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The Rangers should be in the air on their way to Pitt by now.

John Tortorella was asked about letting his team watch the Stanley Cup banner ceremony tomorrow (which will delay the start of the game until about 8 p.m.).
“Yes we are, because I think that’s the National Hockey League and I don’t want to be disrespectful to what that trophy is. I hope it’s not a long night. But I think it’s important. I don’t want to disrespect what the National Hockey League is about and what we’re trying to win … we’ll be out there to see it, and then we’ll be ready to play.
“I think it’s good. I’ve been on the end of these, a couple the other way, and I’ve been on one the right way, and I think it’s a great thing, especially for some of the youth on our team. I think it’s good for them to see it, as far as a culmination thing.”

The coach likes the idea of having the youth on the team — Del Zotto and Gilroy both were on the No. 1 power-play points today.
“What I like is we’ve added some youth to our lineup,” he said. “I think, for us, not only to try to win but to continue to win, developent of your own people, and giving people opportunities, is important in the cap world. So you’ve got Gilroy and Del Zotto, Lisin, Anisimov. We’ve got some youth in here. I think that’s important, along with the foundational youth in the Dubinskys, the Callahans, the Girardis, the Staals. That’s how you become competitive and stay competitive, by continuing to build within your team. So I’m really excited about that.
“I’m not going to predict how they’re going to play as we start going through the grind here. But they’ve been attentive, and the guys who are here deserve to be here. We’ll make decisions as we start going through and playing the games.”

And on the announcement tomorrow of the new alternate captains, a decision that’s been made without input from captain Chris Drury:
“Chris is our captain. I’m not a big believer in votes by the team. … It’s our responsibility a we’ve watched a lot of new faces and some guys who have been here, how they’ve handled themselves through camp and exhibition and the coaches and (general) manager, we’ve had discussions and we’re going to make that decision.”
Henrik Lundqvist was asked to compare Marian Gaborik with Jaromir Jagr, and said first of all that they’re different types of players, and that Jagr had already had a Hall of Fame career when he became a Ranger and it wouldn’t be fair to compare anybody to that. But he said that the responsibility on the two players was comparable.
Then he mused: “When you don’t have (Jagr) anymore, you realize how good he was. Some nights, you expect so much of him.”
Don’t forget that Tortorella-esque ex-coach Mike Keenan will be in MSG Network’s studio tomorrow, and for 10 games this season. If he isn’t gag-ordered by Cablevision, he should be interesting. If he is, he’ll be dull as heck.

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  1. Tortorella seems to give great answers to interview questions sometimes and others he just goes ape-sh$$.

    What is it with this guy?

  2. Great post as usual.

    If the game is going to to start so late, any suggestions on food to serve at my viewing party which starts around 6:30-7pm? Will a 12pack of beer be enough?

    you might want to spell check paragraph 4 “I think that’s important, along with *teh* foundational youth in the Dubinskys, the Callahans, the Girardis, the Staals. “,

  3. Gary, a 12 pk will get me through the 2nd period. Too bad I have to work tomorrow night. At least with the late start, I should be able to catch the end. I’ll DVR but it’s not the same.

  4. From previous post:

    Hmmm.. Wicky almost had a heart attack I’d imagine from the news of not getting our closest to you-all-know-what.

    Shanny will announce his retirement soon, I’m sure. I couldn’t see him in these ugly red scrubs either.

    Laurel- that was really good. Hey, does anyone have local fan’s IP address? We need to make sure he sees it. Well, something tells me he has.

    And Carp is on top of the news again.
    Life is good.

    I think Keenan will be entertaining for a 2-3 game and will become dull thereafter. Remember, he might be looking for work.
    Gary- are there any Russians in attendance? If yes, it’ll be gone by 6:45. In terms of spelling- I’m sure everyone got an idea.

  5. Carp, you need to be on the team charter with the Rangers to give us updates every time, what is going on around the team from now on until the puck will be dropped :) You need to be on the pulse of the team, and throw out all other teams assignement, we need to focuse you all about RANGERS !:)


    We are a bunch of guys who can´t waits for things to get started, despite having it around 2 am in the morning exspecting computers burning for the live games on one and the running stats on the other…:)

    LET THE PUCK DROP !!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. well-spoken Tortorella!

    thanks for the updates Carp i was beginning to worry

    lol @ gary the grammar police

    If the game is going to to start so late, does anyone have suggestions on what food to serve at my viewing party which starts around 6:30-7pm? Will a 12pack of beer be enough?

    Pigs in blanket, burgers, nachos! 12 pack will not be enough get a 30 rack you don’t have to drink them all. Unless you’re me!

  7. Wonder if Bettman will be there, passing out cigars like a proud papa. Can’t believe we have to watch that for a half-hour before some actual hockey.

    Anyone have a link to a video of the Rangers on Letterman, btw? I missed it.

  8. Hey can someone be a testament to hockeystreams im trying to give reliable information to my brother who was going to get gamecenter

  9. sportsnation just had the top 10 from letterman on
    they say they are going to rip the rangers latter.

    espn2 if anyone is interested.

  10. I was in Munich yesterday, drove in for 250 miles in the morning for Oktoberfest and Bayern-Juventus at Allianz Arena and got back at 4 am in the morning with three crazy italian fans in tow, working kind of tour operator for Munich:) and almost physically killed now but exspecting to be firing out of all cylinders tomorrow night :):):)

  11. missed letterman too link please!

    i love it when they go on shows after clinching the playoffs! Avery was so funny and so were Lundqvist and Shoestrom talking Finnish (or whatever they speak) and calling the SNL guy fat and laughing!

  12. Sports Illustrated Predcitions:

    All 6 experts predicted the devils to make the playoffs. Only half think the Rangers have a chance to make it.

    4 Out of 6 Think Marty “the real king” brodeur will be the NHL’s top goalie again.

    1 did pick Henry, but he has a lot on his table with virtually no defense.

    Do you guys all agree that Redden and Rozi really suck? And they are making 11.5 million!
    I do love M Staal but after taht your left with two sucky defensemen for 11.5 Gilroy’s offensive potential but defensive liability and what after that???

  13. 228: where the heck do you live. a 36 pack? i wonder what it looks like. i guess more like a square than a rectangle?

  14. a local fan:

    all you have to look forward to is the diving Fatso regressing, Parise playing in the quasi-trap, and Odoyu.

    LOLOLOL! Avery and Henrik PWN FATSO!

  15. Just a thought on

    Looks like local fan finally picked a team, good for you, now go to the devils site.

  16. its so funny that all you guys can do is call marty a fatso..and tell me you have more fans!!

    why are 4 out of 6 EXPERTS predicting a FATSO to win the award for the best goalie in the ENTIRE NHL?

  17. Local Fan,
    enough with who said this and who said that. These people are human beings who have opinions. It means nothing. What is important is what actually happens and nobody can predict what really happens. Injuries and other variables happen during the season so stop already with your love for the devils, Ranger fans don’t care what you think. If your Devils are so great why can’t they get fans in there building and have there own blog so devil fans don’t need to come on a ranger blog.

  18. Welcome back, local fan. I was worried you’d miss all the precious comments today. And thanks for waking CCCP up! CCCP?

  19. Didn’t realize there was a new post…

    Salty & Eric…

    Make sure you use and facebook.
    I had several people on facebook calling their HR dept to see if they had anything and 2 people actually got me interviews because they knew someone.
    Even though I ended up with a job I found myself on monster, linkedin and facebook def got me a few interviews!!
    Also use….It pulls jobs from ALL the big job boards at once!

    Good Luck!

  20. Fatso just got hit by a truck!

    Every time time A local Fan posts god kills a Devil! (God=Avery)

    BTW: Scott Stevens is a hack!

  21. “its so funny that all you guys can do is call marty a fatso..and tell me you have more fans!!”

    “why are 4 out of 6 EXPERTS predicting a FATSO to win the award for the best goalie in the ENTIRE NHL?”

    I’m not one to be insulting but you are an idiot with that post. What does us telling you we have more fans than you and Marty is a fat boy have to do with the experts stating there opinion. If I was a bridge expert and told you the bridge was safe so you can jump off the bridge you probably would jump, moron.

  22. Last I checked, experts don’t do very well picking anything. Two years ago the Rangers were predicted by ESPN to win it all. Didnt happen. Just like I am sure they will be wrong about something this year.

    I would probably predict a Vezina for Brodeur. Full on trap combined with a love fest for an old winding down big named veteran. What else is new. I could also bet you whatever you want the devils arent winning the cup

  23. The Rangers are embarrassing themselves WITHOUT Redden or Roszival!!!! Where are the NYR PR people?!?! That Letterman fiasco was awful!!!!

    Just embarrassing.

  24. Guys,

    When you have thousands of companies and corporations taking 12,000 season tickets and giving them away to clients for free its not hard to find 5,000 more fans in a city of millions to come to a game.

    The devils averaged 16,000 fans a game. The Rangers averaged 17,000 something. So you do the math. You have a pool of millions to come to a game, and most are coming for free.

    Im A Ranger. We have a lot of fans. We dont care about winning. BUT WE HAVE ALOT OF FANS.

  25. NJ is gonna be a real defensive team this season, so Marty will probably thrive in goal. Whatever.

  26. Just a thought on

    Local fan good luck staying up during your teams game, watching your goalie try to win individuals honors. Like must sports the experts choose from people who did it before, look at all star teams, and are currently not what they once were. And many deserving people/players are only starting to make a name for themselves.

  27. The Devils play in Newark. Which is appropriate for a team called the Devils. Only Hell itself would be a worse place to play than Newark.

  28. The Atlantic division will be a high-scoring division this season – including the Rangers and the one exception is the Devils. Especially with their crappy trappy system.

    Fatso is in for a long season. haha,.

  29. Local fan,
    now you sound like a jealous fan. I can’t help the rangers are an original 6 team and have fans all over the country where as the devils can’t even sell the place out with a good running organization.

  30. “its so funny that all you guys can do is call marty a fatso..and tell me you have more fans!!”

    well I can also call him selfish and stupid for his meltdown vs the Canes that cost his team the playoffs. DON’T GO NEAR MARTY’S CREASE!

    but that’s a whole different story.

  31. “NJ is gonna be a real defensive team this season, so Marty will probably thrive in goal. Whatever.”

    He was probably BEGGING for Lemaire.


    The only hardware that matters to Marty now is the Vezina.

  32. A local Fan,

    David Clarckson was just eaten buy a shark!

    You’re killing your team!

  33. Local fan,
    Believe me when I tell you. The nfl experts say the jets are going 0-5 in there first 5 games. How is that working out for the so called experts???

  34. *** PATHETIC

    I am very much looking forward to the day, probably in October or Early November where Marion Gaborik has a groin or hip injury and that causes him to miss significant time and you will see 1,000 + post from me that go something like this “hahahahahaha” “lol” “hahahahaha” “sather is the worst”

  35. r we still responding to shmoko fan? shame on you guys! But I guess its good to have a clown around.

    and i wasn’t sleeping… just a busy day at the office (sort of)


    Congrats on “first”… but please, don’t confuse my generosity with weakness! :P

  36. NYR1994
    October 1st, 2009 at 4:15 pm
    Hey can someone be a testament to hockeystreams im trying to give reliable information to my brother who was going to get gamecenter


    I had game center live last season. There were approximately 15 nights where the games were not streamed, all you got was a photo of the ice. On many nights, the stream would freeze up, or the audio would be 15 seconds ahead of the video. I must say, THAT part was probably my ancient fred flintstone computer. For $160, you’d expect more.

    I got the premium membership on hockeystreams and it’s been great. There were a few instances of the stream freezing up, but that was not on their end, it was msg’s feed. They are very quick to fix any problem. And for $70, it’s a huge savings for a better product. I will be upgrading to their HD service once I have the money. Hope that helps!

  37. bull dog line on

    local fan,
    The Rangers were 9th in attendace last season, averaging 18,080.
    The Devils were 23, averaging 15,059.
    Of course the Devils figure is helped by there only 4 sell outs of the season, against the Rangers.

  38. Koala, take up a collection amongst your fellow blogsters, and I’ll make as many road trips as you can afford. Promise.

    Gary, do you live anywhere near Mamaroneck? Because a bag of Walter’s Hot Dogs would kill about 3-4 minutes.

  39. In regards to Brodeur,

    I won’t disrespect the career he has had. He certainly is a great goalie, and has accomplished impressive feats.

    That being said, Hank has carried the Rangers on many nights, and has stole many many games by himself. And Local Fan…. anytime you want to do a side by side comparison of Marty and Hank’s first 4 seasons in the NHL you let me know. Numbers don’t lie, Hank’s stats are better.

    Marty is nearing the end of a great career, where Hank is just beginning his. Need i remind…HANK IS THE FIRST GOALIE IN NHL HISTORY TO START A CAREER WITH FOUR 30+ WIN SEASONS!!!

  40. Why don’t you guys read a little bit and see how every single Devil player is stating that this system is the most OFFENSIVE system the have ever played in, including players who played on other teams in the past. Also it’s funny how you guys all say the Devils are so boring, but yet out scored the rangers last year. Not to mention, but I will mention, that the rangers offense is in shambles, but not as much as their defense. Obviously you all know this.

  41. Offensive is correct. The whole Mickey Mouse organ-I-zation if offensive.

    Beyond Parise there is not much scoring depth.

    If only Clarkson could skate…

  42. Didn’t Brodeur move to Shelbyville where one is free to do what one wishes and even “marry our cousins!”

    “Why don’t you guys read a little bit and see how every single Devil player is stating that this system is the most OFFENSIVE system the have ever played in, ”

    If they all had to stress that it’s probably not true. That’s like football players and all the coaches saying “Rex is our quarterback!”

  43. Local fan,
    I was correct in my assumption, your nothing but a trolling weasel that has nothing better to do in his life than to come on a ranger blog and try to instigate and irritate ranger fans, dude, get a life, the only thing that is pathetic is you dude. I will not read anymore of your ridiculous comments, I will pass when I see your name.

  44. Why ignore him. He is hilarious. He immediately cant even take himself seriously, since he sat there lying for months that he was a ranger fan. The good news for a Local fan, the only fans more obsessed with the rangers then devils fans are islanders fans.

    Heck, the rangers are the only reason the Devils exist.

  45. That’s sad that the Devils finally have a formidable goalie who could study under Brodeur but since Brodeur wants to stay in net til he’s 50 Yannis will walk.

    Plus he’ll probably get the Brett Favre treatment. THAT’S MY JOB WE’RE COMPETING FOR!!!

  46. C’mon guys, in all fairness ‘local fan’ has a right to post where he wants, and say what he wants, and display his opinions just like we can.

    But let’s not resort to name calling, instead let’s use stats to make our arguments. Hank has more wins, more shutouts and a better save percentage through the first 4 seasons.

    And to direct this at a local fan, Marty didn’t start well having a defense minded team in front of him, Hank has put up stellar numbers with what you call a defense in shambles. Don’t be a hater local fan. If Marty retired and Hank was a free agent, you’d be falling all over yourself in hopes the the Devils would sign him.

  47. 9th in average attendence for the new york rangers is pathetic in itself. you should be first. You play in the biggest city in the world, have lots of fans since you were an original 6 team which means people pass down their love for a team to their children… that in itself is pathetic and no arguement anymore. so the ranger have 3000 more fans a night. Wow. NYC is the biggest city in the world an d 12,000 of those tickets are given away for free from coporations to their clients.

  48. Local fan – change your name to just local.
    You don’t have a clue what it means to be a Ranger fan (or even a devil fan)
    Too bad because it’s your loss. Ranger fans are truly a one of a kind fan !
    And now we’re boneheads !!

  49. As long as we’re spell checking, the word “coached” in the quotation about the alternates. :P

    Do we think Anisimov will be on the second power play unit? I’m trying to decide whether to add he or Del Zotto to my fantasy team while Avery is out.

  50. Local fan, don’t hate on NY bro…. after all aren’t your Jersey Boys minor league team the ALBANY RIVER RATS??

  51. Haha…you neglect to mention that the Devils give away tickets for free with ordering a large pizza at local pizza joints, while the cheapest ticket for the rangers is 54.50.

    Yeah, good job local

  52. How about this argument.

    There are millions of things to do in New York on any given night…in New Jersey where there is nothing, still people dont go to see the Devils.

    Lets not talk about TV ratings. 2 Seasons ago the devils showed a game on TV that got the equivalent of 400 households. 400! Infomercials at 4 am do better ratings

  53. I really don’t care about the devils at all. I don’t care if the devils won some more cups and the rangers did not win any cups. I am a die hard ranger fan. I have no respect for people who call themselves fans when in reality there nothing but front runners. That isn’t a true fan (Local fan).

  54. flippedturtle on

    Not to mention that Marty was putting up these great number in a clutch and grab era that Hank will never benefit from.

  55. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Goofy is selling tickets to Disneyland again!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    HaHAHAAHAHA , The Devils have alot of fans? That my friend is the biggest crock of crap I have ever heard. EVERYONE knows that more Ranger fans show up at Devil games. In Canada here…NO ONE LIKES the Devils..I don’t know anyone.

    Fatso and goofy , what a joke NJDevils are.

  56. Local fan,

    You know I’m always willing to discuss the merits of comparisons between the Devils and the Rangers. So far I’ve found empirical evidence that demonstrates the Rangers have been a top 10, sometimes top 5 defensive team in the league since the lockout. I would probably say they’re due for a slide due to their inexperience on D and the supposed more open style of hockey that they will play this year.

    As for the offense, last season was the only one in the post lockout era that the Devils have outscored the Rangers. Now since it’s apparent that you follow both teams pretty fervently you’ll understand that the Rangers made lateral replacements of Zherdev/Naslund/Antropov with Higgins/Prospal/Kotalik. Maybe not number for number but the 3 former players when compared to the 3 latter players seems to essentially mirror each other in aggregate. The excess scoring from this year as compared to last year should be supplied by Gaborik producing more than Gomez and the improvement in production from Callahan and Dubinsky. I expect Drury to probably average around the same and have low expectations of actual production from Anisimov (rather I’m hoping he just gains valuable experience).

    I’ve always shown you in the past Lemaire’s teams (whether it be NJ or Minny) are consistently in the bottom third in the league in scoring. And a lot of those season preview articles you like to post discuss how the scoring depth beyond the Parise-Zajac-Langenbrunner line is very thin.

    I’ll also reiterate that all teams seek sponsorship. The Devils play in the Prudential Center and last time I was there they announce PSE&G as the sponsors for their power play.

  57. Let’s just unilaterally ignore A Local Fan. Everyone game for that? Starting now, let him post but simply do not respond. It’s much nicer when we don’t fight with shmohawks on these boards and just talk about the best team in the NHL…the Rangers

  58. When “Local Fan” isn’t blogging here, he is doing the exact same thing on Tom Gulitti’s Devil’s blog. He rips the Devils, tells everybody he is a Ranger’s fan, and he gets the same reaction from the Devil’s fans. He is the “Local Agitator”

  59. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Goofy is selling tickets to Disneyland again!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Least show up as a Redwings fan or something…but the Devils?…Aw come on , there are so ..OUT and Marty will have to take out his thighmaster inbetween periods.

    CCCP , your comment about “letting” someone take first..scary , Dude you “own” the first comment on this here blog.

  60. also the regulation of the size of goalie equipment.

    Hank vs. Marty head to head record.

    Hank’s stellar shootout save percentage.

    Yes Marty set the wins record, yes he will probably break the shut-out record… but he is also in the league alot longer than Hank. We have our guy in his prime with the best to come, while Marty’s best we’ve already seen.

  61. “NYC is the biggest city in the world an d 12,000 of those tickets are given away for free from coporations to their clients.”


    NYC is far from the biggest in the world. Where are you getting your 12,000 figure from? Are you suggesting that all the Devils tickets are sold to individual fans or season ticketholders?

  62. local fan has nothing more than unsubstantiated ramblings of a disgruntled fair weather fan.

    He’s probably no student of the game, and probably has no appreciation of the history of the sport and it’s teams.

    Just because you have a keyboard and access to google…. doesn’t mean you should waste our time with poorly thought out posts.

  63. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " I wanna watch Gilroy play!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Matt Gilroy is gonna pop in some goals for us ,Staal is gonna set alot more up and Delzotto will pass, shoot and score. Isn’t this the best we’ve looked sinse we had Leetchy and Zubov?

  64. I am certainly excited to watch Gilroy play, and i’m a HUGE Marc Staal fan… that kid has guts.

    Plus I respect anyone that goes toe to toe with Ovie.

  65. wait a minute, msg has seating for 18,200 right? most new arenas have at least 1,00 more seats. if thats what local fan is reffering to. idk about tv ratings, but i know theres alot of ranger fans around the country and world. we have great history and pride. . who even cares. its such a petty argument. who has more fans.who cares. lets all be happy that we have a good rivalry with the devils. i hate the devils but love the rivalry. its better than the isles right now. local fan- i understand you love your team, but you lose credibility when you come on here for months and say u like the rangers. you lied like a little kid. so nobody here is ever gonna take you seriously unless you stop posting stupid crap about what the “critics are saying” and how bad our team is. we dont go on devils sites and spew crap cuz we dont care. no ranger fan i would think would wanna go to a devils blog and talk about their team.

  66. O, boy…
    Carp- new post? Please. This one is getting too long to scroll..Unless, of course you’re having fun with it.

    Shoryken, do you know what “mudak” means?

  67. Vinny V – playing devil’s advocate, Henrik was helped by the addition of the shootout which meant a lot of ties were turned into wins for him, or else I don’t think he would have had 30 wins in any season if I remember correctly (maybe one).

  68. Re: Brodeur. Cannot dispute the win numbers. Whether he played behind the trap, a wide open team or what have you, he’s got the wins.

    However, I’ve had this discussion with a friend of mine numerous times. Let’s divide Marty’s career into thirds. The mid to late 90’s, the first half of the 00’s and post lockout. And then let me post the question of, “has he ever been the undisputed best goalie in the league during those eras?”

    1st era, no. I think many will say that while he’s up there, Hasek was better. Look at the teams playing in front of the respective goalie and I believe Hasek has the edge in individual hardware. I’d also go with Patrick Roy in the playoffs if it came down to a game 7.

    2nd era. I’d say on average he was the best. Some goalies might have had better single years but on a year to year basis I’ll give you that he was the best.

    3rd era – post-lockout. With the likes of Luongo and Lundqvist, good years from Tim Thomas, Nabokov, it’s tough to say if Marty is the best of this era.

    Again, he’s compiled the numbers and been fortunate to stay healthy, except last year. He’ll fall into the top 5, maybe top 3 discussions. Yet I don’t subscribe to the notion that just because he has the wins records does it mean he’s the best of all time.

  69. barry melrose has been quoted saying the devils are to blame for the lack of offense in the nhl.
    how many 2-1 goals w/ only a bucket full of shots on net did you have during the “trap” era.

    also after the rangers won in 1994 the nhl has slowly declined in popularity as the league tries to make new rules and changes to equipment and such to make the games more exciting. they even brought back the shootout.

    the devils played boring hockey for too long and it killed the league. put that in your oven and cook it.

  70. unless you are mildly retarded, and have bi-polar issues about which hockey teams u like on agiven day, i think ur just a kid tryin to have fun by pissing off ranger fans, or have nothing to do and are so bored, u come here and hate on the rangers. jealous or tarded? which one?

  71. Angry Whopper on

    local fan

    The reason why the Devils have no fan base is because the entire southern 1/2 of the state are Flyer fans and more than 50% of the northern 1/2 are Rangers fans. They really have no business being here at all, it was a bad decision to move them to this market in the first place.

    With all the success they have had as a franchise, they would have had no problem selling tickets, in any other decent Northern US market or Canada, the numbers just are not here for them to draw high attendance numbers, doesnt matter how many cups they rack up.

  72. Shoryuken on Wade Redden- yeah, I highly doubt they’ll teach that in Russian course. It actually is a rather complex word…

  73. A local fan,

    Did you ever stop to think for one minute that people would’nt go to the typical usual “Rangers have more fans” or “Devils are boring” crap if you actually TALKED HOCKEY?!

    I think people like myself and the other people that post here have given you enough of a chance to do that, (I don’t really post, but I have been here reading long enough to see when you first started posting all the way up until now) and let me just say that you don’t do a very good job at it at all.

    What you do is you act like a TYPICAL Devils fan that likes to act like an ex-jaded Rangers fan that’s now a Devils fan, or likes to pose as a fan of both. Which is like sacriledge if you ask me.

    And I have news for you…… Rangers fans and I fully admitted that, despite them winning in the beginning of the season last year and getting off to a good start last year, and as the season progressed, the Rangers WERE a BORING team to watch.

    I HATED watching the Rangers play last year until Tortorella came in.

    So what is so hard to admit if the Devils turn into a boring team again under Lemaire?

    Anyway, people like you give Devils fans a bad name. Devils fans like you and a lot of others would rather talk about the Rangers and how bad they might be every season, then talk about the Devils success.

    Trust me, I know how typical Devils fans such as yourself work.

    Most of the Devils organization and history is based off of hating the Rangers.

    You were probably one of the ones that thought it was funny last year when Federov scored that goal in game 7 with 5 minutes left and all the Devils fans started mocking the Rangers goal song when their OWN playoff game 7 wasn’t even over yet.

    You and the rest of the Devils fans that obsess over the fate over the Rangers got exactly what they deserved that game.

    You give the true Devils fan a bad name and anyone else that thinks like you. Inferiority Complex.

    Furthermore, none of these “expert” magazines or opinions don’t even mean anything. I wonder what you thought of the 2005-2006 Rangers before that season started.

    For you to cite every magazines opinion is and pass it off as if it’s holier than thou, something which you are, is so ridiculous. Even if the predictions are right at the end of the season, it’s still ridiculous.

    Try thinking for yourself.

    If you want to talk Hockey then that would be the best thing you could do at this point.

    No one here gives a crap about the Devils, or Marty Brodeur. These people only talk about the Devils or Marty Brodeur if they are instigated by something or someone.

    No one also here doesn’t give a crap about how far you’ve made it in life either. You graduated from Michigan? Good for you. No one here cares though. People that need to tell other people about far they’ve made it in life are idiots anyway and lack common sense probably.

    You want to continue coming here? That’s fine. But stop with the B.S. and the borderline or outright flaming.

    Because no one here cares, and you’re wasting everyones time.

  74. Spiderpig,

    It’s certainly a fair argument, and one that has come up before. Yes Hank has benefitted from the shootout, but i make this argument…

    Knowing that a game can go into a shootout, some teams don’t press as hard during the overtime session.

    If that extra point was only on the line for that extra session, teams would press harder, especially later in the season.

    When you get down the one minute or so to go, maybe some teams play not to lose, rather than play to win.

  75. Gravey - Formerly known as Jor71 on

    Why is it that you guys/gals even acknowledge LocalFan? Just let him/her type whatever he/she wants. If you ignore the person, the person will go away.

    This is my first and last post mentioning that persons name.

  76. Don’t forget too that goalies have a lot to say in the outcome of a shootout, it isn’t like they sit on their hands and get the win.

    It’s still a major advantage over previous eras’ goalies, but still, it’s an earned victory.

  77. We haven’t heard from local fan in awhile now…

    he’s frantically searching the likes of google and yahoo trying to find some good stat to back Marty so he can sound intellegent.

    POSER. You disgust us true hockey fans!

  78. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " I wanna watch Gilroy play!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Yeah Local fan!!! Yeah , you take that!!! Local fan is a liar , cuz a graduate wouldn’t be so stuiped .Don’t believe anything , it has no credibilty . It is a girl , cuz I was there that day It spouted off about womans rights.

  79. gravey

    the more we react the more hits the site gets
    the more hits the site gets the possibility of Carp getting a kickback goes up, lol.

    we can hope right?

  80. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " I wanna watch Gilroy play!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Blair Betts signs with the Flyers…it’s gonna be weird playing against ‘ol betsie!!

  81. bettman the antichrist is on versus right now….ugh he just reminds me of that evil child catcher guy from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!

  82. have any of you ever listened to bettmans show? he’s saying he “LOVES” the interaction with the fans, the calls aren’t screened. I was just wondering if any of you have ever heard someone tell him off.

  83. If Carp got a tiny kickback for every hit on this wesite, he’d retired by now. In Florida, playing golf. Who needs dress pants?

  84. only Rangers related stuff should be allowed to advertise on this blog!

    No more male enhancement adds!

    Give me,… and definately NO SUBWAY VIRTUAL ADS!

  85. now we know why CCCP is always first! I think he’s getting a percentage of Rick’s kickback!!

  86. Don’t forget to sent your fantasy lineups for the first night, Puckheads. Games start at noon tomorrow and Saturday, so set ’em early!

    Let’s go Rangers, a little more than 24 hours. YES! And I’ll be home watching it on the LCD instead of this crappy computer picture.

  87. Great. We’ve got Joe Beninati announcing for his local team on a national stage. What could possibly go wrong? Oh well, no more complaining; hockey is almost here!

  88. mike knuble, on his quest to play at least one season with every team in the league!!! dude’s got staying power!

  89. I’m watching versus caps vs. bruins. I think if the caps get good goaltending this year in the playoffs, they will go to the cup finals. The ironic thing also is the rangers play the caps tough.

  90. Silly question maybe: how come the champs don’t get to play on opening night? We should be watching Rangers-Penguins right now. The NFL does it right, playing the opening night game with the Super Bowl champion every season now.

  91. Linda, feel free to start the complaining. God knows I’ll be doing my share right from the start. This guy is a total clown. What a shame that the National Hockey League and its TV partners can’t do better than this.

  92. the crowd is signing the Canadian national anthem at the leafs habs game and it is freakin AWESOME!

  93. I have a bad feeling about this team. Fun to watch the kids evolve, but if Gabby goes down, ouch!

    Anyway on TV, Yankees, Giants, and Rangers, I am spoiled literally, there goes my mind, what is left of it.

    Good fortune to the Rangers and their faithful fan-atics.

  94. Miami Pimp RETURNS on

    “Fellow Fans, we live in a world that has ice hockey and that hockey needs to be played by men with skill. Who’s gonna do it? Redden? You, Wade Redden? I have a greater responsibility than you can possibly fathom. You weep for blocked shots and curse body contact; you have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know: that blocked shots, while tragic, probably save goals and that body contact, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves goals. You don’t want the truth because deep down in places you don’t talk about at parties you want me as your partner, you need me as your partner. We use words like clearance, backcheck, trap. We use them as the backbone of a life trying to defend something. You use them as a punchline. I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to someone who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very coverage that I provide and then questions the manner in which I provide it. I would more rather you just said “Thank You,” and went on your way. Otherwise, I suggest that you pick up a stick and stand a post. Either way, I don’t give a damn what defense pairing you think you are entitled to.”
    – Staal

  95. aw crap TR did i miss a fight?? damn!

    ya know, benninati is starting to get as histrionic as Emerik

  96. did he just say boston took 3 of 4 from boston last year??? or is my alleged flu affecting my hearing?

  97. linda
    yes it wasnt that long of a fight

    was it 2 seasons ago one of those islander ice girls and lundqvist had a run in? he wouldnt leave his crease or something?

  98. Lacrackhead didn’t really kick his ass. Unless you consider pulling someone down like a puss, a winning move.

    Lacrackhead, and Brash*t are supposed to be the “Heavyweight Champs” yet all they do is throw a couple of baby jabs, and look for the take down.

    I wouldn’t care if they did that, and were just considered fighters. Just don’t fuggin call them the top two fighters in the league, it makes me sick.

    Go Leafs ! Blowmez is already throwing around his classic giveaways.

  99. Too bad for the bruins that Caps have that trio. My gosh, those are some skilled players.

  100. I don’t know if this was discussed, I tried to real all the posts.

    If Redden, Rosi, Girardi, Staal, Gilroy, Del Z and the Semenov contract gets ironed out who will sit tomorrow night?

  101. since Sather seems to seduce canadian GMs when it comes to trades, do you think he can do montreal a favor by taking the disgruntled Kostiytsin brother for redden and roszival. Thats 2 for one, what a nice guy Sather is

  102. washington caps get goaltending in the playoffs they will represent the eastern conference in the 2010 stanely cup finals.

  103. Chopper, IMO, if Semenov signs tonight or tomorrow, he’s still out tomorrow night, especially for pulling this garbage. I doubt he earned a bunch of points with Tortorella for this.

  104. It’s already there isn’t it? Candle light dinner, suit and tie, flowers, bottle of wine; good ol’ slats, what a magnificent stud!

  105. lmao @ magnificent stud! AAAAAAAA my eyes my eyes!!!

    yea semenov did not score any brownie points with with fonztarella with ‘second thoughts’ and a possible khl deal.

  106. That Letterman stunt was embarrassing for the Rangers, ughhh to have that old hag near my team. One of the shows on ESPN was making fun of them and well they should.
    Good quote from Henrik about Jagr, you don’t know what you have until it’s gone, hard to replace the big fella.

  107. dcloutier

    im not sure but apparently people who have directv have even been getting centre ice for free by complaining. i was reading you have to go thru

    pulled this from another board

    —Call the 1-800 number, put your phone number in, then when the automated voice asks you what you’re after, say “retentions”, then “cancel”.—-

    some people say that they will tell you that the versus situation is almost resolved but dont buy it. the season “starts tomorrow” and thats not soon enough… blah blah

    if you have direcTV you have nothing to lose. call them and demand they give it to you for free.

  108. If we could get one guy from mtl roster, I would take max lapierrier, from T O komisarek!!

  109. espn, i’ve stopped taking them seriously a long time ago. they got guys like Chris Berman doing the same schtick for the past 30 years, and half of them act like they are still freakin trapped in frat boy land. the dumbing down of america continueeeeeees.

  110. did anyone else hear about the espn the mag issue coming out called the body issue or something with 30 male and female athletes in the relative buff including chris higgins…apparently a shot at the SI swimsuit issue.

  111. Linda, if it makes you feel better:

    ESPN stands for Everything Sox and Patriots Network.

    Those guys are the biggest Boston biased front runners. They find ways to relate anything and everything to the Red Sox.

    Here’s any article on ESPN:

    “The Panthers and Blackhawks are overseas for Opening Weekend. Dize-K Matsuzaka is from Japan, that’s overseas. He’s part of Red Sox Nation. Dize-k once went to Finland. Someone from Fenway Park once went to Finland. Let’s see what’s going on at Fenway right now. It’s the most beautiful place ever.”

  112. They gave me $60 off… I don’t think they’ll give me anything else if I call back. Now I’m getting even more pissed off! I just want to watch the Rangers on Monday from my couch!!!

  113. Mike that is fabulous! It’s hysterical with ‘the mother ship’ being all new england all the time, that they actual have an espn bostoncentric site! Gotta laugh! (they also have a dallas one too) They were great when they started out, and it was all about sports. Now it feels like you’re in a lockerroom with men with the intellect of 14 year olds who think they are hip and funny,making stupidly lame jokes and trying to seem above the rest of us.

    They got NOTHING on our man Rick here!!

    on a somewhat lighter note…. if the Rangers were ‘rockers’ : Aaron Voros looks like Andrew W K and Henrik Lundqvist kinda looks like Kip Winger…yes I WAS watching VH1 earlier.

  114. Wicky, check out the earlier post. He basically changed his mind or something about the contract to which he and his agent agreed yesterday. So he went AWOL this morning, skipped practice, and then rejoined the team in time to make the trip to Pitt. But he’s still unsigned at the moment.

  115. thanks carp….so this versus thing, if you have center ice but the game is carried on versus, you do not get it on center ice and versus is not on direct tv any longer so no viewing of the game by direct tv cstomers with center ice…..correct????

  116. so if markov for mtl is out long term, work your magic glen and dump rozy and (boyle or lisin) on them for laperrier.

  117. Liked the ice girls link….WTF is with all the islander ho’s? Can anyone say tan in a can?

    Gotta say dallas got some hotties!!!!

  118. Ice Girls link, check out pic 29. Looks like Dan Girardi eye-blasting one of the Dallas chicks. Nothing beats that pic of Craig Anderson last year.

  119. Linda
    October 1st, 2009 at 8:56 pm
    please never put sather and seduce in the same sentence ever again!!

    u crack me up linda lol. beninati is so bad i coulnt watch the game. i hate that guy. and his stupid cliches. “180 ticks left in the 2nd frame and the biscuit is was melted by the netminder who just waffleboarded it to the player who got a helper on the first tally of the tilt”

  120. omg theres this new girl at work who is hotter than megan fox. thats right orr!! i work in a target rich environment baby!! the eagle will be going in for a landing very sooin!! i will be putting th seabiscuit in the clambasket!!. beninatistyle babayyy. crowdin the crease salty style baby!

  121. YEA CCCP my fantasy team is rockin tonight!!! i got ovie!! im enjoyin this game. duchene ,wolski and quincey are kickin a$$ as well as anderson the goalie. nabby hasnt looked too good as well as heatley. marleau lookin good though.

  122. Thats great linda thanks, I will probably get the HD one for his birthday in a few days. Just paid the 160 for centerice and watched all 4 games tonight, can’t get enough. Calgary looks really good.

  123. glad i could help NYR. How was the stream on gamecenter??

    “180 ticks left in the 2nd frame and the biscuit is was melted by the netminder who just waffleboarded it to the player who got a helper on the first tally of the tilt”

    omg mike, i could actually hear him saying that in my mind, him and that halloween costume he had on last night!

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