Avery practices, etc.


First, the news. Sean Avery practiced today, albeit in an orange “no-contact” jersey, and said his knee felt good, although he said he didn’t push it.

Avery will push a little harder tomorrow, but isn’t venturing a guess on his availability for Friday’s opener or Saturday’s home opener.

He said the new-wave PRP procedure he underwent last week — where his own blood was drawn, somehow shaken, and re-injected — seems to have helped recover from the MCL sprain he suffered in practice.

“I’m certainly ahead of schedule, so either it’s the PRP or I’m actually Superman like I claim to be,” Avery said.
He added: “They know with me that we just kind of go as I feel, and it’s tough to set guidelines because I don’t generally follow them too well. I like to just push it as quickly as I can, and be responsible, and our training staff are certainly some of the best, so they’re not going to let me do anything that’s going to put me in jeopardy.”


Last year, John Tortorella talked about how his aggressive system of play has to become instinctive, because there’s no time for thinking or decision-making.
So I asked him today if it has become instinctive now that he’s had part of last season, a playoff series and a training camp.
“No, no, it’s going to take some time,” Tortorella said. “We’re working on it every day, our neutral-zone forechecking, our deep forechecking, and all the different things as far as rush coverage. It takes time, and there’ll be some mistakes as we go through, as we start the season, but that’s when you keep on teaching. That’s when I think it becomes instinctive, when you’re constantly teaching after each game.

“I think as you get into late November, early December, I think your team concept is something that should be instinctive because we’re heavily laden in tape, the season is kind of spread out at the beginning of the year more than it is in the middle and the latter stages. So we’re going to keep working at it, and then we’ll back off the tape. When we feel it becomes more instinctive we get away from the tape a little bit and allow them to play and let it happen from there. We don’t want to map it out. You don’t want to over-coach it because it’s such an instinctive game.”

In particular, Tortorella said, the emphasis has been on the pressure in the neutral zone.

“Our neutral-zone forechecking … is some of the more important stuff because that middle zone determines where you’re going to play,” he said. “If we don’t get things taken care of, and jam that zone, we’re going to be playing in our own end zone. If we can jam that zone it gives us a better opportunity to go score a goal. Each day, and we’ve done it a lot here the past two or three days with tape and in practice, it’s getting better. So we’re happy. We’re happy with the camp. It’s gone really well. We stunk the two periods in Washington there … but other than that little bump I think the camp has gone very well.”

I also had a chance to ask (alternate captain?) Ryan Callahan about the adjustment:
“It was hard last year, him coming in, and we had two practices and we had to jump into a game,” Callahan sai. “It’s hard to teach a new system that quickly. It’s nice to have this whole training camp with him. I feel the guys are starting to get it. You can see it in practice and some of the preseason games, that it’s starting to become second nature and you don’t have to think about that.”


Still no contract for tryout defenseman Alex Semenov. … Some speculation that, since Yankee Stadium has announced an annual bowl game to be played around the holidays, the chances of a Rangers-hosted WInter Classic may be slimmer. … Always good to see the Captain around. Got to chat with Mark Messier for a while. He really seems to be enjoying his new role, plus — in case you didn’t notice — he kind of likes New York. … NHL 23-man rosters are due in by 3 p.m. today, but since a lot of cap math has to be done, they won’t likely be released to the public until tomorrow. Anyway, the Rangers are at 13 forwards and seven defensemen and two goalies, so they won’t need to make a move, although they might cut down once Avery comes back (and depending on Semenov’s status).
And because you guys seem to like this, here were the lines in practice: Voros, Brashear and Boyle; Prospal, Dubinsky and Gaborik; Callahan, Drury and Higgins; Lisin, Anisimov and Kotalik.

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  1. Stay Thirsty Rangers Fans (formerly MiamiPimp, formerly The Most Interesting Man in the World) on

    Nastini says that she would marry Redden cause he’s so studly and Puerto Rican

  2. From the Hockey News:

    The New Jersey Devils played 51 games without Martin Brodeur and still won their division with 106 points, so before you start predicting a large drop off due to the departures of John Madden and Brian Gionta, don’t forget it’s always about the machinery, not the man, in Jersey. The Devils will once again be a force in the East. The only question is whether they’ll find the playoff success that’s eluded them the entire post-lockout era.

  3. You can ignore all you want. You guys think the Rangers will be a force in the East?? Thats a joke. Terrible Defense..Even more Terrible offense…and the most terrible front office you can think of…including a coach who gets suspended for game 6 of the playoffs for being undisciplined the same game he suspended one of his players for being undisciplined..the same coach who calls out his young players when he has about 20 million of dead weight veterans to call out but is to scared to open his mouth against them…and the General Manager who signed the 20 million of dead weight!

  4. Local fan, nobody is doubting the Devils might make the playoffs…we just don’t care, because this is the Ranger Report. Keyword=Rangers.

  5. It isn’t truth…I don’t think the Rangers have a terrible defense, offense or coaching staff. And we have gone over this before as to why he calls out Girardi and not a guy like Rozsival. Girardi can handle it and learn from it (as we have heard) and Rozsival is a veteran who will almost certainly react negatively towards it.

  6. local fan,

    No one is ignoring the truth. No one is saying the devils won’t make the playoffs. We all realize that the Rangers have questions on the blueline as well as offence. The truth is, no one knows what this season will hold. We can all pontificate about the hypothetical results of whichever team we root for, but the reality is not one of us can see in to the future. Last year is last year, let’s see what shakes out on the ice this year.

  7. @ilb2001

    from Capgeek.com, the current roster summary not including Semenov (who is on a tryout contract)
    SALARY CAP $56,800,000
    PAYROLL $55,888,332
    BONUSES $212,500
    CAP SPACE $1,124,168

    So there’s room to sign Semenov (or someone else who’s cut/waived).

  8. NYR Guy,

    That actually makes sense, but that just means Rozi is a big baby. They are all professional hockey players. Bottom line is a coach should not call out his players publicly. Who does that?? It should be handled in the locker room. Why does torts feel the need to call his player out to the media?
    As for the Defense, Marc Staal will be an awesome player in the league, Gilroy has great offensive upside but is a defensive liabilty and after that???
    Rozival, Redden: who we all can agree suck.
    and who else MZD: Jury is still out, but he is very young and obviously inexperienced and then Alex Semenov???
    I mean that might be the worst Defense in the entire NHL

  9. It’s clearly not the worst Defense in the entire NHL, you know that and everyone here knows that…and I’m not doubting Rozsival is a big baby..he probably is. Are Mara and Morris that much better than what we have now to make it all of a sudden the worst defense in the NHL?

    Staal can go toe to toe with the best of them and you have to expect him to be better. Girardi paired with him makes a very good pair. Nobody is saying this team is perfect, but worst in the league? Come on.

    As Chuck said, we will find out, but I find that hard to believe.

  10. A local Fan's Mother on

    Please excuse my son and his stupid comments. He is not even suppose to use the family computer since he is grounded. I caught him doing very naughty things on this computer while looking at pictures of Martin Brodeur…never figured he was a chubby chaser. Anyway please forgive his idiocy and let go Rangers!!!

  11. You want to talk about the Rangers problems? How about your own team’s? Want to talk about age, whos going to replace the big fatso in two years?

    Where is your offense? Wait till Parise cries when he doesnt score 40 goals in the super trap system.

    Who is your number 2 winger? A 42 year old Brendan Shannahan?

  12. Guys, do you really think you’re having an intelligent, in-depth discussion about hockey with this person? I have to disappoint you, you’re not. There is very little about hockey here. He is just having fun with you by trying to stick some news about his team. And we all explode. That what makes him click. But what Devils fans need to know is that we have very little desire to hear anything about them. In fact, the first time he came up today, I cracked my TMJ from yawning. Does anyone know any good TMJ specialist in the city?
    dbmaven-thanks. Not much room there. Semenov should sign at around 550-600K. we’ll be right at the ceiling or close either way.

  13. Rangers goals against post lockout:
    08/09: 218 (6th in NHL)
    07/08: 199 (5th)
    06/07: 211 (9th)
    05//06: 211 (4th)

    Never outside the top 10 in the league and the first two years after the lockout they had some pretty poor individual talent on D. Defense is also as much as a team concept as it is about the guys on the blueline. Fortunately the Rangers have a bunch of players that know how to play both sides of the puck like Drury (for all his faults is pretty decent in his own end), Dubinsky, Callahan and Gaborik is better at D than most people perceive thanks to his years under Lemaire.

  14. UESBlueshirt

    “Defense is also as much as a team concept as it is about the guys on the blueline.”

    This is true, and with the up-tempo, pressure in the neutral zone there should/will be more puck posession in the enemy zone.

  15. From TSN-“For the first time in their 100-year history, the Montreal Canadiens will start the season without a captain.”

    Is it because the obvious candidate, Sergei Kostitsyn was suspended by the team today? J/K
    Chris Higgins was their alternate captain last year, was he not?

  16. THE REAL MikeyNJ on


    I think we have another candidate to be banned?

    lets ban him!!!

    Local Fan, seriously is your life this sad, after admitting your a devil fan, to now come here and try to tell Rangers fans that our team will suck this year?

    I guess they hate you on the Fire & Ice boards too?

    Jsut give it up, take your Poster of Fatso, and go hang on the Debbie’s board.

  17. No, I’m not banning him for that. As long as he follows the terms below, he can stay. But you guys can engage him, humor him or ignore him as much as you like.

    PS, I forgot to post earlier that in the middle of practice today, Tortorella stopped everything and began dropping loud, verbal bombs on his team for the way it was doing a drill — or not doing it correctly. I can’t even begin to print what he said because of the terms below.

  18. I can just see Gomez attempting to crack a joke during one Torts’ spats…no wonder why he isn’t here.

  19. NYRGuy;

    God, you’re right. Havent thought about that, but I think youre correct. I think that combined with his salary was the motivation for the trade more than his play. The weird thing is, Gomez would probably fit better within a Torts game than a Renney game. Stupid millionares.

  20. NYRGuy, you can guess the letter, followed by stars, followed by “ing” … The F’s and stars outnumbered all the rest of the vowels and consonants. I think I smelled some fear from those in skates.

    As for the drill, it had something to do with what they’re working on in the neutral zone.

  21. what did kostitsyn do to get suspened? thats funny from his own team? lol.
    so if avery comes back, we’ll have 23 players correct? nobody has to go unless theyre not counting semenov because hes not signed yet. i would think voiros would stay and boyle would go down if hats the case because of his contract.
    wick- in case you didnt get it from before, have a soft,wobbly,pokecheckin, rozy cheeked, traffic cone redden of a day!!!
    oh and good morning sally!!! hows your nosens doing? my grunts are good! lol

  22. Mike….Here you go

    Sergei Kostitsyn was demoted by the Montreal Canadiens on Sunday and now his days with the club may be over.

    General manager Bob Gainey told reporters on Wednesday that Kostitsyn has been suspended for refusing to report to the Hamilton Bulldogs of the AHL and that he has asked for a trade.

    Last season, the Belarussian native scored eight goals and added 15 assists for 23 points in 56 games.

    According to the Montreal Gazette, there is speculation that Kostitsyn is looking at playing in the Russian-based Kontinental Hockey League.

  23. Mike, here you go…

    Sergei Kostitsyn was demoted by the Montreal Canadiens on Sunday and now his days with the club may be over.

    General manager Bob Gainey told reporters on Wednesday that Kostitsyn has been suspended for refusing to report to the Hamilton Bulldogs of the AHL and that he has asked for a trade.

    Last season, the Belarussian native scored eight goals and added 15 assists for 23 points in 56 games.

    According to the Montreal Gazette, there is speculation that Kostitsyn is looking at playing in the Russian-based Kontinental Hockey League.

  24. lol thats awesome carp. torts is the man. and for you guys talkin about rozy and redden being horrible, they arent that bad. yes, rozy was bad this preseason, but i can tell you he wont be pullin that crap when the season starts. i dont get mad at him for that giveaway in wash. that stuff happens to everybody, but what i dont like, and i think torts will fix very quickly if done, is when after he gives up the puck like that, he needs to take the body and prevent a shot bor chance. he cant be stckchecking and same with lisin. redden actually played good. i ont see him being that bad as last year. maybe if torts doesnt call those 2 out in public yet, im sure hes had his talks or whatever one way arguments with them personally. dont expect those 2 to be all stars but we can expect to see more offense from them too. they both made a good passing sequence to set AA with his pp goal vs the caps. they are saying that staal and girardi are the 1st d pairing to start the season. that leaves redden with gilroy, rozy with del zotto. or vice versa. i have a feeling that as long as staal girardi play against the opposing teams top line, and play the most minutes, it shouldnt be too hard for the R’s to play better than last year, and pick up their games. but we all know theyre both very capable of fugging up at any given time, so i’m crossing my fingers on this

  25. Ah local fans true colors come out…DEBBIE FAN!!!!
    haha…go discuss farty Marty and his cream stuffed little Debbies with Debbie fans…no one cares! Rangers will still be better than the Debs if we go 0 and 82…Mickey Mouse!!!
    gotta love Gretz calling it like he sees it!

  26. Some speculation that, since Yankee Stadium has announced an annual bowl game to be played around the holidays, the chances of a Rangers-hosted WInter Classic may be slimmer.

    There is still hope, I heard from a good source that actually the NHL has been looking at Citifield for 2011 NHL Winter Classic and that Yankee Stadium was a dead issue simply because when the NHL wanted to play at the old Yankee Stadium, the Yankees organization wanted to include the cost for the demolishing of Yankee Stadium to the NHL.

  27. As I wrote many times before this Local Devil Masturbator (a.k.a. The Local Fan) do this just to get under our collective skin- that is his pure reason and pleasure, he posses no hockey knowledge, sense, or logic, so there is no reason to discuss anything with or about him. However, I would ask Carp to eliminate this sh*tfly annoyance just in sake of blog’s purity, space and nerve saving.

  28. Hey Grabby,

    I think you’re right about Rozy, things like that happenes to Lidström and Niedermeyer too, it’s just a question of how often and if he makes up for it with something else. I mean, Last year they were both really really bad. And when you take their salary into account, things tend to get a little dicey.

    Sorry to bring up yet another Regrettables discussion…

  29. Aww come on guys…local fan likes all teams, Debs, Isles, Rangers…This way he never looses…He’s worth the extra space on the board. I mean picture this kid in his room staring at a picture of Fatty…drawing the Debbies logo, over and over again, making sure that the curve on the Y reaches down just so…then breaking out his crayons and coloring the picture all nice…showing it to mommy. The tickets to every game he has gone to are tacked up on the cork board, there are newspaper clippings of the glorious past…Dolls, bobbleheads and action figures line his headboards…this is priceless!

  30. Hey Carp, isn’t that last post by the local DB, enough to ban him?

    I’d say that post hit the following:

    obscene, vulgar, pornographic, profane or indecent information

  31. There is alot of talk about the defense going on in the bloggersphere.
    I wanted to add my two cents. First,Girardi played his best hockey when he was paired with MDZ.
    For some reason,Torts wanted to see him with R&R girls and since then their putrid play rubbed off on him.
    Especially blowzy’s. I think if Torts pairs him with MDZ again he will be fine. I really liked Steal and Gilroy together. They could develop into one of the best pairs in the league.
    I noticed on Sunday that the team really missed Gilroy out there. I am also very excited to have two possible offensive defensmen to man the powerplay.
    It will be the first time that we have something as exciting since LEETCH and ZOBOV.

  32. I bet it was CCCP, unless CCCP made his way down to Wall St. to meet the real local fan and checked in his coat at the front desk.

  33. How do I have no knowledge of hockey? Trust me I know more then you guys. When did I state anything that implies I have no hockey sense? All I know is you guys cant take the truth and keep taking shots at me and trying to imposter me because of your obvious insecurities with the pathetic rangers. It is obvious how insecure everybody is. Except UES Blue Shirt.
    And FYI I am 27 years old, work on wall street and have a business degree from the University of Michigan.

  34. a local fan

    i am sorry you work on wall st.
    must be runnin on hard times theres no more ink in the printers to print up your valueless money

    gold and silver since 03 kid
    where you been?
    snoozin… thats where

  35. local fan, it thought you like the Rangers now you are calling my Rangers pathetic? Come on…if anything your mickey mouse hockey team, that plays in that warzone over there in Newark an embarrassment. For that team that has been “so good” for “so long” and they can’t even get a crowd into the pebble…what a joke!

  36. and he… who is local… succeeded! the whole world is talking aboot “it” (the shmoko fan)

    as i remember, i called him out first, last year, right from the get go… but that’s ok… I’m not looking for glory because my quest was pure… it was for the Rangers! and now we know the truth!

    P.S. I’d love to “check my coat” with shmoko fan… but that is way too many privileges for “it” (shmoko fan)
    go to WS and look for him… instead, next time I’m at the Garden… ill make sure its Rangers vs Debbie’s… ill “check my coat” with some unfortunate NJ fan!

  37. everyone keeps refering to local fan as “he” and “him” but in fact ‘a local fan’ is a female just so you guys know, for real

  38. Rangers ranked 22:


    Devils on SI.com:

    BOTTOM LINE: Every year the critics line up … and every year the Devils make sport of their disbelief. If this team could overcome leaving Brodeur on the sidelines for 51 games and still win the Atlantic, maybe it’s time to simply give them the benefit of the doubt. Count on them punching a ticket to the playoffs.

    From the Hockey news:

    From the Hockey News:

    The New Jersey Devils played 51 games without Martin Brodeur and still won their division with 106 points, so before you start predicting a large drop off due to the departures of John Madden and Brian Gionta, don’t forget it’s always about the machinery, not the man, in Jersey. The Devils will once again be a force in the East.

    Please notice FORCE IN THE EAST

    So it is quite clear who who has hockey knowlege and who has hopeless dreams.
    Guys don’t worry. Onces the Dolans Sell..and Sather Passes…you will have a chance to do something. Hopefully Redden isnt signed to a 6 year extension for a discount of 6 million per before that occurs.

  39. hah no i jus got into a heated argument with her that i remember and somehow in the midst of it, it came about that she was a girl, i think i made some kind of sexist remark that she had to be a girl to be so dumb as to root for the devils AND the rangers but it proved to be truthful… apologies to all the girls on here who root strictly for the RANGERS!!! haha

  40. hah yea because PREDICTIONS ALWAYS hold to be true, tsn MUST be right about us being 22nd best team in the NHL

  41. LF…
    The fact that you put “stock” (no pun intended) in what TSN, or SI says, I really don’t even care what the Hockey news says.
    I remember SI predicting the Rangers would be last, just after the lock out…and well all know how that turned out.

  42. Guys whoever wrote that i was a female was an imposter. Secondly was there not a murder right in front of the Garden last week. Third if the Rangers didnt play in NYC and sell all of their tickets to company’s and corporations they wouldnt sell tickets either. Who wants to see a pathetic team play? People receiving free tickets thats who. And here we go again.
    woohoo im a ranger fan. There are so many of us. Devils just win and always make the playoffs and have three stanley cups since we have sniffed the cup. Who cares about winning cups and making the playoffs for 12 straight years? We dont! We have more fans! yay look at me! Im a Ranger! hahahahahaha how pathetic is that slogan. I’m A Ranger!!! Yayy let’s chear. Im a Ranger! Im a Ranger!!! To me all that means is I just got a huge salary that nobody else would give me..but Im a Ranger! Im a Ranger!

  43. local fan,

    Apparently your so called “hockey sense” consists of cutting and pasting the opinion of others and pointing out flaws in Ranger management/ownership that any fan of the Rangers is already aware of.

  44. I would have really liked to see them move to Ontario, a place where a new hockey team has a chance to actually thrive/survive.

    I’m disgusted with the NHL and the perpetual “small market/expansion” love affair. Start cutting these crap teams and let the gameplay improve. This league does not need places for the likes of Ryan Hollweg to keep bouncing around to. He is garbage that should be called up for 5 games a year. But in PHX he’ll have a roster spot in that empty arena.

  45. Carp,
    Where do you come out on Tortorella, does he have as much to prove as any player?

    I want this team to be successful, which by definition means Tortorella is successful but from what I’ve seen so far I’m not overly impressed.

    There were two factors that excited Rangers fans when he was brought aboard, 1) his coaching philosophy and 2) his reputation for accountability. This team will be, without a doubt, more exciting to watch due to his emphasis on forechecking and the offensive side of the game. I have yet to see the accountability stick broken out yet. Sure, we saw Zherdev and Dubinsky get benched last season but not any real veterans.

    I also find his whole stance on dealing with the fans and media to be baffling. “Don’t boo Brashear” an unpopular journeyman but not a peep about the boos Redden hears every game, a player who is signed for five more seasons? Weird. I can’t understand how his public comments about Dubinsky during the holdout were all that constructive either.

    Lastly, I know I’m in the minority here but losing that Washington series falls on Tortorella’s shoulders pretty solidly. I don’t care if Washington has the best player in the world but if you’re up 3 games to 1 against a rookie goalie and you have a top 3 goalie – you have to find a way to get your team to win one of the remaining games. Despite the roster make over this summer, there was still enough talent there last year to win one of three. The whole Avery benching then his game six suspension was laughable, I’m still shocked he’s gotten a pass on this.

  46. Local Fan has gone from a bi-curious hockey fan to a full out Debbie. All of use with hockey gay-dar knew it all along.

    He just trolls this site for action, because there is no action on the Debbie-sites.

    The Debbies are boring!!

  47. JJP,
    I agree on the accountability issue, I am waiting to see what happens when we get the lazy play we all know is coming from the R’s.

    But I disagree on the loss to Washington as falling on his shoulders alone. Is some of it his fault? Yup, but not all.

  48. HoceymanRangers on

    That kind of surprises me that they don’t have the system down until late November. Sometimes I think the nhl needs to have more practice days. It just doesn’t seem like teams have much of a chance to gel or apparently get to know the system. Maybe more teams would have a better season if they started out knowing their coaches system. Maybe more practices and less games, it would suck for us fans but WHATEVER.
    I see Ave’s is not going to be out long, he will be back real soon knowing him. I have been looking to see if any D-Men become available, anyone that the Rangers might want to pick up. Thing is, he has to be cheap. And good, cheap and good, ain’t gonna happen.
    I can not wait for the game Friday night. I have not been able to watch ANY presee’s games (SUCKS)

    RICK NICE POST THANK YOU, this is the kind of stuff I am looking for. But I should learn it not all about me.

  49. “No one else finds our latest pest as adorable as I? He’s like a cute little pink mushroom!”

    yeah… “it” is so adorable… it makes me want to adopt “it”!

  50. No contract for Semenov yet. Rangers are waiting to see who shakes loose after tomorrows cuts.
    If there is nobody they like, they will sign him.

  51. I love the argument of “if you take the Rangers out of New York no one would watch them”. First, the likelihood of the NHL having no presence in the largest market in the US is a laughable notion. I don’t give the league credit for much, but they at least realize they’re not the NFL and leave a large domestic market uninhabited like the NFL can get away with.

    Secondly, corporate sponsors. Every team in the league seeks sponorship. I mean you think the Devils PA announcers says “A PSE&G Power Play” at their home games for the fun of it? You think it’s all season ticketholders in the luxury
    boxes and rinkside seats at the Prudential Center?

    Lastly, the Rangers still have more Cups than the Devils. Yes we are well
    aware that there was a considerable lag between 3 and 4 as well as the considerable head start in the inception of the franchise but the totals are what they are. And as much as the hockey pundits have predicted a middling season for the Rangers, few of the predictions say the Devils will deviate from their post lockout success of potentially advancing to the 2nd round. Many of the popular pulications cite that a lack of scoring depth (something that plagues both the Rangers and Devils) will leave them from challenging for the East title as the Pens, Caps, Flyers and Bruins all have deeper and more talented squads than either the Rangers or Devils. So just as their recent track record suggests, the Rangers need a lot to go right to make their first trip to the 3rd round since 1997 but the Devils aren’t quite expected to hoist the hardware this year either.

  52. JJP,

    I think your somewhat right about the accountability issue, and I too think this season will be exciting. As far as his media personality, I don’t really mind; you have to take the good with the bad, I’d rather have a coach who puts his heart on his sleave and speaks his mind than someone who always says the diplomatic, rhetoricly correct thing.

    But I think you need to rethink that whole Wasington thing. Tortorella did not loose that series. You know that. I tears yours and mine heart out, I know, but even though the series ended at 4-3, we lost against a team that was a lot better than us, to say the least.

    I’m not knocking our team, not at all, but if you try to look at it objectively Caps were the better team, on all accounts except goaltending. And while Hank can give the Rangers the chance to win, he can’t do it all by himself. Not in the long run. Just my opinion.

  53. Ah,

    Just saw Gross’ tweet. Thanks TR-808.

    Well, what do you think he got? 5-600?

    I think he could be a good signing, but I gues the jury is out.

  54. Hehe,

    Not that I’d doubt your journalistic integrity TR…LOL

    Zipay says 600k… Better than 6,5mil right?

  55. According to Tim Panaccio, Flyers are having trouble signing Blair Betts.

    The judge in Arizona rejected both the NHL’s and Balsillie’s bids. Jerry Moyes can’t be happy.

  56. Semenov made 650K last year with SJ. Good signing. Instantly becomes our most physical d-man. Nothing spectacular, but he hits, he can pass(I was surprised by that)and ne can drop his gloves. A bit wobbly on his skates, but that’s expected with 6-7 frame.

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