Grachev recalled from Hartford


This just in from the Rangers. I guess Callahan is questionable, or out, with an injury tonight.

New York, October 8, 2009 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that forward Evgeny Grachev has been recalled from the Hartford Wolf Pack of the American Hockey League (AHL).

Grachev, 19, made his AHL debut with Hartford on October 3 at Binghamton.  Last season, he captured the Emms Family Award as the Ontario Hockey League (OHL) Rookie of the Year, while skating with Brampton.  He led all OHL rookies in goals (40) and points (80), and ranked sixth in assists (40).  Grachev ranked fifth among all league skaters in goals and finished 13th in points.  He also ranked fourth in the league with a plus-48 rating and tied for ninth with six game-winning goals.  During the OHL playoffs, Grachev finished seventh in the league in points (25), tied for fifth in goals (11) and eighth in assists (14).

The Khabarovsk, Russia native was originally the Rangers third round selection, 75th overall, in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft.

The Blueshirts return to action tonight when they will face off against the Washington Capitals at Verizon Center (7:00 PM).  The game will be televised live on MSG Network and can be heard on 970 The Apple.

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  1. i hope grachev plays with anisomov and ales with drury. that all russian line looked decent in the pre season

  2. I think that’ll probably be the line.

    Also for people asking why Theo is playing, Varlamov has been terrible. That weak glove that Drury scored on last year with that floater…yeah well the league found out about it and he’s not so hot anymore. Ask Mike Richards.

  3. It is going to be a game where J-T-O-More really tries to prove himself now that he’s back in net.

  4. Gravey - Formerly known as Jor71 on

    wow, when was the last time we had such a young line up? It is so exciting to see young guns playing for us.

  5. Like i asked in the last post. I think AO is really gonna push the pace this season & TRY for 200 points this season. And 9 points in 3 games is a phenomenal start.

  6. Considering there’s only been one player to score 200+ points (although Crosby’s Daddy hit 199) in a season during a much wider open era I doubt he’ll get 200. I’ll be impressed if he hits 150.

  7. Wow. So Cally might be out and Grach gets a shot. Cool. We’re really up against it tonight. Hope the kid impresses if he gets the call.

  8. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Russian call up!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    It’s snowwingggg!!!!

    BTW, Ty Laurel and you too Sally!!

    If Grachev has a great game , it could put Rangers management in a sticky situation.

    Wanna stop the Capitals from Exploding tonight? Might need a Dubinsky to stop all the Semin coming at us tonight!! :)

  9. “New” complain – too many posts.Confusing.Damn,Carp.Re-post.
    Watching Philthies vs. Craps was scary how good these teams are. Not to be pessimistic, before the game, but I don’t think we have a chance with this teams (and Pissburgh)if we play “open” hockey. Too much of a superior skills, depth and toughness. So, Torts strategy has to be flexible. I hope he has enough tools in his system to change tactic depending on a team and probably try neutral zone “trap” and overworking them with thick defense and nonstop fore check, using speedy stings from Gabie, Lisin etc., capitalizing on their inevitable mistakes? Just thinking…
    and hoping we will take advantage of Was. inferior goaltending.(unlike last season).

  10. I’ll never be more happy to be wrong in my assumption and see Rangers constantly dominating in their zone and completely eliminating Ovi, Semin, Knuble, Bakstr.and Green, but it isn’t realistic, so we will pray and see, OK?
    Grach will be very good he showed a great deal of talant, it’s only the matter of experience and selfconfidence wich will come in his case very soon if he plays in a “big leaque”.He has even a little bit of good playing arrogance of kind in him,wich if develops, could make him a great player.

  11. Blueshirt Brawler on

    “Anyone know how Grachev did in his AHL debut?”

    Hartford hasn’t played a game yet as far as I know. Their season opener was to be this Saturday night, the 10th.

  12. the last thing i want to see is the rangers going back to renney’s pansy trapping system. we should sink or swim playing a up tempo attacking system. i don’t expect us to win the cup this year and that wouldn’t change if we were trapping

    and who on pittsburg or washington is that “tough”? I’ll give you the flyers are probably more physical than us, but their goaltending is a question mark as always and so is washington’s

    pittsburg has a better offense for sure than us, but i wouldn’t say their d is amazing.

    so while these three teams have more talented offensive players, i would say all three still are beatable

  13. No way Ovechkin gets 200, and i think hes the best player in the league… I think the max would be around 130-140 and that would be ridiculous… I know he will get a lot of points in his games against his southeast division but still every night he plays there is going to be a pair of defensemen keying in on him and some will be able to hold him to 0 or 1 point a night here and there.. 200 pts is 2.5pts per game.. they are off to a sick start though him backstrom semin, hopefully we can hold them off a bit tonight, cant take penalties tonight

  14. Carp,I was just kidding.It is totaly my fault. You are doing a terrific job. (not to be a brownnose)

  15. Pete
    I’m not saying they are not beatable. Just not in an open style game we preach. These teams are objectively better in it. It’s unproductive not to see that. We have to be smarter and I do believe we have other tools in Torts arsenal to use and capitalize on their flaws. You don’t play the same tactically with different teams, even if you are an ideal team and we are far from that. I understand coach job is to figure out your team real(not hypothetical) strength and use it against other teams flaws in any given play time. Hopefully Torts has it and much more…LGR!!!

  16. Just started following this site within the past three weeks. You are an interesting group. Have been following the NYR for 42 years. Very excited about this group, I just hope that Sather sticks with this youth movement and doesn’t go for a quick fix. I see them finishing between 7-9 in the East. Go Rangers

  17. Lol I said try. And I bet he’ll get pretty close.

    Anyone know who’s going to get the other “A”

  18. Zipay—“Team says Callahan suffered an upper body injury from the morning skate. I did not see him in pain anywhere. Back perhaps? Sounds precautionary”

    hope Cally is ok

    first we had Avery getting hurt colliding with Cally in a practice, and now Cally in a morning skate.

  19. tkdsarr, welcome to the group!

    Shoryuken on Wade Redden

    yes, he is one dirty sooka! I like the way you spelled it… we usually spell “suka” since “U” in Russian sounds like “oo”

    and we can definitely beat Craps! LQ baby!

  20. Good afternoon Gang!

    CCCP- thanks for that link to the stream the other night against the Devs, that was clutch!
    My boss let me loose an hour early so i could watch the game at home, extra clutch!

    A.O. looks nasty so far…. he’s scary good.

    The King will have to be outstanding tonight, i’m sure he’s up to the task!

    I have my own game this evening so i’ll miss the end…. but LET’S GO RANGERS!!!

  21. hey guys, gals, and heads of all ages. im happy grabachevorik is gettin a shot. we all knew injuries would happen. not happy that 2 injuries happened just from practice?? cally goes all out no matter what i guess. we will miss him and aves though. as much as i like grach, i wish he was replacing lisin or voros. hopefully callys just out tonight and thats it. does anybody know exactly what happened and where he is injured? besides “upper body”

  22. ues, u still get to keep your mancard. lol. the guy on the local rock station in the mornings here in iowa has a thing called “get your mancard”, so u call in and have to tell him a cool story or somethin and if its good enough, you get a man-card. in this case, you get to keep your bonehead card, lol

  23. Mike

    i did! I got it on DVR, DVD, VHS, video recorded it onto my hand-held video cam and i taped it on my stereo too! It’s the best! :P

  24. been here bout 2 years readin this blog only recently started commenting but i love this group of diehard rangers fans

  25. im actually missing my first game since i lived in st. thomas 2 yrs ago cuz of class tonight dvr is clutch but nothin beats live

  26. i used to watch seinfeld back in the day for a little while, but never was that into it. i think george was my favorite. guy was always gettin dates with women way out of his league. that and his neurotic behavior was just awesome.

  27. That’s an interesting idea for a call in show Mike. I can imagine the stories people must call in with in Iowa.

  28. Hey Coyle…Did you have 1 of the 2 standard jobs on St Thomas? Bartender or Timeshare Sales? haha

    I own at Bluebeard’s Beach Club and have been there plenty of times…Bluebeard’s Castle across from the port.

  29. Need to keep our penalties to a minimum tonight with their guys all on fire. No more than 2 or 3 PPs for them or we’re in trouble.

    question for the Russians here: is this sentence grammatically correct? Ya jedu v skole na pojezde.

  30. Thanks CCCP! He is an Australian Cattle Dog/ Blue Heeler mix, and my wife picked out the name. We now have 3 dogs.

  31. ok Shoryuken ill try to write like you.

    ya jedu v shkolu na poezde – im taking train to school?

    ya jedu v shkole na poezde – means you riding on a train inside of the school lol

  32. I used to go to St. Thomas all the time….friend of mine’s parents had a house in Red Hook. Welcome to the commentary coyle…if you and tkdsar are really cool you can be a knucklehead!

    MIke/Grabby…episode was classic.

  33. Gravey - Formerly known as Jor71 on

    Stall, awesome dog, congrats. I have three of them and they keep me busy :)

    I hope Grachev takes advantage and scores for us tonight….LGR!

  34. Shoryuken

    yeah… one letter means that much! That is why Russian language isn’t so easy to learn! But i see you’re getting better at it… “sooka” and “mudak” are two of the most important Russian words, and you mastered them already! Lmao

  35. I have a gulash soup now as a pregame meal, strenghen me to watch the game at 1am !

    I hope you guys doing some similar stuff ready to support the Rangers at the inferno of the Verizon Center against AO and his troops !:)

  36. Should be an interesting game to say the least. I hope Hank is out of his mind good, tonight. That’s going to be the deciding factor. We can score the goals needed to win. LQ just needs to be sharp.

  37. James L in NJ on

    Hey all! First time poster- long, long time reader. Thought I’d finally get the full experience of the blog if I started posting.

    Excited for the game tonight, AO is a beast, gotta shut him down all night, the king’s gotta be incredible tonight.

  38. We really have to stay out of the box tonight, and not get caught up watching their players. I hope Ovie doesn’t undress any of our young guys tonight. Because as much as I love these guys, he very easily could.

  39. ha! Is today some sort of international “long time reader first time poster” day? That’s three in a row!

    WELCOME! Please take your shoes off and give your wallets to me! I don’t want to take them myself cuz its kinda rude.

  40. Aloha Alex !

    CCCP you dont like the russian Borschtsoup as well ?
    Rangers dancing casatschok tonight with the Caps !:)

  41. Why everyone is so freaked out aboot tonight’s game? Are we playing Edmonton Oilers of the 80’s tonight? C’mon kids! While Ovi and Co got a pretty skillful lineup… our lineup isn’t bad either!

    We will win tonight!

  42. Skill alone does not win any games. If it did, our boys would’nt have a shot tonight. Skill combined with some passion and good coaching can win cups. If they play at the top of their skill level and battle at every shift there is no team that beats them.

    Skilled players does NOT win trophies. Winners do.

  43. CCCP tonight is first test for Rangers, if they can rock like the big ones….if they can…ooh i dont know the english word for it..oi better not to write it..:)

  44. CCCP I have put a clove of garlic right next to my computer to intimdate No. 8

    There will be every dirty trick allowed to make a road win possible :)

  45. Staal Wart
    What a tough cutie!Just where is he playin’ O or D? We need 7th tough D-man,you know.
    CCCP did it better than any teacher, but don’t try too hard to learn all “important” bad words from him – it’s too funny,I loose my serious self sometimes reading that all of the sudden between your usual hockey stuff.

  46. Gravey - Formerly known as Jor71 on

    I forgot to mention that I also have a 4 foot lizard to go along with my three dogs.

    AO is awesome, but it is not like we never beat them before. Plus, Jose Threeormore is playing tonight.


  47. Oh CCCP I like the Blini pancakes with russian caviar for meal after the game…:)

    I hope Varlamov is not playing tonight because he is always doing good against Rangers….

  48. Koala

    true.. it is a test… but i think its still very early… this is just game #4! But if we win tonight…what does that mean? Does that mean we are winning the cup?! I mean… there will be plenty of tests this season.

  49. Thanks all for the welcome. With three new people today this site is growing. Any news about a possible veteran defenseman?

  50. James L in NJ
    Don’t listen to CCCP. It is his trade.
    Unconditional welcome would be nice, if you are not A Local fan”,of course,if you know what I mean.Enjoy initiation and our gang. LGR

  51. 4everanger

    kak dela? wonder where our other Russian friend is…Ilb2001


    Blini with red caviar… such aristocratic food!

  52. Yeah but that would be very good for the confidence of the team to see, yeah we can rumble with the upper level teams like Philley, Pit or Washington…

    But it can go also the other way, when they would lose like a 5-0 blowout…hhhmmmm….

  53. tkdsarr
    Welcome too to…Recruiting new members in a gang never was a problem in this blog as long as they are genuine.Yeah,the 7th D-man Shorukken puppy Ranger. (not today, thou).

  54. CCCP
    C’mon you know what happend to Russians when you dont see them in a while – ZAPOJ. May be…

  55. CCCP and 4everranger

    I’m getting better at it, memorizing more vocabulary and learning grammar. Soon I will be able to get CCCP’s back against the mudaks at coat-check haha.

    P.S. Semin fights like a suka and LETS GO RANGERS

  56. Ah Cally in

    I was kinda looking forward to seeing Grachev, but good to see he’s alright

  57. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Russian call up!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Win boys just win , lets take these chumps and use thier own old weapon Brashear on ’em!!! Yeahhh , Staal can bitch slap Semin again too!!! Ov is enemy #1 , must destroy the enemy!! Hank is getting into OV’s head today ,Ov is going down!!!!

  58. 3 dogs, wholly molley, some idiot here has 4 dogs and…….nevermind, I’m the idiot!!! Cally needs to pay more attention in practice, he’s killing us!


    You still killing me in the thing we are no supposed to talk about??

  59. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Russian call up!!! " ...says Greg L. on


  60. Wicky
    Yeah that’s because Mike didnt trade me for AO LOL whooops – “the first rule about Rangers Report is your NOT supposed to talk about Fantasy Hockey, the Second rule is YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO TALK ABOUT FANTASY HOCKEY” LOL

  61. Who’s ever celebrating a birthday HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Many many many more! I’ve gone MIA :)

  62. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Russian call up!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    WHOOOHOOO ty Wicky!!! RANGERS LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. reading torts comments on zipay’s blog, i think he wants some physicality on the backend still……………………….he said it I didn’t!!!!

  64. Torts is full of it too saying he will bench anyone no mater what they make…blah blah
    Let’s see it now!
    This is the 4th game of 4 that he stinks up the ice

  65. Gilroy started that whole thing though by fanning on the shot at the end of the power play though

  66. I ran into Sather this morning and thought of telling him to ditch R&R, but thought better of it. I really screwed that up!

  67. That play by rosival goes down as one of the worst giveaways I’ve every seen. This guy doesn’t even belong in hartford, he just needs to go. I don’t care if sather has to work out a deal to ship him to the KHL.

  68. we’re gona get one here… cally should hav buried that sick pass that gaborik made to him on the power play also, he had enough room and enough of an angle to put it in

  69. hey boneheads, knuckleheads and new guys!! Staal, great doggy!!!! Now that I’m home,hopefully the guys get a few goals!

  70. dubi and anisimov let semin walk in, they were both caught staring at pothier with the puck while they were both in the high slot/point position

  71. rangers looking off after Rosival’s gift. Hopefully the king can hold the fort. The caps can score quickly.

  72. theyre gona call too many men on the ice bc they think that gilroy touched it when the puck was in mid-air when girardi was getting off

  73. holy crap the Caps announcers are freakin TERRIBLE!!! ‘dubinski takes the crushing blow from ovechkin’ a duh these guys are emerick wannabes

  74. Doodie Machetto on

    I say again, for the third game in a row:

    Is there any question that Michael Rozsival is by FAR our worst defenseman?

    Can we make Kotalik play defense full time? Avery can slot in his spot and we can sit Rozsival.

  75. ONLY Rosival would skate into the ref with the puck! He is the dumbest hockey player I have ever seen!

  76. Ref did us a favor and eliminated a chance for Rozi to screw up again.

    Even strength play has been pretty good.

    Rozi can’t secure the puck and leads to another giveaway.

  77. Wow, what a beautiful back hand pass by Rosival, unfortunately to a cap player and a direct shot on goal.

  78. Doodie Machetto on

    Linda, the Caps announcer does Vs. games sometimes. He is the WORST play-by-play guy in any sport.

    Carp summed it up best about him once: he’s got every cliche in the book and not a clue.

  79. yea higgins looked like he shot it over the damn net. i dont think even if there wasnt a goalie it wouldve went in. well, he needs a goal bad after that. i think hes gonna get 1 later. at least the pk was good. couldve been worse

  80. time ran out- rozi got lucky on that one
    hopefully time has run out on rozi
    wake up torts

  81. this guy actually called him ROSIEVAL. wow this guys mouth can’t get out of the way of his thoughts,or is it the other way around.

  82. Doodie Machetto on

    He’s working hard at not only turning over the puck at his normal Rozsival clip, but he’s trying to make up for Malik’s absence as well.

  83. Doodie, I can’t tell who’s worse, Beninati or the other guy! Their intermission is “Al Koken with a Caps Player” lmao! Too freakin funny, what a BUSH LEAGUE outfit

    Do something good for your team

  85. Doodie, you’d think that, but I’d much rather listen to these guys than the Sabres announcers.

  86. CCCP, Gilroy didn’t score on Brodiva since he fanned on his shot. Somehow by the force of Marty’s gravitational pull the puck ended up in the net.

  87. Rozi did give up the puck for the goal, but he also saved a goal deflecting the puck from Ovie.

  88. OMG YALZIN, you’re 1000% correct!!!! That freakin Sabres guy is the king of horrid announcers!

  89. Looks like noone was ready to be forechecked. Roszival is his usual self. Drury looks good though. So does the top line.

    Think about it; without Roszival on the ice, this period was pretty good for the rangers.

  90. It’s gonna suck listening to Gianone when Sam goes…they will find someone better than that right??

  91. does anybody remember that dude who wore #3 few years back and blasted a puck into the net in ot vs buffalo? he shot that thing like it owed him money and boinked his wife!!! why did we let that player go?? whos this #33? he sucks!!

  92. He is the reason I don’t subscribe to cable up here. Half the time I want to watch a Rangers game, I’m greeted with his voice and Sabres Hockey and some Caruba Collision thing. I couldn’t take it anymore.

  93. I don’t even wanna THINK about Gianone gettin the gig when Sam goes out to pasture! And damn JD for just HAVING to be a GM!! (kiddin) I miss that guy.

  94. Alex…In no way am I saying Rozi is good…I’m just sayin…he does something bad and everyone goes crazy, but he does something pretty good and nobody says a word…but I do think he still sucks

  95. I feel for ya Yalzin…thats rough!

    Is Sally the birthday girl out with “BUFFALO people” again???

  96. i think we should be winning. if gabby scores that backhander, cally gets the open side of the net, and higgins scores on the breakaway, we should eb up 3-1!! our offense is failing. thank god we have a guy like rozy on D to help bail us out

  97. UESBlueshirt

    not Gilroy… it was MDZ who also scored on Brodiva… and MDZ became youngest ever to score on Marty ” i screwed my brother’s wife” Brodeur

  98. It’s the small miracles, Mike.

    What I’d like to see is a Rangers team that hits the opposition. That would be a nice breeze of fresh air.

    If only we could have about a few more Callahans to do that.

  99. Gabby keeps gettin the puck knocked away just as he’s about to do somethin awesome! Cally is all over the place tonight…tough to really gauge how they looked when they were killing so many penalties

  100. yea nyrguy, i see what ya sayin, but ya gotta admit, hes just so lost out there. its likje a 5 on 4 whenever hes on the ice. remember that yankee commercial where some lotto winner bought the yanks and put himself on the team, and torres doin a press conference? and he goes”?next question please” whenever they mention the guy? well thats rozy right noiw but sather is sleeping right now and u think he’ll ever dump this guy? no, why? because he has naked pics of slats playing twister with wade redden

  101. NYRGuy

    I hear ya, and I don’t like the whole bashing for bashings sake. But in the case of Roszival thus far this season, just like Redden last season, it’s pretty justified. Roszival has not been contributing as much as he has been ruining, which pretty much negates your argument, as I see it. I know what you mean though, and I think a guy like Drury is someone who takes way too much crap, and doesnt get credit for the good plays. Anyway….

  102. I missed most of the first period, but from catching up on the posts it seems that Rozival still sucks, Semin’s all over the ice and our PK was huge.

    One down two to go, Let’s Go Rangers!!!!!!

  103. Completely agree Alex…Redden has been pretty good this year…which when you think about it sucks because now it won’t be entirely necessary to buy him out

  104. Wrong again CCCP, it was the law of physics that failed Brodeur again. Marty was thinking that he could make the save but wasn’t physically able to get over to block the shot. And because Marty thought he could make the save, it counts as a save. There’s no way a 19 year old Rangers D could actually score on him.

  105. ROFLMAO!!! this asshat just said gaborik prospal and dubinsky line stayed together all training camp long

  106. Doodie Machetto on

    Yalzin, I disagree. Those guys are annoying, no question, but at least they call it a puck, a stick, a save, etc. Benignati is the worst, and clearly knows nothing about hockey.

    The Buffalo guys are just annoying homers.

  107. Oh come on Joe, this isn’t miscommunication with Rozi. It’s your misunderstanding that he’s awful.

  108. Doodie Machetto on


    Prospal has been our best non-Lundqvist player this season.

  109. between him and staal one of them have to stop in front of the net and not skate by it, thats basic

  110. Doodie Machetto on

    What does it say about our $11 million defensemen that the coach prefers to run two forwards on a 5 on 3? I’ve NEVER seen that before this team.

  111. CALLY! WOW! How often do you get a 2nd chance like that? Amazing effort, especially since he almost didn’t play this game. LOVE this kid.

  112. Yorktown Ranger on

    Having been in the vicinity of “Caps land” for a while, the funny thing (if there’s anything funny) about Betanati and Laughlin is, if you listen to the voices and then see there faces, you would think that they traded voices. Lauglin looks too big for that whiney, nasally voice, and Betanati looks too much like a dweeb for the deeper voice. Either way, can’t stand either of them, but that’s what I’ve had to deal with for the last 10 + years.

  113. Yorktown Ranger on

    Thanks Linda. I’m having a hard time trying to watch only a little of the game. I need to finish this damn paper. What ever possessed me to go back to school. I need my head examined!!!!!!!!!

  114. Say what you want- Hard not to get excited about this team!! Have’nt seen this from the Blueshirts in a long long time people!!

  115. I’m loving the way the defense step up to keep the puck in the zone. Even Redden is doing a good job of that.

  116. Anisimov line looking great tonight. Drury having a solid game not sure why people are on his case this evening. I was a Rozi defender mid last season by my god…what happened?

  117. Yeah Redden has been playing well… very few mistakes. Let him be please… dont jinx him LOL


  118. A thought occurred to me, Callahan probably doesn’t score that goal if anyone but torts was running training camp.

    Anisimov looks ready to explode after looking flat the first 3 games, i guess he just needed that little boost

  119. That was a terrible penalty call on Higgins; two guys were fighting to gain body position.

  120. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    It’s only a matter of time before Anisimov is in the money.

    BTW, who called Drury ‘Dreary’? He doesnt look so dreary..

  121. Yorktown Ranger on

    Who made that great defensive play and clear, couldn’t see who it was down low.

  122. what is the exact date that count bettman became commissioner because that is the dady the WUSSIFICATION of the NHL began! Damn him to one thousand deaths!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry Rick!!! In my defense though… ‘ass’ IS in the Bible ;-)

  123. wow the caps virtual ads on the boards are more annoying that the ones on the glass!!! they are hurting my lil eyes~~

  124. Gaborik’s been giving the puck away a lot tonight but I still think he’s got some good plays in him tonight. The thing with him is that he doesn’t need a lot of time to create a chance.

    Good period boys, add on in the 3rd.

  125. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    Gabby is fine, we have secondary scoring. He doesn’t need to carry the load every single night.

  126. Great period on D. Gabby looks like the puck doesnt like him tonight, but he still looks sneaky.

    Lisin, AA, Dru, Staal is on the money tonight.

    Our zone-entry on PP is the worst I’ve seen.

  127. No banning Linda! She’s right.
    Genesis 22:3…And Abraham rose up early in the morning, and saddled his ass, and took two of his young men with him, and Isaac his son…yada yada yada.

  128. pari- u see his lazy play too? yo, torts, get on this guy. its bad enough we gota worry about hisa injuries, when hes playing, i wanna see some effort out there. hes made some blind passes. lookin almost zherdev like in this one. its not like the caps d is that good. nevermind the goalie

  129. bull dog line on

    Boy they really miss Betts, and Sjoostrom.
    Doodie they just had 2 forwards on on the 5 on 3 against Jersey the other night.
    I believe it was Boyle and Drury.

  130. You think AA and Lisin are jacked up to be playing against their fellow countryman (AO) ?

    Gabo looks a little out of it.

    Rangers can’t let Knuble get away with pushing Girardi into Lunquist.

  131. Why didn’t I realize this game is on yahoo, and they are streaming MSG?

    I’ve been listening to these terrible announcers for too long.

  132. cally needs to be captain. if hank is the backbone of the team, cally and avery are the heartbeat. duby too. gabby better do somethin with the mnoney hes gettin paid. i would say the same for dru, but hes been good defensively. lovin gilroy, redden,lisin,del zotto,AA and kotalik. higgins had some good chances, yet still needs to relax and get one. once he does, he’ll be alright

  133. Doodie…that’s a good question…does Pidto only do away games??

    We really need to pick up that 7th defenseman somewhere…just to have some options at least…

  134. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Gaborik , it is time!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Gaborik has missed on a bit but he shows alot of flash and you will see this from him , game in , game out. He can’t score 2 goals in every game …can he? Petr Bondra is in attendence and Gaborik would love to impress him .

    I love it when AA hugged Kotalik and lisen in a group hug. You get that crazy bonding when younsters play and win together. I love it!!

  135. Doodie Machetto on

    bull dog, I knew they had that. I said this TEAM, meaning, this year’s Rangers.

  136. paulieplatypus on

    I agree Mr. Woowery… Actually Knuble is not a tool, but he sure did act like one when he threw Girardi into Lundqvist. I’d really like to see someone knock some sence into that guy if it don’t cost us a penalty. Maybe if we go up by another goal I would not mind a penalty so much?

  137. Shoryuken –

    I wish Al would enlightnen us as to what was so damn special about the way Gretzky taped his stick.

  138. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Gaborik , it is time!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Every game Hank let’s in a softie , geeeze!!!

  139. scx

    time warner hd has been very spotty lately, it was bad last night on tbs during the baseball games too

  140. mike,

    guess you’re too young to remember the ron francis center ice slap shot on richter in ’92…or morrow’s 10 mph blue line shot through hanlon in ’84

  141. OK, glad I’m at least not the only one. Yeah, I had to put on standard TBS for the Yankee game last night because TBSHD was acting up too. Stupid Time Warner.

    And stupid Backstrom.

  142. Just as I thought:

    October 8th, 2009 at 8:39 pm
    Gaborik’s been giving the puck away a lot tonight but I still think he’s got some good plays in him tonight. The thing with him is that he doesn’t need a lot of time to create a chance.

  143. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Gaborik , it is time!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    I knew when it was 2-2 we would score again on Jose 3 or more!!! we gots three ,how about some more?

  144. The Caps forwards are showing Redden how to hit someone. Hopefully he’ll learn before he’s taken off the on a stretcher.

  145. i leave for 8 minutes because some redneck meth head woman hits my finacees car in the gas station, and I come back and its freakin 3-3 wtf happened here???

  146. don’t know which was better, the del zotto rush from behind the net, the pass to gabby or the shot

    del z has made it impossible to send him back…the kid is phenomenal

  147. think the veteran defenseman question will be resolved by game time sunday? roszi playing himself out of town and redden hurting

  148. Mike(Grabachevorik)in IA October 8th, 2009 at 9:19 pm

    matt k- i love u!!!!!! no homo!!
    Mike(Grabachevorik)in IA October 8th, 2009 at 9:19 pm

    matt k- i love u!!!!!! no homo!!

    I love you..slightly homo, mostly non homo

  149. You get passed the Ovechkin line and the Caps don’t have a whole lot to worry about.

  150. UESBlueshirt October 8th, 2009 at 9:20 pm

    You get passed the Ovechkin line and the Caps don’t have a whole lot to worry about.
    You could say that about every team though

    Once you get passed the Crosby-Malkin Line
    The Datsyuk-Hossa line

    Once you get passed the top line..lines 2-4 are basically just other average players, some better then others.

  151. the caps guys have said more than once tonight about the praise torts gave the 4th line for the devils game…. wonder what he’s thinkin now! “How ya likin me now boys’

  152. Linda October 8th, 2009 at 9:22 pm

    Matt and Mike, the Redden and Rozsival of the blog tonight ;-)
    I guess i’m Redden since Mike is well Mike Rozsvial lmao..

  153. Matt K - Just Call Me Redden....Wade Redden on

    TOM POTI! i remember heckling that guy like crazy. “Where’s your boyfriend Tom? Tom, this is hockey! not extreme makeover. Left your jock strap in the rafters again Poti?” i feel bad since he’s better then Redden..

  154. Wow, Torts means business. He rips Voros and sits Rozy. I love it. Redden is stepping up his game because he knows he could be the next one, although he’s been good this year (not great). He’ll probably rip up Brashear.

    And Gabby is worth his weight in gold man. Huge goals.

  155. pittsburgh and detroit have two potent lines, caps don’t seem to only have one good line, at least tonight

  156. Matt, that depends… see Redden is better lookin than Rozi, and I know what Mike looks like … lmao! but you could be taller… so that’d qualify

  157. that is a great team win against a top team in their building, overconming a lot of dumb mistakes with hard work.

  158. Great win, I’ll eat my 4-2 Caps prediction, along with 0-4 on the PP. Tastes good.

  159. What a win! On the road against one of the best in the league! Gaborik makes it look so easy!!! All without Avery too ohhh man this could get exciting

  160. Matt K - Just Call Me Redden....Wade Redden on

    Yeah..but Mike is Mike..And Plus..Wade makes me sound Sex-eh

  161. take that!!!!!!!!!!!! great win tonight by, what the experts deem to be… THE LESSER TEAM!!!! Torts will STILL have his anuerysm though

  162. 3-1 with the 1 loss coming against the champs. I’ll take that start.

    Let’s sweep the homestand next week boys!

  163. HockeymanRangers on

    Ok we better start hearing some people talking about the NY Rangers, its not all Philly, Pens and Caps.

    What a well played game shutting down OV let me hear that again


  164. Lets hope Torts keeps players accountable !!! Great win for the team… they worked hard.

    And now with Avery coming back….ooooooh this could get reaaaaaally good :)

  165. Matt, if you have the necessary Matt Dillon unibrow…then its sealed!

    someone please tell me what torts says!!! damn i wish I could see his postgames!!!!!

  166. I hope Sather put his cake down long enough to see that they did better with Rosival on the bench where he belongs. now dump him to Hartford

  167. Matt K - Just Call Me Redden....Wade Redden on

    Linda October 8th, 2009 at 9:34 pm

    Matt, if you have the necessary Matt Dillon unibrow…then its sealed!

    someone please tell me what torts says!!! damn i wish I could see his postgames!!!!!
    Matt Dillon unibrow? I have a Joe Flacco unibrow!

  168. Big-time win. Its gonna hurt a couple people to see this name, but Redden had a solid defensive game tonight. He took hits and made SMART plays. That’s as much as I can hope for from him.

  169. I think you guys are mistaking Gaborik’s play for him not trying. He tries to be quiet at certain parts so when he needs to be explosive he can turn it on. You won’t see him play the whole game like a superstar, but hes going to try to lull the other team to sleep and forget about him so out of nowhere he’ll come out and score.

    He did that a ton in Minnesota and that’s why he has so much success.

  170. Matt K - Just Call Me Redden....Wade Redden on

    I my name is Wade Redden..i suck completely throughout all aspects of my life. Oh, and did i mention i spent my entire life saving’s on Pink Nail Polish? So yeah..i love hockey..

  171. Well,

    It’s a different world. During the playoffs we could barely make it out of our own endzone. This was something else. Great play all the way through. Stupid penalties and mistakes made this game closer than it should’ve been. Caps did’nt have that many chances. Rangers had alot.

    I’ve been riding Higgins a bit, but I gotta say he was great. Needs to score though.

    Cally, Dru, Staal, Redden, Girardi(!), Higgins stood out for me.

    Gaborik can be lazy all he wants if he keeps scoring. Great game. GREAT GAME!

    Did you notice that the Caps top line did’nt do much except on the powerplay. Thats a very good sign.

    Hank played very well, but he can never do that again. He needs to be more safe. Just like the freebie against Sens. You just cant do that.

  172. and I will give credit where due. Drury was great on that 4-on-3 and then 5-on-3 pk. he blocked shots and was a key on that pk sequence

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