Semenov AWOL (updated)


Well, it turns out that the one-year, $600,000 contract Alexei Semenov signed on Wednesday may not have actually been signed. The big defenseman, in on a tryout, was not at practice today and apparently some issue has arisen regarding his contract, and now he’s not sure he is or will be a Ranger.

It’s pretty vague at the moment. More as it comes.

Meanwhile, John Tortorella said he will let his team watch the Stanley Cup banner raising, out of respect for the league and because he thinks it’s good for his young players to see.

Also, he said he will name his alternate captains tomorrow morning at the team’s skate/meeting … and that he knows who they are, and that it wasn’t a vote and that captain Chris Drury had no input.

Finally, he doubts that Sean Avery will play tomorrow night, but he hasn’t been completely written off as a possibility.

I’ll update later, hopefully, with quotes.


AFTERNOON UPDATE, 1:28 P.M.: Just got word that Semenov showed up and is on the trip to Pittsburgh with the team. Don’t know if the contract has been worked out yet.

Quotes coming later … but I just wanted to get this up: The lines remained the same today, with Avery alternating with Enver Lisin and Ales Kotalik on a line with Artem Anisimov. The other lines: Dubinsky, Gaborik and Prospal; Callahan, Drury and Higgins; Voros, Boyle and Brashear.

The first PP unit during drills today was Callahan (in front for tips and screens), with Gaborik and Prospal, and the kids — Del Zotto and Gilroy — on the points.

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  1. Greg_Section_403 on

    does sather have a lawyer look these things over? seems like it should be pretty easy to get a contract that is legit.

  2. chris
    i was reading something about center ice and versus
    if you dont get versus anymore call time warner and complain you may be able to get centre ice for half price.

    dont hold me to it its just what i heard but it cant hurt to call and ask ESPECIALLY if you dont get versus anymore

    i think that was comcast or something tho.

  3. What the hell? The season starts tomorrow. I am a Sather supporter, but this should have been sorted out already.

  4. I’m talking about Time Warner, which does not currently have the Rangers game listed on my schedule for tomorrow (in LA). WTF?

  5. chris f

    tom rangers vs pens game is on nhl network outsideof the newyork and pittsburgh areas. it will be on at 630 starting with pre game banner raising.

    no center ice for that game tom.

    only phil vs car is center ice for tom

  6. (THE REAL) MikeyNJ on

    I think something is up with Semenov.

    600,000 for one year
    maybe he thought it was two years, who knows

    But going into the year with Gilroy and Del Z as the 5/6 and with all the D in Hartford, I’m not really that worried
    Plus when Avery comes back either Voros or Boyle are goign to HArtford (I hope it Voros) so that takes another 1 mil off the books

    And Shanny never said he was retiring. I Bet another team will sign him to a 1 year deal for scoring depth and leadership. Lots of teams have cap room (Isles, Coyotes)

    And he wouldnt have to move his family if it was for just one season, jsut lots of traveling.

    I thik we can all safely assume he’s not coming back here, but always loved Shanny, and he’ll always be one of my favorites to have worn the red white and blue

  7. Eric:

    Thank you. You rule. I’ve been on the phone with my cable company for half an hour and the imbecile couldn’t tell me that, apparently. He just keeps repeating “but we are offering 40 out of market games a week!”

  8. btw,
    weird about Semanov. maybe he thought he’d get more $$$ or maybe his agent heard from some other team at the very last minute and is negotiating with someone else.

  9. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Ok crew as I understand the VERSUS issue, if you have Dirct TV you will not get Versus. Versus is owned by Comacast and Comcast is asking way to much for Direct TV to carry Versus. And I am sure you can not get Center Ice for half price. Although I have seen that Center ice has a free preview up until like the 26th of October. I am 99% sure my info here is correct.

  10. inhankwetrust on

    no idea who the a’s are, but cally and staal deserve it. also, i think semenov will be around, it doesn’t sound likea huge deal. can’t wait for the start of the season tonight! why is higgins not playing w/ dubi and gaborik? is prospal better there or with kotalik and drury?

  11. In case you’re not looking up top, Semenov has showed up and will be going to Pittsburgh with the team. In all of this line-posting, I haven’t seen anyone post the defensive pairs, but I’m guessing that Semenov is not in anyway if Gilroy and Del Zotto are both playing.

  12. I believe Sather should get the “A”. But, the “A” does not mean “Alternate” it means……well use your imagination. :)

    Does anyone know if the Saturday night is going to be televised on Center Ice? I just checked my (South Florida Comcast) guide and the game is not listed.

  13. Thanks you Shanny !! I couldn’t take seeing him in a full season with the Devs. Retire or go to a tough West team.

    It’s a fuggin shame that Aves might not be able to go. Fuggin opening night, banner gettin raised, it would have been great to see Aves taking runs at Crybaby, and Milkman all night, but this is a chance for Voros to show what he has, but more importantly, gives Lisin a better chance to play with some offensive players.

    Looking forward to tonight, cant wait to see the season get kicked off.

    FINALLY !!!!

  14. Hey Staal and all, I’m swamped today but just had to share this tidbit I learned at the Bruce show last night.

    While chatting with one of the security staff (no, I wasn’t in trouble, it was a friendly chat) I was told that Meadowlands staffers were thrilled when the Devils left for Newark. This guy said the organization and players treated the staff like crap and everyone was joyful to get rid of them.

    take that a local fan!!

  15. Lol, and i did exactly what Spiderpig did last night, i turned Letterman off right before Mandonna came out, cause i didn’t want to see her steroid abusing body, along with that demonic devilish face.

    What happened ? Some of the Rangers carried her ? Sick, i hope they didn’t make contact with her skin. She used to hang out with Michael Jackson, i don’t want our guys to pick up some sort of skin disease.

  16. i hated seeing shanny w/ the visor
    i think that killed me a little inside.


    I never noticed that… that is sad. One of the last good ol’ boys to play the game…

  17. Don’t know if anybody knows, but Sakic’s #19 is getting retired tonight. Pretty stupid move in my opinion. They should have just waited till they played the Yotes, or some garbage team.

    They’re in for major annihilation tonight.

    BTW – I hope Heatley has a horrible year.

  18. No Country For Old Rangers on

    almost hockey time, friends.

    i’ll be at the garden on saturday night sporting my blue Adam Graves sweater so give a holler if you see me

    lets go NYR

  19. Brashear had a lot of trouble reading off the cue card, not implying anything, just stating that point

  20. Ranger fans stoked to start the season! Time for the predictions and complaints and what-ifs to be proven. My guess is that the opening night roster will look different on Game 10, but that’s just me. So who shares the “A’s”? My prediction is Gaborik & Prospal.

  21. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Callahan is a lock for one of the “A’s”

    my guess would be Gabby for the other. or maybe one of the albatross twins.

  22. So, what did I miss?

    Hmmm.. Wicky almost had a heart attack I’d imagine from the news of not getting our closest to you-all-know-what.

    Shanny will announce his retirement soon, I’m sure. I couldn’t see him in these ugly red scrubs either.

    Laurel- that was really good. Hey, does anyone have local fan’s IP address? We need to make sure he sees it. Well, something tells me he has.

    And Carp is on top of the news again.
    Life is good.

  23. I am so friggin’ excited for Callahan… he’s a good soldier.

    I’m guessing Gaborik gets the other but I imagine he’ll want an alternate in the D corps too… If Redden wore it in preseason I could imagine it being tried out as a way of reminding Wade he’s here to be a BIG TIME player.

  24. Thanks guys. Nothing is certain, but it looks like I made it through to the next round.

    Eric… keep pressing and I cant stress how important it is to reach out within your own network and see who knows about what. Unfortunately it seems very difficult to even get an interview these days unless you know someone.

    Use as many recruiters as you can, they get payed by companies when they find you a job, you have nothing to lose by going through as many recruiters as you can. Don’t just send your resume to the recruiters, call them and wow _them_ first, then they’ll know you’re serious and be more willing to put themselves on the line and send you to interviews.

  25. Salty & Eric….Make sure you use and facebook.
    I had several people on facebook calling their HR dept to see if they had anything and 2 people actually got me interviews because they knew someone.
    Even though I ended up with a job I found myself on monster, linkedin and facebook def got me a few interviews!!
    Also use….It pulls jobs from ALL the big job boards at once!

    Good Luck!

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