The Best Ranger(s) ever


Somebody brought up the point last week that Jaromir Jagr may have been the most skilled or most talented player, still in his prime, to ever play for the Rangers.

Interesting thought. Not sure if I completely agree or not, but here’s another set of arguments along the same lines. I received a review copy of the new book “100 Ranger Greats” and it ranks the top 100. Some things were taken into serious consideration, such as playing all or most of one’s career with the Rangers, as the top three all did (can you guess which three they were?).

It’s tricky trying to rank them, because No. 4 (Mark Messier) may have been the greatest Ranger ever, and Nos. 1, 2 and 3 will probably tell you he was (No. 2 actually once did tell me Messier was the greatest). And Messier was still in his prime when he won a Hart Trophy, when he scored 100 points, when he nearly scored 50 goals, and of course when he won the franchise’s only Cup in the last 69 years.

But how, then, do you rank Jagr? Or how about Wayne Gretzky? The greatest player who ever lived played three seasons for the Rangers, but surely wasn’t the greatest Ranger ever. The book ranks him No. 68. Jagr, who holds the franchise record for goals in a season, ranks No. 84. There are some other interesting rankings, such as Jeff Beukeboom ahead of Barry Beck. Way ahead.

And I don’t think any of you, without benefit of the list, could guess who’s No. 5. Go ahead. Give it a shot.

I’ll print the whole list at a later date. For now, I thought we could have some good discussion on the topic. Maybe some of you want to give me your top 10?

The book, written by my friend John Halligan, and Russ Cohen and Adam Raider (foreword by Sam Rosen), will go on sale Monday, Oct. 5.


Afternoon update: Hey, Laurel here. While I’m still struggling to figure out #5, thought you locals might be interested in this:

Rangers alumni Dave Maloney and Pete Stemkowski will join 100 RANGER GREATS co-authors Russ Cohen, John Halligan and Adam Raider for a book signing at American Legends in Scarsdale, NY on October 15, 2009 at 6:00 PM. For more information, please call 914-725-2225.

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  1. it would be awesome if i could find that book down here in da dirrrrrrrty south! I just may have to order it from amazon!

  2. Leetchhalloffame on

    1 – Leetch
    2 – Messier
    3 – Richter
    4 – Giacomin
    5 – Gilbert
    6 – Graves
    7 – Ratelle
    8 – Jagr
    9 – Park
    10 – Bathgate

  3. Guessing 1-3: Gilbert, Leetch, Jagr. Maybe Graves instead of Jagr.

    Maybe #5 is Lundqvist? :)

    I’m guessing Gretzky is lower becasue he played his latest years here.

  4. Sorry to be off topic, but I’m obviously a huge Ranger fan–I go to school in Nashville, and looking into getting NHL center ice for Comcast. Specifically I want to know if anyone is familiar with the percentage of games that are broadcasted in HD through center ice. Aparently MSG is in a dispute with the NHL, and as a result the MSG HD feeds never make it to Center Ice. How much of the time will the oponents feed be available in HD for comcast(apparently may vary between dish, direct tv etc? Not worth it if I cant watch these games in HD. thanks

  5. Using individual performance as a Ranger, team performance while a Ranger and length of time as a Ranger, in that order as criteria:


  6. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "I can't wait till Friday!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Ok Carp , here’s I go…

    #1 Rod Gilbert ,played over 1000 games all with NYR
    #2 Leetch , allstar defenseman has his #2 number retired
    #3 Richter ,Best Ranger Goalie ever.
    #4 Messier , no need to say anything
    #5 Graves First to beat the 50 goal mark as a Ranger.
    #6 Vic Hadfield , first Mr.50
    #7 Ratelle
    #8 Eddie Giacomen “eddie” was pritty good too.
    #9 Harry Howell
    #10 Bill Cook

  7. Don’t forget guys like the Cook Brothers, Ching Johnson, Lou Fontinato, and Camille Henry definitely in the top 20.

    Beuk is way ahead of Beck as Beck (a little before my time) played only 6 injury filled seasons with the Rangers while Beuk was here for a decade.

    Jan Erixon and James Patrick-Two under appreciated guys who were here for all the 80s whackyness and left/were forced out right before the Cup.

    Gartner was one of my favorites from a pure skill standpoint, he gave 5 great years to this team.

  8. How in the world could Jagr be that low on the list? i know he wasn’t here that long but his mark on the franchise is indelible. he may not have brought us to the promise land but he certainly resurrected the franchise from the dreads. oh yeah, he also has the single season record for goals and points.

  9. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    #5 is someone weird, first guess might be Stephane Matteau or second guess Ulf Nillson (whose career is still tangentially recalled every game at the garden).

    Either Gilbert or Graves probably round out the top 3 (with Leetch and Richter, in that order). Graves was much more influential concerning winning the cup (and ending the curse), but less talented.

  10. From the last post:

    Tie Domi sucker-punched Ulf Samuelsson. I’m pretty sure he was out before he hit the ground

  11. Gilbert – Richter – Bill Cook = top 3 Rangers of all time. All three only played for the Rangers

  12. Erin

    I had CenterIce 2 years ago. It was disgraceful not only how few games were ever broadcast in HD around the league, but how downright unwatchable most of the feeds were, especially in the West.

    This was during that big NHL in HD promo period too. What a crock of it.

    (It may be better now, I have no idea)

  13. Jagr doesn’t deserve to be in the top 20! Just read my post on the last thread if you want to know why I feel this way!!

    I hope everyone has a crease clearing hard hitting physical d man day!

  14. Russ Cohen and Adam raider will be on my Radio show this Thursday to promote the book. The Pictures are fantastic real rare shots of Ranger greats.

    I can tell you the criteria they used was play solely as a Ranger not career. So Marcel Dionne and Guy Lafleur you are SOL.

    I can tell you this about the book # 100 is Nick Fotiu.

    I know who is # 1 also… Barett Heisten

    Curb Your Enthusiasm Ranger Fans : Shocking Rod Gilbert Interview

  15. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "I can't wait till Friday!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Actually Wicky , if you wanna see Jagr on a top list ya might wanna be a Penguin fan ‘cuz I ‘m pritty sure he is #2 in Pittsburgh.

  16. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "I can't wait till Friday!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    If Sather never traded Jagr and gave him his 2 years and left Gomez and Drury alone , then signed Jagr for another 2 year extention…THEN Jagr would be #5.

  17. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "I can't wait till Friday!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    ooops Sather didn’t trade him..he just didn’t resign him.

  18. This lists are always controversial, because they can go two ways. Either they take into account that the game is better than it was or not.

    Its like saying Gretzky is the best player of all time, which is probably far from true. In my opinion Leetch is the best Ranger of all time, Jagr is not far off, and Ovechkin is the best player of all to date.

  19. I’m going with:
    5. Marek Malik
    4. Wade Redden
    3. Blair Betts
    2. Dan Fritsche
    1. Tom Poti

    Am i close?

  20. Like I said when I proclaimed Jagr the best player to ever put on the sweater:

    Jagr was the most physically dominant, skilled, and dangerous player the Rangers ever had. No Ranger ever commanded as much attention from opposing defense. His Ranger legacy will never be that of Messier, Leetch, or even Mike Richter. But, none of those players (or even Gretzky) dominated in Ranger blue like #68. I am only speaking from individual performance. He never won a cup like Messier.

    But let me pose this question: Was it easier to win a cup with Messier’s supporting cast, or was it easier to turn a laughing stock into a contender after the lockout with JJ’s supporting cast?

  21. cwgatti Jagr’s TEAM had 2 chances at getting to the finals, but management hindered that both times. Sather missed out on golden opportunities, making believe he’s competitively rebuilding. He’s happy just making the playoffs. Jagr is an elite hockey player ala TGO & Co. One of the most powerful forwards to play the game. He took a lot of abuse, that should have been penalties.

  22. If it’s a list of 100, I’m sure JD falls in there somewhere…

    Also, we’ve had some pretty great players throughout the history of the NHL put on the sweater for 1 season, or a half a season for that matter…would they be considered? Guys like Guy Lafleur and Pavel Bure…They weren’t great Rangers, but they certainly are on the list of the best of all time…

  23. GM, everyone.
    To me, this is too easy:
    First- CCCP
    Number 5- Must be Potvin. I mean, this guy hasn’t been to MSG for years and we still chant his name. He must be somewhere up there!

    On a seriuos note, I know Rangers history, but I’ve been seriously following the team since 1992. So I’ll give you my list since that year:
    2- Messier
    4- Richter

  24. Do coaches count? That would probably place Lester Patrick somewhere up on the list.

    1. Leetch
    2. Gilbert
    3. Giacmoin
    4. Messier
    5. Richter
    6. Ratelle
    7. Park
    8. Hadfield
    9. Bathgate
    10. Graves

  25. If any of you were around to watch the Rangers in the 1970’s you know Brad Park is at or near the top of the list.

    What a horrible trade to let him and Ratelle (and Joe Zanussi) go to Boston for Carole Vadnais and Phil Esposito.

    Not only was the trade bad, but we suffered with Espo as the Rangers GM after his playing days were over.

  26. top ten for me…
    Wade Redden
    Bobby Holik
    Marik Malik
    Tom Poti
    Matt Cullen
    Theo Fleury
    Hugh Jessiman
    Bruce Driver
    Kevin Weekes
    drum roll please…
    The Donald Brashear

  27. According to comments the positions within top 100 are rated on their contribution to the Rangers individually but also graded on what the team accomplished during their time as a Ranger – can we assume then that Gravy, Mess, Richter, Leetch are high up and even the likes of Matteau will finish higher than others with 10 years + service but no trophy?

    I would also expect Lester Patrick and others like Bryan Hextall, Dave Kerr, Frank Boucher to be up there too.

  28. question for those who have center ice it says that its available from oct 2nd to oct 24th for a free preview. my question is since the season starts on thursday with 4 games and 2 of them wash vs boston and sharks vs avs on versus are we able to see the hockey night in canada doubleheader on cbc on center ice.
    oct 1st thurs bur center ice states oct 2nd to 24th free preview.

    anyone have any idea. i would like to watch montreal toronto on thurs

  29. cwgatti
    Well said.Couldn’t agree more.If messured by biggest influence on a team performance, fans mood and purest joy to watch after Cup years.

  30. The CBC games will be on CenterIce Thursday night. The Saturday night Hockey Night in Canada broadcasts are on the NHL Network, but the few mid-week games they have are on CenterIce.

  31. Top 10 list, sorry to the Rangers before my time.


    My top 10 worst Rangers

    1-Bill Goldsworthy
    2-Gilles Marotte
    3-Gilles Gratton
    4-Igor Ulanov
    5-Sandis Ozolinsh
    6-Willie Huber
    7-Luc Robitaille
    8-Kevin Stevens
    9-Ed Hospodar
    10-Erica Lindros

  32. Jagr at #84? That’s a joke. He made the organization relevant again, carried the team two rounds deep into the playoffs (twice), and broke the team scoring record. Contrary to what a lot of people might think, this team has had a legitimately great player and actually played some exciting hockey since the spring of 1994.

  33. Been a Ranger fan since 1969 so when I read that cwgatti says Jagr is the most physically dominant, skilled, and dangerous player the Rangers ever had, I really scratch my head. There were many, many OMG moves that Jags made for goals over his time as a Ranger and Yes, he did single handedly bring us back to the playoffs that one year, but c’mon!! The most physically dominant…??? He was a strong skater, used his rear-end to fend off defenders, but he wasn’t the “best ever”. When he was inspired to play that way, he was one of the top 3 players in hockey. One of the reasons I disagree with cwgatti about Jags is that he admittedly didn’t perform at his top form during the regualr season! For that, I cannot give him #1 status. Oh, and Car, #5 has to be Gresch!!

  34. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Lester Patrick is probably #1 ,his brother Muzz is probably well regarded also.I think Muzz Patrick was the Gm in the 60’s and the team sucked.

    Who cares what Halligan has to say in his book, it’s only his opinion. Messier 4th,? Jagr 84th? and rod Gilbert in the top 10 , yeah right.

    being great is about winning ,not popularity

  35. I personally hate Messier because of how he ended up setting the franchise back many years until the lockout because he refused to take a limited role even when he was “too old” to be the focal point. However he undoubtedly is top 5 for greatest Rangers ever. I personally would put Graves at #1 just because the impact he had on and off the ice and his personal relationship with the fans. #2 would be Gilbert for the same reasons as well as his skill level. #3 is Leetch, #4 Messier, and #5 Richter or Eddie.

  36. Alex T & cwgatti – like the way you both think!

    Some players are before my time, but I would venture to guess

    Giacomin / Gilbert are #1
    Larouche / Dougay

    My generation Rangers never really lasted more than a few years other than the the 5 from the 94 team… And just because Wayne Gretzky was on the team – he shouldn’t be higher on the list than Jagr.

  37. I am going to go way off the board here and say Bryan Hextall, who played on the 1940 team. Since Carp says we will never guess who it is, I figured I’d throw a dart in the dark here.

  38. Artie-Art

    If you disagree about Jagr being the most physically dominant. Who do YOU think tops Jagr then? Lol

  39. Reeshay (or Riche') on

    Carol Alt was the short skirted wife… I know that.

    She actually signed my hockey gloves once… only a high school kid would get to meet Gresch and his wife and ask HER to sign his gloves.

  40. From what I’ve read about him, and what my dad and grandfather have told me, Frank Boucher (played from 1926-1938) HAS to be in the top 3 all-time Rangers. He was a superstar of his day, centered the Cook brothers, and brought the Rangers 2 Cups and 1 Finals appearance.

    From Wikipedia:
    Frank was not only a brilliant forward, but was also one of the game’s classiest. Lady Byng, wife of Viscount Byng, the Governor-General of Canada, donated a trophy to be awarded to the NHL’s “most gentlemanly player.” While playing for the New York Rangers, Boucher won the Lady Byng Memorial Trophy 7 times in 8 years. He was then given the trophy outright, and Lady Byng donated another trophy to the NHL.

    When general manager Lester Patrick made the decision to retire from coaching prior to the 1939–40 season, he hired Boucher, who led his Ranger club to the last Stanley Cup. The franchise would be in existence for 68 seasons before they won a Cup without Boucher being directly involved.

    I realize that almost nobody who saw him play is still around today, but that doesn’t diminish his greatness or his place in the Ranger heirarchy.

  41. rocket – i said that earlier – expect to see names like Boucher, Hextall, Patrick in the top 5, guys who won multiple cups

  42. The Ferraro trio! Chris/Peter/Ray (ok not part of the brotherhood but they were part of the Rangers around the same time).

  43. you guys beat me to Frank Boucher! The guy has 3 of the franchises 4 Cups! two as a player one as a coach… gotta be top 5 at least…

    my top 5


    P.S. ilb2001, thanks for making me your #1! :P

  44. *Here’s a hint for #5*

    As on 8:34am, Carp said only _one_ person had mentioned it… so the player is posted somewhere before then, although not necessarily as a #5…

  45. Who cares. I’m more concerned about our #s 1-7 defensemen. Can the Rangers prove ESPN and everyone else wrong with a defensive corps that’s thinner than Carol Alt ever was?

  46. Can the Rangers prove ESPN and everyone else wrong with a defensive corps that’s thinner than Carol Alt ever was?


    Probably not. Good thing we have a Captain who is basically playing Rover every time he touches the ice.

  47. Chris F- no.
    Did you guys forget Alexandre Daigle? Boy, were there ever few losers on this team. A book of a 100 would not suffice!

  48. Btw, last time the Rangers picked #1 overall was..1965.
    Canadiens had #1 pick since then 4 times, and so did the Islanders…

  49. Carp,
    If you are looking for a topic for a new book, how about Jagr? He would be an interesting topic. A hero, but a villain too. An enigma, a gambler (literally), IRS trouble, homage to his grandfather (the whole #68 thing), Cherponov tragedy, growing up behind Iron Curtain, playing in shadow of Mario, traded to Wash. when he wanted to come to NYR, etc., etc., etc. . . . .

    You could write very candidly because he is gone now.

  50. Pat LaFontaine had the most points of any Ranger that played for only 1 season (or part of 1 season) with 62 pts in 67 games.

    #2 on that list…Zherdev with 58 pts.

  51. UESB- you’re right about Rozsival…Yuck, it doesn’t sound too promising.
    Btw, the whole landscape of the Atlantic division has just changed!
    The Islanders picked up…wait for it…Rob Schremp from waivers.

  52. The book is great, Adam and Russ were nice enough to get me an advance copy since we had them on our radio show a few times. Adam said they were literally crawling through dusty storerooms like Robert Langdon in “The Da Vinci Code” looking for Ranger treasures.

  53. 1) Zherdev
    2) Gomez
    3) Tutyn
    4) Drury
    5 Redden
    6) Rozival
    7) Bruce Driver
    8) John MacLean
    9) Dan Girardi
    10)Redden again, just because he is so good and worth 6.5 million over 6 years.

  54. Frankly, I only care about who the greatest Rangers for THIS season and the future are going to be. Former players add no value to my enjoying the game today, and therefore, don’t interest me at all. I loved watching Leetch and Jagr play, but since they’re no longer playing for NYR, I couldn’t care less about where they come up on someone’s “Greatest Ever” list.

    Is it Octobre yet? Drop the darn puck already!

  55. Here is my list of top 5:

    1.Josh Thomson (im always #1 on my list, duh!)

    2.Rick Carpiniello (It’s Carp! Enough said.)

    3.Laurel Babcock ( cuz Paws ‘n’ Claws is second best blog ever)

    4.Jane McManus (maybe after this list she’ll accept my friend request on facebook, I miss you Jane)

    5.Sam Weinman (just a good guy)

  56. 1 Leetch
    2 Bathgate
    3 Messier
    4 Richter
    5 Gilbert
    6 Howell
    7 Boucher
    8 Park
    9 Jagr
    10 Hextall
    hon mention: Giacomin, Graves, Ratelle, Bill Cook, Greschner, Esposito

  57. Pavel
    September 29th, 2009 at 1:13 pm

    Del Zotto made the team, according to Torts via Zipay’s twitter.

    He made the team as in he is on the roster this season? Or, he made the team and we’ll evaluate after 9 games?

  58. 1. Brian Leetch
    2, Mark Messier
    3. Rod Gilbert
    4. Mike Richter
    5. Jean Ratelle
    6. Jaromir Jagr
    7. Vic Hadfield
    8. Brad Park
    9. Adam Graves
    10. Ron Greschner

    Check out Rangers Season Preview today at

  59. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    September 29th, 2009 at 1:40 pm
    What about Gilroy?
    Girly will make the team, no doubt about it.

    He’s on a $3.5million (2 year) one-way contract. He’s on the team.

    Zipay is suggesting that MDZ see his 9 games before becoming eligable as a pro and then the brass decide to leave him here or send him back to the minors (idk the specifics on where he would go), but it would mean he’s uneligable to return for the rest of the season OR it means he’s here for the entire season.

  60. If MSG Network compiled this list we all know who the #1 Ranger of All-Time is: the 1969-70 New York Knicks.

  61. Also Torts mentioned he wants Semenov on the team and he’s not happy with Girardi/he’s on a short leash. I’m pretty sure he means to say him and Rozsival are on a short leash, but he can’t throw Rozy’s name around because of that contract and the fact that he’s not expendable.

  62. Also Torts mentioned he wants Semenov on the team and he’s not happy with Girardi/he’s on a short leash. I’m pretty sure he means to say him and Rozsival are on a short leash, but he can’t throw Rozy’s name around because of that contract and the fact that he’s not expendable.

  63. Del Zotto for 9 games? I have to say, the kid is good. But the real story here is how the NYR defense really stinks.

  64. #5 has to be Tzachuk. He is in the top 5 or 6 all time Rangers in both games played and points scored.

  65. It is so hard to figure out who number 5 is….The mind plays tricks on you. You play tricks back! It’s like you’re unraveling a big cable-knit sweater that someone keeps knitting and knitting and knitting and knitting and knitting and knitting… :)

  66. Brad Park, Jean Ratelle and Rod Gilbert should all be ahead of Vic Hadfield. My guess is that it is Brad Park as #5. Steve Vickers hasn’t been named but he would seem to be top 20 as well.

  67. “Who here thinks we should sign Forseberg? Forsberg and Gabby would look sick on the IR for us!”

    Lol, gotta admit that was funny.

    Glad to see Del Z made the team. Hopefully he steps it up in those 9 games, and sticks around for the rest of the season.

    He might be young, but it doesn’t get any worse than Blowzival, and Dredden. That’s for sure.

  68. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Sign Forsberg? Haha. Why don’t they also sign Theo Fleury! Heck, get every washed up veteran that has carried Chris Drury at some point in his career! Started with Kalinen, now Kotalik! Might as well add Forsberg, Roy, Sakic, Hejduk… Hmmm. Briere? Afinigonev was just available! Darn it.

  69. Actually, I was reading on HF Boards about sending a player back to juniors because I was curious about what happened with Luca Sbisa last season. After a junior-eligible player has played in his tenth NHL game, he can still be sent back to his junior team, but he is paid his NHL salary and it means the contract has started its first year officially.

  70. I must admit. I am now truly 100% devoted to the New Jersey Devils, but I will offer my opinion on the Rangers as often as possible so don’t worry. Here is to 13 straight playoffs and another long run at the cup.


  71. A local fan. I am proud of you. You finally admitted it. The first step in recovery from being a douche is admitting you are one.

  72. Its obvious you are a devils fan who has no other place to go to to talk hockey. Its hard to round up the other 8 devils fans in existence onto a message board

  73. Dino Dino Dino. This is where all the Ranger fans are proud that they have more fans then the Devils. Congrats. You were an original 6 team and play in New York City. Great you have more fans. But you also have Glen Sather as your General Manager. When we talk about winning, you guys talk about having more fans!

  74. Local fan, remember when we called you a fake Rangers fan? Cant root for two rivals, etc etc

    Your above post just proves why we gave you such a hard time.

    Back to the Debbies boards with you.

  75. Uh, I liked her character in the movie Saved.

    I’m telling you Orr, you’re going to have all daughters.

  76. Five Foot Zero,

    Again read my above post. All you guys care about is having more fans. Who the F cares? Seriously. I personally would rather have the 3 Stanley cups since 1995…1 Stanley Cup loss and 12 straight playoff appearances. But obviously you would rather have more fans!

    Who here likes to look at the 2003 draft over and over??? I do! I do!

  77. According to Zipay, 10 Rangers will be on Letterman tomorrow night to read the top 10 list. Henrik Lundqvist, Sean Avery, Marian Gaborik, Marc Staal, Ryan Callahan, Chris Drury, Donald Brashear, Dan Girardi, Brandon Dubinsky, Christopher Higgins

  78. “According to Zipay, 10 Rangers will be on Letterman tomorrow night to read the top 10 list. Henrik Lundqvist, Sean Avery, Marian Gaborik, Marc Staal, Ryan Callahan, Chris Drury, Donald Brashear, Dan Girardi, Brandon Dubinsky, Christopher Higgins”

    No Prucha?? Prucha deserves to be there!

  79. Small fact- since the lockout the Rangers- Devils played 39 games including the playoffs. The Devils won 18, Rangers-21. How many playoff rounds did every team win since? And while you checking it out, also look up the Hank- Brodeur head-to-head stats. Long playoff run is right.

  80. IIB2001,

    You pumped up about the Rangers defense? What were the Rangers ranked in goals for last year? Who were the rangers top 5 point getter this year? How many games did Gabby “mr. brittle” Gaborik play? While you guys are hoping he plays 60 games and scores 40 goals for 7.5 million ill be watching Zach Parise put up 50 goals.

  81. A local fan
    Hey, besides your deep inferiority complex and therefore constant itching desire to get under someone skin, what is your real motivation to expose yourself in this site? Start telling the truth… go on

  82. if a devil scores 50 goals at the prudential center and there’s nobody there to watch…did it really happen?

  83. Ouch, I know, buddy it hurts to check those stats. Sorry, I’d do it for you, but it’s illegal while driving. I’m actually on my way to Prudential Center. I heard they give out free season Devil tickets in exchange for….. Well, I’ll let the boneheads to fill this out.

  84. wow loco fan. idk u couldnt pay me to talk to devils fans online. . what is it about the rangers that u just cant stay away? u really cant stay away can you? is it that boring in jerseyland? nobody to talk to?

  85. I am fascinated on how pathetic the Rangers can be. Year in and Year out. Never Fail. I dont contribute that to horrible ownership and even Worse Management…BUT this will not change for a long long time.

  86. CCCP. Why dont you meet me down here on Wall St and I will argue to your face guy.
    How do you guys feel about the Rangers Defense this year? How do you feel about management?
    How do you feel about the offense? Offense is only slightly less pathetic thaen the defense.. but clearly not as pathetic of your management!

  87. CCCP

    The one that has the biggest boobs. Eva Amurri or something like that. I could be wrong on that name, but it’s something like that.


    Im sure by the time i have kids, i wont be as chick crazy as i am now.

    Lol, and it would be hilarious if Brash*t got booed on Letterman. That would be to funny.

  88. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Josh Thomson is to this blog what Michael Rozsival is to the Ranger’s ‘offensive defensmen.’

    Sorry Josh.

  89. whatever..same thing. Iowa..Idaho..probably the two most boring states. What do you do there for fun?

  90. In reverse order…

    10. Jeff Toms

    9. Rich Pilon

    8. Luc Robataille

    7. Michael Grosek

    6. Valerie Kemensky

    5. Joe Cirella

    4. Josh Greene

    3. Vladimir Malakhov

    2. Kevin Stevens

    And the number one Ranger of all time:

    1. Wade Redden

  91. ilb, the Devils have won 1 more playoff series than the Rangers (the series they beat us). Every other year we’ve both gone out in the same round.

    Also local fan, are you the same person that wants Neil Smith back ruining the team? Sure he got us a cup, but then he helped set the team back for a long time. Sather isn’t the best GM in the world, but while most teams struggle to make the playoffs every year, we haven’t had that problem since the lockout. The team now is significantly better than the one in 2005-06. Think about it, STEVE RUCCHIN was our 2nd line center. Everyone forgets that. STEVE RUCCHIN!!! This was the squad then and compare it to now:

    Straka – Nylander – Jagr
    Rucinsky – Rucchin – Sykora
    Nieminen/Hossa – Betts – Ward
    Ortmeyer – Moore – Hollweg

    Prospal – Dubinsky – Gaborik
    Higgins – Drury – Kotalik
    Avery – Anisimov – Callahan
    Lisin – Boyle – Brashear/Voros

    Say what you want about Sather, but theres no doubt he’s made us better, or at least he’s tried to. As for his FA signings, there is no defense to it as most of them were horrible. But he still finds a way to get a competitive team every year.

  92. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    What I would do to trade Steve Ruchin for Chris Drury! ha. And lets not forget the other clowns on that team! Ville Niemenen (who scored a game winner in Europe recently) had a OT-SO goal that year, Malik’s circus shot (of course)! Oh, and i don’t know how these guys aren’t making the top 10 of Rangers Greatests:

    Aaron Ward!
    Matt Cullen!

  93. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Heck, I’d trade Chris Drury for Ted Drury and hope no one notices the difference!
    (and if you watched the games, you wouldn’t notice a difference… oh…)

  94. O, so you work on Wall Street. That explains it. Being a Devil fan AND working on Wall Street. No wonder you’re suicidal!

  95. wow jonny d. in 4 years time, weve basically had 3 different teams!!! its funny how different the rosters are year to year. sorry to say, were not that much better than 05-06. in 4 years time, did u expect to see this little improvement? i figured wed have a better team, but youre right, were slowly becoming a homegrown team with a lot of players we have brought through the draft becoming top players on the team. by next year, we should have grachev in prospals spot, and maybe stepan or bourque contending for spots. and we finally have an elite talent who is in his prime, not old and washed up. even if hes had injury problems, i think hes good to go. ohh, loco fan- dont get all worked up. u can still hang with us. just dont say we or us when reffering to the rangers. at least u finally admited ur a devs fan. no hard feelings, just try to be civil and im sure most of us will be civil bck.maybe not cccp, lol

  96. wait, so local fan. What made you finally admit that you were lying (which we all knew) for the past few months about being a rangers fan?

  97. btw my hockey fanatics… there’s a fantasy league that needs YOU! Five more spots available! First come first serve (or something like that)

    Yahoo fantasy league… dont be shy…come join
    Live draft is tomorrow 9:30

    League ID#: 163159

    Password: 123456a

  98. Mike in IA – We are a much better team now than 05-06, but the league overall has gotten better at the same rate or even faster than we have. If you put this team on the ice in the 05-06 season, they dominate much of the teams out there because there were still pre-lockout veterans who were still under contract on many of the teams (Derian Hatcher and Jason Allison ring any bells?). These guys couldn’t keep up with the new speed and there were a ton more penalties called as well as less hitting.

    Now the median age of the league has decreased significantly and the faces of each franchise are mostly under 30, plus the speed of the game is fast and the checking is back. So we have gotten a lot better, its just hard to see because we’ve stayed in the same position in the standings since 05-06.

  99. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "I can't wait till Friday!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Good thing I came here now , instead of earlier when Plum Loco Fan was here. He finally admited he’s all Devils…Not saying “we” anymore? Devils are a Mickey Mouse organization and it just happens we have “goofy” over here trying to get us to buy tickets to disneyland.

  100. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "I can't wait till Friday!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    One person right Carp..It’s me huh? Graves as #5.

  101. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "I can't wait till Friday!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Iowa potatoes!!!?? Matt Hughes is from Iowa though.

  102. yes, jonny. i agreed. im just putting it in terms of in the 4 years since that team, are we that much closer to winning a cup? a little. but were still far from being cup contenders. in fact, last years team was about the same as 05-06. and we improved a little since last year. and yes, most teams have gotten better, so while we have gotten better too, we still havent gotten past beinga playoff bubble team. it all comes back to drafting. if we wouldve drafted like we do now, back in sathers early pre-lockout days, wed be a few years ahead than where we are now. thats why i have lots of hope for this team. were starting to come around and albeit sather was basically forced to go with youth because of the cap, its given this team an identity and set us in a good direction for the future of the franchise.

  103. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "I can't wait till Friday!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Gretzky beat NJ Devils, 13-4, Wayne Gretzky calls the Devils “a Mickey Mouse organization ..a classic!!! ty CCCP.

  104. bettendorf iowa is where alot of MMA fighters train and hughes is from here or illinois. same with jens pulver. i am a long island guy, so i always root for matt serra. even though hes kinda a prick. lol

  105. TR-808

    nice article… the guy looks like my grandpa! “just give me back my tickets” lmao

    Hard to tell if the guy is full of it…show us “certificate of mailing” lol

    But i wont be surprised of Dolan f’d the guy over. Shame on Dolan for doing this.

  106. SNL is the worst program on the PLANET! i mean, cant they get better writers? i used to work for NBC… did not have good experience there. :)

  107. Here’s mine:

    Don Maloney

  108. I’m just trying to figure out how the scoring works. Like how many points it is for a goal, assist, and so on.

  109. do you guys know if this quote was from our Rod Gilbert: “Losers visualize the penalties of failure, but winners visualize the rewards of success. “??

  110. do u guys know if this quote was from our Rod Gilbert: “Losers visualize the penalties of failure, but winners visualize the rewards of success. “

  111. G Henrik Lundqvist almost single-handedly carried the Rangers into the playoffs over 70 regular-season appearances and then to a 3-1 series lead against Washington before the Rangers unraveled and were knocked out in seven. The Rangers will gamble even more with the puck and on the forecheck in their first full season under coach John Tortorella, meaning King Henrik will have to stand taller than ever behind a *so-so blue-line corps*

    Yahoo! Sports

  112. ….dale purinton, jozef balej, matt cullen, guy herbert, jan hlavac, jamie lundmark, paul mara, markus naslund, tom poti, nikolai zherdev… just to name a few of the “greats”

  113. Bill Gadsby was a tower of strength on Rangers D for a while, but I’m not too sure how long he was with them. Came over from the Hawks. And don’t forget Wally Hergesheimer during some lean years, or Danny Lewicki.

  114. How can some of you on here put Jagr in the top 10 when he was only with the Rangers for a few years? Because he had one amazing season? Because he’s fresh in your memory? You gotta do your homework, folks!

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