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Yes, there were some good things shown by the Rangers in the third period, although I think the recap on the Rangers’ site might have been a tad over-the-top positive.

The first two periods were abysmal, and the comeback was nice, but that’s because the Rangers threw caution to the wind, and you can’t just do that. There’s a difference between pressing the issue, and pressuring the puck, and going hell-bent for offense. I guess, though, it’s nice to know you can produce some offense when you need it.

Here are the official game summary and event summary.

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  1. RE-POST / FIRST !!

    I think it’s pretty obvious that at some point during the season, probably around the trade deadline, Danny G will be packaged with something, or someone to bring in someone who can help.

    I like Danny G, but i just have a feeling with all the depth on D, he most likely will be moved. Gotta focus on bring back Staal next summer, id like them both back.
    And i have zero confidence in Kotalgeek, and think it’s sad that we have to resort to overpaying an overrated “PP Specialist” to rejuvinate a guy we’re paying loads of cash. It’s really embarrassing.

    Blowmez wasn’t anything special, but at least he brought something to the table. What does this guy bring ? Sh*t. He knows it, that’s why he has a NTC, and that’s why he’s on the team, and Blowmez is not. Useless ! All ask from the loser is that he steps it up in the playoffs, and so far he has no excuses to dish out, he has his good buddy/linemate from his glory days, and he has no injuries. Step up, or get the fugg out !!

  2. Anyone read LB’s article??
    Cap isnt looking too good.
    One wave with the magic wand & Rozi be gone can cure all cap woes!!!!! Send him to Atlanta or Columbus for a draft pick or something.
    GIANTS WIN!!! 3 – 0 baby!!!


    I agree with you with Drury. He’s had a handful of “big” games for the team. Im just not impressed with him whatsoever… WAY over paid and WAY overrated. Im waiting for him to prove me wrong…. tick tick tick tick …. time is ticking away.

  3. I agree about girardi being traded especially for a more physical d man somewhere down the road. Lisin did not look anywhere close to as good as he did earlier, I am of the opinion that of the three AA, grachev, and lisin…. I would rather lisin be the odd man out!

  4. I’ve always said that Girardi wasn’t a good D-man and was being protected by Staal. Rozsival is even worse.

    If we trade those two for a draft pick and bring up some youths we would be way better off.

  5. Lets not FORGET that alot of last year when Renney was still the coach Girardi was paired with Redden. He’ll turn it around if he is with Staal.

  6. ohh i shall not forget that mako. if my memory serves me correctly, girardi was always very solid in the d zone. idk if hes just takin it easy cuz he knows he has a spot, but im sure he will be good again during the regular season. he’ll be fine. its rozy and redden i worry about. but redden looks like hes gotten the message. not great, but hes been solid.

  7. My assessment of the preseason by individuals:
    Captain Clutch: nearly invisible
    Clutch’s wingman Kotalik: Good on the point, not so good with the cycle
    Glass Gabby-worth the 8.7 if he doesnt get injured
    Dubi-same old song and dance (should be first line center)
    Prospal-seems like a quicker Naslund to me
    Higgins-unnoticeable to me, seems like a weaker Cally
    Cally-see Dubi
    Avery-played very well during his time, but the Avery rules still seem to apply
    Lisin-defensive liability, offensive threat (won’t be in starting lineup)
    Ansiminov-completely unnoticeable except for the three goals
    Grachev-strong on puck, needs to go into the corners more
    Boyle-big boy that will complete the 4th line well
    Brashear-better than Orr offensively, trying to impress the fans too much
    Voros-should be making the team, most improved player, very aggresive, quick to the puck, working hard, needs to work on balance control
    Del Zotto-effective PP man, when has puck, looks very effective, off puck looks shaky
    Gilroy-kinda looks like “you know who”
    Girardi-see Dubi
    Staal-see Dubi
    Rozival-I didnt think it was possible, but he looks worse than last season, Did let it rip 2 or 3 times though…
    Redden-looked like he has really thrived under Torts and played well with Gilroy…do I smell… a line combo?
    Semenov-big crease clearing defenseman…needed on the team with loss of Mara.
    Hank-see Dubi
    Vally-see Dubi
    Johnson-should get Vali’s spot…played exceptional

  8. the postgame talk should not be about Girardi. it should be about Blowsival. HE is the one who is hurting the team from all standpoints, cap space and demoralizing poor giveaway turnovers on D

  9. kicksave&abeauty on

    IF I were Danny G I would start looking for condos in Edmonton bc really if Tort’s calls you out in the media most likely you are a goner. Look at Slowmez Torts called him out in July stating these guys are soft, and are spoiled. Poor Danny Boy the season has yet to begun and he looks like the whipping boy. Ranger fan’s how come we continue to Boo Braschear and not Danny Boy? Look what Brashear can bring to the table that Orr”McRockHands” does not. Lay off Brashear.

  10. danny g is fine. its preseason guys. he will be fine once season starts. staal had a crappy game too. nobody jumps on him. torts called him out doesnt mean hes a goner. he shouldve called out rozy. i dont understand that at all. im not too impressed with torts callin danny out, but yet, nothin against rozy, let alone letting him play after that pathetic play today

  11. I am a big Torts fan, but where is his calling out of Rozsival and Dreary?

    I get that he wants to light a fire under young guys by knocking them, but why the free pass for the real lazy dogs on the team who are getting paid 3 and 4 times as much but not producing?

  12. kicksave….love your name. i say that all the time when I toss Cup treats and she saves it with her paw (sorry, sister blog digression there).

    Anyway, what Carp said about the game is what makes me worry about the team. Coming through at the end is great, but not an example of consistent play. We saw a lot of that last year.

    Then again, it’s still way early. I’m looking forward to the MSG pre-season show tonight.

    CCCP re: sister blog comment, it’s up to ilb to share his name. As I said, we respect screen names on both blogs.

    Whew…long post from me. Ta Staal and all!

  13. I hope Orr beats the crap out of Brashear when they play Toronto. I hope the Rangers win, but I am rooting for Orr to whip Brashear

  14. for all his talk about accountability and contracts and dollars not having anything to do with playing time, it seems it’s more of the same. the kids or ‘young vets’ get blasted, and the freakin ‘team leader multimillionaires’ are NOT held to the same accountability levels. very hypocritical on torts part.

  15. Linda, just a thought, but maybe there’s a method to his madness? I dunno. Who knows what goes on behind closed locker room doors?

    You know I love ya! Don’t yell at me :)

  16. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I like what Torts is doing with Girardo. I think he expects Girardi to step up…. on the other hand, it seems like he’s handling Rozi differently. Either 1) He doesn’t like him and simply wants him out or 2) He knows Rozi is very fragile (mentally and physically) and knows he cannot call him out the same way.

    Although Drury has been invisible, he hasn’t been bad. I don’t think Torts expects him to be a 70 point guy so there’s not much to say unless there were someone else on the team who was clearly a better candidate for the C. There isn’t a clear Captain and with Drury doing his job as 3rd line center, not much to get down on him for (and I hate Drury, btw, but that’s how it is).

  17. the preseason show has already aired like 5 was on for the first time on thursday before the game

    it’s nothing special…they just go through every single player on the team and how their training camp is’ll be outdated now

  18. orr…so you hate brashear for his cheap shot on betts, but the only way you’ll start to like him is if he cheap shots crosby and ends his season?


  19. Thoughts from Torts:

    “There were turnovers and we had no battles,” Tortorella said. “Everybody was bad, it wasn’t like one of the young kids struggled, it starts with our veteran guys. I think they thought it was a 7 o’clock start.”

    Lifted from Zipay’s blog.

  20. Blowzival is a clown. Danny G has not been lighting it up but I thought that when he was paired with MDZ is when he played his best. Blowzy is a major liability on this team and needs to go. Also, Voros has shown nothing since teams were using more of their regular lineup. I thought MDZ was good again tonight and clearly is someone who is needed to run the powerplay. It would be a total waste to send him down to juniors being that he has looked more than ready tp [lay on the NHL.

    By the way, I think Kotalik sucks!!! Another soft czech who doesn’t go into the corners.

    I know it’s early but boy did we miss not having Gilroy in the lineup tonight. We missed him big time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Was driving back home, DVRed the game, just watched it, well actually 2 games, it seemed.

    Rob E- Drury was actually the best player today…

    Rozi at the moment is projected to be our #6, at best. Is it me, or how does it make sense to pay 5 mil for #6? I know, I’m stating the obvious, but with all this cap jam and young guys who have shown they belong…. Some need more mileage, but they’ll get such a valuable experience in the NHL by playing now. C’mon, we are not winning the Cup this year. Let them play now, get the guy to Hartford!

    Does anyone still think that Brashear isn’t an upgrade over Orr? I’ll leave it at that.

    Redden is actually playing hockey! OMG, I can’t believe I said that.

    Positive- they had much more stamina in the third than Washington did. I’m sure Torts also adjusted their noses during the second intermission, but still…

    Good evening, Laurel.

  22. After this one it’s plain to see Torts has a big job ahead. There’s a whole season to go. I have a feeling it will be no picnic for Torts.

  23. *Am I the only one who thought Drury was benched today on purpose?*


    HA-HA!!!!!!! Captain Clutch benched??? Are you sniffing some of Redden’s stash??? Ha-Ha!

    Actually you’re right, Captain Clutch WAS benched today on purpose! I told our lunatic coach that Captain Clutch was sitting this one out so I could watch my Yanks clinch the division! AL East Champs baby!!! CC = Captain Clutch Sabathia! Ha-Ha! Anyway, Captain Clutch has better things to do than watch preseason hockey! I wasn’t gonna let watching the blunder twins (Rozsival, Redden) try to play D vs. Ovechkin and co. ruin my Sunday!

    Anyway, if Coach Lunatic was trying to send a message, Captain Clutch forgot it as soon as my first paycheck of the season came in! Ha-Ha!

    You know what- I think Coach Lunatic was trying to send a message to the REST of the team by sitting Captain Clutch! It’s easy to score those first 3 goals with no pressure! But without Captain Clutch in the game, who was there to score the CLUTCH 4th goal to tie it up??? Who was there to score the CLUTCH 5th goal to win it??? Who was there to make the CLUTCH dump-ins??? No one, that’s who!

    /goes back to watching the ’89 Little League World Series, a.k.a. The Birth Of Clutch

  24. *Although Drury has been invisible, he hasn’t been bad.*


    HA-HA! Invisible = “not bad”!

    Getting paid $7 million to be invisible = not bad!
    And they said Rangers fans were tough??? Ha-Ha! But wait! What about all the “little things” and “intangibles” that Captain Clutch brings??? Just kidding! Even Captain Clutch doesn’t believe that nonsense…but Senile Slats does! Ha-Ha! $35 million Dolan Dollars and a No-Movement Clause baby!!!

    /peels out in Clutchmobile to celebrate Yanks AL East championship

  25. Good evening ilb and Staal and all…got half way thru the pre-season show, and then a quick peek here before leaving for the night…ouch. 5 days left til season and its seems like it’s gonna be tough one here on RR….which is kinda funny given the response to my guest (not really) blog…or, I should say, explains everything :)
    Tomorrow Staal and all…

  26. Who ever is posting as Drury – Dude you just made my night. That was absolutely hysterical!!! Thank you!!!

    Rick – Brilliant @ 7:40!!!

  27. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    What are the odds of something being done with Roszival.

    What are the chances Sean Avery wins the Lady Byng this year?

  28. Laurel, I hope you are right and there IS a method to his madness. Someone mentioned “sensitive veterans”. What is this, a freaking ladies knitting club? Get the sensitive veterans out and put the hard working young guys in!!

  29. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Torts is just riding harder on some of the young vets because he knows that he can actually help them grow as players. He realizes Rozsival is a lost cause, why would he waste his time? He rode a 20 year old Vinny Lecavalier harder than any player on that team because he saw the potential… How did that turn out? I’m not saying anyone on our team is that kind of good, but if he can turn Dubi into a point per game guy, I’d say he’ll accept some criticism.

    I would also like to point out that when certain posters come on and call everyone else “Haters” or something like that for hating on some of our beloved – we can also admit when those guys are turning it around. Redden, well, he actually looks like a decent defenseman now. Rozsival and Drury still stink and are horribly overrated/paid. Listen, if Drury decided to get his clutchmobile refurbished and hopped in it once in a while this year, I’m sure we’ll all support even him!

    …I’m still not going to hold my breath on that one

  30. excellent point Dubi. Maybe the way to ‘reach’ the vets is to have them Prucha’ed for a few games. ALl I want is for all these guys to perform to the best of their abilities, and play hard, smart hockey every night. If their abilities are on the decline, then they should not get massive amounts of ice time ahead of someone who IS busting it. I understand ya need vets on the team, but when they are dragging arse, they need to be watching in suits in the suite!

    lmao @ refurbished clutchmobile

  31. zipay reports grachev to hartford. voros, lisin, stay with rangers until avery ready. who will go down when avery returns?

  32. What are the chances Sean Avery wont be in the line-up on opening day?

    It’s doubtful that Avery (knee) will be available for the Rangers’ season opener, and he has no timetable for even skating. This appears to be an injury that could stick around for another week or two.

  33. I think Boyle will most likely be the one that is sent down when Avery comes back. Prospal will play on the wing in Avery’s absence, AA will center the 3rd and Boyle the 4th. When Avrery returns, Prospal will switch to center and AA will slide down to the 4th.

  34. ZzZz NYR ZzZz Rule !! ...says Greg L on

    Hank sure got alot of work , which is very good for him. He kinda let in some bad goals and he started to look a little bitchy. The Rangers in the 3rd was great!! Sure we had a lame 1 -2 periods but we didn’t tire ..or quit. Great game from where I sat. Gaborik hasn’t fully accerted himself and why should he? Friday comming and that game is for Blood!!!
    Let’s get a little “hartford Whalers” on the Penguins and club them like seals ( California seals!!) I wanna see Brashear fight , not score!!! If he keeps stolling around like clueless thug then I may have to sub-side with Orr about him , nice goal but We are not paying him to score!!!

  35. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Grachev isn’t ready for the NHL – He didn’t really do much to impress overall. I love his ability near the boards, but he needs another year to mature. I mean, he’s on the bubble and only 19, I’m pretty happy with that. I thought he would have had to go back to juniors because of his age, is there a difference with Europeans?

    No way DZ is going down, not at least before he gets 9 games, Torts already has him starting on the PP.

    Frankly, we might not have a great team this year, but they should be a lot of fun to watch!

  36. as far as Brashear,

    sorry but the fact that he scored is one of the BIG reasons why he’s here and Orr is not.

    so, while i’m hoping that he will be pounding the beejeezus out of our opponents through major bodychecks and/or fights
    i’m quite pleased to find someone on the fourth line who can actually be a scoring threat rather than just waste some time off the clock.

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