The youth giveth and taketh


I think it’s really fascinating, and will continue to be, the way John Tortorella teaches, coddles, lives with and dies with the rookies this season, especially the D-men.

Artem Anisimov is in a different situation. The expectations won’t be the same as those on Matt Gilroy and Michael Del Zotto, and in fact I wouldn’t be shocked if he shuffled to Hartford and back from time to time if his minutes dwindle, especially after Sean Avery gets back.

The rookie D-men, though, are by far the best power-play pointmen, the best offensive defensemen on the team, and the most suited to play Tortorella’s system.

On the other hand, they are rooks, and rooks at that position struggle. Gilroy is 25, but he’s only played four years at the position. Del Zotto is 19. As you may have noticed, even though both were huge factors in the two wins Saturday and Monday, neither played much in the third periods. Tortorella went with his veteran four down the stretch in Newark.

On Del Zotto, the coach said, “He’s playing well. He’s learning how to battle. He’s learning how to protect the pucl. We’re going to go through some bumps. There’s going to be some major bumps along the way here. But it’s exciting to see 19-year-old. You look at the subtle play he made on (Ales) Kotalik’s (power-play) goal. He just moves his stick to freeze that guy and open up for Kotalik. That’s something you can’t teach. And for a 19-year-old, we’ve got to be excited about that as an organization. You project that two or three years from now, and we’ve got a pretty good thing going on.”

So they sat in the latter part of the third period. So what? Without either of those rooks, the Rangers lost in New Jersey. No doubt about it.


In case you missed it last night, Steve Zipay reported that Alexei Semenov signed a two-year deal to play in Russia, for more than the $600,000 for which the Rangers thought they had signed him.


Here’s my column off last night’s game, mostly about Tortorella’s tirade,  from The Journal News and

The Rangers got a day off today, after playing three in four nights with the same 19 players.

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  1. Young Rangers look good! Rozival and Redden still look – well you know bad – although they were able to protect the 3rd period lead. Team is exciting. We got to see a rocket by Kotalik. Lisin and Anisimov need to pick it up. PP is sooooo much better than last year. Great movement!

  2. Carp, I think the game situation determines Torts thinking on the TOI of the kids on D.

    when they are ahead, and in protect-the-lead mode in the 3rd, then he goes with the vets

    if they were behind , and needed offense, then the kids would be getting a lot more ice time in the 3rd periods.

  3. Was able to see some of the game last night…MDZ looks incredible on the PP. Just amazing how different it looks with a few players on the blue line who aren’t afraid to handle the puck (sorry rozi and redden…you have been replaced by a 19-yr old. you probably wont mind considering what you are getting paid!). they really look like a different team on the PP when comparing last season to this season.

    with that being said…i dont see how they can even begin to think about returning MDZ to juniors. especially, with how well he has played so far. 2 goals in 3 games? no way they can get that kind of production from anyone else on their roster currently.

    i am really excited to watch MDZ in the Blueshirt for many years to come. so far so good with him.

  4. thanks for that link, TR. That’s why I thought it was funny. In front of the cameras and live mic he swore for no reason. He wasn’t mad at all.
    This clip caught our little joking after the press conference, too, when I asked him if he takes credit for Gaborik’s skills.

  5. right, Carp. although he was more fiery than patient when he called that timeout in the opening minutes. lol

  6. I bet Torts curses at dinner, and doesn’t even realize he is doing it. “Honey, pass the F’n salt please.” And the family just accepts it now. They just pretend he didn’t do it. Ha. I love it.

  7. TR-808
    October 6th, 2009 at 1:17 pm
    curses are commas for torts.

    LMFAO!!!!!!!!!! CLASSIC!!!!!

  8. Zipay is speculating on Dandenault as a possible vet 7th dman

    ” a vet seventh D. Mathieu Dandenault, released by Sharks, might not be a bad choice, depending on the $$$.”

  9. Well, it wasn’t pretty but it was a win.

    Is it or are the 3 youngest D-men the best D-men? MDZ (sweet offensive skills), Gilroy (getting more confident, loved the crease clear of that Devil in the first 90 seconds, could have been 2-0 without that), and Staal are our best (though D Clarkson beat him off the puck for the first goal!) But Rosival looks the worst. Girardi looks shaky as hell (what kind of giveaway was that in the first 3 mins from right in front of Rangers bench, fortunately it cleared the zone), and Redden looks the best of the worst (can’t believe I said that.)

    Was hugely entertained by Torts’ tirade during the TO. Renney would never have done that in 1mm games. And btw, it worked.

    Boyle shows me stuff with things that don’t show up on the stat sheet.

    Lisin seems to be involved but not finishing.

    AA isn’t getting stuck in the thick of it at all. I wonder if Avery takes his spot or someone else’s? AA is a 2-way center, I don’t think that is Avery’s role.

    See what happens when we play Washington.

  10. With the young guys it’s a high risk/high reward scenario.

    I don’t mind a fiery coach if he gets his guys to hustle. And guys buy in when the wins pile up… so in that regard one prompts the other.

    It’s a long season, but Torts message is clear, you can’t take a game off, not a period, not a shift, nothing. Go hard or go home.

    I love it.

  11. not sure if this has been said yet, but does anyone else REALLY like the play of prospal so far? he looks great out there.

    dubi-prospal-gabo have some great chemistry going…something we haven’t seen in a few years in new york

  12. I see alot of you guys semi-praising Boyle, and you know, maybe I’m too cynical. My whole criticism of the 4th line is more generely rooted. I’m not comparing Orr to Brash, as I feel that the difference between the two is one of who plays least “bad”, if you know what I mean.

    I can certainly see why Brash might be a good addition in terms of giving some moral and backbone, and maybe even be a nice guy in the locker-room. But my general feeling is that I would rather go with more speed and creativity on the 4th line. I agree that the 4th line did some good things last night; but Boyle is a step down from Betts IMO. I’m not bashing our guys, it’s just my opinion. And again; I’m impressed with how they battle and their passion for the team leaves nothing to be desired.

    As for Higgins; I just feel he has been less of a factor than I thought he would be. I kind of thought he would be pretty much the same as Cally; 20-25G with a real intensity to his game. Maybe it will come, and maybe I’m missing stuff, since I can’t see the whole ice obviously, but I’m not a bandwagoner. I think both he and Kotalik have some qualities we have yet to see.

    One huge thing is that more players have surprised me in a positive way than last year. Dubi is above expectations for me, as is Staal, Gabby, Prospal, Dru, Redden and obviously MDZ and Gilroy.

    Last year we had some big expectations on several key players which were not met. We’ll see if these guys can stick to it and be good concistently.

    Sorry for the long post.

  13. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    I would rather lose with the rookies , instead of losing with washed up, over the hill, slow footed, overpaid,redden and roszival .

  14. In case anybody is interested, just came across this:

    “Rangers alumni Dave Maloney and Pete Stemkowski will join 100 RANGER GREATS co-authors Russ Cohen, John Halligan and Adam Raider for a book signing at American Legends in Scarsdale, NY on October 15, 2009 at 6:00 PM. For more information, please call 914-725-2225.”


  15. everybody hatin on boyle, i dunno what you guys want from him, he protects the puck, makes some nifty plays, he isnt going to dazzle you, he doesnt dangle the puck, big deal, 4th line center

    as for our 4th line as a whole, i mean wow, thats a big solid bruising line out there that does nothing but cycle the puck and wear down the opposing D, they did a tremendous job in the 3rd period and the way theyre playing itll be hard for tortarella not to play them

    higgins is a great player that makes tons of small plays the inferior hockey observer might not catch, his goals will come

    the 2nd line of drury cally and higgins really impressed me last night too even though they didnt put any goals on the board, the fact of the matter is they might be one of the hardest working lines in the league

    last night showed me a lot about this team, for one they dont always have to be a run and gun team, they can grind it out, their board play was phenomenal and they won a lot of the individual battles

    even if god forbid gabby went down with an injury, i think this team has enough to where there wouldnt be a huge fall off and wed still be competent enough to compete with the big boys

  16. Alex – Boyle was projected as a 2nd and 3rd line center. He did really well in the AHL and had success with the Kings but because of penalties and “immaturity”, they wanted to get rid of him. He was really immature and did take dumb penalties, but it looks like he knows what he has to do to stay in the NHL.

    I know what you mean because they don’t look impressive, but believe it or not, this 4th line is so much better than last years 4th line skill wise. Voros is slow, we know that, but nobody is slower than Colton Orr. I love Orr for all he did for the team, but hes a terrible hockey player. The fact when we play teams that don’t pressure our 4th line, Boyle, Voros/Lisin, and Brashear will put the puck in the net. Blair Betts was a great skater, PKer, and defender, but Torts doesn’t play that way. I wanted to keep him, but in reality, he wouldn’t fit in with the run and gun puck possession system. Plus Sjoes was awesome and really fast, but wasn’t a puck possession guy, more of a dump, chase and pin and hope for a good pass to finish.

    This 4th line might not be lightning quick (I think you under rate Boyle’s speed as I did since he was slower in college), but they are more technically skilled than any 4th line we’ve had since the lockout. In Torts system, you need guys who can hold the puck, even if they don’t score. These guys will do that, something Betts, Sjoes, and Orr couldn’t.

  17. Also I like that people are finally starting to lay off Redden. I booed the hell out of him last year, but hes finally looking comfortable. he’s not goin to be flashy, he’s not going to make some ridiculous hit, but he’ll make a quick 1st pass (something he’s excelled at so far this year) and he’ll hold the puck when he feels pressure coming. You can’t ask for much more from him because in reality, you aren’t going to get much more. We know about the contract, but try to look past that and see that while he looks effortless out there, he’s getting the job done.

    Plus as I said Rozy is playing like
    with the puck, but defensively in the 3rd periods, it seems like he’s playing a little bit better defensively. he definitely looks lost out there and I am by no means saying he’s playing well, but he’s making a couple poke checks and stepping up when the game is on the line. We definitely can ask more from him though. Girardi makes a couple bonehead decisions here and there, but it hasn’t burned us yet. As long as he cuts down on those, he’ll be fine.

  18. Johnny-

    I see your point, and I agree to some extent. I think you’re right in your assesement about 4th line in Torts system.I suppose I need to give them a few games.

    I guess we will see how it plays out, but judging from last night, Boyle has the upper hand.


    As I said, I might have missed the little things, but I’m expecting more than what I’ve seen so far. That said, I’m not giving up on him, and I know he is a good player. And yes, they are one hell of a hard working line.

  19. Carp-

    Seriously? All three games?

    I agree that they had a great game last night. But the Pens game they were outskated, outplayed and outmuscled. The Sens game they looked better, but had some defficulties getting the puck to the boards.

    I guess we will agree to disagree. I might be wrong…. Probably… ehm…

  20. Is it wrong to not really like a student just because he kind of looks like Hugh Jessiman? He is a really nice kid, and I have taught his brother and sister, but the whole Jessiman thing, damn, it is killing it for me.

  21. Alex, keep in mind that I only saw Rangers in 60 in the Pittsburgh game. For a fourth line with a very particular job, I thought they were pretty good in the two wins.

  22. Ok Carp.

    Would you keep them once Avery returns?


    It’s wrong, no matter how hilarious.

  23. I agree with Carp, I think the 4th line has been fine in all 3 games, they do what has been asked of them. As long as they are not asked to add 3 pts a game, they will be fine the way they are constructed!

    Did prospal get the second “A”??

    Any 7th d man short of gauthier will be a let down in my opinion!!

    I still think lisin should sit, but It would not suprise me at all if it was AA.

    Have a crease clearing hard hitting physical d man day to all!!!

  24. Now I’m not saying this should happen, but would it be crazy to move Avery to the 4th line with Brashear and Boyle? He’ll add more scoring punch for Boyle to play with and I think even though he’s not as big as Lisin, he can possess the puck deep in the zone on the boards better than Lisin can. Plus if you throw Avery in on the PK and with a little PP time, he’ll get his ice time. Also when Torts cuts the bench short, he’ll obviously see playing time.

    Plus I think Lisin is pretty much useless on that line IMO. He’s more skilled on the puck than Avery, and can create probably the same as Sean with Anisimov and Kotalik. I’m not saying Avery is a 4th liner or should be, I’m just saying I don’t think it would be crazy to put him there with Boyle and Brashear because I don’t think he’d add to that line while Lisin would probably detract from it because he’s not a 4th line guy.

  25. Wicky – Please don’t tell me you mean Denis Gauthier. He is soooooooooooooooo bad that its not even funny. He singlehandedly blew at least 5 Kings games last year, and thats just counting the ones that I watched (I saw half the season probably). I would stay as far as possible from him.

    One incident in particular sticks out in my mind:

    The Kings were beating the Wings with like 2 minutes left, and I saw him touch the puck and said “Oh f***”. Sure enough he passed the puck right up the middle with no pressure to Jiri Hudler, who then took a quick shot and scored. It was one of the worst plays I’ve ever seen. Theres a reason why they went with Alec Martinez (who is terrible) over Denis Gauthier.

  26. From Agravaine’s link:

    “Staal, the prize of the bunch, who was supposed to be the Rangers #1 defensemen and one of the most highly regarded in the league has also been a mess in these first three games. So far there have been a number of instances when rookie Gilroy had to take on a 2 on 1 odd man rush up the ice because Staal was either way too deep in the offensive zone or basically just didn’t know what was going on in time. Another confused player.”

    I don’t know how much I agree with that. I think Staal has put some pressure on himself to produce more offense but I think he’s done just as well to break up plays and taken players out of the action as he has in the past. He’s got great defensive instincts and you don’t lose that over night. If anything the emergence of Gilroy and MZD should allow Staal to focus on becoming more of a pure shutdown D than trying to add in offense that might not be his forte at the NHL level.

  27. No, Wicky229, just my whishful thinking. So far he was incredibly good, composed and according to Torts “his best messenger team”.I’ll be not surprised and totaly for him.

  28. UES – thats accurate, but its taken wrong. Staal has been caught a couple times, but thats the system. I don’t think people realize that we are going to give up odd man rushes so when Staal got caught, it wasn’t a bad play, it was just the high risk-high reward style that Torts wants. Torts said that they’ll give up odd man rushes and his teams always have. He’d rather you keep the puck in the zone and risk having it come back the other way.

    The part that Torts preaches and every player should learn when they are growing up is on odd-man rushes, 99% of the time let the goalie take the shooter and block the pass. This way Henke can focus on one guy instead of worrying about moving across. All of the D have done a pretty solid job of this so far.

  29. Right, I’m not arguing that Staal hasn’t been caught, it’s more that I don’t think he doesn’t know what’s going on. On the offensive side, one of the hardest things for a young D to learn at the NHL level is how to be judicious when it comes to knowing when to take a gamble to leave the point and slide into the slot or down the boards to cut off clearing attempts. Staal has never really been asked to do that so far in his career so he’s learning that part.

    On the other hand I think an underrated part of his game is moving the puck up ice as he’s got pretty good moves and has better speed than I think he gets credit for. If he can chip in 25+ assists even with only 4 or 5 goals but play top minutes against the other team’s top line I’m all for that.

  30. carp you might have to change your nickname for posters here after today. hardly bonehead material and lots of valid points

  31. UES,

    I with. Staal has been absolutely amazing. The way he cuts around hank and sets off, leaving the forechecker behind, and just sails across the blue line is impressive to say the least from a supposed “stay at home” defenseman during the Renney reign. And who hasn’t been caught up ice? It’s a brave new world, isnt it?

  32. I wouldn’t be surprised if Prospal got an ‘A’ but i don’t think it’s happened, at least i haven’t seen it anywhere.

    I at this point it is Dubi’s for the taking. Probably would have been his had he not held out.

  33. BillyDeeWilliams on

    It definitely seems like a matter of Staal getting used to and figuring out when and where he should step up into the play as opposed to hanging back. I’ll tell you what though…the guys is the best one on one defender the team has. In the corners, on the rush, etc., he has great positioning.

  34. Dandinault would be a good signing. I would consider him a 4th line forward in the playoffs, so you could literally have 7 D on the bench of any game. A Dman goes down, Dandinault is right there. Good speed, can play 7th D. Sounds like a no brainer.

  35. One thing to remember: we are only 3 games in. Staal, Rozi, Redden, and all of the kids for that matter will remember who they are. Do you remember Dubi and Voros last October?!?!?!?!

    Patience boys, patience.

  36. wow, they will always be Boneheads to me.

    cw, great point.

    I think on the 2-on-1 discussed earlier, Gilroy had to play the shooter because the late guy was so far behind it would have been a breakaway if Gilroy sat in the middle. And I’m not sure it was Staal up ice. Maybe it was, and he was on the scoresheet as being on the ice at the time, but it looked like the Rangers may have been in a change. Either way, I don’t recall ever seeing a second guy that wide open on a 2-on-1.

  37. CWGatti — Excellent, point my friend.

    At this point in the season, I don’t mind the odd-man rushes at all, I’d rather see some in game learning from the youngsters (and the whole team for that matter) than a cautious “play for the shootout” style in October. Of course, come February and March, I hope Hank isn’t facing 7 odd-man rushes a game, but for now, the more up-tempo the better.

  38. Nasty 1
    October 6th, 2009 at 1:13 pm
    I bet Torts curses at dinner, and doesn’t even realize he is doing it. “Honey, pass the F’n salt please.” And the family just accepts it now. They just pretend he didn’t do it. Ha. I love it.

    lmao!!! that was good.

  39. Good stuff Carp. We wrote a column praising the kids for the victory. It really is exciting as a Ranger fan to see them here and such a huge part of the future. One that looks very bright.

    As for Anisimov, I’d flip Cally and Kotalik. Put Avery and Callahan with him which might work. Let Ales play with Drury.

  40. If Staal was on the ice with Gilroy than it probably was a change as thats not the line. But I think Staal will be fine. I do like this more exciting offense.

  41. The article on the D is pretty accurate. However, it’s going to take time. Tho I still am not pleased with Girardi. He’s really struggling. Staal also looks like he’s trying to do too much. I think the PP experiment is a bad one.

    We still must be patient.

  42. We are only three games in, but I hope Anisimov starts to produce. He has been a ghost during the games.

  43. Jonny D
    October 6th, 2009 at 2:58 pm
    Wicky – Please don’t tell me you mean Denis Gauthier. He is soooooooooooooooo bad that its not even funny. He singlehandedly blew at least 5 Kings games last year, and thats just counting the ones that I watched (I saw half the season probably). I would stay as far as possible from him.

    jonny- hell yea i watched that same game. he was horrible in that game. i havent seen any others where he was bad, not that isaw many kings games, but that one i saw, and the fans and announcers were givin it to hi pretty bad. and some kings fan was commenting on the message board that he screws up like that alot. so no to him, please sather.

  44. Anisimov has played with both Cally and Avery in Hartford. It’s funny, when I heard he was playing with Kotalik and Lisin, my entire Fantasy Hockey league chat room during the draft basically had a “Poor Artie” discussion.

    He works best with guys who cycle. Neither Kotalik (shooter) nor Lisin (speed) is good at the cycle game. Avery, Callahan, and Higgins are.

  45. Miami Pimp RETURNS on

    RICK, are you going to be in D.C. tomorrow night?

    I just got tickets to tomorrow night’s game, I’m psyched!

  46. Mike in AI – Trust me, I’m a big Kings fan, they are my team out West. The guy is terrible. The fans hated him and he was shown the boot immediately. He hits hard, but not even that often because he’s too slow to keep up.

    Agravaine – The 1st unit uses Kotalik at the point. 2nd unit is Gilroy and Staal so only 3 forward. Also Torts put Staal with Gilroy and Rozisval with Del Zotto when they get their limited 3rd period ice time. At least he’s done that so far.

    Mike A – I believe Arty played some time with Dubinsky too. I know Dubi was on a line with Dawes and Immonen when him and Nigel first came up, but I believe Arty played with him too.

  47. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Dubi sure does dangle!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Welcome back Agravaine , good article.

    Del zotto is pritty small and light to play defense. How does he do it? If this kid makes it and with Gilroy playing like Leetch on crack …wese gonna be flyy!!!

    Kaspar …hmm Kaspar , he is gone and the way I see it , he doesn’t watch Ranger games anymore. It isn’t too hard to drop in a line over here at Ranger Report to support your Hockey team…it take no time at all. Kaspar is oviously dissing us and I feel we should just let him go if he wants to be that way. We all liked having him around and for him to never show…makes me think he could give a ratzz azz about us!! Just my thought.

  48. i was not at all a kaspar (the guy here) fan. still, it is possible he is having health difficulties or sometrhing like that which prevents him from posting.

  49. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Dubi sure does dangle!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    I don’t know if Kaspar had health issues but thats giving him the “easy” way out. How hard is it to say hi or make 1 comment on here? Mike has no problem at all and our editors have a blast doing it too at times. Kaspar could easily ask someone to do it if his fingers are broken or something. Heck , Eric even said hello on his Hunnymoon for pete sakes. If Kaspar is out there sick and dying on some hospital bed , I would understand . We really hope he isn’t but him not showing only makes me think he loved Renny and will never follow the Rangers and us ever again.

  50. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Dubi sure does dangle!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Hate to say it but …Crying about where Kaspar has went is like losing youe ex girlfriend and saying to yourself everynight , why? Where is she now?

  51. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Dubi sure does dangle!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Kaspar hates the Rangers and Hates us.

    * If your out there Kaspar ,defend yourself.

  52. lol I hope you guys didn’t do that to me when I was gone… since I really wasn’t here.

    But if I was reading it I certainly would have defended myself…

    (the gauntlet is thrown)

  53. Some of the language here is crossing the line again. I thought we had cleaned that up and found we didn’t really need it … didn’t we?

    So let’s keep it clean, OK? I really, really &%$#@ hate having to go through and clean up because some #$%&@ idiot can’t keep himself from using a vulgar term. So @#$%& cut it out! NOW!

  54. Ovechkin is fuggin scary. Im not looking forward to thursday. He’s plays scary good, and looks scary bad. His face looks like a crushed penis that was put back together piece by piece, but they did it wrong.

    This guy probably takes advantage of all the Craps chick fans.

  55. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Dubi sure does dangle!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Wierd how Washington is owning the Flyers with OV getting 2 goals and semin 1 , then Richards gets a hatrick and now Washington is down 4 -3 and its only the 2nd period !! Washingtons Varlamov suck but OV and company are good, Thursday is gonna be quite the game.

  56. hey carp, heres a new beninati-ism for ya. defenseman now is a “rearguard”, not just a “backliner” anymore, now theyre rearguards too!!! hes so annoying. darren elliot please beat him senseless and take the mic away from him!!!

  57. TR

    Yep, he and avery aren’t exactly friends and i do believe that had a lot to do with him turning down his invite to camp from sather.

    I do want gauthier here as a 6th or 7th d man. No, I do not want him as our #1 d man nor do i want him paid as a number one d man. That being said his hitting intimidates the hell (oops sorry for the word carp) out of guys and he would be a perfect d man for us because some of his borderline hits get him suspended so plenty of opportunities to play other guys while he is out. We need a hitter with jam back there and sather knows it, torts knows it. sather went after orpik and komisarek in their FA year and lost out (i will never understand why he will over pay for puck movers like crazy, but won’t for physical guys). They are just hard to come buy because every team that has them will not give them up for anything but a kings ransom.

    For what it’s worth, i thought tollefsen was the best choice, but everyone thought that was silly, so of course he signed with the flyers and made randy jones expendable, so I can see why us signing him would have been bad!!!!

  58. I would have been happy with the cube, but he is in nashville now, regher in calgary costs too much, i’d take witt from the kansas city team, there are physical guys out there, problem is with this stupid obsession the new york rangers have with puck movers, they blow all their money on them and nothing is left for the really important physical d men!!

  59. Carp,
    Whatever happened to Kyle Mclaren?
    I looked up his name and under the most recent transaction is :McLaren has received an invitation to attend training camp with the New York Rangers for the 2009-10 season.

  60. Carp

    nah, not really. I feel the stay puff marshmallow approach to defence corps is the best!!!

  61. he got injured domi. idk how bad it was, but i havent heard anything so im guessing he wasnt likely to make the team anyway. he probably cant fit under the cap. hed want more than semenov most likely

  62. Mike… I don’t watch Seinfeld and got tired of just posting “Is it hockey season yet” and figured you all got tired of seeing that over and over again… but I’m back now :)

  63. grabachev

    Wholly cow bro, is there a mercy rule….sheeesh!!! Of course the one category I am winning in……PIMs!

  64. Hey Carp, based simply on the fact that every year he puts on another 10 pounds of lean muscle, is somehow super-humanly faster, quicker, more aggressive than anyone else on the ice by about 20 miles, and generally acts about as cocky and boorish as Roger Clemens throwing a bat at Piazza, do you think – and I really mean this, I’m not goofing around here – that Ovechkin may be using steroids?

    I hate to slam someone who would appear to be one of the greatest hockey talents of all time, but I don’t know, there’s something unusual about it. Anyone else agree?

  65. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Dubi sure does dangle!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Agravaine , we have no problem with you always posting is it hockey season yet , If that was the case we would be sick of CCCP always being first, Carp saying hello to Sally , Wicky always wanting a crease clearing phisical dman,and Laurel and her cats ,along with Carp and his seinfield but dont talk fantasy hockey cuz that did get banned. weird ,everything is good but that..haha poor fantasy dudes.

  66. of course I should also bring up the fact that tollefsen is injured again!!!!!! Moving on, did anyone see the russian hammer light that guy up from toronto???? That is a d guy that can hit!!!

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