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From the Rangers:

October 5, 2009 – New York Rangers 3, New Jersey Devils 2 (Game #3, Road #2)

* The Blueshirts defeated Atlantic Division rivals, the New Jersey Devils, 3-2, tonight at the Prudential Center to improve to 2-1-0 overall, including a 1-1-0 mark on the road.
* The Rangers have now won 14 of their last 23 games against the Devils, posting a record of 14-6-3 over the span.
* New York tallied two goals in six power play opportunities; Michael Del Zotto notched the team’s first power play goal of the season at 6:31 of the first period, and assisted on Ales Kotalik’s power play tally later in the opening frame.
* Rangers defenseman Matt Gilroy tallied his first career NHL point with a goal, the game winner, at 17:50 of the second period; he also registered a game-high, six shots on net.
* Marian Gaborik recorded an assist on the game-winning goal to extend his scoring streak to three games, registering two goals and four points during the stretch.
* Ales Kotalik registered his first point as a Ranger with an assist on Del Zotto’s first period power play goal, and then added his first goal as a Ranger on the power play at 16:23 of the first.
* Rangers goaltender Henrik Lundqvist made 25 saves, including 21 consecutive saves to end the game, en route to recording his second straight win.
* Vinny Prospal finished with two assists and logged 20:42 of icetime.
* Defenseman Dan Girardi blocked a game-high, four shots and delivered three hits in 20:28 of icetime.
* Rangers Alternate Captain Ryan Callahan collected an assist on Kotalik’s first period power play goal.
* The Blueshirts next practice is scheduled for Wednesday, October 7 (11:00 a.m.), at the MSG Training Center.
* The Rangers return to action on Thursday, October 8, when they will face-off against the Washington Capitals at the Verizon Center (7:00 p.m.); the game will be televised live on MSG Network and can be heard on 1050 ESPN Radio.


Quotes, notes and game summaries in the previous post.

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  1. Repost:

    This was a night where Gabby was more effective away from the puck and he knew it. Kind of like how Jagr used to just bring guys to him and he’d open it up for others.

    Also Marty is at it again. He did it to Dawes and now is doing it to Gilroy:

    “I don’t know if he fanned on it or something, but he didn’t shoot it as hard as I thought he was going to shoot it and it just found it’s way through me,” Brodeur said.

    Really Marty? Just like Nigel fanned when he faked you out? Maybe you just…I don’t know…screwed up. I really hate this guy just for the fact that he can’t admit when either someone makes a good play on him or he screws up. I know he has a ton of pride, but he can at least not say anything.

    Also I’m adding the fact that the Devils remind me so much of Renney’s Rangers. Skating around the outside, not getting to the slot and just shooting everything from the boards. They had a few chances in the 3rd, but overall it wasn’t anything too challenging outside of that deflection by Parise.

  2. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Fatso’s whining again. Someone give the man a hot dog so he shuts his yapper!

    I can’t wait for Avery to come back.

  3. One thing i think hockey (and Brodeur) could benefit from is some European soccer style chanting.
    Get 3-400 fans behind the goal chanting:
    “Fatso {pause} Whats the score?
    Fatso, Fatso, whats the score?”
    Sing repeteadly until you provoke a reaction.
    We sometimes chant it to the home goalie, but as Henrik wears a blocker and glove he can’t really stick a few finders in the air to denote the score can he?

    Another good win, and clever of Tortorella to use his defensemen in the right situations and not expect Gilroy or MDZ to become shut-down defensemen over the course of an intermission. The team seem to be getting all the milestones out of the way nice and early in the season too: Last night Gilroy and Kotalik get their first goals and the PP loses its cherry. All we have left now is Higgins, Lisin and Ansimov to score and Brashear to win a fight..!!

  4. Higgins had a good game tonight. We have some good players.

    We are way better than last years team. Our opponenets have improved as well but we will smoke the Devils, Bruins, Islanders,Canadiends, Sabres, Leafs, senators , thrashers, Panthers, etc.

    Capitals, Flyers and Penguins have a chance. A pretty good chance. But I know we got the rest. We will be in the playoffs and as our kids grow, we sill challenge those guys too.

  5. Whatever Marty you looked like you were taking a knee like a quarterback to kill the clock on Gilroy’s goal. Marty doesn’t respect his opponents, particularly the Rangers so I will not show any respect to him. Get back to us when your GAA is under 3.

  6. its funny how the pp scores 2 last night, but it really wasnt that good. in fact most of the chances were squandered and at times looked like a renny pp. but either way, they got 2 on it so im happy. drury had a bad first, along with staal and guess who?? rozy, and the first goal hank shouldve had that was just weak. after that they all played good. dont get why anisimov is so shy to do anything offensive after his 4g 7 point preseason. whats up with this guy? hes gotta figure if he doesnt do something soon hes gonna be the next parenteau. and grachev is gonna be called up before him. the guys 6’4″ over 200lb and is gifted offensively, but yet has played offense like rozy. hes slowly working himself back to hartford. its a shame i had high hopes for this kid. i know its only 3 games, butmaybe since the pressure of just making the team is over, he isnt going all out anymore.

  7. The whole Versus crew just plain sucks.

    I hate Doc Emrick and his backhanded swipes and subtle Ranger put downs all game. (How he mentioned Parise had 45 goals last year and Gaborik had 42 in his best season.)

    Eddie O pointing out the Rangers had 6 men on the ice and the Devils bench was “up in arms” and then getting the camera crew to show it 4 or 5 minutes later. Eddie, when at least one guy skating off the ice is by the boards at the the bench and another is getting on the ice by the boards at the bench while the puck is clear across the ice is not really too many men. If that was the case it would be too many men every line change.

    If that was Parise diving at the end of the game to knock the puck off a Rangers stick like Kotalik had done with Brodeur pulled we would have heard OOOOOHHHH MY! Marvelous diving play by Parizay to save a sure goal!! Eddie O gave that great play by Kotalik a brief mention. Eddie O evidently forgets whose Stanley Cup Ring he is wearing when he gets a Versus mike in his hands.

    And… how many times did they show that Zajac goal after the first period was over? 20?

    Keith Jones and Brian Engblom gave the Rangers scant credit after the game was decided. Emrick made no mention of Kotalik beating Marty on a short side bad goal (Eddie O did)nor how Marty was way out of position on the Del Zotto goal (Eddie O did) or how Gilroy beat Marty thru the 5 hole (Eddie O said it went thru the pads).

    The post game panel seemed more interested in talking about the Flyers-Caps game tonight than going over the game that was just played.

    But what do you expect? Versus is owned by Comcast, which is owned by Ed Snider, who owns the Flyers.

    Why Bettman picked Versus when MSG network reached more households and had history of solid NHL telecasts with a expert team in place says a lot for his feelings about the Rangers. The Rangers were the one of the first, if not the first organizations to stream video live over the computer, but Bettman chose to go with the Islander’s Charles Wang’s video streaming program instead….a huge bone thrown the Islanders way. Then, to add insult to injury the Rangers were told to cease and desist their Website to come over to the dark side.

    Give the Flyers the TV rights and use the Islanders streaming video program for the computer. Up yours, Rangers.

    Sorry for the rant but I am so sick of watching second rate Versus coverage with a Devils loving screaming shill, crapping on the Rangers every chance he gets. Versus lets great goals go by without a replay but doesn’t hesitate to show what they thought was a too many men on the ice no-call against the Rangers.

    I hate Versus and having to wait the extra half hour for the 7:30 start at the Garden for a Monday night versus game.

    >End rant<

  8. A night of somewhat questionable calls. Even though a long,long time Ranger fan, the diving penaly is just wrong. Either there is a penalty or the skater is faking / embellishing it. Let’s not have both on the same play. What’s next? Do they call an intercepted pass 2 minutes for interference with the flow of the puck? Otherwise, good resilancy.Nice win!

  9. yea martys a douche. he nver can give credit to anybody. even a rookie d man getting his 1st nhl goal no less. he didnt fan on it!!! im surprised he was able to find an opening between all the lumps of cellulite under martys arms and legs. hes lookin like goldberg the goalie. somebody get this guy a falafel. and some cheese wiz. hes 37 years old and still acts like an ungrateful prick. if hank got scored on hed give th e kid his respect. devs are garbage this year. lemaire isnt getting this team to the PO. martys barely in the top 5 goalies anymore. hank,luongo,fleury,backstrom,kipper, giguere,mason, nabby are better than him imo

  10. 1. PP generating chances and scoring 2 last night.
    2. The youth contributing in a major way.
    3. The coach is kicking ass and taking numbers.
    4. Avery is not even in the line up yet, and we have a grittier team anyway (I can’t wait until he is back though).
    5. Hank has been good when he had to be.
    6. Say what you want, but our fourth line looks pretty good, and had some dominating shifts last night, yes, Brashear included.
    7. Gaborik is making great plays even when he doesn’t have the puck and is giving us a “Threat” every time he is on the ice.
    8. Dubi does indeed have a chip on his shoulder and I love it!
    9. We have a capable assistant coach and no an ASSistant coach.
    10. Torts is playing those that deserve to play.

    Nuff said!

    Let’s Go Rangers!

  11. Did anyone else notice that the refs swallowed the whistle in the second half of the third period last night, when there could have easily been 3 tripping calls against the Devils. Dubi was tripped in the corner, twice on the same shift, and noting was called. Then again later in the period behind our net, maybe it was Staal who was hooked and tripped, and again no call.

    I am not being a whiny fan here, but did anyone else notice that?

  12. Mike, don’t you mean “cally also got tripped i think nasty. but they didnt stop playing to whine like “hot dog lips chicklet teeth” or other guys do sometimes.”

    Ha, and I hate the new commercial that end with Cindy going, “Nah”.

    Anyone else just want to kick him in the throat there?

  13. Just to clarify, the commercial I am talking about has all the changing faces, and people saying, “This is our year.” Dumb commercial anyway. What happened to good commercials, like the one from ESPN when Cam Neely was gardening? That was a great commercial.

  14. downeaster – you cant argue the too many men non-call.

    The guys buy the bench made it 7 men on the ice. There was 6 players actually skating in the action, quite a few feet from the bench.

    Its ok to be a fan, dont be a homer. That was an AWFUL missed call by the refs.

  15. I liked the ESPN commercial that had Graves taking slap shots at an empty net at the practice rink and he just looks at the camera and says “This is just like playing (whatever team they were scheduled to face)”.

    There was another one with Beuk and Tik where Beuk says “You know a lot of people think that hockey players aren’t that smart. But did you know that in 1892 Lord Stanley donated a trophy to the champions of an amateur hockey league that became known as the Stanley Cup? That’s also the same year the Columbus discovered America”, then Tik said “Yeah, that’s right”.

  16. I was in the pool!! on

    I was playing trivia pursuit last night and the question was “Name the only goaltender who owns Fatso” …. of course the answer was Lundquist!

  17. UESBlueshirt,

    that’s some funny ‘ish right there!

    That was a horrible non-call on the too many men, but the refs did put the whistle in their pockets at the end of the game…. so i guess it works out.

    Marty has ZERO class. You think this guy would be humbled late in his career, and grow up with what he’s accomplished…. but no. He’d rather be a d-bag.

    Glad to see the PP get on the board, Kotalik fired a missle at the net….. wow what a shot.

    I want Avery back! This team can be good… real good if they tighten a few things up.

  18. Doc did say at the end of the game that Lundqvist owns the Devils… that made me smile!

  19. My first post and all I can say is you people are the strongest Ranger fans I have read anywhere!
    I too hated the Versus broadcast.

  20. the more i watch prospal the more i see straka when he was here. both good two way players and do the little things.

  21. UESBlueshirt,

    i had a feeling he was gonna break through. He’s got great offensive instict… after all he was a forward before college.

    I just wandered over to the fire and ice blog to take a shot at local fan haha. That should rile a few people up!

    I lost what little respect i had for Brodeur last night after that b.s. line about Gilroy fanning on the shot. LOSER.

  22. i hate arenas that seem to play a horrendously loud horn when their team scores. and play it like 5 times for each goal. like if they give the visitors a massive frickin headache it’ll help their crappy team win the game. it seems cheap to me.

  23. I like Doc, not Ed so much, but the Rangers get more than enough coverage on Versus considering we have not won a Stanley Cup in 15+ years, haven’t made it out of the second round this decade, and have had no YOUNG superstars to promote since…..If you hate the announcing so much mute the tv, or turn on a radio. Why are we so whiny even when we win?

  24. Yea i went for effect… so i posted as AveryRule16 in there…. i see i’m not the only one either… there’s a few Devil bashers in there!

  25. Whats great is that some of the Devils bashers are actually Devils fans.

    TG – the blog guy over at Fire & Ice also stood up for Gilroy. Bravo TG.

  26. yea TG made the right call instead of the emotional one.

    I said it last year when Washington won in 7, i said the better team won. I hated to say that, but it didn’t make it less true.

    This year, from what i see so far, we should be a pretty scary team to play against if our guys are clicking.

  27. Doodie Machetto on

    If Kotalik was more accurate with his shot, he would easily finish the year with 12-15 PP goals.

    The team has come out flat in every period I’ve seen except maybe the first period on Saturday. They get stronger as it goes on, but those slow starts are going to come back and bite us in the ass moving forward.

    Who sits for Avery upon his return? I think Boyle, Voros, and Brashear have been surprisingly effective. I think Lisin ends up being the odd man out.

  28. Lisin has been getting PP time at Drury’s expense…Torts likes him and won’t sit him. I’m guessing Voros sits when Avery returns.

  29. Two comments on the Versus broadcast:

    1) If Doc Emerick refers to a players action on the ice as “squibs” one more time I’m going to effin scream.

    2) Whats with Torts saying about Dubinsky “He’s got a lot to learn about being a pro. I don’t think he thinks that but he’s got a lot to learn.” WOW, is Dubi a primadonna and we don’t know it or is Torts just that much of a hard azz?

  30. I Like Tort’s approach… he’s trying to make sure the players stay humble and don’t get their heads too big. He made a comment about Gabby saying he needed to do better things in the defensive zone.

    For better or worse the guy says whats on his mind. And i think the players will respect him for it, and sometimes they won’t like it. But he wants guys to play hard.

  31. Good game last night.

    Anyone else think Rozsival is just lifeless out there? Less than 30 seconds left everyone is chasing the puck behind the Ranger’s net and he doesn’t even throw a body? Stops and stick checks… sheez.

    MDZ should QB the PP!

  32. OH MAN

    What I cant stand about playing at the Rock is when the Devils score they do the annoying goal song and chant “you suck” after it each time. Every time they chant “you suck” it gets me madder and madder.

    Who sucks now? haha

  33. BillyDeeWilliams on


    and what I love about the games at the Rock is the “Marty” chant after the rangers score.

  34. Just watched the game.

    My impressions;

    – First line continues to be effective and dominant.
    – Gilroy played better than against Sens.
    – Kotalik and Lisin had their first good games.
    – Anisimov continues to play weak off the puck.
    – Redden looked slow. So did Rozy.
    – Staal had an awful first period. Bounced back.
    – Hank was good. (Grabby, whats up with you always picking on him?)
    – MDZ looked great at times.
    – Some really bad PP, but conversion nonetheless.
    – 4th line battled and did their job.
    – Devils looks worse than last year.
    – Less odd man rushes, clearly better defensive awarness than the first two games.
    – Still waiting for Higgins to be a factor. He works hard, but seems to get lost at times.
    – Dru is growing on me. Should get some time on PP.
    – Lisin has some speed, I like the way he speeds up along the boards on the PP, should get the puck more though.
    – Avery should not play on the top line. Should replace Kotalik on the second. That would make the second line grittier than hell.
    – Looks like Boyle has won some points with Torts at Anisimovs expense. I say Boyle is still too slow to play in the NHL. Brash is and will always be a clown in my book but I’m happy that they had some good minutes. They will be punished against better teams though.

  35. Pretty heated debate you got going on over at F&I Vinny V.

    I’m not quite sure what part of Lundqvist’s record against Marty they are having trouble understanding. They like to bring up 10 years ago and pre-lockout glory rather than face the fact that the Rangers and Devils have accomplished basically the same since the lockout and Marty has looked increasingly worse each year in the playoffs. Maybe they should look at having a couple of Hall of Fame D playing in front of him during the clutch and grab/neutral zone trap era as being a bigger reason why they won.

    There does seem to be a fair amount of Devils fans that are angry at Lou for not doing much to make their team better the past few years. Sounds a lot like Yankees fans toward the end of the Torre era.

  36. Long season ahead, but it feels good to see what we have at this point. MDZ is the missing PPQB. 4th line does a nice job and generates scoring chances. I can’t wait for my 1st game on Sunday.

    I’m very confident in this team. The biggest reason is Torts. Last year he almost stole the 1st round when we had no business winning any games with the squad that he inherited. This year we have youth, speed and scoring. The formula finally is right and ready to jell.

  37. UESBlueshirt,

    yea this clown prodigy is just being dense. I talk about recent history, he brings up 6 years ago? gimme a break.
    I guess his reality is hard to face…. Marty blows against the Rangers.

  38. a sample of me dominating prodigy,

    oh wait let me respond to your post,

    yes the Rangers do have the advantage.
    Yes we have won more games against you recently.
    Yes the Devils dominated the Rangers 10 years ago.
    Yes the Rangers are better than the Devils currently.
    Yes Lundqvist has a stellar record against the Devils.
    Yes Marty sucks against Lundqvist.

    That about cover all the bases?

    Posted by: AveryRule16 | October 06, 2009 at 11:19 AM

  39. Fatso is such a loser. With the way , both he, and Luongo are playing, i wonder if somebody else might get the start if they don’t get it together. Like maybe Cam Ward….oh wait, he’s off to a garbage start to.

    Muahaha, Canada goalies not looking to hot right now. They’ll probably all get it together, but it’s just unusual to see all them off to bad starts.

    BTW – Last night, if Renneth was coaching this team, we would have lost in the 1st period. I fuggin love Torts, he’s the man. Heeeeeey *thumbs up* !!

  40. Alex – Boyle can skate for a big man. He kept up pretty well so I’m not sure what you are seeing. For a guy who is 6’7″, he’s always had a smooth stride.

    As for the 4th line, Brashear does us much better when he just plays hockey. He proved why he can be more effective than Orr. He was actually able to possess the puck and get shots off out there with Voros and Boyle.

    And Lisin won’t be the odd man out. He’s too skilled and does many little things most people don’t notice. Defensively I’ll admit he needs work, but he gets himself in the right positions and on the powerplay he spreads the ice out and can make quick cross ice passes that set people up for goals. He did it well against the Sens (he did setup that Dubi breakaway that Gabby scored on with a quick feed) and was effective again last night.

    if anything, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Arty sit just because he hasn’t had the same effect as the preseason. not that he’s doing bad, its just we expect to see him do something every now and then. even in those games he was quiet for many parts then did something special. He only did that for a shift or two in the Ottawa game and I didn’t see much last night. He’s got the skills, just needs to get used to the standard of play at the NHL level.

  41. Fritsche looked like he had the tools to become a decent checking line guy but unfortunately Sather had signed half a dozen of them that year and they had the revolving door of 3rd line wingers blocking things for him.

    Just look at last year’s team at this point.


    Spares: Fritsche/Rissmiller/Prucha


    How were they ever able to get off to that sort of start last year?

  42. Artie hasn’t done particularly well. The only thing is that he dominated the AHL last year so sending him down doesn’t do him a lot of good and it might sap his confidence.

    I like the size of the 4th line, even if they have stone hands, they can grind down the other team in their end and maybe pop a few goals. It is going to be interesting to see who sits when Avery comes back.

  43. BillyDeeWilliams on

    I’m in agreement with most of you. I’ve gotta say that the size of the 4th line has really helped them work the puck down low in the offensive zone. I just wish Voros could skate a little better. You can tell he’s trying hard, but half the time he’s tripping over his own feet.

  44. I cannot put into words how excited I am about this team and it’s coaching.
    Like I said yesterday,torts’ time out was a better coaching move than anything Renney did in his 4 years.
    The young home grown kids on the team are leading the team. There is finally hope that the team is headed in the right direction!

    Next season, maybe even later this year,we will get to see Derek Stephan,Ryan Mcdonagh,and Evegeny Grachev!
    I know it’s early but it’s exciting to be a Rangers fan again!!!!

  45. Yeah I would say right now Anisimov has been the most invisible out of the 12 forwards, however with that being said I think Torts will stick with Anisimov when Avery comes back…..I guess VOROS probably will be the odd man out for now as Torts seems to like Boyle’s size and his PK ability, will lisin move to the 4th line and play with boyle and brashear-then the 3rd line would be avery-anisimov-kotalik-thats interesting….

    higgins and kotalik had very affective games last night, great job by kotalik backchecking at the end of the game, would zherdev make that play? torts demands that type of play-gotta love that

  46. UES – 4th line doesn’t have stone hands, thats what funny. I mean they aren’t Gaborik out there, but all of them can possess the puck. Boyle stickhandles really well too, which surprised me because to be honest, all the games I saw him play in college, he was more worried about riling people up and getting off one timers than carrying the puck.

    Alex – Lets not get ahead of ourselves here haha. Stepan is another 2 years away at least. I think he’ll come up with Kreider and Bourque are ready or maybe a year earlier. Grachev should be a lock for next years squad and McDonagh could be ready by next year. I could see him and Nigel Williams stepping in once we let Girardi walk and trade Rosy and his 2 years left. What’s sad is that McDonagh and Williams as rookies would actually be an upgrade.

  47. Seth – Hell no Zherdev wouldn’t…only if it was a breakaway haha. The only thing I have to say about him is I wonder how he’d do on this team. Its a fast run and gun style and putting him with Gaborik could easily net him 75 points. If he had almost 60 with nothing, he’d have a ton with Gabby, who could actually catch his passes. We’re better without him though just for the fact that hes extrememly insecure and him leaving gave up Vinny Prospal, a vet who knows Torts and clearly loves to play for him (despite their previous battles which he says was just business).

  48. Stone hands is a bit harsh. That’s Hollweg level criticism. I’ve seen Boyle pull of some decent shots in pre-season. I have no problem with them at this point if they’re not going to be doing much more than cycling the puck down low and throwing their bodies around as long as they’re responsible defensively. This assumes that the top 2 lines continue to produce and Kotalik uses last night to start his game on the 3rd line.

  49. Bad enough I don’t get Versus, but the NHL channel list the Rangers vs Devils replay at 1:00 AM.
    I stay awake & don’t follow the game only to find the Vancouver game on.
    This sucks – somebody owes me some sleep !

  50. Henrik Lundqvist improves to 16-5-4 in his career against the Devils.

    How long has it been since we had d-men that can actually score goals? FOREVER!
    Love our new squad! Win or lose, this team is fun to watch!

  51. Johhny D-

    speaking of Prospal he was very good last night, he wins a lot of those 50-50 pucks that need to be won each and every shift-he has a very tricky shot and that caused el FATSO to give up the big rebound goal by MDZ…..very impressed with Prospal’s two way play early on…..

  52. observations from last nights game in (person)

    prospal is a stud, he good on the puck, great away, doesn’t shy away from contact and see the ice well. he will be a huge lynch pin for the rangers this year.

    all the talk about #5 falling off the map were greatly over exaggerated!

    Dubi is a man on a mission

    and my one huge knock on the team is the coaching so far. it is clear that torts is scared to play the two kids at the end of a close game with a lead. we can’t lean on only four guys when one of the remaining pairs (redden and rozi) are on hip thats had surgery and an older player. it is also robbing the kids a crucial growing experiences. i’d rather see what these kids have now with less pressure then down the stretch run. torts has to get the kids involved late in the games now. at the end of the game our 4 d looked worn, now imagine that 79 games later…..

    good win……

  53. Good morning, Sally!

    Some of you guys mentioned Tom Gulitti, who does the Devils blog. You should know that he covered the Rangers for a long time, and he’s a really good guy and not a fan. Also not afraid to praise the Rangers when deserved, as you mentioned. Also the one guy Muckler might have disliked more than me. Which is a plus.

  54. Prospal is this years “Nylander” when we first signed him. If that makes any sense. A lot of us didn’t really know what to make of either before they actually played for us. Nylander was definitely brought in to play with Jags, and I think to an extent, Prospal was here to play with Gaborik. Maybe not exactly the same purpose per say, but you know what I mean. I was a little skeptical of this signing at first, but I am definitely pleasantly surprised from pre season up until now. Good signing. And the fact that he can play wing or center is a definite plus.

  55. In his own quiet way, Staal continues to impress me with his defensive insticts. Last night he was skating into the corner for the puck, when he jams on the breaks, the Devils player over skates the puck, and Staal gets the puck up ice out of his zone.

    Also VERY IMPRESSED with Higgins. He’s tough on the puck and in the corners. If he starts popping the net, everybody will jump on board.

    Isn’t it nice to post nice things about the team instead of bitching?

  56. CCCP,

    thanks for the link to the stream last night, didn’t get out of work until 8 so that was clutch!

    Our young D looks good so far, what a core they can develop into!

    Bring on Washington!

  57. I absolutely despise Lemaire because he did more to ruin NHL hockey in the years before the lockout with his boring, trapping, hang back, neutral zone pylon system.

    and the weaker teams all adopted it because it is an effective way to hold down the score, but while boring people to death for high ticket prices.

    that is why they had to make the rule changes coming out of the lockout, because Lemaire had destroyed the entertainment value of NHL hockey

    they had a film about the 1950 playoffs, and those guys skated fast and had more wide open hockey by far than Lemaire ever did.

    and now that his team has gotten off to a bad start, you can expect Lemaire to tighten up even more with his trapping. he had tried to deny before the season that he was going to play trapping hockey this year, but that will all be out the window now.

  58. Just a quick thought on Brodeur, aka Fat Old Uncle Daddy also known as Brodouche to his friends…
    Can’t expect much from a guy who cheated on his wife with his sister-in-law.

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