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We had much discussion Tuesday on the book “100 Ranger Greats” rankings. So I felt the need to give you the whole list (hopefully you’ll still get the book, because there’s a pretty well-written, well-researched story on each of the 100 guys). The list is too long (and I’m too slow a typist) for it to all be posted in one shot, so below are the bottom 50. The top 50 will follow in another post.

Before the list, I just wanted to let you know that 10 Rangers will do the Top 10 list on Letterman tonight (Wednesday). I’m going to practice the next couple of days, so I hope to get some advance info on the list today … along with some actual, you know, news.

Without further ado:

100: Nicky Fotiu.
99: Don Murdoch.
98: Mike McEwen.
97: Andy Aitkenhead.
96: Lou Fontinato.
95: Lorne Chabot.
94: Pierre Larouche.
93: Arnie Brown.
92: Wally Hergesheimer.
91: Larry Popein.
90: Henrik Lundqvist.
89: Brian Mullen.
88: Mike Rogers.
87: Tom Laidlaw.
86: Darren Turcotte.
85: Esa Tikkanen.
84: Jaromir Jagr.
83: Mark Pavelich.
82: Reijo Ruotsalainen.
81: Jan Erixon.
80: Kelly Kisio.
79: Earl Ingarfield.
78: Pat Hickey.
77: Nick Mickoski.
76: Phil Watson.
75: Don Marshall.
74: Ted Irvine.
73: Dutch Hiller.
72: Sergei Zubov.
71: Petr Nedved.
70: Tomas Sandstrom.
69: Alf Pike.
68: Wayne Gretzky.
67: Mike Gartner.
66: George (Red) Sullivan.
65: Eddie Johnstone.
64: John Ross Roach.
63: Bill Gadsby.
62: Barry Beck.
61: Earl Seibert.
60: Allan Stanley.
59: Phil Goyette.
58: Tony Leswick.
57: Alex Shibicky.
56: John Davidson.
55: Mac Colville.
54: Pete Stemkowski.
53: Andy Hebenton.
52: Carol Vadnais.
51: Bob Nevin.

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  1. “The Most Interesting Man in the World (formerly MiamiPimp) September 30th, 2009 at 12:09 am

    #1 has GOT to be Redden”

    nah- its a 5 way tie between Drury, Malik, Gomez ,Zerdev and Redden

  2. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "I can't wait till Friday!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    In terms of ticket sales , no one came to the Garden to see good ‘ol Captain #11 …Kelly Kisio. Hall of Famers should get an edge ?

  3. Carp, interesting list but these things are hilarious… The top 5 maybe people can agree on but the rest is just a free for all… It’s like trying to find some criteria to rate the best bands… Never gonna happen and no ones ever gonna care.

    Not saying I don’t care about you Carp or what you have to say, these lists are always hilarious to see and people get more worked up about them than they should.

  4. jagr should definitely be higher than he his. he, for the most part, single-handedly brought this franchise back to respectability, carrying the entire team on his shoulders, when they were projected to be in last place in the entire league. not to mention he broke the rangers records for points and goals. now i’m not saying the guy should have been in the top 10 or something, but i think it’s fair to say that he was at the very least a better ranger than say petr nedved. even the great one, as good as he was for the rangers, he was still in the twilight of his career and was a shadow of the player he once was when he used to dominate. jagr, granted wasn’t in his mullet-prime days still, but the guy was by far the most important player on the rangers since mark messier. i guess i’m just a little upset he didn’t even crack the top 50, that’s all.

  5. Jagr played only briefly for the Rangers, and his teams had very limited success. He should be ranked where he is. Turcotte should not even be on the list. He could skate and shoot, that is about it. He could not receive a pass, or make a pass, and was as soft as a pillow.

  6. Jan Erixon was what all you Blair Betts fans wish Betts was. A real good checking forward.
    Probably the best in the game during his time.

  7. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Halligan is an old MSG dinosaur ,I’m sure(I hope) he has seen 90% of the Rangers from the mid 50’s to the present.

    Leapin’ Lou Fontinato ,a garden favorite of the late 50’s early 60’s, clear the crease Defenseman , famous for fighting Gordie Howe ,96?

    Pat Hickey? Darren Turcotte? Tikkanen? Nedved?

    And I think his book should defined an era spanning 1925- 2000, the jury is still out on Hank and others, If hank wins a cup he’ll be in the top 10.

    And Stemkowski ‘s only claim to fame is the playoff OT winner, he’s not 54.

  8. good to see good ole petr nedved in the top 100. he was a good player on some bad teams. too soft though. jagr still deserves to be higher. he was the ny rangers for 3 1/2 years. in that time he was here, when you said the word rangers, jagr was probably the next word out of your mouth. lundy is pretty low on the list, but when he wins us a few more playoff series(with alot of help from the offense), he will be in the top 10 one day. its all subjective and as evitage pointed out, we get worked up too much over these things, but there still fun. think of the players we traded away that wouldve been on this list had we kept them. that would be a long distinguished list!

  9. i remember erixon a little. was only 10 or 11 but i remember hearing his name andthe words”great play” together alot. im too young to know most of the guys on the list, so i can only comment on certain ones.

  10. spider- they lost 2-1. see, they wouldve rallied a comeback if drury was on their team. he wouldve gotten mad and yelled at them for not winning such an important game. in fact, thats the only game drury would get excited about. but still, they wouldve come back to win 3-2, and thats why we have capn clutch baby!! he should be number 1 on the list

  11. Good morning, everyone!
    Interesting list. How objective it is, is a different story.
    It’ll be a lot of ramblings about it today, that’s for sure.
    Two small comments:
    1. Hank will certainly move up, and fast.
    2. Alex Kovalev is in the upper 50, obviously. As he should be.
    I still think that HE was the best player in that famous game 6. Alex and Leetch, not Messier.

  12. If I had to pick one word to describe that list – and this is as a guy who is a diehard for 35 years and knows all the names on it – it would be “underwhelming.”

  13. Rick,

    I just wanted to thank you again for helping us Die Hards get through the offseason! Enjoy practice today and tomorrow! It has been 150 days but now RANGER HOCKEY IS BACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!

  14. Ho [n the world do people who never saw all those they were judging actually play ( or the conditions they played under) become judgementle about players spanning the years 1926 though 2009?

    How would Rod Gilbert have fared if he had to play under the same rules (no red line, no forward passing over EITHER Blue line; no forward passinfg in the ofensive zone) as did Bill Cook? (BTW, it took until the late thriies-early forties efore a rule was instituted that mandated ice resurfacing/flooding during between-peiods intermissions.

    xit’s fun to speculate, but how do you make seriouscomparisons of talent if you haven’t had a chance to actually compsring?

    Nick Fotiu?

    Where’s Orland Kurtenbach (hopfully ranked higher than Nick or Ted Irvine? (or, for that matter, Joey Kocur)?

    Richter will certainly be ranked high, but neither he nor Ed Giacominhe ever had to rough it w/o a strong understudy on the bench as did did Chuck Rayner or Gump Worsley.

    Top Ranger?

    My vote goes to Lester Patrick — (Could they have won that first Cup without him?) Or for that matter the two which were won bytwo later teams he coached and/or put together.
    TW, everyone overlooks Conn Smythe who assemled the best expansion tam in the history of sports and was rewarded by being fired by the dolts who ran MSG in 1926 (And they say history doesn’t repeat itself.)V

    I is fun to dream.. but dreeams should never be substitued for reality.
    So I’m not shelling out for someone else’s “what if?” speculaltion tht’s based on nothing but a yen to try to distract fans about today’s realities by titulating then about triumphs long-past.

  15. Good ole Eddie Johnstone at #65. A little guy who was tough as nails. 2 big memories of him was he always took on a big goon when the Rangers and Flyers had their numerous bench clearing brawls. The other was a great season where, I think, he popped 40 goals. One other thing was he always twitched his head sideways towards his shoulder. Kinda like an OCD thing.

  16. i have to say this list is disappointing. Nedved is higher than Henrik and Jagr and Larouche? What did Nedved do for the Rangers beyond underperform? Come on!

  17. Sundin officially called it this am. Maybe one year too late, but he was great for this league for many years. Thanks, Mats! And thank you for not coming to NY last year.

  18. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    So some stuff I learned reading around the blogs this morning:

    Hank needs 5 shutouts to reach 25 and some sort of record for reaching that # in 4 years

    Sundin Retired -YEAH!!!!

    The Debbies finished the preseason with a perfect record – Hey Local Fan, that spells DOOM for your Fatties in NJ

    The Coyotes are definitely the Rangers West – Korpi, Hollwegg, Prucha, etc etc. I smell a sleeper making the playoffs for the first time. Poor Wayne

    And pretty much every reporter is predicting the Rangers finish worse than the Fishsticks and the Fatties this year. Can’t wait until we shock them all!

    And Carp is great!!! Thanks for getting us all through the offseason with Seinfeld quotes, useful rhetoric and interesting posts when there really wasn’t anything to talk about at all
    We all appreciate it!

    two days til first game!!


  19. Hank’s career is ongoing, so imagine that over time he would climb up that list. Either way, it’s ludicrous and Hank AND Jagr are ranked lower than Nedved in terms of great Ranger players. I usually kind of dismiss these sorts of lists, and this is why. Looks like they drew names out of a hat to decide the order.

  20. For the people who say that Kovalev was the best player in the ’94 Game Six against the Devils… really? Would he have gotten a hat trick? Or would we be going on 70 years this season?

  21. “And pretty much every reporter is predicting the Rangers finish worse than the Fishsticks and the Fatties this year. Can’t wait until we shock them all!”


    And the Fishsticks? Yikes how did that happen. Do they realize that Tavares has an equal chance of becoming Alexandre Daigle or someone like Steve Stamkos? He’s not the next Sid or Ovechkin just because he was picked #1.

    Devils get the benefit of the doubt because of their past success and almost every season preview will admit this much but I’ve read as many previews that say they’re a bubble team or that they could even win the Atlantic again. Much like the Rangers, their secondary scoring depth is a big question mark. Also while they don’t have any glaring holes on D, their blueline is rather unspectacular no matter how much hype Paul Martin gets.

  22. I would never agree that Nedved should be ranked ahead of Jagr but the guy did play 480 games with 150 G and 350 PTS. That averages to 25 G and 60 PTS a season – not an insignificant contribution over almost six season, even if his teams did suck.

  23. To all you ice hockey players out there…
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  24. Hey Laurel,

    have you ever checked Barry’s FB page? All Asian women are on it LOLI think it was Kaspar who found out & told me. I was hysterical lol Tom Laidlaw is on their too.

    And that list…is a collaboration of OPINIONS Jagr should be higher on that list, for at the very least breaking the 50 goal scoring record & most points. For the time he was a Ranger he never missed 1 game during the regular season.

  25. Nedved over Jagr and Lundqvist… Nedved was the guy leading the team during the dark years into the ground and Jagr and Lundqvist brought the franchise back to life in 2005-2006… Wow! Can’t wait to see the rest of this list

    I think this person should do like Matt Romig does on yahoo when he does the hockey “big board” – please put a brief 1-sentence description of WHY the person is there.
    Jagr holds the team’s scoring record and Hank will probably break Richter’s records… But no… No let’s focus on Nedved – who along with Lindros made that amazing duo of 3rd line centers we tried to turn into franchise scorers…

  26. Staal Wart,

    Try, I usually use them to get all my gear. Good deals in the clearance section.

    Where do you play?

  27. LOL thanks Cross Check and Jason…
    Just placed my order with Hockey Equipment store, (free shipping ;) )
    My equipment is so old it was time for new stuff.
    I decided to go with the Easton Synergy shoulder pads and
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    Oh Jason, I play in Montclair, in more of a pick up league…same guys every week. I can’t play the physical game anymore…my hands are my life.

  28. CCCP

    My connection fugged up last night, and i couldn’t sign back in. We’ll have to get a rematch some time.

    And this list is stupid, what did Nedved ever do for this team ? He did jack, Jags put the team on this back three years in a row carrying them to the playoffs, along with Hank. Those two should be where they are. Stupid list !!!

  29. Carp I was looking at that list again and I can’t figure out…how does Gartner beat out Jagr?

    Also gang,
    How important is it to sign Semenov? Our Defense is unbelievably young with Staal, Girardi, DZ and Gilroy. Then we have the Double R’s to contend with. In my book or from what I saw, Semenov deserves to make the team, and should also be playing in front of the double R’s.

  30. Cross Check,
    Vadnais was an excellent Ranger, played for them close to 10 years. He was the kind of Dmen they are looking for now(chippy, physical, and mean). Kovalev was with out question the best Ranger in that famous game 6. Many Devil players have said this as well. Kovalev was the one who flying around, creating all that Messier reaped.

  31. Orr – the team did Jack, but Nedved was around for awhile and was our leading scorer for those terrible years. I know its not much considering how bad we were, but he was our best player for 3-4 years at one point.

    Plus its not like we’ve had a ton of all-star players since 1926 so he’s better than most.

  32. Gartner with the Rangers.
    11 goals in 12 games.
    followed by 49, 40 and 45 goals, and then he had 28 before he was traded in 94.

  33. Lol Bull dog – oh yeah Kovalev really set up that 3rd goal by Messier – he was on the bench when Mess skated over to the bench to celebrate. I love Kovalev – but come on guy… Game 6 was Mess’s night & game.

  34. HockeymanRangers on

    Boring,Uninteresting,Dull,Unexciting,Repetitive,Humdrum This blog was so much better when Sam Weinman was the MAN. Sorry Rick that’s the way I feel.

  35. bull dog, I understand that, but Gartner never won anything, he never picked the team up like JJ did…don’t get me wrong, Gartner as a kid was one of my favorite players and I was pissed he got traded but…I think JJ did more for this team post lockout than Gartner did pre.

  36. “Gartner with the Rangers.
    11 goals in 12 games.
    followed by 49, 40 and 45 goals, and then he had 28 before he was traded in 94.”


    And he had the stache. Gaborik has the potential to be the best consistent goal scoring winger since Gartner. Graves had his 52 year and a year or two at 30, Jagr had his record setting year and a 30+ year after that, but like his entire career Gartner put up goals year in and year out. Hopefully Gaborik matches that.

  37. MAKO-I’m on Barry Beck’s FB page. I think he was overseas for a couple of years working, hence the Asian women. Who wouldn’t love a Barry Beck type defenseman now? I don’t think he knew what a stick check was.

  38. Reeshay (or Riche') on

    The defense was/and will be the big question this season. I think the goals for will go up… the question is will the goals against go up as well?

    I don’t think signing a guy like Semenov will make or break us… it’s really a matter of what the Regrettables do and how the rookies fare.

  39. Bull Dog

    Gartner played one more season than Jagr & had a total of 286 points with the Rangers
    Jagr had 3 1/3 seasons with them & had 318 points. Sorry… That argument holds no
    water here…

  40. I liked Petr Nedved. I liked him when he was here for the 95 season, I liked him when he came back. Great wrist shot.

  41. That’s awesome 22 … I don’t know about that though… When I was going to the games when I was a kid all the guys around me would say “hit them with your purse Barry!!!!” lol

  42. The Montreal saga continues. Sergei Kostitsyn was suspended by the club. When will this once proud franchise get it’

  43. Kudos to Carp for continuing the blog despite it being optional and people constantly pissing and moaning about Sam leaving. Get over it already. Show a little respect to Carp who kept the blog going for us.

    And that list is horrendous, Nedved over Jagr instantly lost it credibility.

  44. Mako,
    Messier’s 3rd goal was an empty netter. Kovalev scored the first, and set up the next 2.
    No player was under greater pressure than Messier, I understand that. But if you look at that game the best player on the ice(next to Richter) was Kovalev.
    Staal, that is a fair point you make on Jagr and Gartner, so if you look at it that way, Jagr has to rank higher.

  45. “Lol Bull dog – oh yeah Kovalev really set up that 3rd goal by Messier – he was on the bench when Mess skated over to the bench to celebrate. I love Kovalev – but come on guy… Game 6 was Mess’s night & game.”

    Kovalev had a hand in the first 3 goals that the Rangers scored that game, including scoring the 1st goal. Perhaps bull dog meant that he assisted on the Rangers 3rd goal (Messier’s 2nd). As legendary as Messier’s performance was, there’s no way it happens without Kovalev stepping up equally as big. And Kovalev had a great finals that year too.

  46. Rick (No, not that one) on

    “Also gang,
    How important is it to sign Semenov? Our Defense is unbelievably young with Staal, Girardi, DZ and Gilroy. Then we have the Double R’s to contend with. In my book or from what I saw, Semenov deserves to make the team, and should also be playing in front of the double R’s.”

    That’s the question. We can sign him to another 10 pro tryout contract to stall a little more. I’m willing to wait and see who other teams might try and slip through waivers for a bit first. Otherwise, yes, he played well enough to earn a contract. Semenov can sign with anybody. I guess no one is knocking down his door either…

  47. –“Kudos to Carp for continuing the blog despite it being optional and people constantly pissing and moaning about Sam leaving. Get over it already. Show a little respect to Carp who kept the blog going for us.”

    can i get an amen!

  48. writer loses any credibility for putting nedved that high. if he puts dale purinton in the top 50, than i might give him his credibility back. Jagr deserves a lot higher with his record season and helping to turn this franchise around after many bad seasons.

  49. Carp, we are starting to protect you even before anyone offends you. I think it’s been pretty quiet on that front the last couple of days. We’ll call it preventive measures.

    Semenov earned the contract, and he also at this point is the most physical d-man we have. Probably not what Wicky had in mind, but.. So, unless he is asking for too much, I don’t see why Sather isn’t signing him. Are we expecting Phaneuf to be available by this weekend and for the money we can afford?

  50. If written by a 100 different authors, the top 100 would change 100 times. It’s bathroom reading, nothing more.

  51. Shoot the puck Barry! on

    Nice to see my first favorite player represented, but I’m more than a little surprised by some of the names.

    Watch Bure crack the top 50 and we’ll all get a good laugh.

  52. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Davidddd Lettermannn!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    KudosCarp , kudos for keeping our blog open. I know we don’t cheer on the same team and you honestly feel our defense sucks,no real #1 center , a coach who is a freak , an injury suspect star and a crazy Avery lurking about. All these thing are MINOR problems that are and will be adressed when neeeded. When the puck drops Friday …let the season begin!!!

  53. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Davidddd Lettermannn!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Nedved had a couple tours of duty with the Rangers ( maybe 3) so he get the nod over Jagr. Rember guys , Jagr is Pittsburghs star ..if Slats had kept him , then Jagr could have made his mark here in NY , he had not enough time. James Patrick is all Ranger, yeah he should of made the top 50.

  54. How can you put any stock in a list that has Nedved ahead of Jagr and Lundqvist and the guy who drives the Zamboni?

  55. jason: nedved telegraphed that wrist shot badly during his new york stints…everywhere else it found the back of the net except when he was a ranger

    john halligan really came up with this list? this has to be a joke…i wanna hear/read/see the explanation for nedved ranking ahead of lundqvist and jagr, and being right behind mike friggin’ gartner

  56. mako: my uncle used to be a season tix holder in the 70s and screamed the purse line at carol vadnais

    speaking of, how is he ahead of jagr/lundqvist/gretzky/gartner/stemkowski? hell, stemmer should be higher just for his goal against chicago

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