Rangers send Grachev to Hartford


This surprises me, but the Rangers assigned Evgeny Grachev to Hartford this evening. I guess they figure he’ll be better off playing first-line minutes in the AHL than third or fourth-line minutes in New York, but … think of the slugs who will be playing for the Rangers instead of him.

Here’s the announcement:
22 Active Players Remain With The Club

New York, September 27, 2009 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has assigned forward Evgeny Grachev to the Hartford Wolf Pack of the American Hockey  League (AHL).  The Rangers now have 22 players remaining in training camp, including two goaltenders, seven defensemen and 13 forwards.  The Blueshirts’ next practice is scheduled for Tuesday, September 29, at 11:00 a.m. at the MSG
Training Center.

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  1. not the worst thing, at least he’ll be able to come back to the big club and not burried in juniors. i know it’s cliche but if he’s not getting top six or nine minutes fwd it does zero good to have him collecting dust of playing with brashear and the like on the 4th line…… also it can’t hurt to get him more seasoning on the smaller north american sheet of ice.

  2. When Prospal was signed it was obvious that younger players would be affected. Grachev, and Lisin especially.

  3. As much as i want to see him in NY, i agree with this. He won’t get the proper playing time that will let him develop. However, don’t count on him staying there too long (especially if injuries occur)

  4. i saw this comin awhile ago. i thought he was pretty good but nothin really special. he showes he has a great shot, but he needs to build confidence and doing that on hartford will be great for him. i see the potential and he is definitely a top 6 winger in the future. i expect great things from him. hes only 19. lisin is good too. i think hes ot teh edge on grach just because of his experience and his offensive awareness is better., he just needs to play better defensively and more physical. with his speed he could be great for the 4th line. we all know its him or voros on the 4th. id rather lisin. voros looks wobbly and goofy. sometimes he canmt even catch up to the guy hes tryin to hit, and ends up crashin into the boards. same with brash. nice shot btw for him. much better than orr. u orr groupies serious about orr better than brash?? cmon, hes better and so what, he destroyed sam weinmans twin brother. big deal.

  5. Just doesn’t make any freeken sense. There are at least (5) players that should go before Grachev. Dumb. lame stupid move.

  6. Leetchhalloffame on

    Lets see….every team (see Chicago, Pittsburgh to name 2) can play 19 year olds in the NHL but Grachev, who has more talent in one finger than half the Rangers forwards is sent to Hartford. We get to see stiffs like Voros and Boyle – great!

  7. OMG!! Grachev assigned to AHL?? Watch out… the sky is aboot to fall!

    He’ll be back next season… ready for the NHL. I think it was a right decision.

  8. he will be back before christmas. it is not the worst thing for him to go down there and play alot. he can work out the kinks and be back better and stronger.

    something to be said about making a kid earn his spot rather than giving it to him right away. if he has the right attitude he will go to hartford and earn his way to the NHL

  9. Leetchhalloffame on

    CCCP that isn’t the sky falling. It’s Voros attempting and failing to stay on his skates for more than a couple of seconds – but he’s still on the team because he was one of 100 stiffs overpaid by clueless Sather.

  10. Slugs is such a harsh word, lol. I figured this would happen, but not until Avery proved that he was ready. Here are the lines I thought of earlier and posted on Gross’s blog:


    Gilroy-Semenov/Del Zotto

    Extra: Voros

    I’m guessing Del Zotto gets his shot at the beginning of the season. If the double-rookie pairing doesnt work, I’m guessing a shot at Staal and Del Zotto switching places.

  11. Redden and Rozy will be together. If DZ plays with Girardi, get ready for some horrible goals against. Girardi will probably continue to leave DZ out to dry on 2-1’s. I really wish they just cut him and put DZ with Semenov and Gilroy with Staal and brought up Sauer or Potter as the 7th man. It makes more sense.

  12. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Jonny, read between the lines (of Torts). Did you watch any of the preseason? Girardi is only half the problem Rozsival is and if its someones contract they have to move (whether it be within the NHL or to the AHL) it’s Rozsival’s! Awful. 2-3 times worse than Girardi’s.

    I liked this: Pavel
    September 27th, 2009 at 9:35 pm
    Any chance that Omsk Avanguard needs a d-man?

  13. *Hey, Captain, it’s getting cooler. Have you had to put the top up on the Clutchmobile yet?*


    **mumbling and staring into space**

    it was a tough game…they have a lot of great players, a lot of veteran players…we knew it was gonna be a tough game…every point is big in this league…each game we try to get better and better…we’re learning our system more and more…both teams played hard…there’s no “I” in “team” or “no-movement clause”…I’m not gonna let this loss ruin my Boxing Day…etc……….

    Oh sorry Carp! Captain Clutch was just preparing for when I see you in the locker room this season and it’s time for me to rally the troops with another one of my dynamic post-game speeches! Captain Clutch has to be ready! Clutchness and leadership never take offseasons!

    But to answer your question, the top is still down on the Clutchmobile! Here’s a clutch tip from Captain Clutch- as the weather gets cool, it’s all about layers! Helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, mouthpiece, shinguards…they really keep you warm while driving with the top down all throughout the winter months!

    /peels off in Clutchmobile

  14. he will be back and has a great future. voros and boyle will stink and they will send them down in a few weeks.. grachev will play a ton in hartford and all will be good…

    we found out this preseason; gilroy, delzotto, grachev, and anisimov have very good upsides……..

  15. The Most Interesting Man in the World (formerly MiamiPimp) on

    … and we found out that R&R’s downsides are even worse than previously imagined

  16. Hockey’s Future is coming out with their list of top 50 prospects for the fall. Our prospects:
    Evgeny Grachev: #25 (up from #43)
    Artem Anisimov: #33 (down from #30)
    Ryan McDonagh: #39 (down from #18)
    Michael Del Zotto: off of the list, down from #40

    Derek Stepan also passed Del Zotto in our system’s rankings.

  17. I’m not too surprised, even though I don’t think this move is because Grachev has’nt played well enough. I think it’s a business thing and I think the Rangers did’nt want to put Voros through waivers on a call that could turn out to go sour. Grachev could move easily between WP and Rangers. And as such, I think he will play 20-30 games this year and become a full on Rangers next year. Voros and Lisin are hanging on by a thread, I truly hope so. Voros has impressed me this camp, but still he is 20 years after his time, and Lisin is just not good.

    Lisin, Voros, Boyle and Kotalik are gone in my mind. BUt we’ll see.

    Oh, LInda and CCCP; you guys are the essence of coolsomeness.

  18. If Avery is fit and Prospal switches to wing (presuambly to allow Ansimov to center the 3rd line) then Grachev’s chances are limited and you don’t want him playing 4th line minutes (not when Torts 4th line minutes are less than 5).

    By going to Hartford he makes a step up in his development and can start to get used to the pro game with less pressure and i expect he’ll be the first injury call-up if a forward goes down.

    I’ve not been paying much attention to Girardi this pre-season, with so many changes up front and the young guys trying to crack the roster he’s just been in the back-ground. Has he been that bad? Is there a risk of him being the odd man out?

  19. The NHL has has changed! If Torts thinks $th Line 4 minutes…than he is way off!! By mid season those guys will be dead!Todays NHL is based on size ,speed ,skill!Voros has noneand neither does boyle! With Red & Rozi and boyle & Voros.Could u really compete for a cup!!

  20. Congrats Greg and Cris.


    I think you’re spot on. Look at Caps and Wings, the arguably strongest teams in the leauge; no fighters. This is the way to go. BUT; I think torts WANTS to play Grachev, I just think that he wants Brashear and Voros to provide som “mental toughness” which he has been talking about alot. I dont think torts wants Brash to fight, I think he wants to have him around to build a fundamental mindset for the other players, some kind of reassurence. You know, like in school when confidence level was directly linked to whether you were friends with the biggest guy or not. I think Brashear and perhaps Voros will play a big role as to provide some muscle. But they will not make the plays that Wings or Caps fourth line can make.

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  22. Brooks article in the Post is spot on, Girardi has been invisible in the preseason. The only Defensemen who look ready for the season are Staal, Redden and Gilroy.

  23. ohh stop with the boyle and voros bullcrap. theyre not that bad for 4th line. i dont think theyre anything better than that, but what do u expect from our 4th? theyre big dudes who will pressure the puck and keep it in the offensive zone for more than 2 seconds like betts and shoe. our pk wont be as good, but remember all those games late in teh 3rd, wed se betts and orr out there? how many times did we score? at least with this line theres size and voros at leat hits. yea, he needs to work on balance, but for what minutes they’ll be playing, and seriously, if he scores even 8 like last year, thats more than orr and betts combined. jeez. lets look at and see a positive. we got much needed size and better scoring ability. not much, but its still better

  24. when you say a defenseman is invisible, its different than saying a forward is invisible. girardi being invisible seems that hes not made many mistakes. and thats good for a dman. i admit he hasnt been great but how many of us said “damnit girardi,that was a bad giveaway”. all ive heard is rozy. semenovs made worse plays too. i think yo’ll see girardi much better in the season

  25. ZzZz NYR ZzZz It's my birthday today , yipppee!! ...says Greg L on

    TYTY Alex T and Cris , Happy Birthday to you too cris!!

    Grachev will return.

  26. Hockeyman Rangers on

    It sounds like Voros might have got his __it together over the summer and worked pretty hard to make this team this year. BUT as we all know he has to KEEP WORKING maybe even harder, to keep impressing Trots. Hey! I am all for them sending Gravech down IF EVRYONE IN THE BIG CLUB IS PLAYING TO THERE FULL POTENTIAL, AND MAKING A DIFFERENCE. There are some vets that really need to step up their game and Torts has to stick to his guns sit them if they are not giving 100%. It is hard to believe we are 3 days away from our first game. (Hey Honey see you in June)

  27. I can see Brash…to protect some of the kids…he skates .
    and does get to some pucks. Voros upside?? How old is he??
    Byers for 1/2 the money…much better.What is 4th line supposed to do? PLAY HOCKEY!I find it interesting..u all liked Betts and Sjo. well betts will sign for bout 600 K same as shu! Y pay Voros a Mill? as far as Boyle..he has size…don’t see much speed or skill! Playing 3 lines 18 minutes a game in todays NHL!As far as Grachev..@0 mins in ahl? I think 10 min in NHL and better coaching is much better for him!Can Playing 3 lines can make u better in short term!Not long term.If they r only playing 4 minutes y not Parenteu and Byers???

  28. Grachev going down isn’t a bad thing. Let him play and you’ll see him back later this season.

    How much time before Torts realizes that Rozi is shot? I’ll really be pissed if MDZ is sent back to junior and Rozi is still here. H E I S D O N E ! ! ! !

  29. Guys-

    I was at the game on Sunday. Grachev scored, but overall I would say he was pretty slow and somewhat unnoticeable out on the ice. He looked a little unmotivated. time in Hartford is good for him. Rozsival and Redden were bad. The guy who impressed me a little was Brashear. When he really digs his heals in, he is actually pretty quick. There was one shift where he just took off into a sprint. It totally blew me away. The stars just did not play well- maybe they didn’t want to get hurt during a preseason game… I don’t know.

    Let the games begin!


  30. The only good news about Roszi is that his contract goes down to $4m and $3m after this upcoming season (this year $6m) so we should be more able to move him to a team with a little cap room who is trying to keep payroll low..

    The reason i wanted Gilroy in the fantasy draft was all these doubts about our D-men. Other than Staal they’ve all been criticised this pre-season to the point i could see Gilroy/Staal being our top pair and the kid racking up some serious points.

    As for Voros, if he could stay on his feet and land a punch or two he would provide a deterrent of sorts but he can’t do either, he can’t score and he costs twice as much as Byers so why is he still around….

  31. Spiderpig: I wouldn’t put too much credence in Hockey Futures rankings. Treff had Gilroy ranked #9 as recently as Sept 1st as well as Chad Johnson at #33 in the Rangers system.

  32. JJP,
    I can’t agree with Redden being ready…
    The only reason I know he is on the ice is when I see a guy standing still in the D zone, 90% of the time its Redden.

    DZ is more ready…Staal didn’t look ready yesterday, but it was his first game back.

  33. Because Byers isn’t ready for the speed of the NHL and the Brashear-Boyle-Voros line has been very effective in terms of playing a physical game and eating up minutes.

    When Voros has been on the ice, he’s been hitting and parking himself in front of the crease. Same formula that allowed him to come out of the gate so strong last season. If he keeps it up he’s worth the million bucks.

  34. I think Grachev to WP is a right move, he has no business on the fourth line, he needs mileage. The roster is pretty much set: when Avery comes back, Prospal slides to the middle, Boyle “slides” to Hartford. He can go back and forth without clearing the waivers. Lisin will stay, he is going to be Torts’ project this year and will benefit from it tremendously. Good luck, my fellow Russian friend. Somehow I see that “blyad” coming out of your mouth very often this year.
    I’m not sure I’m worried about Girardi at all. He tends to start slowly every year, if I remember correctly.

  35. ZzZz NYR ZzZz Rule !! …says Greg L
    We are so-o-o glad you were born.I’m not asking how young are you- because your spirit is obviously ageless!
    Happy B.-Day, Man and let me peresent you Title of BBE(Best Blog Enertainer). Really, big pleasure…

  36. Domi, Semenov was never on the roster because he is not under contract. He was on a tryout contract (for the length of preseason). They can still sign him though.

  37. I hear what you’re saying Staal Wart but I watch Redden transition the puck to the forwards and he’s the only one doing it crisply. It’s not worth $6.5mn but he’s the only dman going tape to tape on the breakout 9 out of 10 times, you need to be able to hit your forwards in stride if you want to utilize a guy like Gaborik’s speed. Watch Girardi or Staal throw passes in front of or behind the forwards and you’ll see what I mean. I doubt many would agree but at present, I think Redden is the most complete defensemen on both sides of the puck that the Rangers have.

    I like Del Zotto’s offensive game but I’d like to see less of him banging it off the boards out of the zone to no one, the opposing defense scoops the puck up and they’re right back in the zone. It almost looks like he’s trying too hard to not make a mistake. Hopefully he gets better as he gets more comfortable.

  38. Kris:

    The Lighthouse project is nothing more than a “land grab” for Wang and Rechler. These are two of the richest real estate developers on LI looking for free land and tax breaks at expense of Long Island taxpayers. One only has to look right next door at the Mitchell Field and the 99 year leases issued by the Gulotta administration to see how much it really costs taxpayers when county/town lands gets dealt to politically connected people. The project will never be fully developed by Wang & Rechler.

    The Islanders have very little to do with Lighthouse. The Nets have very little to do with the Brooklyn Rail Yards deal. The Jets had very little to do with the Westside deal. It’s ALL about the land. The teams are just pawns.

    Call Wang’s bluff! He’s firmly entrenched in Oyster Bay and Long Island. He’s not going anywhere.

    LI Stu

  39. How can this surprise anybody? Now maybe if he had scored 4-5 goals during the preseason this decision would have been “difficult”, but what’s the point of playing a kid (future stud) like Grachev 4-7 minutes in the NHL when he can play 20+ in Hartford? He’ll be up with the big club soon enough and better prepared for it. For years now the Rangers have stunted their young prospects, but let’s not swing the pendulum too far the other way and bring them up too early.

  40. lol spider. i know i mentioned that one awhile ago. idk get it. it isnt that hard to spell.

    jjp- while i agree that redden is doing fine back there, he still doesnt seem to be skating hard enough. hes always been known to be calm with the puck and thats good, but he needs to show some intensity. at certain points of the game, you should be able to kick it up a few notches. he always seems to go at 1 speed. if he wants to be appreciated by us, he cant just do an average job. for that much dough, he should be the hardest workin d man out there. he is better. and if he plays like this all season, i’ll be happy, but is it too much to ask to want him to not just do his job, but make some great plays too. show us you wanna earn that money. bust your ass for the team. its still preseason, so i hope he continues improving. id like to see more goals from him. he did well on that pp where AA scored though. i do agree that del zotto needs to be better defensively. hes great on the pp but i see he still needs work on positioning and turnovers. he needs to gain some weight and be more physical too. he lost some puck battles in the corners yesterday. but overal, hes still very good. i really like him on the pp.

  41. exactly charlles. 1 goal in 6 games isnt gonna get you a spot. i understand hes big enough, strong enough and has a nice shot, but he needs to work on defense and away from the puck. i wanted to see him drive the net more and use that big body to set up screens and deflections. at 19, he played pretty good and is for sure a keeper. he didnt do bad by any means, he just showed his inexperience and hartford for a year is only going to improve him. now, if he had put up AA’s numbers, lisin might be in hartford right now. but hes definitely gonna benefit from this. by age 20-21, he’ll be on top 2 lines and will be one of our offensive leaders.

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