned away at last second and brashears right skate barely nicked greens left skate and he barely fell.. it was a brutal call especially late in the 3rd in a 1 goal game, i didnt see the voros penalty but im figuring it was deserved, he better be the guy to sit in the press box when averys back either way

  75. Rob M-

    The thing is on the Brashear call he knows he is a 4th liner and he is going at a star on the other team and you know the stars are going to get the calls so i really do not have a problem with the tripping call-he slightly sticks out his leg there for NO REASON WHATSOEVER….the VOROS call is by the book-he takes his arm off his stick and grab the opposing player….What irks me is HENRIK (our star) gets interferred with 2 min into the game and then later Knuble throws Girardi into Henrik-neither play is whistled for an interference call

  76. Anisimov made a nice pass to Kotalik down low last night for his goal. As Kotalik moved across Theodore so he could roof that backhander, I yelled pass it! Because if he did he would’ve given Anisimov an easy puck to bury. Either way they scored a goal, but that could’ve just as easily have been Anisimov’s goal.

    In fact, Kotalik’s was way more difficult. Cheers to him for that.

  77. Brash*t wouldn’t get called for that last season, but now he’s a Ranger, and he’s doing it against one of Buttmans fav teams. He’ll get that called against him every time.

    The officials are retarded, that’s why i always cheer when they get knocked down, or a slap shot to the ass. In last nights Bolts/Devs game, a Lightning player put one hand on a guy, and didn’t get called, but then after he took his hand off, the Dev player put two hands on the guy, and got called.

    One hand, two hands, what’s the difference ? It’s still interference.

    Hate the refs !

  78. Actually, considering how much holding the Caps got away with, I thought Voros’ penalty was a weak call, and Brashaer’s was an obvious dirty play.

  79. Calad,
    he has done nothing to deserve a peace prize…absolutely nothing…I have been laughing all day…

    and No Country…
    that was the most stupid stereotype unfunny joke I’ve ever read…

  80. Bettman only decided to annoint the Caps one his favored teams when he realized that Ovie was more exciting for Crosby and they were starting to get good. He was way behind on the bandwagon for that team.

    A big reason why Torts will have the Rangers up for games against the Leafs (something Renney was never able to do unless Avery was sparring with Darcy Tucker), he’s coaching against Ron Wilson. Wilson has the overrated reputation as being the best American coach in the NHL despite the fact that he was behind the bench for most of the Sharks teams that flopped except last year. Torts meanwhile has a ring with Tampa and has usually had to play second fiddle for a lot of international competitions under Wilson. I think that’s motivation enough.

  81. Orr,
    I thought Higgins was pretty good last night…he had some pretty nice moves around the net last night…He seems to play like Callahan which is always a good thing.

  82. Anyone else think the Rangers have some pretty good chemistry this season? It’s it Torts? Gomez gone?? Hmmmmm what do you all think??

    I really like Prospal… Kinda reminds me of a less agressive Steve Larmer type…

    Staal, glad you said something… I was gonna tell old county — Ask my gf how much I hate her lol
    I hated the hell out of her over the weekend ;)

  83. staal

    “he has done nothing to deserve a peace prize…absolutely nothing…I have been laughing all day…”

    i wish this was the right forum. i know you and i would have a lot to talk about. something tells me we think the same.

  84. *I happen to like Drury as a player alot. He brings alot of intangibles to the game, and he’s willing to sacrifice his body all the time.*

    intangibles? you mean like his legendary “clutchness”? for $7 mill, I’d like Drury to bring more TANGIBLES to the game, but I digress…anyway, please explain these mysterious “intangibles” that he brings, I always hear about them, but no one ever tells me what they are…and when someone does make something up (“he’s a great two-way player!”), it’s easy to rebuke (-11 the last 2 seasons with us, -10 his last 2 seasons in Buffalo with that STACKED offense)

    *He’s rarely out of position, and is a quiet leader. Not the offensive threat Messier was, nor nearly as vocal…. but the guy gets it done.*

    rarely out of position? ALREADY this year we have seen him out of position or not covering his man multiple times, including mistakes that directly led to goals against Pittsburgh and New Jersey…he’s our ONLY Top 6 forward who’s not a plus player so far this season…and he’s not really a quiet leader, he’s actually just quiet…he got the “C” by default

    *That being said i know we gripe because of his contract, and rightfully so. He’s not a 7 million dollar player, but he’s not a liability on the ice either.*

    uhhhh…I don’t know about you, but I like to notice that my $7 mill players are actually playing…when he’s not a liability, that usually means he’s invisible…take away his 5-on-3 blocked shot last night, and can you remember anything else he did in the game? Higgins and Cally are getting wasted playing with Drury, there’s a reason why the 2nd line has generated very little offensively at even-strength so far, and that reason is not Higgins or Cally

    *New yorkers want their leaders to be brash, aggressive, and outspoken (Jeremy Shockey anyone?) Or Messier’s game 6 prediciton(to which he contributed a hat trick). That isn’t Chris Drury, but the guy can play.*

    yeah we loved Leetch because he was so brash and outspoken…Jeter’s obviously a quote machine, that’s why New York loves him…same with Eli Manning…and more recently in Rangers history alone, Straka was respected and well-liked by the Rangers fanbase because he fit the aggressive Shockey mold…and of course we all think Cally deserved the “A” because he’s so brash and outspoken

    but wait! the guy can play! Drury is a winner! this guy gets it done! so clutch! intangibles! Rangers fan! Mattingly! Little League World Series!

    I’m just happy that we have a coach in Torts who sees through all this, and isn’t under the same spell as a lot of this fanbase STILL is when it comes to Drury…any Drury criticism by fans is pretty much confined to the internet, and you’ll rarely hear any of the media get on him…what he has done as a Ranger to earn this lifetime free pass, I’ll never know

  85. Prospal does it all, and has been an absolute bargain. Great pickup.

    I think Drury is holding Higgins back a bit. They are both supposed to be “garbage goal” guys, so they need to be paired up with shooters, so they have someone’s shots to deflect and rebounds to bury. Maybe put Kotalik with Dru (wasn’t that the plan?) and Higgins with Lisin/AA.

  86. if i wanted to hear about obama and politics i would go to a cnbc blog… pleeease keep it to hockey… and a little seinfeld and curb.. haha nah but for reall talk HOCKEYYYY

  87. but on the bright side, GREAT comeback win vs. a deadly offensive team last night…it was nice to see that level of resiliency this early in the season (who didn’t think it was probably over when Backstrom scored that PP goal?)…loved Torts benching Rozsival too…there’s gonna be ups-and-downs all year, but I love watching this team play…it really is a breath of fresh air after watching last years team, which was one of the more unlikeable Rangers teams (in terms of players on the team and style of play) in a long time

  88. maybe higgins is holding drury back?>?? how can it be one way but not the other if they are same type player? i know why, because everyone loves to blame drury for as much as possible on this blog.. its a NEW SEASON, give the guy a break/chance, jeez… if he scores 2 goals in the next 3 games everyone will be sayin how somebody else shoudl have got that goal or how anybody could have gotten those goals, its like impossible for drury to win with alot of you, its stupid. callahan is now a shooter just as much as a grinder, so higgins and drury can be picking up callys rebounds and putting them in.. i think higgins has a decent shot as well so i dont think he NEEDS to be in front of the net getting garbage goals to score, he can do more than that. its still FOUR GAMES into an 82 game season… and there are players in the nhl that would have stayed on the ground last night after that blocked shot, he looked like he could barely move and he stuck it out, and it took them a good 25-20 seconds to dump the puck before he got off the ice.. drury is going to play a positive part on this team, maybe and probably not a $7 million part, but a positive part

  89. *I think Drury is holding Higgins back a bit. They are both supposed to be “garbage goal” guys, so they need to be paired up with shooters, so they have someone’s shots to deflect and rebounds to bury. Maybe put Kotalik with Dru (wasn’t that the plan?) and Higgins with Lisin/AA.*

    Drury is definitely bringing down Cally and Higgins offensively at even-strength…all three are north-south guys who think shot first…that line needs more of a playmaking center to create more shots/rebounds/chances for Cally/Higgins…Drury can’t create anything for himself, let alone for his wings

    I know it’s fashionable to hate on Gomez now (despite the fact that his 1st season in NY was better than any season Drury will ever have with us), but imagine our Top 6 if Drury didn’t have the NTC and we could’ve moved him instead


    (obviously Higgins wouldn’t be here cause he came in the Gomez deal)

    I like it

  90. rich, i don’t think gomez would’ve stayed even if drury didn’t have the no trade clause

    doesn’t sound like torts liked him, doesn’t sound like avery liked him…and he showed a consistent inability to find chemistry with anyone outside of his devils comfort zone

  91. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Duck hunting this week end , this time it's Donald!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Kinda silly how everyone said Gaborik had a bad first two periods ,then change thier tune when he scored those last two , one being the game winner. Gaborik had some good chances early on and he didn’t score , so what? People say he wont score 50 but expect him to score an early goal every game? Gaborik does need to take it easy so he can fully recover with strength and be vidal for us in the playoffs. He looks great now but as the season goes on ..he will get better. Lay off him guys , he will be fine. ( Tort’s too should lay off him)Gaborik is not Callahan the spark plug ,he’s Gaborik the Great!!!

  92. if Drury is overpaid for what we provides that’s on Sather.

    Rich – If someone was willing to pay you $7 Million for being a ahole I’m sure you’d take it. Personally though I wouldn’t want you on my team. So I see your point.

  93. *and there are players in the nhl that would have stayed on the ground last night after that blocked shot, he looked like he could barely move and he stuck it out, and it took them a good 25-20 seconds to dump the puck before he got off the ice*

    lol I take it all back! what a hero!

    *maybe higgins is holding drury back?>?? how can it be one way but not the other if they are same type player? i know why, because everyone loves to blame drury for as much as possible on this blog*

    uhhh…maybe because if you’ve seen the games, you know that Higgins has created MUCH more offensively for himself and his linemates than Drury…Higgins has had lots of good opportunities to score (he’s been kinda snakebit- got robbed on a glove save, hit a post, etc.) and he’s also made some nice passes as well…his skating ability has led to scoring chances too…Drury just floats around and doesn’t create much offensively, it’s just a fact…he’s always been a complimentary player that needed help…Torts obviously knows this too, which is why Cally/Higgins get PP time, and why he kept Drury off the PP until recently

  94. I think we all get it…Drury is overpaid, doesn’t produce, doesn’t have intangibles, doesn’t have any offensive skills, sucks on the PK…can’t we just move on already damn its been 2 years and we are still talking about the same sh**…There is not one of you out there that would not have signed that contract!

  95. BillyDeeWilliams on

    Rich – I’ll give you a cold Colt 45 if you stop using bold so much. thank you and God bless.

  96. BillyDeeWilliams on

    I heartily agree Staal Wart. I’m sick of talking about how worthless Drury is.

  97. drury got robbed on a glove save last night and higgins took a weak shot at the five hole right before that… i watch every minute of every game, drury has made a few mistakes but he hasnt been awful as some of you make him out to be.. remember hes not really playing much power play time now, so thats going to lower his chances of scoring, hes a great penalty killer and great at faceoffs… he can score and he will, everyone needs to just face the fact that he makes $7million a year and theres nothing anybody can do about it, just like ddebened just said… and im not saying drury cant be better, he coudl play better but he hasnt played as bad as u (rich) and alot of others have made it out to be

  98. staal wart were u being sarcastic about all those things u said about drury or do you believe all of those things

    “Drury is overpaid, doesn’t produce, doesn’t have intangibles, doesn’t have any offensive skills, sucks on the PK”

  99. obviously you believe he is overpaid, that one is a given, we all know that.. but im curious about the other ones

  100. Let’s just go back to talking about how Gaborik owned Three or More last night. The list of players that aren’t worth their money is too long.

  101. *if Drury is overpaid for what we provides that’s on Sather.*

    I’ve always blamed Sather for the contract, not Drury…and I’ve always said Drury will never be a $7 mill player, but I’d be ok with that if he just played up to his PERSONAL best standards (like his last season in Buffalo), which he obviously hasn’t come close to doing in New York

    *Rich – If someone was willing to pay you $7 Million for being a ahole I’m sure you’d take it. Personally though I wouldn’t want you on my team. So I see your point.*

    lol @ “ahole”, did I hurt your feelings?

    bro I posted my opinions backed by FACTS…if you wanna debate them, then cool…but if you wanna sit there in your Captain Clutch jersey dishing out childish insults while defending your hero, that’s cool too…”I wouldn’t want you on my team” lol, of course not, I give honest criticism…you’d fit in great with Sam and Joe Mich

    your post is a great example of why I’ll never understand the love for Drury from this fanbase

  102. No Country For Old Rangers on

    yeah MAKO i bet she hated all 4 minutes of it :)

    why you guys are hating on something like obama getting the nobel peace prize on a hockey blog is beyond me. i know should exercise more restraint but you guys are asking for it

  103. i konw your not talking to me but i dont even love drury, but he gets unjustified consistent criticism on here… you want him to post his personal standards like his last year in buffalo, well maybe this year he will have a shot at coming at least close to that since he wont be playing under tom renney in a completely defensive system, did you think about that system that he’s had to play in for his time as a ranger? … and everything youve said hasnt been backed by facts, some has, but alot of stuff is opinionated stuff, and that is fact, most of everythign we talk about on here is opinionated, thats waht makes it fun everyone has different views on different players and things, all im askin if for peopel to give some slack to drury to start this season, people are already jumpin down his throat and he hasnt even done anything severely detrimental, he has an even +/- and has 1 g and 1 a.. they way hes getting talked about u would think he blew a game for us or something

  104. anyway I’m done for now with Drury, a.k.a. The Teflon Don…I understand this blog is a safe zone for him, don’t dare criticize the Rangers icon known as Captain Clutch

    funny how these same guys saying “enough about Drury!” will pile on Ad nauseum about Redden, Rozsival, Malik, Gomez, etc., basically ANYONE, people were even getting on Gaborik of all players here last night before his 2 goals, but Captain Clutch is off limits

    see you all at #23 Chris Drury Night at MSG

  105. If Gaborik is still hurt that’s one thing but to say someone played well because they scored a couple of goals albeit important goals is silly. To say a “scorer” is exempt from having to work hard sends the wrong message. Torts was right in saying that Gabs did not play that well and he shouldn’t treat him any different than any other player.

  106. Reeshay (or Riche') on

    Sloppy game last night but I’d rather have them playing sloppy 4 games in and getting better (with a 3-1 record too) than come out looking mid-season form against teams looking sloppy and having a great record.

    When it counts come the spring if they’re better than they are right now they could be dangerous.

    I love the puck movement they have going.


  107. Rob M
    No I honestly think Drury is a good hockey player. He is not elite or even a great player, he is just a good smart player. He may bring more to the table than any of us fans will ever know. We haven’t been in the locker room, and none of us have talked to him, yet we jump to the most stupid f***ing conclusions. We are fans, we know next to nothing about what a player brings to the team or the locker room. IMO Drury is brilliant! He signed a contract that Sather was dumb enough to offer. Then because of the contract the stupid fans suddenly thought he was a goal scoring machine…and he never was….just proves my point that we know little.
    All I have to say is there are players who find themselves in situations that make them heroes, and they are just good players…Matteau ring a bell?
    Despite the money, the expectations and all the BS we see on this blog about Drury…if I’m in a game with a few seconds left and we are down a goal…Drury is on the ice…its that simple (see Sabre’s)
    IMO Drury should be making Kotalik kind of money…but he’s smart…and signed the fat contract that Sather was dumb enough to dangle.
    Kudos to Drury…I would have done the same thing.

  108. no country

    gaborik played 17 games last season
    gaborik should have been named mvp of season for getting 20+ points in 17 games

    is this something you agree with or disagree with?

  109. captain clutch is by far not off limits, that was jsut one person saying enough with it.. but you are in the majority when you are criticizing “captain clutch”, EVERYONE ON HERE DOES IT, EVEYRONE, and im so sick of reading about it thats why i actually say somthing, if everybody didnt complain so much about him i woudlnt need to talk about him

  110. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Duck hunting this week end , this time it's Donald!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Gaborik is exempt .Period . Gaborik produces plain and simple. The guy played 12 games and some playoffs last year because of injury. Give the guy a break . He got body checked pritty hard the 2nd game in and is still playing , hurt or not , he is playing. Last year we had NO ONE even close to his caliber. He is what NY needs to keep up with the OV’s and the Crosby’s. If we rag on him while he is new and coming off a injury then we don’t deserve a guy like him. Period.

  111. dude sorry about ahole -I know you were crushed
    The hyper-criticism on this board just kills me though.
    You’re absolutley right about the piling on (Redden, Rozsival,etc) probably by people that never played a sport let alone hockey.
    What is it that you expect/expected from Drury that you’ve made him your personal punching bag?

  112. staal wart – ok good im glad someone can at least agree with me that he is not worthless… and yea exactly hes not a goal scoring machine, never was, never was supposed to be..

  113. The differences between Rozi and Drury are staggering, and to not notice it…is just plain funny…let me guess, your taking the “high road”…haha

  114. BillyDeeWilliams on

    I think Duby is a nice young man who needs to pluck his eyebrows. ’nuff said!

  115. Anyone catch Joe saying last night in the 3rd, “I don’t think Roszival has played a shift this period, he doesn’t look injured.” LMAO are you kidding me Joe? Were you sleeping the first 2 periods? He’s sitting because he sucks.

    And Rich, no one here is giving Drury a free pass, we’ve just discussed it to death man. The bottom line is he’s a good player but not worth what he’s getting.

  116. ddebened: it’s cool, no biggie

    basically, I’ve NEVER expected Drury to be a $7 mill player or a 40 goal scorer…I know that’s completely unrealistic, and I don’t blame him at all for not living up to his contract…it’s impossible…and that contract is all on that moron Sather

    but I DO expect Drury to play up to his own PERSONAL best standards every night…that’s all I ask of him…an example I gave was his last season in Buffalo…or even one of his last two seasons in Buffalo…give me a season like THAT and I’ll be fine with it, overpaid or not…his 1st season in New York was blah, and last season was arguably one of the worst seasons of Drury’s career, from a team standpoint and personal standpoint…to me that’s unacceptable

    I definitely believe 100% in my opinions about Drury as a player, and I’ll always try to back them up…but the reason I’ve made him my “personal punching bag” (lol) is because I feel like he’s gotten a MAJOR pass from this fanbase (especially outside of the internet) relative to his expectations/salary, and especially compared to how other similar investments (Redden, Rozsival, Gomez, etc.) get treated

    I also feel like the media has helped make him one of the more overrated players in the NHL (Captain Clutch! intangibles! winner! Rangers fan as a kid! Mattingly #23! Little League World Series!) and treats him with kid gloves because they like him, so because it’s so annoying to me, I’ll usually lean towards the extreme in the other direction

  117. *And Rich, no one here is giving Drury a free pass, we’ve just discussed it to death man. The bottom line is he’s a good player but not worth what he’s getting.*

    yeah I’ll admit, my feelings on Drury getting a free pass is more of a “real life” NYR fan thing and media thing than a “internet” NYR fan thing

  118. Rich,
    I seriously am feeling sick talking about this…but since you obviously know what Drury’s “personal best standards” are, could you elaborate and tell us what his standards are?

  119. Oh & no country – from time to time other things other than hockey slip in like Pearl Jam, concert tickets, pictures discussion etc… Hey s*it happens… I knew Staal would get a kick out of it bc we share the same views… Don’t be sensitive …. jeeze with the thin skin lol
    And by “us” asking for it… I’ll take whatever insult you have to give, if you can dish it… I can take it. Just be prepared to get it back ;)

    And now back to your regularly scheduled hockey discussion :)

    For the record… Bravo on Drury for the Pk…

  120. nah i agree with that about if you havent played the sport ever… and im not sayin who has played and who hasnt, i hav no idea who has, but i defintiely dont take input from people that never even played that game in an organized and competitve manner as serious as i take the input from someone who has, thats simple.. their input is definitely less valuable then someone who has, end of story

  121. Voros does what he does. Is he helping the team? In my opinion not really. He takes bad penaltys, and he can’t score. Brashear is just down rite dirty, he slewfooted a guy in the opposition end right in front of the ref, Donald is a dim wit. Boyle on the other hand played a good game. He seems to be getting better. I can’t see why anyone in this line up should sit while Voros and Brashear play. Rosi needs help he is getting worse. Maybe he should go see a shrink, or go the Hartford to get his confidence back, or maybe he should retire. I hope he does something soon.

  122. Fred Shero on hockey:

    “We know that hockey is where we live, where we can best meet and overcome pain and wrong and death. Life is just a place where we spend time between games.”

  123. More Fred Shero:

    “Get to the puck by the shortest route and arrive in ill-humor.”

    “Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion. You must first set yourself on fire.”

    “When you have bacon and eggs for breakfast, the chicken makes a contribution, but the pig makes a commitment.”

  124. I think what really pisses most of us off about drury (maybe im lost and it is only me!!!!) is the fact that he makes some really really bad decisions on the ice and often it looks like he is playing pond hockey in his backyard and you just do not expect that from your captain….I mean last night he dangerously skates back into his own defensive zone and viciously sends the puck cross ice in the air to one of the defenseman…..he skates embarrassingly into paul martin the other night in nj, he fans on basic one timers, he has trouble handling passes, it looks like every clear on the PK is a big effort……maybe im way off base here butwhat i am trying to say is he LOOKS NERVOUS out there I JUST THINK SOME ATHLESTES CANNOT PLAY IN NY IN THE SPOTLIGHT AND HE IS ONE OF THEM

  125. he made a great backcheck to get that puck on that play before he made the bad pass in the air cross ice

  126. he didnt skate “dangerously” into his own defensive zone, like i said he made a great backcheck so thats why he was headed in that direction, but i agree about that pass it was quite bad

  127. Anyone see Ovechkin overskate the puck -about mid circle ready to let loose a wrist shot – probably labled top corner glove side? Boy does he suck, Why do the Caps still have his sorry azz?

  128. *Rich,
    I seriously am feeling sick talking about this…but since you obviously know what Drury’s “personal best standards” are, could you elaborate and tell us what his standards are?*

    I’ve said it multiple times today, give me a season in New York like one of his last two seasons in Buffalo (along with team success obviously) and I’d be fine with that, overpaid or not

    Drury’s first season here was blah, his last season here was extremely disappointing…I don’t think any NYR would dispute that, no matter what you feel his “personal best” is

  129. Rob M-

    I mean if it was a 4th liner the pass would be “OK” i guess but from your captain you cannot make a play like that-i cannot recall the entire play maybe me made a decent backcheck but with 10 min left to go A CAPTAIN has to know that he cannot make a wreckless east to west pass like that-you must play north and south hockey-even if he ices the puck there thats a much better play than an east to west play….

    I watch this guy everynight-he is clutching the stick too tight-seriously watch him even on the PK it looks like he puts in 100% effort just to clear the puck…..he rarely catches the puck clean on a shot-he used to all the time in colorado and buffalo-listen hopefully he turns more into the role player with gaborik-dubi-staal-callahan signing-if he is outta the spotlight things would get much better for him ( i know i know the captain who makes 7+mm a year in NY will never be out of the spotlight and thats the issue)

  130. And Chris Neil is a douchebag, all he ever does is get into fights with teammates that rarely fight. i never saw him go after McGratton in practice. Im actually glad Slats couldn’t sign him. This guys making all that money, playing on the 4th god damn line. Last thing we need is another 3rd, or 4th liner making a sh*t load of cash, and hoping he can be one of our top scorers.

  131. “it looks liek he puts 100% effort just to clear the puck”
    that comment/criticism makes no sense at all.. he shoudl be looking like he puts 100$ effort in, every player shoudl put 100% effort into every play, theres nothing wrong with that thats a really bad argument, some of the other stuff ur saying i can see but that is a dumb statement

  132. I think your missing my point-for an NHL player to lift the puck on a wrist shot or slap a puck down the ice it should almost be an instinct your born with-it should look smooth and fluid-when he clears the puck it looks like he is trying so hard….i was not saying chris does not compete-he tries hard he really does he just cannot handle the pressure here in the spotlight

  133. Rich

    If you are still here, of the current rangers, who do you think is good or worth while? I’m not picking a spat, just curious!

  134. Drury is not smooth enough when he clears the puck on the penalty kill – is that what I’m hearing????

  135. Did you guys know that Chris Drury won the little league world series in 1989? I’ve heard that he did it single handedly by playing all positions on the field as well as every spot in the batting order. He’s also the only person in the world that’s more clutch than Chuck Norris. If there’s any room left under the cap I think Slats should renegotiate his contract and give him a raise immediately.

  136. miscellaneous on

    Rich – -you think drury gets a pass here. you must be kidding. you are very much in the majority on this site and that opinion has migrated to others.

    to the degree that people like me with the minority opinion suffer in silence in read only mode. i skimmed the part where you said he was getting a free pass here and that is laughable. otherwise i pretty much skipped since i knew where you were heading.


  137. you’re entitled to your opinion, and maybe I’m wrong, but I feel on this blog it’s more split down the middle on Drury…and many of the people who are anti-Drury actually overpraise and over-exaggerate anything good that he does in order to justify his $7 mill per year…so it’s not the same pure negativity that Redden, Rozsival and others in the past (Malik, Gomez) have gotten

    example of Drury getting a pass: he takes a penalty that lead to Pittsburgh’s 1st goal, fails to cover Crosby on the 2nd goal, we lost 3-2, and yet there were NUMEROUS posts on Opening Night about what a great game Drury had? (just because he scored a goal)…if Redden did that on Opening Night, he would’ve gotten ROASTED on here, goal or no goal…like I said, I try to back up my opinions with facts

    *If you are still here, of the current rangers, who do you think is good or worth while? I’m not picking a spat, just curious!*

    I like basically this whole team…love Gaborik…love Dubi…I’m a big fan of Prospal at that price…big fan of Higgins…love Cally…I’m very big on Lisin’s offensive potential, love seeing Torts use him on the PP…Kotalik is somewhat overpaid, but he’s doing exactly what they brought him here to do, so no complaints…Anisimov has great potential, he’s getting less nervous each game…as an enforcer, I actually like Brashear…Boyle is ok at best, not really a fan, but for a 4th liner/PKer, he’s adequate for now…love Staal, Del Zotto, and Gilroy…Girardi has blips here and there, he’s still an excellent value as a player…and Henrik is obviously The Franchise

    now, you know my feelings on Drury…Voros is worthless…Rozsival has been atrocious since he signed his $20 mill contract, he’s infuriating to watch at this point…and Redden has been somewhat better so far this year, but that contract is a true cap-killer, so there’s pretty much nothing he can do as a player to make me not hope every day that he gets traded/waived ASAP

  138. totally disagree on the callahan thing.
    as a fan, i want what is best for the team. i am trusting that the team knows what they are doing. if they think that knowledge of a players injury would cause other teams to try to target that injury, then by all means, hide it. we dont need to know EVERYTHING. just tell me when you think the guy will be ready to play again, thats all i need.

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