First day of the post preseason


And just a few quick thoughts:

1) Michael Rozsival was always a solid, unspectacular defenseman with decent puck skills. Last year he seemed to decline. This preseason he’s been far worse. And Dan Girardi is struggling, too. That’s two of the only four defensemen with NHL experience who came to camp. Semenov doesn’t look half bad. But that doesn’t mean he’s ready to be a top 5 or 6. Yet, by necessity, that’s where he will be. Cause for concern, or panic?
2) This Enver Lisin guy reminds me, so far, of Rico Fata. Great wheels, but does he do anything else? Maybe I need to see a lot more of him before I figure that out.
3) Tortorella blames the media for Donald Brashear’s booing. (OK, I’m late to the party with this, but I was on vacation). We disrespected him. Well, from what I remember, the fan outrage began the moment he signed July 1. And as far as disrespecting him, well, I never respected him in the first place, and last year’s cheap shot on Blair Betts dropped him further in my eyes. Plus he can’t play.
4) More than a few Rangers should bounce back this year and benefit from the new coach and his system, and it looks as if Wade Redden and Aaron Voros are right on top of that list.
5) That “A” on Ryan Callahan’s shirt Sunday looked like it was permanent, and it should be. Still wondering who gets the other “A” or if it will be rotated. I’m thinking it goes to Gaborik.

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  1. As much as I don’t like Brashear pre Rangers days, he certainly can play a hell of a lot better than Colton Orr. I think he can skate and has decent puck moving abilities. I think the fans need to cut the guy a break already. He is on our team now, get over it. The irony is Betts will be a Flyer this year, so everyone can go on and start hating on him now.

  2. My God, get over Brashear, he’ll do the job for which he was hired … and take a better look at Lisin. He’s no Rico Fata, he’s going to be a 25+ goal scorer in this league if he ever manages to get a “clue” of what to do and where to be without the puck.

  3. Rick,

    I have to disagree completely on Brashear. I’ve hated him for years, but watching him the past few seasons, the fact of the matter is that Brashear is much better than Orr when it comes to actually playing hockey. I know Orr is a great fighter and probably stays out of the box more (Brash does take some stupid penalties), but watching him on the Caps where his job was just to make sure nobody took shots at Ovi, when people are leaving the stars alone he can play.

    I think he proved that yesterday with that shot over Varlamov’s glove. I had no idea that was even him until they showed the replay. I thought it might’ve been Lisin or Grachev again. Brash can play and he gives us a better overall hockey player than in Colton and probably the same type of fighter. I hated him before and wasn’t big on the signing, but hes a guy you hate on another team and eventually learn to love on yours. I’m happy he’s on the team now.

    As for Lisin, he reminds me so much of a Sjostrom or Prucha. He has much more skill than those 2, but he needs to be on the top 6 to show it. So much of what he can do has to do with who is around him. Now if he plays with Anisimov on the 3rd line while Avery is out, I think he can put up numbers. I just wish he was more consistent in his defensive play. Sometimes he takes the body, other times like he showed yesterday on Semin’s goal, he just poke checks. Either way he’s got the skill, just a matter of if he’s the real deal or not and can reach his 25-30 goal potential.

  4. Orr was definately a fan favorite for his toughness. And you were likely to celebrate when he scored just cause it was HIM.

    Brashear has a lot to prove. He always takes bad penalties. Who was it he sucker punched? He is one tough player but those stupid penalties cannot continue or no matter how much fighting he does – he will always be hated.

  5. Staal Wart – Lisin was on pace for 23 last year in his first “full” season. Plus if you look at his splits, out of his 13 goals, 5 were when the game was tied, 5 in the 3rd period, and 4 in the last 5 minutes of play, so he does score some pretty timely goals. he also scored on a better pace in the 2nd half of the year. I watch the Coyotes a bunch last year, so I know he has the skill, but like I said, it depends on if he shows it on a consistent basis or not, which I personally think depends on what line he’s on.

    Also I should mention from the last post, I really hate the fact that we have to dress both Rozy and Girardi. They have both been terrible. Rozy is on the PP so at least he gets points there, but defensively they both suck. We all saw Rozy’s flop that gave up the Laich goal, but Girardi for some reason thinks he’s faster than he is, and when the forwards are dropping back to backcheck, he’s going deep into the zone to check the other team’s defenseman when the puck is coming the other way. I know Torts likes the d-men to jump in the forecheck if they are there (Kubina in TB), but the puck was clearly coming the other way and he was at the other goal line. That was just one of many stupid plays I watched him and Rozy make yesterday. Shame we can’t just dump them and sign a solid 10 year vet who just plays quality defense.

  6. repost: lol spider. i know i mentioned that one awhile ago. idk get it. it isnt that hard to spell.

    jjp- while i agree that redden is doing fine back there, he still doesnt seem to be skating hard enough. hes always been known to be calm with the puck and thats good, but he needs to show some intensity. at certain points of the game, you should be able to kick it up a few notches. he always seems to go at 1 speed. if he wants to be appreciated by us, he cant just do an average job. for that much dough, he should be the hardest workin d man out there. he is better. and if he plays like this all season, i’ll be happy, but is it too much to ask to want him to not just do his job, but make some great plays too. show us you wanna earn that money. bust your ass for the team. its still preseason, so i hope he continues improving. id like to see more goals from him. he did well on that pp where AA scored though. i do agree that del zotto needs to be better defensively. hes great on the pp but i see he still needs work on positioning and turnovers. he needs to gain some weight and be more physical too. he lost some puck battles in the corners yesterday. but overal, hes still very good. i really like him on the pp.

    Mike(Grabachevorik)in IA
    September 28th, 2009 at 10:51 am
    exactly charlles. 1 goal in 6 games isnt gonna get you a spot. i understand hes big enough, strong enough and has a nice shot, but he needs to work on defense and away from the puck. i wanted to see him drive the net more and use that big body to set up screens and deflections. at 19, he played pretty good and is for sure a keeper. he didnt do bad by any means, he just showed his inexperience and hartford for a year is only going to improve him. now, if he had put up AA’s numbers, lisin might be in hartford right now. but hes definitely gonna benefit from this. by age 20-21, he’ll be on top 2 lines and will be one of our offensive leaders.

  7. Do great players on teams help out the rookies under them? Showing them little things to sharpen their skills? In baseball, a veteran pitcher might show a rookie pitcher a new pitch. Does gaborik give advise to guys like lisin and artem? O and did I mention I played beer pong with Bobby Granger at my friends house party over the weekend. Anyone remember him?

  8. Carp – I love ya, love the blog, and love the commitment you have to it, but you were flat out wrong when you said “the Rangers threw caution to the wind, and you can’t just do that. There’s a difference between pressing the issue, and pressuring the puck, and going hell-bent for offense. ”

    This is exactly the type of system and mindset Tort’s is trying to foster with this team. I could agree with your point if the Rangers gave up some odd-man rushes or were hanging Vali out to dry in the defensive zone, but they held the Caps to 4 shots in the period. Its not like they were all offense here. They did a great job of shutting the puck down in the neutral zone and keeping play in the Caps zone.

    Lots of positives to take away from that period. The big issue here is to figure out why it takes 2 periods of the abysmal play you spoke of to get the system going.

  9. Good post Rick.

    Good morning all! I don’t remember seeing Torts blame
    the media for the treatment if Brash. He said during that preseason show that the fans have the right to boo whomever they want – but as soon as they see Brash stick up for a teammate hopefully they will change their minds about him.

    Me, I never liked the guy – especially after what he did to Betts. I’ve seen him interviewed & seems like a decent man off the ice. The jury is out on him for me… We’ll see.

    Lisin – should be rotated with Gabby. They had some good chemistry together. He’ll catch on quick.

    Danny G. His play has declined from playing with Redden. He’ll pick it up if he’s paired with Staal. I’m stoked to see Gilroy play!!!

  10. Girardi has been a subpar defenseman for so long it is astonishing that people are astonished at his astonishingly dismal play.

    The thought that Kessel might have been had if Girardi was part of the deal is sickening if true.

  11. Hi, Rick ?

    Are you going to practice today ? Please tell me if they are practicing powerplay and what you think the best lines are to make it better than last season :)

    I still think it is just too short of a time when you consider only to have from Monday to Wednesday when they will probably leave for Pittsburgh on Thursday ! Too much time was wasted in playing way too many preseason games including a lot of traveling…

    I really have a bad feeling concerning Roszival and Redden for this season..That huge gaffe by Roszival on the first goal by Laich showed that either both of them have much confidence in their performances right now. And it won´t be much better when the fans will boo them during opening night Saturday night against Sens. A very fragile situation as even Girardi is not in best shape, and Staal was criticised to make more impact on offensive plays..

    I hope Torts find the right line between a good pyschologist and setting too much pressure for the guys…

    I will be listening to the guys on NHL live from noon, as they start their season as I was one or the first:)who asked questions via email way back when everything started years back with Jim Cerney ( now with the Rangers !)and Don LaGreca..and then it is up with the game from Davos and the Blackhawks..

    it is off topic but it is simply unbelievable..I was in the picturesque city and Lake of Zurich during summer and those tickets for the Victoria Cup are more than double the prize as for a regular NHL game…!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I have a feeling this might be Girardi’s last year with the team if the guys like DZ and Sangs are ready to step up next year. He never projected as anything more than a 3rd pair D and he’s been a bit miscast and overexposed but I still don’t see how he’s any worse than Rozsival.

    I’m wondering how long it will take Kotalik to get into the doghouse. He hasn’t particularly impressed outside of a booming shot that doesn’t really hit the net as often as it should. 5 on 5 he has been particularly weak but maybe he’s got some magic up his sleeve?

    The seasoned vets (guys with at least 5 or 6 years of experience) as a whole did not seem to have very good pre-seasons. A lot of this might be due to the fact that they feel their roster spots are secure, shame on them for that if they’re trying to set a good example for the youngsters. Still, the Rangers certainly have more talent than this time last year. I’m always a little wary of giving someone an “A” or “C” if it’s their first year on the team but with the high rate of turnover on the roster it might be necessary again. I see Drury retaining the captaincy, Callahan with an “A” and maybe Gaborik with the other “A”. I don’t see Dubi getting one after the holdout.

  13. I understand why the so called hockey experts predicted that the rangers would not make the playoffs. The rangers on the back line is brutal to say the least. Yea, Tortorella’s system will make the rangers score more but it won’t matter much if our back line is soft and can’t defend. I watched part of yesterday’s game on replay last night. Rozsival consistently yesterday was giving away the puck and had a capitol skate around him several times like he wasn’t there, just awful. I admit Redden played ok but still isn’t worth 6.5 mil a year.

  14. Reeshay (or Riche') on

    Grachev will be the first to be called up… no worries there.

    As for Lisin, Staal Wart you’re dead on… the play AWAY from the puck is usually the hardest part of the game of hockey… a lot of good NHLers have that instinct of where the puck is GOING to go (Gretzky comes to mind).

  15. Reeshay, exactly…he has a big upside and can definitely score, but his chances of scoring a goal are negated by the fact that he is a huge defensive liablility.
    As far a Girardi goes…you have to look at who he is playing with. IMO he is far better than Redden and Rozi. He is willing to take the hit to make the play, unlike Rozi, who continually gets hit and doesn’t make the play.
    Guys I don’t know what some of you see as far as Redden goes, you can’t just say he has been better because Sam and Joe say so….

  16. As much as I want and wanted to see Grachev crack the roster out of camp, his circumstances don’t bother me about it. The kid is 19 years old, and even though he is naturally big enough to play in the NHL, he can train hard and get even stronger. His play away from the puck can improve and the AHL is a step above the OHL where he dominated, so he’ll become even more accustomed to the NHL caliber game. Also, his presence in the minors gives us flexibility to make a move come the trade deadline. We could dump somebody like Higgins if needed, free up cap space, and bring up Grachev for the stretch run.

    It is disheartening on the other hand to see a kid who has worked his butt off and produced get sent to the minors. Where the hell has Drury been?

    It’s mind-boggling that the Rangers could literally lose 1/3 of their total payroll and have no impact whatsoever on the team performance. In fact, it may actually improve.

  17. I’d take Prucha over Lisin any day of the week from what he has shown up til now. I know, he has scored goals, but those awful awful defensive plays I think are more true as to what we can expect from him. You can’t just teach a guy to “play without the puck”, that has to be there already, if not – well, then you’re not ready.

    I hope I’m wrong, but I’m not to confident about this guy. Have you noticed him make one single takeaway or decent hit in these games? I mean, you need to be able to play both ends. Prucha did just that, and he had some real intensity in his game. Oh, and he actually DID score those 20+ goals. I’m not saying he is a star, but from what I’ve seen; he’s better than Lisin.

  18. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Nice post in spite of your first 3 points all being wrong.
    4 and 5 are right.
    1) The Rangers depth, in spite of their youth, at the defenseman position, combined with Torts willingness to sit down anyone and play anoyone, combined with Shoeney working with the D, means I have no cause for concern if Rozy is on the decline and Girardi is no longer hungry enough to over achieve.
    2)Enver Lisin does not remind me of Fata, the least bit. Maybe more like Gene Carr. We are not the least bit counting on Lisin to be in our top 8 forwards (Gabby,Dubie,Higgins,Cally,Kotalik,Drury,Avery,AA) so whats the big deal if he is a bust and gets replaced by Grachev or that other 6′ 7″ forward at some point in the season. AND what if starts to fulfill his potential in using that natural speed?
    3) Brashear is already what Orr may or may not become. Fans will acccept him if he plays well and the team wins. Obviously you had a personal liking of Betts. His hit was probably/maybe against the code and cheap, but not definitley and absolutely. It pushed the line without going over it. If it was our guy doing it to their guy, you would agree with me.

  19. Redden will never be worth his salary, but as Slats is reluctant to bite the bullet and demote him to Hartford or trade or waive him then we have to hope he will be a passable top4 defenseman for the next 2-3 seasons until it is easier to dump the salary or trade him for a bag of pucks.

    I said earlier Roszival becomes a more attractive commodity at the trade deadline this year as his final 2 years are only worth $7m combined, although its still a $5m per cap hit.

    We’re stuck with these guys and we have to hope they get better..!

  20. “His hit was probably/maybe against the code and cheap, but not definitley and absolutely. It pushed the line without going over it. If it was our guy doing it to their guy, you would agree with me.”

    You’re kidding right?

  21. Girardi doesn’t take the hit to make the play. He turns the puck over under pressure instead of just eating it and pinning himself to the boards. As much as I hate Rozy and Redden and their contracts, the fact is they rarely just throw the puck up ice when a guy comes to hit them (well Rozy does 50% of the time). Redden especially will just eat the puck when he knows he’s being pressured because he knows he can skate away. I know it doesn’t seem like much, but its actually pretty important (especially in his case since hes slow). That’s not saying Redden doesn’t have his issues, but he does do some of the small things right that people don’t notice. Now if he were only 10x faster then that would help out dramatically…

    Plus Girardi has been paired only with Staal and Del Zotto this preseason and not with Redden. Girardi is garbage and has been since he signed his new extension with Toots last year. We have no use for him in the future with the 6 looking like its going to be Staal, DZ, Gilroy, Sangs, Williams, and McDonagh. If they pan out, thats a quality group of 6 d-men that are all young and all pretty quick. As many people here have said over the last year and a half or so, there is a reason why he went undrafted and you see it more and more every day.

  22. I love hockey and the Rangers, but I dislike the hype about the team. I see this team as figthing for their playoff lives. Too much money is dispensed to people who do not produce enough. I hope it will be an entertaining season but, I think Tort’s influence is overstated – I hope he has a hefty supply of Rolaids and a good gastro physician.

  23. rick, you are just plain wrong about brashear. does he deserve your disrespect? most likely. he is a definite goon. unfortunately, there is still a place for him in todays NHL. but to say he cant play is wrong. he is WAY better as a player than orr. ive watched him control the boards and areas behind the net for entire shifts many times. forget about anything else he may bring to the table. if he keeps doing just that, he will help this team as a fourth liner a hell of a lot more than orr ever did. having said that, i dont EVER want to see him on the ice in a close game. but there are few NHL fourth liners that i WOULD want to see.

  24. Rico Fata? Haha! He is much more capable of Rico Fata.

    Betts/Brashear… someone said it somewhere but with Brashear as a Ranger and Betts presumably as a Flyer, is there a question who we should cheer?

  25. This was my biggest concern coming into the season, knowing that Redden would probably “improve” just enough to keep his job.

    This is still an *outrage*. $6.5M cap hit for a C level player. I knew this would happen though. Redden would take his game from a D to a C and everyone would be content that he “improved”.

  26. ORR, I’ll regret bringing this up, I know, but where are you today? Hung over from SNL last night :)?

    Sadly, I’m going to miss the season opener Friday, but not sadly, I’ll be at Giants Stadium with Bruce, so I’m not all that upset.


    It’s gonna be a long season. At least with Torts at the helm it’ll be entertaining.

    I predict they finish 9th in the conference.

  28. Laurel,

    Sadly, I’m going to miss the season opener Friday, but not sadly, I’ll be at Giants Stadium with Bruce, so I’m not all that upset.

    Sadly, your priorities are … off. :)

  29. Salty – None of us are happy with that contract, its just the fact that we need to accept it and realize unless Sather sends him to Hartford, he’s going to be around for awhile.

    Plus I don’t blame Wade for getting 6.5 million. If anyone offered you that money, whether you deserved it or not, you know you would take it (by you I mean in general). Thats why I don’t boo him because its not his fault he takes up that much cap space and its not going to make him any better. Girardi on the other hand…haha

  30. “You can’t just teach a guy to “play without the puck”, that has to be there already, if not – well, then you’re not ready. ”

    I could not disagree more. I think that’s one of the things that can be most taught to a player.

    You can’t teach a player to be fast, you can’t teach him to be more talented, but positioning and defensive play? That’s what practice is all about.

  31. Doodie;

    Good point. I guess its a balance-act, right? Does his talent and speed justify his apparent lack of defensive skills. IMO, No. But you do have a point.

  32. Re-reading my post and yours, I now fully agree with you, Doodie. You’re absolutely right about the training. But I withstand my point on the Prucha/Lisin comparison though. And I still think Lisin has shown more bad plays on defense, than good plays on offense. You?

  33. I can’t believe you hating on Girardi…I mean if he’s coughing the puck up and making bad plays…at least he’s doing it for far less money than the 2 chiefs of puck coughing upness

  34. I don’t remember seeing Torts blame
    the media for the treatment if Brash.


    He did, I saw this in the paper as well.

    I have to disgree with Carp and say I think Brashear can play. As mentioned above, he is pretty good at controlling the puck against the boards and behind the net, actually has decent hands and he is a veteran… goon or not.

    I NEVER liked the guy, and obviously was *livid* about the hit on Betts… but he is a Ranger now and _as long as he does his job_ he’s got my full support.

    It’s kind of silly for Torts to blame the media on this one though. He’s assuming the fans don’t have their own opinion and grasp on this guys past? Assuming “The Garden Faithful” would have forgotten about the Betts hit, let alone the rest of Brashear’s goon career if it weren’t for the media reminding them? Come on. I know he’s trying to go to bat for his guy, but it’s the wrong place to go after the media before the season even starts.

    If Ranger fans can get behind guys like Drury after 7.7, Gomez after being a career Devil, and even Jaromir Jagr… you can support a heavyweight guy being brought in to protect our fragile goods.

  35. Welcome back, Carp.
    Brashear is a hired goon (albeit expensive), but he will do his job. Not endearing, but he is a better hockey player than Orr.
    Lisin has some scoring touch. And he will be Torts’ project for this year. It’ll be a looong season for him, but he’ll get better. I can see that Russian “blyad” coming out of his mouth very often this year.
    Agree on Redden and Voros, something tells that Drury might be on that list too.
    “A” to Callahan.
    Laurel , help me with my spelling here, you know how I get..

  36. Forget comparing him to Prucha. Compare him to Fred Sjostrom. Faster, better offensive skills, and if the coaches teach him to be more responsible without the puck, what an upgrade that would be.

    Prucha has a ton of goalscoring potential. His defensive play was attrocious at first but then he got better under Renney’s tutelage. However, he still was a shrimp. In the right environment, he can score 30+ (see 2005-2006). In the wrong environment, he is just useless (see 2008-2009).

    I think Lisin can be a good player for us. I’d like to see what he can do.

  37. Rick and everyone else, I just wanted to express how great it feels to c cally with the A. growing up a huge ranger fan i got to c some great players play i know im only 21 but i have seen some great years. But i have also seen some great players who i saw come up young with great potential get traded or leave i rememeber how excited i was when many malhotra came up and mark savared. But what happened> they are no longer with us. I hope we do not screw over the young and coming guys such as caly and duby. Idk it just makes em happy to see two very good north american hockey players especialy cally getting the “A” in new york.

  38. I hate management for signing Brashear, but I will give Brashear my full support.

    I am tempted to boo him to announce my displeasure, but the problem is I can’t boo in a way that will say “Brash this isn’t directed towards you, but rather to Glen Sather for disrespecting the fans and the team by signing a guy who cheapshotted one of our heart and soul guys in the playoffs last year to an inflated contract!”

    So, I’ll cheer instead.

  39. Salty – None of us are happy with that contract, its just the fact that we need to accept it and realize unless Sather sends him to Hartford, he’s going to be around for awhile.


    Maybe you’re missing my point… while I know the chances are slim, I’d 100% rather see Redden completely meltdown and be sent to Hartford (nothing personal, just mega cap relief) rather than see him raise his game from a D to a C just to keep his job.

    And I’m tired of people saying “it’s not [player’s] fault he got signed for so much money”… it’s time for some accountability on this team. I hope Torts stays somewhat true to his word and will take ALL of his players to task when it comes down to it.

  40. Doodie;

    I guess. But I simply replied to another comment about Prucha. However; you say that Prucha was a shrimp? What does that make Lisin?

    And I’m not 100% sure that Sjöström was all that terrible, considering his PK skills. But nevertheless, it will be interesting to see. If you’re right about him, i’ll be the first to suck it up.

  41. And This One Will Last A Lifetime September 28th, 2009 at 11:40 am

    Nice post in spite of your first 3 points all being wrong.
    4 and 5 are right.
    1) The Rangers depth, in spite of their youth, at the defenseman position, combined with Torts willingness to sit down anyone and play anoyone, combined with Shoeney working with the D, means I have no cause for concern if Rozy is on the decline and Girardi is no longer hungry enough to over achieve.
    2)Enver Lisin does not remind me of Fata, the least bit. Maybe more like Gene Carr. We are not the least bit counting on Lisin to be in our top 8 forwards (Gabby,Dubie,Higgins,Cally,Kotalik,Drury,Avery,AA) so whats the big deal if he is a bust and gets replaced by Grachev or that other 6’ 7” forward at some point in the season. AND what if starts to fulfill his potential in using that natural speed?
    3) Brashear is already what Orr may or may not become. Fans will acccept him if he plays well and the team wins. Obviously you had a personal liking of Betts. His hit was probably/maybe against the code and cheap, but not definitley and absolutely. It pushed the line without going over it. If it was our guy doing it to their guy, you would agree with me.”

    and your only right on one point…#2
    #1…Torts has yet to prove that he will bench veterans who don’t perform. I saw him bench Avery for stupidity, and Zherdev for filling his pants with cement.
    #3…Brashears hit was cheap and it was definitely and absolutely against the rules… It was total goon-ness

  42. “Brash this isn’t directed towards you, but rather to Glen Sather for disrespecting the fans and the team by signing a guy who cheapshotted one of our heart and soul guys in the playoffs last year to an inflated contract!”

    LOL. With practice maybe? Hit the right key? Sign language?

  43. #3…Brashears hit was cheap and it was definitely and absolutely against the rules… It was total goon-ness

    Yes. Yes. Yes.

  44. Salty, it’s too much money to eat in Hartford. Not to mention Sather will never pull a 6.5 million “mea culpa.”

    At least when he moved Gomez, he has three defenses against the “mea culpa”:

    1) He got Higgins and a top prospect back in return.
    2) The team has a lot of depth down the middle.
    3) It cleared the cap space to sign Gaborik.

    And with the Gomez thing, the money is a push after Gabby. With Redden, they would be doing double salary (his in Hartford, plus the 6.5 million taking his spot on the big club).

    I’d love to see him gone, but it ain’t happening, no matter what.

  45. UK-Do you really think any other team will want Rozi come trade time?

    JohnnyD-I’ll take Girardi over Rozi any time.

    Laurel-Bruce??? Why?? I don’t get the Bruce thing.

    I’m missing opening night but I think my excuse is better. My cousins are throwing a 50th wedding anniversary party for my aunt and uncle. I thought about going to the game but I’ll look like too much of a skunk by blowing off the party for a game. Plus I kinda missed opening night last year also. I was real sick on the train and made it to MSG but left during the national anthem cause I felt a big puke coming. After ralphing on the Penn station and Ronkonkoma station platforms, I made it home to see the last 10 minutes of the 3rd.

  46. Doodie Machetto i didnt mean great player but the chance was never given to him. Sather just ships people out before he lets them do there thing and it sucks

  47. Doodie, believe me, I know how slim the chance is, that’s why it’s so frustrating. It would be one of the proudest Ranger moment’s for me ever though, if they ever did make that move for the benefit of putting together a better team.

  48. Alex, I know some player heights/weights are inflated on, but just to compare:

    Prucha listed as 6′, 175.

    Lisin 6’2″, 200.

    So even though they’re both smaller than that, he is definitely much bigger than Prucha.

    And as I said about Lisin, he can be taught those defensive things. I don’t expect much from him, but goddamn, there’s so much potential there.

  49. Lisin seems to be a mix of Prucha and Sjo. He has Sjostrom’s skating and has flashed the scoring touch that Prucha did his first 2 years. He’s not built quite as Sjo but not as slight as Prucha.

    As a part time 4th liner/healthy scratch if Lisin nets 15 goals that’s not too bad. 4th line does not always mean it’s a matchup or shutdown line. It could be used to generate some energy or give skilled guys a rest after the PP or PK. For instance if Gaborik plays a lot on the PP and they want to roll out a speed line you can use Gaborik’s regular linemates and put Lisin in there for a shift. Renney was rigid with his use of the 4th line and a lot of that probably had to do with the limited skill his 4th lines possessed. Since there’s a lot of new players on the team this year you’ll probably see a lot of line mixing going on in the early goings.

  50. With Redden, they would be doing double salary (his in Hartford, plus the 6.5 million taking his spot on the big club).


    And I hate to say it, but if there’s any team who could afford it… it’s us…

  51. jcalz, I see, but there were so many other better ones than Malhotra. Kim Johnsson comes to mind quickly.

  52. Salty – I didn’t say it was an excuse for letting him slide on the ice. He needs to play better, but Sather is the one to blame for the contract.

    Staal – I get more mad with Girardi because he doesn’t play within himself. Redden and Rozsival know they aren’t fast and know their strengths are when they have the puck. They don’t try to throw monster hits because its not in their game.

    Girardi can throw checks, but he thinks he can step up way too early and still get back. Instead he takes himself way out of the play and burns whoever is back on D with him. In Renney’s system is was fine because a forward was always there. In Torts’ system, if he jumps up before the 3rd forward cycles back, we’re screwed.

    Also I can’t count how many times I see him step up to pivot at the red line when the other team is already getting ready to rush past the red line and he gives them an easy entrance into the zone and sometimes even a 2 or 3 on 1. He usually takes a dumb penalty or they score a goal when this happens. The 2 games I went to, he was playing with DZ and I saw Del Zotto have to cover for him way too much, and he’s not that good of a defensive d-man.

    I know he gets paid less, but they are just dumb mistakes plays that he makes because he seems to think he can do more than he really can. When he came up and just played within himself, he did great. Now that he feels he has a bigger role on the team, he’s trying to do too much and be a player that he’s not. At least with him its a simple fix, just don’t overcommit and stay within his style of play. For the last year and a half though, he hasn’t done it.

  53. He needs to play better, but Sather is the one to blame for the contract.

    Okay, no question there. I’d say you can also thank Perry Pearn for the contract, as he is on record as being instrumental to that deal.

  54. Whether the D is better, worse or the same, I just really hope this year they don’t blow any 4-0 or 5-0 leads.

  55. hahaha That’s right, because Perry said that Wade could turn it around and they had success together.

    …Where is Perry these days?

  56. Cally keeps the A and I give the other one to Staal. Staal deserves the other A plain and simple. I’ve just always thought the most solid D-man should be given some form of leadership on principal alone. Girardi, lay off the guy… he’ll step it up.

    Gilroy is definatly gonna make everyone around him step it up I think, but DZ… I think he still needs some time to develop but considering the corner we’ve backed ourselves into – he needs to be here…

    Redden and Rozy are still horrible but Redden looks alright, only a fool would make that kinda money and not do everything in his power to at least be a C player.

  57. ilb, you did great.

    ORR, I’m shocked! I even watched the opening on your behalf (that’s about all I can take of SNL anymore)

    22figure8, I don’t want to get too off topic here, but I guess it’s like being a Rangers fan…you either get it or you don’t, but there’s only upsides to being his fan!

  58. Man, Finally Carp puts it out there. We have 4 NHL Caliber defensemen. 3 of them are terrible. We are just really really bad.

  59. I said Girardi would step it up all year last year…and he never did. Many fans just see past his shortcomings because he throws the occasional body check. I’d rather have a guy that is sound positionally and plays to his strengths. Or if I’m getting a hitting d-man, I want someone like Bouillon who takes the body but is fast enough to get back (too bad he’s on Nashville).

    That being said, these are the cards we’ve been dealt and normally I’d say it would be a long season. However with Torts system and his theory of defense being a hard forecheck and not letting the other team get down the ice, I think we will make the playoffs. Depending on if the young guys step up or not, we could be as high as 4th, but I think we’ll be 7th or 8th again due to inconsistencies from the team. Probably another 1st round exit, but who knows when you get to the playoffs.

  60. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Ok why are a lot people including our LEADER bashing Breshear?? Give me another reason why you do not have respect for him. Yes he layed out Betts last year but those things happen during games. Yes they happen to some players more often than others but he is on the ice to be a enforcer. Every team needs one every team has one. I really think we need to leave the guy alone, IN MY EYES HE IS DOING HIS JOB. Give me a few reasons why you do not have respect for a guy that is doing his job??? The Carp sounds maybe Torts is right maybe the media is the reason why the fans are booing him???

  61. A local fan
    “…We are just really really bad.”- you are saying with a glee.
    WE are not, – YOU are. Wishful thinking, swamp boy/girl.

  62. 4Ever. Get with it man. We are not good this year. We are a team in shambles. Go ahead and hope…and be disapointed night in and night out. I dont see how you can look at this team and be excited for the season. It is going to be a long long year.

  63. You folks really expected guys that had already made the team [Girardi, Rozsival] to play in pre-season the same way they would in the regular season?

    Hate Brashear all you want for his thuggish antics, but to say he cannot play is plain silly. I never cared for the guy [the goon aspect of the game doesn’t appeal to me], but on hockey skills alone, I’ll take him over Colton Orr any time.

  64. 4EVER?
    Whats the difference? Yes I like the Devils a little bit more but please explain the difference.
    I do know a coach on the New Jersey Devils will not call out one of his young players and call him highly disapointing (girardi) when He has a room full of veterans he refuses to call out. Redden, Rozival, and Drury to name a few.

  65. Everyones gonna hate Brash*t again when he starts taking stupid penalties. The kind he didn’t get called for in Washington because he was on one of the golden boy’s teams.

    It’s a proven fact that if you’re a teammate of Crybaby, or Obitchkin, you get away with a ton of crap. If you’re a New York Ranger, you get away with sh*t, and not only that, they call you for phantom sh*t, ask Orr aboot that, he’s been called for 2 five minute match penalties in the last two seasons for clean hits.

    Im over the signing, i just want to watch hockey, and go back to rooting for Nyr, but that doesn’t mean i like the guy, or im gonna cheer for the douche when he’s fighting. It’s gonna be quite the opposite.


    I didn’t want to sit through the commericals, for a show i don’t even like, so i recorded it, but didn’t get to watch it last night since Dexter, Californication, Bored To Death, Entourage, and Mad Men stole my last 4-5 hours. Looking forward to seeing it tonight though.

  66. A team in shambles? There are definitely some question marks, but what roster doesn’t have them?

    They’re going to put out a less than ideal blueline but there are some bright spots with the continued development of Staal and an exciting looking prospect in Gilroy and possibly Del Zotto. Redden and Rozsival have been less than inspiring, more so with Rozsival but outside of teams like Boston and Philly, none of the other D in the conference are exactly solid 1 through 6.

    What about Gaborik looking like he’s primed to net 30+ goals, an exciting young center in Anisimov and an overall better skating group of players than last year.

    You want a team in shambles look at the Coyotes. Whether it’s the ownership issue hanging above their heads or the fact that their coach just stepped down 10 days before their season starts. Or how about the Islanders with their future in Long Island still very much in doubt.

    And those Devils are looking like they’ll have an awfully tough time scoring goals this year.

  67. UES BlueShirts. You always do this. You try to make everybody feel better by saying the coyotes and Islanders are “a bigger joke” or “are in more Shambles” then us. Who cares? We are a joke in itself. We are an original six team. We should have more pride and be better then “two other teams are in more shambles then us”
    All I know is this: The rangers were what 28th in goals scored last year? We replaced what 3 or 4 out of our 5 top point getters last year with who? Gabby? Who will score 30 goals if he plays 60+ games. Thats a big IF, but it is still not a replacement for Gomez, Zherdev, and Nasland. This team is a bunch of has beens and wanna be’s.
    Why will the devils have such a tough time scoring? Madden’s 8 goals are out and Gionta’s 20 goals are out. I think they can be EASILY replaced and Parise Zajac and Clarkson are only getting better.

  68. Thanks to all for the positive feedback on my blog post this weekend – enjoyed my 2 minutes of fame.

    To all non-New Yorkers out there: in case you haven’t heard, you can get major discounts on Center Ice this year if you have direcTV. Thanks to a dispute with Comcast, directTV has dropped the Versus channel. If you call to complain about this and express your major disappointment, you can get CenterIce at a major reduction. Two of my close friends even got it for free.

    Current Comcast customers like myself aren’t so lucky…I’ve tried letting them know about this, but they wont budge on the price. Anyone else have better luck?

  69. UES

    It seems like every year during the first month or two, we all say “the Debs wont make the playoffs, they cant score goals” etc. But we’re always wrong.

    Hope we’re finally right though.

    It’s gonna be tough watch Parise probably score 50 goals this year, while we hope the guy we gave 5 million to scores at least 40.

    Anyone who is a little bit suicidal, should avoid the list of players drafted in 2003 at all costs !!! I still cant seem to get over it, because ever year someone else is stepping up their game to a whole new level, while Huge Jessiwoman is with the Admirals, or what ever garbage farm team. I know it’s old news, and all, but it’s still tough to get over that draft.

  70. Redden and Rosi take up 11.5 Million. You can build a better top 6 D for 11.5 then what those two cost. And now Girardi is “terrible” as our COACH put it. I mean when does it end. Coaches are not supposed to be so negative. If he has a problem it should stay in the room.
    but I guess thats what happends when you have a coach who suspends a player for being undiciplined the same game he throws a water bottle at a fan and gets suspended for game 6 in the PLAYOFFS.
    If he wants to open his mouth.. call out REDDEN/ DRURY/ ROZIVAL! seriously. What a mess.

  71. ORRR is hitting it right on the head. Except we gave 7.5 million for a guy we hope wil score 40. Problem is.. he is the most injury prone player in the entire league.

  72. It is funny, in a sense, to come on here today. I am sure a lot of us, could have predicted what was going to be written by many today. Ladies and Gentleman, and children of all ages, let’s not hand this team the cup, put them in the middle of the pack, or finish them last just yet. It is the end of the pre-season and the regular season is still a few days away. I don’t know about any of you, well I do know about some of you, but I know that I always give this team at least 10-15 games before I start to really form an opinion of the team, and of players as well. Yes, we can make some assumptions on past history, but this is a new group of players and a new team for the most part, so why don’t we wait and see what they can do before declaring this season a sh*t storm? And by “seeing what they can do” I do not mean in the pre-season.

    The Management


  73. P.S. Forgive the way that sounded, I didn’t really edit it before I sent, and it sounds like one of my students wrote it, ha. I was in the middle of teaching a lesson and answering student questions when I wrote it, so it came out all messed up sounding, but I am sure you all get what I meant.

  74. Good afternoon, Carp!

    I think Dubinsky should get the C and both of the A’s. They should be arranged so it says “AAC!” on his jersey. My birthday’s in two weeks… make it happen.

  75. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    Rangers fans wont ever be happy until we have a team that has no flaws.

    A guy like Jagr got tons of crap for his lackluster play, when he never had less than 70 points post lockout with the Rangers.

    A guy like Drury we fiended over come free agency- we know call Captain Unremarkable? Dreary?

    A guy like Gaborik will get thrown into the frier when he misses a game or two with the inevitable ‘here we go again’ talk.

    Is there any possibility of a player being good on the Rangers? For the Rangers?

    Jagr must have gotten the most sh*t for turning down captaincy, and he hoisted the team on his shoulders from nobodies to the playoffs. Almost winning an Art Ross and Maurice Richard and to get thwarted in the last week of the season.

    No Ranger can ever do right.

  76. Carp –

    I have to agree with you completely on Brashear. While the NHL has always had its ‘bad’ or tough guys for fans on other teams to hate, Brash takes it to a new level. It is one thing to hate an enforcer on another team, but it is quite another to in fact easy to hate a player who takes CHEAP shots (and the Betts hit was not the first ladies and gentlemen)- and seems to do that more than not.

    I agree with his hockey ability above Orr – but this guy is known for doing stupid, dumb, and when the other player is not looking, CHEAP shots. I for one do not want to have a guy like that on my team. It is honorable to defned one of your teammates – it is dishonorable to take CHEAP shots, especially when someone is not looking.

    Remember when Shanny fought him at Center Ice …. awesome for Shanny. However, remember the cheap shot afterword on Aaron Ward as Brash was escorted off the ice. CHEAP. In my book, the guy is no honorable – and I am having a hard time watching him in a Ranger sweater.

    His past life does suck (from a post over the summer) – but that does not excuse what he does on the ice. He is a professional – and supposed to be an honorable one. Lets hope that this is a new beginning at year 15 for him … and us.

  77. Every time “a shmoko fan” says “we are bad” he is talking about the Devils… just so you know guys, ok?

    P.S. Happy Birthday Greg! where is our bottle of vodka?

  78. Local fan,

    First off, I’m balancing out the alarmist attitude you seem to take with the team. Secondly, Original 6 doesn’t really mean much anymore when it comes to whether that should determine if a team is successful or not. It hasn’t meant a whole lot since the early 70s, especially since they did away with the 50-mile rule. You know which teams have some of the longest Stanley Cup droughts? Toronto, Chicago and Boston. In fact, outside of Detroit, none of the original 6 teams have been dominant in the league for about 30 years.

    Outside of the Pens, Bruins and Caps who should presumably be the division winners this year, the rest of the 5 playoff spots are wide open. Every team that’s due to compete for the playoffs have some pretty big questions.

    Furthermore, last year was the first time since the lockout that the Devils scored more goals than the Rangers. If anything they’re reverting back to a more defensive system which will probably decrease their goal production. The Rangers essentially made lateral moves with Higgins/Prospal/Kotalik replacing Naslund/Zherdev. The big pay off will be that Gaborik has the potential to produce 30 more goals than what they got from Gomez last year. Not to mention if Callahan and Dubinsky increase their production as well.

    I have not said that the Rangers are going to be challenging for the East title, let alone the Cup, but to say they are a joke is still far off the mark.

  79. “ORRR is hitting it right on the head. Except we gave 7.5 million for a guy we hope wil score 40. Problem is.. he is the most injury prone player in the entire league.”


    That would be Tim Connolly.

    Also Alexander Semin has missed about 20 games each of the past 2 seasons. And don’t forget about 15 year man Rick DiPietro.

  80. Hockeyman Rangers,
    There is no way that Brashear was ‘doing his job’. His job is to play hard, hit hard, intimidate, fight if necessary…his job is not to go out and blatently injure another player, and get himself suspended.
    I don’t buy that doing his job crap!

  81. The Devils WILL make the playoffs. They haven’t looked that great the last few years, but they find a way to do it. Plus they’ve had quality coaches and just got back one of their best from years past. They have decent young players (not on the same level as the Rangers but still pretty good), and a core of top 4 players that can put the puck in the net. They don’t look good again on paper, but they always find a way to do it.

    And to the person that said we’ll never be happy until there are no flaws, you are pretty much right. I’m not saying I am, although I am guilty of it a few times (most recently my harsh criticism of Girardi), but thats just NY in general. We want to win and be the best now, not later, and if you aren’t helping us be the best, we don’t want you here.

    The Jagr situation was tough because I honestly thought that at the end of the year after bringing in Zherdev, we’d bring him help so I didn’t mind the loss of Jags. Then came the Redden and Rozy signings and I was not happy at all and couldn’t believe we didn’t bring Jagr back for the money/years he wanted. I think a lot of us were like that because it was a good move at the time if Sather brought in another scorer, but instead he tried to put Nazzy and Z together with Gomez and it was a complete disaster, which is why the team has looked completely different for 3 years in a row now. He’s a great GM, no doubt, but he makes dumb signings when he has an unlimited bankroll and I don’t think he knows what kind of team he really wants, especially since we’ve had 2 coaches in that time period now.

  82. Local Fan is Local Stan Fishler, he’s an old man, just leave him alone, if you stop talking to him, he’ll go back to grooming his beard. He needs it to look extra Santa-like for the upcoming season.

    And i just saw ESPN, and Barnaby said his breakout team for the East is Nyr. So i guess that means we’re doomed !! He says Gabby will put up more than 50. Barry, and Barney are both bad luck, what they say never comes true !!

  83. Hard to take ESPN’s hockey analysis seriously. ESPN also had a pretty ridiculous “power rankings” presumably based on the pre-season. Case in point, they rank the Lightning at 10, the Kings at 14, the Panthers at 15, the Sens at 19. The Rangers are at 22 while the Devils are at 24.

  84. Scott Burnside has no business ranking teams. Who is this guy anyway? Lightning at 10? Why? Why? Why?

  85. If the Devils could make the playoffs last year – with no scoring, and without Marty for a huge chunk of the season – then they will always make the playoffs.

    However, making the playoffs doesn’t say much these days, when more teams make the playoffs than miss it, and when playing about .500 hockey will get you there (ie. Columbus, StL, and Montreal were all .500 last year when you add losses and OTL’s).

    So, yes, the Devils will probably make the playoffs this year, and most every year for the foreseeable future. But actually contending for the Cup is a whole other ballgame.

    And all of the above applies to the Rangers, too.

  86. SCX – Agree completely. I should’ve noted that in my post.

    Also the only thing ESPN probably got right there is the Kings at 14. They could be scary good this year, especially if they have Doughty, Johnson, and Hickey running the blueline. Plus Simmonds, Moller, and a few others have looked really good this preseason.

  87. A local fan,

    And you have no business being here! This is for RANGERS FANS!

    Go talk to Chico and the Doc!

  88. The 5-8 in the West will be interesting. Actually both the races for the top seeds and the remaining playoff seeds will be tight. Is this the year that Chicago knocks off Detroit for the Central? Vancouver and Calgary fighting for the Northwest. San Jose may get the Pacific but Anaheim still has a decent amount of talent to hang in there. Then there are last year’s 6 and 7 teams St Louis and Columbus that will have stiff competition for their spots with LA and Nashville figuring to be in the mix. The only 2 teams that appear to be out of it are Colorado and Phoenix but maybe they take the “us against the world” mentality and surprise a bunch of teams.

  89. Phoenix has the youth and talent to be a sleeper team, just their organization being in shambles is going to kill them. It’s a shame because looking at their roster, they have many players that are pretty exciting and probably would’ve been less willing to part with Dawes and Lisin if they knew where they are going to be in a few months. I’ll argue that both them and the Kings have 2 of the most exciting up-and-coming teams in the league even though many might not put the Yotes up there.

    Boedker, Turris, Hanzal, Lombardi, Tikhonov, and Porter are just a few of the guys they have on the team that are quality players. Their d-men are decent (Yandle is a pretty good young player and Aucoin and Jovanovski are the vets), so I think if their organization were more healthy, they might have enough to make a run at the 8 spot or at least make things interesting. Maybe next year when they are settled in another location (or still in Phoenix), they can put it together to be in the position the Kings should be in this year.

  90. I disagree with you Carp on an “A” for Gaborik. He has not even played 1 real game for the Rangers. No way he walks into a locker room and is a leader right away. Captaincy and Assistant Captaincy should be reserved for your real locker room leaders.

    As for Brashear. I never really liked him, per say. However, I think he is a definite upgrade form Orr in terms of being an overall hockey player. He is also better than Voros. And he did impress me yesterday with his speed.

  91. Chris – I hope that wasn’t at me. I wasn’t even talking about either of them being on the Rangers. Just mentioning their worth to Phoenix (even though Nigel is now on Calgary).

  92. Brashear scored all of ONE goal last season and 3 assts and was minus 6

    in his entire career he has averaged about 5 goals per season, and is MINUS 84 for his career

    not to mention the 2500 pen mins, and all the PP goals he handed the opponents

    and he not only got McSorley to club him upside the head, but he also even enraged mild-mannered Scott Niedermayer enough to get HIM to club Brashear over the coconut.

    not exactly a distinguished career from any standpoint

  93. Steve – Shanny, Naslund, etc. all walked in and got an A.

    We have a lot riding on Gaborik and his groin, and I’m fine with him getting an A. He has to be a leader and our go-to guy.

    *Only because Hank can’t get a C/A.

  94. Okay, when a “fan” uses an argument that another team will replace scoring because their players will get better and then ignores the same theory applied to the Rangers, he loses all credibility.

    I’m not convinced Sather made all the right moves this summer, but I was not sad to see any of the jettisoned go. I expect our young players to have improved seasons, especially Dubinsky.

    CARP- I compared Mr. Lisin to both Rico Fata AND Freddy Shoe and was called to the carpet! I hope we are both wrong, but I’m not convinced that Lisin is going to be much better than those guys. I remember Fata having an impressive training camp (same as Jason Krog) and then disappearing. I think the difference here is that Lisin seems to have some chemistry with Anisimov. We’ll see.

    DOODIE- If we did (we won’t) send Wade Redden down, we would essentially be taking him off the cap (like we did with Rissmiller last year.) but would still have to pay him his full salary. The only players on our current roster who have two-way contracts are Artie, Staal and Boyle, which means they get paid a lot less than their NHL contracts when in the A.

    Johnny D- I agree that Phoenix could be a sleeper team with their young talent. In fact they had so much they let Blake Wheeler walk. The problem is the uncertainty of the franchise. I hope Tippett brings stability for them, but I thought they would be a lot better last year. The other team that is in a similar (and probably stronger) position to rise is St. Louis. Both teams need consistent goaltending to get them to the next level.

  95. this team is a disaster.

    bad contract after bad contract after bad contract.

    it’s going to be one hell of a long season.

  96. Phoenix has a better goaltending situation though. Bryzgalov is proven to have success in the league. If you looked at Phoenix the last two years, they get out to a pretty quick start, hover around 8th-11th, then die out. I think a lot of that had to do with some dead weight being on the team and some of the young guys not being ready for the full 82. I hope they get everything off the ice taken care of because I love watching them play.

  97. This team is great!! We gonna go all the way!! Wait… actually this team is horrible…bad coaching… dead weight GM… blind owner… we not gona make playoffs… no no… I take it back… we got great coaching.. new young talent with great potential and one of the best goalies in the world! We gonna win the division and get deep in playoffs! But then again… Gaborik and his groin…Rozsival and Redden, Voros is making the team over Grachev… boy, we are so bad! But, Dubi, Cally, Avery…all in great shape and should really have break out years…plus Higgins and Kotalik are decent players…. So maybe we are not so bad! This team is so confusing!

  98. then dont watch nyrcc. why bother? i dont get the “we suck, sather sucks, redden sucks, drury sucks,gabbys hurt, rozy sucks, everyone sucks, the rangers suck and will suck, brash is a mean guy!! wahhh”. stop the cryin already.

  99. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " The Devils are a Mickey Mouse Organization again!! ...says Greg L on

    Alrightt!! , Thanks alot 4everanger for the Birthday wishes.
    Thanks Rick ,Mako and you CCCP …tis all good!!! Could have some fun today!!!

  100. One thing I’m really looking forward to this season – not having the “Petr Prucha should be a top six forward and on the power play” discussion at least once a week…..

  101. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " The Devils are a Mickey Mouse Organization again!! ...says Greg L on

    Thanks mike , not even close , me and theo have something in common now, Muhahhahaahhaa!!!

  102. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " The Devils are a Mickey Mouse Organization again!! ...says Greg L on

    Kinda funny how all Ranger fans hate the Devils but Devil fans like the Rangers. Kinda shows some fair -weather over there. Local guy was saying this time how bad we are ,,do I see some jealousy? Orr , I’ll bet you, Devil miss the playoffs…maybe we’ll bet for a Megan Fox blow-up doll or something?

  103. The rangers are not great and there not terrible, typical ranger team. This is why the rangers never get the best players in the world in the draft because there always drafting in the middle of the pack. It wouldn’t be that bad if only the organization new how to draft. I think the rangers have a good shot at least of making the playoffs but Sather is going to have to do something with the rangers blue line, except for stall and gilroy there isn’t anybody else back there that is good. The rangers will score more goals but unfortunately they will also give up more unless Sather figures a way to improve the blue line, if not the rangers will be battling for the eight and final playoff spot.

  104. ilb, they have more than 12. Just about every game on Center Ice is in HD, at least for Directv. It’s been that way for the last 2 years.

  105. Staal – I was comparing Phoenix and St. Louis, not the Rangers. I too would take Henke over Bryz anyday haha.

  106. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Happy birthday to ME!! , Happy Birthday to meeeeeee ... HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYY dear Gregggggg , Happy Birthday to me !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    ummm..hope I’m not milking this thing to bad ( hehe )

    Rangers will be better , plain and simple. It’s all about our coach and the fast pace we will be dictating. Hank has up and down games at times so if we just bury away like 3 -4 goals a game we could be in great shape.

  107. Jonny D- 12 will do. Between that, MSG, VS, NHL-HD, tickets, we are looking at 3-4 per day. If I watch that many, I’ll have to do this for living.

  108. Wow. Looks like I pushed a few buttons today. The thing about Brashear, just to clarify … there are honorable goons and there are dishonorable goons. The honorable ones stick up for their teammates and only fight the tough guys. They don’t cheapshot Scott Niedermayer and Blair Betts; they don’t fight Brendan Shanahan. Tie Domi once was one of the honorable guys, and he could skate circles around Brashear. But Tie started doing stupid stuff later in his career, like the Niedermayer mugging. I have no respect for guys who do stuff like that. I have none for Brashear. Never have. And it has nothing to do with liking Betts, because I didn’t know Betts at all.

    ps, just a reminder, I don’t root for the Rangers, so I don’t care at all if Brashear helps them or not. I admit he’s better than Orr. But Orr was more honorable and I respected what he did. Also, Brashear will take many more dumb penalties, you watch.

    Can’t wait to write my season preview later in the week.

  109. Good response on Brash Rick. Dont forget Domi sucker punched Beukeboom!!! Effin PUNK I wanted to jump through my TV and kill him when I saw that.

  110. Carp, honorable goon is an oxymoron. It’s just unfortunate that it’s the only way these guys can survive in NHL. I agree, there are different ways to do your job, but it’s a job. Btw, can you say with a 100% confidence that Orr’s famous hit on Cullen wasn’t intentional? The only person to know is Orr. It didn’t look to us. But it did to some people.

  111. One day, maybe soon, it will be the Rangers who are contending for the Cup the way the Caps do year in and year out for the foreseeable future.

    Maybe one day, hopefully soon, the Rangers will have a player who takes out the other teams’ top penalty killer in order to open up the ice for their best players like OV, Semin and Green.

    Maybe one day, hopefully soon, this team will have enough b*lls to pull a stunt like that and come back and win a series after trailing 3-1.

    Brashears did his job. He got the offensively inept yet defensively superb Betts off the ice, away form their top players and gave the Caps the room to operate on their PP. And it worked.

    We have Marion Gaborik, one of the top players in the league, and we need someone to make sure the Flyers, Devils, Isles and Pens don’t take liberties with him, like you know they will.

    When are people going to realize this is a mans sport, that takes mean SOB’s to win, and making apologies and whining about the other teams’ tactics doesn’t equate to wins.

    Bruce Budreau (sp) sent Brashears out there to get Betts off the ice, flat out. Do I like it? No, I thought it was cheap. But it’s Budreau who should be called out, not Brashears. It’s Budreau who is the bush league coach. He lets his players jump all over the ice when they score, rubbing it in the other teams’ face. Eff him. Eff the Caps.

    I’m glad we have Brashears, so he can beat up Clarke, Jrichina, Gordon, Erskin and the rest of em.

  112. Rick:

    Orr took out Ovechkin in the game Shanny and Brash went at it.

    But I agree, Orr was an honorable fighter and a great teammate, I was not happy to see him go. But he makes his own decisions also you know. I bet it’s a thrill for a kid from Canada to play for Toronto.

    Besides, if their is a tough guy “code”, how does it apply in the playoffs when there is no fighting to be had?

    I can’t remember the last playoff series where there were major fights.

  113. Vogs makes an excellent point that I think we all over looked.

    “We have Marion Gaborik, one of the top players in the league, and we need someone to make sure the Flyers, Devils, Isles and Pens don’t take liberties with him, like you know they will.”

  114. Stay Thirsty Rangers Fans (formerly MiamiPimp, formerly The Most Interesting Man in the World) on

    I’m glad we have weaksauce marginal bush-league players like R&R on this team … open the floodgates

  115. Ugh, that SNL episode was semi funny until that douchebag Brian Austin Green pulled off the bumblebee mask to reveal himself. After that i deleted the episode. Fox looked hot, but as predicted, the SNL writing, and cast has gone waaay down hill since the last time i watched it, which was when Farley was still alive.

    Horrific show.

    And i think i hate Brian Austin Green more than i hate Donald Brash*t. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not cause he’s dating Fox, but i hated him back when he was on 90210, and now i hate him even more !

  116. Nick Fotiu was a very honorable goon. Same for George Parros. Has the stache ever been suspended?

    Everyone needs to get off the Girardi hatred including Torts. Not all of the DMen have to be Bobby Orr, you need some body to be the stay at home guy. Girardi will be fine.

    Sometimes some players just get picked on because it’s the cool thing to do (not accusing anyone here). Same in music; eg. the album One Hot Minute by the Red Hot Chili Peppers is a great album but when it came out, many people trashed it, because it was the cool thing to do.

    And finally the newest rule to the Rangers drinking game; one drink for every time Ales “Captain Hook 2.0” Kotalik takes a lazy hooking penalty. This guy should be a PP specialist and play the 4th line. He’s been useless at even strength.

  117. Mako, I don’t remember Domi sucker punching Beukeboom. I remember Owen Nolan elbowing him (first concussion) and Matt Johnson delivered the sucker punch that ultimately led to his retirement.

    And I no longer believe that having a tough guy on the team prevents a team from taking liberties. Brashear won’t be out there when Gaborik gets hit, and the guy who hits Gaborik isn’t going to fight Brashear. And do you really think another goon is going to shy away from hitting Gaborik because he might have to fight Brashear? Not a chance.

  118. HockeymanRangers on

    Ok Stall Wart and Rick I see your point regarding Breshear, I asked for a reason why you do not respect him and you both gave me the same reason. If this is the case I am with you 100%. I have not really seem him play much at all and when I did I did not pay much attention to him. Hopefully he can change, to a certain degree.

  119. Carp, in your opinion, why is it that a team like Detroit doesn’t have to bother with this goon stuff but if the Rangers don’t have one, everyone takes liberties with their skill guys? Is it the conference, the NY factor, or many years of not being tough enough (mid 70s, early 80s, late 90s)?

  120. Apparently the NHL has announced that the Rangers will be reading the Top 10 on The Late Show With David Letterman on Wednesday.

  121. at least there will be someone on our bench that can inflict pain on the other team, if indeed Gabby gets run.

    That’s why I play Avery with Gabby

  122. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "I can't wait till Friday!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Carp , what I got from your post is that our defense sucks and we are in trouble , Lisen is a huge question mark and Brashear is classless goon that you hate , am I correct?
    Oh yeah and yer not really a Rangers fan and last year ya said we have zero talent.

    Maybe you are local fan!!?? HAHA!! Ya still think we have zero talent if everyone stays healthy? Do ya think we are doomed with R&R?

  123. Mako

    Domi sucker punched ulfie with a deliberate gloveless hand when he was with the leafs and ulfie was with us.

  124. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "I can't wait till Friday!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    The reason we have Brashear is so simple that if ya really don’t know why , then yer really not watch all the games.

    Reason is..the games we play with Isles,Philly,and Devils.
    Some games get really ugly and who uglier to have than Donald Brashear. He is there to help us against the big Flyers team who will want to smash our players like crazy. Having Brashear probally isn’t the answer but he’s our only official goon.

  125. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "I can't wait till Friday!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Thank you Chuck, tanks alot Wicky too!!!! Gonna go out to eat now with my Daughter :)

  126. vogs this caps team hasn’t gotten past the second round yet, that’s not exactly contending for a cup year in, year out. If it is then so are we.

    Still on the fence on Brashear though. We’ll all love him though if we get into one of those back alley brawls in Philly like we always do and he takes care of that overrated punk Pronger, who has done far worse than Avery yet does not get vilified like #16 does.

    And happy birthday Greg!

    And CCCP, your fantasy team is still ploha.

  127. My bad guys I always thought it was Beukeboom he KO dropping his glove & sucker punched him. Either way. I still wanted to kill him!!!! grrrrrrrrrrr

  128. ZzZz NYR ZzZz ” Happy birthday to ME!! , Happy Birthday to meeeeeee … HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYY dear Gregggggg , Happy Birthday to me !!! ” …says Greg L.
    September 28th, 2009 at 7:02 pm
    ummm..hope I’m not milking this thing to bad ( hehe )

    Rangers will be better , plain and simple. It’s all about our coach and the fast pace we will be dictating. Hank has up and down games at times so if we just bury away like 3 -4 goals a game we could be in great shape.

    jeez greg, nobody threw ya a party over there or what? haha, is this your first b day? lol

  129. I guess maybe i am just a fan of the guys that go out and physically mix it up or that play all three zones of the ice instead of the big time scorers that are all dipsy doo and moody and only play hard when they feel like it. Saying that I do not (and will not) ever understand the jagr love fest. I would take dru and his current salary over jagr and his half salary any day of the week and twice on sunday. How many former coaches, current or former teammates, or tv/radio/print analysts/journalists ever said drury was a bad teammate or bad leader, or didn’t work hard…….jagr on the other hand. I mean i would give hank way more credit for the rangers resurgence than jagr. It actually made me sick having jagr break gravey’s goal record, talk about polar opposite players. Gravey was the ultimate team player, always stood up for teammates, worked hard every shift, played three zones, hit and played physical…what a ranger should be (atleast what I would like to think a ranger should be). Jagr was a very skilled joke of a teammate, the more of his buddies that went away, the less of a “team” player he became. I have more respect for brashear (or any other hard nosed enforcer/physical player) than I ever will for jagr, that 1.4 million that brash makes is a hell of a lot tougher than any of the millions jagr ever made!!! I guess this is why Carp never lets me do a guest post!!!!!

  130. COuldn’t read thru all posts tonight,so hopefully this isn’t a repeat. Little stat for ya – Brashear produced the same amount of goals in 6or 7 preseason games as Colton Orr did in 82 games last year. Guy’s a rabid beast and a sucker, but gets his job done.

    Oh and as for the Betts thing, I would be more pissed off at the guy who decided to get rid of betts then I would with Brashear.

  131. Stay Thirsty Rangers Fans (formerly MiamiPimp, formerly The Most Interesting Man in the World) on

    From Urban Dictionary, definitions of R&R:

    1.) Rest and relaxation
    ex. “Ahh! Just got back from the weekend spa. Got some much needed R&R.”
    ex. “Ahh! Just got back from a Rangers game. Saw Roszival and Redden get some much needed R&R throughout the game”

    2.) Canadian Whiskey purchased in liquor stores.. tastes like shit but gives you a nice feeling when intending to get drunk.
    ex. “Yo, let’s go out and drink some R&R tonight”
    ex. “Yo, let’s go to the Rangers game and see what two defensemen play like after they’ve had some R&R”

    3) A pair of weaksauce ice hockey defenders who stand around like pilons and refuse to shoot on the powerplay in order to enhance their status as pedestrian, bush-league players
    ex. “Did you see Orr go around R&R and burn them for 4 goals during the 3rd period?”

  132. lets face it, gabbys gonna get hit, and sometimes hes gonna get hurt. if he cant handle it then play tennis. i think he should be able to handle the physical part of the game. does anyone know how he got his hip problems in the first place? if its because of a hard hit i’m gonna laugh and then cry. thenim gonna pray they put him in a big bubble like in bubble boy. that way he can just bounce and roll down the ice. imagine the possibilities with deflections. u could just rip a slapper from the point, gabby just bounces in front and it goes in.

  133. Gravey - Formerly known as Jor71 on

    Greg L., you hit the nail in the head. We have some tough teams in our Division and we need a goon during those tough games. I am sure he will not be dressed for every game.

    I can’t wait for Friday!!!

  134. omg the non calls in this game is unreal!!!. i just saw one of the islanders skating a good 30 feet with a cap hookin a stick on him. it looked like the guy was pullin a sled!! ales kotalik(capn hook) wouldve loved playin back then!!

  135. russ
    September 28th, 2009 at 8:56 pm
    not because he’ll have to fight brashear, carp, but because brashear will go after their top guys

    exactly!. so if anyone takes gabby out, bye ovie or whoever. crybaby. milkman, zetterburger, zach parasite, 20 cent, semin, semin-off, androp-off, etc..

  136. ZZZz-I definitely get why the Rangers nees a goon/tough guy, it just seems like again as always with the Rangers, it’s a damned if you do/damned if you don’t double standard. They’ve had a lot of great tough guys over the years like Fotiu, McPhee (man is a great GM), Domi, Kocur, etc.

    Before Orr was established the complaint was the Czech posse was getting bashed around too much. With Orr it was that he had no hands, and now with Brashear, there’s all this debate that he’s an extinct species, etc. I know there’s no love lost between Rangers fans/Brashear, but would people have been happier if the Rangers went out and traded for Boogard/Parros, signed Chris Neil, or promoted Justin Soryal who is not quite ready?

  137. I’ve never been a big Brashear fan but he will add an element that the Rangers didn’t get from Orr last season. Orr was great at fighting but other than a game here or there (the game he was checking Crosby constantly was solid), he didn’t have the opposing skill players looking over their shoulder. Brashear achieves that on reputation alone.

    The reality is there are plenty of goonish players out there who try and hurt people, Pronger in particular comes to mind – he’s probably racked up as many if not more questionable/down right dirty hits over his career. A guy like Pronger gets a pass cause he scores while Brashear wears the goon label.

  138. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "I can't wait till Friday!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Thanks alot Shoryuken!! Wicky , love the passion of hate for Jagr…I really do , I don’t agree but I like yer passion!!

    Yip Gravey ,Brashear is there for ,hate to say it..he’s a wash. Like if anything happens to him , we don’t care. I know , I knw It is sad to say but im being honest here, Brashear is expendible at any cost. There I said it, sorry.

    Haha Bubbleboy was good mike!!!Passit to bubble boy!!! Gaborik took a huge hit in that one game and he was fine. It may take an 82 game schedule for him to shake that injury tag.

    Here what I would do this year. I would only play Gaborik 40 games this year , tops. Play Grachev instead and who know , miss the playoffs…Get a great draft pick and then play a healthy Gaborik , Delzotto and a seasoned AA the following year!!!

    No Mike , no partay , booooooooo!!!But I have lots of family and friends to wish me all the best and it’s nice from youse on here cuz I love my Rangers and you knuckleheads do too.

  139. Redden and Rozival need to be dumped, period.
    They suck. They take ice time away from someone that wants to play in the NHL.
    I would rather Sather swallow his pride and take the hit. Use that money for someone worthy. Defense , or lack of will kill us again. We might have some more scoring this year, yet to be determined, but a crappy D is going to make Henrik’s life miserable again….
    I love the Rangers but I see more of the same coming..
    Hope I am wrong.

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