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I know this is turning into a giant issue, and I have no clue about any of it because I have cable.

The NHL is trying to drum up fans to force DirecTV to carry Versus. Click here for that.

Gotta say, I never thought I’d live to see the day when people were clamoring for Versus.


Here are tonight’s pregame notes.


EVENING UPDATE: 5:34 P.M.: All you wishful thinkers: Sean Avery is not playing tonight, at least according to the team. I think the target is still for a Thursday return. No lineup changes. Nothing new on a seventh defenseman.

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  1. oln/versus has a disaster on every level for the NHL… they need to get back on espn/espn2

  2. While I want the NHL games I’m not willing to pay even more money in this tough economy. I’m glad Direct TV is taking a stand.

  3. haha Patrick, that’s good stuff man.

    I for one, despise the Versus broadcasts. I find the camera work shoddy at best, they’re not good with replays, and it always seems the picture is dark. Hockey on ESPN would be legit.

  4. ORR

    what happened to you last night? bad connection again? who is your IP? Versus?

    P.S. thnx for boosting my record! buuaahhaa

  5. …people hating on Versus and deservedly so… but i bet every single one of you (DirectTV subscribers) would kill for Versus right now!

    sigh… Cablevision rules! lmao!

  6. CCCCP

    Yeah, someone pulled the god damn plug on my connection. Does that count as a loss for me.

    If so that’s BS, cause i was kicking your ass last night !!! After that second goal, i was controlling the whole game. FUGG !!!

  7. Thanks, Carp.

    I just sent them an email..and I am not even a DirecTV subscriber..I just love my sport and it kills me to know that it is being taken away from people just like me who live and breath hockey..hasnt the sport and its fan been thrown under the bus enough already?

    anything that I can do to promote it, i will – hence my email to them.

  8. From fire & ice blog:

    Well tonight is the first night that I really will be rooting hard for the Rangers when they are playing the Devils. I’ll be at the game with my Ranger fan friends but I won’t act the same way they do towards the Devils. I still have respect for my old team.

    Forget Gaborik, how is this Devils team supposed to stop us. The Rangers are fast and talented and they will pinch dman and get lots of rubber at Brodeur. They will also give up some 2 on 1s and 3 on 2s but we still have Hank to save us. LET’S GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by: A Local Fan | October 05, 2009 at 01:31 PM

  9. ORRRRR lol

    yeah, every time you get disconnected it counts as a loss… it is the same as if you quit the game.

    I dont know what it is…i have a great record in the new NHL10 game but ever time i play you i seem to loose my ability to play lol…but i gotta give you credit tho… you do know how to play the game defensively and offensively.

    Im gonna create a new sn for every time i want to play you… so if i loose to you i wont hate you as much for messing up my record! lol

  10. UESBlueshirt,

    Local fan is a tool, and just likes seeing people mention his blog name. He’s a total D-bag.


    that music was awesome, and always got me pumped. It’s a shame some good things must come to an end.

  11. Vinny V,

    Im liking the new MSG graphics and music it reminds me of the NHL on ESPN and FOX!

  12. What about Kondraitek? I was reading about him and it seems like he would be a good fit in Tort’s system. He has an aggressive style. Why not just give him a shot. It can’t be any worse than some straggling UFA that is unemployed right now. Anyone with any knowledge of Kondraitek?

  13. Dividing Dan, in Manhattan at least VS-HD is now on 481. Weird placement, I know….just happened recently i believe.

  14. JD was great…. Joe Mickey will repeat himself on 3 replays and then point out what he’s pointing out, just so Sam knows that he pointed it out.

    He really does get annoying at times.

    Bring back JD!!! or give me Barry Mullet!

  15. Vinny you hit the nail on the head with Micky….He repeats himself TOO MUCH where I’ll mute it for a few seconds so I dont have to hear him!!!

  16. This sucks….trying to find a feed online that will carry the game tonight, can not believe that we will not be able to watch the game w/direct tv….did i mention this sucks!!!! Bettman needs to pull his head out of his butt and get the nhl back on ESPN!!!!

  17. i dont know if ill end up @ w77 tonight but if i do rest assured ill be w/ my girl and will probably be wearing a blue jays hat again (i have about 12 of em).

    anyone else going to go?

  18. It seems like the NHL is siding with Vs. on this dispute. I think anytime you have a network OWNED by a content provider (i.e. a cable company), you have a conflict of interest. Why would Comcast care if Vs. is on DirecTV if it could mean more customers for THEM. Remember when MSG fought with Cablevision back when Gutkowski was running things at MSG. CV was protecting it’s Sportschannel content by playing hardball with MSG. This is the same thing. I’m a DirecTV subscriber and I’m pissed at this, but the NHL is directing it’s anger at the wrong party. Let them put pressure on Comcast to settle. Plus, remember, Comcast owns the Flyers so we HAVE to hate them

  19. This is BS, i have like 5 or 6 losses, when i didn’t even lose. Fuggin stupid NHL,a nd stupid connection.

    I don’t count those as losses though, im still 4-1 ! I beat Jaymz the other night 4-0. I gotta get this connection problem figured out, cause it’s screwing me.

  20. greg- that post about me “coming around” about my dubinsky comments are funny. im gonna say this the last time, because we had the blog accountability police on here awhile ago bringing up comments from people that they had said months ago and calling tyhem out on it. first of all, i like every bsingle player no matter how bad or good they are. this offseason i ripped a bunch of guys including duby for holding out and alot of people were too. i ripped dru and redden too. i also said i think redden will have a good season. just because i rip on some players for past performance, doesnt mean i hate them, or want them to fail. when a player does well, im happy for them. i dont hold grudges on any player or any blogger here for any arguments like me and you have had. i dont get why people do this. so what if i said duby needs to prove himself first and he had a crappy season. or if i didnt think hes a #1 center. its all speculation. if i said somethin bad about drury few weeks ago, and i see him doin well, im not gonna keep on bitching about his contract or anything else. im gonna praise him for his good efforts on the ice. theyre our team, so when they need to play better i get on their case, if they play well, i give ’em props. i dont know why it has to be one or the other. and seriously greg, i like you. ur a funny witty guy and just as i like all the cool and different personalities on this blog no matter if we argue once in awhile or not. thats what makes it fun. i wouldnt want to have everyone agree with me on every single issue. my little weakling brother in law does that cuz he doesnt wanna piss me off and get his ass kicked. i hate that. but i also dont like when people bring up something someone said months ago or weeks ago and throw it in their face. like i said, when a player does bad i’ll rip into him and i’ll be pissed that hes not playing well, but i dont continue to hate on the guy unless he deserves it. like sather, i called him out and ragged on him so much, but when he had a good offseason this year, i said he did a good job. anyway, im glad we got that settles greg, now we can be buddies again:)

  21. Here is a hypothetical Joe Mickey assessment…

    ” You see Sam, Gaborik has explosive speed, watch this replay right here so you can see how explosive his explosive speed is… see right here BOOM quick first step, then that explosive speed we talked about to get some space, and use that quick release to get a good shot off. But as you can see on this replay here, it all starts with his explosive speed. “

  22. i think you guys are too tough on joe m…i had a lot of doubts when he took over for jd, but i think he’s a pretty good color commentator

    have you people SEEN other announcers/colors around the league?

  23. I’m not being tough on Joe M, i’m just expressing my view on his repetitiveness in regards to repeating things he’s already repeatedly said.

    I was hard on John ‘King of the Obvious’ Madden.

  24. i dunno Mike… i think Doc has a cool hockey announcer voice… i like when he says and THE SHOTTTTTTTTT! haha. Good stuff. Chico i can do without.

  25. Joe M sucks. I get the feeling there is a little tension between he and Sam. I bet this is their last year together. I would really like to see Glen Healy in the booth with Sam. That might even make me forget about JD. . . . . .

  26. well, emrick is good, its just that if im doing some work or am in the other room, every 5 seconds i have to run back because i hear him yelling, and all that happened was an he gets way too excited over the smallest things!!

  27. I thought Joe was ok but this year I agree he loves Gabby and in the preseason I really noticed that when someone (especially Rosival) he made up excuses for them like he is battling an injury or a cold.

  28. Sam is great… but you ever notice his creepy stare when Joe is talking? Sam stares right at him, never turns his head… hell i don’t even know if he blinks or even takes a breath! haha it’s actually funny to watch. Looks at the camera to speak, then when Joe speaks, right back to the stare. It’s probably because of Joe’s explosive speed.

  29. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " RANGERS VS MICKEY MOUSEkateers!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Yo Mike , I was just razzing ya like I said I would 3 months ago about Dubinsky. I know ya hate when people bring up old stuff,, but I did warn you i’d bring this up as season’s started. It’s all good fun me being take yer medicine like a man and say..yes Greg , you were right!! :)

  30. it seems like joe might want sams job. i’ll tell ya, even though joe is annoying id rather have him do the play by play than giannone. he doesnt know the players on the other teams really, and just isnt good enough when he fills in for sam. i cant see anybody really doing sams job but if i had to pick, id rather have maloney with joe doin color

  31. but greg, dont get all cocky just yet, duby started out the same way last year. although im sure hes gonna be much bette and you can see he is really lookin good with his play on the puck and his strength to power to the net. im likin duby alot right now. him an gabby will be awesome for years to come. im hopin duby(if he doesnt have major slumps) will be a 55-60 pt guy this year. i think hes matured alot and is ready to take the next step in his career

  32. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " In Hank we trust!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Sorry about your toothache Mike. Here’s the part I was talking about..I was a little off on AA back then..oh well.

    * ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 9 days… says Greg L. July 23rd, 2009 at 6:34 pm
    btw Mike in ia..that “puck-hog” style that you called it ..nabbed him 54 goals and 69 assists. Quite the hog. Anisimov has a better chance going to the KHL than being a #1 center. So You say AA and I pick Dubinsky…im gonna copy this post and pull it up when I make you “eat” your words when they center Dubinsky with Gaborik.

  33. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " In Hank we trust!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Start eatting buddy!! hahaha , it is a little early I agree.
    Don’t worry Mike , I beat Orr in a bet 3 years ago cuz I posted up something to challenge him. Sweet being right for once muhahahhaa!!!

  34. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " In Hank we trust!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    28 goals for Dubinsky!!!?? Whoaaaa easy now , I said he would center the line not be the next Heatley!!

  35. well greg, i still think AA will be our top center one day or even 2nd center. uby has great chemistry already with gabby. so i dont see them getting split up unless he slumps again. but dont discount AA. hes gonna be good man.

  36. Between Anisimov and Grachev, these two kids have a chance to make a big impact in coming years.

  37. CCCP-I’m a Directv guy and will probably miss the game tonight but I’ll take a bullet before I give Dolan any monet to watch tv. I just called DTV to tell them how pissed I am. Verizon is looming.

    The other problem is, all of the bars have Directv for football. I doubt they’ll carry 2 systems to please the few hockey fans that call.

  38. i could see AA and grachev on the 2nd line right behind duby and gabby. but AA has a little more skill offensively than duby. hes more of a paymaker though whereas duby is a power fwd. i think AA and gabby could be too soft. not enough “jam”lol!!

  39. Duby has a nice edge to him, and is strong on the puck, as is Higgins, and Avery will be back soon. I’m happy with the grit we have on our team now.

  40. actually duby has some skill passing too. the thing i love the most is his power to get to the net and win pucks along teh boards. imagine if cally was only few inches taller and maybe 215, oh baby wed have a monster team. i wish boyle was tougher. he needs to play like cally with his size.

  41. I’m a D-Tv subscriber and I think the tone of the NHL message is out of line. If you go to you’ll get D-Tv’s side of the story and it sounds to me like Comcast is triying to really put the screws to them probably because of how well distributed D-Tv is. I would love to be able to see tonights game on my 52″ HD tv thru D-Tv. But I’ll take their side and say stick it Comcast. Versus isn’t worth the extra that Comcast wants with or without the NHL. If the NHL can’t produce and market a product that a legitimate network is interested in carrying then there needs to be big changes in the personel running the league. I think we all know that. It’s not bad enough that ticket prices are ridiculous now they want let their tv whores put it to the rest of us. DirecTv is taking a stand and I don’t blame them. It’s time to put Bettman’s sorry a$$ and a few others in NHL front office out on the street.
    Having said that; I hope the Rangers kick butt at the Rock tonight…..even if I have to listen to it on the radio!!

  42. The prices Comcast wants to charge Directv customers for the channel is ridiculous. Pretty much its their way at getting at Directv for Setanta and Sunday Ticket. They pretty much are trying to add another 10-15 bucks just for the one channel (kind of like Setanta except they are a PPV channel and an exclusive to Directv I believe and used mostly at bars).

    There are plenty of places that will carry the stream online…plus I still have basic Comcast cable in my kitchen so I get VS HD on there and will just watch it there.

  43. WTF???

    I keep trying to post 6 different sites that are supposedly streaming the game but they won’t post!!!

  44. No Country For Old Rangers on

    the NHL should have taken whatever ESPN offered and thanked them. Versus is a joke and thus the NHL is a joke

    I don’t have NHL 10 but if anybody wants to play NHL 09 on PS3 send me a friend request.

    Playstation Network id: TenderSituation

  45. Technically its Comcast that is the joke. The fact is many of the NHL viewers use Directv so I don’t see why the NHL wouldn’t want to step in more in this situation. I know it doesn’t necessarily effect them directly, but they are the prime sport on the channel and if they threaten to drop, then maybe Comcast will drop their price down to something more reasonable.

    Directv isn’t going to budge over a channel that shows just Hockey, Pac-10 football, and the Tour de France. I think them and their 135+ HD channel + Sunday Ticket and Setanta are doing just fine.

  46. NICDIP–I’m not taking any sides on this. Dolan set the blue prints for this in his battles with MSG then YES. They (both side) don’t give a flying **** if the subscriber does without his favorite team. They play hardball with each other, while avg Joe suffers, then come to an agreement after the damage is done.

  47. Comcast owns the Flyers???? GRRRRRRR! I have Comcast and hate their guts, but at least I get versus and my center ice package. What I hate about comcast center ice…I can’t choose if I want the MSG broadcast vs the other team. I’m stuck with whatever they decide to give me. Oh well. At least I can see my boys…all the way from Texas. I miss NYC!

  48. Joe Mickey is OK w/me. He can be a bit repetative but he doesn’t drive me crazy. Emrick on the other hand is like fingernails on a blackboard when he uses shoveled, pitchforked or some other non appropriate discription or
    yelling like a goal was scored and it’s just an offside

  49. Only reason I stick with Cable and the (argh) Dolans is so I can have MSG. Versus and NBC both, well, I’m a lady so I won’t use any nasty words, but you the drift.

    Good afternoon Staal and all and a hoped for win tonight!

  50. look at Laurel taking the high road!

    Though Laurel… we are hockey fans, and if you resorted to profane tirades…. i wouldn’t think any less of you.
    Heck i’d probably laugh my a double s off!

    Maloney is pretty good, i like that he’s objective, and gives his honest opinion. Joe and Sam perhaps are guilty of protecting some guys on air. What do you other bloggers think?

  51. Blueshirt in L.A. on


    On a similar note as the Versus issue, what about MSG refusing to give their HD feed to the NHL center ice package? Why doesn’t the NHL step in? Why do New Yorkers who live elsewhere have to watch the Rangers in standard definition? If you are a hockey fan with HD, you know there is no going back to SD.

  52. Maloney always tells it like it is, anyone remember last season when we lost 8-5 in Newark and he was KILLING Redden? Sam and Joe would never have done that. I always like too when he always says “In all honesty, Kenny…”

  53. Joe M isn’t the best, but as long as he never ever says “shuffleboard,” “tally,” or “tilt,” then he can stay.

    Sports commentators all have the potential to be really, really horrible. So, if someone is merely average/tolerable, they’re a keeper in my book, because chances are his replacement would be awful. The great ones are few and far between, and the horrible ones are abundant, which puts a premium on “tolerable” ones.

  54. Blueshirt in LA – the NHL is in. That’s directly between them and MSG. This stems back to the whole “control of the Rangers” battle that both of them have been in since the NHL changed over the website. MSG says they own the Rangers so they should own the website and all other things under the team. The NHL says “no we own them” and they want control of everything. It’s one of the many reasons why MSG has come out with “Blueshirts United” and other fan sites so they can try to kick it to the NHL. Not offering HD service to the Center Ice package is just another one.

  55. Joe did rip the PP last year. And he has ripped a few players.

    I actually like them because they really aren’t homers. Sam got just as excited about the Alfie goal as he did about Dubi’s goal. Well almost, but it was a home opener.

    Listen to Steegy out in Pittsburgh or the guy who does the Lightning games and those guys are truly homers. Theres a reason Sam and Joe did/do nationally televised games. It’s because they don’t necessarily play favorites, but rather focus the attention on the local team when necessary. When they did/do national games, they don’t just focus on the Rangers.

  56. i live in LA and have directv for sports and mainly NY sports.

    i have the baseball, football, and hockey package and pay for HD also. I will not see the game tonight because of the versus fiasco. saturday night i also had the game only in non HD.

    Directv, comcast, cablevision they are all greedy scum and could care less about me not seeing the game tonight even though I paid for the 3 packages over $1000 per yr…………

  57. Carp et al,
    First time posting here, but a long time reader.
    I am D-Tv subscriber as I live in the DC area and need to see my beloved hockey team. I just called D-Tv and was told that they have no plans to carry Versus and will not pass the charge on (which I am happy about).
    Guess I may have to go back to Comcast when my contract is up – can’t be missing the select few games on the crappy a$$ Versus network.
    Put the NHL back on ESPN!

  58. Speaking of Blueshirts United…Screw that…No way I’m paying $50 a year to get access to a chat site even if they give you discounts towards stuff you buy!

  59. i think micheletti is OK – he seems pretty honest, which i always admire about the NYR announcers – not giving the homer point of view. i used to hate watching the broadcast from other markets when i lived in CO and had direct tv to follow the rangers. the worst city was buffalo – their announcers were the worst homers ever – their players never committed a penalty.

    maloney cracks me up for some reason – i half expect him to be eating a slice and drinking a beer while he’s talking – the gregarious irishman personality.

    i don’t know what to expect with the Devs – always expect them to be bad but somehow they get cheap small talent to play above their ability and be competitive. regardless, they rot and hope we crush them tonight.

  60. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " In Hank we trust!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Mike , I was wrong about AA and right about Dubinsky , so it’s a trade off.

  61. Anyone want to take a shot on the over/under for amount of times Joe Mickey mentions gaborik’s explosive speed, or how many times he says Dubi is strong on the puck?

    BTW the over/under for Gabby is 5

  62. Hank is in goal for game three so it’s gonna be The King vs. The Queen tonight. I hope the Ranger fans get together for a chant of Mar-teeeeeee Mar-teeeeeee

  63. I’ll repose this in the game post but let’s have some friendly
    predictions or tonight:

    Final score
    First Rangers goal
    Power play success rate


    3-2 Rangers

  64. local fans prediction:
    2-2 tie
    hopefully 1 team wins in the shootout, but I like the Debbies more because Farty is lean and has no body fat, but the Rangers stink but Hank is good in the shootout…so…
    Whats a powerplay?

  65. RetireBradPark's#2 on

    Even though the announcers and graphics are garbage on Versus, at least we were getting to watch the games (muted).

    How would you feel if you lived outside the tri-state area and subscribed to DirecTV for the sole purpose of watching the Rangers and the following happened:

    Dolan pulled his high-definition feeds of the Rangers, Devils, Islanders, and Sabres from DirecTV. You get to watch the pre-game show in HD, and as soon as the puck is dropped, the screen goes blank, and you get a message saying you don’t have permission to watch the program. You then watch the game in low-def (which is very bad on a hi-def TV).

    Dolan is punishing Ranger fans throughout the country because he can’t resolve his argument with Gary Bettman over the Rangers’ website.

    Pulling Versus, in addition to the low-def issue, puts DirecTV hockey at an all-time low.

    But we don’t have an alternative, so what can we do?

    MSG does not respond to inquiries about the hi-def feeds, nor does the league. DirecTV says it’s between the Rangers and the league. DirecTV says Comcast is trying soak you and they’re just trying to help you out.

    I don’t feel helped.

  66. Hate to go back to my word-of-choice, but …

    VERSUS is (and has always been) bush-league

  67. Man this sucks, no Rangers hockey tonight! Versus screws me! I hate them. I know their coverage sucks and their camera crews suck, but jeeze, can I at least watch my favorite team, please! Ugh, any idea where I could watch the game tonight! This blows!

  68. rachel

    where at in TX???


    watch out for greg, he bet orr a testy on another site and orr lost….I think he keeps it in a jar now!!! Creepy!!!

    NHL needs to be on ESPN……..period. Chico sucks!!!

  69. Man, is there a game channel, for free? lol Am I going to have to listen to the Rangers on the radio thru UGH! Somebody help me. Couldn’t directv and versus make my day by signing and agreement and throwing the channel on seconds before the puck drops, just so I have enough time to turn the tv on and watch the game? Heh, I know I am dreaming.

  70. Nothing would make me happier than a win against the Debbies tonight. Let’s Go Rangers!!!!!! Who is their tough guy now? Rupp is gone. Anyone? Remember when Orr knocked Rupp silly last year? That was great!!!!

  71. Did anyone else notice the swedish fish ad right behind lundqvist? I never saw better board placement since the maply leafs had a viagra ad right next to a mcdonald’s ad that read “I am lovin’ it!”

  72. life sux! my mom caught me having sex with neighbors dog and now im grounded! Can watch the game to root for my Devils… i mean Rangers… i mean Ranvils.. i mean Dergers … im so lost!!!!

  73. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " In Hank we trust!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Hank lets in another big deal , were getting used to it.

  74. “That would take the magic out of Magic Pan”

    oh i see!!! that is a very interesting pan you got the Izzy… feels like i’ve seen that pan before. :)

  75. Vinny V you haven’t missed much so far. Rangers on a PP, Brashear draws a penalty.

  76. Pretty bad PP, only set it up in the last few seconds. Dubi takes a penalty on a breakout rush the other way.

  77. Devils score on the PP, pretty good job of keeping it in but Drury failed to pick up the far side player who scored into an open half of the net.

  78. Olga Folkyerself on

    strawberry rhubarb pie is the greatest of all pies. fact.

    Lemon Meringue is #1..

    Give it up chuck.

    Upchuck- get it?

  79. What the HECK on

    Pretty embarrassing for the Rangers to let two in in the first period against a defensive system.

  80. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Devs suck, Mike in IA? I know you’re mocking someone else… how your earlier comments defending Drury?

  81. Olga Folkyerself on

    Enzyte. Natural Male Enhancement.

    That’s thinkin’ with your dipstick, Jimmy!

  82. Completely unable to set up in the Devils zone, no one is willing to take a hit to keep it in.

  83. This reminds me of a preseason game, with all the empty seats, all these guys I don’t know on the Devils. Plus, would it kill the PA guy to announce the goals and penalties within a few minutes after they happen?

    I can only imagine the quality telecast you guys are getting at home.

  84. Drury goes knee on knee with Martin, Oduya tackles Drury to the ice. Looks like they’ll have off-setting penalties. TV time out, put Gabby on please. We all know Renney would have put Betts and Sjostrom on.

  85. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " In Hank we trust!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    no one even help Drury..Maybe I was wright and Torts should strip Drury and give it to Dubinsky.

  86. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " In Hank we trust!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Good ‘ol Kotalik does what we pay him to do …score PP goals.

  87. I wonder why Oduya got a double minor, I like the PP result but I thought it would have been 2 and 2.

  88. Miami Pimp RETURNS on

    I swear, I still don’t understand how the Devils are always decent no matter what bush-league talent they have on their squad, it’s amazing …

  89. Oh please, a marginally high hit on Martin by Prospal, but Martin was bent downwardly slightly.

  90. pimp- its not the devs. its us. were not playin worth a damn. and yea, dru, redden and rozy are suckin hard tonight. that crap isnt cuttin it. dru’s the captain. hes gotta get these guys into it, not just torts.

  91. Miami Pimp RETURNS on

    Rick, why do you not call what it really was … a bush-league period by boys

  92. A couple of good PPs and 2 awful ones. Even strength was pretty sloppy and Torts better be tearing them a new one in the lockerroom. The D is really getting beat pretty easily through the neutral zone.

  93. Carp, if you see Drury coming down the ramp after the game say, “Nice game, pretty boy.”

  94. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    PP had a terrible time breaking into the zone, but once they’re there they look great (even though this is the first game they’ve scored in).

    I hope VS shows you all the Drury hilight again, it’s actually skate on skate… not a knee. That makes it slightly different because it implies they were trying to avoid each other. I don’t know how Drury’s “Turtle” drew the PP, but heck, I’m fine with it.

    Prospal elbowed Martin in the head/neck. I don’t see that as an awful call. Could have let it go, but not terrible.

  95. Three points in the last two games,not bad for a 19 year old huh JM,DM,SR, and all the rest of the doubters! Bravo JT for playing the kids in the face of all the “he needs more seasoning in the juniors” crowd. I predict Gilroy gets one as well tonight.

  96. Eh, I think Martin was kind of ducking down when he got hit. Lots of special teams in the first period.

  97. We really have to shore up our defense…I think it’s more on the forwards than D-MEN…And I’m pretty disappointed at the lack of noise Ranger fans are making…Carp are there a good amount of Rangers fans there?

  98. What the HECK on

    I’m sorry but I’d rather have the Rangers goal taken away and see Chris Drury fight for what he did. That was such a piss move. And what was with the coverage. I hate that pussing out gives you an advantage. Thats weak

  99. By the way, what Torts did with the time out early is more coaching than Tom Renney did in 4 plus years! This thing WILL come together and real soon. I predict that this will be one of the top three or four teams in the conference by seasons end.

  100. I have been silent about Drury in the past. Him being the clutch guy and all. But he better pick up the defensive play in front. He has been terrible there.

  101. You gotta love the fact that they have 4 defenseman for the future (hopefully Girardi does well and sticks) and lets not forget about that McDonough kid…things are looking up on the blue line for the future

  102. yes DZ has been great on the pp. thank god rozys not on there anymor. he just needs to get back to playing better in his own end. i hope sangs makes the team next year. rozy would be easier to move next year

  103. Gravey - Formerly known as Jor71 on

    I booked my flight to NY Oct 15th and I just bought a ticket to the Rangers Vs Sharks on the 19th. Section 49 Row M. I cannot wait, been a while since I’ve been to MSG.

  104. only optimistic thing from that period was the PP….

    Carp, i know you predicted kotalik to be decent-his best period of the year so far-he was involved on multiple shifts and his shot is TERRIFIC…..boyle was decent also but besides that i wanna VOMIT ALL OF MY COMPUTER RIGHT NOW….

  105. Gravey - Formerly known as Jor71 on

    BTW, not a very good 1st period. I wonder what Tort’s had to say in the locker room….hell, I wish I could have heard what he said during that timeout.

  106. Rozi fans on a one timer, two on one the other way. The guy’s confidence is shot.

  107. for all you brashear haters – he made a nice little lift of the stick move of a devils forward to win the puck and keep it on the offensive zone and that started the sustained pressure by the 4th line there

  108. 1st line not getting too much done, but I have faith. Gaborik only needs a split second.

  109. Much better showing this period so far. After they way Torts ripped in to the team during the TO, I could only imagine what he said between periods.

  110. Miami Pimp RETURNS on

    Put Michael “without balls” Roszival on a 5-3 PP and he gives up the shorty

  111. Something about the off season and how they “upgraded” but he still needs to see if they have the “potential” to be the team he wants them to be, and that it will take a “process” for them to get where he wants them.

  112. My ex was from Des Moines, we rode the train out there from NYC for Christmas. Everyone there was so friendly! And the beer was really cheap! A+!

  113. Rick,

    he said dubi still has a lot to learn in the NHL….he is going to teach him what he believes dubi still needs….he said dubi has a lot to prove and he is showing it early here as he has been one of our best players early

  114. oh he also said roszival and marty must have been at Warren 77 today beacause they both are playing like they are nine beers deep

  115. Doodie Machetto on

    Is there any doubt anymore about Rozsival being the worst defenseman on this team? He just seems to get worse every single shift.

  116. yes. everything is cheap in iowa. people are nice to ya face, but they are just as crappy as people everywhere else. theyre accent is very annoying though. i actually said car with the “r” the other day. i almost cried.

  117. Miami Pimp RETURNS on

    Marty’s mind must have been somewhere else on that Brashear shot … he was thinking about whether or not he’d let his wife out of the cage post-game ….

  118. Hey Linda, that reminds me … are you anywhere near where they had the LPGA tournament this weekend? I was watching some of it on TV (I know, get a life).

    Good evening, Sally! No Sabres game tonight (jk).

  119. They’re trying to be more clutch than Capt Clutch, which by definition is impossible.

    If this is a penalty for each, I don’t get how you can call a penalty on Kotalik if you believe that the guy dove.

  120. My advice to all of ya….

    NEVER go to atlanta on a sunday night, especially if its raining, and NEVER stay at the Days Inn Downtown!!! Holy crap! I think the only 2 places in this country that MIGHT compare to NY at night would be Vegas and LA (maybe Nashville, which is a pretty interesting area arond the Sommet Center). Still recovering from the concert, my neck is not as young as it used to be and we had this 300 pound fatass sittin in front of us who hadn’t showered in about 3 weeks, dude was freakin ripe beyond mortal belief!!! REDNECKS DO HUMANITY A FAVOR AND SHOWER BEFORE YOU GO OUT IN PUBLIC!!! 3 rows behind us was Trey Brewer, a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE bodybuilder who will be going for his procard at the Nationals next month. He was the only guy there that was bigger than my fiancee!

    MDZ with 2pts tonight, wtf…they show us a highlight and ask us to decide if it was a hook or a dive, and they toss up the VS logo as it happens……. MINOR LEAGUE OUTFIT!!!

  121. woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!


  122. Gilroy’s first goal = IDENTICAL to Staal’s in every way

    Pass goes through…hesitation…beats Brodeur at the Rock. Wow.

  123. Man, Gilroy is letting it rip. 3 great shots in the past minute, and 1 of them got through. Imagine if a 2nd did?

  124. PS, can’t even begin to tell you all the legends in the house tonight, including Pat (Little Ball of Hate) Verbeek. Also, Don Koharski, Jim Schonefeld and a bunch of those guys who were the sub-referees after the Have Another Donut incident.

  125. Rick was that up in Augusta? We were in downtown ATL. Next Dunkin Donuts fix… January 7th NYR vs ATL…

    This commercial is &^*%ing stupid

  126. nice play and nice save hank!!. wow i thought it be 3-2 but after regulation. great shot gilroy. if only my boy anisimov would get into the game and get 1. then my night would be complte. oh and if drury scored too. for screwein up earlier

  127. I love Matt Gilroy..easily my 5th favorite ranger right now


  128. Rick Carpiniello October 5th, 2009 at 8:44 pm

    PS, can’t even begin to tell you all the legends in the house tonight, including Pat (Little Ball of Hate) Verbeek. Also, Don Koharski, Jim Schonefeld and a bunch of those guys who were the sub-referees after the Have Another Donut incident.


  129. Vinny V with Gilroy prediction:

    Vinny V
    October 5th, 2009 at 12:16 pm
    MSG west haha!
    it’s so true…. we’ve taken over jersey, and the coliseum.
    I think we’re gonna have another good offensive output. I look for Gilroy to get his first tonight, as well as Gabby to put another in, and i’m feeling a goal from Drury. He plays the local teams well.

  130. how about TWO ROOKIES DMEN scoring on Brodeur tonight! They said earlier that MDZ was the first….now Gilroy! I love these 2 guys

  131. woooo… just got home, exam ran long. Did I just hear correct that the PP has gone 2/4 tonight, including a PPG by MDZ???

  132. Horrible time to take a penalty, Nyr looked like they were finally controlling the game. Gotta kill this off.

    And in my opinion, Slats needs to trade Danny G now, before he potentially turns into another Prucha, Montoya, etc. Gotta dump him while he’s worth something. Or else we’ll get stuck with garbage.

    I like the guy, but he’s been horrible.

  133. Favre takes the field during intermission…perfect…

    Carp, how’s the turnout at the Pru Center (which I hate btw)

  134. Chuck, that will change soon, sadly.

    Linda, I thought for some reason that you were in Alabama. I’m senile.

    NYRGuy, loads of empty seats, but like Yankee Stadium, there’s a huge concourse where people hang out, so it’s hard to say how many are actually here. It ain’t full, though.

  135. Devils were reeling at the end there. Finally the Rangers are starting to look like a real hockey team.

  136. lmao Rick, i do live in Alabama, i was just in ATL for the Metallica concert last night. Where was the tournament?

  137. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " In Hank we trust!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    MDZ,Gilroy,Staal and Girardi have more potential and trade bait value then our top 2 highest paid contracts in defensmen R & R . We like R & R experience and …experience. To have 4 young kids ahead of R & R make R & R expendible and enconomicly unviable to our club.

  138. I was in Atlanta for a grad class at GA tech. my utility had me stay the weekend to save money. Ended up being during freaknik. If you know what that was you know how scary that was. riot police in the underground about 30 minutes after I left there.

  139. Why the sloppy start? They look like a different team at the end of 2. Imagine if they started well.

  140. Rick,

    Torts was talking about Duby and how he has much to learn – though he doesn’t think he has much to learn.

  141. Rick, I’d say were about 3hours NORTH of Prattville, we’re in Huntsville, which is not ‘the real alabama’ lmao!

  142. Doodie Machetto on

    The first thing my fiancee said when I turned the game on was “why is it so empty there?”

    About ten minutes later she said “there is no one there, why didn’t you buy tickets and go?”

  143. Rick you are NOT senile!

    Ok kids, the man has physics homework to do… catch ya’s later! LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  144. Doodie Machetto on

    Something I’ve noticed about the team, both tonight and every game so far: very slow starts to each period.

  145. Jacques Lemaire – “Alright boys heres what we do..we pass the puck around the entire power shots, bore them to death, then we play trap, then if their all dead from boredom, maybe take 1 shot at the net and see if it goes in”

  146. Patrick I am so happy you put that there. I didn’t have it recording. That was pretty funny.

  147. after watching this team for the passed 3 games. I am more entertained than the entire first half of last year


  149. Mike(Grabachevorik)in IA October 5th, 2009 at 9:15 pm

    matt k, memba when we would joke about duby passin the puck to “eyehead” gaborik??? our dream came true!!! lmao

    LMAO i remember that..

  150. # TR-808 October 5th, 2009 at 9:16 pm

    oh god. eyehead.
    Me and Mike had a well not a bet but we had a conversation about how Gaborik was going to be reduced to an eye and a head by the end of the season. A bodyless cyclops who can score 60 goals lmao.

  151. Carp…you can see all of the empty seats on TV behind the benches…pretty pathetic…maybe it’s because they charge $30 for parking

  152. Doodie he might as well have been given Del Zotto’s goal Sat…wouldnt’ve gone in without him…I think he’s playing well without the puck, just has not gotten on the board

  153. very impressive work by the 4th line…..lets keep it up boys…2nd and 3rd periods solid guys lets go 5 min

  154. HockeymanRangers on

    My opinion about the versus deal, is that comcast which owns versus is asking way way to much for Direct Tv to carry it. It’s all Comcast being very greedy.

  155. Doodie Machetto on

    I was at the game on Sat, so I don’t know how Callahan contributed to that goal.

  156. Does anyone know if Versus is hosting the Flyers/Caps game tomorrow? I didn’t see any advertisements for it.

  157. poor local fan. he must be soooo happy that we won, but also sooo mad that marty lost. awww. his bi polar manic depressive condition must be goin crazy right now!!! what a good play at the nd to block that shot and great defensive game boys!!! gillly and DZ and big kotlik scored the goals, and hanky and redden and rozy played good D(at times lol)

  158. big game by Dubi, he played 23:37, more than any Ranger, even the dmen. Staal 23:17

    and the kid dmen Gilroy and Del Z keep on giving the Rangers the offensive dimension that was missing before

    the PP was 2-6

  159. kotalik played well tonight, playing a good two way game, his shot led to a goal, it looks like Gilroy and Del Zotto are keepers, can only get better. I can’t believe I’m saying this but Rosival had a decent game and so did redden. Stall is a beast and girardi had a decent game.

  160. Great effort to get the third in four days. Should be interesting to see how our young D handle the Capitol offensive juggernaut. Good work by the fourth line. Aves back next game. Cya Lisin.
    The team gets a B+

  161. nyrguy- yea he doesnt seem to be as quick on the puck and hasnt improved over last year. idk if hes just still trying to get accustomed to the torts style or what but he hasnt looked better than last year. especially offensively. he has no shot at all. im kinda disappointed but as long as he plays well defensively, i guess thats what he’ll be. hes got 2 or 3 assists so far so hes joining the play and getting more involved, but he is what he is, a shutdown d man. with gilroy and delzotto, i dont really care if he just is a stay at home, but he can and i getting better at carryin the puck into the O zon e

  162. It’s interesting if Lisin or Boyle will go down…I think the play of the 1st line has made it necessary that Prospal stay there and Anisimov center the 3rd…You guys think Avery plays with Anisimov and Kotalik? Not sure if I like that line too much.

  163. Wicky, you crack me up….half watched the game on TV while catching up with old friend so missed most after the first 15….it’s a struggle tonight but I’ll take the win!!!!

  164. I love the way Sullivan stepped up to give instruction on PK when we were 2 men down. We have the right coaches folks!

  165. Mike, my thoughts exactly…you would think the offense would come at some point…but he has not handled the puck well against the boards on a few occasions…with that said…he does have 2 assists this year.

  166. voros is the odd man out not lisin or boyle. voros tries and has not played bad so far but he is really nothing a big guy who really cannot score and is soft on the puck.

    gilroy can skate that is for sure. he seems to be making less mistakes and is very dynamic offensivley.

  167. yeah tough call for torts here with regards to avery……i dont think torts is that impressed with the 2nd or 3rd line yet….i thought boyle would be the guy going to hartford but he has played well and he has been solid on the PK…..i honestly think anisimov has been the most invisible forward through the first 3 games but he is a true center….should be interesting….


    Del Z can QB the PP better than Blowsival already! Nice goal too! Going to be a shame if sent back down but makes sense financially. If Girardi continues to stink it may be something to ponder more.

    Gilroy got a softy by Fatso but man can he skate, throw his body around, and fake out NHLers with his moves.


  169. I don’t think Voros will be the odd man out…honestly it might be Lisin given how well the 4th line played tonight…I just don’t like Avery on that 3rd line. Wouldn’t mind seeing Higgins with Anisimov and Kotalik and Avery with Drury and Cali

  170. On the headline is YOUNG GUNS…..what do you all think?

    Mike/Grabs, I agree…wonder what it will be like when he returns….radio folks tonight were saying if the lines stay like they are, where’s room for him, on 4th???

  171. It’s amazing that some have even remotly still entertain the notion that MDZ should or would be sent down,amazing!

    He is their PP QB right now! And he is a good one at that. I also thought that his defensive play tonight was a huge improvement. Also noticed that he is gaining more confidence and starting to really skate the puck up the ice, great sign! I think if by some stupid reason he is sent down than the team is much much worse for it.

    Matt Gilroy is an amazing talent that is going to be for torts here what Dan Boyle was for him in Tampa. Only Gilroy is bigger and I expect his defensive game to be awsome in the next 20 or so games.

  172. If the lines stay as they are, he’s going on the 3rd line…unless he just rotated him here and there.

  173. Devils fans are raining doom and gloom over on Fire&Ice. They are ripping MMMAAARRRTTTYYY for being over the hill and their team for being one line deep. Someone even mentioned the want for a Yan Dannis appearance.

  174. A full season under Torts is what we need…Goodnight Staal and all. I’m beat. Talking to a friend of mine who is a Red Wings fan…go figure. I like her anyway. LGR

  175. Laurel

    why whatever do you mean!?!?!?!!?!?

    I think lisin whould go down when avery gets back, but i bet it is AA or boyle!!!!……..still waiting on a physical d man…………

  176. jerkins perkins(mike in ia)
    March 2nd, 2009 at 8:22 pm
    “headsave by lundqvist !!! bounces to eye head!!! he rolls, he scores!!!!

    lol i forgot i used to use that name. jerkins perkins!! was that from ryan reynolds in one of his stupid movies?

  177. stuart- voros is not soft on the puck. he may not have the skills, but he plays very well for sa 4th liner. all i know is, this 4th line gave the devs a hard time all night and thats way more than last yeasr 4th line did. besides dumping it in and backin up.

  178. No way in hell Del Zotto gets sent down on

    He’s too good. I can’t remember the last time when we had 2 rookies this awesome come up at the same time…

  179. here’s hoping mdz makes sather realize rozy is expendable for a bag of used pucks and some cheap beer from iowa (no offence grabachev), and with some of that left over dough we can sign gauthier to a contract!!!!

  180. Prospal was awsome. Very bad game for Staal.Gilroy my absolute favorite. 4th line worked unbelivable all game.It all could be only better with time by. LGR

  181. Wicky, if AA goes down, who plays center? They aren’t going to move Prospal if they don’t have to

  182. screw VS – I’ll miss one or two NYR games if I have to.

    I hope the league and that little dictator gary take one using wet cement as lube over this one…

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