Happy Hockey Day (Updated)


Despite the fact that you have to watch the Stanley Cup banner raised in Pittsburgh — you can tune in late if you want, but I’m guessing there will be shots of the banner and replays of the ceremony interspersed during the telecast — tonight is one of the best nights of the year for you Boneheads. And you already know that.

Opening night in Pittsburgh, followed by the home opener tomorrow.

Some news is expected today … the naming of the alternate captains, and the ongoing Alexei Semenov contract story. Don’t know if that one will be resolved today, but it doesn’t matter unless one of the other defensemen get hurt in the morning skate or warmup since Semenov wasn’t likely to play tonight anyway.

John Tortorella plans to tell his team his choices for alternate captain at a 10:45 meeting, prior to the morning skate. We (and that means you, too) will monitor the Zipay and Gross blogs for news of that thereafter. It’s Ryan Callahan and one other, probably. My guess is Gaborik, although there is some sentiment for Staal, Dubinsky and perhaps even a Tortorella personal choice: Prospal.

I wrote a preview column and five key questions for The Journal News and LoHud.com today. You can see it here.


Here are some betting odds provided by Bodog.com:

Regular Season Points
Over/Under                    91.5
Total Regular Season Points – Marian Gaborik
Over/Under                    65.5
Total Regular Season Points – Chris Drury
Over/Under                    55.5
Total Regular Season Points – Brandon Dubinsky
Over/Under                    45.5

Odds to win the 2009/2010 Stanley Cup
Detroit Red Wings                      5/1
Pittsburgh Penguins                   5/1
Chicago Blackhawks                  8/1
San Jose Sharks                       8/1
Boston Bruins                            9/1
Washington Capitals                  10/1
Philadelphia Flyers                     14/1
Vancouver Canucks                   14/1
Anaheim Ducks                         15/1
Calgary Flames                         16/1
Montreal Canadiens                   25/1
New Jersey Devils                      25/1
New York Rangers                     25/1
Carolina Hurricanes                    28/1
Toronto Maple Leafs                   28/1
Ottawa Senators                        30/1
St. Louis Blues                          34/1
Edmonton Oilers                        35/1
Minnesota Wild                          40/1
Buffalo Sabres                           42/1
Columbus Blue Jackets              42/1
Dallas Stars                              44/1
Los Angeles Kings                     55/1
Florida Panthers                        60/1
Nashville Predators                    60/1
Tampa Bay Lightning                  70/1
Colorado Avalanche                    85/1
Phoenix Coyotes                       85/1
Atlanta Thrashers                       100/1
New York Islanders                    150/1

Odds to win the 2009/2010 Atlantic Division
Pittsburgh Penguins                   5/7
Philadelphia Flyers                     3/1
New Jersey Devils                      11/2
New York Rangers                     7/1
New York Islanders                    50/1

*-the Rangers are 16/1 to win the Eastern Conference

(PS, we’ve got a new, related poll down the right side of the page).


AFTERNOON UPDATE, 12:09 P.M.: Callahan is the only alternate captain named at the moment.

Also, Semenov’s contract is still unsettled and he is flying home today.


AFTERNOON UPDATE, 2:28 p.m. Laurel here: Look for new post with clean slate at 7:30 (I figure you’ll fill up quickly with pre-game chat during the, um, ceremonies, so that should be time enough)

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  1. LETS GO CALLAHAN with an A!!!

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait for the game to start, flu and all I’m ready!!!

  2. Greg_Section_403 on

    cally and dubi would be perfect ‘A’s.

    why give Gaborik something else to focus on? He doesn’t need to be an A. We just want him to pot 40+ (i’d be happy with 30). That’s what he’s here for, nothing else. just focus on scoring, let Dubi and Cally be the leaders (they already are)!

    And over/under only 65 pts for Gaborik? If healthy, he’ll hit that by Feb.

  3. it worked in the post Rick, i enjoyed it. Have to go back to read the sidebar though, i keep checkin twitter to see if the A’s have been named yet.

    Brashear will take out crosby and be suspended for the year for touchin bettmans love.

  4. from Zip:

    Semenov deal uncertain: “I’d love to be here, but don’t know if it’s going to work out,” he told Newsday. Russia is a possibility.
    sheesh let the guy go rot in the KHL.

  5. Displaced long-time Rangers fan, long-time lurker here, but I’m so freaking psyched for this season to start already! Proudly wearing the Blueshirt around Cleveland today.


  6. way to go stOw!!! if i didnt have the flu, I’d be proudly wearin the Blueshirt out and about in Huntsville!

  7. If/when Girardi picks up his play, he should be considered. He seems to be a quiet leader who, until recently, went largely unnoticed. Unfortunately, he’s getting press for a lackluster preseason, but he’s been solid on the blue line ever since he came out of nowhere to win a starting gig.

  8. drew, i’ve always liked Girardi. I hope he gets out of Torts dog house, and has a solid start to the season,and continues it throughout the year.

  9. I don’t think Girardi is in Tortorella’s doghouse. I think he struggled during the preseason, but that Tortorella thinks a lot of him as a young defenseman.

    CCCP, Wake UP!
    Where is Kaspar, indeed? If he’s coming back, today should be the day, no?

    Good morning, Sally!

  10. Looking forward to tonight! Let’s spoil Pitt’s party!

    Excited to see what this squad can do, Cally deserves the ‘A’, really not sure about the other one….Prospal? Higgins?

  11. Schubert was placed on re-entry waivers today… I say Semenov goes to the dairy queen league and we pick up Schubert… it’d be a $450k hit.

  12. Staal – I can’t read the Rodent.. he somehow always manages to bring up Petr Prucha. I liked him as much as the next fan but I mean c’mon that ship sailed.

    Anyway, I really hope we take it to the Pens tonight.. would love to royally screw their party

  13. Kaspar will make a grand entrance.

    In regards to Girardi, i hope you’re right Rick, and you probably are.

  14. beth, I have a tough time getting wading through some of his thoughts, and yeah the Prucha thing is annoying…if PP was that good, he would still be a Ranger.

  15. If I ever had a pug, his name is gonna be Prucha, but ONLY because i think it’s a good name for a pug!

    Anyway, how many penalties ya think we’ll get called for tonight? You KNOW Count Bettman doesn’t want ANYTHING to spoil hot dogs lips night and the raising of their banner.

  16. I cannot even begin to explain how excited I am! It has been a long long summer. I just hope they can spoil the Pittsburgh party tonight. I will def. be representing today with my hat and shirt (which I made myself and is a little provocative). I also changed my ringtone to the goal song in honor of the season starting!

    I hope Callahan keeps the A, which he probably will. And I would love for Staal to get the other (maybe its my biased opinion because I love him). He just keeps progressing every year. They both are young talent that will be around for a while.


  17. Rangers probably have put in a claim on a Dmen. Waiting to see if they get him. If not, they will sign Semenov.

  18. From Gross twitter

    Alexei Semenov will not be a member of the #Rangers this season. Team will still look for a 7th D-man.

  19. To much thought being put into ALT Captain. Name 4, 2 for road, 2 for home. That way you can name 2 younger players, and 2 vets.


    From Gross’s twitter
    Ryan Callahan is lone alternate captain for #Rangers for now.

  21. stevezipay Semenov gone; Sather said players and agent agreed but Semenov’s wife nixed deal. hunt on for 7th D

  22. just one alternate for now… curious. But i’m happy for Cally, he absolutely deserves it!

    Screw Semenov…. send his big a$$ packing and off to the KHL

  23. No Country For Old Rangers on

    i dont know about the ‘if Prucha was good he’d still be here’ logic. We all know too well that this organization has traded away a wealth of good young players over the years

  24. Have a real strong feeling that this could be one of those special regular seasons.
    More than 100 pts, win the division, and be a top 2 seed in the playoffs.
    Just a feeling.

  25. only silver lining I see in the semenov deal is now just maybe slats will actually offer gauthier a contracr!!!

  26. AGrossRecord #Rangers D-pairs: Staal-Girardi Del Zotto-Rozsival Redden-Gilroy
    3 minutes ago from mobile web
    AGrossRecord #Rangers lines: Prospal-Dubinsky-Gaborik Higgins-Drury-Callahan Lisin-Anisimov-Kotalik Brashear-Boyle-Voros
    4 minutes

  27. Jay,

    I’ll just say that the statement on the front says something about a stick that can be insinuative to mean something else. But I am really talking about the actual hockey stick.

    When you’re sitting in a 3 hour international economics class coming up with provocative lines about hockey really passes the time.

  28. Lol, i cant believe the Sharks got their asses kicked by the Avs last night. That was embarrassing. But that was a must win game. It’s a shame we couldn’t do the same last season for Gravey night, as well as Howell/Bathgate night, but i was happy to lose that game, cause that was the end of Renney.

    And tonight’s i the official start of Torts’ Rangers. Hopefully we can deliver an ass kicking deluxe, and start off the season on a good note.

    And good for Cally. I don’t give a sh*t aboot letter anymore, but it’s good to see players get a letter based on their effort, and not how much money they make.



    I don’t think CCCP is waking up anytime soon. I gave him a pretty big ass kicking last night in NHL10. So far im 3-1 against RR bloggers !!

  29. Hey, look Kotalik ad Dreary aren’t playing together. Ohh nooo, how will Dreary ever have a good season now that he’s not playing with his buddy.

    These two better step the fugg up !!

    And i was totally into the idea of watching Brash*t get his ass kicked in a fight. But id rather see him not fight at all, i don’t want the Pens to get pumped up cause they think they just beat up the “best fighter in the NHL”

  30. Update above:

    AFTERNOON UPDATE, 12:09 P.M.: Callahan is the only alternate captain named at the moment.

    Also, Semenov’s contract is still unsettled and he is flying home today.

  31. They didn’t name the second alternate because he is not playing tonight!

    Avery gets his A tomorrow!

  32. UES –

    Does Warren have any specials for games??? From what I remember are there even enough TV’s there?

  33. CR9 (formerly Sam) on


    GameDAY Babay.

    Who cares if Schmittsburgh is raising the banner. If it ain’t us, as long as it ain’t the Brooooooooons, it’s fine by me.

  34. I actually haven been to Warren but my buddy wants to go and he works in the area so it made sense. I’ve heard it’s small and I doubt we’re the only Rangers fans thinking the same thing about going to watch opening night there.

  35. I think Semenov (embarrassing) is a big loss. He was a tough defenseman, something this team has lacked. Great or not, he wasn’t afraid of using his body. Rangers need that in a big way. Our net is going to get crashed like a mofo and our d-men are going to get pushed around. Maybe Brash can stop it.

  36. I too think that Avery might get an A. Also, I just received on Twitter that the deal was nixed by Semenov’s wife. Ouch, what a stinger. Has to be more than that, no?

  37. Dubi was going to get the 2nd letter but the holdout cost him the letter…. he will prove he deserves the other A with his play on the ice at the start… Dubi gets the other A in a few weeks


  38. Rick (No, not that one) on

    His wife? Now?
    What took her so long?
    That’s a shame.
    Now what?

    And finally…Drop the damn puck already!

  39. Just watched that fight again, and there were at least 5 unanswered lefts by Laraque before they went down.

  40. wow, i feel really bad for semenov. i mean, regardless of his potential contributions to the team, his talent level, and the amount of playing time he was going to get as (probably) the 7th defenceman, regardless of all that, i can’t help but feel for a guy that is so clearly whipped by his wife. i mean, a chance to live in nyc and play for an original 6 team just completely denied by his fridgid wife, forcing him to probably join the khl with marcel hossa… well that’s just depressing.

  41. Jeff M. Agreed! Why did she even have him waste his time? There has to be more than that. Or maybe it is that a KHL team is offering more money, so that makes her a frigid gold digging wife. :)

  42. To the long time Ranger fans.
    There seem to be a lot of love for Colton Orr here.
    Where would you rank him in all time tough guys in Ranger history.
    My number 1 would be Nick Fotiu.
    I have Orr just outside the top 5.

  43. Good Evening from Sweden TR, Nasty, Linda, mako, UES, Orr, Stall, Sally, Carp and all of you fellow Ranger-geeks. I AM READY!!!!

  44. Hallo Alex, are they anxiously awaiting the return of Sundin over there? He can probably buy half the country at this point right?

  45. Orr/Laraque wasn’t a bad scrap. I’m going to miss Orr this season, talk about a guy who has literally no reservations about taking on the best fighters in the league, including his replacement. Not looking forward to watching those two fight at some point this year.

    Cally is the man. His new contract and giving him the A are probably the only things the organization have done since last year that don’t require any second guessing.

    Can’t wait for tonight. Handing the Pens a loss for their home opener after they raise their banner would be something else.


  46. swings/hits = +1
    the take down = +3 / +5

    either way it was a draw

    laraque is definitely a fave of mine dont get me wrong im saying the fight was a draw

  47. UES,

    Haha, actually I think he just bought my wife and son a couple of minutes ago. Too bad, I was just about to make some dinner.

    Anyway, I have great respect for Mats, he is kind of a Swedish Yzerman. Too bad about the whole Leafs thing at the end. I really thought he could’ve handled that with a bit more class, but I guess he did’nt want to play just anywhere.

    I just wish (at least sometimes) that Forsberg would retire too. He is ruining his legacy right now, even if it’s impressive to see that he still just loves the game, unlike some other veterans, whos name I will not mention in this sanctuary, but it starts with a W and ends with a ADEREDDEN.

  48. bull dog line on

    Didn’t see Kurtenbach, or Leapin Lou.
    Fotiu,Nilan, Kocur, Domi, Langdan,Mcphee, Beukeboom, Hospadar(i know), and Orr would be right around there. I’m sure theer are others I am leaving out.

  49. bull dog line on

    I guess you would have to add both Hadfield, and Graves. Though, they were great players as well. And Barry Beck would be up there as well.

  50. I’d love to see the Blueshirts ruin Pitt’s banner party the way the G-Men ruined the Cowboys stadium opening. That would be awesome!!! I wonder if Torts would have the guts to give the other A to Avery. I agree it was meant for Dubi, but he gave it away by holding out. I’m thinking it could be Higgins, a local guy who was an A in Montreal (at least I saw and A on his uni during the highlights on MSG.

  51. LOL Glad that the “HOT DOG LIPS” is catching on !!! Thanks Linda!

    I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FREAKING excited for tonight!!! Who is going to the game tomorrow?!?!?! I’ll be in section 51.

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Top ten tough guys I’ve seen. I agree with Rick, Book was definitely one. Avery to me has to be there. Hadfield spent a lot of time between scoring goals protecting Rod and Jean. I also think Kris King was an underrated tough guy that the Rangers had in the 80s and early 90s. I tend to like tough guys who could play as opposed to the Orr, Fotiu, Langdon types. Reg Fleming, who I didn’t see play is always at the top of most Ranger tough guy lists. I know the Maven always talks about him.

  53. zipay is reporting tears in Semenov’s eyes. stupid wives. i bet she was behind dubinsky’s hold out too.

  54. Mako, even though you ruined hot dogs for me forever, it is my mission to popularize your nickname for him!

    Jeff M….she must be some kinda woman to make a grown man give up on playin for an origianl six team, and spend a season in NYC. For him to have given up this opportunity for her, she better NEVER leave him. Even worse than her being behind Dubis hold out, I wonder if SHE gave him that hair cut!

  55. bull dog line on

    The best Ranger bench clearing brawl I ever saw, was in the 81 playoffs against the Kings.
    Part of it was Becks one punch knockdown of Rick Chartraw. If I knew how to do links I would do it, But it is on you tube. People should check it out, it is a great one.

  56. Barry Beck, part of one of my favorite hockey lines of all time: “Heck of a check by Beck”…aaah the memories

  57. They are giving out opening night posters at the game tomorrow!

    Score, free rangers stuff!

  58. I’d take Beck with a bad shoulder over a healthy Beuk any time! Beck could skate and was just as much of a warrior. He just wasn’t around here as long to be fully appreciated.

    Fotiu is definitely #1 tough guy
    2-Tie Domi
    3-Chris Nilan

  59. It’s a great day Staal and all!!! Just popping in quick to wish everyone a happy season opener (home opener will be even better)….I’m up to my neck in alligators trying to get out early for my other true love tonight….yay! straight play of Darkness!…but will be back over the weekend to catch all your insights.

    P.S. While at the stadium Wednesday I kept shouting Let’s Go Rangers in the crowd.

  60. Good afternoon Alex!!

    This day is freakin DRAGGING!!!! Why isn’t is 6:30 here yet damnit!!!

    Thanks for mentioning that bull dog, back in the day when hockey was hockey!!

  61. I’m feelin’ ya on the day dragging Linda… I was just mentioning to co-workers that it felt very long and drawn out today

  62. Beth, it’s an absolutely beautiful day, i’m home sick again, and its not even 1:30 yet!! OMG 5 more hours of wasting time until the important matter of the day occurs!!!I swear I wish I was at work, but the boredom there would have rivaled watching bad soap operas!

  63. oh games on hockeystreams this afternoon!! pass the time a lil bit better now…panthers just tied the game in the 3rd with a lil over 2 minutes left

  64. everybody here was saying semenov was a great signing! Now what? Do you guys really have 4 rookie defenseman playing?

    Atleast semenov did you guys a favor…unlike Rozival and Redden.

    And to clear it up..i did like the rangers and the devils. but this blog really convinced me how pathetic the rangers and their fans are..seriously…

    so LET’S GO DEVILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Lets play a game.

    If your from New Jersey just comment NJ.

    We all know your ranger fans because your daddy’s were ranger fans. But I’m intersted in seeing.

  66. Very tru Linda,

    i get so pissed i forget! LOL

    So is Brash gonna take out cindy tonight!

  67. like i said early, brashear will take out bettmans love and be suspended for the year, it’s a win win

  68. Awesome!

    anyone know if the new roster update came out for NHL 10 yet! I would think they would do it right after the season openers.

  69. Ya know what? Throw the kids to the fire.
    You want the kids to get a shot? Here ya go.

    Be careful what ya wish for.

  70. Is this even a real choice? –>

    1.) Playing for the Rangers and getting a divorce.
    2.) Playing in Russia in a marriage where you don’t wear the pants.

    Semenov should grow a set.

  71. Rick, Do you realize that our opening night roster is now EXACTLY 1/3 American (7 players), 1/3 Canadian (7) and 1/3 European (7). Just sayin’ is all.

  72. The Grammar Police on

    A local fan:

    The contraction for “you are” is “you’re” not “your.”

  73. I don’t understand how we are complaining!
    I’ve been waiting to see this type of youth on my team forever…I’ve envied Chicago and there youth for a few years now…I’m pumped! I’m pumped to see them make mistakes and get better, I’m pumped to see players who aren’t here for a fat paycheck yet…

  74. CR9 (formerly Sam) on

    a local fan- there is no need to try and trash the Rangers. If you are a true fan of the Devs, then there is absolutely no need. They have what, 3 or 4 Stanley Cups and we have 1 in 60+ years.

    Why must Devils and Rangers fans or Rangers and Islanders or Devs and Islanders fans fight.

    Fight with the Broooooooooooooons. They are the true scumbags of the world.

  75. damn panthers stole 2 pts tied it late. won in so.

    playoff race is on. not happy about there win

  76. “Local Fan” was on Tom Gulitti’s Devil’s blog around noon annoying the Devil’s fans by telling them he is a die hard Ranger’s fan. Just call him the “Local Instigator”

  77. ya know what, the kids gotta learn some time, and now is the time. I’d rather lose with the kids getting experience and learning, than the way we’ve been losing since almost forever, with disinterested formerly good/decent players who are just here to cash the fat paycheck! I am nervous and excited, it’s gonna be an interesting season!

  78. This season, I’m also looking forward to post-game interviews with Tortorella. Those should provide a significant amount of entertainment value.

  79. I’ve been around the Garden since it opened in 1968 and I think Nick Fotiu is way overated.

  80. CR9 (formerly Sam) on

    kph- Bostonians are the epitome of evil. I was at a Red Sox/Orioles game a few weeks after 9/11. I was wearing my Yankees stuff not saying a word to anybody but the people that I went with, and I was berated with insults, and remarks about how New York got what it deserved for their arrogance with 9/11

  81. Mike S,

    Good Call,

    “I bring up valid arguments but you people don’t wanna hear it because I am a die hard Rangers fan.

    Posted by: A Local Fan | October 02, 2009 at 12:08 PM”

    from fire & Ice

    WOW this guys a tool!

  82. wow CR9,thats pretty heartless. some people can’t separate their humanity from their ‘fandom’

  83. CR9 (formerly Sam) on

    kph- Also, is there even such a thing as a true Devils fan? They’ve probably 3 or 4 cups in the past 20 years and their “fans” can’t bother to despise a team other than a team with 1 cup in 60+ years. What kind of “fans” are those.

  84. whats more disgusting…that someone tried to extort letterman, or that there were actually women who had ‘affairs’ with him???? eeeeeeeeeeew! i wouldnt touch that guy with someone else’s hands

  85. Rangerfan32, He must be Ken Linseman, or Duane Sutter, or Claude Lemieux. Just here to annoy everybody.

  86. Maybe Semenov’s just using his family and some false tears as an excuse to go make triple the money at home.


  87. CR9 (formerly Sam) on

    Hey Pearljammed, if Parise scores a goal on Saturday I bet everyone will come on here and start predicting that Zach will score 80 goals. Am I right?

    Posted by: A Local Fan | October 02, 2009 at 12:05 PM


    What kind of post is that. Who is going to think Parise, or Gaborik, or even Malkin would score 80 goals. What a ridiculous notion.

  88. no he has to be a crappier player, he is probably some scrubby islander from the mid 90’s like travis green or marty mcinnis.

  89. Well, I hope it is avery that gets the other A, he would be a perfect counterbalance to dru and cally and I really think he has earned it.

    On to the semenov thing i probably wanted him on this roster more than anyone else here (except maybe hank), but I actually find it a bit refreshing that the guy chose family first…it takes a hell of a man to not do something he really wants to do in order to make someone else happy!! The world would probably be a hell of a better place if more people made those decisions. I don’t think he is whipped at all, he really wanted to be here (pretty obvious from all the reports), but despite that he “manned up” and took the selfless decision of family over what he really wanted to do. Good job semenov, we need more character guys like you on the roster!!!!

  90. i’m being DP for halloween to piss off my friends, i got crutches with a goalie stick attached and a sling!

  91. CR9: As a fellow Yankees fan, I complete agree. I’ll never forget when Red Sox fans chanted “Who’s your lifeguard” to Rivera soon after that accident where a child drowned in his swimming pool in Panama.

    I know a guy who is both a Red Sox fan and a Devils fan. He is the worst person on earth.

  92. Maybe the first local Fan went on to the Devils Blog and started annoying the devil fans so the second one came on this blog to get even?

  93. was it really his wife (who is in Russia) who said no, or could it be that the KHL offered him madcap money and the wife/family is a convenient excuse? hmmmmm. If his wife didnt want him to play in the US,why did he even come to camp?

  94. oh, btw, I’ll say it again, maybe sather should try offering gauthier a contract now instead of an invite. Course, gauthier and avery have had a few “issues” in the past and maybe gauthier just doesn’t want to be avery’s teammate, too bad if that’s the case, he is the exact type of d man we need!!!

  95. Stop Impostering me guys and Sally


    What is up with these russians man?? Such flakes!

  96. Although i am a little hesitant to wear it to work because my company is a corporate sponsor of the fishsticks, but i’m always rockin my rangers gear anyway so whatevs

  97. A local fan is like a venereal disease, “you’re” just not sure where it came from but you sure want to get rid of it.

  98. from Andrew Gross’ Ranger Rants:

    “Last season’s defense pairing of Marc Staal-Dan Girardi will remain together, at least to begin the season, because John Tortorella wants a tandem he can trust to shut down the opponent’s top line(s). Neither of the other two pairings (for tonight at least) of Michael Del Zotto-Michal Rozsival or Wade Redden-Matt Gilroy afford Tortorella that defensive comfort.

    And Tortorella was much more upbeat about Girardi than he was Sunday in Washington, when he admitted he was “disappointed” in his training camp.

    “We’ll see in the game (but) mentally, he’s been honest in his assessment,” Tortorella said. “That’s the most important thing between coach and player. Coaches need to step in when a player is not assessing their play correctly. I think Danny has assessed his camp correctly. I still have a ton of confidence in this kid, he’s going to be a really good player. And I feel much better about it right now because he assessed himself correctly as we’ve gone through these last couple of weeks.”

    Girardi told me earlier this week that despite the simple way he tries to play defense, he couldn’t get too comfortable and that he needed to be quicker with his feet and with his decision making.”


    once again Rick, you are correct!

  99. A Local Fan –

    First of all, who’s the 4 rookie Defensemen on the Rangers? I count 2, Gilroy and DZ, and maybe a 3rd if we don’t find someone instead of Semenov. Second, I think you just come in here to stir it up. You like the idea of starting arguments. That just makes you an A-hole. Eventually you’ll start one with the wrong guy and get popped.

    As for Devils fans, here’s a team that’s been highly successful, with all those cups and CAN’T SELL OUT THEIR BUILDING FOR A PLAYOFF GAME!!!!! To me, that says you don’t deserve a team. And yes, I live in NJ…but grew up in Brooklyn a DIE HARD Ranger fan. My kids are the same and they grew up in NJ.

    And I agree with the poster who said the Fotiu was overrated. He couldn’t play, but he could fight. He’s a nice guy and from SI, but he wasn’t much of a hockey player. Orr, Langdon, those guys are there for entertainment value more than anything. I’ll take an Avery, a Tiikkanen over those goons any day.

  100. i could be wrong, but i dont think local fan made the comment about the 4 rookie d. now back to ignoring local fan ;-)

  101. Thank you, Linda. That makes twice.

    Man, I think you guys might bring down the blog tonight.

    Believe it or not, I will have to wait for Rangers in 60 to see it

  102. local fan, you’re talking about being pathetic, and you’re wasting your time picking fights and commenting on a Rangers message board. What do call that?

  103. From A Local Fan:

    “A local fan
    October 2nd, 2009 at 2:31 pm
    everybody here was saying semenov was a great signing! Now what? [b]Do you guys really have 4 rookie defenseman playing?[/b]

    Atleast semenov did you guys a favor…unlike Rozival and Redden.

    And to clear it up..i did like the rangers and the devils. but this blog really convinced me how pathetic the rangers and their fans are..seriously…

    so LET’S GO DEVILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  104. However, I am pissed with this whole Directv-Versus thing. Next week I will already be missing a Ranger-Devil game! This sucks!

    did you call and complain and try to get centre ice for free?

  105. Rick,

    I think you are right. We may break some records this season for total number of comments.

    What was the max last season, 1100+ ?

  106. TR-

    No we have not gone that route yet, but it is coming. I just actually found out about the whole directv giving a price cut for the centerice pack. We will tho, but that still wont help me watch those Ranger games, which sucks.

  107. Ugh that sucks I’m gonna miss all you guys tonight & tomorrow on here!!! Going to a sports bar tonight for the game & going to the game
    tomorrow. I’m so freaking excited!!! I’ll be in section 51 tomorrow night.

    Linda… Sorry for ruining your fondness for hot dog ;) but I couldn’t find a more perfect description for that Dbag!!!!

  108. must’ve missed that one steve, they said last night to ignore him and thats what i’m tryin to do

  109. Mako, totally jealous! If I get up to NY during the season, we’ll all either have to meet up at a game, or at Warren with TR, since he’ll have his own room there by then! LMAO @ fondness for hot dogs! I’d call him Oscar mayer,but that sounds too manly. Is there a K on his lips so we know they are Kosher?

  110. holy cow theres that rick harrow guy again…he was the one interviewing count bettman on versus last night. why is HE the sports professor? blah

  111. Gotta say I feel really bad for Semenov. Hopefully he goes home, gets stuff straightened out and can sign soon. He really wanted to be on the team but due to family issues he couldn’t. I’m not going to question what the issues were since we don’t know the whole story outside of the fact that his wife said no, but I’m sure there has to be something else behind it and why she said that.

  112. wow dude on the canadiens is out 4 months with a sliced tendon…. maybe we can send redden and rozsival as a get well gift?

  113. Angry Whopper on

    Local fan only posts after comes home from school and before his Mommy calls him for dinner.

  114. oh thats right, we need their veteran presence on the blue line…how about one of them as a gift?

  115. Im gonna miss the Orr vs Godard fights. My first Orr fight was when i saw him break Godard’s nose against the Isles. Then i saw him knock Godard out in person. It was great.

    Also Rupp is probably in the lineup, so that’s a possibility.

  116. aawww you guys!! you miss me! you really really miss me!! im touched!!


  117. Do the Rangers really have 3 Rookies on Defense? And Rozival and Redden??

    Wow. What a disgrace Sather is.

  118. RetireBradPark's#2 on

    Hello all — I’ve missed you. And Carp, you’re right — this is one of the best days of the year. So, as Mills Lane used to say, “Let’s get it on.” I’m very excited about the youth and energy on this team (but a little diappointed they haven’t done somnething to put us out of our Roszival-Redden misery).

    P.S. Maybe Semenov is married to Michael Nylander’s sister (who, as you recall, wouldn’t let him go to Edmonton).

    And for all you displaced new Yorkers who have to watch the team from afar, drop DirecTV and get a new cable company. I changed service last night, but I won’t tear their dish off my house until the new service is connected. They’re not going to change their ways, they’re not going to get Versus back unless it comes with a new charge, and they’re not going to work on restoring high-def to MSG broadcasts. If they didn’t have the NFL contract, they’d be out of business.

    Sorry for the venting — let’s go Rangers !!!!!

  119. Steve,

    Was your daddy a Ranger fan? Thats cute you followed your daddys footsteps. Thats why there are more ranger fans. Because your daddy liked the rangers. That happends when your an original 6 team.

  120. It’s Pretty cute guys. Steve from NJ’s daddy was a Ranger fan. So now Stevie is a Ranger Fan. And Stevies Children are a Ranger fan because their daddy is a Ranger fan because his daddy was a Ranger Fan.

  121. Stevie,

    If I were your Daddy, which is possible, Would you be a Ranger fan or a Devils Fan.

    Call me Daddy Stevie and give me a


  122. CCCP:
    Please explain this to me. Why do all the Ranger Russian Experiments fail. You being Russian might be able to help me out. Thanks.

  123. MSG in HD rocks!

    Its so awesome that we have such a big fan base, and three home arenas! Damn its great to be a Rangers fan!

  124. Rangerfan32,


    why is it so great again? because you have sooo many fans? you get 3,000 extra people a night. And play in the biggest city in the world.
    You sound like an idiot.

    Its great to have 3 rookie defenseman. Redden and Rozival. And another Defenseman who your coach said had a horrible camp named Giardi?

  125. RetireBradPark's#2 on

    Steve – maybe you’re lucky enough to live in the tri-state area, but for the rest of us, MSG/HD was blocked by the Rangers’ owner for the last half of last season.

  126. Don’t you guys feel bad for those other 2 local teams who don’t even have there own network and they play on our networks second channel! Man those franchises are jokes!

  127. Angry Whopper on

    Local Fan – Your Mommy is calling you, Dinner’s Ready!!

    Why are you on that computer so much? Your not looking at pornography are you?

  128. oh man our team has such a rich history of great players and moments, and The Captain while the other teams have to cheer for hacks like Stevens, DP, Marty and Yashin.


    When you are a Rangers fan you just know your team is better! and it doesn’t matter what anyone says!

  129. I love local fan coming in a questioning whether or not we are “real” fans because our fathers like the Rangers. How bleeping stupid are you Local “IT”? The ultimate stupid organizations are those who move into an existing fan base and try to mooch off of the established teams fans…how pathetic…The little freaking Debbies ride in not only on the coat tails of the Rangers but also try to get in on some fishstick action too.
    Dude you the local idiot, are a glittering jewel of colossal ignorance!

  130. CCCP,

    Nylander. Kovalev. Zherdev. Semenov.

    I thought maybe you had some russian connection with these guys and would be able to help me understand.

  131. let local fan stay
    just drop some knowledge on him
    hes obviously not going to talk about wall st anymore cause he knows he will lose any argument there.

    3 reasons why the devils will suck this year
    – lemaire back behind the bench
    – never added scoring after gionta left due to FA
    – madden leaving hurts PK

    strait up FACT

  132. you guys ever talk to someone who thinks they know stuff but they are just talking to talk, and really don’t know sh*t. Just saying. LOL

  133. Ranger32,

    Do you realize how dumb you sound.
    Marty and Scott Stevens Hacks???
    The all time winningest goalie of all time? 3 Stanley cups? An Olympic Gold Medal?

    And you dont wish scott stevens was a new york rangers.

    My gosh man. Hacks.
    Clearly you dont know anything about hockey because anybody who has watched the sport over the past 25 years would know a little better then that.

    you guys honor adam graves…we honor scott stevens.
    the only reason you honor HACKS like that is an excuse to get the Cup back into the Garden. That my friend is a joke. you think the devils would ever bring the cup into the arena without actually winning it? no. because we have class. and we have won it 3 times since your last one guy.

  134. honestly dont want to be a downer right now but i dont see how we beat the pens tonight. we are 1-12 in our last 13 games in the igloo.

    will be happy with a point

  135. OK GUYS IM OUT!

    Going home to watch the ONLY LOCAL TEAM!

    THE NEW YORK RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  136. would anybody here be suprised if the Rangers finished behind the islanders this year?

  137. Angry Whopper on

    Local Fan cant even come up with 4 Ranger players who were Russian

    And we know he doesn’t work on Wall Street.

    And we know he only can use his computer before Dinner, since he doesnt post comments after like 7:00.

    He is a 13 year old.

  138. CCCP, you might remind him that the first four Russians to get their names on the Stanley Cup were Nemchinov, Kovalev, Zubov and Karpovtsev.

    But I’d just ignore him if I were all of you. You’re playing right into his hands. … and I’m getting rich off the per-comment kickback CCCP thinks I’m getting.


    And its over on all of the above.(come on we’re Ranger fans it has to be.}
    If there is and under on ANY of them,Then the over/under on 91.5 points will DEFENITLY be under.

  140. BillyDeeWilliams on

    Would anyone be surprised if I sat back with a nice, cold Colt 45 tonight and a lady under each arm?

  141. Eric, NO TEAM would beat the pens tonight, Bettmans fantasy come true has to have its grand finale tonight. And then his 3 1/2 month erector set can be put away.

  142. Don’t respond to a local fan. He’s an obvious troll who switches allegiances very easily. Next year he is going to lve Tavares and the fish sticks.

    If everyone ignores his existence, he will get bored of posting and pick up a new sad hobby.

    Don’t feed the trolls. Thank you.

  143. Eric, the shot I give them is that this will be a tough game for the Penguins, with all the Cup hangover and the distraction of the ceremony. If the Rangers can withstand the early surge … why not?

  144. (THE REAL) MikeyNJ on


    Thaks again Carp for your great work over the summer!

    Now lets get this season started right

    And Carp, come on, jstu Ban Local Douchebag already.


  145. Just another example of how the Devils need the Rangers to stay relevant. A devils fan has to be on a Rangers blog because honestly, who cares about a Devils blog. Same reason the only way you can sell out your brand new arena, is for us Rangers fans to drag our a$$es down to your stink hole state when we play there. Pathetic.

  146. Billy Dee, would one of those ladies be Princess Leia?
    CCCP, i was worried about you!! Twice in a week there was a disturbance in the force and my post was uno

  147. Rick,

    Its obvious why they all comment. Its because of their obvious insecurity with this pathetic team.
    If I went to a Red Wing Blog they would all just laugh at me. Here they actually try to defend the fact they will have 3 rookie Defenseman, A redden and a Rozival (we can all agree suck) and a guy named Girardi who the coach say sucked this preseason. Not to mention a dismal offense.
    I want to confirm that Steve’s Daddy was a Ranger Fan..which is why he is a Ranger fan..and his little girls are Ranger Fans because their daddy is a ranger fan.

    Stevie honey.. you out there?

  148. Prucha,

    Don’t bash New Jersey. 75% of your fans are from New Jersey because their Daddy’s were Ranger Fan’s.

    Stevie Correct?

    (the Real) Mike in NJ…dont you get offended when these ranger fans make fun of the state of New Jersey?

    Was there not a murder right in front of the Garden this week???

    lets go devils boys.
    Rangers will start the season not winning the first 3 games. Cant wait for Gabby to go down!

  149. a local fan

    what did your team do this off season to address the need for a penalty killer, the 60+ points they lost when gionta left?

    the rangers moved a bad contract, got a proven goal scorer, signed 2 excellent defensive prospects (gilroy, heikkinen) w/o giving up anything and moved some career AHL’ers for prospects that may or may not pan out.


    your comment on people not rooting for the devils, when they are from new jersey, because their dad rooted for the rangers has no weight.

    ill ask you this -> if the nets move to brooklyn are all the brooklyn knicks fans going to now root for the nets? even if the nets ARE BETTER? even if the nets were to get lebron james? i personally dont think so.

  150. paulieplatypus on

    Slats stated earlier today that Semenov and his agent agreed to the contract, but not his wife. Wow, do I ever hate women like Mrs. Semenov! Makes her husband go through the whole tryout process, secretly hoping he gets cut from the team. But as a long shot he does become a Ranger and now she wont let him play. Cant Understand Normal Thinking aint she! C U Next Tuesday Evil Mrs.Semenov!

  151. local fan,

    Nice to see you didn’t take any of my advice on talking Hockey. Just what i’d expect from a jaded ex-Rangers fan that likes to pretend he/she likes the Devils that if it wasn’t for any of the Devils cups, you’d be no where to be seen or found.

    I respect the Devils, and I have no problem with Devils fans. But you aren’t a Devils fan. You’re just grouchy vile human being.

  152. Linda

    Thank you for thinking of me! As I said before being always “first” is a lot of pressure! it takes a toll on you … i’ve been first so many times that lately I been thinking aboot retiring and passing on “my spot” to young “first” wanna be posters like yourself and others! :P

    But no matter what happens… I am always “first” in spirit! :)

  153. We lost on our banner raising night in ’95. I wonder what the overall record is for defending Cup champs on the first night of the new season. I’d venture guess it’s around .500

  154. You’re always #1 to me CCCP! You’re our Yoda!

    so,are we all on board with ignoring trolls, or are ya gonna keep feedin em??

  155. 3 young guys aadded to the mix;dz,gilroy, anisimov, and grachev on the doorstep… go with the youth with upside.

    i think this team will be competitive and improve as the season goes on.. they should be fater and tougher then in previous years. tougher in a checking sense not fighting…..

  156. CCCP, you know full well that Count Bettman is NOT going to let that happen! He’s got the 3 blind mice and mr. magoo ‘officiating’ tonight, and with AVES out of the lineup, Brashear is the target.

  157. CCCP,

    As I’ve said before, my friend, it aint always good to be first. Or so I’ve heard.

  158. nah, i got the flu…too much freakin soup! i’m talkin to koala on hockeystreams! he’s a riot!

  159. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    I don’t know why people aren’t on Alex Semenov’s side on this contract situation. A guy comes into camp with offers from SEVERAL other teams and plays his heart out only to have his family not agree with the situation. You’ve gotta feel for this guy, you cant make a decision between hockey and family..

  160. thats true 4 cups, but with his wife being in russia, was she secretly hoping he wouldn’t be offered a contract? why waste his time and the teams time if she knew she didn’t want him playing in North America?

  161. Colorado Mark on

    I guess Semenov didn’t pass through “wivers”

    Here’s how the long distance phone conversation went:

    SEMENOV: Hi, honey, I’ve got great news?

    MRS. S: Is Borscht on sale at market?

    SEMENOV: No, honey, but I just signed with the New York Rangers! We’re moving to the Big Apple.

    MRS. S: I don’t want apple, I want borscht.

    SEMENOV: No, no. I made the team. They want me to be guy who gets paid to sit in skybox and eat the hot dogs.

    MRS. S: I don’t want to eat dog. I want borscht.

    SEMENOV: 600 thousand dollars is a lot of rubles. No one else was even letting me try out.

    MRS. S: We no live in the apple. You come home. Now.

    SEMENOV: But honey, I already signed the contract for Mr. Sather. I have to-

    MRS. S: NO! You come home now. I need you to clean the top of fridge and fix leaky faucet.

    SEMENOV: But this is a good job-

    MRS. S: My Da offered you perfectly fine job with windshield factory. You do this. You can play the silly stick game here in the motherland like that nice young man Nik Zherdev. Tell Mr. Sather if he have problem, he call me.

  162. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    Linda- you can figure that one out for me. Women do some strange things.

  163. 4 cups…methinks he got some humongous offer from the KHL and the beyotch got the googly geico eyes for the money.

  164. Making fun of russian accents is actually extremly funny. I’m actually laughing at myself doing it, right now.

  165. paulieplatypus on

    Be carefull CCCP, Not everyone can get away with dangling their participle like Yoda can.

  166. can we leave local fan alone this dude is just looking for a rise out of us and im tired of reading all the posts including this moron.

    lets go NYR

    gabby wit 2g+1a

    4-2 nyr

  167. Rick, I’m doing all i can to contribute to your kickback foundation!

    sally, you ready for the nose pickin to begin??

  168. coylejam is my hero of the hour! we just gotta ignore that kid, he just thrives on the attention he gets here!

  169. hi Linda I am here now…I am reading Rangers Rants right now and reading other stuff from nhl.com..

  170. what do you think guys ??? Isn´t it better to communicate on the rangers chat on hockeystreams, because it is faster or ???

  171. woooooo hoooooo!!! sally, you gotta design a pocket square for dubinsky!!! with his new 1950s look, it’ll look great with his suits

  172. CR9 (formerly Sam) on

    Is anyone watching NHL Network. It has the Penguins feed and this guy on the screen looks like the biggest weasel.

    I think I heard his name to be Stan Savrin. There is something seriously wrong with his mouth. It is kind of disgusting to look at.

    At I can look at Bob Errey, the other commentator, the Peter Berg lookalike.

  173. Linda, don’t you think he looks classy? I love it.

    Alex, I feel awesome! And I’ll feel awesomer once I pick up some wings! How do you feel?

  174. holy crap the radio show they have on before the game…these guys are going crazy on bettman with the coyotes!!! callin it a flea bitten franchise

  175. Sally;

    I feel a bit woozy. And nervous as hell. And I have this disturbing image of Brashear in my head right now.

    But other than that, it’s all peachy-

  176. Linda and Alex..I am just moving over to hockeystreams..I am not the youngest any more and so it is a little bit confusing for me to write in two places at the same time :)

  177. At least I will be able to post from my phone. T minus 13 min.

    Linda – we have to all go to a Rangers / Penns game & toss some sabrets on the ice when or if the Penns score lol

  178. Couldn’t they record something new instead of the same
    thing we’ve bee watching for the past 3 weeks? Ugh

  179. Hey I know we said we wouldn’t talk fantasy hockey here, but I really need to let everyone know that Rosen’s Nosens didn’t suck that bad last night. Okay I’m done.

  180. i wish msg would just stream the freakin games so i could have our announcers for all the games!

  181. i’m stuck with pittsburghs feed so its gonna be an ultra goo fest…………….why oh why

  182. Olga Folkyerself on

    What is Keenan doing on MSG? Cup win or not, I don’t like Keenan, or the way he left NY. He is only a step above Sather.

  183. CR9 (formerly Sam) on

    Can someone help me understand what the commentators mean by the Penguins stuck to their long term plan??

    Does that mean they lost intentionally to get higher picks so they could end up with Malkin/Crosby.

    Every year the NYR finished out of the playoffs, we finished 9th or 10th so there was no top draft pick to get great guys.

    It’s like the Rays. Wow. They finished in last for 10 straight years and stockpiled above average talent. What a great long term 10 year plan.

  184. A little background. Been a die-hard “Go you Rangers Boys” fan since 1964. I play the game and coached for a while. I am usually very positive about the blueshirts. I know that the power of hockey and the emotions they can generate, both positive and negative, can swing 360, as quickly as one shift to another.
    IMHO, hockey defies logic, and for the most part is unpredictable compared to other team spots. With that in mind, I tend to stay on the positive side while rooting for the Rangers. It was difficult building up to 1994 but I thought it was me since I am also a Red Sox fan.
    What I am getting at is after all these years and lessons learned do I feel this year is going to be a total bust.
    Is it the fact that I don’t think team chemistry will be reached until February . . . in time for the Olympic break?
    Is it because we have no reliable center (although there are bright sides to Gomez being gone) to lug the puck out of our zone and 70% of the play will be in our end of the ice and our young or talent chamllenged D is going to be worn down by Xmas?
    Is it because Torts 1st blow-up or personal embarrasment is going to tear the team apart?
    Is it because we ae a Gabby groin from losing 75% of ur offense?
    Is it because rookies will be rookies and we have a bunch?
    Is it because so many things have to happen just right for this team to make an impact?

    Someone please talk me down. I am using a breathing bag and may soon resort to heavy doses of Vodka / Prozac.

  185. coach:Semenov, get in there at right defense

    AS:I can’t, my wife wants me to play left defense.

  186. scott… embrace the fact that our young guys are going to learn a lot and get better for it! we’ve been screaming about letting the ‘kids’ play for years, and now that time is here. It’s gonna be an interesting year. Will Torts be true to his word, or will the vets not be held accountable? That is my big question. I have faith in the team, they are gonna be fun to watch, and if Hank’s not over worked, he’s gonna be aweseome!

  187. Olga Folkyerself on

    It’s because the game has passed Sather by, and he hasn’t a clue on how to build a contending team. All he knows how to do is just make the playoffs to save his own job. He’s in his 10th year and has won only two playoff series in all that time.

    Not exactly talking you down, is it? But I feel the same way- an 8th place- one round playoff at best for this team.

  188. you guys are debbie downers!! gotta at least give em 10-15 games before we start jumpin off bridges, and that is exactly what i’m giving redden and rozsi unless they are absolutely horrific

  189. CR9 (formerly Sam) on

    Hopefully, Sather is smart enough to just dump Redden in the minors and eat his 30 million if he is putred again this year.

  190. i will not allow that olga!!! no bridges just yet!! lets give em 15 games and revisit the bridges

  191. is E.J. Hradek one annoying piece of liquid doodoo or what? cant stand that guy and the way he talks. It sounds as if his mouth is full with saliva!

  192. WOW !!

    Semenov actually cried ?!?! I thought that was a joke. I feel bad for the guy, he probably really wanted to sign here.

    I would have divorced that greedy b*tch in a second. Unless they have kids or something. That’s a shame.

    And i didn’t realize how bad Cally was on that Letterman top ten, lol, that was hilarious.

    GO RANGERS, two points, ass kicking, get it done !!!

  193. I have this feeling… if the Rangers win tonight I’m gonna do something stupid. And if the Rangers lose tonight… I’m gonna do something stupid. Either way.

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