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Hey all, sorry it took so long to put something up here today. Got home from MSG late last night and today’s assignment had be at Citi Field (Bailout Ballpark, as I like to call it) for today’s Mets finale — putting them out of their season-long misery.

Anyway, I was unable to get online until now, so that’s why the post is late.

I imagine you all slept better last night after the win, after all the good signs — how good is Gaborik? How good does Dubinsky look?

Here’s my column from The Journal News and off last night’s game.

I’m headed to Newark tomorrow for No. 3 in four nights for the Rangers.

Just a couple of quick thoughts from last night:

1) It was interesting that the Rangers weren’t introduced individually. Was it because three of them, or more, would have been booed? Hmmmm.

2) I liked the Blue Man Group, but I still don’t get why they were involved … unless they’ve got a show coming up at MSG or one of Cablevision’s properties.

3) Enver Lisin looks to me like Andy Kaufman, the comedian: “Here I come to save the day!” Do you guys know what I’m talking about, or whom?

4) I thought the young guys really struggled at times Saturday, even Del Zotto, who got his first NHL goal thanks to Ryan Callahan.

5) The power play is 0-for-9, but I really thought it looked pretty darn good most of the night. As I said in my column, it looks good just because Redden and Rozsival aren’t on it.

I’ll try to chime in again later. Until then … GET ME OUT OF HERE!

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  1. repost:
    Mike(Grabachevorik)in IA
    October 4th, 2009 at 12:35 pm
    carp- youre right he does look like kaufman!!! lol i never realized it but he does resemble him.

    the game was great. i was a little worried about the pp but its gonna score. if they keep moving the puck around quickly and keep it set up for more than 10 seconds like last year, they should wear out the pk and get some good shots. leclaire and the post saved a few pp goals last night too. i gotta say i wasnt too impressed with duby last year but he looks awesome. very strong and powerspast d men right to the net. this is the power fwd jessiman was supposed to be. redden looked fine again. i told ya he gonna have a good bounceback season. do u guys really think he could play like he did under renny, and not be benched by torts? he knows it, and this style of play is what hes used to. anisimov doesnt seem to be able to hang with a full nhl roster opponent right now. he might need a talkin to from torts. looks lost out there.

    greg- actually, if gabby keeps this up, hes on par for an 82g season!!

  2. Carp,

    I assume Gillroy got benched midway through the second after loafing it back on the 1st Ottawa goal. He did not play another shift. That is what I picked up on from my seats. Any comment from Torts on this??

    Why did Del Zotto not play in the 3rd period? My thought is, Torts wanted to play 2 pair of D together and once Gillroy was benched Del Zotto had to as well so the 4 senior players could play a pairs. He scores his first NHL goal and then rides the pain. Make no sense to me.

    Interested in getting your view Carp.

  3. Carp – Did you notice the advertising on the glass behind the goals on the telecast? I assume that is electronic (like in baseball)? Are the Rangers/MSG the first to do this in hockey? I found it kind of distracting personally.

  4. Great game,although I feel kind of jipped because they didn’t introduce the players individually. Bad move by the Rangers in my opinion. No second “A” yet so I’m hoping Avery gets it when he comes in.

  5. REPOST: And bring the hate!

    Roszival made 1 really bad turnover last night but all in all (especially considering the fact that he was booed every time he touched the puck) he was solid, and he was definitely more physical. The more physical part is a HUGE step in the right direction. Of course since he is so much undder the microscope every little mistake he makes is noticed and pounced upon. I understand our collective digruntlement with Roszival, but mine and most others’ complaints were mainly that he is a wuss, and not strong enough taking the body (in the rare instance that he even did) or in the corners. I think Roszival will continue to grow in confidence and aquit himself well this year if he continues to be a physical presence, which I think Torts must (thank god) be demanding of him.

  6. I watched the game after coming back from it and Micheletti and Maloney were talking about how good Rozi looked…I think they really are getting their lines fed to them.

  7. I think Rozi still looks scared whenever the puck comes his way with another player around him

  8. By the way, I was half-kidding when I said it would be Avery getting the “A” … somebody had mentioned it in the comments, and since they didn’t name another, I wrote that kind of tongue-in-cheek.

    I thought Gilroy and Del Zotto struggled, and that’s why they didn’t play so much late in the game. Of course, Rozsival and Girardi struggled too. Who the heck was on the ice with Del Zotto on the Alfredsson goal? I forgot to look that up, beause it looked like a shootout with all the time and room Alfredsson had.

    The ads on the glass started late last season on MSG. They also put ads on the ice at the end of the game during the playoffs. It’s virtual, so of course I didn’t see it during the game, but I did see it on Rangers in 60 when I got home. These weren’t as obtrusive as the Subway ads last year.

  9. I’m all for the ads if it puts more money in Dolan’s pocket which would then lead to him being more open to the possibility of buying out Rozi and Redden…oops, sorry, forgot this was reality.

  10. yea but carp, the 3rd period was gilroy and del zotto benched? i thought whoever was out there,(i saw rozy and redden alot) played very well. everything was forced to the outside and to contain the sens like that in the 3rd while up 2 goals was pretty impressive. i remember sam talking about del zotto not seeing much ice but i dint know gilroy was benched too. i dont thin he was really at fault for that goal. he couldve played alfie, but maybe he didnt know hed be all alone back there. maybe he got nervous and tried to just stop the pass but he wasnt all at fault for that goal.

  11. Rick the coach needs to name Gaborik the other A. He’s their true leader along with Lundqvist. Lisin looks good for this system, which you have be a superman to play. Kaufman was half out of his mind if not more. Challenge him to a wrestling match.

  12. Regarding the whole team coming out together, I thought it was kind of neat. You have a good point Carp (about possible booing), but the whole “here they are, as a team” was pretty cool. This isn’t an individual effort, after all.

  13. I liked how Torts was pissed after they gave up that late goal. You can bet he didn’t let the team forget about that.

  14. Ok, couple of things here….first of all I would like to see all the idiots who boo brashear because of the “blair betts incident” put their “money where their mouth is” so to speak. The first time the rangers play the flyers at MSG, all of you boo birds that attend the game make sure you wear FLYERS jerseys in support of betts and not one of our rangers!! I understand booing rozy, he just sucks and is waaaaaay overpaid. Brashear does not suck, has played physical and pretty well and is not waaaaaay overpaid at all (a little perhaps, but not enough to compain about comparatively speaking). Absolutely no reason to boo him at all, if we signed neil would you have booed him due to his hit on avery that separated avery’s shoulder??? Booing brashear is flat out STUPID!!!!!

    The nest thing is voros, have to say it, he landed some great shots in that fight last night!!

    Have a crease clearing hard hitting physical d man day!!!

  15. well, if theyre afraid of people booing their own team on opening night, that doesnt make the fans look very good does it. i know some teams fans are worse and will really boo their own players if theyre not playing well, but i hear people boo redden when he got 3rd star in one of the preseason games. why? why boo him if he played well. thats pretty childish. and booing brashear i can see a little bit. yea hes a dirty player. he hurt us with takin betts out, and no, i dont like the guy, so i can see that to a point, but booing players like rozy because he made a mistake will only make him more self conscious and cause even more mistakes.

  16. I don’t agree with the booing of Brashear…but no 4th line player should be making about a million and a half dollars…Dane Byers can do the same thing and as Carp pointed out…Brashear being there did nothing to stop Orpik from going after Gaborik

  17. exactly. guys like voros are a perfect example of a good teammate who doesnt deserve to be booed. he sticks up for his team, and hes takin alot of beatings for the rangers too lol. hes ok in my book. i was happy he got some good hits in there. i like for every player on the team to do well. i just dont like booing players unless theyre not giving it 100%. voros looks like he is, redden looks much better too. i think each game the guy should be given a clean slate.

  18. NYR, and it didn’t stop Carkner from taking liberties with Callahan. So they fought later. Big deal. Do you think Carkner won’t do the same thing next time Callahan goes to the net? You bet he will.

  19. nyrguy- hell yea he was pissed as he should be. it doesnt matter if youre up 3 goals, u play tillthe buzzer sounds. it creates a problem if u start slackin off when youre up a few goals. he doesnt want his guys giving the team any freeebies. i mean, its not that big of a deal, it just brings hanks stats down and after he worked so hard for the win.

  20. And if they want to “protect” Gaborik, Voros is a much better option for that line with Brashear if that ever came up…the two did have success in Minnesota…I do think it is ridiculous though…Detroit doesn’t have a Brashear or a big time “enforcer” and they have been the most successful team this decade.

  21. Wouldn’t a 4th line of Anisimov, Voros and Byers be much more effective and cheaper than having Brashear in there? I think so. Save your “enforcer” for your 6th defender who will knock a forward down coming into the zone, not a winger who has to just follow some around to hit to justify his 1.7 million salary

  22. yea ur def. right carp. i think the thing with brash though is he will provide a little more offense. he can shoot it pretty well ive seen. hes better than orr when it comes to playing but he does look his age out there. he doesnt have too many good fights left in his career. im not mad we got him, but it just shows how bad orr was at playing the actual game. and thats even after he improved last year. i cant see brash stickin around another season next year. he should be callin it a career if he wants to salvage the 5 brain cells he has left

  23. Loved, loved the Andy Kaufman reference. Seems like Lisin is really trying hard to improve his defesneive game. Hope the coaches appreciate his efforts. His offensive skills are certainly there.

  24. my deal was brash hasnt done anything wrong for the rangers YET. weve had many “goons” who have come and gone. its opening night. everyone starts out w/ a clean slate. i understand booing a player who makes money and doesnt produce who has been on the team for longer than the pre season but im not going to boo brash as soon as he comes out onto the ice for his FIRST SHIFT as a ranger. (please note YOU WILL ALWAYS OVERPAY FOR A UFA.)

    didnt seinfeld teach us anything about heckling people @ work? someone could lose a pinky toe.

  25. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    What’s all this love for a meer A-lternate captain?! Anyone can screen! Not everyone can be clutch and I just realized Captain Clutch got the Clutch primary assist on MDZ’s clutch game winning goal!

    Perhaps the Captain will chime in on this great achievement.

    Of note, Rozy, Drury and (obv and esp.) Brashear were all boo’d at points last night. Drury was boo’d on his one assist and Rozy was boo’d many times he touched the puck. That said, he also was cheered when he broke up that pass on the PK and when he leveled someone next to Hank.

  26. I agree with you Carp about Brashear.

    but about the kids on D, I would not say they struggled with the puck, without it yes a bit

    they did have some trouble in the corners with the bigger stronger opponents muscling them off the puck, like Del Z on the last Ott goal near the end of the game. but that is going to happen until they get a bit more confidence in the physical part of the game

    with the puck though they are making lots of good plays that vet Rangers D simply can’t make. thus, some will not turn out perfectly, but most are very helpful passes by Del Z and end to end rushes by Gilroy that are giving the Rangers a new dimension that was non-existent last year.

    overall, a great game by Dubi, who I always believed was a topnotch centerman. and he works very well with Gaborik, who has great skill

    and about the booing, I say the fans have that right. not only that, it often helps the team. when Rosival got booed last night, he seemed to play better after that. and Redden is playing a bit better since he got deservedly reamed out by the fans last season

  27. Hi, I am probably the one who had seen most of those fifteen games last night, because I felt asleep in the second period of the Detroit Red Wings game in Stockholm and slept all night long on Saturday but able to see all those games in replay today…

    I have seen six of the fifteen
    Chicago-Florida -full-
    Devils-Philley -70 minutes-
    Islanders-Pittsburgh -80-minutes-
    Rangers-Ottawa full
    Edmonton-Calgary full
    and now Anaheim-San Jose,60 minutes and I think the Detroit game and the Rangers Game were the best, as I didn´t see any of the others…
    ..and in between Chelsea-Liverpool..
    and now coming up Sevilla-Real Madrid..

    probably have another good night sleep tonight as well :)

  28. oi, Brodeur was by far the worst player on the ice of all those matchups :)

    followed by Howard in Detroit Goal..

    Did anyone see that gaffe by Khabibulin, oweiah..seventy seconds before the end in a 3-3 decision, unbelievable…

    King Henrik had some unbelievable saves…

  29. Part of that is on the coach Rick. He didn’t get his 4th line out when the Sens put Neil and Ruutu out there after Neil ran Boyle late. Of course, Brashear was willing to go but one of the biggest wusses in the league chickened out. So, he had Carkner do his bidding in a dull wrestling match.

    I didn’t think Staal looked good either. He seemed to be doing too much. This offense fascination from Tort is a little weird. Marc is who he is. He should not be on the PP.

    Anisimov also struggled looking very nervous. He did get better in the third but must show what he did in exhibition to stay in the lineup bc Lisin has outplayed him.

  30. Lol, who said Quick was the next Lungfist last night ?

    He looked Martina Brodiva bad.

    It was cool to see Pruuuuucha last night, i think he set up Vrbata for a breakaway last night. Korpedo didn’t look to special.

    And Renney must be patting everyone on the back after the Oilers lost last night. Stupid fuggin Center Ice, i wanted to see that game, but they didn’t air it.

    The Ducks vs Sharks game was pretty good. Im so fuggin happy to see the Jedi Ortmeyer back on an NHL team. He made some damn good plays last night. I don’t care what anyone says, he’s still one of my fav Rangers ever. He might not put up the points, but he meant a hell of a lot to the teams he was on. Hopefully he stays healthy, and gets to stay on that team all season long.

  31. Carp, do you know anyone at MSGnetwork who can answer the question by what reasoning is that rat Dolan depriving hockey fans who pay for the Center Ice package, the HD feeds of the games of the Rangers, Devils , Isles ,and Buffalo??

    it is outrageous. I am talking about center ice subscribers seeing NY team feeds who don’t live in the NY area, thus they have nothing to do with Cablevision. I get it that he wants to make people subscribe to Cablevision instead of Directv, but what does that have to do with the fans who don’t live in the NY area??

    the HD feeds were shown last season until Jan 22, ’09. then they were cut off. the Center Ice agreement is between the NHL and the sat or cable provider for the NHL hockey package. thus, by what authority does an individual team owner who happens to own a cable company just toss out or ignore the league Center Ice agreement and tell CI providers what feeds to withhold from their subscribers?

    don’t forget, that CI revenue is shared by all teams. thus, Dolan is taking money from CI subscribers, but not delivering the promised services. thus, he is committing theft.

  32. I’m pissed that I don’t get NHL Network with Cablevision…I have to buy Center Ice…Why would I buy Center Ice when I’m a Ranger fan and get all of their games, plus all 82 Devils and Islander games, Versus games and NBC games…makes alot of sense right?

  33. I would almost (almost) rather have rozy at QB. They should have kept garcia and he should be starting now!!!

  34. thanks, Carp. I will call the league office and Directv, and demand a refund of a portion of my CI payments to compensate for the withholding of feeds for 4 teams.

    maybe the league will get the message ,and do something about it. but I won’t hold my breath, or expect much action from them.

  35. drury had a good game last night. why would they boo him? he made a good play on DZ’s goal. and played good game all around. i dont understand why people cant cant give certain guys a clean slate when a new season starts. not saying i love the guy all of a sudden, but when a guy plays well, i give him credit. he played better than in pitts.
    dlb- u really think booing helps a player?? maybe for some im sure it makes them wanna do better but for some it probably makes them even more nervous.

  36. Mike,

    I don’t think he was booed. I was there and I’m pretty certain it was “Druuuuuuuu”

  37. I’ll send you some matches!!! I feel bad, one of my daughters wanted a raiders hat so I got her one and they just suck!!!!

  38. Mike, yes I think that booing helps those who want to be helped. iow, those players who want to play better and stay here. for those who don’t, it weeds out the pretenders.

    I do think that the booing must be fairly directed at a target who deserves it. iow, not at kids or guys who make occasional mistakes

    just those few vets who take big money and then do not deliver on a regular basis, you know, kind of like Dolan and his TV crookery

  39. Uncle Hulka is the big toe….

    Love that they did the Potvin chant at Bailout Field…hysterical.

    Wow, only 2 games in and lots of commentary on what’s wrong already….as my good friend says, “have a little faith, there’s magic in the night….”

    P.S. Spike update tomorrow on sister blog

  40. Hooray the Mets season is over!

    Let’s hope they absorbed all the injuries for the NY sports teams this year. Gaborik can thank Jose Reyes, Carlos Delgado, Johan Santana, et al for jumping on that grenade.

  41. Drury definitely was semi-booed last night when they announced his assist, at least in the 400’s where I was at…I noticed it, and a friend in the 300’s sent me a text saying the same thing…going on Year 3 of this miserable Drury contract, it’s about time he stopped getting a free pass at MSG…I swear, 1 game into the season and I was already sick of the kid gloves he continues to get treated with in NY…he took a penalty that led to the Penguins 1st goal, he blatantly failed to stay with Crosby of all people on the Penguins 2nd goal, but according to the media and fans he had a “great” game cause he scored a goal…unreal

    *The power play is 0-for-9, but I really thought it looked pretty darn good most of the night. As I said in my column, it looks good just because Redden and Rozsival aren’t on it.*

    this is exactly why we need to eventually trade/waive both of these cap-killing contracts…in theory (well, in Sather’s moronic theory) the reason you pay Redden/Rozsival all that money is because in addition to expecting Top 4-type defense, you’re also expecting them both to contribute offensively, be major factors on the PP (in Redden’s case, he was brought here to be the PP QB) and log heavy minutes…now neither of them play on the PP at all, neither really contribute offensively, neither log heavy minutes (that goes to the Staal/Girardi pair when needed), and both of them play average defense AT BEST, atrocious defense at their worst…so why do we need them eating up $11.5 million of cap space per year?

    throw in Drury’s $7 million and you’re getting so little actual production for $18.5 million of cap space

  42. Rich…we need them to eat up that space because nobody in their right mind will trade for them and Dolan won’t eat the money.

  43. I agree Rich that those contracts are killers.

    also, I am not real happy with Kotalik’s play either. he is not getting his shot on net from the point. big windup and little result.

    better to have guys shooting wrist shots and snap shots like Del Z did, and get the shots on net with a screen in front like Cally did

  44. Where's Pavelich? on

    Cally does those “little things” that we pay Drury so much to do better than Captain Clutch, himself..

    ..maybe a little picky, but I think Drury missing the net by 10 ft led to the 2 on 1 (Alfredsen’s goal)..and he didnt get back in time to cover up (I only saw it on TV, but was that as my take)

  45. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Rich’s analysis is “clutch.”

    The 340’s definitely had “Booooo’s” and NOT “druuuuuuuuu’s” last night.

    The guy just needs to put up 50 points and be one of the “best two-way centers” in the game! If he does that, I don’t care what money he gets paid, and he won’t get boo’d! Fact of the matter is, he’s a Captain and took a penalty for the Pens first goal (taking him off the ice for the PK, which he does to pretty well) and he was nowhere to be found when CinDy (bag) swatted the pens 2nd goal in. No excuse. I’m not expecting 80 points, I just don’t want to see him making dumb plays.

  46. see rich, thats the thing, sather paid them ridiculous amount of money when rozy never was a top 1-2 guy, redden was once an above average d man in an offensive system with arguably one of the best first lines in hockey ever assembled, and drury was never that great. he was a good, 2 way player that will give u 20-25g 55-60 points on average. i dont know where all these expectations come from. redden was already on the decline in his career. rozy had a few good offensive seasons here and now all these expectations are laid on him because of his salary. sather didnt need to sign both him and redden. i get that they all sucked last season, and deserved to be booed, but its a new season, and i like to give guys a clean slate. redden and dru both have played well. they havent played bad that they deserve boos already this early in teh season.

  47. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Pavelich is right, just watched the replay and while MSG cuts the replay (before the commercial) to NOT show Drury blasting a shot wide while the Rangers D is either changing or Staal maybe pinching… (don’t have time to watch it again). Joe, Mr. Genius, starts to blame Gilroy’s hesitation not knowing whether to cover spezza or Alfreddson, but the truth of the matter is you can’t blast a shot wide when your D is pinching or going for a line change.

    I hate Drury!

  48. notice that at 5:30 eastern time the NHL Network has the 1950 Stanley Cup film, 30 mins long

    the Det Red Wings vs the NY Rangers

  49. You liked the Blue Man Group? Give us a break Carp. The only reason they were there was to take up time so the Rangers wouldn’t have to introduce Brazier and Stinkival.

  50. Mike in IA…I share your sentiments exactly…last year was last year…Redden has played well this year and should not be booed…neither should Drury or Brashear…Rozi-give it a few games.

    If these guys worked their tail off in the off-season because of how badly they played last year, shouldn’t we see if they improved before we start booing?

  51. Dubi is proving what an idiot Sather really is by letting that contract dispute linger into the preseason. He has always hustled and hit and is now realizing what great ability he has. He is one of the top players in the NHL at a young age. Give #17 an “A” on that sweater.

  52. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Redden’s been surprising at times, good more oft than not. I agree no way he should be boo’d based on the NHL games and the pre-season games. Brashear, I can’t really understand the boo’ing. He hasn’t even done anything for (or to the detriment of) this team yet. Drury’s been invisible, at best, bad most of this year including the preseason (yes, he played those games).

  53. I agree with grabachev on this one! I heard all druuuuus from where i was sitting and 3 of my friends in the 300’s said they all heard druus not booos. One of my friend’s in the 400s said heard some booing from the people right behind him and asked them why they were booing and they said they were booing all the idiots texting each other about booing during the game!!!!!

  54. my biggest knock on Drury in the first 2 games is his just standing there in the crease and not covering Crosby right in front of the net. that was his man, the opposing center

    Drury scored a nice goal in that game, but then he spoiled it by giving up that key goal

  55. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Dubi was in a weird position last year, mostly because our former “biggest dunce” moved him off the line with Zherdev and Naslund. Until that time, Dubinsky had 11 points in 11 games! A friend of mine has a theory that Sather didn’t want Dubi to get too many points because of this exact problem AND given much of the hearsay during the off-season (Sather wanting to Sign Dubi to a 4million (total) contract over 4 years) he may have known Dubi would burn it up if given the chance to play with Gabby.

  56. Laurel

    You’re absolutely correct!!! Did you get sleep??


    Do I hear a mulligan???

  57. yep, but stupid versus game sooooo guess we are watching it online somehow or listening to it on the internet!!

  58. I get Versus (I guess that’s a good thing) so I’ll be channel flipping, or maybe DVR the 3rd and watch it at halftime…eh who am I kidding, if it was in GB I’d do that, but I’ll prob just watch the whole 3rd…rangers come before anyone

  59. REPOST

    Seeking Help From the Boneheads

    Since Concast is trying to put the screws to DirecTv over charges for Versus, Comcast made D-Tv take it off their progaming. Thus my plight. Can you guys give me some internet outlets for the game Monday. This Ranger fan in KY would be most appreciative of your help. This team is going to be fun to watch and I don’t want to miss one game if I donlt have to. Thanks guys & gals

    alan or others you can pass me the info at


  60. Sorry, Cliff. I liked them. I don’t think they belonged in that setting. But I liked the short performance. They’re like blue zombies.

    Sally, shame on you. But Good evening, anyway!

  61. NYRGuy
    October 4th, 2009 at 3:33 pm
    I’m pissed that I don’t get NHL Network with Cablevision…I have to buy Center Ice…Why would I buy Center Ice when I’m a Ranger fan and get all of their games, plus all 82 Devils and Islander games, Versus games and NBC games…makes alot of sense right?

    NYRGUY: Check this link. It looks like you can NHL Network for $5.95 extra,

  62. Carp, did you see this story about the 4 y.o. kid who can give the Herb Brooks speech like in the movie “Miracle”?

    it’s funny.

    “Tonight, we skate whiff’um! Tonight, we stay whiff’um! And we shut dem down because we CAN!”

    it has gone viral on Youtube, and he may get to do it at a couple of NHL games

    you can get the whole story behind it, and the clips of Brooks and the kid doing it at;_ylt=AktlnMhY3SYjbzfQEdXvdSJ7vLYF?urn=nhl,193765

  63. Mike in IA:

    no knowledgeable Rangers fan is placing unrealistic expectations on Drury/Redden/Rozsival, I’m pretty sure most fans knew all those contracts were completely idiotic and cap killers from the MINUTE they were announced…there’s no way any of them can ever play up to those contracts, and we have our disgrace of a GM to thank for that

    with that said, for the amount of money they get paid, I CAN have expectations of Drury/Redden/Rozsival playing up to their own PERSONAL BEST standards…Drury’s 1st season here was blah, and last season he was dreadful…Redden’s been on a decline for at least 3 years now, but last year was arguably the worst season of his career…and Rozsival was bad for most of last year, while this year he looks to be heading into “Wade Redden, 2008-2009” levels of suck…there’s no excuses for that, and especially not at their salary level

    if they all played up to their own PERSONAL BEST standards, they would still be overpaid, but I can accept that…the contracts are Sather’s fault, not Drury/Redden/Rozsival…once Drury has a season close to his best seasons in Buffalo, or Redden looks somewhat like the player he once was in Ottawa, or Rozsival starts playing like he did when the Czechs ruled the team, then I’ll accept it…but they haven’t even come close

    and they don’t get a clean slate from me for one reason: CAP SPACE…what’s the one thing that stops any team from truly addressing weaknesses in a hard cap world? cap space…let’s say we give Redden a clean slate and see him “improve” his play this year to be basically an average NHL D-Man for $6.5 million…wonderful, almost $7 million for a D-Man who doesn’t do much of anything…or would you rather see him waived and us have another $6.5 million of cap space to work with?

    I’m not gonna root for Redden, or Rozsival, or Drury, because the cap space they take up that can be used to improve the team is more valuable than any of them as players…the quicker all those contracts are gone, no matter how, the better

  64. Carp: just curious, what is you reaction now when you hear any of the players or fellow media members say the words “Captain Clutch”? do you smirk? do you laugh on the inside? do visions of the Clutchmobile dance through your head?

    I’m asking because during the Rangers season preview Callahan described Drury as “Captain Clutch”, and I simultaneously rolled my eyes and smirked thinking of this blog…actually I wish they would’ve asked Cally for his favorite clutch moments of Drury’s NYR career, I’m guessing there would’ve been a lot of dead air

  65. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I was jogging at the gym, an awful experience as it is, and the only way it could possibly get worse was when the 1994 game 7 hilights ended on MSG and the next program that came on was: “MSG PROfiles: #23, Chris Drury.” Shoot me.

    The funny part (and Rich’s comment just reminded me of this) was that when the show got to Drury’s signing with the Rangers and his performance here I saw the same 2 to 3 hilights Over, and OVER, and OVER, but every one was shown from a different camera angle so that the average “hockey” fan may not have noticed that Drury beat the goalie from TB about 9 times on 3 or 4 different camera views.

  66. Blue Man Group on

    I saw them 11 years ago, they’re really good magicians and most of their tricks involve random stuff lying around. Very unique.

  67. True Fans Bleed RW&B:

    did they show the highlight of Captain Clutch winning the CLUTCH puck flip vs. Gomez for his precious #23? that would’ve been clutch

    remember the fawning over Drury by the media/fans when he won that puck flip- “OF COURSE Drury won the flip for #23, he’s a WINNER!”…in retrospect it’s hilarious…check out this line by Dellapina:

    *It also figured that the puck-flip for the cameras at the Rangers’ practice facility in Greenburgh yesterday determined that Chris Drury had “won” the right to continue to wear No.23 while Scott Gomez would have to pick another sweater number. Drury, you might have heard, does little else but win.*

    “DRURY, you MIGHT have heard, does little else but WIN! Cause he’s a WINNER!”


  68. Gravey - Formerly known as Jor71 on

    I have my DVR set up to record Curb tonight…..I am also recording Family Guy at that time :)

  69. Gravey - Formerly known as Jor71 on

    I do not agree with the booing. But, I will not go around critizing those who do boo.

    Paying customers have a right to voice their displeasure. Even though I believe it to be counter-productive.

  70. after reading the column – wonder about Prospel getting the A -> might be good to have someone who knows Torts and system to be a voice in the room?

  71. Leetchhalloffame on

    Blue Man Group belongs in Vegas – not an NFL halftime-like performance at a Rangers game.

  72. no ranger game tommorrow with damn versus tommorrow and directv. and the nhl wonders why no one give a crap!!!!!!!!

    bettman is a real shrewd operator, why don’t they give him a raise……his ability to negotiate great tv deals is epic……

  73. they screwed me bigtime. i could never watch any live games. only the pregame show, the postgame and rangers in 60. for way too much money. they said only if the game is sold out, then i could watch it live. but they sold out 171 consecutive games. theyre liars and i cant stand direct tv.

  74. I’ve had DTV for well over 10 years now and have been very happy with them. It sucks that they can’t come to terms with comcast over versus, but now I have a good reason to go to the bar on a Monday night. (and as I typed Monday night I realized that MNF will be on in every bar on every TV and I’m screwed.)

  75. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Rich! They did show that hilight, twice.

    What they didn’t show were the hilights of Vanek, Briere, Roy and Afinigenov padding Drury’s “awesome” 79 point season. The Drury hilights from Colorade were really good though, he had several hilight real goals. He did also play 3rd fiddle to Joe Sakic and Peter Forsberg, getting the 3rd defensive pairs of opposing teams… that’s of course when he wasn’t playing wing on their line or on the same Power Play… again, padding his stats. I don’t have a problem if he gets 55 points and plays smart two-way hockey but people just need to stop drueling over this guy and he needs to NOT make dumb plays as he has the past 2 games.

  76. Olga Folkyerself on

    Drury, Redden, Rozival. When will Sather learn that you can’t turn regular players into superstars by throwing money at FA’s after they have passed their prime years?

    Just like Gomez, Holik, Lindros, Messier II, Malakhov, Ulanov, Kasparitis, Kovalov II, DeVries, Straka, Rucinsky, Rucchin, Ozolinsh… there’s probably more out there.

    About the only ones that worked out were Jagr and maybe Shanahan. That’s what got NY their only two playoff series wins since Sather was hired 9 years ago.

    Fire Sather. That’s who they should be booing at the Garden. Not the slugs he overpays for, the guy that keeps bringing them here.

    Fire Sather!!
    Fire Sather!!
    You will be hearing this before the season is over.

  77. what bar will have the game. almost all bars have direct tv not dish or cable and therefore us ranger fans in the hinterland are screwed monday….

    i pay $160 + for the center ice packagae and cannot even watch my team play. comcast and directv are both parasite greedy a holes………

  78. Olga,
    Add Kotalik to this glorious list.
    Just $3 Mil for a guy who doesn’t know how to play 5 on 5 and finds a net once in 100 tries on PP. Who cares how hard his shot is if it goes 3 feet wide all the time! But what’s $3 Mil in Sather’s standards, I’m sure he thinks it’s a bargain!

  79. dlb –

    I agree 100% and as fans we must accept some responsibility for any Ranger failings. The simple reason being … we didn’t boo enough. We need to boo often and boo loud. In doing so I think we can push each player to perform at an All-Star level. Of course, that’s assuming they want to be helped.

  80. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " 2 down 52 goals to go!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Hate to bring up an agruement from last year regarding Dubinsky….It’s looking like I was right so far…You have came around a bit and did retrack your says and I commend you for it, I’ll post what ya said later just to rub it in a bit haha.

  81. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " 2 down 52 goals to go!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Oh yeah btw it was you Mike , Grabachevorik.

  82. I’m not sure if this has been mentioned or not, but anyone who has Direct TV (which includes myself) will not be able to see the game tomorrow night since Versus has exclusive rights to the game. Comcast who owns Versus is trying to rake Direct TV over the coals for this piece of crap channel so they removed it from their lineup as they continue to negotiate.

    The Flyers owner also owns Comcast. Way to do what’s best for the league. Absolutely ridiculous.

  83. Olga – i think your wrong about Straka, he worked out OK and wasn’t overpaid, apart from his final year. The previous 2 seasons he’d scored 29 and 22 goals.

    Roszival puzzled me the most, we knew the most about him and he’d played for us for a few seasons and was on $2.1m per year, what did he do to deserve such a a raise to $5m? No way was that his market value..!!

    At least with Redden, that was his Ottawa salary. With his contract it was the length that was the most shocking, given his recent decline, if you’re going to pay that much then you should keep it to a 2-3 year deal, so if it doesn’t work you can buy-out or trade him after 1 or 2 years. That said, he’s here and going to be around for a while so i hope he picks it up and improves to be a decent #2/#3 defenseman and contributes on the PP. Roszi on the other hand i think he should be moved on/before the deadline – he’s only due $4m and $3m over the following 2 season so if someone can take the cap hit then i’d snatch their hands off, providing we get a serviceable alternative in return.

  84. Rozi, Redden, Drury, and now even Kotalik will never EVER live up to those contracts. I don’t hate Sather. I just read an articla on THN that reported all of the crappy contracts around the NHL and Sather was not alone.

    But what gets me, is how a player signs that deal and doesn’t live up to it. I mean does Sather pass the contract and a pen across the table and not ask,”Can you live up to this contract?”

    The fans have every right to boo Redden, Rozi, and Drury. These guys signed on for big bucks. Now play like it.

  85. I’m not defending Sather but i will make this general statement…

    The contracts that are being signed these past few years are a sign of the times, not one man in particular. Free agency inflates contracts, and when guys ‘perform’ in ‘contract years’ they often get overcompensated for what can be one decent season.

    Market demand dictates the contract, and you have GM’s essentially bidding against each other for a guy’s services. Remeber the Dustin Penner situation a few years back? He got an offer sheet WAY above his market value, and the GM (Burke i think it was at the time) was PISSED.

    You can’t blame the player or agent for going after all the money they can get, and you can’t really blame the GM because if they want that player badly enough, they have little choice but to pay top tier money.

    Now i’m not saying ALL contracts are good ones, and i know us Ranger fans have our beef with certain ones…. but as a whole, the contracts don’t matter, what happens on the ice matters. Chris Drury can score one more goal for the rest of the season, if it’s the one that wins the cup, NOBODY will gripe about his contract.


    So rather than piss and moan about contracts we have nothing to do with and can’t control, and rather than boo OUR TEAM and it’s players, let’s give them our support and loyalty and will them to JUST WIN!
    Players shouldn’t be coddled…. i’m pretty sure Torts doesn’t pull punches.

  86. Morning gang!
    I was away all weekend and got caught up last night.
    We are definitely more exciting to watch, but too many odd man rushes. I get the feeling we are going to suffer through a few blow outs this season…but I’m ok with that.
    Also, I don’t know if this was commented on but our power play has the potential to be night and day better than last season. The biggest things I’ve noticed is we are constantly moving, shuffling around and skating. Also the passing on the powerplay can be a thing of beauty. Some of the passes create so much open space…its only a matter of time before they start going in.
    Another thought…Gaborik has be great, but Dubi had a start like this last season, so while I’m happy, and pumped about his play, I am looking forward to seeing if he can keep up the great play and scoring.

  87. Vinny V,

    I totally agree. For every Drury there is a Briere, every Redden there is a Campbell and for every Rozsival there is a Jeff Finger. Then there are the mega-long deals like Franzen, Hossa, Luongo. Who knows if they’ll be a loophole after the next CBA is negotiated.

    Part of what got Tallon fired from Chicago is that he gave out Sather-like contracts to Campbell and Khabibulin and Huet, the RFA fiasco was the final straw.

    The only problem is that Sather has given out a few too many of those deals and only one of them has shown any promise of realizing its value and that’s only after 2 games (Gaborik).

  88. Sather will keep his job as long as Dolan sees plenty of sell-out crowds and lots of play-off $$, so i don’t see Slats getting fired unless the team really stinks and no-one wants that do they?

    I’m trying not to get carried away but Gabby, Prospal and Dubi seem to be off to a good start and its great to see MDZ get his first goal already. The powerplay certainly looks better without the 2 R’s, more positive, crisper confident passes just not getting the rebounds (why is Lisin in for Drury? Drury gets most of his goals from in close and Lisin doesn’t look like he’s sharp enough to play that role)

  89. UESBlueshirt,

    No argument that Sather has a tendency to be loose with the checkbook…. Though i’ll attribute some of that on the market we’re in. NY has a huge sports market, and affords GM’s much deeper pockets. Look no further than Steinbrenner in baseball. That’s worse actually. The Yankees can simply out-pay other smaller market teams and get whoever they want.

    At least with the NHL there is SOME control with the salary cap. It’s up to the Owners and GM’s to decide what to do and who to spend it on. Hindsight is always 20/20, and it’s easy to harp on the ones that didn’t work… but it’s always a roll of the dice.

    Chicago is the perfect point. They pay out HUGE money with a mega year deal…. and Hossa has a bum shoulder, Meanwhile(fingers and toes crossed here) Gaborik is on the ice and already lighting the lamp. So at least on that one… Sather looks like a hero.

  90. Tallon didn’t get fired for the big contracts. Tallon got fired for the smaller contracts to Barker, Byfuglien, and all the RFAs. He screwed them by giving guys multi-year multi-million dollar deals when they didn’t deserve it. Now they have to pick between Kane, Toews, or Keith or hope they can trade Sharp, and even then they have 10 more spots to fill with pennies left.

    Hate him or love him, Glen Sather is a quality GM. Does he overpay for players? Yes, but hes not the only one. Every GM in a big market overpays. For every overpayment he makes though, he finds a way to make a great trade to make up for it somewhat. He overpaid for Drury, Redden, Rozsival, and Gomez (Gaborik too based on his injury history) but then came back with steals for Zherdev, Higgins, and Lisin. Zherdev was our top scorer last year, Higgins provides the scoring depth we need, and Lisin is an extremely skilled player that just needs a bit of coaching in order to breakout. He’s drafted really well since the lockout.

    As I said, look at the team from 05-06 and look at the team now. We are so much better. Hell more than half of that 05-06 team isn’t even in the league anymore. Also not to defend him but many of those overpayments were just because of the high price the market set. Wade Redden isn’t worth 6.5 million dollars anymore, but when Brian Campbell went for 8, that immediately boosted his bargaining price. All he his agent had to say was “Campbell got this much and what has he done? Wade has done this offensively and led a team to the Cup Finals.” That’s how he got 6.5 mil again. And Rosy got his because of what Wade got.

    Anyways Wade has looked pretty good so far. I’ve been pleased with him, especially because he’s not rushing to make passes when he’s pressured. Instead he’ll take the hit and try to pin the puck so the other team doesn’t get it. To be honest, Rozy seems to just be down in regards to his play with the puck. However his play away from the puck has been much better this year in the 2 games. I hope he does get his confidence back with the puck because he made some great defensive plays that most people don’t see but will still get the boo-birds (and deserves too) when he turns the puck over.

    Girardi looked much better in certain stretches in the 2nd and 3rd period and was making better passes. The key to this year is that Wingers are criss-crossing in the neutral zone so the D have passing lanes. last year Renney just had them going up the boards and the D would get stuck with nobody to pass to. Now there isn’t much of an excuse. Plus it is tougher to defend because d-men either risk being spread too far out and leaving the slot open and have to pinch in and give them an easy zone entrance.

  91. Oh man so Saturday before the game my wife took me out for lunch at ESPN zone then after lunch we walked down to the NHL Store, as we are walking up to the store who comes out…THE CAPTAIN! There is Mess standing in front of me and i freak out like a little kid i ask if i could get a photo he says sure and now i have my pic with the captain! It was an awesome start to an amazing night! Im so pumped up for this season! just thought i would share this awesome moment.

  92. CCCP!!

    Good morning! i figured you’d come out eventually…. the guys and gals were starting to miss you.

  93. No Country For Old Rangers on

    anybody got an extra ticket for tonight?

    thank god baseball is nearly over. what a waste of time.

  94. Interesting side personal note…

    I play in a league on long island, and i was going through a goal slump reminiscent of Dubinsky last year….

    I decided to switch from my Bauer ‘Naslund’ stick, back to my Easton Synergy ‘Gaborik’ stick, and sure enough i scored a goal that tied it in the 3rd and sent the game into overtime. We later scored in OT to win the game.

    So my goal drought ended, and so did my usage of the Naslund stick… guess i gotta retire that one and send it to Sweeden!

  95. CCCP,

    same ol’ thing here… at work counting down until the game tonight!

    And my new season starts thursday so i’m excited to get back on the ice myself!

  96. Jonny D, I think it was a combination of his bad cap management and the RFA snafu. With Keith, Seabrook and Barker on the blueline there was no need to give a sizable deal to Campbell and then the redundancy of having two expensive goalies. They could have somewhat offset the RFA’s getting near UFA money if they hadn’t squeezed themselves with that excess.

    There was also the rumor that Tallon was getting forced out by Bowman and that gets lent some credence when his son becomes the new GM.

  97. Olga Folkyerself on

    Johnny D

    You lost me at “Glen Sather is a quality GM.” I didn’t believe a word after that.

  98. Johnny D and UES Blueshirt:

    Tallon did not get fired. He was DEMOTED to Senior Advisor of Hockey Operations because he failed to tender qualifying offer sheets to the Blackhawk RFAs by the required deadline.

    He wound up having to sign them for UFA money before the NHLPA could take action against him. If the Blackhawks did not have to spend approx 3 million apiece on those RFAs they wouldn’t be in the cap mess they are in and Tallon would still have his GM job instead of being demoted.

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