Aaaahh. Hockey season


I’m just back from vacation, and I wanted to get something up here before the noon game.

First I want to thank everybody who guest posted this week, and in the previous cycle in August. The posts were well-thought out, well-written and written with passion. Some were daring. Some were soul-baring. But they all made you read and think and react. Congrats to all of you, and my sincere appreciation.

I was so pleasantly surprised, too, at how seriously you guys took the task … I set a schedule and deadlines and everybody stepped up, on time, some even way early. Not a single misstep. Must make my boss jealous.

As I’m sure you’ll be reminded about a thousand times during the game today, MSG Network will do its season preview show tonight at 7 p.m.

More importantly, Rangers Report — some may know it as the Boneheads Blog, or the Festivus Blog — will be doing its season preview(s) later this week. We will let you know as soon as we figure out what is going up on which days. I do know I’ll be spending at least a couple of days at Rangers practice this week, and I found out that I will indeed be going to the home opener, so those are steps in the right direction. I’m just glad we’re not completely abandoning the idea of doing some actual coverage and reporting this season.

I ramble. So, simply, enjoy the game. I’ll check back later.

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  1. Welcome back Rick! Great job by all the guest posters last week. Looking forward to your season preview, and it’s great that you’ll actually get to spend some time at practice this week, and at the home opener!

    Damn, I have to work at the gym today, so I probably won’t see the whole game, but at least I can watch the Jets!

  2. Alex, I can watch the games at home, its just that I’m at my mom’s for the weekend. I’m not gonna pay that much money to watch one preseason game! Thanks though!

  3. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    That’s not a move an NHL player makes.

    Rozi should be traded literally DURING this game.

  4. Rozi used to be, perhaps, average. Problem was just that Slats overpaid for him (not Rozi’s fault). But man, has he gotten terrible. Dude needs to go. And he can take Redden with him. I’d rather have Staal, Girardi, and 4 rookies out there.

  5. 4 Generations….kinda like Joel Youngblood was with the mets?? How happy would we all be if Rozsival was traded by like 2pm!

  6. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    I’m truly being honest here- what would be the negatives in trading Rozsival away for Picks?

    What are the negatives in placing Sangs in Rozi’s spot. Even Semenov is better..

  7. Philadelphia Inquirer reports Betts will be the Flyers 4th line center…good for him, he deserves it. Here’s a question:

    How would the fans react if Brashear does the same thing to Betts at MSG this year?

  8. Its official Rosival is the WORST defenseman on this team! He needs to be benched! I also actually think Redden may do ok this year.

  9. Del Zotto = poise in his own end
    Rozsival = need for a change of pants after a shift in his own end

  10. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    I just honestly hope a play like that, that early in the game, draws the ire of the coach. Cause last year, it was the same kind of bullsh*t that happened every frickin game and i was just about ready to throw my remote into the television. Plays like that OOZE accountability. What if MDZ made that play? How many of us would be ‘Nice play MDZ, Thanks.’

    Rozi should NOT!!!!!!!!! be let off the hook. Im angry.

  11. listen to Joe trying to justify that goal by talking about rosies bad legs. Mine still dont work and i could have done better on that play.

  12. NYRGuy I think the fans would think what they were thinking all along about the guy. That was a vicious hit to begin with and most of us wish that Slats would have re-signed Betts. I would NOT be happy about it….

  13. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    Linda, you’re talking to the wrong guy if you think Mets references are getting you anywhere. I dont know of colours blue and orange, no. I’m more pinstripes, blue/white/red kinda guy.

    Hahaha kidding. But seriously I’m frickin livid at that.

  14. I agree MAKO…I think the fans would boo Brashear out of the building, even if he is “one of our own”

  15. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    and UES, i cannot agree more about the poise MDZ shows against the rest of the defenseman we’ve had…forever.

    Even Girardi is not a calm guy in the zone on the PP like MDZ.

  16. NYRGuy

    Yes they would… out of the building out of NYC. And I cant imagine Torts beging happy about that either.

    Come on boys!!! 5 on 3!!

  17. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    okay, im not going to start yelling about that mess up, cause you all yelled with me too. with profanities.

  18. people have seemed to fear the cap situation in terms of signing Staal next year to an extension. How much could he possibly cost. Potential can only cost so much

  19. Reeshay (or Riche') on

    I wish I could say “I hate how we look right now” but HATE isn’t a strong enough word.

    Good thing it’s pre-season.

    When can we end the Regrettables experiment? Is it enough already? No? Let’s wait ’til they cost us some points in the reg season? Maybe a play-off spot?

  20. “If Washington learns how to win they are going to be a dangerous team” Ummm sorry Dave which team have you been watching for the past 2 years????

  21. “If Washington learns how to win they are going to be a dangerous team” Ummm sorry Dave which team have you been watching for the past 2 years????

    I see his point though. They won against the Rangers because we had no offense for the entire series. Every playoff series they’ve gone to 7 games and they blew a 2-0 lead vs the Pens. They have more talent than just about every team they face so if they crash out of the playoffs before the conference finals this year then you have to wonder what’s slowing them down.

  22. Ok…every year there is a whipping boy…Redden…Malik…Kovalev…this year…who is it? Rozi is my guess.

  23. My daughter likes that stupid kid’s show, “The Wiggles”. They have this food song called “Hot Potato”. Whenever Rozi gets the puck, I hear that song in my head. What is wrong with him? Redden looks ready for the year, why not Rozi?

  24. hello to all. can’t stick around for the whole game and so far it doesn’t look like i’ll be any happier than Tortorella
    throwing this out there………

    i have 2 tickets for the Rock Hall show at MSG on Oct. 29. lineup includes
    Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band
    Simon & Garfunkel
    Crosby, Stills, Nash & Friends
    Paul Simon
    Stevie Wonder

    money’s a bit tight now so i unfortunately should sell ’em.
    thought of the folks here.
    they’re in section 406, row F, seats 17 and 18.
    if any interest email me

    now, back to our regularly scheduled programming…..

  25. five most important factors for the rangers this season:

    Gaborik stays healthy
    Rozsival goes
    Hank not overplay
    PP improves, PK doesnt falter
    Rozsival goes

  26. another giveaway by blowsival. if any young player had played like rosival during this preseason, he would have been cut long ago

    Sather does not want to admit his mistake in giving him an outlandish contract, so he will force the fans to eat his mistakes

  27. CCCP, i am so happy for you guys! :-)

    who gets cut after this game… HOLY SHEIIIIT, this is effin ridiculous

  28. oh yeah,
    i should have said that i’m basically looking for what i originally paid. no mark up for anyone here.

  29. with all of the money the garden has wasted over the years with bad contracts, etc. why in the world would the rangers not bury rosi and redden? hell it’s not to long ago the garden had to spend 11 million to pay off isiah thomas behavior in the “work place”

  30. excellent point coco!! but we’re stuck with watchin the keystone cops on ice…although Redden has not been horrible, Rozsival is just brutal!

  31. Yeah I’m definitely not bummed about missing this game. Playing around with my Nosens roster. I think I need a team logo and I think I know what it’s gonna be!!!

  32. linda beyond that is the obvious fact that they are both eating valuable cap space could’ve been used for free agents. and of course next year resigning players. if they aren’t going to send ’em both to the wolfpack send one and let that other spot go to one of the kids or even as a rotating try out spot for the kids in hartford. rosi an redden aren’t going to get any better but the kids do have upside…….

  33. I was disgusted someone I know was selling two tix to the opening game for 90 bucks each… now I know those tix cost 45 $ (I got mine in season ticket plan for 40 I think) but I couldn’t believe her markup selling to friends… I mean unless she was ripped off in the first place…

  34. I’m watching on the dvr so I might be a little behind, but by my scoring rozy 2….caps 2…rangers 0!!! Rozy has no business anywhere near the rangers roster. Semenov and girardi look the best of our d men by far!!!

  35. ok kids, hope you can enjoy the rest of the game… i gotta go open the gym and waste 5 hours of my life there. at least i get to watch the jets!!!

  36. i am with ya 100% coco… but we have people in charge of the franchise that may not like to acknowledge the fact they outbid themselves. ;-)

    good to see ya agravaine!!

  37. Agravaine…my 2 400-level tickets to the home opener are $94.50 face value each…so yeah. I bought them straight from the ticket exchange.

  38. Win the Little League World Series and then you can become a Hockey player making $7 million dollars LOL

  39. Avery makes a difference in a game like today. I’m just saying.

    And also, we are missing Gilroy carrying the puck up the ice too.

    Not making excuses. I still think we would lose today’s game even with our opening night roster, because we are really crapping the bed in our own zone.

  40. I dont understand…. why does it take you an ENTIRE YEAR to figure that out about yourself?!?!?!? These are PROfessional athletes, who get paid MILLIONS of dollars. He’ll I’ve played College and Divison I & II and I know when I suck and clear my head and work on improving and that is just for FUN… Playing hockey is their JOB. I just dont get it…..

  41. I don’t think there was every any doubt AA would make the team…but that might have gotten him some more playing time

  42. Well I gotta say. I would take Grachev over Voros for making the team. Nothing against Voros but the kid is reeeeeeeeally good.

  43. Mako

    Absolute yes, he should be our #5 d man all season


    I agree, avery makes a huge difference and he and cally should have the A’s

  44. MAKO,

    Have you seen his highlight reel on youtube? All wristshot just like that, he’s got a cannon.

  45. even if they lose. Its GREAT to see them scratching and clawing back, playing very well here in the 3rd.

  46. What an effort. Two periods of Renney BS hockey. And one of some passionate Torts hockey, with AA at the helm.

  47. At least we know they can surge and make an effort in the 3rd. Hope that happens more consistent this year if they should happen to fall behind.

  48. Awful game by Lisin, Boyle and Roszival. Hank didnt have a perfect night.

    Boyle is gone, thats for sure.
    I would send Lisin to Hartford too.
    And then I would trade Blowzie for a ham-sandwich.

  49. a renney team would have rolled over and died in the 3rd…

    i’m actually satisfied with this loss..a year ago i would be fuming at the 7-0 loss under renney

  50. That 3rd period reminded me of the 3rd period we played in San Jose last season, where we threw everything we had at them. We lost the game, but when it ended I was satisfied. I am not as satisfied with tonight’s performance, but I was very satisfied with that 3rd period. I think we will see a lot of hockey like that from this team this year. We just need players that are not going to be scared out there. We need players that believe that they can score goals and believe that they can win. We need to have a killer instinct and just go right for the throat. I want to see AA and Grachev in the lineup. I just get this sense of pride when we have home grown talent in the lineup.

  51. What a boring game that was, i cant believe i woke up early to watch them stink it up. Although Del Z, Artie, and Grach looked really good. It would be great if all three make the team, along with Gilroy, but i only see three of the four making it, and that would leave Grach out.

    But Aves might not be able to play game 1, so who knows, maybe Grach gets the spot, until he comes back.

    He doesn’t play center does he ?

  52. holy crap what did i miss???? they actually scored on varLAAAAAAAAAAAmov, the 2nd coming? Is ROzsival still a Ranger? I was hoping he got traded in the hour I’ve been gone!

  53. Where do you guys and gals think Avery will play this year? Which line? I do think he has some chemistry with Dubi, as we have seen in the past. There was a period of time during Jagrs last year with Rangers that Avery Dubi and Jagr were a flat out dominating line. Might be worth trying with Avery Dubi and Gabby. I don’t think Aves is a first line player, but he might be on that line for a little more grit, and he has the speed to keep up as well.

  54. Nasty

    Yeah almost. They were FEROCIOUS against SJ and that game against Boston – same deal they just dominated!!! Today… they put some great pressure on in the 3rd and dominated with their forecheck. I didnt see the ice as tilted today…

    And yeah I love seeing the home grown talent. Hopefully Sather wont trade them away for a “role” player by the deadline going into the playoffs.

  55. Nasty

    Im telling ya Aves has some good hands and he can flat out skate. It actually shocked me when they first got him. He is a really good player. IMO since Torts has the team – I really think the parts are interchangeable in a GOOD way. Not like the clueless combinations we’ve been seeing from Renney. The team is pretty deep from top to bottom… so it will be exciting to see. Im thinking top 2 lines is where Avery will be.

    Is Captain Snooze going to be the 3rd line Center?

  56. MAKO

    I have a strong feeling that Dreary and Kotalgeek will be linemates all season, on the 3rd line.

    Artie will outplay Dreary, and Kotalgeek will suck all year long, and be replaced by someone.

    I have a feeling by the end of the year, Lisin will at least be ont he 3rd line, and Geek will be on the 4th.

    That’s how i feel aboot it !

  57. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Best exchange of the day (couldn’t read it all):
    September 27th, 2009 at 12:41 pm
    See what happens when Captain Clutch doesnt play

    September 27th, 2009 at 12:44 pm
    HAHAHHAHA nice try Dino. I hardly think it has anything to do with it. But thank you for that chuckle ;)

    BTW: I’m glad Rozsival’s errors are so glaring that everyone see them now… once upon a time Malik was blamed, mostly, for Rozsival’s inept play.

  58. granted, girardi hasnt exactly been stellar, but he’s more easily ‘removed’ from the team than the 2 dolts that received the outrageous contracts. Is Rozsival going to be held accountable for his gaffes in the game today? NAH, they’ll just say girardi has had a bad camp and try to gloss over rozsival and try to force us to like brashear.

  59. Orr

    Drury will be the same for the most part. Lets HOPE that is former teammate will help him be more productive Kotalik is a pretty good player.

    As for Lisin, I think he found some good chemistry with Gabby. Hope they play together.

  60. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Rangers coach John Tortorella says he’s “disappointed” with D Dan Girardi’s training camp: “He’s got some work to do there.”

    Does that mean Torterella expects more from Girardi? I hope so. Does that also mean Torterella simply expects Rozsival to suck, so it would seem and If that’s the explanation, i’ll buy it. Rozi is dreadful.

    Redden has actually been solid.

  61. I like what I see from Kotalik for the most part, but he seems like he is going to take some lazy penalties all year.

  62. if Torts expects more from Girardi, and expects Rozsival to suck, I guess that means the 6 million dollar man will NOT be held accountable and we’ll just have to deal with it, and we’ll get to watch him suck for 21 minutes a game! WOOO HOO,just what we need!

  63. Waive Rozsival!
    Waive Rozsival!
    Waive Rozsival!
    Waive Rozsival!
    Waive Rozsival!
    Waive Rozsival!

    OMG he is a useless human being.

  64. I think it’s pretty obvious that at some point during the season, probably around the trade deadline, Danny G will be packaged with something, or someone to bring in someone who can help.

    I like Danny G, but i just have a feeling with all the depth on D, he most likely will be moved. Gotta focus on bring back Staal next summer, id like them both back.

    And i have zero confidence in Kotalgeek, and think it’s sad that we have to resort to overpaying an overrated “PP Specialist” to rejuvinate a guy we’re paying loads of cash. It’s really embarrassing.

    Blowmez wasn’t anything special, but at least he brought something to the table. What does this guy bring ? Sh*t. He knows it, that’s why he has a NTC, and that’s why he’s on the team, and Blowmez is not. Useless ! All ask from the loser is that he steps it up in the playoffs, and so far he has no excuses to dish out, he has his good buddy/linemate from his glory days, and he has no injuries. Step up, or get the fugg out !!

  65. Orr

    I agree with you with Drury. He’s had a handful of “big” games for the team. Im just not impressed with him whatsoever… WAY over paid and WAY overrated. Im waiting for him to prove me wrong…. tick tick tick tick …. time is ticking away.

  66. I enjoy reading this blog but the negativity surrounding this team with many of the bloggers here is draining. Occasionally, it is fun to hear good things about your favorite hockey team. Afterall, they did dump a huge contract (Gomez)that so many whined about; they brought in top level legitimate offensive skill (Gaborik, Prospal, Higgins); they fired the much hated coach and hired a high tempo and aggressive hard ass; they re-signed 2 young fan favorites, and brought up 4 prospects that quite possibly will make the big team for the opener.

    Moreover, they went 3-3-1 in a preseason against all of last years top teams, who by and large utilized their NHL players. The team shows promise, skill, speed and legitimate heart to play. What the hell is there to b!tch about?

    Granted, Rosi needs help, but show me one NHL team without an overpaid underachiever. As far as Drury, true, he hasn’t lived up to his large contract but I sure do recall one hell of a buzz when he was signed in 2007. Not so many were complaining then. If we all had a crystal ball we would win the cup every year.

    If those of you hate the team that much go root for the Islanders, they can use some more fans. For us who love the Rangers, there’s nothing wrong with pointing out flaws, but LET’S GO RANGERS!!!!

  67. Oservations….
    This game:

    People who surprised me:

    Dubinski – by his energy and conditioning.

    Redden: The first game of hockey that I’ve seen him play since he was signed.

    Voros: I didn’t think he could do what he has been doing.

    People who I have to see more of to judge:

    Grachev, the jury is out.
    Boyle, at times looks like a keeper, but not enough
    games against true NHL teams to judge. Handles the puck fairly well, and does get on folks.

    People who I think are still behind the power curve:

    People who I believe that have really shown something:
    Del Zotto, Higgins,Anisimov, Gabby of course,

    People I think will be here regardless:

    Brashear for the intangibles, Prospal for his steadiness,

    The one person who always seems to stand out for many reasons:


    Now about LQ: I fault him on all of the goals that went by him. I said when I first saw him play, that if he didn’t do something about his mechanics, he was going have a tough time. I see ,that he’s reverted back to giving up rebounds
    like free samples, and reverted to goaltending from his knees. I also mentioned that once his athleticism begins to wane a bit and he can no longer rely on his speed and re-
    flexes that he’s going to see his net full of pucks.

    That happened in this game. he was just too slow on those shots. I – know, I know, Roszival pulled his usual, a giveaway in front of his net..his specialty of the day.
    But I still think LQ should have made that save.

    As for Rozy…what else can one say. His contract is the only reason to justify his being here – so he probably will remain..clogging things up.

    They’ll probably send Grachev to Hartford, when Avery gets back, but I would imagine he’s not going to be there for too long.

    Semenov. – Looks promising, but depends on how things shake down early on. Need to see more of him against tough competition. Same thing with Lisin.

    I’d also like to see some earlier enthusiasm in their games.

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