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Well, the game didn’t end as I’d hoped, but it’s only one, right? Darn, from your comments and the post-game notes I read, it sure sounded interesting! I’ll let Carp give you the post game wrap up, but here’s your clean morning slate….btw, Bruce was outstanding, as usual. And I met some Rangers fans in the lot, go figure.

P.S. Basher got a 5 minute major in first game! Tell me your thoughts…and good morning Staal and all!

P.P.S. 451 comments for game 1! Not bad….you can do better heads!


Thanks, Laurel.

Here are the official game summary and event summary from last night’s game.


Hey, it’s Carp again. This is something I think is pretty cool. The Rangers are making their media guide available to all online — you can also download it. You can access it here.

They are still printing (and selling, I believe) the 400 or 500-page print version as well. Interestingly, the New York Football Giants are not wasting that paper this year. They have distributed media guides on disk drives to the media, and I think their guide is available online, too.

Here are the pregame notes for tonight’s home opener.

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  1. Captain Clutch update: Captain Clutch is driving back to New York in the Clutchmobile right now! Why so late?? Because Captain Clutch went out after the game to celebrate my CLUTCH goal to tie the game at 1-1! I wasn’t gonna let this loss ruin my International Day of Non-Violence! Or my CLUTCH goal!

    Good thing Captain Clutch scored that CLUTCH goal, now you guys won’t talk about my penalty that led to Pittsburgh’s 1st goal! Or how Captain Clutch failed to cover Crosby on the 2nd goal! Imagine if it was Wade that did that! Oh man! And Coach Lunatic is blaming this game on Lisin and Anisimov! But everyone thinks I had a great game! Ha-Ha! I love New York! Seriously though, Captain Clutch gets a pass because you guys know without that CLUTCH goal we would’ve lost 3-1 instead of 3-2!

    /peels out in Clutchmobile

  2. Laurel – didn’t want to leave you hanging at 3am. I read enough, I’m up, figure as good a time as any to throw up a first post.

  3. Sounded like they competed which is good especially against a great team. However, Rozsival again stunk. How long before Tort calls for reinforcements?

    I didn’t see any cause I was at an unbelievable Bruce Springsteen concert at Giants Stadium. Amazing stuff from The Boss!

    I am glad that Gabby scored in his first game. And Drury scoring early is important. Sounds like Gilroy had a nice game and DZ looked alright as did Redden. So, all in all not bad.

    Let’s see what they do tonight at MSG.

  4. I think that once this team gets to know one another and the positioning they will be a very good offensive team.

  5. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Hi was Bruce? My friend offered me a ticket at the last minute but I declined. I rather watch the rangers and yankees.

    I would rather lose this way than the renney way,in OT- shootout.
    Gaborik seems to be in the right place at the right time with good hands like the top scorers do.

    It would have been nice to spoil the pens night, and when is someone going to crush cindy?

  6. bull dog line on

    Still have a good feeling about this team. One major concern to me, Marc Stall, he has no shot and seem to play very erratic.

  7. Are the Pens that good or did the Rangers make them look that good? The rangers need a lot of work. In a few weeks this team will be good. We missed Sjustrom, and Betts big time. I watched Sjustrom play for Calgary against Vancover the other night, he looked good. Dawes also played a very good game.

  8. Not a bad effort for the first game on the road after the long wait for the start because of the ceremony. You have to remember- this is basically a completely new team and most of the players have not played together much, even in pre-season games.
    Don’t forget- no Avery either. You know he would have made some difference.
    Well, off to the Yale football game and I will be getting pumped up for tonight’s opener!
    See you all later!

  9. Despite the loss I am still feeling pretty good. DZ and Gilroy are gonna be freaking rockstars here. To play the way they did their first games on the road against the SC champs…good stuff. Avery will help balance out the o-lines. First game grade B-.

  10. Carp – and the rest of you:

    What game were you guys watching? This was not a great outing. The D, to put it mildly, was horrible at times during this game. They gave up how many odd man rushes? They missed their spots how many times during this game? Gilroy and Del Sotto looked good at times, but I counted seven different times they were out of position in the D zone – inexcusable! The different ‘game plan’ that torts plays is dangerous when you play a team like Pitt. You have to respect that speed – and the fact that they probably have the best Center tandems in the east right now – unbelievable speed and skill.

    The offense was ok (gaborik was outstanding at times) – but as lines, they looked rusty and out of sync. Now, you can say that was because it is early in the season, new teammates, etc. But let me point something: it was Pitts first game too. This is the NHL- professional should mean something. You need to be ready to go – you should be at the top of your game. You can also say that they quality of shots taken (25 missed) needs to improve greatly… because many of the shots on net were poor quality shots.

    And what did the fight that Brash had with Goddard add to the contest? NOTHING – as I have said all along. It was a waste of game time, TV time, and the Rangers time.

    To me, Torts has something to prove here. And so do the other 25 professionals who wear the sweater. Tonight will be just as tough, another two points up for grabs against a very strong eastern opponent.

    We better man up and play some solid hockey on BOTH ends of the ice –

  11. The problem the rangers are going to face is that the rangers don’t have the players for Torts system, especially on the blueline. Del zotto has offensive skills but is a small player for the back line and will get out worked and muscled off the puck in his own zone. Redden and Rosival plain stink and need to be replaced. I don’t care if sather has to bury them in hartford for the rest of there ranger contract. On the front line they don’t have enough guys who have a scoring touch, except for Gaborik. It’s only one game but unless things change it could be a long season.

  12. Ease up there Sean. Out of position 7 times a piece? At the same time? total? They played hard and line chemistry has more to do with the successful combination of the nuances of each individuals game. The lack of chemistry would have more to do with Dubinsky being late to camp and missing a top 6 forward in their lineup then any lack of preparation. And lets not forget some of those unbelieveable saves Fleury made, ROBBED Prospal. Bottom line, we were competitive with the Stanley Cup champs and given our nucleus I think there is reason for optimism moving forward.

  13. RangerAndy –

    That was a piece, and the first and second periods only! How many times did we lose the puck in the neutral zone – I cant even count. They need to be STRONG on the puck – I wont even get into the power play – it is too embarrassing.

    You are going to face players like Fluery in every game you play. I agree that it is early – but without Gaborik, we look like a team afloat without punch – and weak with our puck skills. I am worried about the start of the season if we play the same way tonight. We will be in a hole that may start to get too large to climb out of …

  14. Could have been worse… If Prospal buries that 2 on 1, it’s a different game. But i don’t want to play the ‘if’ game. The Pens are a solid team, the Rangers played ok but erratic, need to see a better effort tonight.


  15. Last night both goalies had good games, but Fleury won that game last night. Simple as that, and there are going to be nights, many nights, that Hank wins games for us. We played with the champs last night, and we outplayed them at times. Good game, not a bad loss, and I loved what I saw from Gaborik.

  16. Laurel, Brashear will get into fights and stick up for his teammates and he will be doing his job and I will applaud that but It will not change my mind about him as a hockey player.

  17. And I will also add, that Drury seemed quicker and he was attempting more shots last night. If he keeps that up, that is a good thing.

    I wonder if Torts keeps the same lines tonight?

  18. my thoughts…

    Girardi :(

    Lundqvist will have lots of 2 on 1’s this season, esp with Gilroy leading the forecheck in the corner

    DZ and AA looked nervous.

    i liked Lisin.

  19. A few bounces, the afformentioned Prospral’s and Gabo’s that slid through Fluery’s legs and thats a 5-3/5-2 W, so I think they played pretty well for first time out with a completely revamped team against a team with minimal changes from last year. I had my doubts about Del Z and Gilroy but they played great, the other 4 D…not so much. Personally, I would rather give up some odd man rushes and let Hank get a good look at whats coming(instead of how teams normally score against us…after its been in our end for 10 min 5 on 5) and have us in turn get some odd man rushes back. Playing the Torts system high pace in the end with this team will be very good. As i’ve said all off season, this team will miss Blair Betts. Avery is going to have to step up and be the guy that everytime he gets off the bench is hell on wheels and seeks out the puck. The first two lines are money but Torts will have to figure out who is worth it from the rest.

  20. Sean, what did I say? I have not commented on the game once.

    Dopplerbob, welcome back.

    Brashear fought Godard in a pre-arranged waste of time. Didn’t stop Orpik from stepping up and popping Gaborik. Had zero effect on the game.

  21. No Country For Old Rangers on

    overall it was a decent effort. sloppy at times but they did do some good things. how about the puck bouncing over redden’s stick at the end there? unbelievable. the guy is cursed.

  22. I’m reading over the comments last night & today. Come on guys it’s their first game with almost an entirely new team. It could have been much worse. They didn’t play THAT bad & showed flashes of the team we really hope we see for the next 81 games. It’s just the first game…

  23. All in all, a good effort against the team in the NHL MOST capable
    of taking advantage of our pressing style with odd-man rushes, in their home on Banner night.
    I thought that to a man, (even the TWINS!) constantly HIT the Pens at all opportunities, which bodes well.
    As pointed out above, would much rather see Hank facing odd-man rushes where he has a chance, than relentless pressure and heavy traffic in his face.
    Gilroy is truly an offensive force to be reckoned with, and considering our youth being given heavy minutes we will see giantic improvement as the season unfolds.
    Gabby is clearly as dangerous, dynamic player as there is and a joy to behold.
    The Pens were clearly a stronger team, but we hung right in there with a good chance to win and competed hard. Don’t know how Gabby’s 5 hole poke stayed out unless it somehow hit off the shaft of Fleury’s stick when it got by him to deflect past the net, and that was an incredible save on Prospal, but Hank kept us in the game with 3 beauties as well.
    Looking forward to tonight.

  24. We all love up-tempo hockey and Torts system, but you have to have a right instruments to implement it. With a team like Pens with their skills and speed it should be different strategy (may be even “trap”?), otherwise too many break outs with inexperienced (or plain incapable) defense. Have to be more tactically flexible with different teams, or it will be unforgivable season.
    Girardi was horrible, Redden surprisingly good, hope it stays this way. Dubi, with efforts as usual, was too often out of position, loosing puck and causing turnovers. Absolutely love Gilroy. Him and Gabby are our best acquisition this year. And yes, I put them in one sentence. Drury was good – much better and fresher then last year.
    Considering our “raw” team 1st game against “played together” champions in this first road game, I’m very optimistic in a hope of finding quick chemistry and Torts vision.

  25. I have to say, the game was not THAT bad. I would have preferred the win, but they played a decent game. I am VERY happy with the Prospal, Gaborik, Dubi line. Thought Drury played well, regardless of how much most of you hate him. I wanted to beat him with a stick for that stupid pelanty that cost us the first goal, but overall, I wasn’t dissapointed with him.

    Gilroy has been a pleasant surprise. So has Higgins! Cally ALWAYS works hard. Missing Betts & Sjo soooo bad on that pelanty kill. Hoping Avery makes a quick recovery.

    I’m still up in the air about DZ. We shall see over the next few games.

    The R&R Rejects r KILLING ME. What have we done to deserve this crap???

    I still don’t like Brashear, but it was a fun fight to watch.

    Hoping for an awesome game tonight! LET’s GO RANGERS!!!!!

  26. Sorry Carp – I was addressing you because you are the king of the blog!

    Brash – I agree with you Carp – as I have said all off season – IT IS A WASTE OF TIME, MONEY, and ICE!!!!! I Hate this Signing!!!!

    The Fight was absolutely USELESS to the game –

  27. i thought the momentum shifted to the rangers after the fight.

    way too many 2 on 1s, that needs to be addressed immediately. either that, or i guess we’ll have to get used to it in the torts system

  28. Some good some bad. Lots of odd man rushes the other way is the inherent downside risk to the more aggressive style.

    Gaborik showed that he can skate with the best of them, it’s amazing how much he can get the defense on their heels and he’s smooth navigating through defenders to create chances.

    Physical play was ok, they’ll get a little more grit with Avery when he returns.

    Special teams was probably their weakest part of the game and though it’s only one game the PP needs to cash in especially in situations where a goal can tie the game or create a lead. Pitt scored the opening goal on the PP and it helped sway an otherwise even period in their favor.

  29. Olga Folkyerself on

    FIRE SATHER!!!!!!!!!!!

    You will all be joining me soon enough. Just remember, you heard it here first….

  30. I would say the most positive thing that came out of this game was that they didnt lay down and die. Atleast they made it 3-2 and had a chance.

    Honestly the two goals were so fluky I cant really blame them so much for hte loss in game one

  31. Rozsival should be buried NOW. on

    Godawful in preaseason, godawful last night, no sign of improvement. Renney buried Kasparaitis for less reason than Torts has here to bury Rozsival…

  32. And after Rozsival is buried... on

    Next move should be Sanguinetti and a prospect or pick to Carolina for Anton Babchuk, use some of the cap space obtained by burying Blowzsival to sign him.

  33. Ok lets start with a dose of reality. The Pens are a great team with a great goalie who has finally come into his own.
    The King did not win us the game nor did he lose it. We simply lost because Fluery STOLE that game for the Penguins. The boys should have scored at least three goals in the second and another two in the third but were robbed.
    They outplayed the Pens the majority of the game and when you consider that half the Rangers are new, that is not a bad thing. We need about 20 games to gel as a team and we will be more than fine!!

    As for the players—-

    The King– looked a little shaky at times not one of his best efforts.

    MDZ– considering the circumstances, played very well and at times made some great plays. He will only get better and down the road will be a tremendous player.

    Blowzy– Sucked big time!!! like usual. Nothing more to say accept that if he were MDZ’s age he would not have made the team based on his play!

    Redden– Was surprisingly good last night. I only saw one glaring mistake wich for him is a big deal. Hope he can keep it up.

    Gilroy– We will enjoy this kid for many years to come. He was outstanding at times. May soon be the number one dman on the team.

    Girardi– Was terrible!! Got knocked down all game long and was too slow to react to many situations. Very disapointed!

    Staal– He is what he is and that’s a shut down defensive dman who has a goood outlet pass and can occaisionaly lug the puck up the ice. That’s it, and there is nothing wrong with that. He should be paired with GIlroy as the number one defensive unit. They can flourish together for years.

    Gabby– was outstanding but nervous at times. He is a great player who I hope stays healthy because he can score 40+ here for a long time to come!

    Dubi– Was good for the most part. Needs to work on his shot accuracy.

    Prospal– Nothing bad so thats good I guess.

    Higgins– Was pretty good at times. He will be a pretty good player for us this year.

    Drury– Was pretty good accept for his bad penalty.

    Cally– Was surprisingly quiet for me. That said, he’s a great Ranger and will still get 30 this year.

    Kotalik– See Prospal.

    Anisimov– Was nervous early got better later. Needs more ice time. I think he will be relly good for us as the season progresses.

    Lisin– Alot of speed and talent, not so much hockey sense. I hope Torts makes him into a player.

    Brashear– draw is all I can say.

    Boyle– Sucks!!!!!!!! I can’t believe a team would draft this guy in the first round. Than again we drafted Jessiman.

    VOROS– Back to last years form as soon as he faces a real NHL lineup.

    Bottom line, a game to really build on that we could have and should have won.

    P.S. also missed AVERY!

  34. I’ll be in 329. I’m leaving for the city in a few minutes, and I plan on being @ Blarney before the game.

    Look for the “C” Dubi jersey. :D

  35. Sec- 328 row B seats 5,6,7 with my two daughters who will be wearing an Avery and a lundquist jearsey.

  36. take all the positives u want the bottom line is we failed to get a point. i for one whether its 6-1 or 3-2 to the pens its A LOSS.

    I TRULY BELIEVE ITS a lot harder to make the playoffs.

    everygame has importance.


  37. Alex B – I agree with just about all your assessments.

    The thing I would say about Del Zotto, it’s not a question of ability or hockey sense at this stage – it’s whether at 19 years old can physically handle an 82 game season. His post game interview was impressive for such a young guy, very composed and introspective.

    This team is going to be tough to watch if last night was any indication of how the season is going to go. No lead will be safe with the d-men playing up so much and the odd man rushes the other way…. think about that situation with Valiquette playing 15-20 games.

    I would also say that the Prospal save by Fleury wasn’t that big a deal. Dubinsky looked right from the blue line in, not a single glance on goal. Fleury knew he was going to pass the entire time, making it easy for him to get across.

  38. The Rangers are better, much better than they showed us last night. Better tonight I expect.

  39. Hey all,

    havent posted here in weeks. just bought tickets to tonights game. what time are the ceremonies (player introductions etc) starting? it says doors open 5:30 but whats a resonable time to be in your seats to not be bored to death before game starts? thanks!

  40. Avery – prospal – gabby have to be a line if we want the most out of gaborik
    higgins – dubinksy- callahan
    lisin – drury – kotalik
    Brashear – AA – voros

    Boyle is minor leauge, and dubinsky needs to be with his younger teamate, change the lines and the winning will begin

  41. Reeshay (or Riche') on

    New team… same result.

    Honestly it’s still the PP… pens get one… we go 0-4… we lose by one.

    Don’t read anymore into it than that.

    End of story.

  42. Lev I was wondering the same thing…I don’t think it would be any different than a normal game, so 7:00 would be my guess, but who knows…it’s my first home opener

  43. have a great time at the game tonight guys, and TR, at Warren afterwards! Jealous! I’ll be with ya in spirit, and driving my man crazy tonight with the ‘talking excitedly’ at the computer screen!!

    Interesting combos Rjam, wouldnt mind seeing that for a few games to see how it worked out.


  44. Jealous of all you that get to actually be there, but I’ll be watching it and also yelling at the TV/computer. Looking for a good follow-up to last night, and I can’t wait to hear the goal cheer once again. The last time I heard it was when I was at Game 6 against the Caps and the late last fluke goal went in, and almost nobody actually cheered along with it.

    And Linda, at least tonight we’ll get to see the coverage from MSG!


  45. In case I for got to mention a couple of things today…Now is the perfect time for slats to dump rozy on MTL with markov being out four months atleast. And i hope everyone has a crease clearing hard hitting physical dman day!

    I’ll be the one at the game disguised as an empty seat…oh wait, I won’t be there, nevermind!!!

  46. i think duby will be better as the season goes along. this is his chance to really become the top center for this team. hes good at carrying the puck along teh boards and powering past defenders, but his passing and shooting need work. that play where he set up prospal for an almost open net was a good pass but he telegraphed it like someone said before. even though prospal still shouldve buried that. i think duby should stay on the 1st line at least for a few games. then if he doesnt perform, and i dont mean his forecheck, i mean putting goals in the net and getting off way more and better shots, then put prospal with gabby and higgins or avery. id keep avery-duby and cally on the 2nd, even though that looks more like a checking 3rd line. i think higgins should actually be dubys left wing on the top line. at least for a few games make it
    aves-AA-kotalik(they need aves to bring some toughness and grit on that line, very disappointed with the 3rd last night
    brash-boyle-lisin(voros looked like his old self again)

    the pp looked better than last year, but not by much. im kinda od surprised at how inept we are at the pp still. even preseason we didnt look to good, but it wil get better. few more games and they’l be better.

    all in all a decent first game. hank let in that softie like usual and that was the difference. i still dont think hank has gotten better. i expect him to be better than last year. he does make alot of amazing saves, but cant stop some easy ones. if he doesnt correct that, hes not gonna improve. and with the aggressive style we play, hes gonna be giving up more goals. so those floaters from the point have to be stopped. no excuse, even if he was partially screened. he cant play so deep in his net all the time. i think we will end up with around the same points and around 7th place again, just for the fact that our pk is worse, our pp doesnt seem to be that much better, and with the few extra goals we might score a game, were gonna give up more too. its gonna even itself out. a better d squad would really help hank in clearing the net for him to see some of those bad goals he lets in. like i said this is actually still a team in transition, so until the 2 rooks on D and the 2 rocks on D start playing a little better in their own end, we’ll be playing alot of close games, just like last night.

  47. very good idea wick!! yea slats dump rozy on the scabs!!! but who should w eget back? id be happy with apick and maybe bring mara back. or hal gill. even though wed have to give up more than just rozy. hes definitely got almost zero trade value right now, so with the oppurtunity we have to give him to montreal, i say we just take what we can get. just him being gone will improve our play so much.

  48. stow- i hear ya. i’ll be yellin and screamin at the computer too whenb we hear the goal song again. unless were gettin blown out, which is possible if they give up as many odd mans as last night. but im hopin and i think we will win tonight.

  49. grabachev

    i would send boyle along with rozy (they need size worse than us) and take max lapierrier back along with a 4th or 5th round pick!!!

  50. My take;

    Hank – Played well. Should have stopped that 3-1 goal, but then again, he made some other important saves. Was outplayed by Fleury though, who had a fantastic game.

    Staal – Fantastic. Such composure and poise with and without the puck. Looks like Lidström at times.

    Girardi – Slow in our zone and added nothing offensively. Tough night.

    Redden – Great game, I hope this continues. But I’m expecting nothing.

    Roszival – Awful game. Looked as shaky as ever, slow on outbreaks, did not compete for the puck by the boards. Look for him to be buried/traded if this continues.

    Gilroy – Amazing albeit extremely risky at times. His puck movement and skating is the best I’ve seen a Ranger D have since you know… Played physical in our zone and had some nice hits on Malkin and Crosby. Looked like a veteran.

    MDZ – Had a tough start. Nervous and a bit shaky on the puck the first 10 minutes. Got better and considering his age and the fact that this was his first NHL game, he was good.

    Prospal – Good game. Great vision and had some chem with Gabby and Dubi.

    Dubi – Looked fast and aggressive. No 1 center in my book.

    Gabby – Strongest skater I’ve seen in years. Please stay healthy.

    Dru – Good game, sometimes a bit sloppy with passes.

    Higgins – Did get much done, needs to skate harder.

    Callahan – Worked hard as usual.

    Anisimov – Nervous and got caught on his heels defensively a couple of times. Got better.

    Lisin – Struggled all night. Didnt get control and was out-muscled time and again.

    Kotalik – Also had a tough night 5 on 5. Third line as a whole did’nt play well, especially defensively.

    Boyle/Brash/Voros – Outskated on every shift. Boyle is in WP already and Brashear is a clown. I do not like nor will I ever like this signing.

  51. hey guys! Everyone have fun at the home opener. I got home from Philly in time to watch last night’s game and I love the young guys. I hate to say it, but they remind me of the young flyers team that was full of rookies (Richards, upshall, carter, etc.) several years ago who have all developed into rock star players.

    Man, the boyle, mara, brashear line looks like its stuck in quick sand after those first three lines roll out. but they did some great checking at times.

    Del Zotto has all my respect. 19 years old, playing the defending champs, running the power play. Not perfect, but I am excited to see his play improve after the “just glad to be here” feeling goes away for him.

    Anyways, I will be in the city tonight. Maybe at Warren. Probably drinking somewhere in the 60s on the west side. If you are at Warren 77 after the game and you see a runner looking person wearing a leetch jersey who is screaming “This is my gaborik dance” after drinking two beers, then you have found me.

  52. Hi everyone from Agravaine and me. We are heading in now very excited for hockey season. Hey Nasty Ag forgot her phone so can I give you my email so you can send me your number in case A
    g needs to txt you. My that was convoluted! Anyway my email is Anybody else going to the game?

  53. I’ll be in row A of my living room, center seat on the couch! To all who are going to the game, enjoy! wish i could be there, but i’ll be cheering from home!

    Gaborik was impressive, quick first step, fast skater, great hands… though if i hear joe micheletti say explosive speed one more time my head will pop!

  54. No morning skate… don’t know if Avery is in the lineup tonight? Can’t wait to see the on-ice intro’s!

  55. vinny
    just asked my friend the same question. waiting on an answer. id rather him sit till hes 100%. a healthy sean avery for 65 games is better than a semi ok avery for the season.

    going to be leaving work in a bit. Hopefully meet up w/ my friend and grab some Tims @ Penn Station. Hope to meet some of you @ the game or @ w77 afterwards.

  56. That sucks… can’t wait to see him in the line up. He’s a difference maker for sure. But i’m willing to wait to make sure he’s 100%. No reason to take chances the first few games of the season.

  57. Jorek,

    No kidding…. i lost count how many times Joe fell in love with Gabby. Sounds like a damn broken record. He’s the vocal replay of a video replay. ANNOYING.

  58. Long time reader-first time posting. I have been a Rangers fan all my life. My dad and I try go get to a game once a year. I so wish I was going to the home opener tonight!! The team looked good last night, but needs a little bit of work. They will be fine after they get a few games under their belt. Much look much better than last year. I was impressed DelZotto’s interview after the game. He seemed very composed for his age. Anyway, LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!! Get us a win tonight!!! I’ll be watching from home screaming and yelling when I need to!

  59. To those with Center Ice:

    Is anyone getting the Ranger game tonight? I just checked and it’s not showing on any of the channels.

  60. I thought the ranger splayed a fairly decent game. Theu let down for a 1:08 and got burned. Not a satisfying watch but not that horrfying either. If They win tonight and all you who were disappointing in the opener might be saying the played very well over the weekend.

    Donald Brashear Introduces Left Handed Stun Gun To Eric Godard’s Face Video

  61. Oh well looks like Avery will not play tonight.

    Just got back from the Yale football game after meeting many Yale hockey players. They are all rooting for our man Higgins who of course played for Yale.
    Great group of guys.
    Lets go Rangers!!!!!!!!!!

    Good to hear from you Carp…
    Great job here as always

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