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Doobie, Doobie, Dooooo … and some chemistry

I figured that was an appropriate title after tonight’s second to last pre-season game against the Caps.

I liked what I saw from Dubinsky, period. Hard on the puck, looking for opportunites, finishing all of his checks, and playing and looking a little bigger than last season.

I’m glad now that the dust has settled and with him resigned, players and coaches have cleared the air (as I’m sure they have), Doobie can be a force for the Rangers this season. (And i think he secured another try on a line with Gaborik and Higgins).

Speaking of which, Gabby looked great. And what an amazingly quick release he has. I for one had always knew he was an elite player with quick hands, but he really made Jose Threeormore look like a a pee wee goalie there. And as Dave Maloney said during the game, he couldn’t even get set before Gabby had put the puck through the five hole. Thing of beauty.

Higgins on this line looked pretty solid as well. I loved his net presence and desire to get banged and pushed around to pick up those garbage goals like on the game winner.

And of course Brashear. Well two fights in one night, what can you say? I was against signing him from the beginning, hated it when it happend, but he will serve his purpose and will definitely put in a few more goals than Orr ever would have. Brash you either gonna beat people to a pulp and we’ll love ya for it, or take too many penalties and get booed. WELCOME TO NEW YORK CITY!!

Other honorable mentions are Gilroy (impressing me more every game) Redden (I know, i know don’t yell at me!) but he did play somewhat tougher tonight than I saw of him all last year, Del Zotto and Kotalik (I think those two were made to work together on the power play), Cally, hitting people all night long and of course, King Henrik being, well, King Henrik!

So after a satisfying (albeit pre-season) win over the Crapitals (did I spell that wrong?) I’m starting to see who I think will mesh with whom. But of course I’m sure there will be one or two more players either cut or sent down before the start of the season in Pittsburgh.

So here are my picks of who I think is on the bubble, and their chances of sticking with the big club. Let me know what you all think and we’ll see who is right come opening night next week.

Grachev: 50/50 could go either way but I’m leaning toward him going to Hartford to get some consistent minutes then be the first call up.

Voros: 90/10 I’m hoping we saw the last of him tonight but it’s a toss up (do they waste Grachev with 4th line minutes, or give it to Voros for one year and let him get beat up with his stone hands every night?). Didn’t he take balance training over the summer? Still looks wobbly on his skates, and still can’t shoot the puck.

Del Zotto: 80/20 I think they give him the 9 games to see how he does on the PP then decide if he stays or goes down.

Anisimov: 99/1: 4th line, 3rd line, 2nd line, anywhere. Gives you all sorts of options and a scoring threat wherever you put him on top of always backchecking and trying to break up plays.

Semenov: 70/30 veteran presence, solid and tuff, Pleasantly suprised by him.

Thanks again Carp for letting me post. Your blog is THE best in town, and don’t ever let anyone tell you different.


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  1. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Nice comments mike.

    Semenov may stay as the 7th d-man, but Torts sounds like he doesn’t want extras. Semenov’s biggest flaw is that he is too big and too slow! He has taken a penalty the last 3 games, maybe even the last 4. He had two minors in one of those games. MDZ and Gilroy would be better choices for their defense and offense, but Semenov would be the best choice in order to allow MDZ to go mature at a slower pace. We’ll see.

    Anisimov is here to stay.

    BTW; Rozsival is easily the weakest player on this team now. Voros has easily surpassed him in usefulness and I can’t think of anyone who hurts this team more than Mr. CantTakeACzech-unlessItsFromTheBank Rozsival. Geez, he’s so bad.

    Props to Redden for straightening his game out, so far.

  2. Grachev cannot play in Hartford, he and Del Zotto can only play on the Rangers for 9 or 10 games (i forget the number) and then at that point the Rangers have to decide to either keep them with the Rangers for the rest of the year or go back to Juniors, to young to go to Hartford those are the rules

  3. nice post :)

    any video hightlights on the net?
    missed the game – can’t wait to see me rags for the 1st time this season :)

  4. Rob M.

    Grachev can play in Hartford because he is a European player, the age restrictions do not apply to Europeans … However, DelZotto would have to be sent down to juniors, he is too young for Hartford

  5. Looks like we might have someone at this years all-star game who actually deserves too be there ;). Hey Laurel!!! What do you think? did I make the cut?

  6. AA didn’t look so hot tonight playing againt top flight opposition. Wonder if there is still a chance for a demotion to Hartford? At least for a little while!

  7. Great post MikeyNJ. Agree with all your observations, even Redden, except we need to keep Grachev. He’s a keeper.

  8. Real Mikey NJ,

    Excellent post. I agree on your assesment of this game.

    Last year I thought Redden sucked and Rosi was better but he just had a bad hip. I think Rozis flaws are little bit higher.

    I actually saw Redden take a good hit along the backboards to make a good pass. If Torts means what he says, hes gotta dump Roszival.

    Dubinsky was playing his first game in many moons and looked faster, stronger and more agressive. I liked the way he drove the net. He was factor in GAbbys and Higgins game winner. HE said he rented $300/hr ice all summer in Anchorage to practice shooting. 20 goal, 60 point year.

    To the people who said he only merited the qualifying offer and hasn’t proved anything yet…. HA. We who know hockey including Torts and Sather obviously disagree with you.

    I would rather see Grachev than Kotalik at $3mil for three years but I am pretty pumped. If we could dump Rozi and Kotalik this team would be better.

    As it is, this team is way better than last years team. One of the main differences is that people are driving the net instead of skating on the perimiter.

    Lets hope the trend continues when we face the nasty D ment like Philly who will punish our smaller forward in front of the net. Thats another reason I want GRachev and Anisimov.

  9. Saw this quote from Dubi on the SNY blog:

    Brandon Dubinsky on Marian Gaborik and Christopher Higgins…

    “Obviously those guys have great skill and they are great players. I have not been here the whole time so it is going to take me a little bit of time to get used to playing with those guys. I haven’t been practicing with them at all so this was the first time (we played together) tonight. We found a way to get a couple of goals which was great. Hopefully we will be able to practice together and get to know each other.”

    I like his confidence, speaking as if the 1st line center job is his already. I think his holdout might end up to be a positive. He seems to have a bit of a chip on his shoulder and something to prove.

  10. True story:

    So I’m talking to this ladygirl I just started seeing tonight on the phone… and I made this joke about how I get all my facts from wikipedia… we start talking about wikipedia and she starts talking about how anyone can just put anything there and it can stay there forever… au contraire… I continue on about how I tried that once… about how I added one small sentence once about a retired hockey player and it was reverted within hours…

    _”Which hockey player”_

    “this guy Eric Lindros…”

    _”Umm, you want to know something funny?”_


    _”I dated Eric for 4 months…”_

    *We have just lost cabin pressure*

    I’m not sure how to handle this situation moving forward. I’m not sure what to think. No doubt in my mind that that brickwall animal has taken this chick to the BONEYARD ad nauseum over those 4 months. This is going to throw a giant Lindros sized wrench into my gaming gears next time I see her. I prodded gently to elicit a little bit of info to see if she was faking, but her story added up… she seemed apathetic toward him and that whole situation… saying it wasn’t like dating a pro hockey player but this “washed up guy” who was “pretty immature”… maybe to kind of try to ease my mind…but just thinking about that human animal puts my stomach in a knot. I cant even sleep. This is ridiculous.

    Good win tonight at least… sorry for venting, I guess its funny if you’re on the outside looking in though.

  11. There’s been a lot of talk about the Islanders relocating. As Ranger fans, how does everyone feel about that possibly happening? Charles Wang’s stance of Lighthouse Project or bust is going to doom that team’s future on the Island. His deadline for a decision on the project was met with this response from Hempstead Town Supervisor Kate Murray: “We don’t give Mr. Wang deadlines on bringing the Stanley Cup back to Long Island, and we don’t respond to developers’ timetables for zoning decisions.”

    I would be disappointed if they relocated. I love the rivalry. No matter where either team is in the standings, we all know that a Ranger/Islander game is always a battle. So for once, I’m going to root for the Islanders and hope that they stay on LI. Screaming Potvin Sucks wont feel the same if the jersey says Kansas City, or anywhere else.

  12. Hate to say it chuck, but I agree. It would be great to shove it into ilse’s fans faces about losing their team to KC or Hamilton or something, but on the other hand not to have them on th eisland would be sick and wrong.

  13. … and salty, what’s a little extra clearance amoung friends?

    [we are so getting booted for this conversation – salty you started it!!!]

  14. are you trying to say I wouldn’t be able to _crowd the crease_ as thoroughly as Eric?

    Truthfully that’s the least of my concern…

  15. Good Effort…That was the caps 2nd game in 2 nights with only half their NHL squad though…who cares’s only practice.

  16. Mikey – good post. I think you’re spot on with Anisimov, it looks like they were seeing what he can do in a limited role. Realistically he’s our 3rd line center, but that will depend on Prospal or Dubi or Dru playing LW and not C. either way i think him, Gilroy and MDZ are locks and Grachev will have a few games to see how he copes and if he can use his size and skills to dominate like he has in juniors – if not it could be a year on Hartford’s top line with a few injury call-ups.

  17. Nice job Mikey,

    But did everybody forget about Lisin? Both Anisimov and Grachev was better last night and Lisin made two horrible plays; one that resulted in a goal. When he did not take out SeminI could actually see Torts taking his belt off.

    I think he has to be good in the last game; I dont think he is in just yet. Grachevs present is more physical and has a bit more finess and power.

    Oh, and yes, Redden had a good game, probaby the best game as a Ranger. But it does not mean anythin at all, especially since “good” in his case means he did’nt make bad plays, whereas Gilroys and MDZs present were felt the whole game. Roszival also had a decent game.
    Dubi was phenomenal.
    Drury had an ok game defensively.
    AA also, I ilke him, reminds me of Zetterberg.
    Prospal was good.
    Lisin was awful, and got benched in the third.
    MDZ and Gilroy were both terriffic. As somebody said; MDZ and Kotalik on the PP; my gosh thats a weapon.
    Gabby is a star.
    Higgins is weird; i dont get him, but i will not judge until I do, nice goal.

  18. “are you trying to say I wouldn’t be able to crowd the crease as thoroughly as Eric?

    Truthfully that’s the least of my concern…”

    If that was the LEAST of your concerns, you wouldn’t have mentioned it. This is already in your head, so get out now before you torture yourself. If you are tagging Eric’s. . . . “exes”, she must be top notch. Meaning you are no slouch yourself, you can get another girl.

    Look, Eric will always be a better hockey player than you, have more money, and have a lot more hot exes. Move on now and try to enjoy your next relationship. . . .

    . . . you know some people charge money for this advice.

  19. The whole Brashear booing is so dumb.

    I always thought Ranger fans were the most knowledgable of all hockey fans and the older I get the more I realize they do not.

    Who cares that he beat up Shanny or broke Betts face…he is a Ranger now…u root for him…u want him to do well and win every fight..period or would u rather see him suck and hurt the team.

    You want to boo someone…boo Drury, Rozival, Redden and Sather…those 4 will keep the Rangers from becoming an elite team.

  20. I Believe Grachev will do much better on the BIG team…20 minutes in Hartford is not the same as 10 or minutes in nhl! Too get better u need to be with better players.Torts can run AA and Grachev thru lines to give extra minutes,Plus condensed schedule gives plenty of opportuniy.
    LOOK at schedule its grueling!Grachev can get coached up better.Torts is a teacher! IMO>

  21. Isn’t the team essentially set at this point with 23 players on the roster?

    20 players dress each night and 3 scratches.

    Maybe Del Zotto goes down after the 9 games or they demote Boyle/Voros but it seems like this is the team.

  22. Salty…
    Props for sharing. Sounds like you want to see this woman again which is a good thing. Q: How many women have we all seen where it was ‘one and done’? A: Too many. Every woman you date has been with another man, right? The fact that you know who she’s been with shouldn’t make a difference in your decision to go out again. You could be taking a pass on a very good thing. Get out of your own way on this. Make your decision based on her qualities, not on the losers she’s walked away from.

    On the ice, we’re looking competitive and I love the fact that we’re controlling the play way more than we did last year. Extended time of possession in our offensive zone is way up from last year. We’re also showing a little more grit. I’m looking forward to see how team chemistry develops. Signs are very good right now.

    I’d like to see everyone get off of Drury’s a$$. He’s not a flashy player and he makes a lot of smart plays that seem to go unnoticed. He looks faster than last year and gives a solid effort every night.

  23. Salty

    She dumped his azz so she must have some taste – did she develop a hatred of hockey as a result of going out with him? That’s the only way it matters – you can’t go out with a hockey hater – yikes! If not, I agree with Daniel J – go for it (so to speak).

  24. Mikey – good post. I agree with your assessments, but interesting thing about Voros – as much as I dislike him and was praying for him to get cut he is actually pretty decent this preseason (not counting the human punching bag element).

    He’s faster, he’s hitting, and he made Ovechkin look silly last night! If he doesn’t fade down the stretch like last season, and if we keep him off the top 2 lines and the power play I think he might be a good fit for the 4th line. Seems like he’s trying to prove himself.

    Let the abuse commence – lol

  25. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Hey troops great post’s yesterday and today, this BLOG has been burning up the last couple of days. I was away last night and did not get to see the game or even get a score until this morning, looks like a great win for us. Even though it’s PS it is good to see us comeing together. One thing I find very interesting, I have not heard Drury’s name come across at all. No assist’s or goals, practically nothing. Did he do anything last night??? And I am hearing that they are having a hard time sending Grachev down to Hartford. I know this is SOOO unrealistic but it’s time to get rid of dead wait send Drury down to Hartford and put Grachev in. I KNOW I KNOW IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN, but I kind of wish it would happen, I really like this kid Grachev you can tell he is pouring his heart and soul to stay up and play with the big boys. What has Drury done in PS???

  26. The only reason why anisimov will make the team to start is becuase of his pkiing. hes been great in that role.

    grachev will be sent down once avery is healthy.

    and gabby is really good

  27. Salty,

    Did she ever say the reason she dumped him was because one “rough” evening, he bumped his head on the headboard and concussed himself?

    HAHA, I am just joking man. You guy have me cracking up over here, and my class is taking a test.

  28. Redden has got to be happy that Brashear is on the team now. The fans are booing him more than Redden. I think booking is so ridiculous. At least give this team, and certain players a few games before that crap starts. I mean, when Redden was announced as the 3rd star of the game, I heard some boos. Classless. Each year, IMO, everyone deserves a clean slate.

  29. well the thing is, do u keep voros who fits the 4th line role better than grachev, who will really suffer if hes not playing alot. the kid is 19 years old. hes not even close to getting on top 2 lines yet. when hes ready, like next season or maybe even later this season, then we can utilize him better. him going to hartford is still a big step up from juniors, and i still wanna see him dominate there first. hes gonna get chances. avery is out already, so he might stick around for a few gamesto start. voros will have plenty of rope to hang himself and if he doesnt keep up this effort he’ll be in hartford. i still think getting kotalik or lisin really hurt his chances. wait till grachev is a year older, and let him come up like AA has. lets see him dominate the ahl first. it’ll be good for him.

  30. I see the opening roster looking like, in no specific line combo order:

    Higgins Dubi Gabby
    Cally Dru Avery
    Lisin Prospal Kotalik
    Brashear AA Voros

    Staal Girardi
    Redden Rozi
    Gilroy Del Z/Semenov


    Sangs will be the first call ups for either a forward or Dman

  31. The booing is because its all preseason fans who can’t get tickets to regular season games. I went to the last two games before last night and I promise you, half the people there don’t even know what a puck is, they just know people boo certain guys and jump on that bandwagon. Once the regulars come back they should lighten up a bit, or at least I’ll promote that in my section. Especially with Brash, you hate him when hes not on your team but hes tough as nails and can get more offense in a year than Colton Orr will get in his career (and I like Colton, but seriously).

    Also, is anyone as excited as me for next year just for the fact that Dan Girardi won’t be playing defense for the Rangers anymore? He was ok at best last year after signing the extension, but he’s looked straight up terrible so far in the preseason. Stepping up at completely wrong times (burned him in the Caps series too), making piss poor passes across ice to nobody, and making Del Zotto have to make up for his mistakes at times when he is way out of position.

    I don’t hate Danny, but there is a reason he wasn’t drafted and it seems every game, every month, every season you are beginning to see why. Its great that he hits, but his positioning is terrible and he can’t do anything with the puck other than give it away or miss a pass. I’d much rather see Sauer or Potter out there, but thats not going to happen since they have limited NHL minutes and Girardi has 3 years of experience.

  32. Hockeyman Rangers on


    I have not seen any games yet b/c I am out of area and am a Center Ice fan so I won’t get a game until start of regular seaon.
    I mean has he had some clutch plays? Has he won most of his face offs. WAHT HAS DRURY DONE SO FAR??

  33. Hockeyman,

    Drury has done what you’d expect from him defensively. Plus now with Kotalik back on his wing, he looks much more confident in carrying the puck and making plays. He’s not going to be an all-star (which everyone knew before he came to NY), but he could have a bit better of a year.

    People have to remember, Drury isn’t some 80+ point guy. At best hes a 30 goal 60-65 point player that got signed for way too much money. It’s not his fault he was overpaid, its Sather’s, but at the same time it’s hard to boo Sather (believe it or not) when you realize the youth that he’s built and the talent he’s given us via trade (Jagr and Bure and more recently Zherdev and now Lisin, who will be very good). Thats a whole other discussion though so I’m not getting into it.

    To get to the point, Drury will have probably an average to above average season from him, but he’ll give you the defensive play that you want from a center.

  34. Good morning, all.
    This is one of the better games they played in awhile. The reason AO wasn’t that visible is because our young Dmen have foot speed. Even if they are out of position, they can compensate by getting back FAST. This team CAN skate. Even Semenov is not that slow, he is in if they agree on the contract. And he can drop the gloves, if need too. Rozsival still frankly looks like dead meat. Redden looks like… you know… MAYBE?
    Gaborik keeps growing in my eyes. Goals aside, his positioning in offensive zone is impressive. He’ll be great if…you know what.
    If Dubi can sustain the same intensity, the team will go very far.
    Brashear didn’t have to fight this thug second time around, but he did. Because he wants to win his teammates and us. And he just confirmed that he belongs in this league and Sagden (sp?) never will.

  35. I thought Drury played pretty well last night. He was buzzing around the net and had a couple of chances – including a mini-break where he backhanded just wide of the far upper corner.

    If we had done a drinking game every time Dru’s name was mentioned, there would definitely have been a few tipsy Boneheads.

  36. Oh, yeah, Mikey, great job.
    Salty, that’s some story. Don’t listen to anyone, do what you feel.. In my life- it never mattered who the girl dated before.

  37. Good morning Staal and all! Mikey, love the post (lucky, it’s so much easier after a game!)

    Rjam, I’m going to go back and read from yesterday, but get ready to send me your address!

  38. Mikey, I agree with everything you said but Brashear. It is going to take allot to turn me around on him. Last night it was their goon challenging our goon.

  39. Yes Dru had that breakaway that was broken up by Ovie’s chop. I think if he had broken his stick it might have been a penalty shot, but since he got a clean shot away it was just a penalty.

    As I was walking from MSG to one of the bars on 33rd st a guy screams out of a cab at a bunch of us wearing Rangers jerseys, “Let’s Go Islanders”…I yelled “Kansas City” back at him.

  40. Another aspect of what Drury brings to this team is leadership for our youngsters. A captain that leads by arriving to camp in shape, practicing hard and playing the system helps all our kids grow to their potential that much quicker. There’s a lot to learn regarding training, traveling on the road, handling the press, and just being a good teammate that is overlooked by fans who just focus on the games.


    It is really ANNOYING me that I cannot see any clips of the goals scored last night on the Rangers web site! What’s wrong with them? If pre-season doesn’t warrant it, explain the ticket prices. I want to see Gabby’s goals!

  42. I wonder what their team would be called if they moved out to KC, can’t exactly be the Isles in the middle of the country in one those big rectangular states.

  43. Kansas City Corn Huskers

    Kansas City TumbleWeeds (fitting since no one will be in the stadium)

    Kansas City Fluke (yeah they won 4 in a row, but basically they have only managed to put one good team together in their entire history)

  44. Good names and Kansas City Fluke also serves as a double entendre for a type of fish that gets made into FISHSTICKS!!!

  45. Those quotes by Tortorella give me pause. Is Brashear really a player that any fan should be embracing? He’s got a history of being a goon and had a few memorable confrontations with likable former Rangers, how can Tortorella expect the fans to just flip the switch and like him? Plus, I was watching Brashear last night and the guy is horribly out of shape, gliding/not skating. Didn’t he get the Tortorella memo? What a double standard….

  46. “Yeah, they won four in a row, but…”

    Dino, there’s really nothing you can offer as a rejoinder after the beginning of that sentence.

  47. Morning all, I wish you all a crease clearing hard hitting physical d man day!

    Right now, I don’t know what’s funnier, salty’s 5 hole issue (well the hockey references used to describe it actually) or coffee coming out of a hot chicks nose.

    Booing brashear is just stupid!!!!!

    Glad to hear more of you coming around to the rozy is really the albatross of this team, even more so than redden!!!

  48. I will give credit where its due. Redden has actually looked decent save for his first preseason game. He is controlling the puck with poise. Of course, he doesnt look 6 million a year good. Probably 2.5

  49. These local rivalries with Newark Devils and Uniondale Islanders serve them more than us. I wouldn’t care one iota if either team [or both] moves.

    The other day, Tortorella was quoted as saying, “We’re not paying him [Dubinsky] a million-eight to check.” Could someone please remind me how much Chris Drury is making again?

  50. Don't You Enver Lisin? on

    Is it me, or am I the only one with an ice boner in anticipation for the start of this season?

  51. Olga Folkyerself on

    Kansas City Cowpies-

    Can you imagine their jersey? Grass Green, with a brown logo of a generally round but undefined shape. The shoulder patch would be the south end of a cow.

  52. Olga, brilliant!

    Hey all, a heads up, ilb2001 has sent me stuff for two excellent sister blog posts. I’ll give you a heads up when they’re up. I’m sure, just like Lisin, that you have an, um, ice thingy in anticipation.

  53. glad im catchin the replay of the game right now. missed the first period.
    love that they are pushin their message boards on the feed. go talk to other ranger fans there, lol.
    gabby looks good on the pk. lethal.

  54. Torts sounds like Gainey in Montreal did when the Forum was relentlessly booing Brisbois.

    I had heard a rumor or two of Predator interest in Theo if teh Flames cut him…

  55. Compared to last year, the Rangers

    – are bigger
    – are faster
    – are tougher
    – are younger
    – have more fire-power
    – have players who will go to the net
    – seem to have a better power play
    – have an improved defense
    – have better coaching

    It should be a very good season!

    Let’s roll!

  56. I only got this game cuz of gilroy mdz and grachev and they are no where to be found! Anyone know where they are hiding???

  57. Rjam

    Check with orr, he seems to be the expert on the rosters, not sure if they are on there yet, may need the next roster update!!!!!

  58. Is Chris Drury still on this team?

    Has anyone been more invisible during the pre-season then him?

  59. theres someone sitting in my seat right now. i know i didnt see that goal by washington and i had left when everyone was singin to the BS song.
    im right behind theodore 6 rows off the ice. sec 35.
    i always wear a ridiculous color. yesterday i was wearin green, lol.

  60. Ranger4life-
    Did you watch last night’s game?
    Drury looked fine and had a few chances as i mentioned above.

    I’d venture a guess and say Dan Girardi has been FAR more invisible than Drury.

  61. RJAM

    They’re not in the game. You’re gonna have to wait until aboot mid october for the 2nd roster update. Then you’ll be able to see Grach, and Gilroy, Hedman, Tavares, and any rookies that play in the NHL or AHL.

    You’re gonna have to create Del Z though, if he doesn’t make NYR, cause he’ll be back in the OHL or what ever league. So hopefully he makes the team.


    They’re faster, more skilled, but in my opinion are not tougher. They replaces Mara, and Morris who are both semi tough, with Gilroy, and potentially Del Z.

    Teams not that tough, which worries the piss out of me.

    And that sucks that the Flames cut Theo, i was positive he was gonna get a contract. He was putting up some points, and looked decent. Damn shame, i hope he gets a contract somewhere else. I wouldn’t mind if Nyr signed him, but i don’t think there’s any room in the lineup. Unless he can play center on the 4th line.

  62. Great post Mike. I think one of the biggest improvements will be on the powerplay. The rangers are moving the puck very well and what a great shot AK had my god! Like someone said earlier with MDZ and Gilroy making those perfect passes for the one-timer I see us finally being a threat.

    I’m trying really hard not to get to excited but Gabby is a better player than I imagined. I didn’t get to see to much of him other than when the Rangers played against him but he is easily the most talented player we have had in a VERY long time. I may get blasted for this but I think as far as skill goes he is better than JJ was.

  63. Yeah I’d agree that Gabby is better than the Jagr that the Rangers got, except for the 1st year post-lockout. But he’s also a number of years younger. Jagr when he was 27 though, a better player and was more durable.

  64. Jagr when he was 27 (1998-99): 81 GP 44 G 83 A 127 PTS 66 PIM +17

    Second highest scorer on the Pens was Straka with 83 Pts and then German Titov!!! with 56 pts. No Mario that year.

  65. Yeah, he looked pretty good. Nearly had that hat trick. it’s only pre-season, but biased or not, you cannot deny that when this guy is healthy, he’s arguably top 5 in the league, definitely top 10.

    Voros said it best, he’s the NHL’s biggest secret.

    I really hope this guy can get his sh*t together, and stay fuggin healthy, cause if he can, he’s gonna do some great things. This whole season id riding on him and Hank, they need some fuggin support, so everyone needs to step up !

    It would help if Artie can put together a Prucha-like rookie season.

  66. RJAM

    Del Z wasn’t in 09, i think you’re confusing him with Sangs.

    I wish the NHL games would put the OHL, and other junior hockey leagues in the game instead of these stupid Euro leagues. It would be sick.

    And they could enter the draft each year, that would be insane ! Instead we get a couple of prospects from the Euro leagues, and some stupid losers like Jambaberg, or some no-name.

    Fuggin EA, im so pissed at them.

  67. If Artie puts together a Dubi like rookie season that would be ok. 40 pts from a rookie 3rd/4th line center is not too bad. If Lisin could pop 25 goals then that would be a pleasant surprise.

  68. JJP – Brashear isn’t out of shape, he’s skated like that since he started in the league. The fact is he’s just as tough as Colton Orr and (I can’t believe I’m saying this) has better hockey sense, especially in the offensive end. I wanted Orr back and I’m not happy about Brash’s contract, but now that it’s done, I’m happy to have him.

    Orr – are you saying the defense isn’t tough or the team? The Team is much tougher with the additions of Higgins, Boyle, Brashear, and even Lisin (hits much more than Zherdev). On defense, if we keep Semenov and DZ, then we’ll probably be just as tough as last year. DZ has a mean streak that we haven’t seen yet but he showed in juniors and Semenov likes to fight and hit. Gilroy isn’t the toughest guy, but he throws hits when he has to and he’s extremely fast. Being a former Northeastern student, when we played BU last year I would call him “Girl-roy” because of his lack of “toughness”, but either way I’m happy he’s on the team.

  69. JONNY D

    The team as a whole just isn’t tough. Boyle is a big body but he plays soft, Brash*t replaces Orr so that’s a wash, even though Orr is tougher in my opinion. Higgins is a big guy but he’s not that tough. Del Z had a mean streak in the OHL, but this is the NHL, and he was getting picked on by Lucic, and he’s smart enough to stay away from guys like him, so hopefully he doesn’t suffer from Dubi-syndrome, And same with Gilroy.

    I don’t mean tough like, everyone cant fight, im saying this team just doesn’t seem tough to me. But that’s my opinion, and i hope im wrong.

    Id hate to see us getting bullied every night.

  70. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Thanks everone for the kind words on my post
    I appreciate it!

    And Salty, your little Lindros story had me cracking up here at work.

    Guess you’ll have to get over having his sloppy seconds if you really dig this chick. DOH!!

    Not gonna be around so have a great week all


  71. Thanks for the pointers…I think it will be alright…it sucks knowing she’s been courted by someone whos skeleton compared to mine would look like 2 different species…but glad some of you enjoyed the story…hopefully it gets better.

    as for the Rangers

    – Sure, Voros looks good in pre season. He looked GREAT in the first month or regular season last year… and quickly faded away into garbage. Just sayin’… how quickly do some forget.

    -Drury has been literally INVISIBLE all preseason, besides the breakaway last night. he remains a disgrace to the sweater and the C. He’s *literally* a 3rd liner on this squad and I honestly wonder if he’d have made the team if he had no name this season.

  72. Great Post Mike!

    I actually saw the game just now. Really liked what I saw! The team looks great… Dubi was a monster all game long! Not too shabby for his first game! Can we trade Dubinsky now… Richards? Kessel? Sedin twins? Anyone? :P
    Redden looked really good…I though he really stood out in the game. Probably the best I’ve seen him play since he joined the team last season. Gaborik is GOLD! I hope everything goes his way in his career as a Ranger! This team is nothing like the team we saw last season… cant wait for the season to start! Btw, did anyone else noticed Rozi not playing on PP much at all… Torts was putting him out at the end of PP or not at all… good, I hope it stays this way… now we have players who actually don’t need to get a perfect pass to shoot the puck.

  73. Hmmm.
    I guess I’ve been watching different pre-season games than everyone else regarding Drury.
    To me, he seems quicker on the ice, buzzing a lot around the net, has had a few nice passes. Sure he has gone scoreless, but I Don’t get the “invisible” connotations. It’s just pre-season and he looks lighter on his skates and seemed to jell with both Kotalik and Higgins – although who knows where they’ll line up.

    I DO agree Drury at this point is our 3rd line center, but I think he starts the season as the 2nd line pivot – IF Prospal plays the wing, which would mean Voros might be SOL.

  74. Wow do I have a lot of posts to catch up on. But salty’s caught my eye because I had the EXACT same thing happen to me. I dated a chick who dated Lindros for a short period of time…

    Salty – hope it’s not the same chick…
    Email me man

  75. Salty, oh goodness gracious, don’t know how I missed it earlier, but just caught up with your post….I’m sorry, but it cracked me up. If you like her, go for it. I’d just eliminate that bit of info from any future chats with her.

  76. To be honesty, i actually want Voros to make the team. Maybe it’s just my hatred for Brash*t. But if he stays out of the penalty box, and on the 4th line, i mean why not, right ?

    Penalties were the reason we hated him i think. I don’t remember.

    Either way, id prefer him over Brash*t, for sure.

  77. talk aboot sloppy seconds, man! it’ll turn out MAKO dated her too! i better not say anything cuz if salty ends up marrying that chick… oh boy! :P

  78. Yeah that Theodore story was depressing, Id be surprised if he’s able to give 100% this season. Cant blame him. I wonder if VarAMov is gonna get the starter position. Sam & Hoeseph both made it seem like it was either Threeormore, or that other kid. Who knows.

    Barbaby’s such a dork, he’s already saying the Caps are gonna win the Cup. Lol, sure. The Caps with their phenomenal D, and goaltending.

  79. My seatmate is convinced Dubi won’t survive the season in a Rangers uniform because Dubi pissed off Sather. Figures Sather’s going to trade Dubi just to get back at him for holding out.

  80. Chuck

    as much as I can’t stand the Islanders. I wouldn’t want to see them moved. They have a legacy out in LI & would actually be sad if they left.

  81. Audioserf

    slap your seatmate with a show across the face… what we saw last night was a small preview of what we can expect from Brandon this season… i think he wants to show that he is worth the money.

  82. Haha, yeah I was bitching at him and said, “I’m going to laugh when he scores a goal midway through your tirate”. I like Dubi and am glad he’s signed. It was a bitch to deal with at the time but it’s locked up and now it’s time for him to shine.

  83. Lmao CCCP

    I knew the sloppy seconds were gonna come
    out. Seriously, I’m curious to know if it’s the same girl.
    The chick I dated asked me if I dates anyone famous… So I answered her honestly ( never do that by the way lol ) so I returned with the same question. And she told me she dated Lindros for a few months. She asked me if I ever heard of him. I said “oh yeah the concussed head case” lol she laughed & said “EXACTLY” …

  84. doobie gabby higgins
    drury kotalik avery
    prospal lisin callahan
    anisimov grachev brashear

    i know torts doesnt play his 4th line much, but when you have this much talent, why not make it like the yankees lineup, make it cyclical, where as the yankee line up never ends and theres no weak spot, this line up would always be a threat to score no matter which line was on the ice, in addition torts could sub gabby in place of brash to add even more offense

    what yall think?

  85. doobie gabby higgins
    drury kotalik avery
    prospal lisin callahan
    anisimov grachev brashear

    i know torts doesnt play his 4th line much, but when you have this much talent, why not make it like the yankees lineup, make it cyclical, where as the yankee line up never ends and theres no weak spot, this line up would always be a threat to score no matter which line was on the ice, in addition torts could sub gabby in place of brash to add even more offense

    what yall think?

  86. Is anyone going to watch that Gretzky documentary on October 6th, on EPSN ? It looks pretty good. I saw a preview on ESPN 2 last night.

    what could it possibly be about? if you’ve ever seen “Ultimate Gretzky”… it’s pretty much covers it all…

  87. not MD here… close call (MM)… this was in NY they dated? did it get in your head at all?

    it does now seem like both the girls were pretty “over” him…

  88. Orr – Boyle is anything but soft. I watched the guy play for 4 years of college and the last 2 years on the Kings, and he hits, he fights, and he’s a tough MF. I hated him so much when he was on BC just because of how borderline dirty he was. At his size he was just pretty much a bully on the ice, and then out of nowhere he’d score or setup a goal and it’d get on my nerves even more.

    He hasn’t shown it yet because he’s trying to build a better rep on the Rangers than he did with the Kings, but when push comes to shove and the games matter, Boyle will probably be one of the toughest guys on the team, easy.

  89. This is so cute, watching you all chat over Salty’s girl problems. All we’re missing are barstools and a beer :)

    btw, all, ilb2001 is now up on sister blog ( and he’ll be up again tomorrow with part 2. thanks buddy!

  90. Salty, MAKO- is it possible that Lindros’ recurrent concussion issues was due to her…uhm .. involvement ? If yes, Salty make sure your medical insurance coverage is sufficent. And start selling your season tickets.
    On a serous note, I think her name or even initials should not appear on this blog, that’s just too private.

  91. funny you mention privacy… something tells me you wouldn’t have any concern if we posted pictures of the ladies in question…!

  92. Salty

    She lived in Philly for a few years. I dated her in 2001. By the way she talked about him … it was she was just his flavor of the month and was an arrogant douchebag. But it didn’t really bother me, I felt bad that he treated her the way he did. We didn’t talk about it much but the intimacy part was in the back of my head from time to time. It will go away the closer you two get & bond. Especially of she’s a good woman…

    Yikes that WAS close.

  93. Ilb2001

    that’s why I asked Salty to email me.. He probably didn’t see me post my
    email address…

    But again salty if you want to talk
    about it… Email me…

  94. Pardon the bad grammar… I’m posting through my iPhone it’s a pain in the butt to type on this thing…

  95. The impression I got was that she dated him within the last year or two.

    It’s intimidating… but I’m not going to let it throw me too hard… could be an epic slaying.

  96. MAKO- tell me about the iphone, man… I’m hoping they come up with some good voice recognition stuff soon. And how about typing and driving? Forget the grammar.. J/K

  97. Ilb2001

    I used to be able to type & drive on my treo – but no way would I ever attempt to do that now on this thing lol but the voice control works well for me for everything else. Don’t forget about the lastest upgrade today ;)

  98. Well Staal and all, I’m out of here. Phew, what a week. Have a great game winning, hard hitting crease clearing d-man of a weekend (I think I screwed that up, sorry Wicky, that’s what I get for trying to plagerize)

    Ta! and don’t forget to check out ilb2001 today and tomorrow on sister blog.

  99. JONNY

    Yeah, but that’s College, it’s a whole new world when it comes to the NHL. He hasn’t been able to hold a spot on the Kings roster because of this reason alone. Maybe Torts can help him change his game around, cause he does have some offensive talent, and can be a good replacement for Betts.


    I haven’t seen it, but this is up-to date, new interviews and stuff. Peter Berg is doing it, he’s that Friday Night Lights guy. Eh, maybe it’ll be good.

    Although i did see Slats in it, so if you’re easily grossed out by his face, then you should skip it.

    And i have to mention, Megan Fox, again, as always, looked fuggin hot as the depths of hell last night on Jimmy Fallons show. Cant wait for SNL tomorrow.

  100. laurel

    It’s ok, it was the thought that counted!!!!


    isn’t orr dating megan fox…he could give you advice on the star dating circuit or the “seconds” dating circuit perhaps.

  101. Actually maybe the Gretzky thing will cover his PHX resigning, etc… will have to peep that out

    but I will steer clear of orrs “advice” which I’m guessing would be something like “just whip it out”…

  102. he Daily News has confirmed through a team source that the Flyers will indeed waive defenseman Randy Jones at some point this weekend. The move did not take place by today’s noon deadline but can take place at any time, though it does not become effective until noon the following day.

    Jones has been a target of speculation since he did not live up to the 2-year, $6 million extension he signed after the 2007-08 season. His $2.75 million cap hit was an expensive one for the Flyers to swallow in his hip injury-riddled campaign last season when he only played in 47 games.

    “Waiver rumors are waiver rumors,” Jones said after today’s skate at the Flyers Skate Zone in Voorhees. “It hasn’t happened so why think about it. Until it happens, that’s the only reaction I’d be able to give.”

    Jones added: “I’m not nervous at all. I haven’t talked to [Flyers general manager Paul Holmgren] at all.”

    The plan would be for the Flyers to send Jones to the Phantoms, where he could play if he is not claimed by a team within 24 hours. Rumors have the New York Rangers interested in Jones’ services, though they too are hamstrung by the cap.

    If the Rangers – or any team – decide to take Jones on his way down to the Phantoms, they would be responsible for his entire salary for the year. If they wait and take him on re-entry waivers back into the NHL, the two teams would split Jones’ cap hit for the season.

  103. Rick (No, not that one) on

    oh please.

    I still think a deal is coming. We have way too many d-men in the system. Hartford has 13 still on its roster.
    Somethings got to give.

  104. SALTY

    Nah, i don’t think it will have anything. The documentary is pretty much done filming, and this just happened yesterday.

    I bet Berg wishes he would have waited just a little longer to start shooting, then maybe he could have gotten something.

    But who knows, maybe they’ll have a little something.

  105. Orr – Boyle couldn’t stay up with the Kings because they had Kopitar, O’Sullivan (2 years ago), Handzus, Stoll, and Moller. Plus it wasn’t his toughness, it was his mental toughness if anything. He took too many stupid penalties at both the NHL and AHL level so Terry Murray didn’t see him fitting in with the team. It wasn’t so much the talent outside of him keeping his cool and staying outside of the box.

    The Kings are my favorite team out West since the lockout so I know almost as much about that team as I do about the Rangers. I’m not saying I’m 100% right on it, but this is what Murray said about Boyle before he got traded.

  106. Bar Refaeli… she an average looking Jewish girl… Brighton Beach is full of those…with make up and professional photography even i will look good!

  107. Orr…
    Megan Fox just called and wants everyone to know that she will never use a “sex toy” (her words) for any amount of money.

  108. JBytes
    September 25th, 2009 at 12:32 pm
    These local rivalries with Newark Devils and Uniondale Islanders serve them more than us. I wouldn’t care one iota if either team [or both] moves.

    The other day, Tortorella was quoted as saying, “We’re not paying him [Dubinsky] a million-eight to check.” Could someone please remind me how much Chris Drury is making again?


    late to the party but just had to give JBytes mad props on that line!!! Excellent!!

  109. That’s a relief. I hate sex toys, damn sex toys to hell n back !!!


    She’s pretty hot, at least i think so.


    I don’t know. Boyle was around before Moller, Stoll, Handzus, Simmonds, etc. He showed he had offensive talent, but i still think it was his lack of toughness, and you’re right, probably mental toughness had more to do with it, who knows. But he had his chances, and all of these guys brought that part of the game into their game, minus Zues, and Stoll, since they’re Vets, and automatically get the start, but guys like Moller, and Simmonds,

  110. saw that article on Megan Fox. She will be playing tambourines with U2.

    I was waiting for a “click here to see them”

  111. Orr –
    I have been holding back – met Ms. Fox once.
    Not as Impressive in person.
    in fact, the difference is shocking.

    She is a carefully marketed gal.
    That’s all.

  112. Seriously, Megan’s 5 Minutes are about up.

    “Jennifer’s Body” has tanked – even by the lowest estimates, she’s pissed off half of Hollywood by believing her own hype, and she has no talent besides having a great stylist and publicist.

    me? I was totally turned off by her chain smoking and trampiness.

    At the same party I met Megan at, Jessica Biel was there with Timberlake. With very little makeup, Biel BLOWS fox away. Timberlake has incredible taste.

    I predict Megan Fox will be like Lohan or Dunst in 3 years.
    Megan who?

    And Orr?
    Don’t you have any other adjectives besides “Fugg”?

  113. Back to hockey –

    i think the Devils made a GREAT signing in Rob Niedermayer.
    he fits Jacques’ system and mindset perfectly.

  114. Wicky, thanks..I did OK I think

    Rob E…wants back to hockey. I agree but the day is long now and there’s been so much chat about so much stuff (Salty, any updates?) we must digress here at RR every now and then.

    Season is coming all, it’s so close. Be good late nighters. Feel the love….:)

  115. ha – I want nothing!
    Thought I was perpetuating off topic banter – tried to jump back before the haters rose up!

    heck – no one has power over Orr and his Fox Fixation.
    Even I know that!

  116. Thanks, Laurel.
    I may not know much, but certain truths hold fast.

    (BTW, ORR –
    I saw a poster of the Photoshopped “Megan Fox as Superwoman” pic at a street fair on 8th ave. last weekend – IMMEDIATELY thought of you! – it was only $10!)

  117. Salty- that was the funniest thing I’ve read this friggin year. Holy jeezus my face hurts from laughing. Sorry bud. Good luck with that

  118. CCCP
    Thanks a lot.Guy obviously has an eye for routine life. Very colorful,nostalgic and plenty – pictorial encyclopedia of Odessa’s life. Sad pleasure…

  119. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Gaborik , take us to the promise land !!!!… says Greg L. on

    Ummm Rob , back to hockey? …and you mention the Devils? That more like back to the cartoon network to Watch Mickey Mouse run by Goofy!!

  120. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Daniel J
    September 25th, 2009 at 10:36 am
    Another aspect of what Drury brings to this team is leadership for our youngsters. A captain that leads by arriving to camp in shape, practicing hard and playing the system helps all our kids grow to their potential that much quicker. There’s a lot to learn regarding training, traveling on the road, handling the press, and just being a good teammate that is overlooked by fans who just focus on the games.

    When this is the only aspect of the game you can give credit to a player for, he definitely is over-rated and over-payed. EVERY player is expected to come into camp in shape, those that don’t will be Keith Tkachuk’d or sent to the minors. The only guy on this team who doesn’t fit the attributes you describe is Sean Avery, and even he has found a way to be EXTREMELY media friendly since game 6 of the playoffs. Not to mention that Avery and Gilroy are considered to be the most ‘fit’ players in camp… so, i’m not sure what you’re trying to prove, but get over him. Drury is over rated and all of us, minus one guy, now see it.

  121. ZZZZ

    Still sicker than a dog, but feeling well enough today to type. Thanks for asking, how the hell are you doing???

  122. Greg

    what happened to you? why didnt you share the story of how you became a rangers fan? i was actually looking forward to hear it but you didnt share… shame on you!

  123. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Gaborik , take us to the promise land !!!!… says Greg L. on

    well CCCP , I didn’t know if ya were being sarcastic so I didn’t wanna ramble on again..haha and it could be a long story. If I ever guest blog maybe that would be my topic?

    Lets just say back in the early 80’s , down here in Canada (western)the Islanders were more advertised than the Rangers ever were. I didn’t know nothing about the Rangers just that they traded Rejo Rusulanian with Edmonton alot.

    I was raised on hockey , my step dad and I would watch it every saturday night. He hated Slat’s smirk as coach and always told me he was a jerk as a hockey player.

    Like I have said before , we have no NHL team here in Sask and I will never cheer for a rival province becauce it conflicts with my football team. If I were to choose between the two , I’d take the Rangers though.

    Why the Rangers?…yeah that would be a longer story.

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