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My thanks to Carp for allowing me the privilege of posting. In a mere six days, the puck will drop in Pittsburgh, and the games will mean something again. Until then, a few random thoughts, memories, predictions, and musings from one fan’s perspective:
• The odds are very long that we will win the Cup this year. That won’t stop me from believing it will happen.
• Markus Naslund scored the first goal of the regular season last year. Scott Gomez had the first assist. Then they both retired from play – Naslund once the season ended, Gomez immediately following that game. Predictions for first goal and first assist this year? I’ll go with Kotalik on a feed from Lisin. On the power play.
• The debate over the first game’s line combinations reminds me of the spring training hype over who will be the Opening Day starter. It seems really important at the time, but doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things.
• A week from today is the home opener. The first time I ever got to go to one of those was October 7, 2001 – otherwise known as the first professional sporting event in Manhattan post-9/11. The Captain wore the fireman’s hat, both teams’ jerseys had New York stitched on them, and we won 5-4 in overtime on a goal by Brian Leetch. What a night.
• My first ever Rangers jersey was Tomas Sandstrom, #28. When we traded him and Tony Granato for Bernie Nicholls, I cried my eyes out and wrote an angry letter to Roger Neilson. There are few things harder for a 7-year old than watching your favorite player get traded, and not understanding how they could possibly do that. Of course, that deal was the precursor to the Messier trade. Looking back, it was worth it. And I still have that jersey…only it has my name on it now.
• Speaking of jerseys, I got married last month. For a wedding gift, my Dad gave me his prized Eddie Giacomin jersey. During the reception.
• There are a million reasons why my wife makes me the luckiest man in the world. One of them is that she watches every Rangers game with me, and lives and dies with the team like I do. And fellas, is there anything sweeter than a hot girl in a Rangers jersey? Heaven on earth, if you ask me.
• My Dad got two tickets to Game Five against the Caps in ’94. He took my Mom. At the time, I didn’t understand how he could do that. Now that I’m married, I get it.
• By the way, 12 years later, he gave me his ticket to Mark Messier night. Dad, both choices were the right ones.
• If Mess decided during the season to lace ‘em one more time, I’d be totally fired up. At the very least, Drury wouldn’t be wearing the C anymore.
• If I were a player, with Torts behind the bench and Keenan in the studio, I’d make sure to play my butt off.
• Too soon to hope that Ryan Callahan is the next Adam Graves? I don’t think so. Put an A on that man’s sweater.
• There’s a lot to like about our current roster. It’d be even better if we weren’t paying a third-pair defenseman $6.5 million, and a third-line center $7 million.
• I really, really hope some team gives Theo Fleury a shot.
• Growing up, I’d get annoyed every time Rick Carpiniello would write “Who cares?” for the Lady Byng trophy when predicting the annual NHL award winners. But he let me do a guest blog, so I forgive him now.
• If Matt Gilroy turns out to be one-tenth as good as Brian Leetch, we’ll finally have that power play quarterback.
• As hard as it is sometimes, as frustrating and gut-wrenching and heart-breaking as it can be, I wouldn’t trade being a New York Rangers fan for any team in the world.
• At some point during the season, if you’re able, even if you live hundreds of miles away, watch at least one game with your Dad. I know I will.
• Enjoy the season, guys and gals. May we once again walk together forever.

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  1. Adam

    Your wife and mine must be sisters….Great article!!!! Thanks for doing it!!! First goal….voros puts in a rebound from a brashear shot…voros first goal and brashear first assist (ha ha).

  2. Good job Adam!

    I say first goal goes to Brandon Dubinsky…unassisted!

    Good for you having a Rangers fan for a wife… the only time my fiancé cares aboot the Rangers is when she wants to know if the game’s over or not so she can have my attention!

  3. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I think MDZ has been the best PP QB. Gilroy is a better offensive player, but MDZ still finds more open space, makes better passes, and seems to run a more fluid PP whereas Gilroy likes to drive into the zone and then everyone else sort of wonders “what do i do, where do i go now?” Just my take.

    This line was great: Growing up, I’d get annoyed every time Rick Carpiniello would write “Who cares?” for the Lady Byng trophy when predicting the annual NHL award winners. But he let me do a guest blog, so I forgive him now.

    Nice post all-around, one of my favs by a guest blogger.

  4. Carp and sally and laurel and zzzzz and everyone

    have a crease clearing hard hitting physical d man day to all!!!

  5. Adam Z, great read, I’m pretty drunk now but I liked what you wrote… Not sure about the first goal, but I really hope Gaborik breaks the hundred point plateau… How much did it suck last year not having a point per game player…

  6. Adam,
    Awesome. That was great. I will always have high hopes. I will always predict the Rangers to win it all at 2:10 AM Sept. 26 on a Sat. morning. And. My wife is the greatest enabler in the world. She understands that I am a Rangerholic and simply posts the game list on the fridge. Can we do something besides hockey this day?

  7. Thought I’d listen to ZzZz and post again (btw you kinda made my day on Thurs). I say the first goal goes to Callahan.

    On the topic of other halves, I have already decided that my future husband MUST be a hockey fanatic. He can be a fan of any team (obviously I would prefer a Rangers fan). He just has to understand the way I feel towards the Rangers.

  8. Interesting post. I had a hard time following it but it is late and Vodka talks.

    First goal will be Callahan. Second Dubinsky.

    My Dad passed earlier this year so that aint happening. But he went to hundreds of hockey games. I have 7 sisters and 4 brothers. He did his time.

    Drury is still a good player, you have to forget about Sather’s indiscretions with Dolan’s money. He is still an asset to this team.

    I don’t think you will see any slackers on the ice for very long this year and that makes me so happy.

    Renney reminded me of our hockey team’s “manager” he did all the towels, sticks etc. He was just happy to hang out with us. that in itself made Renney an ineffective coach.

    Messier sucked years ago and wouldn’t pull himself off the ice, you don’t want any part of him nowadays.

    I agree no cup this year, but we won’t limp into the playoffs.

    Bring on Pittsburgh!

  9. Racquel..

    I have decided my future wife must be hockey fanatic as well, and she must be a Rangers fan definitely, otherwise it would lead to numerous discussions…

    And additonally she needs to love koalas :)

  10. Sounds like we need a Boneheads singles mixer here.

    Great musings. My first Rangers home opener was in 1991; it was also Messier’s.

    I’m going to give the first goal to Gilroy. First assist to Gaborik.

  11. Adam, that must be one of my favorite guest blogs so far. Such a good and thoughtful combo of small but important things just before the start of the season. Good work.
    I went to a few games with my dad in a last couple of years. I agree, nothing like it. My dad likes the games on TV more. Or so he says. I think they are just getting older so he doesn’t want to leave my mom alone for long time.
    Adam, I don’t think there will ever be another Adam Graves. He is the one and only! But here is hoping for a brand new Ryan Callahan. And yes, give him an “A”.
    I remember that game on 7/10/09. The whole thing still felt surreal.
    First goal? I’d go with Dubinsky in Pittsburgh. And Gaborik in MSG next night on PP. And the roof of MSG will go into outer space….

  12. Long time reader, first time poster.
    I became a Ranger fan when I met my now-husband. He and his kids are New Yorkers transplanted in Maine (29 degrees this morning!) and they miss seeing their beloved team up close. We watch every game, and have “Ranger parties” when we can all get together, complete with lots of great food and memories of Rangers past. Thanks to my husband and his kids, I have come to know they joy (and heartbreak) of being a Ranger fan and can’t imagine being a fan of any other team.
    We have never been to a game together (I have never been to one period), maybe this is the year. I hear there is nothing like the energy and passion at the Garden.

    Thanks all, for the musings!

  13. Well situated Rangers bachelors from overseas is looking for female Rangers bachelor for making an enjobable week in December to watch some games at the Garden including Rangers-Islanders and Islanders-Rangers….:)

    Every response is more than welcome but shouldn´t be located not too far away from NY and should include a new photo…:)

    All interested persons should be in the age between 29-38 and not wearing pink hair style…;)

  14. Dubi or not Dubi on

    After a bit of hiding out thanks to my namesake, I’m happy to be back!

    Loved the post – particularly the bit about Drury not wearing the “C” anymore. UGH!

    That said, won’t he score the first goal? He is Captain Clutch after all… If he doesn’t, which clearly is not possible, how many games will he go without a point?

    You know, the other day Torts said something like : “We are not paying Dubinsky 1.8 to check”. Something of that sort. And it kept bothering me, and bothering me more until I realized why…
    Torts, when you said WE, what did you mean? Who did you mean when you said WE? Are suggesting that you are paying his salary? Or is that you and Slats that you think are paying his and other players salary? Cause you’re totally wrong. Even though mr. Dolan is signing your checks, he isn’t really paying your salary either. Do you know who is really paying it, bro?
    I’ll tell you. US. US as every single person who posts on this blog. Every single fan who pays for his season tickets. Every single Cablevision subscriber. Every TWC subscriber who gets MSG( and in HD). And everybody who pays some crazy money for an ice cream cone for their child at MSG. That’s who pays Dubi, you and everybody else on the team.
    So this is what I propose.: Why don’t you stfup about anybody’s salary and go make sure that Dubi and everyone else does what they are supposed to do in order for this team to win. Because that is what WE ARE paying you for.
    I really like Torts, I really do, and sorry for some strong words, but this is another reminder for you and Mike Sullivan, with your funny accents:
    This ain’t Boston! Welcome to NY, mf!

  16. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Personally, absolutely the best guest blogger we had !!!!

    My prediction:
    Gaborik from Dubinsky and Gilroy

    I hope Torts keeps 7 Def. (both Del Z and Semenov) and that 6 out of 7 of them all share being scratched (everyone not named Staal)

  17. Torts is a jerk big time! I will be suprised if he makes it through this season. He is going to have problems lots of problems.

  18. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " In Hank we trust !!!!… says Greg L. on

    Raquel ,nice to see ya back and I’m glad I made yer day :)
    I sure do love Rangers so my future spouse would have to understand also.I hear ya there.

    Adam Z , good post and nice views. Good day to you wicky , you crease clearer you. CCCP ,what can I say could go in the “first” hall of fame someday. Impressive . You always make it first to the bathroom in the morning too don’t you.

  19. Adam…great post! Well written with an even amount of heart and brain. Congrats to you and your Rangerette bride! Also, how lucky you are to share your Ranger ups and downs with your Dad.

    First goal, Drury! Could be a tip-in or garbage shoved in while on his knees. Assist to Kotalik off a tremendous slap shot.

    I’ll agree that we won’t win the cup this year, but the future is bright. This team will provide more highs than lows and be much more fun to watch.

  20. Tomb…agree with everything except the comment about Messier. Lighten up and don’t tarnish the image, he earned it (six times).

    Clementine…go to a game with the entire family. How many things can you do that will create a memory “…that will last a lifetime”?

    Ilb2001…when Torts says “we” he’s speaking of the team. His entire philosophy is about team. Ticket prices would be the same regardless of who’s on the team or working for the Ranger organization. You sound awfully angry. The team looks much better already and the season hasn’t even started yet. Have some faith, we’re going to get better as the season progresses.

    Hockeymon…my eightball says…you’re a real downer!

  21. Great post Adam. I’ve taken my wife to 2 games. The first was vs Washington with Malik’s famous shootout goal. The 2nd was a loss to the Islanders where Shanny got a hat trick and Kozlov got 4. My wife had my old Messier jersey on and looked great. She was a couple of months pregnant with our 1st. She also was busting my chops by being happy that the Rangers lost. I haven’t taken her back since.

    I went to 2 games during the 94 playoffs, 1 vs Wash, 1 vs NJ. My favorite Ranger has always been Greschner. Never got his jersey. Only jerseys I’ve had was Mess and Leetch.

    I’m starting to feel good about the team. We have a young, fast team with an M-80 coach. It’s all about peaking at the right time. i’d like for them to be consistent to the olympic break, then catch fire in March and carry it through june. Enough of playing 20 playoff games just to make the playoffs.

    Not much for predictions but….1st goal-AA

  22. Daniel, you misunderstood my post. Not angry at all. And I like Torts. And the direction we are heading. Wasn’t about that. Read it again. Or not.
    Carp is up for tomorrow, is he not?

  23. Adam, amazing! And I agree about a hot girl in a rangers jersey. When I was a junior in HS and the Rangers were playing the canucks in the finals, I was at the prom with my mom’s boss’ daughter. It was one of those things I had to do. Anyone, it was a friendly kind of a thing, and there was no romantic link or anything like that. Anyway, it was the game that Leetch scored two brilliant goals, and I remember walking on the boardwalk later that night, after the prom, with my Leetch Jersey on, and talking with this other girl who was with our group. Anyway, there was plenty drinking involved, and I remember going to sleep alone in one bed and waking up with two girls, one on each side of me. Anyway, the one I was crushing on big time, got up, and was wearing nothing but panties, and no top, and the other girl was passed out. So, this girl got up and went to the bathroom, and when she came back, she was wearing NOTHING, except my away Leetch jersey. She told me that she was wearing nothing, but I would have to beat her in a fight and pull the jersey up over her head to see. Ha. Girl of my dreams at that point in time. The rest of the night, “Will Last a Lifetime!”


  24. Ilb2001…sorry for misunderstanding, but you do go off on Torts a bit. I think Torts is everything you’re asking for. If it weren’t for the media (a necessary evil and a double edged sword), Torts wouldn’t be saying anything. Glad to hear you’re upbeat about the team.

  25. Nasty… great story. Good thing this was before jerseys had to be secured. Glad to hear you scored the game winning goal in overtime!

  26. Daniel, I’m just not convinced that it’s his place to mention anybody’ s salary. Nobody mentioned anything about his. If the rest sounded angry, I’ll blame it on my iPhone

  27. Koala, you forgot one important thing in your personal ad that Salty taught you boys – former flames of Lindros need not apply.
    Fear not, that still leaves lots of us out there. :-)

  28. Excellent post, Adam!
    Thank you for sharing it with us…
    The First Goal of the season will belong to Marian Gaborik.
    I agree with “Hockeymom”…

  29. in the last 2 days have we spoke about this whole randy jones BS?

    if not would you want semenov for 600,000 as our 6th/7th dman or jones for 1.5 as our 6th/7th dman?

  30. ya know, i enjoyed all the guest bloggers
    but this one really got to me because
    of all the details of how being a Rangers
    fan is just more than just wins and losses.
    it’s family, too. and that’s the Big Family, as
    in those you don’t choose through blood and those
    you embrace through places like this board.

    but one thing to criticize in your post. you really think NHL brass is going to allow us to have a power play in pittsburgh on opening night?

  31. DanTheRangerFan on

    I was reading the posts from the other day and saw the dating thing with Eric Lindros and laughed my arse off. I know im a little late here but, I know an ADA in Brooklyn that I hung out with for awhile who dated Eric Lindros. Has every girl in NY been slinky-dinked by this man?

  32. ORR !! What Is It Good For ?!?!
    Man, you’re a riot.I thought the same preping huge Cindy poster to spit on and lifesize carton referee to brake.LMAO

  33. Been lurking this blog for months…

    Great post. First goal…Avery. Unassisted, and it’ll be beautiful. But the refs will say it didn’t count.

    Single, Female Rangers Fan looking for Rangers Fan with DVR (Can’t get all the games where I’m living. Listening to them on the radio is nice and all, but WATCHING? Nothing beats it except being there, and I’m not getting my hopes up for a fan with season tickets =D)

    I remember the post 9/11 game. Sat on the floor with my brother in his Great One Jersey and the NYR towel flung open across the couch and cried when Messier scored that first goal.

    My first? Oh god…I can’t remember my first. I may have pre-natal memories of the goal horn?

  34. Seeing the banner raised in Cindytown may actually provide some inspiration for our guys. Anyone have any info about Cindy’s groin (go ahead, have some fun with that) injury?

  35. Adam, I love this post! Great stories in there, but I think you writing the letter as a 7-year-old may be my favorite.

    I’d love Dubi to get the first goal (and welcome back Dubi). I’m surprised more people haven’t mentioned Gaborik.

    P.S. since ilb asked, I’ll let you all know, there’s a Spike update on sister blog.

  36. Adam
    Fantastic post! Sandstrom was my favorite Ranger when I was younger too and I cursed Bernie Nichols every time he was on the ice ( well in my head bc I was a kid) Ironically enough, the times when I REALLY went on a rant about him – he would score LOL I have his Jersey too, I used to go to Rye where they used to practice and got all of their autographs on that one jersey. I only had Mallette, Messiers and Jagrs after that one.

    Im going to venture to say that Gabby will get the first goal of the season via Lisin & Staal.

  37. I have tix to the home opener too, I just dont know where Im sitting. My best friend got them for me through her father. Last home opener I went to was Jagr’s first full season where HE got the first goal. I cant think of a more suitable parallel for him than Gaborik. I know we cant have Ovechkin or Malkin or Kovy but I think he is next in line for the most dynamic forward among those elite names!!!

    Rangers training staff is the best in the league and if anyone knows anything about sports injuries or sports medicine – I think they nipped his issues last season. Im sure they will take EXCELLENT care of him.

  38. Adam – great post! Glad to see you haven’t succumbed to the pressure of being a ‘Caps fan. Congrats on the wedding – I heard it was great.

  39. Great Stuff Adam.

    thought I was the only one who found Carp Infuriating at times when i read him back then. Still the best Ranger beat writer ever, so cool he keeps this blog up and running for us.

    LOVE a hot girl in a jersey.
    Still looking for one.

    The Home Opener was the first HOCKEY game after 9/11, not the first Sporting event. I believe that was the Mets/Braves game at Shea on Sept. 21st when Piazza got choked up and then hit a homerun in the 8th that won the game 3-2 with many first responders in the crowd.

    1st goals for Rangers – Gabby.
    I think he’ll break Jagr’s franchise record for the season as well – if he stays healthy.

    the addy for the is wrong in your name.

  40. koala- the hockeystreams link stole our money or that guy billy never payed his bill. what gives? cccp? linda? u guys have any trouble with that site? the links broken. im pissed. i want my money back. i cant believe im actually goin to go back to gamecenter!!!

  41. and yea, great post adam. sry i had to skim through but reread it few minutes ago. first goal goes to the obvious choice, wade redden, and it gets deflected off crosbys head, knocks him out and goes off voros butt, then gets directed to rozy who wont shoot, so passes to redden who takes a 50 mph slapper and it knucklpucks in the net

  42. Reeshay (or Riche') on

    (I’m a Dubi fan)

    Whoever is paying him… they’re not paying him to check. I have no problem with Torts saying that… as I’m sure Dubi doesn’t. That would be like my boss saying they don’t pay me to do makeup or something.

    If I do my job the way I’m supposed to… everything will be fine.

    Same with Dubi.

  43. Mikey, Yesterday night everything was okay on hockeystreams and on Thursday probably as well as I have seen the Rangers game against the Caps without any problem last night..

    The only problem I had was obviously that Billy forgot to talk to the cameramen at the GArden to show my nephew on the coverage who is right now in NY and emailed me to buy tickets for the game:)..But I haven´t heard from him after the game so I am not sure if he was really at the game…..

    But I am still a little bit disappointed because no female Rangersfan is interested to meet me in December (: and my favourite soccer team of Bayern lost a very important encounter in Hamburg tonight 0-1 a very short while ago…

  44. oh and adam, my pops is comin up from texas this thanksgiving, so i will force him to watch a game. actually, last season around christmas timethat same game where drury made his infamous “wont ruin my christmas eve” statement, we were doin well, and the game he watched with me was that one. i told him hes not allowed to watch anymore cuz hes bad luck. if he watches a game this year and we lose, know its my fault. lol. and i’ll leave the blog for a long time as

  45. Great Post, Man.
    My first jersey Buke… my WORST jersey was Bure. I worked at the plaza hotel at the time, and he would stroll in after a loss w/ an 80 pound bim under each arm, chain smoking Marlboros like he didn’t have a care in the world. I’d still be sweating from screaming at the tv in the break room, and he’d be laughing and chugging vodka… UGH!!!!

    There’s nothing better than sports with your dad. This year will be my first with my dad AND my son. I will be that annoying guy next to you asking you to take a million pictures of him and his kid with some old man. Sorry.

    When you call the “girlfriend” from work, and you can hear the game on in the background, she becomes the “fiancee”.

  46. koala- streams back up. i just dont know this billy guy too well, and kinda worried he didnt pay his bill. but, it on right now. i thought we had a game today but its tommorow at noon. i’ll just be able to see it right before i go to work. so it worked out well.

  47. I don’t think Gabby will break Jags’ record, and i don’t think anyone will do it any time soon.

    It’s not just aboot how good a player is, they gotta have the support, and that year, Jags found two guys he had crazy chemistry with that helped revitalize his career, and Jags, Nyls and Straks were like two boobs and hell of a body. They just were a perfect fit.

    Hope im wrong, id settle for a 40 goal year from Gabby, but i just don’t think he has the linemates to break that record. Would be awesome for him to do it, but it would be even better if a home grown Ranger broke that record. That would be memorable.

    Cant wait for tonight, that Fox SNL clip on Hulu wasn’t working on my comp. I hate this garbage comp.

  48. my ex wife actually watched (tolerated games)with me, but she had a major crush on prucha and hank. we were watchin a replaY OF JAGR falling down on the ice and she said he looked like a rhino on skates. i said hes freakin strong as hell babe. she laughed at me. she didnt take it seriously and when they were losin or lost, and i would be pissed off and yelling at all the players, shed laugh at me. i said” oh yea? what if all your soap operas and talk shows got cancelled? howd u feel?” then when we split up, she said”and i hate hockey too!!! screw the rangers, they suck!!!” that was it for me. i’ll never forgive her for that. shes worse than an isle fan to me!! lol. i said, “oh yea, well mariah carey sucks and so does your hip hop music”!!

  49. yea orr- wasnt it funny how the game vs wash, joe m says” if hes healthy he’ll score 65 for ya”. and sam told him easy fella, and kinda made him look like an idiot. dave, al and sam all get on joe for his stupid comments, especially about ovie and how he shouldnt be allowed to play for russia. joe is an asswipe. he talks to much for a color guy too. he interrupts sam constantly

  50. Mike, won´t be able to watch the game live either as I have to work because we have election day tomorrow here in Germany at noon overseas is exactly the same time when they start here to count out the results of the election and I am involved in it despite beeing not really interersted in it..

    probably back here at the computer Sunday at around 3 or 3.30 to watch the full replay, so I won´t be on the gamechat live tomorrow on hockeystreams..

  51. yea gabby’s best is 42 goals correct? lets go easy on this record breakin stuff. an old jagr broke the record. a healthy, in his prime gaborik will have to have one hell of a year and play all 82 games to get 55 goals. i think he’ll have his best season as far as points, but im lookin at 45g max from him. i cant see him gettin more than that right now. hes a gamebreaker for sure, but he needs good players weith him more than jagr did. he impressed me with his 2g game the other night, but it was threeormore, so lets all go easy on these predictions. i think at best, 45g, 45a 90p. and thats when playing a full season. if he finds chemistry with duby and higgins. it could be a very dangerous top line. i think duby and higgins can work the puck behind the net and along the boards and set gabby up for one timers.

  52. Mike, geez, sorry man. That explains your long posts. You’re used to…uhm..long discussions.
    Folks, can we all zip it with the groin stuff. Ours isn’t particularly strong either..

  53. I agree it’s early to make predictions, but that’s all is is – a prediction.
    just like who will score the first goal.

    Gaborik scored 42 two seasons ago – with NO supporting cast in a defensive system in Minny.

    i don’t think 55 is out of the realm of possibility if he stays healthy – which he certainly seems to be after his successful hip surgeries. Early camp groiners are plaguing half the NHL so that worries me not.

  54. The most important thing is that Gabby will be healthy all over the season and not only for 40 or 50 games..Evident is that the Rangers find a way to get the powerplay going and Gabby is a big important point to do it…and it is time for guys like Dubinsky and Callahan to find more the opponents back of net, they need to produce more than last season..

    I am really intrested to see how the youngsters Del Zotto in Gilroy develop in the lineup..Hopefully they won´t be too often assigned to the farm teams and get game experience in NHL and how they will handle this as I haven´t really much confidence in Redden and Roszival….

    I am even interested to see like fourth liners of Voros-Grachev and Brashear doing..Will never be a fan of this rough stuff, but those guys can really evole to a shut down line ….

    Big question as well is Capitain Drury.. I hope to see this guy scoring more often than in the past..

  55. KOALA

    I doubt Grach makes the 4th line. It’s either 3rd or 1st in Hartford. No need to ruin his development by playing with guys who cant score both on and off the ice, if ya know what i mean.

    Well Voros might be able to get laid if he hangs out with Hank, Aves, and Gabby. Get their sloppy seconds and thirds.

  56. brash is gonna be good. i really feel much better with him in the lineup over voros if its between those 2. we need a guy who can actually fight. and having him in the lineup vs certain teams will provide alot of peace of mind for me and alot of other fans incase players try to hurt gabby.

  57. Just say No To Theo Fleury, no more old guys. The youth is here

    We talked about the win over the Caps the other night. The return of Dubinsky and the future of sanguinetti, Grachev and Anisimov. Ranger fan callers were pleased as punch !

    Ranger Crisis Radio #12 Special Kool-Aid Post Game Edition

  58. NO to Fleury. I wish him the best and hope he lands with another team. But we’re getting younger, faster and bigger, not older, slower and smaller.

  59. I really liked what I have seen from Anisimovs so far in preseason…He showed some flashes of talent in scoring a goal unassisted…

    A little bit same about Enver Lisin a quick guy with good hands but I don´t know much about Higgins, who was very often injured in Montreal but probably is used to play in a big hockey market and the pressure who comes with it…

    Hope they starting on a high note and bring Pens in troubles on opening night Oct 2nd and open with a win the following night at the Garden against the Sens…

    Brash is simply not my ideal way of a hockey players but you guys are obviously right that once in a while such a tough guy is valid for some game situations…:)

  60. I doubt Theo was at any time discussed as an option this year at all..
    Interesting point you made about Brashear and Crosby, Mike. Not sure if I truly want that to happen, but I sure hope that Crosby is watching. I think even that could be plenty.

  61. RE: Fleury
    Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun says the Sens are interested, but I don’t see it.
    Predators have some rumoured interest and that makes a little more sense to me.

  62. I always liked Theo Fleury, his quickness and feistiness, small body, big heart….

    But you always need to realize when it´s time to hang up the skates and to move on…See Messier…:)

  63. Anyone looking for home opener tickets for next saturday email me at

    I have 2 seats side by side in section 403 Row B for sale….$180 or best offer for the pair, which is what i paid for them….

  64. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " In Hank we trust !!!!… says Greg L. on

    Orr , Hate to burst the Jagr bubble , Gaborik will break the Jagr record for sure , and soon. Eric , we signed this guy for alot of years..hes scoring over 50 for garenteed.

  65. GREG

    This guy has only played two pre season games, against half AHL-NHL defense. It’s to soon to say he’s gonna be able to score 30+ let alone 50-50+.

    If he stays healthy, it’s possible to have a 40 goal year, 80-90 points, but i don’t know if he has the support to take it to that level. Anythings possible though. Even though Jags is my fav player ever, id love that record to be taken from him.

    And we’re all Ranger fans, so we should know better than to get our hopes up on someone to early. Remember we were all saying Jags will break his own record since he has Blowmez, and remember just last season, we were all wondering if Nicky Z was gonna put up 40-50 goals. Lol, that didn’t work out so well.

    Totally different players though, but the point is, don’t get your hopes up, cause you never know what the end result may be.

  66. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " In Hank we trust !!!!… says Greg L. on

    Orr , very well put but this is why Gaborik will break Jagr’s record …

  67. Orr

    Sather’s big mistake was NOT resigning Nylander. But $5mm for him was a little too much and now the Caps are stuck with him. 600+ points between Jags, Straka and Nylander for those 2 years they played together. Pretty sick eh? While we’re all hopeful Gabby will score many goals … Lets just see how he does the first full month of the season. You can throw money at “marquee” players and it wont build you a championship. We saw that with the Devils and all of the home grown players in Detriot… Im intrigued to say the least with this team…. I was impressed during preseason last year and they got off to a phenomenal start… But They didnt have a game changer like Gaborik.

    Lets just see how it goes :) Im excited!

  68. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " In Hank we trust !!!!… says Greg L. on

    Jagr was a beast and was phyically dominate , other teams had to double team him and it opened up Jagr’s teamates. Jagr was surrounded by his guys in Nylander ,Straka,Rozi,Prucha. Jagr needed a east/west center and Gomez was definalty not that..thats why Jagr couldn’t have broke his own record the following year.

    Gaborik and Zherdev are two oposites where Gaborik is a 9 year PROVEN vet. Where Zherdev is not. Gaborik took over a game we needed last year and got 5 goals. Gaborik could have used Gomez more than Jagr cus gabby is a North /South fast type player.

    Now the record. Gaborik has really soft hands and is in his prime. Jagr was not in his prime but did posess great moves and holding the puck. So can Gaborik. Gaborik is faster and has a quiker release than Jagr. Gaborik is all over the rebounds and can wack puck out of the air to score.
    Jagr could have scored 60 goals with Nylanders as his center I don’t doubt. Gaborik now has a coach who wants to see North/South fast paced hockey and less defense. Gaborik was holding back in preseason and he still looked awsome. We have him locked up for years to come and he is our Superstar now , hes young and hungry. Gaborik will score over 50 and break Jagrs record. This is the only player this skilled still in his prime since Mark Messier came over…look out Eastern conference. , Gaborik is in da houwseeeee!!!

  69. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " In Hank we trust !!!!… says Greg L. on

    Can anyone name a better player to come in as a free agent since Mark Messier as Gaborik has? A better player as in , in his prime, Dominate,highly skilled,super fast and a rocket of a shot? No not Bure , he wasn’t in his prime, he was on the decline ( bad knee).

  70. I agree with you Greg. Usually we get players of Gabby’s pedigree when they’re on the tail end of their career. The guy is flat out exciting. If it wasn’t for his injury history, I think there would be a lot more buzz surrounding him as one of the top 5 scorers in the league.

  71. So i went to see “Jennifer’s Body” today… i have a 16 year old cousin who is in love with Fox just like our own teenager ORR! (what is wrong with kids these days) so he dragged my butt to see the “movie” …anyway… besides not getting back an hour and a half of my life that was wasted on this “creation” of a movie… there was something else i thought was kind of weird…. every time I saw Fox I thought of ORR, and that is just wrong! I will never look at Fox the same way again… She is no longer Megan Fox … from now on its MegORR Fox for me! :P

  72. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " In Hank we trust !!!!… says Greg L. on

    That why we play the games…if we didn’t we just hand the Art ross and the Hart trophy to Crosby then. Easy to say Gaborik will be injured again ( like a million bloggers and reporter have stated)..but to break Jagr’s record..Piece of cake. 53 goals isn’t impossible to do ya know. Other teams , could name 15 teams who have scored more than 53 on thier club. The whole Western conference probally. Only reason we have never had anyone score 55 goals here…cuz anyone young enough to do it we have traded away..and every free agent that came in , came in for the money and was on the decline and forgot how to score ( except Jagr and maybe Fluery).

  73. Greg
    I know for a fact Jagr was PISSED when Sather didnt resign Nylander. And was pretty vocal about the style of coaching Renney shoved down the players throats. He’s made several comments about it. I absolutely believe he could have triggered his point total to get resigned if he still had Nylander. But Sather HAD to throw all that money at Drury, Gomez just so they would sign in NY. Then sign Nazzy & Redden. Jagr was quoted saying they never contacted him and when they signed Nazzy he knew they didnt want him anymore. He was an absolute force when he was 100% healthy. I think he played through games where his groin was bothering him and still had issues with his shoulder. I dislocated my right shoulder playing and its a horrible injury to have. Granted, I didnt have surgery – but every now and again it seizes up on me and my shot when I play is for s*it.

  74. Greg

    And I LOVE the fact that Gabby is still very young… He is the perfect compliment to the team A+ for Sather for getting him.

  75. Everyone says Gaborik is injury prone, I’ve always wondered if that was possible. Some guys are injured and reinjure the same injury many times. If a guy has just had an injury filled season, but is in good health now why would he be more likely to get hurt again than any other player? Are people taking runs at him, trying to put him out of action? Gabby is not easy to hit, and if he is in the condition they say he’s in odds are he plays most of the games. If thats the case it will be a good season for Ranger fans.

  76. Hockeymon,

    From what I’ve read, many of his injuries were by-products of his bad hip, which is why he opted for surgery last year. Theoretically he should be good to go now that the hip has been repaired.

  77. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    ZzZz NYR ZzZz ” In Hank we trust !!!!… says Greg L.
    September 26th, 2009 at 7:57 pm
    Can anyone name a better player to come in as a free agent since Mark Messier as Gaborik has? A better player as in , in his prime, Dominate,highly skilled,super fast and a rocket of a shot? No not Bure , he wasn’t in his prime, he was on the decline ( bad knee).
    This sounds like Joe Micheletti talking. Bure had bad knees, Gaborik has a bad groin. Bure came here his 12th season, this will be Gaborik’s 10th. Want to know someone who was a scary similar UFA aquisition?! Came over in his 10th NHL season. Averaged over a point a game every season, including his rookie season! Had some nagging health issues. Basically got himself un-invited back to his hometown (Terrible love-hate relationship with the home fans)… Hmm, sounds a heck of a lot like Gaborik, doesn’t it? Huh? Take a look…

  78. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    BTW: Greg, my guy scored more goals his rookie season (41g in 61 games) than Gaborik scored any season except for one where Gabby scored 42g in 77 games (his 8th pro season). That’s right. People forget how talented the BigE was. Lindros had broken 35+ goals 5 times at this point in his career, Gabby’s ONLY done it twice. Gaborik is talented, but his career high is 42g and 5 years is a long time to miss practices nursing a sore groin… before you all get hyped up like fat kids on chocolate cake, let’s give it some time to see what happens.

  79. Lindros was so bad at hockey he still had to skate with his head down, people figured that out, bye bye Eric.

  80. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Yea, Rob, and his Groin rehab ended March 22, 2009… err, when was the last practice he participated in? You might say that’s when he stopped rehabing.

    I just realized, this guy is still not 100%, even after having both hips surgically repaired and a great deal of rehab time.

  81. I’ll take 95% of Gaborik.

    And of course – we can speculate all we want, like i said before – Gabby could pull his groin tying his skates or pull a Bertuzzi and break an eyelash skating across the blueline during intros at the home opener. (oh please don’t!)

    but, if his hip was the source of all his problems and he can play 75 games, I expect great things. I was never a huge fan, but while researching him I was won over and am ECSTATIC the Rangers signed him for 5 Seasons. I actually went to the NHL store to check out a jersey. The only two I own are Leetch (with C) and a Los Angeles Kings yellow Crown Marcel Dionne jersey.

    Big Dionne fan, what can i say?

    Gabby might be my next sweater.
    But I am waiting to be impressed as I know my expectations have been tempered by my knowledge of his abilities.

  82. If we’re talking about injure prone players… why don’t we put Avery on that list as well? He isn’t as talented as Gaborik or Lindros but he is a big part of this team and he is always injured. Avery only had one full season in his career in 06-07 when he joined the Rangers from LA… the most games he played after that is 57(in a single season)… sure there a long suspension last year…but who can guarantee that he would’ve had a complete season if there was no suspension…the wrist, the spleen, the separated shoulder and now the leg… injury prone? I think so…

  83. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    CCCP. That’s not completely the story.

    Avery’s actually only had one season that was riddled with injuries (07-08) with the wrist and shoulder (the season he played just 57 games). Other than that season, he’s played 84, 75, and 76 games (missing a few games here and there) in the pro’s [I’m not sure how you say his personal best 57?! other than the 84, that’s just not the case]. His younger seasons he was assigned to the minor leagues and still played pretty much entire seasons between the AHL and NHL.

  84. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    CCCP, I just reread your comments and I think you’re trying to say that in Avery’s 3 year’s with the Rangers he only has 1 full season? IF that’s the case, I take back my last comment. I don’t think that makes any sense though because 1) he was suspended most of last season (and sought rehab) which is the reason he became a Ranger anyway. 2) The only other season he was a Ranger was the only season in his career riddled with injuries.

  85. True Fans

    57 was the most he played as a Ranger (single season) since 06-07(84 games) when he joined the team the first time. I’m talking about NHL season and not a split between two leagues. Now he is injured again… im just saying

  86. Right…but as I said… if there was no suspension… would he still play the entire season w/o getting injured? No one knows…He gets injured in practice! I love Avery and I think he is gonna have a big season but he is starting to get more and more fragile …

  87. On Lindros and Avery on

    Avery is as important to us as Esa Tikkanen was when we had him, if not more so.

    People forget that Lindros accomplished something with us that he never did with any other team: play all 82 games of a regular season! The way I see it with him is that he put in his time and the team could have been good in ’01-’02 if Fleury didn’t go into rehab (he was leading the league in scoring at the time and played in the All-Star Game), that killed our season.

  88. CCCP have you seen the way Avery plays every game like it’s the 7th game of the SC Finals? He plays with a passion and hits and gets hit on just about every shift. He gets hit probably more dirtily than any other NHL player because the refs look the other way. He’s bound to get hurt more often than others.

  89. Hello all!

    I’m really excited about this game since there’s a kind of deathmatch going down between AA and Big Boy(le). It’s also going to be fun to see if Grach will try to make some sort of statement. He will obviously be first call-up on offense, and Lisin has to show something pretty quickly to win me over. I think he has played terrible defense and made some really bad plays, but he seems to have that sniper shot and speed.

    I also think Avery is a bit nervous, not be traded or anything but he might get less and less icetime. You know, when he came in, he was probably the most intense forchecker on te team, and got everybody all fired up, but nowadays I don’t know…

  90. Dont get me wrong, I love Sean Avery grit and passion, but for me, on this team, I’m afraid he might be heading for a 3rd or maybe even 4th line spot now that we got all this speed and skill in the roster… Just a thought, go easy on me.

  91. Good morning, Carp! Anyone have a link to the game? I’m in Ithaca and these hippies here don’t have a tv. Lame!

    Lets go Rangers!!!

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