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  1. BillyDeeWilliams on

    I don’t understand when my boss has spent 10 minutes on the phone with a friend, and then she abruptly says, “Hey. I can’t really chat. I’ll call you back later.”

    What exactly were you doing the past 10 minutes?

  2. Haha Thanks, It Also Happens To Be My First Ever Post On This Blog; I Couldn’t Be Any Prouder. I Bet 5 Bucks Captain Clutch and His Clutch-Mobile Score A Goal In The First Period and Disappears Until Midway Through The Second Period In Which He Will Put His Body On The Line For The Most Clutch Blocked Shot Ever and Than Cally Will Score The Game Winner.

  3. BillyDeeWilliams

    i guess any chat up to 10 minutes isnt a chat for your boss… anything above 10 minutes…that is where she draws the line.

  4. Lucky Luke

    Well, Congrats On Your First-First-First Then! This Is A Very Proud Moment For You! You Should Treat Yourself To Some Good Lunch!

    Why Am I Writing Like This?

  5. Rick (No, not that one) on

    Just be glad your boss doesn’t sit right behind you like mine did the last year. Thus, no internet.
    But, I’m free now. Free!

    Lucky Luke is the new Capt’n Clutch!

  6. StaalWart – Redden got signed first. Not Rozy. Redden got the 6.5 mil a little after Campbell got his deal done, then Rozy came closer towards the end of the 1st day. I only remember that because I sat watching TSN TradeCentre thinking, “oh we got Redden…for what money? FOR HOW LONG?!?…at least Rozy is gone”

    An hour later:

    “Rozy is back?!? this has to be some kind of joke”.

    Trust me, it was not my proudest day as a Rangers fan.

  7. I hope we embarass Marty tonight. Too bad Avery isn’t in the lineup… that’s always classic!

  8. Bc It Is A Simple Stylistic Choice, But here I’m going to appease you guys, I am way more worried about why Girardi is playing so soft on the puck, didn’t Micholletti say he beefed up this off-season?

  9. Hey Carp,

    What’s going on with the Sports Section in the Journal News?

    Most days it’s combined with the Lifestyle Section (which is very annoying) and other days it stands by itself?

  10. MSG west haha!

    it’s so true…. we’ve taken over jersey, and the coliseum.
    I think we’re gonna have another good offensive output. I look for Gilroy to get his first tonight, as well as Gabby to put another in, and i’m feeling a goal from Drury. He plays the local teams well.

  11. Have fun! It’s always interesting when the Hudson rivals do battle. Sure the Devils will be angry. So our boys must be sharp tonight. It’d be nice to make them 0-2 but most importantly, to make it 2-1.

  12. M-a-r-t-e-e-e took a beating on the message boards for the loss to Philthy.

    Tonight should be interesting with so many Ranger fans at the Pebble.

    Lou said he had a bad game. We’ll see. You’d think a hall of fame goaltender could get fired up for the season (and home) opener. Marty will be shaky against the Rangers offense. If the Rangers score an early goal or two, I think he could get yanked.

    I’m hoping one of the internet feeds is working tonight. I have Cablevision (long island) and I do not get Versus.

    Lets Go Rangers!!!

    CCCP your post yesterday , early a.m. was hilarious.

  13. Rob from MV, just another fact of life in this economy and this business. Costs less to print fewer sections a couple of times a week, I guess.

    Izzy, it’s go time.

  14. Rangers aren’t on MSG tonight?

    Marty is gonna get bombarded tonight.
    Hank always gets fired up to face Marty.

    I know it’s bad taste to predict a shut-out,
    so i’m gonna say 4-1 Rangers(and hope for the shutout!)

  15. I like the edge to Dubi’s game to start the season. He may or may not have a chip on his shoulder, but it sure seems he wants that letter on it!

    I love the effort and hope he can sustain his offensive game throughout the season and give us 20-25 goals.

  16. Thank You Jay!

    Carp, what is going on with this blog? Some of the comments (clean comments) don’t get through!

    For the fifth time i am trying to ask Izzy Mandlebaum to identify himself and for the fifth time the post doesn’t go through! Is it the blog or is Izzy working undercover?

  17. Ok – So Rangers fans are on the fence about Brashear.

    Tonight is Gaborik’s first game against the Devils as a Ranger. Which Devil will be first to take a run at him and what will Brashear do?

  18. Loved being able to watch the game on MSG this week while in NYC. Sorry I didn’t make it out to Warren 77. I was pretty much intoxicated by the end of the 2nd period. Del Zotto’s Goal was the beginning of the end for me. Greatest goal was dubinsky’s off the post and gaborik cleaning it up. Why? because I have gaborik in fantasy hockey and not duby. simple as that!

    Anyways, glad to see the game on versus. I can actually watch it for a change! By the way, how does one actually stream a game online?

  19. Getting over the flu, called in sick to job #2, so what to do tonight? On yes, Rangers vs Devils!! Uh oh, game is on Versus. I went to Directv to 11 yrs ago, sick of Cablevision’s B.S., and now they’re pulling the same crap. No Versus. Guess I’ll call my brother in law and watch at my sister’s house on Verizon.

    Dam flu, 2 games into the season and beer count = 0.

  20. afternoon everyone! Hope everybody had a good weekend! Excited for the game tonight… what do you suppose we can expect from the Devils??

  21. so how many more games until dubi gets the A…id say he has the A by the time we play toronto or la next week at home……maartyyyyyyyyyyyyy looked horrendous sat night-saw the highlights when i got home from MSG….hopefully FATSO repeats his opening night performance


  22. i have direct tv but i also have center ice….any one know if i can see the game tonight? as direct tv no longer has versus

  23. Redden, Rosival, Boyle, and Brashear score and Valiquette makes surprise start and gets the 4-0 shut-out.
    Rangers Report comments section explodes.

  24. rangerfan32 don;t know what game you were watching sat night? Crazy to say this, but Rosie was our best defensive defensemen that night. And is anyone else getting sick of fantasy land fans in MSG booing players. Does that help the player’s psyc? Or is it actually hurting that players self-confidence, or lack thereof, even further?
    Certain Yankees fans do it too, I just don’t get it.

  25. CTRAIN-



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