Game time! They shoot, they score!


Well, at least I sure hope so. Carp’s off doing another job tonight and, as you read this, I’m gearing up for Bruuuuuce! But that doesn’t keep us from giving you, the RR bone/knuckleheads, your first official clean slate for the season opener (finally!) Personally, if I were home, I wouldn’t tune in til after the whole pre-game yuck.
So, here’s the pre-game notes with a link for more (before the jump!) Enjoy, have fun, and LET’S GO RANGERS!!
P.S. How many comments do you think you can post for game 1?

Tonight’s Game
The Rangers begin their 2009-10 regular season tonight against the defending Stanley Cup Champions, the Pittsburgh Penguins, at Mellon Arena (7:30 p.m.), marking the second straight year the team has started the season on the road. Tonight’s contest is the first of back-to-back games for the Rangers, and the first of three games in four days to begin the season. In seven pre-season contests, New York posted a record of 3-3-1 (seven pts.), including a three-game winning streak from September 19 at Boston to September 24 against Washington. Pittsburgh posted a 1-4-1 record in six pre-season games. Following today’s game, the Rangers will host the Ottawa Senators tomorrow, October 3, at Madison Square Garden (7:00 p.m.), in their regular season home opener.

Read more game notes here and get the full schedule against The Pens.

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  1. Am I the only one who thinks Dubinsky’s holdout is the only reason why he’s not wearing the other “A”?

  2. How this for WTF. I live literally 2 ave behind MSG and the channel was working last night. Right now… Snowing! Sooo pissed! Seriously! On the one day the hockey team that you own is playing their season opener you want to snow out the screen! WTF!!

    Anyway… LETS GO RANGERS!!!

  3. Gravey - Formerly known as Jor71 on

    CCCP, I was only able to watch about two minutes and I am watching 1408. I have my DVR set up and will wait until around 8:30 to watch it, so I can fast forward the BS.

  4. Gravey - Formerly known as Jor71 on

    I am going to say the first goal will be Higgins scoring off a rebound.

  5. how does anyone respect a franchise that loses on purpose for several years in order to get top draft picks….

  6. We have an all American line [Drury, Higgins, Callahan] and an all European line [Anisimov, Lisin, Kotalik].

  7. now now, according to Torts we have to love brashear, redden and rozsival…we have no right to boo

  8. its done…it was lame…right now i’m seeing pepto bismols speech to the pens before the game…yippty doo

  9. lmao @ their coach saying not to worry about refs givin them a bad call…wow he’s in fantasy land

  10. Lines:


    Pretty much what I expected. Defensive pairings are odd.

    Redden-Del Zotto

  11. cally throws another check, pens announcer calls him dubinsky… then the puck went to gilroy and he called HIM dubinsky……..what a mess

  12. Crosby already diving, you see him try and draw a penalty after that slap shot….so obvious in slow motion when MSG went to commercial.

  13. wow everytime we play pittsburgh the first call of the game is on us and its brutal just about every time… did anyone see that? drury and whichever penguin it was ran into each other, seperated, then the penguin lost his edge, and they call drury…

  14. Spiderpig
    >> Brashear-Boyle-Brashear

    Oh really? Tortorella loves Brashear so much he gave him two spots on the team?

  15. somebody has to have a body on Malkin in front of the net on that broken play… Anisimov ties it at 1 next

  16. FYI Mako, you don’t get a + or – when you are on the ice during a special teams situation.

  17. I just do not understand the logic in having our two softest defencemen out there on the PK.

  18. Roszival with nearly a costly mistake.

    A so-so call by the ref to put us down 1-0. Not sure, was it a penalty in your opinion guys.

    I though Dreary just stumbled and tangled up with the other dude, knocking both down. I didnt see a holding.

  19. “nice penalty captain”?? did u watch the play? and “this is going to be a long season?” its fuckin 1-0 , the red wings lost by the way, is it gona be a long year for them too, u r a retard go blow marty brodeur

  20. Blueshirt in Paris on

    I know its beating a dead horse but its not just that Rozival ls bad , he just looks totally outmatched and out of place. He does not belong in the league. He will do more damage then good, he needs to be dumped, buried, whatever.

  21. How come CR9 can callhim dreary but I can’t?? I want the Rangers to win this came. Pitt will be competing with the Devils for the division.

  22. I do have to say..Gaborik might be the strongest skater we’ve had since Jagr(Good Jagr)

  23. by the way i did see that dive by crosby after his slapshot, whoever mentioned it.. staal had like one hand on him and he goes down.. pretty funny, i love how everyone says he has such a strong lower body but yet he cant stay on his skates for a full shift ever bc he falls on any contact

  24. Brashear actually got hit quite a bit. I was hoping this goon would strike fear into opposition.

  25. i would be nervous every time gabby goes in the corner…as a matter of fact i would be nervous every time gabby breathes..i could see him pulling a stomach or throat muscle

  26. Boy I hope that Torts keeps his word when he says if our veterans do not perform we will look else where

  27. Brashear is left handed. Once Godard tied up his left and they switched to rights..Game Over.

  28. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Apparently they have a show called ‘In Sydney’s Own Words’…that makes we want to puke.

  29. I have a feeling Torts think he’s Mike Keenan. Torts is not Mike Keenan. Torts is tough, brutal leader… Keenan was just F**KING NUTS!

  30. Chris Drury baby, let me hear all the Chris Drearys, where they at where they at where they atttttttt

  31. Chuck, thanks, its blacked out on 634, 215 (nhl network) and the fsn pittsburgh feed, at my house in ct, frustrating

  32. Yorktown Ranger on

    Nice goal Drury. But I’ve gotta listen to the damn Pitt announcers making excuses because the puck hit the ref… I’m gonna be sick. Time to mute the TV and put on some music me thinks

  33. Too many mistakes in this period. MDZ is extremly nervous. 3rd line has not worked. Staal is incredible.

  34. Joekuh - Nothing Like Opening Night! on

    WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO nothing like opening night people. Slow start, good finish. Good fight in between. Liked to see the kids on the PP. Hopefully we’ll see more of that.

  35. thats right blueshirt i forgot you were over there too! all preseason long we had our announcers…now we’re stuck with this mess.. I wish MSG would just stream the games…surprised Dolan hasnt figured out what a cash cow that would be

  36. Rob- Chris Dreary. Wow. He scored one goal, a nice goal, but one goal in the first game of the season. Drury took away a chance at a Cup with Jagr from us, Dreary has not done anything meaningful up to this point.

    Not to demean Hank, he is great, he is the King, and it probably has to do with having to play 70+ reg. season games a year, but why could Hank not carry us to the Finals just one time with Jagr on this team.

  37. Joekuh - Nothing Like Opening Night! on has the msg feed, if anyone cares. its the 1st rangers-birds link.

  38. they’ll be better in the 2nd… long delay to start the game, and now MDZ has got the nervousness outta his system…

  39. Does anybody remember the idiots on here calling Jagr, when he was a Ranger, Yommy Yogger

    I’ll never forget always thinking that those idiots would miss the days of Jaro.

  40. Staal is looking leetchy when he brings up the play, goes around a couple of pens and puts the pass to tape. i love that kid.

  41. actually the powerplay looked way better than the last two years. defense pinching in. taking shots. moving the puck more than 5mph.

    gotta remember we are going against the stanley cup champions who are favored to repeat.

    I am on hockeystreams too but having trouble with the HD+

  42. i’m good with the hq tomb…the hd guys were having trouble earlier with sound i believe

  43. OK now that all our rookies have a total of one period under their belts, we’ll be fine.


  44. Apparently if you work for FSN, seven shots in one period is considered an “onslaught.”

  45. Chuck, it says blacked out, all the pre season games worked fine and i was getting the pre game right up until 730 it went off the air, my brother in sc is getting in on nhl network, but thats blacked out too here. nobody at directtv can give me any reason except for its not their faults and if the game doesnt sell out it gets blacked out, i tried to tell them that i didnt think that would be a problem for this game and i’m pretty sure that doesnt happen in the nhl, thanks for your help though

  46. 3rd time Girardi has been slow getting up, very sluggish…. I wonder if he’s hurt already.

  47. fortuitouos bounce off the refs skate???? how about every game being called in the pens favor by the refs???

  48. Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve found something Redden is good for: injuring other people when he gets hit!

    Drury doing his usual appearing act on opening night. Let’s see him keep it up for the whole season this time. KTHX.

  49. if prospal gets all of that shot thats a goal even though fleury made a great save, puck was defintiely on edge when prospal let go

  50. Too bad Dubinsky looked right the entire time from the blue line in… one glance at Fleury would have frozen him, he knew the pass was coming across 100%.

  51. holy crap i am a minute behind you guys… i was like wtf are the talkin about, and it just happened

  52. even though he just made a brutal cross ice pass in our own end that got broken up by crosby, redden actually looks more intense, even throwing some effort into his checks for once.. we’ll see waht happens

  53. No problem Greg,

    I think you’re getting jobbed by DTV. Sellouts have nothing to do with hockey broadcasts, that’s only in football. I always got the games on MSG when I lived in New Haven, but I didn’t have DTV then. It sounds like they f’d up and blacked out both channels by mistake.

  54. Redden’s getting alot smarter..he’s hitting Crosby and Malkin and running away from orpik.

  55. YES! I love this team not using Rozsival or Redden on the power play! Staal making great plays out there and Kotalik shooting lasers.

  56. Say what you want. Redden is playing great. Rozi – complete weak link. Gilroy & MDZ total keepers!!!!!

    And WTF is up with the cheap shots & slashes?!?!

  57. love how del zotto is on the power play and not rozi or redden, then towards last quarter of power play staal got out there, thats waht needs to happen, our young D r gona become the anchors of that power play.. sick move by gaborik nearly led to a goal, kotalik great chance on power play again, power play looks so much better, not always going to get goals or results but we are actually gettin good chances unlike a year ago

  58. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    Greg, it’s possible DTV doesn’t have your address right and don’t see MSG as one of your regional sports networks… I had that issue when I first got it, had to call them.

  59. lets get the lead we are outplaying them this period, and not just cuz of the power play, on even strength too

  60. Who ever thinks being a dirty team is a bad thing obviously doesn’t watch hockey. The Dirtier you play, the more you win.

  61. he actually looks like a grown man throwing body checks and not a 12 year old… this is good

  62. Are we sure this is Wade Redden? I mean..this obviously cant be him. He’s playing way to good.

  63. i gotta say, i am not hating what i’m seeing out of redden right now…hopefully this becomes a trend.

  64. Just when it looked like the rush was over, nobody took care of Crosby.

    Del Zotto looks really slow to me tonight. Everybody is skating away from him.

    Thank goodness the Penguins changed their PA announcer (unless it is only for tonight). Their long run in the playoffs must have led to everyone noticing how horrible his voice was.

  65. drury stickchecked cindy a millisecond too early, better than not makin a play at all but mannn breakin up that 3 on 1-2 and then they score like that, WEAK

  66. outplay them all period long and then they get one rush and get a goal and another one 8 seconds later

  67. hey local why did you stop the charade about being a ranger fan also. it was soooooooooooo believeable

  68. mike its one game!! yea i’m not too happy with whats going on,but i’m not ready to bury them yet

  69. Spider,

    What the hell?

    Are you serious?

    Its the first game, away against the SC champs, and the Rangers have actually had a good game… Stop your whining. You’re starting to sound like “it”.

  70. rob m- thats hank. he lets in a bad one every game. or just about. hes gotta really step up. its almost predictable aty this point. but they always suck at pittsburgh. they need a goal. wheres the offense? come on this pp needs a goal!!! come on gabby!!!!!! i want goals damnit!!lol

  71. I really did like the Rangers. I have my entire life. I just always also liked the Devils a little bit more. But now a lot more.

  72. how do u all come up with these things after 38 minutes of hockey? our defense is bad, hank is gona have a bad year, cant play this forecheck? its the FIRST REAL GAME. with like 10 new players, let them hav 10-15 games under their belt to build chemistry before you start saying waht they can and cant do

  73. dammit someboyds gota bury that rebound with taht puck just lying there ughhhh, make it 3-2 there before the period ends woudla been HUGE

  74. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    DirecTV people, anyone else see we have Center Ice games right now? Is this a free trial or an unspoken thing they’re doing free while they’re having issues with Versus? Flyers vs Hurricanes is on 770 (not that I care about either team)

  75. We hold the puck in for that long, and of course no reward. the puck sat in front of their net for 5 seconds and it couldnt just find its way in.

  76. u like the devils alot more now why? bc the rangers havent won the cup since 94 so u started going with who won more cups.. dude your are so pathetic, i shoudlnt even respond to you but i cant help it.. its all good though cuz ull get banned soon

  77. we can go back to the mike dunham days if you want

    its game 1 and a shit pair of bounces on the last two goals

  78. So there were some lapses, but I still feel like the Rangers are playing better hockey overall than last year. Noticeably better. It’s going to take some time for everything to gel, it’s way too early to count them out. MDZ needs to get those nerves worked out, though, that’s for sure.

  79. yea rob. for an all out offensive style, they need to bury some of those. if u cant score, youre gonna leave your goalie out to dry and thats what they did. i counted like 4 or 5 odd man rushes against us in that period alone. i think they should ease up a little. well, not now because theyre losin, but i thought wed see some goals with all the chances they are takin. a cheapy by dru isnt gonna cut it.

  80. if we get another cheapy, the cheapy goals total will be tied at 2 mike. 2 bad bounces. they’ll work it out

  81. I’d rather watch them lost games playing this style than Renney’s boring defense first style.

  82. Alex T – Who said I was complaining. It’s going to look bad at times, but we also have the offensive talent to make it look good. Whatever the result, it’s going to be fun to watch.

  83. yes stow. they are. i love the effort and the chances are there. if they werent getting chances id be worrying right now. but its game 1, in pens arena, so im actually pretty proud of my team right now. im lovin reddens effort, even rozy. our top 2 lines are great, its kotalik, ansimov, boyle, lisin that are pissin me off. gilroy and del zotto are playin ok, but yea they arent too good defensivley. i smell a comeback in the 3rd. gabby and cally score to tie and we win in shootout. hank needs to hold the fort. hes let in his 1 bad goal quota for the night so we should be ok on that end.

  84. On the PA Announcer-He sounds like the announcer from Neo Geo/SNK Fighting games like Fatal Fury, Samurai Showdown, World Heroes, etc. I can’t take him seriosuly.

    This is a preseason game to me. The Rangers can’t win in this building, never have, never will. I’m not trying to be a Debbie Downer but I can count the wins they’ve had in the Igloo on one hand since 1989.

    Hopefully they have a good 3rd though.

  85. Embarrassing game so far. Im not happy at all.

    If this is how the season is gonna be, then im gonna enjoy seeing Nyr pick number 1 overall. They’re not that bad, but geez, in a span of 40 seconds i think there was 3 odd man rushes, and total retardation.

    Crap period. Nyr should be leading 3-1, instead they’re down. They better step it up, and get their sh*t together.

  86. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    the NHL won’t let the Reacharounds –er, penguins, sorry– lose in this building

  87. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Pissburgh pukes are flukes!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Third period comming up boys, It’s time to see what were made of..GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!

  88. bill pidto is great and john giannone should be kicked off of TV forever he knows absolutley nothing about hockey… pidto used to host NHL 2night hes good, idk about keenan in this role though hes a pure coach and nothing else in my opinion

  89. CCCP

    Have you ever seen the show “Boy Meets World” ?? Tyler Kennedy looks exactly like the guy who played Minkus. Look up the cast of Boy Meets World on, and look for the guy who played Minkus. That’s Kennedy’s long lost twin.

    He’s also on that garbage show “One Tree Hill”

  90. mike- why is that? why do they always lose here? its a new team. lol. every year, new team diff players, same result. idk, but i sware this feels scripted. i could see the softie goal comin a mile away. hank isnt that good but the offense cant score. when u play so aggressive, you gotta score some goals. i gotta admit though, fleury is outplaing hank bigtime. he looks like the guy that was picked 1st overall tonight.

  91. as someone stated, we are playing the defending cup champs, one of the best teams in the league, with 2 of the best players in the league, in their building.. for those of u who are giants fans, did you hav any doubt that we were going to beat washington at home last year in the home opener when we raised the banner??? these games are verrrry difficult, im not expecting a win just want to see some good things and i have so far, tomorrow night im expecting a huge effort when im in section 338, this is a really tough game to open the season, against the defending champs in any sport on opening night is ridiculously tough

  92. It’s one game and Mike, don’t hate the 3rd line. Avery is gonna be a winger on it. Kotalik is useless 5 on 5. He’s a $3 million dollar power play specialist. They should have just got (and still can) Marc-Andre Bergeron for half the price.

    Hey, everyone chill; last year they started like 10-1 and everyone was cursing at that team by January. They’re most likely gonna have a slow start this year, so everyone will be cursing them up until December.

  93. These Penguinss have bee playing together for two, three years? I’ll give our guys a little break.

    Without two unbelievable saves by Fleury we’d be in there.

  94. interesting that rozivol and redden are not on the PP.

    hows that for some accountability and embarrassment?

  95. Chuck Woolery – “This is quite the glass half empty crowd tonight.”

    tonight???? how bout everyday, its the most pessimistic group of people ever just about all the time, with a few exceptions of course but for the most part u would think this was a pittsburgh pirates blog site

  96. by the way i dont care how much everyone hates him or whatever because of last year with Betts but Colton Orr couldnt shine Brashears skates as a hockey player, as a fighter yes he could, as a skater and stickhandler/shooter whatever, no.. brashear is no gaborik but he can actually handle the puck and hold his own unlike Orr.. loved watchin Orr fight though

  97. man u saw it in preseason and we saw it here, u give this guy a rebound 5-10 ft in front of the net its as good as in the back of the net, LETS GOOOO

  98. Whenever i hear “penalty” i automatically assume it’s on us for something we did to Crosby….that’s a bad thing..

  99. they’ll probably be nervous tomorrow also with it being the home opener,then will settle down for Mondays game

  100. dubi HAS TO start shooting, did anyone see him basically hovering on that 2 on 2 cuz he woudlnt shoot… he just drew a penalty though so LETS TIE IT UP BOYS

  101. just bc anisimov hasnt scored doenst mean hes havin a bad game.. his line as whole has been below average in our own zone, and i wish he would hav got that puck out of the zone when del zotto banked it off the boards to him before he lost it to goligoski for the 3rd goal but that happens, puck was boucning. he will be fine…..
    damn gaborik almsot put that in short side

  102. could hav been a better PP.. still time to salvage a point and possibly more here though.. any guesses on a 3rd goal to tie it from the rangers or has everyone given up like losers already??? id say gaborik again but if i had to go pick someone that hasnt scored id say higgins

  103. gaborik right back out there, i love it havin torts behind the bench, not afraid to GO TO his GO-TO guys often

  104. wow. how is the score thingie so freakin big and covering part of the ice??? this has to be the worst one

  105. joe makes a great call which the refs DONT of course, too many men on, its simple, u can see sidney on the ice while his teammate that came in for hiim is CONTROLLING the puck

  106. Im slowly starting to like Joe Michannoying. At least he points out the refs blunders/advantage that it gives the Pens.

  107. Crosby thinks he’s cool cause he can spin. Gilroy was just like “This is my house B***H..MY HOUSE!”

  108. i dont know why anyone ever hated on micheletti, hes pretty knowledgable.. gets a little repetitive sometimes, but hes pretty good… hes no JD but hes solid i like him, i defintiely agree with him more than Sam nowadays, joe isnt afraid to call out the refs and even our own team

  109. JD > Howie Rose + Sam Rosen + Joe Micheletti combined.

    Bill Chadwick + Jim Gordon > Sam and JD though..

  110. Gilroy reminds me so much of Leetch tbh. They both could just skate..FOREVER. it seems like they never get tied, unlike Del Zotto who’s been really slow.

  111. gilroy looked pretty good tonight… cally awesome as always. at least they didnt let em get an empty netter.

  112. we let up two shit goals, not a bad game, easily could have won, not disappointed at all… all of you will say how we suck and wont make the playoffs now for the next 24 hours until we put on a show vs. ottawa tomorrow so hav fun with that… im outt

  113. Olga Folkyerself on

    A noble effort at the end. O-fer 4 on the PP and 1/2 on the PK- special teams are a bit of a concern.

  114. Alright, that was a decent game. I was hoping for another whistle in the final minute so we could get the Clutchmobile back out there!

    Now that I’ve been able to watch the team on a real television, I can see the light with Girardi being bad. He made a couple good plays, but a lot of confusing ones, like giving the puck up and running into a teammate.

  115. couldnt even get a shot in the last minute. well boys, it was a good effort, but its a loss. shouldve won if hank didnt let in his daily gratuitous soft goal. he needs to be better. this team isnt geared to score alot. they gave a good effort, and they better win tommorow.

  116. get all the nerves out. impressed with gilroy, redden was not horrible, #10 is WOW, cally his typical hard working self. two bad bounces, a bit disjointed in the first half of the first, but i’m not terribly disappointed. 10-15 games guys

  117. You know what. 2nd and 3rd periods were def Rangers.

    We actually deserved AT LEAST one point here.

    I’m kind of satisfied, even with a loss. It feels good to see a team that tries to win.

    Good night.

  118. Kaiser Permanente on

    No way we lose tomorrow. We looked pretty good tonight. The Rangers will be just fine this season. Nothing to worry about. Henrik looked awesome. Gaborik was flying. Redden looked like hell. Drury scored and was confident. All they can do is improve.

  119. At least they made it competitive. The real season starts tomorrow night with a victory over Ottawa.

    Not gonna criticize anyone.

  120. Pathetic. Honestly, do these retards know how to pass the puck ?

    What a horrible opener. Only good thing is Gabby scores a goal, so hopefully that’s the first of 50+.

    Kotalik is basically making 3 mil to waste time on the PP. He’s useless, and the PP looks like garbage still. They need a few more games to get it together.

    And Torts shouldn’t have said anything aboot Danny G, cause this is the worst i have ever seen the kid play. He looked dazed and confused.

    They better pick up the fuggin two points tomorrow, but it wont make a difference if they can beat the Sens, cause they cant beat the Pens.

  121. Linda;

    I’d rather be at the bottom of the leauge with this team, than make it to 1st round of playoffs with Renneys team and get slapped around silly.

    This Coach can teach these guys how to win. Look at Dubinsky. Look at Gilroy, Staal, Callahan. These are players that can grow into real stars if they learn how to win and how to be winners. If you play for a coach who teaches you to “not loose” that is always what you’re focus on. In todays NHL that does not cut it.

  122. The Rangers did a lot of good things tonight against a very tough opponent, and I can’t say I’m disappointed. There was some sloppiness and the traditional Rangers lack of playing a full sixty minutes, but I think more time with Torts will help those things.

    Nice playing by Gaborik, Cally put forth his typical good work ethic, and I thought Gilroy had a pretty good game overall. PK can definitely use some work, as can the PP – but the PP is definitely better than it was last year. See you all again tomorrow night!

  123. Never too low after a loss, never too high after a win! There are 81 more matches left; the season isn’t won or lost in game #1.

    See you good folks tomorrow.

  124. Oh, and I’m excited about what this season holds. I think there’s plenty to look forward to.

  125. ORR u might be the 2nd least knowledgable poster on here, 2nd to a local fan of course… but yea u dont know what ur talkin about, we lost to the PENGUINS, as much as u hate them and I hate them, theyre very good, if u think we played terrible tonight ur out of ur mind

  126. Pidto and Keenan are so boring in the postgame, but it’s their first night together, so let’s see what happens. I don’t think they can match the quality of the Mets studio show, which was better last year with Yallof instead of Carlin, but we’ll see. Trautwig tomorrow I’m guessing, maybe with Fischler, unless he needs to do Devils?

  127. yea i was pretty rough on the 2 new kids but they did good. del zotto needs to be better in his own end though. i noticed that we still give the puck up way too much. its like hot potatoe sometimes. its not as bad as last year though. im really impressed with redden. hes always gonna suck but hes playin hard and should be the leader of this d squad. anisimov sucked. boyle sucked, voros sucked kotalik sucked, lisin was ok, he definitely vhas some speed and skill, just overall a decent game for most but way too many odd man rushes against. at least 10. and the pp looks much better. we’ll be seeing a pp goal tommorow watch. they gotta find some openb lanes and just blast away at leclaire. we’ll win. i garauntee it!! LIKE MESS DID.

  128. ALEX

    I bit of both. Im pissed the fugg off. Some of you might be satisfied with what you saw, but im not.

    Idiotic passes, skipping opportunities to shoot the god damn puck. I don’t care if it’s Pissburgh, i didn’t expect this. I knew with this style of play, there’s gonna be odd man rushes, but there was just way to many, i mean there was two, or three different shifts where there was multiple odd man rushes. Unacceptable.

    And where in big trouble if Danny G is gonna start playing like Blowzival, and Dredden, even tough Dredden was half way decent. It’s one game, but still.

    And Prospal needs to be taken off the 1st line, in my opinion.

  129. anyone else really over MSG kissing the ass of every team the rangers play for the entire broadcast

  130. I said it once and I’ll say it again; have patience with these kids.

    Everyone was loving this team the first three months of last season and cursing at them the rest of the year.

    This year is gonna be the exact opposite.

    Onto Season Two of The Wire…….peeeace.

  131. orr- i hear ya. its a loss. a loss is a loss. but there are very good things goin on with these guys. theyre playin hard. theyre leaders played good. dru, redden, gabby, duby, and staal all had great games. higgins cally too. hank was good. not great and he let in a softie which was the ultimate game winner. but cmon kid, its a long season. its game 1 against the best team in the league. i say we did very well. im just a little disappointed withanisimovand kotalik. they gotta use their size more. other than girardi, AA, kotalik and boyle having bad games, most of them played good. and we put alot of pressure on fleury. were gonna be great this year. we might not start out with a 10-2-1 record but we’ll end with a better one than last vyear.
    hey rob m – thats just orr dude, hes a young guy man. dont compare him to local fan. just cuz he was pissed about the game. hes passionate for this team just like we all are

  132. I’m going to the game tom. I’m taking the train to MSG by 4:30. If anyone wants to get a drink or two let me know

  133. ROB M

    Im sorry im 19, and actually young, it’s such a curse isn’t it ? I cant be knowledgeable, cause im only 19, oh maaaan. What am i gonna doo ????

    Yeah we played the Pens, and they’re a great team, but they weren’t that great tonight, they were good, Nyr was decent, but just played stupid.

    Nyr made them look a hell of a lot better than they played. But that’s my opinion.


    I agree. I hate MSG, their coverage is garbage, and they now they bring this douche Peedough, and this boring old fogie Kennan. Great.

    I would have settled for Deb Placey, at least she’s easier to listen to. But she was probably too busy giving DPee a rim job on the Island.

  134. they are the cup winners, a very good team. the Rangers had some good moments and some bad ones, but I’m satisfied with the play of the kids. for the most part, the kids got their feet wet, learned a few lessons, and made a few good plays

    the vets were another matter. I thought the vets were inconsistent, had some spurts of good play and then long spurts of bad decision making

    the big saves by Fleury on Prospal and Gabby in short order really lifted them, and deflated the Rangers for a while, but at least the Rangers made an effort of it in the third period

    we’ll see if they can put 60 mins together vs Ott

  135. i gett ya orr. i did too. i thought wed at least get this to a shootout. just like against the caps, we played a good 3rd, but it wasnt enough. were good, but were not capable of winning games relying on hank anymore. hes a great goalie, but hes not good enough to win us every game anymore. he surprised everyone his first few years but theyve adjusted and figured him out. thats why we need our offense to score more. especially if were gonna play this style of game. you know its only a matter of time until they start clicking and building confidnce and they’ll be good to go. they actually played a very good game. under the circumstances, and being such a young, and basically new team, i thought they did great. not happy that they lost of course though. if hank stops that wrister we get to ot. the only thing that bugged me was the turnovers and odd man rushes against. way too many. and the bottom 2 lines were pretty bad. but our top 2 lines did good and thats a good sign. ok, im out guys. be back here manana for our first win of the season baby!!

  136. HockeymanRangers on

    My thoughts about the game, it wasn’t all bad. But then again they are suppose to be professionals????? How many times did they overskate the puck?? What the _ell is up with that, several different players were doing it. But you can tell they need to play together A LOT MORE before they bring it together. But there was some good stuff Fluerry got lucky on the one Gaborik break away that went between his legs and came out the side. Some players looked really bad and none looked great or even good. But it’s only one game and like I said they need to play together more. Might miss some of the Sens game but should catch the end of it tomorrow. Good luck tomorrow Boys, give em hell.

  137. orr- yea u def right about a good d makin a goalie nlook good. our goalie has to compensate for a very inconsistent d corps. girardi really sucked. i now see what tits was talkin about. giradi has to be better, and he totally whiffed on that one timer on the pp. he cant even shoot it anymore. is he hangin out with wade a little too much or what? i figured hed get better as his career went along, but he seems to have slid back and is not the same kid we saw 3 years ago

  138. decent outing.

    be stronger on the puck.

    gaborik is dangerous…gilroy is a gambler…

    nice to see the young guys…voros tries but he stinks.. what is boyles role?

  139. ORR,

    I was 19 when that “old fogie” led us to the Cup in ’94. Show a little respect. I know you were only 4 back then, but I’m sure you’ve seen the replays on MSG. Keenan wasn’t that great in the post game and in between periods, and the team wasn’t that great on the ice, but it was game 1, still have 81 to go.

  140. Good first game by the Rangers. You could see them sag a bit after each Penguins goal, but then after about 5 mins, they got their composure back.

    I think you are going to see this in the early part of the season with a young team.

    I’m actually happy that they opened up against a tough opponent like the Pens. The kids get a baptism by fire, and the next few games should not seem so fast to them.

    I agree with the comments about Dubinsky – he’s definitely looking to feed the puck instead of shooting it. That’s all well and good, but when you get the puck in the slot, use the D as a screen and rip a wrist shot or snap shot. It’s early though and a correctable thing.

    D looked ok – Gilroy really looks like he belongs.

    Really hoping Redden bounces back this season – we need him to just be solid.

    As far as the broadcast – I feel that Joe M is too much of a homer. He’s knowledgeable, but I wish he’d call it both ways more often, instead of borderline complaining about missed calls for the Rangers. (I’ll give him credit, he did mention a penguin got clipped and that was missed)

    Not sure about the hating on Sam by some folks – I think he calls the play by play pretty well, and asks pensive questions to engage Joe and get him to offer his perspective. Other than his total disgust for fighting in hockey, I think he is one of the better announcers.

    Finally, I like Torts and his brutal honesty. It almost reminds me of 93-94 with Keenan, where they would ask him a question, and he’d speak his mind. The only difference is Keenan was more subdued and methodical (although just as brutal), where Torts gets agitated. :)

    Oooh Raucus Rangers is on (again). Gotta go!

    Lets win the home opener tomorrow night!


  141. I think they had positives (Drury, Dubi Line seemed to click, Henrik) and Negatives (Redden and Rosi, Del Zotto playing timid in own zone and Lisin) but they really need to attack the net.

  142. Chris- I did not get the MSG broadcast, but every year, our commentators slobber all over the opposing teams. It gets annoying.

    However, aside from complaining about the referee bounce that helped us score our 1st goal, the Pitt guys were pretty unbiased and slobbered all over Gaborik.

    Matt-Are you on Yankees Lohud too?

  143. Sam needs to either commit to be the full time ranger announcer or let him go to football. it is ridiculous to have your announcer always taking off many weekends like your sport is second banana

  144. I don’t know if this has been mentioned yet, but the ice in the game was absolutely horrible.

    I’m not saying it lost the game for the Rangers, but it didn’t help them. Its no surprise the Pens and Wings made it to the cup the last 2 years because they all play on crappy ice (not that MSG is any better because its probably worse than Detroit).

    I would love to see guys like Ovechkin, Crosby, and Malkin play in decent arenas. They would put up 150 points probably. The puck never settles ever on that ice and proof of that was at the end of the game when Redden tried to keep it in and the puck bounced like a foot in the air.

    Either way Rangers looked good at sometimes, not so good in others. Tomorrow they will play better.

  145. Going into the game, I was concerned with all the new faces and lack of name brand quality besides Gaborik.

    But, like others have said, we could have easily won or gotten a point. We were on the road, not a big deal to lose.

    Team needs some time together.

    As it is every year, our guys overskate pucks too often. Dubi did it several times in the O-zone. He just skated right by the puck for no reason.

    Just call Dan Girardi “Dang” because we’ve been seeing his sloppy inexperienced play for a year now.

    The PP could be good, especially since Torts is willing to think outside the Pearn Box and use 4 forwards and 1 D.

    Things are looking up for this NYR team. Bet most of you would want Jaromir back, though.

  146. And if you guys want homer announcers, listen to the pens broadcast. Joe rips the team when he has to, which is midway through the year.

  147. Jonny D- The puck is always bouncing off the Rangers sticks. It happens in every arena, every year. I liken it to impotence. Every other team can handle a puck or keep it on their stick. Our guys, the puck bounces away from them like they are powerless.

  148. Now that Semenov turn down the Rangers offer whats next, how about Kyle McLaren or perhaps do they save the spare change for something else??

  149. Tough game for an opener, but not at all suprised or disappointed at the result. It looks like they were all super-hyped to play this new system, the result was way to many 2 and 3 on 1’s the other way. This could have easily been 3-2 the other way if Prospal or Gabby convert. This team is going to be the complete opposite of last years snoozefest (they were so boring most of the time last year, I wouldnt even watch the games live , just Rangers in 60.
    The 4th line got caught on the ice for way to long with about 3 or 4 minutes to go, I thought Torts didnt use the 4th line much. Boyle sucks, he has to go when Avery gets back.

  150. CR9, I agree, but especially tonight. I think we have better puck handlers than before like Lisin and Gaborik, so a lot of tonight had to do with it being shitty ice.

  151. I would like to see the lines look like this when Avery comes back:

    Avery Dubi Gabby
    Cally Dru Higgins
    Kotalik AA Prospal
    Brashear Voros Lisin

    Avery and Dubi have chemistry, and I think Avery on that line, will open things up even more for Dubi and especially Gabby. Avery is definitely fast enough to keep up, and he can definitely play hockey a lot better than he gets credit for.

  152. P.S. Sorry for posting line combos, but it is the start of the season, and the lines will change when Aves is back.

  153. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Pissburgh pukes are flukes!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Game one , we didn’t do too bad. I like our chances.

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