Maple Leafs in tampering case


This statement from the NHL:

NHL statement on Leafs’ tampering allegations
Wednesday, 10.07.2009 / 5:04 PM / News
NEW YORK — Bill Daly, Deputy Commissioner of the National Hockey League, today released the following statement which will serve as the League’s only comment regarding its findings relative to purported tampering allegations as between the Vancouver Canucks and Toronto Maple Leafs’ organizations:

“I confirm the following:

“That Ron Wilson, Head Coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs, violated the provisions of NHL By-Law 15 relating to inappropriate public comments by speaking generally to his Club’s potential interest in negotiating with Daniel and Henrik Sedin prior to such time as those players’ existing contracts with Vancouver had expired. The League has imposed a fine on the Maple Leafs’ organization as a result;

“That after a thorough investigation of all the relevant facts and circumstances, the League has found no evidence whatsoever to support Vancouver’s broader concerns that the Toronto Maple Leafs’ organization may have engaged in any other conduct or activities vis-à-vis the Sedins that were in contravention of the League’s rules or policies relating to tampering;

“That while unfortunate and inappropriate, the inclusion of a brief reference to the names of a pair of current Vancouver Canucks players in a television segment that aired once on Leafs TV last week did not constitute a tampering offense under League rules, and that no League action will be taken, or League sanction imposed on the Maple Leafs’ organization as a result.

“The Maple Leafs have been advised that the League likely would impose discipline for any future inappropriate conduct on their part that may cause, or may reasonably be perceived to cause, damage to the Canucks’ franchise, or its relationship with its existing players and/or employees.

“Both Clubs have been advised of these findings, and both have been instructed to refrain from further public comment of any kind relating to these matters. From the League’s perspective, this matter is closed. We will make no further comment.”

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  1. Sally,get well soon and HAPPY EARLY BDAY SISTAH!!!

    I officially gave myself whiplash Sunday night, had it confirmed today by the chiro…damnit getting freakin old just sucks!!!

  2. Duker

    that video is old…but it is still funny. i agree 100%
    w/o the “first” post there will be no second post!

  3. Alright. I call bs here. If they did, then why shouldn’t they be penalized? Because they’re the MAPLE LEAFS and located in Toronto AKA NHL headquarters?

    I’m sure if it was our team, we’d get crap and pay the price.

  4. linda

    Hope you feel better. man, if I had a dime for everygirl that ended up with whiplash after i walked by….I’d have….well….i’m broke, nevermind!!

  5. I know some of you will care (personally I don’t), but prucha just scored his first for the coyotes!!!!

  6. Just watching the pens, coyotes game. Prucha just scored while laying on his back in the goal crease. nice goal! He’s playing a great game.

  7. Yorktown Ranger on

    Actually, it was a pretty nice goal laying on his back after getting knocked down. Just flipped the puck over Fluey’s glove.

  8. thanks guys!!

    sally, for some reason the entire CHARApic didnt make it on my screen from AFLY’s link, so that was the first FULL shot I saw, and that face was out of control!! maybe you should put crosbys face on chara’s body, this way he’d know what it looked like if he had a mans body!! and dont forget the oscar mayer lips!

    MikeA, that link was just disturbing!!

  9. Yorktown Ranger on

    Wicky, yup you’re right, it is Johnson. That’s what I get for watching hockey while I’m trying to write a paper….

  10. Dave Tippet is a very good coach. He’s a great guy to mold the talent on the Coyotes which is pretty good and to also settle things down with this whole limbo state the franchise is in.

  11. Linda, yeah my roommate just got home and I cracked up showing him that pic. I’m not sure I’d call that a “man’s” body… it’s something past man.

    Jovanovski’s a Nosen :)

  12. Izzy Mandlebaum on


    You think you’re better than me?

    Last- as of right now, anyway…

  13. Speaking of Chara I walked by him yesterday and he had his kid strapped to his chest.

    I didn’t have a pen or paper on me so I couldn’t get an autograph. Was pretty pissed.

  14. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    and the #3 star goes to an undeserving Jordan Staal

    I didn’t even notice Korpedo all game – I thought he might have been scratched, but he got 9 mins of ice time.

  15. lol Carp! that is exactly what i meant!

    Sally…you dirty minded girl you!

    Chuck Woolery

    thnks for posting that video! Now i know exactly what Izzy was talking aboot!

    Its go time! :P

  16. Gravey - Formerly known as Jor71 on

    it is great to see the Yotes beat the Pens. I hope they have a good season this year. I can see it now, Prucha scoring 35 goals this season for them.

  17. It’s amazing how quickly the ‘Yotes went from a laughing stock to a dark horse – in 2 games. Sather apparently passed over Tippett before hiring Renney. Typical Ranger crap.

    I hope Prucha shoves it up Renney’s butt this season and gets over 30 goals again. I wouldn’t even want Renney coaching my kid’s peewee team.

  18. prucha will get alot more icetime playing on a young rebuilding team like taht, including power play time, so even if he does get 30 dont be like OHH WE SHOULDA KEPT HIM, SEE.. hes nothing special, i hope he and the coyotes do well though

  19. I still think Jordan Staal is way overrated.

    The Habs are getting mauled by Vancouver, 5-1 in the third.

  20. Tippett was an excellent player for the old Whalers. Solid two way guy, and if I’m not mistaken was also teae’ll land on his feet.

  21. Sorry about the keyboard dyslexia there. Meant to say that he was a team captain ( unless I’m mistaken here,) but he was
    highly spoken of around the league back then as a player.

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