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Here are the official post game notes from the Rangers:

October 3, 2009 – New York Rangers 5, Ottawa Senators 2 (Game #2, Home #1)

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The Rangers opened their 2009-10 regular season home schedule with a 5-2 win over the Senators, in front of a sold-out crowd (18,200) at Madison Square Garden.
The win marks the Rangers fifth straight in their Garden opener, which is a new franchise record.
New York has sold out 157 consecutive regular season games, dating back to November 5, 2005 against New Jersey; the last regular season non-sellout was October 31, 2005 vs. Montreal (17,697); including the playoffs, the Rangers sellout streak is now at 171 games.
The Blueshirts improved to 1-1-0 overall, including a 1-0-0 mark at home; the Rangers are in the midst of a five-game home winning streak dating back to last season, and are 9-1-0 in their last 10 regular season games at MSG.
Michael Del Zotto tallied his first career NHL goal, the game-winner, at 19:09 of the second period; At 19 years 101 days old, he is the first teenager to score a goal for the Rangers since Manny Malhotra (1998-99), and the second youngest defenseman in team history to accomplish the feat behind Red Garrett (18 years 154 days).
Vinny Prospal opened the game’s scoring at 3:20 of the second period; the goal was Prospal’s 600th career NHL point, and he is now one goal shy of 200 career NHL goals.
Brandon Dubinsky led all skaters with two goals and three points in 22:36 of icetime; the two goals and three points tied his career-highs.
Marian Gaborik finished with one goal and two points; he has now tallied a goal in back-to-back contests after notching a goal in his Rangers debut last night at Pittsburgh.
Rangers goaltender Henrik Lundqvist made 32 saves, including 19 in the second period, to register his first win of the season.
Six New York skaters recorded one assist in the contest – Dan Girardi, Marc Staal, Christopher Higgins, Chris Drury, Michal Rozsival, and Enver Lisin; Lisin’s assist was his first point as a Ranger.
The Blueshirts have an optional practice scheduled for tomorrow, October 4 (1:00 p.m.), at the MSG Training Center.
The Rangers return to action on Monday, October 5, when they will face-off against the New Jersey Devils at the Prudential Center (7:00 p.m.); the game will be nationally televised on Versus and can be heard on 1050 ESPN Radio.

John Tortorella on tonight’s game…

“We need to button up some things along the way here. We have got young defense. After the first period we couldn’t convert on the power play, we have to say with it. We are giving away too many chances against. But those are correctable things. I thought that the team played hard in a back-to-back. We scored some important goals. I thought that the most important play of the game was Cally (Ryan Callahan) screening the goalie on the third goal. It’s a work in progress. We still have a lot of work to do, but I am happy at the way that they stayed with it and found a way to win the hockey game.”

Brandon Dubinsky on the offense…

“Certainly we have opportunities and we have to continue to capitalize on those chances. I thought we did good tonight. We just have to continue to do it. With our offense, the attack we have, we are going to create those chances. We have to score some goals.”

Michael Del Zotto on his first career goal…

“I can’t even put it in words, it was an unbelievable feeling. I have to give credit to my teammates, my line mates. Cally (Ryan Callahan) provided a great screen, Higgins made a great pass and it happened to go in. I was pretty excited. I saw my mom was crying in the stands, she is pretty emotional. It makes it that much sweeter knowing they were here and they were proud of me. It is a great feeling.”

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  1. carp
    there are so many idiots complaining outside cause of the reserved seats for em.
    so for sure that note is true.
    hell as long as i get a burger and some molson im all smiles.

  2. I have video of same rosen & al troutface!! I razzed him about his tie & said he was better looking in
    person!!! Hahahahahah

  3. LETS GO RANGERSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, just got home from the garden!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Olga Folkyerself on

    171 straight sellouts? Dolan must be very happy with Sather- he’s probably President/GM for Life by now…

  5. he’s been GM for life since the day he was hired. The only way we get rid of Sather is if the Dolans sell the team, or Sather goes to meet his maker. aye aye aye

  6. I can’t remember which blogger said that they would be at tonight’s game wearing a Blue Jays hat, but apparently you have a fan (taken from the “Comments” section in Zipay’s latest blog entry):

    “was in section 233 and had someone who called himself a ‘hockey fan’ (while wearing a blue jays hat no less) lecture everyone on how booing brashear is wrong hope he enjoyed his first night out of the house”

  7. just got home. WHAT A FREAKING GAME> the garden was ROCKING in the begining especially. dispapointed taht there were no player intros but its ok. i cant beleive voros won a fight. best game iv been too.

  8. hhaha that was me!
    what a loser.

    he got beer spilled on him. and im not going to be @ the bar in a jersey. and my blue jays hat matched my safari prods so suck on that.

  9. the blue jay hat guy’s girlfriend threatened to fight a woman in her 50s sitting behind me, and they seemed intent on screaming at anyone booing brashear

  10. OMG did you guys miss me? I missed you! I was at the pub watchin the Sabres lose to Gomez and Mara (sniff!). HOLY MOLY Dubi really kicked some hienies tonight! If Rosen’s Nosens had a starting goalie, I think we could actually do some damage! And you all thought I was crazy for drafting him in the 1st round! HA!

  11. my girl was raggin on him

    you root for the jersey
    you loved ulf he was dirty
    you loved graves and he slashed lemieux
    my girl was on point the drunk had nothin to say.
    my girl knows her hockey

    and it started when i sang o canada
    so pissed @ that all of em
    true patriot love


  12. and yes, the girl behind me spilled a bit of her beer at the end of the night, but it’s not the first time i’ve gone home smelling like stella

  13. she was raggin on me? i couldn’t hear a word she said…she must’ve been mumbling

    and if you’re comparing graves and brashear…like i said, welcome to your first hockey game

  14. when brashear does something worthwhile he’ll be cheered

    until then he’ll be booed

    that’s how it works in new york

    welcome to the sports scene

  15. dude i had no beef with you aside from the stupidity of yelling at people who booed brashear

    you didn’t do much tough talking to me or anyone near me so stop with the tough guy act now

  16. i called bs on you at the start over brashear and mentioned betts and potvin, then i let it go because it didn’t mean anything else to me

    like i said when brashear does something worthwhile he won’t be booed, until then it’ll continue

    that’s how it works

  17. No Country For Old Rangers on

    amazing game. i’m so glad i was able to go. great seats in section 110. i’m still psyched. if anybody should have been boo-ed it should have been jeremy piven. entourage sucks and he has plugs.

  18. no country, piven is the BEST part of entourage

    highlight of the night: meeting the ace of cakes between the 2nd and 3rd periods down in section 63

    lowlight of the night: benching dubinsky in my fantasy league

  19. No Country For Old Rangers on

    thanks linda

    Lisin can really fly! i enjoyed watching him. i like how he’s not afraid to shoot the puck and follows his shots.

    gilroy had some rough spots tonight but is still miles ahead of reds and rozi.

    hank played great and gaborik is phenomenal. cant wait for monday night. how about them devils, a local fan?

  20. linda

    yeah, they showed him on the garden vision early on…turned out he was sitting next to my buddy’s co-worker so we took a walk over between periods

    i ran into the guy from cash cab at a game a year ago…seems like all the reality show guys are ranger fans…

  21. No Country For Old Rangers on


    yeah a lot of my friends like that show. when i despise all the characters of a show it makes it hard for me to watch it. i think the acting is mediocre and a lot of the time its justa shameless cameo-fest.

  22. booing brashear is stupid..why not just not boo someone for one f—— season? or if anything, boo someone that actually has been sucking, like roszival

    get over the betts hit already, you fems (no offense to the ladies on the blog :P )

  23. it’s going to be a fun season watching gilroy and hopefully MDZ ‘mature’. I’ve been really impressed with gilroy. It’s a nice change that they are giving the young guys a shot.

    I won’t be seeing them live until January 7, damnit I should move back to NY

  24. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Carp asked Torts about the water bottle incident and he told him to get the f–k out of here

  25. i booed roszival and redden more than anyone else, although there was a moment of hope in the crowd when redden went down in the first period that he’d be out for a while…although why the refs didn’t blow the play dead while he was laying face down is beyond me

    until and unless brashear does something of value for the rangers he’ll be booed, that’s how it goes

  26. Joe, if ya ever see the guys from deadliest catch, ya gotta get some pics for me!

    Ok kids, you have fun on here. I’ll miss all of you Sunday. GO JETS!! GO GIANTS!! I’ll be in Atlanta, draggin the man to see Metallica, and getting some Dunkin Donuts for the first time since Feb of 2008!!!

    Rangers Devils Monday, what a way to start the season!!!

  27. history lesson, for those who don’t know

    mark messier, the messiah, the captain, the man who led the rangers to the cup, was booed during the last few home games in ’92-93 because he was blamed for a season gone horribly wrong

    tino martinez was routinely booed during the month of april in 1996 after replacing don mattingly…find a yankee fan who’d consider booing him now

    mike richter, the guy whose number 35 is retired, was booed early on during the ’92-93 season because of the ron francis slap shot and his failure to get past it during the early part of the season

    i don’t get why people find this booing thing to be so offensive…strong play wins the fans over, until that happens it is what it is

  28. Linda, people in Buffalo are a little crazy about their hockey. I didn’t wanna ruin all my new friendships! Believe me, it was a tough decision. I thought my friend would be updating me about the Rangers game, but he totally failed. Tonight sucked!

  29. No Country For Old Rangers on

    rozi especially heard it from the crowd tonight. i dont know how you all feel but Lisin has impressed me more than Anisimov so far.

    i wouldnt wish injury or pain on somebody but when Redden went down in the first i will admit i was pleased and secretly hoping it would be one of the season ending variety

  30. Given what Carp said in his previous entry, I still have a tough time imagining Avery with an “A” on his sweater. Although I must admit that I would enjoy watching that sideshow every time he had to hold a discussion with the refs.

    I might be in the minority here, but a more mature Sean Avery is not what I’m looking for. We saw what happened when he returned from his one game benching in the playoffs (Game 6, I believe) and played timid.

    I say let him continue to straddle the line between gamesmanship and lunacy. Giving him the “A” might force him to act more like #23, and we saw what happened to this team last year when they lacked personality.

  31. No Country For Old Rangers on


    enjoy the show! hopefully they’ll play some old stuff. i think it was all downhill after lightning. i’ve heard they are pretty good about playing the old songs.

    nothing worse then when an over the hill band tries to cram their new stuff down your throat. my friends saw iron maiden and said the band was adamant about not playing “classics” so f-ed up.

  32. like i was saying at the game redden makes me nostalgic for tom poti

    once upon a time on the old ny times message board i nicknamed the roszival-poti-malik combo malikzivoti and closed my eyes every time they cycled around in their own zone

    roszival looks lost without jagr to pass to, and he was at best a #4 defenseman pushed into top pair duty because there really wasn’t a better option in 05-06…the mistake continues

  33. guys I thought Redden played a great game tonight. i will wait for Rangers in 60 in 40 min to see if what i saw live is really what occured but i think he was great. rozsival was horrendous, anisimov didnt impress and brashear disappointed with his fight, but in general great great game. boyle needs to be more physical though. one time when rangers were shorthanded boyle had great opportunity to deliver a hard hit and passed up. rozy did same thing in 2nd period i beleive.

  34. No Country For Old Rangers on

    wow. just saw the devils/flyers highlights. looks like marty had a few too many cheeseburgers in the off-season

  35. almost forgot…today…(well, yesterday now) october 4th, was the 18 year anniversary of the trade that changed the franchise forever

  36. lisin and kotalik have to be stronger on the puck.
    gilroy is a big gambler but he can skate like the wind…

    hopefully grachev gets off to a great start in hartford..

  37. Roszival actually played well tonight. He (while not deserving of his 5 mil salary) can be an asset to the team, as long as he doesn’t play like a pansy who is afraid to take the body. He was actually aggressive and used his body tonight, and along with his ability to play well positionally he can be a really solid defenseman. Tortorella seems to be taking him to task and requiring him to mix it up more. I think that Roszival will have a good year and will be an important part of our defensive corps.

  38. Nice win. Dubi looked great and Gabby was again amazing. Prospal was good too. 1.2 M for him and 3 M for Kota-leak. Huh?

    That Blueman Group thing was retarded and typical of how clueless Dolan is. He embarrassed our fans.

  39. Anisimov hasn’t looked that great but I think getting Avery back on that line instead of Higgins will make the world of a difference for him.

  40. Linda… Troutwig was better looking in person… I was kidding around with him & was razzing him
    about his disco ball pink like he did to Perry Pearn lol waited afterwards
    for them to come out & all I saw was Higgins.
    I was a couple of rows up from the ice… Prospal sees the ice VERY well. Redden played a SOLID SOLID game. Rozi constantly second guesses himself & is thinking way too much bc he doesn’t want to make mistakes. You can see it all over his face. The PP looks really good. Drury was great tonight. Dubinsky was a beast. Lisin is like lightening. Gilroy & MDZ are amazing & Gabby is an absolute wizard with the puck & love that he’s on the team. Oh and Brashear blows.

  41. Roszival didn’t look like he played too well tonight GB. He made a nice outlet pass once or twice, and i believe made a good block with a his stick on the PK, but he turned the puck over way too many times and didn’t provide enough support in his own zone.

  42. No Country For Old Rangers on


    are you crazy? no offense but rozi was terrible tonight. so many turnovers. plus he had that far-away look in his eye every time he had the puck. it’s like he doesnt know what to do with it. too much thinking not enough reflex/instinct. he might be worse than redden.

  43. nope. I’m tired, but our first line is looking pretty good.

    Dubiinsky is gonna have a breakout year. Gaborik is looking awesome.

    I like our young D, hate our old D.

  44. I watched the game at my buddy’s sports bar in Montauk last nite. I actually watched with no volume. Better, without the MSG thought police (Sam & Joe) telling me what I was seeing. Rozi appeared abysmal early, but turned it on late. He actually resembled an NHL defenseman in the 3rd.

    Booing Brashear makes as much sense as booing one of your own kids just because he was bad in the past. Get over it already. Geez. You would think Blair Betts # was in the rafters between Messier and Leetch.

    It was exciting hockey thats for sure.

  45. fastest Ranger team I ever saw! and skill too!

    some other (random) observations:
    I think Staal looks like he’s pressing to try to get into the offense.

    Lisin looks like Val Kamensky o_O

    Brashear is going to get a fight a game until he wins one =O

    that kid Regin on the Sens is gonna be good

    Kovaloaf ain’t no Danny Heatley

    Sharks look good, with Orty and Malholtra on the 4th line

  46. No, no. Torts didn’t swear at me. We go back too far for that to happen … unless I did something really stupid. But I asked him how the puck just seems to find guys like Gaborik, like a magnet and the first word out of Torts’ mouth probably ended the MSG portion of his interview because it was four letters long. I just thought it was funny.

  47. Solid, entertaining game tonight.

    I’m gonna be Redden and Rosival’s lone advocate here. Were they spectacular, no, but do they warrant the lame “Rosival was horrendous” or hopeful thoughts of a season ending injury to Redden EFF NO. Both were responsible in their own zone and effective in moving the puck forward (Rosival not so much in the first). They make more money than they are worth, but thats not their fault. You pay 50k for Subaru Outback, don’t expect Audi performance. (Off soap box)

    The teams gets a B. Their style of play seems too difficult for them to keep up for the full 60 minutes, so 20 shots in a period are gonna happen to this team. But I loved how they did not sit on the 3 to 1 lead and did not play “try not lose defense”. That aggresiveness will cost them for sure some times. But I’ll watch that any day over the Renney way.

  48. Worthy of note: When Brashear went down late in the 3rd, our section cheered BLAIR BETTS! BLAIR BETTS!

  49. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " 2 down 52 goals to go!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Gaborik is on pace to score 50 , its that easy!!!!

    WTG TR808!!!

  50. Speed Ranger, that is too funny!!

    No Country, as long as they don’t play a damned thing from that horrendous St.Anger, I’ll be happy. My daughter saw them in January, her first time, and said they were awesome and they played about 3 songs off Death Magnetic ( which I love) and TONS of old stuff!! I have a picture of her when she was 2 months old with my walkman with Lighting in it!

    The boys played a good game Saturday night. Rozy has gotten Gomez’s turnover disease. I still think Redden has been much improved over last season. Seeing him use his body to make plays is a good sign! I really wish I could get up to NY this fall to catch a game, but unless I hit the GA lottery, finances won’t allow it! I’ll have to live vicariously through you guys going to the games and reporting back!!!

    You guys have a great Sunday!!! Hopefully the Jets and Giants remain undefeated!!

  51. CCCP
    October 4th, 2009 at 3:41 am

    (so wasted)

    This is the funniest post I’ve ever read!!!

  52. No Country For Old Rangers on


    I agree about St Anger. Terrible record…have you seen the documentary some kind of monster? amazing stuff. its hilarious. i highly recommend it if you are interested in seeing what babies those guys truly are.

  53. got mixed feelings on the brashear treatment..true i was never a fan.. and dont understand why we replaced orr..but this is the guy who is going to be protecting our kids every night.. should we be booing him?? no doubt he will win the garden over eventually.. whether he jumps someone after a cheap shot or scores a timely goal.. but do we need attack him in the meantine.. answer is prob yes.. just hope he has thick skin..

  54. Great display last night as a whole. We can sit here and nit-pick, but we put up 4 plus an empty netter… i’ll take that kind of offense all day long.

    The Gabby-Dubi-Prospal line looks great!

  55. I think Redden has played two of his better, if not best, games as a Ranger. He looks like he has way more energy and is actually being physical now. Of course, he will never live up to his salary, but if he can play like this throughout the year, the D will not be as big a concern as we thought. That said, Rozy is still…awful.

    I have no idea how good or bad this team is going to be, but there are two sure things: they will work their asses off in the process and they will be fun to watch.


  56. They are fun to watch so far, watching this really makes you realize how boring last year’s system was. That said, I think the defensemen are a little too excited to jump into the play; too many rushes the other way for opponents. Hopefully we fix that because Henrik can’t be excellent every night.

  57. Seeking Help From the Boneheads

    Since Concast is trying to put the screws to DirecTv over charges for Versus, Comcast made D-Tv take it off their progaming. Thus my plight. Can you guys give me some internet outlets for the game Monday. This Ranger fan in KY would be most appreciative of your help. This team is going to be fun to watch and I don’t want to miss one game if I donlt have to. Thanks guys & gals

  58. carp- youre right he does look like kaufman!!! lol i never realized it but he does resemble him.

    the game was great. i was a little worried about the pp but its gonna score. if they keep moving the puck around quickly and keep it set up for more than 10 seconds like last year, they should wear out the pk and get some good shots. leclaire and the post saved a few pp goals last night too. i gotta say i wasnt too impressed with duby last year but he looks awesome. very strong and powerspast d men right to the net. this is the power fwd jessiman was supposed to be. redden looked fine again. i told ya he gonna have a good bounceback season. do u guys really think he could play like he did under renny, and not be benched by torts? he knows it, and this style of play is what hes used to. anisimov doesnt seem to be able to hang with a full nhl roster opponent right now. he might need a talkin to from torts. looks lost out there.

    greg- actually, if gabby keeps this up, hes on par for an 82g season!!

  59. Roszival made 1 really bad turnover last night but all in all (especially considering the fact that he was booed every time he touched the puck) he was solid, and he was definitely more physical. The more physical part is a HUGE step in the right direction. Of course since he is so much undder the microscope every little mistake he makes is noticed and pounced upon. I understand our collective digruntlement with Roszival, but mine and most others’ complaints were mainly that he is a wuss, and not strong enough taking the body (in the rare instance that he even did) or in the corners. I think Roszival will continue to grow in confidence and aquit himself well this year if he continues to be a physical presence, which I think Torts must (thank god) be demanding of him.

  60. nicdip-if you leave your email addie, i will send you a website that has many if not all games live every day.

  61. as far as rozi, don’t know what some of you are watching or drinking, but the game has passed him by. maybe he’s too cerebral or something, but you cannot think these days when making a play. instinct drives everything and the ability to see the ice to make those instinctual plays. he traps himself too much trying to make a play, and passes to him just always seem to evade his stick.

    haven’t seen any comments on why no even strength ice last night in the third for DZ and gilroy. did they talk about that on msg? did torts have anything to say about that?

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