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“I love the fat boy!” (name that speaker)

Well, you all had quite a night here I see from the previous post. Shall we start loving and fresh today?  First, congrats again to all the guest bloggers to far, and advance congrats to those who follow until Carp returns from vacation. You’ve all done a great job keeping the conversation going and keeping this blog the hottest thing off ice (bad metaphor, but whatever, it’s early still).

So, since Carp let me have today I’ve been wracking my brain to come up with something brilliant, different, wonderful, to knock all the other great guests out of the blogesphere!

Sorry, not gonna happen. As I said in previous post, this week I’ve been Malarchuck’d at work. I’ve got the Saint Louis Blues across the neck.

Still…I am a Ranger…And I have a question. Why are you?

Despite Slats, and the Dolans, and the trades, and the near misses and the big misses, and the paltry Cups, we all still live, breathe and fight over this team. Yeah, other sports teams and fans have their issues (hello Chicago and formerly Boston! And the Jets, poor Jets)…but this is hockey! Who cares about that, right?

So, on a pre-game slow day, what’s your answer? Explain your bone/knuckleheaded devotion to this team and sport. Winner gets a T-shirt from Paws & Claws :)

FYI, a new post will be started before game tonight so you can go nuts afresh.

P.S. Craig, props to you for last night’s response.


Hey, it’s Carp. Thanks, Laurel.

Here’s the latest on Avery, courtesy of the Rangers’ site.

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  1. very interesting….Messier and scout in dallas last nite to watch stars and panthers!! Dallas paper had it!

  2. well after 30 years – why stop now! LOL!

    It’s the memories and the legacies. The hits and the joys. The fans and that fanatics. The blood of NYC.

    And to anyone else was in NYC during the ’94 cup run- well that’s all you need to remember :)


  3. I am a die hard Ranger fan because still to this day, over 15 years later, anytime, and I mean anytime I think about that night Mess and Co. hoisted the cup (i was 8 years old at the time) and JD explaimed “And this one will last a lifetime” I get chills running up and down my spine. “Being a Ranger” for me is truly something that will last a lifetime, if anything, with the hopes of being able to see my boys raise that shiney cup once more.

  4. After 30 plus years as a Ranger fan, living through all the ups, downs, the Cup and non-playoff years. I can only attribute my devotion to the Ranges to one thing. It’s a disease.

  5. Although I am a frequent visitor to the blog, this is one of my first posts.
    For as long as I can remember, NYR has been my passion. I’ll never forget having my dad tell me that I needed to go to bed after the second period because I had school the next morning. Even though he would send me to bed, I would always stay up and listen to the radio broadcast of the game. My Dad had raised me to be a blueshirt fanatic. Seeing my Dad make the trip to Vancouver for Game 6 and do whatever he could to go to Game 7, and making trips to Philly during the mid 90’s to go see the Blueshirts play in the playoffs, it really made me realize that Ranger fans are the greatest in the world.
    I can not wait to pass down the Ranger legacy to my children and hopefully tell them stories about what I did to make sure that I would see the Rangers lift the Stanley Cup

  6. good am… did i become such a die hard ranger fan-i will try to keep this as short as possible… father is a huge baseball fan (brooklyn dodgers) so ever since i was a lirtle boy i was heavily involved in sports…i saw how happy my dad was whenever sports was around him….in the early 90s my dad’s clients (i presume frustrated ranger season ticket holders) would offer him seats to 3-5 games a year and the day of the game i was so excited to head into the city and see the blueshirts play….i loved awaiting the 20-20 flash on WFAN (way back when the station mentioned hockey)to hear a scouting report on the game….so we had our ritual 3-5 games a year i would get home from school around 3, we would head into nyc grab a sandwich and then head off to the garden-there was screaming, cursing, angry, dedicated fans all around me (16years later that has turned into me in section 309…..i was probably only a ranger fan 3-4 years before winning the cup and just that spring alone suckered me in for life….as a 29 year old now, when you think of seth you think of the rangers as well if you know me fairly well…. the rangers are in my blood-my family, my fiance, my friends know how “DIEHARD” i have become….they know another season is about to begin they know to stay out of my way and not bother me when the rangers are playing!


  7. As a 5 year old, I listened to my father swear at Rod Seiling and Jim Neilson. Fast forward 40 years, we substitute those names for Rozsival and Redden, but not much has changed except for one sweet spring.

    I just don’t know any other way…

  8. I guess I was born a Ranger fan, didn’t have much of a choice. Some of my earliest memories are of my father (RIP) reading to me between periods when I was a tike. As I got a little older, the train rides in to the city and the pure energy of the Garden captivated me. I grew up on LI in the early 80’s when everyone was an Islander fan, but they can keep their four cups, nothing beats being a Ranger fan.

  9. I also have to thank Sam Rosen and John Davidson as well-these two are class acts and they have definitely been a main factor in helping me become obsessed with this team….they made the game so fun to watch…..(I honestly get the chills every opening night in the garden, i got the chills on messier night, leetch night, richter night, graves night and I can watch moments, highlights, replays from 1994 over and over and over again and i cannot control my emotions)…SO THANK YOU FROM ALL OF US SAM AND JD AND NOW JOE AND DAVE AND KENNY AND JOHN AND AL! THANK YOU GUYS

  10. My dad has been a lifelong Ranger’s fan, so it was easily passed on to me. The company that he used to work for had season tix in Loge 30, which changed to section 69 after the renovations….Right next to press box. There was no better feeling as a kid than when Dad would come home with Rangers tickets. Walking down 8th Ave, into the Garden, seeing the famous ceiling as soon as you walked in. What a rush.

  11. Funkhouser’s sister loves the fat boy!

    I remember watching Peter Puck and the cup finals in 72 as a 6 year old. I was forever hooked on the Rangers ever since. I really love the Giants in football, but a NYG Super Bowl win doesn’t even come close to a NYR Cup win. Watching game 7 last night, of the 94 finals, still brings tears. Incredible how this team has me hooked. There is no logical explanation.

  12. i became a hockey fan in 1993. I was the ripe old age of 12. I learned about the game playing roller hockey in the school yard (and became a decent goalie in the process) due to my size. (i’m now 6’5 and cant play goalie anymore) haha. So anyways, went to a few games in 94 (my first being the home opener that season). I just happened to get into the sport at the right time. The final two weeks of the season, and the playoffs, were a thing of LEGEND. I still cant believe I saw with my own adolescent eyes what was happening. Then on June 14, 1994, the NY rangers were Stanley Cup Champions. Mind you.. this was also the day of my Thirteenth Birthday. Ever since that moment in time, I’ve had an unexplainable connection to this team, and pray for another Stanley Cup clinching Birthday before i Turn 30 :)

  13. Because even if they are being blown out again and are not in the playoff hunt, if they score one goal I can still cheer and wait for the next little bit of hope.

  14. Because I’ve loved the sound of speeding skates on ice since I was little. On cold clear winter nights, my Dad used to sit out in the car to pick up distant AM stations to hear games broadcast from Boston. When I was old enough to know the difference, I rejected his team—the Bruins—for the superior team, The New York Rangers. An opponent of expansion, he always said, “At least you’re Original Six.” (When a friend heard that we cheered for rival teams, he said, “Same religion, different church.” Beautifully put.)

    Being at the games fills cheerless winters with excitement and comraderie. Also, I think it’s human nature to follow a story. For some people, it’s Law + Order or a series of mystery novels or a subscription to the opera. For me it’s the spectacle of hockey, including the day-to-day drama of the players, not just the results of the games. It’s also an offbeat choice in the United States, almost cult-like in its fans’ devotion. I like hockey fans!

    As for why the Rangers? Besides rejecting a parent’s preference? Only because New York City is the de facto capital of the universe and what youngster wouldn’t want to align themselves with that glamorous cache?

    Thanks for asking! And sorry I went on so long. Looking for a new job is tiresome. I’ve really enjoyed all the guest posts. And I’m grateful that hockey is back to take the edge off being unemployed.

  15. Why? Because I’m not a front runner. Loyalty means you take the good with the bad. I’ve been a Ranger fan since I was 12. Did I give up on them when they lost to the Bruins in ’72? The Habs in ’79? Did I give up on them in the mid 70’s when they were battered and bloodied by the Flyers? Did I give up on them when Long Island got a team? How about when The Colorado Rockies moved to my state and became the Devil Dogs? Did I switch alliances like my friends, and father? No I tell ya! Would you dump your wife if she made a bad meal? Well, maybe :) You pick a team and stay loyal!

  16. Hello RR world! I read this blog everyday (more like 5 times a day) and it has been the only thing that has gotten me through the long summer. I haven’t felt the need to post my thoughts until now. I’m a female so it may get a little sentimental here, but I’m sure mine won’t be the only one.

    I’m a Ranger because this team means more to me then hockey. It means family. My parents’ first date was a Rangers game that they snuck into. Now although they aren’t together anymore the Rangers bring us all together. We just went to the preseason game on Monday together.

    The Rangers have made my Dad and I closer. Games are Daddy daughter time. I am fortunate to live right behind the garden so when tickets fell into my dad’s hands he would call me and I would meet him in front of krispy kreme before the game. He just bought a partial plan package and I am so looking forward to the games with him.

    That’s why I’m a Ranger, family.

    Happy Hockey everyone! I can’t wait for the season to officially start! Thanks for getting me through this long long summer!

  17. Well being a good English boy i was born on skates and grew up with an ice rink in my backyard built by my dad and me and my 3 brothers would skate 2 on 2 all night every night until momma would call us in for Supper…..oops, sorry stealing the Staal’s boyhood stories!!

    As i was born in England, our main sports are Football (soccer), Rugby and Cricket so as i spent my childhood playing soccer (and being cr*p at the other 2) and riding bikes and skateboards, Ice Hockey was not something that was around.
    I got interested in it about 12 years ago on a trip to New York, i decided i had go to MSG to watch the Rangers (with Gretzky at the time) and was hooked instantly and have followed it ever since. About a year after that the British Ice Hockey league started to re-market itself and build small arenas of 2500 and my interest for live ice hockey was sated somewhat, while i used the wonders of the internet (and occasional Satellite TV program) to keep me uptodate with the Rangers.

  18. HockeymanRangers on

    NY Ranger forever.

    My story starts out with my son being about 4 or 5 years old 92 or 93, he was going to a babysitters Mon – Fri. And they had some older boys that were into hockey, that got him interested. I was never into hockey at all before this, more of a football fan ( NY JETS, holding my breath still). But the boy and I started playing in the driveway and in the hallway at our apartment complex. And then my boss gave me 2 tickets to the Binghamton Rangers my first pro hockey game. Liked it and kept going after that, started watching the NYRangers on television. And went from being a semi football fan to a fanatic Hockey fan.
    ( I have said this b/f “ my poor wife’) So now the 93 94 season was about to happen and ahhhh something happened that year, I forget ??? Something really big for the Rangers HMMM. Any way, ever since then I have been and always will ( sorry honey!!!) be a NY Ranger. The boy went on to play up to his senior year in high school and became a defenseman who happened to be named (05) Brian. Go Rangers OCTOBER 2ND can come soon enough.

  19. I’ve been a rabid fan since the mid 80’s (Kelly Kisio, anyone?), and 94 was sure sweet but one event made me realize I’m a Ranger for life.

    Sometime in the early 2000’s the islanders were holding a a promo at the Mausoleum during the Christmas Season: If you dress up like Santa you can skate on the ice between periods. So a hundred Santas are skating around when these two guys pull off their Santa suits revealing their Ranger sweaters, pumping their fists in the air. A brawl ensued.

    I don’t think any team in any sport has such crazy, funny and devoted fans. I like that.

  20. Laurel …

    Two Words ….. Mike Richter. When I first saw him play in 1990 on TV when i was eight years old (I was a Flyers fan then, supporting the home team since I live in South Jersey) I became a Rangers immediately.

    That team had Richter, Leetch, and Mike Gartner on it, which are still my 3 favorite Rangers to date (in that order also). Needless to say, my dad was pretty pissed when I started wanting to collect nothing but Rangers hockey cards and such.


    Thanks for the healthy debate yesterday to my slightly, controversial blog. Some of you directly asked me questions and options yesterday,and to be honest I wanted to lay-low and just let the post do it’s thing. I didnt want to start arguing of defending parts of it because thats not why I wrote it. I wanted everyone else to weigh in and not have me trample all over my own post

  21. How I got hooked – early morning practices upstairs in the casino rink at Playland for the New Rochelle Lightning, while the big guys skated below us on the main rink. My first year was when I was 7 years old…the year of the ’94 run. Saturday and Sunday mornings I’d be standing along the boards in between skating drills peering down through the glass at the most amazing skaters I’ve ever seen in my life. One day after practice my friends and I all went downstairs with our jerseys on and Graves, Kovalev, Kocur and Lowe took a picture with us.

    The smile on all our faces with guys we all wished we could be, thats why I’m a Ranger.

  22. Bam Bam loves the fat boy!

    My Ranger addiction pt2: I can really thank Suffolk Cable in part for my Rangers obsession. My parents got cable in 75 and HBO was on ch 3 and ch 6 was dead air until 6pm when old cartoons would play. (Hector Heathcote)

    Then at 7:30 cartoons would end and the screen would go black for a second until a live feed from MSG would kick in with the Rangers “home” song. I was pretty lucky to be able to watch home games on Long Island. My buddy, who lived in Brooklyn, told me that in the 70’s you couldn’t watch home games in Queens and Brooklyn, you had to go to a bar in Manhattan and watch the home games on closed circuit TV. So I watched all the home games on ch 6 and road games on WOR ch 9. Bill Chadwick also had a local call in hockey show on ch 6. My dad would also take me to some games, he wasn;t a fan but an oil salesman and he would take some corp tiks home. As a kid, I would always yell out “Yeah” everytime the Rangers scored. I woke my parents up plenty of times when the Rangers were on a West coast trip. I remember the glorious feeling when Murder Murdoch scored the OT winner vs Buffalo in game 2 of a best of 3 series. They lost the next game of course. Then that incredible team in 1979, beating the islanders and playing for the cup. I could go on and on but I was hooked on the Rangers as a kid and it has never gone away.

    My wife doesn’t understand it. She just knows that when a game is on, I am not to be disturbed. The Rangers are my team, it doesn’t matter who wears the sweater, I’m a fan of the Rangers. It’s an addiction that I can’t live without.

  23. I immigrated to this country when I was 5 years old from Paraguay, South America. 1 of my first and now a life long friends is a Croation kid whose family was all diehard Ranger fans. I think all it really took was a couple Tie Domi fights to hook me. Now I’m 26 and my whole family is all about the Rangers. Like most of you here I still get chills when I watch the old 94 games. LET’S GO RANGERS!!!

  24. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Gametime Today !!!!… says Greg L. on

    Goodmorning Laurel , awsome guest post , well said and full of Ranger news!!!

    Raquel , Awsome story !! Post more often ,yer always welcome here!!!

    Ra Ra Rangers!!!!!!!!!

  25. Unlike a lot of people here I don’t have the inherited tradition since neither of my parents were that interested professional sports. So I grew up picking my own teams to root for. In my early childhood we didn’t go to any hockey games for the simple reason that I believe my mom didn’t like the cold and thought it was too violent a sport.

    After an ice skating trip in middle school I was determined to learn to play the sport and started following the Rangers. My first season of truly following the team was Messier’s first year and it wasn’t until the playoffs vs the Pens that I learned about the tortured history of the franchise.

    Fortunately my developing rabidness with the Rangers coincided with my mom’s modest ascension up the corporate ladder where she was able to get really good tickets to several games a year (right along the railing of the entrance to the locker room, basically the seats where Neil Smith and Rudy G were sitting for the finals). My primary sports passion had been baseball but that game had started to move a little too slow for me and hockey certainly filled that void. I marveled at th experience of how loud the crowd echoed at the Garden during the 1994 season.

    I was fortunate to not have to witness some of the dark period of the late 90’s as I was out of state at college. After college, with corporate seats no longer at my disposal and scant extra funds for games during the first half of this decade I went a long time between going to games.

    The game that really brought everything back for me was the clinching game of the Atlanta series in 2007. I jumped on ticketmaster when the tickets went on sale and was only able to get one seat but I figured I’d be in the company of 18,000 friends either way. As the third period dwindled down to it’s final moments and hearing the crowd sing “Na na na, na na na, hey hey hey, Good Bye!!!” I was instantly taken back to being a young teenager discovering what it meant to be part of something special.

  26. I am a Ranger fan because my late uncle Michael was a Ranger fan. My uncle was a good hockey player himself, and I always aspired to be just like him. He was a great football player, and I went to as many of his high school games as I could. To this day, people still remind me about how good he really was.

    Unfortunately, he was killed in 2002. He had a passion for animals and was an animal handler at the Pittsburgh Zoo. One morning while walking an elephant around the park, the animal turned on him and crushed him. I think about my uncle during every game, and even when blogging I think about what he would say if he could read my posts (as absurd as they sometimes are).

    He was my hero. And his allegiance to the NYR, inspired mine. Now, when I watch the games at home, I watch them my son Michael under my arm. Maybe someday he will be big Ranger fan too. . . . .

  27. New Mexico NYR Fan on

    I am born and raised in New Mexico, but started playing hockey around 4 years old. My family is from New York and I started to watch Rangers games around 1989. I was 12 years old when they won the Cup and I still rememeber it today. I have only seen in person 3 games my whole life, but watch every game on TV. I have been around for the ups and downs of this team. Sam and JD I will always see as the voice of the Rangers. I will never root for any other team, hence why last year I got the Ranger symbol tattooed on my leg.. I am a Ranger for life!

  28. Ha, Thats pretty Sweet. That website is one that I check when im doing my rounds of here, Newsday, NY Post, TSN, and such. I havent got there yet, but thanks for the heads up

  29. Wow, that’s a good question. Why am I still a Ranger fan?

    When you consider that I live about 50 miles from Raleigh and play hockey in Raleigh it would be easy to go to Hurricanes games and become a fan.

    However, I just can’t do it. I’ve followed the Rangers since I’ve started following hockey in the early 70s. There were times after I moved to NC in the early 80s when hockey news was tough to come by. There was no NHL team here then and no internet. The newspapers around here didn’t pay much attention to hockey.

    Still, I found a way to keep up with the Rangers. It’s the only team that I’ve been a fan of and just can’t see myself rooting for anyone else.

  30. Apparently the Flyers traded prospect Patrik Hersley to Nashville, to clear space for Blair Betts.

    The Flyers were at 49 official contracts and didnt want to make Betts their 50th and have no wiggle room, so Hersley is out and Betts is soon to be in, and they still have 1 more allowable contract

  31. I am a Rangers fan because in 1994 I watched my first hockey game ever, on my birthday, June 14 – and fell in love with the game. I still remember that first game vividly and fell in love with Leetch, Richter and Messier. I went right out after that game (living in Tampa) and signed up for youth hockey Ice hockey (I had just turned 11) and made my mom buy me jerseys and pads and the works. I have been playing hockey now since 1994 all because of that one game that I accidentally flipped past 15 years ago.

    Go Rangers!

  32. 4everanger September 24th, 2009 at 9:45 am

    Where is Kaspar?…
    Found him playing LW in our archenemy system – Philthy Flyers, ladies and gentleman.



    what do you mean dude? kaspar is alive? lol

  33. came across this on a website called hitsdailydouble:
    Industry vet Mark DiDia exits his post at Island Def Jam Records. He is currently evaluating offers from the New York Yankees to be a playoff scout and the New York Rangers for GM.

    anyone heard about this?

  34. That Messier thing is interesting. Richards is definitely not an option at this point, so it must be a d-man. Torts has said he wants another Vet. But he has also said that he likes Semenov, and Gilroy is playing to dam good to make the team.

  35. As a kid, Bill “the Big Whistle” Chadwick made it fun to watch a game that was new to me. I was a big baseball fan because it was force fed to us all, but as soon as my dad introduced me to hockey I was hooked.
    A year later, I went to my first game and was in heaven. The next year, my dad took me to a Ranger practice at Rye Playland and I was mesmerized. I stood there after the practice getting autographs from Giacomin, Park, Hatfield, Tkachuk, Stemmer, The Indian, Vickers…. it was totally surreal. There were these gigantic people who I idolized and they came out and not only signed my yearbook, but took the time to say a few words to me. In fact, Gilles Villemure sat with me for about 10 minutes (although it seemed like an hour!!) and he actually talked to me about ME, and was a kind and humble man as they all were… even though an hour before they were all “Supermen” out on the ice !!!
    I left that ice rink that day and said to my dad that it was the greatest day of my life…… I have been a NY Ranger addict ever since. Through the great years, the almosts, The “shoot the puck Barry’s”, the washed out greats who came here to die!, the scratch your head draft picks, 25 years of Potvin Sucks chants, The Reijo Routsaleinin cannon shots, the 1 cup in all my 45 years, The awful Sassoon commercials, Amarante and his toupee, and even Malik…… good stuff, bad stuff and indifferent….. I will still stand in front of my seat October 3rd with my hand over my heart for the National Anthem…. proud to be an American, Proud to be a Ranger….. and always remembering that special day with my dad !!!
    Thanks Laurel for such a great idea for today’s blog…. and great reading everyone’s great stories !!!

  36. Hey Gang and Laurel…just checking in cause now my damn home computer is infected and I can’t log on…so pissed.

    Laurel…simply put I follow this “team” I don’t follow the front office crap! In the league, most are terrible outside of maybe Detroit.
    I bleed Blue, and want my players to play well and succeed, and when they suck, I have every right to bitch and complain!

  37. CCCP
    Kaspar is alive and well, standing 6’2″, 225 lb in the Flies locker. He is 24 years old and possess strange first name – Lukas. I’m joking, but it is true…like funny facts.

  38. My addiction started when I was 10 years old. Here in Sweden – where I live – they used to have this great show on every night called “Slagskott” (swedish for slapshot) which summed up all of the games from the previous night (7 hr time difference). I remember sitting in my dads room watching his tiny TV and just getting blown away by the game, and by that 94′ team. After a heard the news that they won my dad found what was probably the only NHL merchandise in Sweden, a ranger flag without knowing about my love for the team. It seemed to predetermined that I would be a Rangers fan.

    15 years later I still get chills before every game, I still get nervous on every PK, still get my hopes up about every trade, still bash out on sather after every trade went bad, still feel like I’m there with you New Yorkers at the drop of the puck.

    Just got my first child, and I keep whispering to him; “whatever you choose, think about your old mans love for the Rangers” and maybe he’ll be the next Leetch, who knows.

    Thanks Laurel, great to get to be nostalgic for a moment. And great to all of your stories.

    Lets go Rangers.

  39. I’ve always been a casual hockey fan but it wasn’t until my boyfriend came along 5 years ago that I became a rabid Ranger fan. he was a fan because his grandfather was a fan. I grew up playing floor hockey in gym class and street hockey with friends but never really followed much on TV. I did however used to go to live IHL games whenever we visited my grandparents in Missouri. Go Kansas City Blades! Anyone remember them?? The only hockey I know well is post lock out hockey but I still have a passion for this game and it’s history. I even shelled out the extra $6 to cablevision so I could have the NHL network. I absolutely love watching the vintage games and it makes me wish I had really gotten into this sport sooner.

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  41. 2 tickets for tonights game. Section 424 Row E
    Blue Seats center ice. (You know where I mean!)

    $25 for the pair: $12.50 each!! $37 face value, 49.50 each at the box office.

    Two of my Rangers seasons tickets. Meet in Penn Station or around MSG before the game 5:30 to 6:15 or so.

    Just posted them on Craigslist, won’t last long at that price.

  42. BTW, how do you like Russian playboy billionaire Prokhorov buying Nets? May be our Rangers are next? At least than we can finally fire Slats and buy Lord Stanley Champaign goblet. Be aware-the Russians are coming!

  43. gardenfaithfulinfla on

    Growing up 5 miles from Playland and skating at the rink, I was aware what was going on with the Rangers through the years but never followed them closely. In 1990 I went to my first game at the Garden. The seats were 2nd row in between the penalty boxes. From that moment on I was completed and totally hooked! During the Cup Run, the team had their team dinners and meetings at a very good friend’s restaurant. I would see them there quite often which helped fuel my loyalty – a great group of guys. Even when I moved here – the only time I could see a televised game was when they played the Panthers. Before the dish and Center Ice, I would actually ‘suit up’ and listen to the radio broadcast on my computer. Now I have MSG Network and Center Ice and I haven’t missed a game pre-season, season and post-season in the past 2 years. And proud of it!!! Let’s Go Rangers!

  44. Quite a night, huh? I’m gonna have to go back and check it out.

    Laurel – I’m devoted to this team basically because I love to watch hockey and I live in New York. It is the most exciting sport out there, and I’m guessing my dad got me into watching the Rangers, since I’ve been watching for as long as I can remember. It’s OK because I’m used to disappointment watching the Mets and Jets. At least I like the Giants, too!

    Just a reminder to everybody in the blog’s Lisin to Torts or Else fantasy hockey league: draft is this Sunday at 8:00 p.m. ET. YAY!

  45. Laurel, what did you start? I have a feeling that you knew exactly which button to push. After all you’re talking to a large group of grown up men and women with a little…uhm addiction. We all started for some reason. Not everybody remembers or wants to share.
    Why am I still a fan? Love them, then hate them! Then love them again. It’s unconditional. The answer is simple: just BECAUSE!

  46. IF the same 23 in right now open the season. When is the last time the Rangers had 4 rookies on their team to start the season?

  47. Hey all, had to step for a while, but I’m back. Darn, I wanted to break the news about Gretzky….not to take away from my happily successful post, but what do we think of that?

    P.S. The Curb guessers are close, but not quite. Yes, technically Bam Bam said it to Jeff, but it was actually Funkhauser who spoke the line….whee, that was fun!

  48. This doesn’t bode well for Sanguinetti’s future with this team. With the depth of the Rangers D prospects not making the team this year is a major development in Sangs future. By next year Del Zotto will be in the NHL for sure, if not this year, and Ryan McDonagh might be ready for the NHL as well. Plus Heikkinen, Sauer, and Nigel Williams might also be in position to make the team.

    Then again, Sangs could be called up later in the year and secure a spot on the team, but not getting one out of camp shows the organization might be losing faith.

  49. My first sports memory is going to a Rangers game (3-3 tie with Tornoto I believe in ’92) with my family. Rangers hockey was one of the first things my family shared all together, and later we got to be there for Game 7 in 94. I don’t know why I put up with this team, but I do. I think part of it is knowing that there is an incredible community of people equally as obsessed as me out there, yelling at their tv, thinking up trades during work, and dreaming, just dreaming about winning another cup. I’m a Rangers fan and a hockey fan because there is nothing more fun than a Rangers game, hearing the fans, and knowing that even though the rest of the world and sports media couldn’t give half a crap about the NHL, we are all still hear, screaming our lungs out because it means that much to us. Lets Go Rangers!

  50. Great question Laurel. Wish I had an answer. But after 40 years of faithful alligiance, its too woven into my fabric to untangle and analyze. This sport is more than a game – it’s an affliction. And those of us who have the disease can’t understand why the rest of the world doesn’t want to get sick. Sure I WATCH other sports and root for other teams (Yankees, Giants, Knicks) but I LIVE hockey. I see home runs, touch down passes, 3 point buckets….but feel every pass, every shot, every check, every goal. BasebalL umpires make bad calls. Hockey referees SUCK and are undoubtedly out to get me personnal. Hockey is just different. It resides in a deeper place.

    And it all starts with the Rangers. I’ve travelled with this team from a 10 yr old kid listening to games on the radio, to a season ticket holder and now to a hockey dad taking my son to the Garden.

    I still watch every game, even if it keeps me up way past an aging man’s bedtime.

  51. Like many, my dad introduced me to the Rangers when I was about 8 years old. Back in the day, the team frequently played at home on Sunday nights. Once or twice a season, we would travel into the city, enjoy a steak dinner in a fancy joint and then go to the game. I was a fan of the team right away. I would fall asleep at night listening to Marv Albert calling the game “Hadfield streaks down the left side, shovels a pass to Ratelle breaking down the middle, a quick pass to Gilbert, he shoots, HE SCORES!”

    I grew up a fan of the Giants, Knicks, Mets (who broke my heart once to often), then the Yankees and the Rangers. Now, after all these years, HOCKEY is the sport that still makes my heart pound as it did when I was eight. My passion has waned for other sports due to the affects of money, business, and the ‘look at me’ mentality of many players, but hockey has remained a true ‘team’ sport, where the code of the game still has meaning and is respected by nearly all the players.

  52. Is there any other team that has fans like these? I have been a Rangers fan for 41 years now, lots of up and downs. Played hockey thru college. I was a goalie because of Eddie and JD. But the most remarkable thing is to see the passion from my Kids. One trip to MSG was all it took. They were fascinated by the crowd and quickly felt the vibes that can only be found at MSG. My 13 year old daughter challenges the boys in school on Hockey knowledge, and has decided to forgo the figure skates for a pair of hockey skates and is now playing with the boys. My 9 year old has been hooked on the game in the same fashion. He loves to watch, play and even has joined into fantasy hockey just because he can’t get enough. I short, it is genetic. Once a Rangers fan always a Rangers fan no matter what.

  53. That Gretzky thing just indicates how much of a mess that Coyotes situation is. And Mr. Bettman just got another slap on the face. Not that he cares.
    Sanguinetti is done with the Rangers, it seems. He is now probably projected to be a solid third pair in the future, with some offensive skills. The good news- that means we are really deep in the farm. The other good news- he will probably show good numbers in AHL and be a trade bait during the season.
    Cuarenta y tres (does anyone else like that Spanish liquor, or it’s just me?) is likely to play up to 9 games and go back to OHL. Somebody is coming to play #6-7 via trade soon, I think.

  54. Cuarenta y tres, drank it a lot when I was in Madrid. Mix it with Fanta Orange and you get an creamsicle. Mix it with coke you get a vanilla coke.

  55. I am a die hard Ranger fan because still to this day, over 15 years later, anytime, and I mean anytime I think about that night Mess and Co. hoisted the cup (i was 8 years old at the time) and SAM ROSEN (busted on my mistake by a friend, if i had a dollar everytime i made a careless mistake) explaimed “And this one will last a lifetime” I get chills running up and down my spine. “Being a Ranger” for me is truly something that will last a lifetime, if anything, with the hopes of being able to see my boys raise that shiney cup once more.

  56. my addiction started (oddly enough) in 1979, when, as a four year old, my father brought me to one of his co-worker’s house during the finals…i found out years later it was so my father could sell the guy pot (don’t ask), but they left me in the living room with game 3 on, and even though i had no idea what was going on, the noise, the visuals of the game hooked me

    skip ahead to 1983 and 1984, and our street hockey goalie, the only islander fan in brooklyn, would pretend to be billy smith, stopping pucks until we couldn’t take his “save by smith” play by play and began chopping at his arms, shoulders, helmet, usually chasing him home…throw in playoff heartbreak (ken morrow?) and the addiction just grew

    dave brown, pelle lindbergh, rick tocchet, john maclean, bob froese, trader phil, patrick roy and his goalposts, beeeeeeeee-zer, guuuuuuuuy, gulf & western, the felt forum (not strictly hockey, but part of the old garden i remember so fondly), knuckles nilan, shaking the ambulance in ’90, john motherf**king druce, neil smith’s post-game 6 tirade in ’91, october 4th, 1991, that friggin ’92 strike, ron francis, mario’s boo boo….all of these things led to what is still the greatest night of my life: june 14, 1994

    why am i still a ranger fan? i just don’t know any better

  57. Hockey was the sport that interested me the most when I was young. I would watch games on WOR Channel 9. I became a Ranger’s fan when I discovered Eddie Giacomin and Rod Gilbert. Been a loyal fan since 69. I must admit I may have jinxed them in 94. Before game 7 I wished if they won the cup I would be happy for the rest of my life. You know what I lied, I would love to relive that thrill again.

  58. It’s more like why am I a hockey fan?
    1) there is no better prize for being the best team on your repectable sport than Lord Stanly’s Cup. Hands down. There is onlyy one and the history behind it is almost out of a fairy tale book.
    2) it’s on ice. That makes everything thes players do that much harder/amazing.
    3) the fighting an the penalty box.
    4) how long the playoffs are and the playoff beards.
    5) it’s the only real north American sport. ( besides lax)
    6) the speed and brutality are unparalled
    7) the last truly team oriented sport ( you could argue football…maybe)
    8) sudden death overtime is the most nerve wrecking/intense time during any sport
    9) some might disagree but the shootout is just plain fun to watch, i.e. Mark Malik
    10) you have sticks, which are almost like weapons in batle, the better you yield, the new likely you will survive

    the rangers are the beat because the have the best fans. We are crazy, intense, loyal but not big headed. Leta go rangers!!!!!!!

  59. don’t feel bad steve, the day of game 7 (when i wasn’t huddled on the couch preaching doom) i promised the souls of my brother, my parents, and 2/3 of my family to hell if the rangers won just this one time

  60. Guys taken in the ’98 draft after Manny Malhotra at 7…

    Antropov, Tanguay, Gagne, Gomez, Cheechoo, Fisher, Ribiero, Brad Richards, Cole, Gionta, Datsyuk.

    Some of those guys, especially Datsyuk went way after…all I’m saying is we couldn’t get lucky for once with a draft pick?? Especially at no 7. What a waste.

  61. I see someone is a Curb Your Enthusiasm fan.

    I forgot the actresses name (probably posted above), but she’s the mom from Home Alone, or at least that is how I always remember her.

    Where is this one from, “Curb Your Enthusiasm? How about Curb Your Eating?”


  62. afly, neil smith didn’t have one good draft pick between 1995 and 1999

    wait, he did nab savard in ’95, and then traded him for jan hlavac

    jeez, every time i think sather is the worst gm in history, i just picture neil smith and somehow he doesn’t seem so bad

  63. much agreed joe. its always devastating (and in some sadistic way fun) to see who we COULD’VE drafted instead of some schmohawk (quick where’s that from) who never made it or never even played in the pros.

  64. unfortunately i’m never gonna get over slats taking jessiman over getzlaf

    who needs a franchise #1 center, anyway?

    oh wait…we do

  65. # TR-808 September 24th, 2009 at 12:15 pm


    if you dont care about the pc you should check out ubuntu linux
    its the most user friendly version of linux and you dont get malware, viruses, etc
    you can run it “live” on your pc w/o installing it to check it out before you commit.”

    Thanks Bro!
    gonna check it out…I can’t stand not being able to get on here…I’m shankin’, getting tunnel vision, upset stomach, hot flashes…I’m all banged up!
    Go Rangers!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. My grandfather, (who is now 82 yo and who just got himself a new girlfriend… Go grandpa!) introduced me to the Rangers when I came to visit him and grandma in New York from Ukraine back in 1989. My father’s parents were one of the first family members who immigrated to US back in the early 80’s. It took almost 11 years for USSR (CCCP) government to grant us (my parents, two sisters and I) an immigration status and allow us to leave the country. So anyway, when I moved to New York for good in April of 1992 I was a Ranger already. Even though I wasn’t fully aware back then how priceless 1994 was and still is, it made a huge impression on me. It felt great to be a Ranger’s fan and to live in New York. I still feel the same way now, proud.

  67. staal

    just dont install it
    as a heads up linux is free cause it doesnt come w/ a lot of stuff (mp3 support, dvd support, flash, ipod support, etc) you have to install some stuff to get it running.

    like i said if it is a pc you dont care about and youre all backed up and stuff when you install make a “partition” so you can go back to windoZe but if you need the pc just run the cd “live” and check it out.

  68. From TSN…
    Veteran Montreal Canadiens defenceman Patrice Brisebois is set to announce his retirement after an 18-year career in the National Hockey League.

    Apparently he knew it was time just like Naslund knew it.

    If only Wade Redden could be as honest with himself. Wade, It’s time to face the music.

  69. Ilb2001

    yeah, he is (kabel’) if you know what i mean! I think its all from watching rangers hockey…it gives you drive in life! That is why i am trying to watch as many Rangers games as possible so maybe at 82 i still be kicking it too! :)

  70. I don’t know if this has been mentioned before but has anyone seen the advertisement for yahoo fantasy hockey on the top of It gives stats on players such as Lidstrom and Chara over the past few years…then a picture of Marty comes up and the stat is “Makes a great pepperoni pizza” AHAHAHAHAHAHA THAT JUST MADE MY DAY!!! KEEP ON EATIN EM’ FATSO!!!!

  71. sam (not the Great Weinman) on


    It’s New York. The name New York breeds class and integrity, the ultimate fans, the maximum effort.

    New York has always had great fans, whereas the Bruins went without fans until last year, the Celtics went without them until 2 years ago, the Patriots never had a real fan until 2002 and the Red Sox never had a fan until 2004.

    The loser Bruins fans were chanting “We Want it” during Game 7 of their loss to Carolina last year. I was infuriated listening to it. First, it’s not even the correct chant, and 2nd, they’ve never even had a real fan, so were they chanting “We want it” as in they wanted Red Sox or Patriots tickets?

  72. sam (not the Great Weinman) on

    Oh, I forgot, the Celts had fans when they were winning titles with 6 teams in the league and all 6 made the playoffs HAHAHA

  73. That’s an easy one for me. Just one name: Win Elliott.

    Long before I ever saw a hockey game, I listened to Win on the radio. He followed the puck, by name and number of every player that touched the darn thing. His excitement level matched the real game, almost at game speed. You could “see” a goal coming. Then when I got to see the game on TV, well it was like I had been playing all along. Strange as it may seem, I have NEVER been at a game at MSG! After leaving NY in 1966, the only Rangers games I’ve been to have been away games. One of these days I’ll get back to “experience” MSG. Hope it’s soon.


    My grandfather was a huge Rangers fan. I didn’t have much of a relationship with him and during some uncharacteristic moment of weakness, I thought I would follow the Rangers to see if I could improve our relationship. So, whenever I saw him, which wasn’t that much, we would talk Rangers. I started following them in March of ’72. I was hooked. I got my Mom and Dad hooked though I went a long time with no contact with my grandfather. He died in 1990 but when I went to the Cup Parade I never felt closer to my grandfather than that day. He was in the subway with me, on the street yelling….I could feel his presence. It gave me chills. My parents are gone now, too, so I have to cheer for 4, not one. I will always be a Ranger.

    I do miss the Home Whites, though.


    I have one for Carp! Why do you keep this blog going when you really don’t have to do it? Laurel, do you know the truth? :)

  76. I was born a Ranger fan…generations before me passed it along…as i will do with my future family. Born one and will die one =) and when i do , it’ll be knowing the tradition of ranger crazyness will last forever after me!!!

  77. “i love the fat boy” is that a reference to Curb your enthusiasm?? love that show…if thats right, then the answer is bam bam… the funkhouser’s crazy sister!

  78. My hockey excperience predates most of you fellows. Uncle brought me to old New Haven Arena where the old AHL Eagles used to play. Got hooked by the feel of the ice and the wire protective screening ( no plastic plates then) Played a lot of pond hhockey but couldn’t make the HS team. Too political.
    Skill had little to do with it, although my game skill wasn’t much. Entire family took it up, and then right after discharge from the Corps, returned home to find my family every wed and sat nights at the still old arena watching the Ramblers, ( then a farm of Rangers) and I was hooked as a Ranger fan from then on. The rest is history – been one ever since. I saw all of the old late 40’s and 50’s Ranger players. Bones Raleigh,Edgar Laprade ( got to play against him one game years after his retirement whhile up in Duluth,
    when I was living there for a while. He was on the Fort Francis ( I believe it was) team, and he still had that old magic in his hands. Great center. chuck Rayner in goal, Emile Francis his New HAven Ramblers backup), Pat Egan, Fred Shero, Penti Lund,Duncan Fisher,Tony Leswick,
    Allan Stanley,Buddy O’Connor, Jackie Gordon, Sherm White,
    Reggy Sinclair, Jack Lancien, no helmets, nogoalie masks…
    Rocket Richard,Gordy L,indsay,Abel,Bill Durnan in habs goal,Turk Broda with Leaqfs, Jim Henry with Bruins, along with MiltSchmidt…those were the days.

    So here I am now wondering why they put up with guys like Redden and Roszival.

    Much faster game now. Guys are huge ( in those days a big defenseman was 6′ and 190 lbs. Refereeing was light years better than now.

  79. This season they were supposed to bring back the home white jersey. Also Buttman was supposed to talk to ESPN this season to, but obviously it’s all BS.

    Ugh, it makes me sick that ill have to settle for another year of watching Verses. Makes me want to cry !!

  80. sam (not the Great Weinman) on

    ORR –

    Anything is better than ESPN.

    Versus is horrible, but it’s the better of 2 evils.

    If ESPN (Everything Sox and Patriots Network) gets ahold of hockey again, they will be licking the Bruins as clean as the Red Sox, Pats, Celts and insulting the Rangers as they do the Yankees and other NY teams.

    Does anyone else think that Tim Thomas is nothing but an old bum. And that he’s really not that good.

    By the way, that loser Mike Milbury on NBC insults Sean Avery for his behavior, but I’m pretty sure Milbury was one of the scumbag Bruins who went into the crowd at MSG to beat on Rangers fans.

  81. sam (not the Great Weinman) on

    sorry, the lesser of 3 evils. Versus, NBC and ESPN, I’d rather take Versus, even if the coverage is bad and the analysts and commentators are only semi- anti-Rangers.

  82. ESPN has really gone down hill the last decade and even though they couldn’t care less about hockey I didn’t have a problem with their in game productions. As long as you keep Emerick, Milbury and McGuire away from a microphone the game can be tolerated.

  83. Larry likes 68 but Leon goes at 82. Love Curb!

    CCCP-My late grandmother was Ukrainian, I’m a European mutt, German, Irish, Ukrainian, Polish.

    Orr-Don’t bitch. I’ve got Directv and they’re still not carrying Versus. The channel has a note that ComCast is asking for too much money to renew the channel. I went to Directv 11 years ago to get away from Cablevision and now I still have to deal with crap that Dolan invented.

    The guest bloggers for this site is a great idea that keeps everything fresh. Laurel, great job as usual.

  84. good topic laurel. i guess u could say ive been a fan since late 80’s. father wasnt a sports fan but went with some co-workers to a game and i went with him. i was about 7 or 8. was very awe-stuck with everything and after about a year or 2 of watching it on tv i started playing. me and some neighborhood kids would play roller hockey during the summer. all we did was go to k mart, buy all the cheap sticks and pucks, usually went with a hockeyball instead. rolled much easier. i built my own hockey net from 2×4 and chicken wire. stayed out from morning till night playin. even after my buddys wenthome to eat, i was out there practicing my shot. i learned the game from the older guys in the neighborhood. then they showed me the mecca of hockey equipment(for an 11 year old anyway) plaza sports!!. got more into it as i got older. was able to go to more games, joined roller hockey teams and watched or played whenever i could. the game part i had down, but i gotta admit, i didnt know much of the business side of the game till i started frequenting the blogs. thats why i love this blog. get to talk with fellow fanaticsw and very knowledgable people who know alot more than i do about the sport. the history of the rangers is something i take seriously, and its great chatting with fellow fans here whove been a fan longer tha i have.

  85. Puck….for the love of the game man, the love of the game…and you bonheads.

    jnl….see answer from earlier. it was a trick question :)

  86. Oh, and CCCP… story? Well, if the truth must come out, I don’t really like the team or hockey, I just like hanging out here :)

  87. A F L Y – It sucks that we couldnt have gotten one of those guys you mentioned that were taken after Malholtra, but lets start lookin ahead and realizing how lucky we were to get guys like Del Zotto and Grachev in the past couple of drafts, and Staal and Lundqvist… yes we can always look back and say we could have had this guy or that guy, I think just about any team could do that if you picked certain years and picks, its just the way it goes, but whats important is right now and that we are finally getting more talented youth, i know its too early to say how Grachev and Del Zotto will do in the NHL but they look like they will be real solid if not better hockey players.
    And to this day I still root for Malholtra, he was always good with the fans and played hard, and Im happy that he had a real good season last year and hope he finds a spot on the 3rd line in SJ.

  88. My story is boring. My dad is a Ranger fan and I got hooked because they were always on in my house. I also remember the 94 winter olympics in Lillehammer (the hockey tournament) was a big deal in my family because I’m Norwegian, and that was one of my first hockey experiences, I was 7 at the time.

    Then of course the Rangers did pretty well that year too, so…

  89. Also regarding Sanguinetti, I dont think him getting sent down means that he is a bust, or will be traded, I think what the management and coaching staff thinks is that they need more of a “veteran” presence (even though hes only played about 200 NHL games, its still more than Sanguinetti’s 0 NHL games) and also the thinking of that they need big body back there as a 7th defenseman to step in and just play defensively. Also, I think it is a good strategy to send him down in the sense that it gives them a chance to watch Del Zotto for 9-10 games in the NHL, if he doesnt cut it then maybe Sanguinetti gets called up. And you dont want Sanguinetti being the 7th defenseman, you want him in hartford playing every night working on his game, and maybe if a top 6 guy got hurt for a reasonable amount of time then maybe they call him up to fill the spot in the top 6. If a guy is day to day and just needs a day off or two, then maybe they just throw Semenov into the mix to hold it off for a few days. I think what they are doing makes total sense and I dont think people should overreact or call Sangs a “bust” because of this, they have to realize MDZ is just that good and has earned the chance to showcase his potential for 10 games.

  90. Rick (No, not that one) on

    “well, i became a Devils fan when… oh, wait…wrong blog! sorry.”

    Now THAT was seriously funny!

  91. its cool… Ukraine is weak…

    btw, i am not really Ukrainian…and even though the city i was born in is in Ukraine, we don’t consider it to be part of that country… its sort of “independent” city (so we Odessits think) and also according to us (Odessits) Odessa is the capital of the world! lol

  92. Well it is time to time to write my story when I became a fan of the Rangers…It was the end of the 8o th when I travelled for the first time to New York..My first trip to the Garden was a visit to the Nabisco Tennis Masters with Jimmy Connors, Ivan Lendl, John McEnroe -huge Rangersfan- Mats Wilander and Boris Becker…The Rangers didn´t play at that time because the Garden was occupied with the Tennis..But then I became fan of New York and probably two years I saw the Rangers at the Garden for the first time in a game against the Pittsburgh Penguins..Mario Lemieux was a last minute injured scratch and Tony Amonte scored the overtime winner for a 4-3 win….

    From the Finals against the Canucks in 1994 I only can remember just be able to read the videotext in TV always next day to update me from the series…

    I was always fan of the fastest team sport in the world of the best game in world..and over the years I have invented the internet and have travelled overseas numerous times…

    Well that´s my story….

  93. Laurel

    Nice post. Honour is my answer. That and no grey area, hockey is black and white, very refreshing in today’s world!!!

  94. 1.45 left until game time at the Garden ! Always the question, if watching it live at 1 am until around 3.30 am and sleeping for only three hours to start working around 7 or sleeping now for around five hours to see a full replay from around 5 am…:):):)

  95. The Puck Drops, there are a few reasons:
    1) We needed somebody to do it when Sam left, and I was the only one with any level of expertise.
    2) I try to be a team player, which has kept me around at the paper for 33 years.
    3) This was an opportunity to at least stay in touch with hockey and go to some games, whereas for a few years there I wasn’t going to any except jersey retirement ceremonies.
    4) I’ve found that, most of the time, it’s a lot of fun interacting with you guys. Some jackasses try to ruin it, and some try to tell me how to do my job, and the imposters just plain tick me off. But most of the time, even with the extra hours it adds to my week, it’s fun. I feel like I’ve gotten to know a lot of you folks.
    5) Even though we’ve kind of gotten away from the breaking news side of it, once in a while we have a big news day — like the coach being fired, or the trade deadline or July 1 — and that makes me feel like the old days, when I was on the beat (boy, do I wish there were blogs in those days).

  96. Koala,

    watch at 1 a.m.

    Hey Carp – Hope you are enjoying vacation. Do you miss us?
    Great blog – period.

  97. I hear ya Rob. We definitely got lucky with Hank. Thank god Sather wised up and listened to his Euro scouts. Still having a no. 7 pick and getting a bust like that. But thats happened more recently with Montoya and Jessiman.

    I think we’re on the right track here and I actually am very happy with this team. Sure we could do without a few players, but thats beating a dead horse at this point. The point is, we’ve got a good season ahead of us, and plenty of great ones after it.

  98. Jackass…now that was an interesting show, funny but painful to watch.


    what shows other than Seinfeld do you like? BTW, looks like we were wrong about Fox and Seinfeld, while it sucks there is no more 7:30 episode, it is on TBS at that time and it’s on now twice late night. The office still sucks tho.

  99. staal
    if you are on windoZe i should have suggested AVG earlier
    im so used to telling people to hop ship and try linux, lol

    anyone going to the game tonight?

  100. I was born on the skates, so to speak and was playing as far as I remember myself. In the northern part of Soviet Union winter is about 6 month a year and there were plenty bodies of water like rivers, lakes, etc.and therefore an ice, very thick, and on the big open spaces it was polished as a mirror by strong and regular winds. We made folding frames with fishing net for goals and referees,randomly elected among ourselves. We played with min. equipment albeit periodic fights and arguments to the total exhaustion.Than I grew up playing high school and college hockey in a great hockey town Riga where local team “Dynamo” was playing in USSR Highest League and now famous Victor Tikhonov started his big coaching career.My older brother was an administrative sponsor of this team and as you can imagine I enjoyed in full not only all games behind the bench and all Soviet great players at time, but also “inside cooking” of hockey life.
    Than a “clash of hockey titans” occurred in late-December 1975 through the early part of January 1976, giving birth to Super Series – exhibition games between HC CSKA Moscow, also called “The Red Army Club” in English and Krylya Sovetov which faced some of the most famous clubs of the NHL. Among them Rangers – I saw team playing first time and was passionately rooted against Soviets, because everything in that country was about politicks, not a sport and the Red Army club I hated in particular. It was the most dominant team in the Soviet League and they defeated the New York Rangers 7-3. I really don’t want to sound corny, but Rangers at that time for me was a Symbol of great city -New York (and world most famous arena) which was a symbol of great country US, which was greatest Symbol of all – Freedom.
    Love them since and yes – it is like disease, but a good one.LGR!.
    Sorry for long,boring post – but it is my thru feeling.

  101. This has been a great day! I’m so proud of everyone and glad you seemed to enjoy the post. Keep the love and commentary coming. A fresh slate for the game will be up by 7 (but keep giving me comments until then!) Ta for now….

  102. Sanguinetti gets sesnt down, while Roszival and Redden get paid millions more but still haven’t shown anything anything in camp that says they belong here.

    That’s why I still hate Sather.

  103. mike
    funny you should say that, lol
    i had a really good time at the bar last night
    probably goin back after the game tonight
    i got a booth rented for saturday night as well

    way too addicted, lol

  104. My story…as a kid (7 or 8 yrs old) I lived on Long Island for a few years, my family moved a lot. During that time, the Rangers were on channel 9 on Friday nights. I fell in love with them then. My family thought I was crazy, they didn’t ever watch hockey and back then with the 1 TV household I did manage to get my way on Friday nights.

    We then moved down south and i lost touch, and eventually back up to the area in the mid 80s. It’s was like re-acquainting with old family. But this time my real family became big time fans.

    Then, i met my now ex-wife and we started dating in Sept 1993. We watched or went to every game together that season. So our relationship was inseperable from the Rangers and that magic season.

    In short…the Rangers are family.

  105. Olga Folkyerself on

    Billy Mays- for Jupiter Jack.

    Talking to his coke dealer- “Let’s cut the price in half. Just pay shipping and handling…”

  106. Anyone know an online stream for the game (free, I can’t pay for the because I’m doing Center Ice during the year (i’d rather watch hockey on a big screen than my computer.) Why the NHL and Center Ice doesn’t include Pre-Season games I don’t know.

  107. phew…i was worried, now i sure am glad glen has a nice tan!….im watching on dvr so a lil delayed, im on the drury section i want to VOMIT

  108. In the traditional option, very little time is spent in actually playing the game.
    They must offer a safe and a secure gaming environment to all the players.
    Real – Time Gaming can be played in two distinct versions, flash or download.
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