Semenov gets a contract


According to Steve Zipay, it’s believed to be in the $600,000 range. Here’s the release:


New York, September 30, 2009 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has agreed to terms with unrestricted free agent defenseman Alexei Semenov.

Semenov, 28, skated in 47 games with San Jose last season, registering one goal and eight points, along with 57 penalty minutes. He established career-highs in games played, assists (seven) and points. In addition, Semenov skated in his 200th career NHL game on March 7 at Vancouver.

The 6-6, 245-pounder has skated in 211 career regular season contests with the Edmonton Oilers, Florida Panthers and San Jose Sharks, recording seven goals and 26 assists for 33 points, along with 249 penalty minutes. In 2003-04, Semenov represented Edmonton at the NHL All-Star Weekend as a participant in the NHL YoungStars Game, registering one assist in the contest. As a rookie in 2002-03, Semenov notched his first NHL assist on January 20 at Calgary and tallied his first NHL goal on February 7 against Calgary.

Prior to joining the professional ranks, Semenov skated in 158 career OHL contests over three seasons with the Sudbury Wolves, registering 30 goals and 80 assists for 110 points, along with 269 penalty minutes. He captured the Max Kaminsky Trophy, as the most outstanding defenseman as voted by the OHL general managers, following the 2000-01 season.

The Murmansk, Russia native was originally Edmonton’s second round choice, 36th overall, in the 1999 NHL Entry Draft.

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  1. JJP, to answer your question from the previous thread … I think Tortorella is a fantastic coach, and I think he will hold the team accountable, more so this year than last when he barely knew them, and didn’t much care for the makeup of the roster or some of the individual players.

    I knew Tortorella from when he was a Rangers assistant, then interim head coach in 2000, and when he was Tampa’s coach, and he was a different personality, a much more pleasant person to deal with. I don’t really care about his personality now, but I don’t think being Mr. Tough Guy with the media makes him any more effective with his team.

    And, no, I don’t think he got a free ride for the whole playoff series thing last spring. I think he was right in benching Avery, and very, very wrong for losing his own composure, and I wrote that. But I don’t think the loss falls on him. That loss was inevitable with a team that, most nights, struggled to score once.

  2. this is actually a half decent signing given the question marks on the blueline. it is also one of the only depth signings that i can remember sather making since he got here. semenov i believe will provide a solid big body to be put into the lineup for certain games where such a player is needed, or to fill in if the kids falter a bit/ torts decides to play hardball with the r brothers.

  3. Semenov made 650K last year with SJ. Good signing. Instantly becomes our most physical d-man. Nothing spectacular, but he hits, he can pass(I was surprised by that)and ne can drop his gloves. A bit wobbly on his skates, but that’s expected with 6-6 frame.

  4. In his 47 GP for Sharks last season he was better then Redden for whole season here. So, good signing and couldn’t be cheaper. Besides, according to him he likes being with this team, really (Who’s not?)

  5. Torts toughness is his outer shield, so to speak. He believes that if he is tough, his message will be accepted better and faster. You said it, Carp, he has changed. Probably because he found out that was the only way he can explain himself better. And he has deliberately separated himself from the media, so that he doesn’t need to explain much at all. I’m sure he is not a favorite with you guys (just ask Larry Brooks). But he is the best coach we’ve had for years. And he is honest. Can’t ask for more. I bet you he is much softer in daily life.

  6. I didn’t notice it, but Verses is playing the Craps vs Flowers tomorrow, follows by Avs vs Sharks. Nice double header. I wish they could do double headers ever week, instead of only two fuggin games.

    We’d get to see more of Soto.

  7. No worries, Rick. He will compliment our young guys by staying back, while they are on offence, where he looks pretty solid (could be a little bit faster, but..)Will not be surprised to see him paired with fast birds DZ or Gilroy.Also, as a experienced veteran. It hopefully be OK.

  8. Semenov is a good signing. He’ll be steady and unspectacular, but he is inexpensive and will play well as MDZ is learning. I like the signing.

  9. What? Hockey season starts tomorrow? heck ya!

    My birthday is on Friday. I love this time of year.

    We ought to take bets on who hits crosby first. I learned last year that Crosby is a French verb for “to cry”.

  10. It could have been worse. I think the club is sending a message to Rozi & Danny G if both are on the hot seat ( Redden too ) if they carry 7 D-men. Its not a bad thing they can rotate in an out.

  11. Yeah, Chara he is not, but…curiously is known for registering one of the hardest shots in the NHL, routinely clocking around 105 miles per hour. Besides have an intimidating facial expression almost like Rasputin without a beard.

  12. Carp, the Semenov signing makes Rosival our 7th defenseman. You watch! Rosival will be a healthy scratch at some point during the 9 games Del Zotto is still with the Rangers.

  13. I doubt this really has much to do with Del Z unless he really struggles. It keeps the D on their toes.

    And as for that list of 100 Rangers (because I can’t post at work) John Halligan is the man but Nedved shouldn’t even be on that list. He represents the horrible years and so what he got 60 points every other year when he was supposed to get 80 and be the team leader.

    Also, I liked Darren Turcotte a lot (good on the PP) and he had a lot to do with that 89-90 Patrick Division Banner, but he’s not in the top 100. If he gets on, George McPhee gets on.

  14. Semenov is clearly 7th d-man. and a perfect one at that. he does not cost a lot and his development will not be hindered. can’t have potter or sanguinetti play every 15th game or so. Semenov is perfect for spot play at bargain price without worrying if he is getting enough time or developing. now the trick is getting voros to accept a pay cut. a better trick would be to trade r……

  15. also…

    On Wednesday, Calgary sent forwards Jamie Lundmark and Colin Stuart to its new AHL affiliate in Abbotsford, B.C.

    that was an all-time great draft by neil smith in ’99, wasn’t it?

  16. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Davidddd Lettermannn!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Lots of animosity on that last thread. Good going guys!!

  17. Sorry folks, missed a couple of threads and trying to catch up on everything. Signing semenov is a good thing, but only if he plays every night. Our D is not tough, so to have the toughest D man we have only dress for 40 games in a season really does nothing to help out hank in his crease or patrolling the blueline. I still think a guy like gauthier would have been better, but semenov is the best option we have. If we would just waive or trade rozy for whatever we could get, I hate to see MDZ lose ice time (especially due to rozy), but if it is toughness or more youth in the line up…..we have youth right now and no toughness….so i’ll take the toughness.


    Dude, that rozy cheeks soft d comment a couple of threads ago just freaking killed me, hilarious!!!!

  18. Well since I don’t have the NHL package (because I am getting free cable) and my internet connection is a phony 3G connection I’m going to have trouble watching the Rangers this year. At least they’re on Versus a few times early.

    I don’t’ know a thing about Semenov, but from what everybody is saying, he could be a steady force on the blueline and hopefully in the crease.

    It feels like the night before Christmas. Go Rangers!

  19. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Davidddd Lettermannn!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Maybe 10 more minute’s till The Rangers Debut!!!!!!!!!! Go Rangersss!!!!!! On Letterman!!!!!

  20. I’m surprised nobody has made a joke on this thread yet. It’s gonna be tough to get Semenov the ice (time), but maybe it will be Redden when he screws (up).

    Spoiler Alert! I will post the top 10 when it happens, but I’m sure there will be a link somewhere tomorrow, so don’t read it unless you want to know!

  21. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Davidddd Lettermannn!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Now I know why I stopped watching letterman 10 years ago…this crap isn’t funny. Is it me or did you guys find the Statue holding a rake and all Davids jokes lame? The part about his bypass wasn’t too bad.

  22. yea duby is shot with that comb-over haircut i dont konw what hes thinkin but im sure it doesnt stop him from gettin girls so i guess i cant say anything

  23. I liked the part about parts falling off of Regis.

    Spoiler Alert! It’s the Rangers on the top 10 list: Top 10 Things Never Before Spoken By a Hockey Player.

    10. Instead of fighting, why don’t we work things out over brunch? (Donald Brashear)
    9. Between you and me, I have no idea what the hell icing is. (Dan Girardi)
    8. What this team needs is a skating kitty. (Marian Gaborik)
    7. I really wish these fans would watch their language. (Brandon Dubinsky)
    6. High scorer gets to pick which Barbara Streisand CD we listen to on the bus (Chris Drury)
    5. Forget all the goals and the awards, Gordie Howe has one nice looking butt. (Marc Staal)
    4. For good luck, I lick the puck. (Christopher Higgins)
    3. My real dream is to work at an insurance company. (Ryan Callahan)
    2. Who could concentrate on hockey when Jennifer Aniston still hasn’t found love? (Henrik Lundqvist)
    1. I wish Letterman was on at ten. (Sean Avery)

    I like numbers four, seven, and eight the best! Stall, Lundqvist, and Avery did the best delivering the lines, I think.

  24. Letterman couldn’t even understand Gabby lol.

    Was anyone expecting Avery to repeat the “sloppy seconds” line? And then at the end say “oh wait..”

  25. LOL hank and chris looked so awkward.


    Fail. Hank was one of the few who looked like he even understood his own joke.

    Drury = clueless as usual. I’ve been holding this in since he was signed, but I think it’s time to let you all in on my big secret:

    I *loathe* Drury.

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