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From the Rangers:

October 8, 2009 – New York Rangers 4, Washington Capitals 3 (Game #4, Road #3)

* The Blueshirts defeated the Washington Capitals, 4-3, tonight at Verizon Center to improve to 3-1-0 overall, including a 2-1-0 mark on the road.
* The Rangers have extended their winning streak to three games, including two straight wins away from MSG.
* Marian Gaborik tallied two, third period goals, including the game-winner with the man advantage; he has now registered at least one point in each of the Rangers four games this season (four goals and six points).
* Ryan Callahan put New York on the board with an unassisted four-on-four goal just two seconds after successfully defending against a three-on-four shorthanded situation.
* Rangers goaltender Henrik Lundqvist made 25 saves to record his third straight win.
* Ales Kotalik tallied the Blueshirts second goal of the game to extend his goal-scoring streak to two games.
* Rookie forward Artem Anisimov registered his first career NHL point with an assist on Kotalik’s second period goal at 10:48.
* Enver Lisin, Vinny Prospal and Michael Del Zotto each collected one assist apiece in the contest; Prospal (one goal and four points) and Del Zotto (two goals and four points) both extended their point streaks to three games.
* Rangers Captain Chris Drury led all skaters with four blocked shots and 11 faceoff wins (11-20, 55%).
* Defenseman Dan Girardi led the Rangers with 24:04 of icetime.
* The Blueshirts practice schedule for tomorrow, October 9, is 12:00 p.m. at the MSG Training Center.
* The Rangers return to action on Sunday, October 11, when they will face-off against the Anaheim Ducks at Madison Square Garden (5:00 p.m.), in the first of back-to-back home games; the game will be televised live on MSG Network and can be heard on 970 The Apple.


Here are the official game summary and event summary.

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  1. staal defensively on the puck is great…

    gilroy is making good progress.

    wow chateua bow wow for roszival.

    redden also has been good so far, i nkow he is overpaid, i just said he has played well not that he is worth more then $2.5 mill per yr.

  2. guys. you have to put on the sharks game. It’s like a who’s who of hockey players who didn’t live up to expectations: Heatley, thornton, marleau, ortmeyer, manny freikin malhorta. they should be the san jose vagabonds.

  3. That was a game that would have been lost last season.

    The team is starting to believe in the system and in Tortorella. Still needs a lot of work, but they are on the right track.

    Man, Gaborik’s release is quick!

  4. Bring back Prucha on

    Heatley didn’t live up to expectations? You must mean in the locker room because he certainly brings it on the ice.

  5. @ Bring back Prucha on

    I think he meant “didn’t live up to expectations” in the sense that at lease ONE those guys should have won a Stanley Cup by now..

  6. Hey Boneheads! Good wins for the Rangers AND Sabres tonight! Was happy I could use my birthday as excuse to force a bunch of Buffalonians to watch Rangers hockey :)

    Have a great Friday, everyone!

  7. Adam and his apple on

    if anisimov was getting top 6 forward minutes, hed be producing like a top 3 forward

  8. That was some win. Callahan is a God. That play he made during that long shift was incredible. How did he have anything left? And he wasn’t even supposed to play. But if he can, you know he will cause he’s a gamer. All H-E-A-R-T!
    All hail the future captain!

    What a fun game to recap. Gabby explosive. PK does the job. Lundqvist bounces back from the blooper reel. And we outplayed the Caps at even strength! Coach benches Rozsival. Staal a beast on the PK. Redden playing well! I’m happy. :)

  9. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Gabby looked completely lackluster, tonight, huh?

    *GABBY’s HURT* … who wants to bet me? The way Gabby’s been avoiding any contact the last 2 games and the way he’s been very gingerly skating with the puck and looking to release it without handling or barely even skating with it, i bet he’s hurt. At the end of the game he was bent at the waste and I don’t think he was out of gas, he could barely celebrate and he hadn’t really done that much that shift. A shift or two prior, a defensman to ThreeOrMore’s right had the puck and Gabby could have pressed, but Gabby chose to skate away at the goal line.

    I bet he’s hurt or really sore. He was fairly lackluster except for his release on those two goals. Gets the job done, but he doesn’t look 100%

  10. Da Wicked Wrister on

    “At the end of the game he was bent at the waste and I don’t think he was out of gas, he could barely celebrate and he hadn’t really done that much that shift.”

    He was wasted at the end of the game and breathing hard because he had been on the ice for just about the final minute of the game. It was a very long shift.

    And he releases the puck quickly because opposing players close in on him, thus creating open space for his teammates. (I knew he could score, but I didn’t realize he was such a great passer.)

    I’m just as worried as the next guy about Gaborik standing up through a whole season, but stop being so paranoid. He looks fine.

  11. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Go read the blog after last game and tell me how many guys said “wow, gabby sucked tonight” in addition to a couple tonight… including text messages I got from a buddy “Gabby sucks, he’s just loafing it out there.” Watch that last shift and tell me how hard Gabby works. He doesn’t do much. He doesn’t really do much of anything the last two games.

  12. Da Wicked Wrister on

    I’ll take Gabby’s “doesn’t really do much of anything” any day of the week then.

  13. I don’t know if people are expecting Gaborik to be a human highlight reel every shift but I think he’s done ok. All he did tonight was score bigger goals than almost any other Ranger player has scored in the past year.

    Part of the reason he looks like he’s loafing is because he’s very quick and a naturally smooth skater. You don’t see his legs churning like you see Cally or Dubi. he doesn’t initiate contact and yes he tries to avoid it but there’s nothing wrong with that. You can temporarily take yourself out of the play even with minimal contact and a lot of Gaborik’s scoring prowess comes from his sense of positioning and how he places himself in high percentage areas. Not everything has to be so flash and dash. Look at Ovechkin tonight. For all the excitement he brings when he carries the puck he had a terrible game with his shoot or pass selection and he got stripped twice in a row on a PP that led to Callahan’s goal. Gaborik had a lot quieter game but keep in mind he plays a regular shift on the PK and is every bit the reason why the PK was 8 for 9 tonight as guys like Callahan, Dubinsky, Drury, Boyle.

    I’m not going to spend my time worrying about Gaborik’s supposed apathy when I have plenty of ulcers from watching Rozsival and Girardi play hot potato with the puck.

  14. True fans, are you for real?

    I’m not very familiar with his game and I’m still learning him, but Gaborik looked A OKAY to me… as someone said, all he did was score 2 of the clutchest goals of any Ranger in the past few years.

    And I too noticed he doesn’t really celebrate… I think he’s still getting comfortable with his teammates before acting like “the man”… he’s just like “yah, simple goal… come, lets hug”

    If thats how he plays when he’s hurt, thats fine with me. Guy damn near had a hat trick.

  15. I said this during the game blog and ill say it againL

    I don’t think Callahan scores that goal if anyone other than Torts is running training camp and the team this year.

  16. NYRjurgenno88 on

    someone said Thornton hasnt lived to expectations? an Art Ross and a Hart trophy says otherwise. Healtey was onyl ever projected as an elite scorer and he is.

  17. Whoa, that was a pretty awesome game; I’m so glad I woke up to see the Rangers in 60 after avoiding all of the game reports so I didn’t know what happened. Sure, there were little things to be worried about, but like I said during the first game, it will be like this all season probably, unless Del Zotto and Gilroy really step up defensively. Of course I was worried after Backstrom’s two goals, but Gaborik answered with two goals of his own. Our penalty killers did a great job to kill off so many penalties against this team, especially Callahan and Staal. I’m guessing Rozsival was benched for the third because Rosen mentioned how he had played less than nine minutes through two periods and then he was still at that leve at the end. It’s great to know that we have a coach who doesn’t just follow the same gameplan every game until he makes a conscious change to his plan. That was obviously the biggest issue with Renney and part of the reason why he didn’t get too much out of our younger players. Girardi did make an awful giveaway to Ovechkin, but he must have been doing a good job the rest of the time to lead the team in TOI. Good to see Anisimov get an assist, and I hope he stays on the third line over Lisin when Avery returns. It’s still Voros to the press box for me, but the fourth line has been doing a pretty good job in limited time, too.

    Higgins had six shots? 970 the Apple? LOL

    Go Rangers!

  18. Scanning over the past comments, it looks like nobody mentioned Boudreau’s postgame comments. We thought Torts was bad, but look as these quotations from the AP recap and _Washington Post_:

    On Theodore: “Those are the ones in the third period you’ve got to stop. You have to stop them. He kept us in the game for most of the game, but those are ones — goals three and four — that you’ve got to stop.”

    On defensemen: ““The guys that are making mistakes are not first-year guys. These guys should know what … they’re doing.”

    On third- and fourth-liners: “If you’re not going to score, you had better not be on for any goals against.”

    On the power play: “If you’re going to play like individuals, you’re going to get individual results and nothing is going to happen.”

    I’m glad ThreeOrMore had to live up to his name against us!

  19. Ah, that ellipse in the defensemen quote is explained in Tarik El-Bashir’s blog: “We don’t talk about offense. We talk about defense, play away from the puck. The guys who are making mistakes are not first-year guys, they are guys who have been in the league for 10 years, five years, six years. They know what their jobs are. There’s not one first-year guy on the defense. The youngest is Jeff Schultz. This is his fourth year, third year in the NHL. *These guys should know what the hell they’re doing.* Right now, we’re not playing well enough.”


  20. Quotes I like —

    Gaborik said. “On the second, I told Del Zotto to get me the puck early, and he delivered it at the right time, when I found a seam.

    “I have no idea how I had the legs to get down the ice again,” Callahan said, laughing. “I almost couldn’t believe it. It must have been those 15 laps we had to do for Torts the first day of camp.”

    And Torts sat Rozivol

  21. About the Gabby’s hurt comments: You can count me among the paranoid. I said this against the Devils. If you watched the first two games he had an explosive stride with quick takeoffs, and his skating definitely changed in that game. It continued last night. He also did a strange stretch before the third period with both legs, like a groin or hamstring test. I hope to God I’m wrong but i think there’s something to it.

  22. Fun game to watch last night. Now the question will be who comes out of the lineup when Avery comes back?

  23. Why don’t we sign Chelios as a 7th defensman to play with Del Zotto? You know Chelios won’t be joining the rush and he will help cover up some of the mistakes Del Zotto will make.

  24. if obama can get a Nobel Peace Prize for ‘effort’, can I get one for my tasty lasagna and cheesecake?? Can Drury get one for not letting getting bounced in the first round after being up 3-1 ruin his summer? SHEESH, I thought you actually had to DO something to win that. All those stupid scientists, working hard to find cures and expand our knowledge, all they had to do was TRY!!!

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