Take that O!! You got zero!


Wheeeee.! I am shellacked. I’m guessing maybe Carp was tied up and I missed the clean slate request, but here ya go….Post game thoughts? I’m sure you have a few. Rock on heads….

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  1. Well,

    It’s a different world. During the playoffs we could barely make it out of our own endzone. This was something else. Great play all the way through. Stupid penalties and mistakes made this game closer than it should’ve been. Caps did’nt have that many chances. Rangers had alot.

    I’ve been riding Higgins a bit, but I gotta say he was great. Needs to score though.

    Cally, Dru, Staal, Redden, Girardi(!), Higgins stood out for me.

    Gaborik can be lazy all he wants if he keeps scoring. Great game. GREAT GAME!

    Did you notice that the Caps top line did’nt do much except on the powerplay. Thats a very good sign.

    Hank played very well, but he can never do that again. He needs to be more safe. Just like the freebie against Sens. You just cant do that.

  2. Prucha played 6 minutes tonight…I thought he was doing welL? must have gotten hurt

    I love Washington fans chanting Lundqvist name…they wish they had a goalie like him

  3. Past Ranger teams would give us a huge letdown this upcoming weekend now…but I think winning 2 of the next 3 (ANA,Tor, LA) should be the minimum. Can’t wait to see Orr-Brashear Monday at MSG)

    Everyone played well tonight..it’s gonna be interesting who comes out for Avery…Voros’ penalty may have done him in

  4. Gaborik = world class skill
    Callahan = all out effort

    You get equal measures of both all season long and it’s going to be an exciting year.

  5. yeah..pitt announcers are saying hartnell bit letangs hand

    anyway..good win for the Rangers!

  6. REPOST:

    I think you guys are mistaking Gaborik’s play for him not trying. He tries to be quiet at certain parts so when he needs to be explosive he can turn it on. You won’t see him play the whole game like a superstar, but hes going to try to lull the other team to sleep and forget about him so out of nowhere he’ll come out and score.

    He did that a ton in Minnesota and that’s why he has so much success.

  7. freakin bozo the clown got hungry during the game and decided he needed some french breakfast? that guy is the new hollweg….walking hockey calamity!!!

  8. lol @ the flyers resorting to biting now. great win. nice to see Ani get on the score shet. Hope that gives him a little confidence.

  9. Shoryuken, thanks! I was thinking of that through the last 5 minutes hoping it would stick!

    Hey Ruskies….lib2001 has not abandoned ship…he’s actually overseas for two weeks missing start of season doing good doctor work and is bummed! But he’ll be back…and all of your posts have made me hungry (except for borscht….)

  10. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Gaborik , it is time!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Hartnell bite him , the caveman. Philthy Philly are goons and only Jeff Carter and a few younger guys are good on that weak defensive club. Pissburgh have Malkin who can dominate but with every team gunning for ’em ,watch for pissyburgh to fold.

    Mike , I was gonna get on yer case about you naggin at Gaborik before he scored his 2 goals. I know you guys see Gaborik and think he should score all the time.Or go skating around like a blithering idiot. He can’t and some plays , yeah he may look lazy but seriously do you think you or any other player could do what he does and do it all the time? Even ovechkin is human and does squat once in a while . Get ready for Gaborik to break Jagr’s record and it then everyone will be saying Jaromir …who?

  11. see, i questioned earlier if rozi would sit the 3rd, that you uncle johnny for sitting his tuchus on the bench

  12. “Could someone let Ron Duguay know that Studio 54 closed down over 20 years ago.”


    Disco Stu was talking to you!

  13. Greg

    They are completely different players. And I dont think he will break Jagr’s record.

  14. Wow I just realized, the rangers can have their best season of the decade and still may not finish higher than five thanks to an improved flyers team and the penguins

  15. Wow…it’s a shame Avery gets such a bad rap when guys like Kaleta get to skate around and do whatever they want…like taking a shot at Prucha tonight

  16. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Gaborik , it is time!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Petr Bondra saw first hand what Gaborik can do tonight and Bondra will probally make Gabby the Captain or the Slovak team.

    After the game , Hank should buy Gaborik a steak.

  17. Nice job tonight by the boys.
    What a difference a superstar can make in a game. Gaborik scored 2 goals when we needed him to.

    Callahan definitely deserves that “A”. Geezus that guy busts his arse EVERY shift.

    Just saw a replay of what happened to Prucha – he got creamed in open ice by Kaletta (sp?) on Buffalo. He was able to walk to the locker room under his own power.

    I had a feeling Rozival was going to see his ice time cut when he coughed that puck up in the neutral zone – that’s a huge no-no. (Although, on that goal, everyone drifted to the right of Hank… no one covered the left side of the ice)

    Great job, way to come back and get another win on the road.

  18. Matt K - Just Call Me Redden....Wade Redden on

    Well..Its time to hit the old dusty trail….ill be back..

  19. Avery is the scourge of the league, but ya got freakin idiots like Bertuzzi and Hartnell, and who is that other freakazoid that bit Dubi last year… biting people and ending their careers is ok in the NHL, but callin some 2bit ho exactly what she is gets ya blacklisted…freakin hypocrites

  20. Matt K - Just Call Me Redden....Wade Redden on

    Let the record show that “Matt” doesnt not = “Matt K”. “Matt K” = Eye head, Mike loving, Redden trashing, funny guy =)

  21. Couldn’t agree more Linda…Guys like Kaleta who is known for his cheap shots around the league get a free pass all the time.

  22. great game gabby is amazing

    to the person who asked i was a parasail and sailing mate.
    too young to own a timeshare(23) i was 19 at the time there for the girls and the drinks! i listened to everygame via laptop cuz i lived on a sailboat

  23. Del Zotto (I think it wa him) actually makes a horrible play after Roszivals horrible play. He kind of drifts into Roszival and behind him is Semin sneaking up. He is going to hear about that, typical yound D mistake. Roszival is just a retard. Maybe he can blame all his mistakes on that fact, it worked for Peter Griffin.

  24. ilb2001 is horosho muzhchina

    Kaleta has always been a cheap shot, he’s the one who broke Mara’s face with a high late hit. But Avery gets the bad rap, it’s bull.

    And we’ll see if Hartnell gets punished, you know Avery would have been suspended for like 40 games by now and had his social security taken away.

  25. da da daaad daadadada dadaadadadadadadadad POTVIN SUCKS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>woooooooooooo what a WIN….what a game! i dont know where to start-i cannot wait to hear torts….

    The Role Players:
    higgins – boyle-kotalik-lisin-anisimov all “role” players all played very well….

    The Scorer:
    gaborik WOW thats all you can say….

    callahan and dubi and staal CALLAHAN DUBI AND STAAL-how good are they…who is pumped up!

    the “TEAM” finally bails out the KING…

    i understand the some of the calls and i realize the stars are going to get the calls (ie Mike Green tripping by Brashear) but if they r going to call all those there has to be atleast one goaltender interference on the king-right at the beginning of the game or on the knuble play


  26. Laurel, we got Aves back no matter what. It’s a freakin joke what this guy goes through when there are total sociopaths in the league who can do whatever they want. Has Aves ever tried to intentionally hurt someone like these freakin idiots do on a NIGHTLY basis?? Has he ever bitten someone in a game ( what he does off the ice is his own bidniz) Absolutely ridiculous!!!

  27. someone get me a screen shot of Torts “LOOK OF DEATH” i wanna make a mask of it for Halloween! I wanna be John Tortsarelli!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. rozsival had the bad turnover in the first that lead to the goal, a 2nd period penalty, the miscommunication play with del zotto-anything else?

    jeez i thought he was really going to turn around this year…his confidence is shot!

  29. Matt K – I must have missed something… explain?

    Matt L (formerly Matt <– so we can keep track of who is who!)

  30. NYR, well good for my old buddy Andrew…at least he asked. (hey AG, if you’re following here, how are ya!)

    Hey, what if we ever get Kaleta with Basher!!! (kidding, kidding).

    Hey, this was far from an ideal game (who said earlier about staying out of the box? Oy.) But we got the win and shut out Lurch…I’m sure Carp will have his usual brilliant post-game comments tomorrow.

  31. TR, the link in your post ‘could not be found’

    NYRguy…whats even funnier in that photo is Drury!!! He must be thinking, Damn i wish i was at the LLWS. Tortsarelli looks like he’s either constipated, or he’s about to go rattlesnake on someone…oh wait. wasn’t stone cold the rattlesnake??

  32. Great game. Callahan…..nothing needs to be said. He is the constant variable in a scientific equation.

    Del Z is the PP QB.

    Anisimov MUCH improved, he drew that penalty with hard work for the GWG.

    Lisin got dirty.

    Gaborik looked like his girlfriend dumped him after he scored both goals, no emotion, but whatever works.

  33. All right heads…time for me to go. What a night! But I gotta be fresh for Bruce for his last, last stand at the stadium tomorrow..anyone going by any chance? If not, your loss!

    Catch ya in the morning…til then, good night Staal and all!!

  34. Holy crap TR, he looks like he’s at a DIO show!!! I laughed so hard I started crying because my freakin whiplash is absolutely killin me!!!

  35. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Gaborik , it is time!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Mako , Gaborik could get 60. Yes , he will definatly break Jagr’s record. Jagr could dominate and set up goals with his reach and strength and force team to double team him but Gaborik is faster and his shot is quiker. Gaborik is the greatest player sinse Mark Messier to come here ,still in his prime.

  36. why do i think laurel has a crush on staal???

    anway, TR, that is the greatest pic ever of a NYR coach! I love the wrinkles forming the letter Y from over both eyes and down the nose!!! I am making that my screen saver right now!!!

  37. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    Prucha took that hit 32 seconds into the 2nd so he was on pace for about 20 minutes. Kaleta was backing away from Phoenix the rest of the game. Hanzal got 19 minutes for going after Kaleta right after it happened and it cost the Coyotes 3 more minor penalties for going after him.

  38. so i’m really behind here (watching the game from the dvr), and 1st period just ended and please allow me to say “Rozy must go”!!!! Tqo horrible turnovers in the 1st, one leading to the only goal in the period, and a golden…GOLDEN…chance to light up ovie at the end of the first period and not only does he not go to the body, but leaves his jock on the ice somewhere as the horn thankfully blows to end the period as ovie juked him silly!!!! Now on to the rest of the game!!!

  39. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Gaborik , it is time!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Mind you Mako , if Tort’s coached Jagr , Jagr could have had 65 that year.

  40. Now now Linda, it’s like Carp saying good morning to Sally….and it rhymes nicely…(ha, you thought I was gone!)

    Ironically, I’m back only to leave Staal a message…dude, if you see this….if you post more pics of Ranger here without giving them to sister blog so RR folks can go there to see him, I shall have to start saying hello to Linda and….oh heck, nothing rhymes well with Linda!

  41. Just got back from the game …

    Bush-league fans yelling “Lundqvist, Lundqvist” …

    I returned the favor by yelling “Three or More, Three or More” shortly after Gaborik’s tying tally …

    And wouldn’t you know it … Gaborik scores the 4th, the winner, less than 2 minutes later.

  42. lmao TR..the lipstick next to the growth on the face is funny!!! I wonder what Mrs. Torts looks like!!! The woman must be a saint. I’d be terrified to be one of his kids!!

  43. Kaleta is such a you know what. I was happy when Mara dropped the gloves with that punk last year. Brashear wants to win over hearts? Wreck Kaleta.

  44. lmao Laurel, i KNEW you were still here!!!! You can’t leave!!!

    Good job Pimp! I borrowed your BUSH LEAGUE phrase earlier, wanted to give you credit!

  45. am I the only one who thinks Gabby may have tweaked something?
    they showed him on camera for about 1.5 seconds stretching his groin and combining that w/ what seemed like a quiet game till he scored and no celebration after those huge goals has my mind turning..


    he is just that amazing

  46. Thank you Miami! Wanted to make ya proud!

    lmao @ duck duck goose! Drury is SOOOOOOOOOOO CLUTCH he probably COULD play that game by himself and WIN!!!

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