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My Pro – Sather Rant

I know, I know, that is not a popular concept in Rangerland. I’m not gonna sit here and tell you all that I think that Slats has been a dream GM. But, since we are on the brink of the 2009-2010 season, with the possibility of starting 4-5 rookies come opening night, a new coach, a new superstar, and so much promise to this season, what better time to ask the question …. “Given the state of this team when Sather took over, has he really been as bad as most Ranger fans make him out to be”?

Imagine, it’s the spring of 2000, and you are just hired as the GM of the New York Rangers. Your team is filled with aged veterans (despite their legendary status), has virtually NO prospects, NO identity since the “The Captain” had left, the team hasn’t made the playoffs in 3 straight years, and you’re sitting at a desk that contains a drawer full of blank checks … What do you do ??

If I was in his position, I would have done the same thing (and I bet most of you would too). With no restrictions to his spending, he tried to buy himself a playoff berth, and honestly that was the only option if you are trying to start off on the right foot your first year, with no prospects to really turn to. His first order of business was to re-acquire Messier and give back the identity our team was so badly lacking. With this move, I think it showed that he actually cares deeply about the emotions and passion of Ranger fans, and wanted to show moving forward that he would try and have the fans’ best interests in mind. Another interesting fact is, in that same year (his first year) while acquiring Messier, the long-time “face of the franchise,” Sather also drafted Henrik Lundqvist, who would turn out to be the “future face of the franchise”.

We all know he over-paid for veterans over the years, desperately trying to bang square pegs into round holes, and mix-match any combination he could to try and get us a playoff berth. Although we look back and blame the likes of Lindros, Nedved, Bure, Fleury, and Holik for not getting us back to respectability and in-turn consider them “underachievers”, the fact is they all shared time a our top scorers in their respective seasons.

My belief is that Sather’s first four seasons as GM, happen to coincide with the years that we had no decent goalie to lean-on, and THAT is the true reason for missing the playoffs for all those years. With an aging and oft-injured Richter, Slats tried to build back the goalie position with youthful prospects that for one reason or another just never panned out. In a four year span, highly regarded prospect Dan Blackburn, Holmqvist, Markkanen, LaBarbera, McLennan, and Valiquette were all young goalies who had a chance to play in efforts to find Richter’s successor. The reason I mention this, is that although the under-achieving veterans hog the spotlight of those bad years, there where early attempts to build with youth. Again, when left with aging veterans and no prospects to turn to replace them, it spelled a recipe for disaster in the early years.

The trade for Jagr in 2003-2004 was one of the most lopsided Ranger trades of all-time, and really was the “kick-start” to the rebirth of the organization. Scoring 15 goals and 29 points in only 31 games after being acquired that first year, it was clear who was going to be the new captain to take the reigns. Of course the lockout was the following season, which turned out to be one of the greatest things to happen to Rangers hockey in recent history. Old contracts expired, earlier drafted prospects of Sather’s were starting to come into their own, and a boat-load of complementary players were added to re-ignite Jagr’s career.

Maybe Sather is terrible at signing UFAs, but the man knows how to make a trade. He knows how to get what he wants when he sets his mind to it, and most importantly (in the case of Gomez) he knows how to fix his mistakes and maximize the return for them. Most experts will tell you it takes 3-4 years for prospects to make their mark in the NHL and in the Rangers case it may have taken a little longer given the fact there wasn’t much to work with and Sather basically started from scratch, but they are here now and we are on the right path. Since the lockout, the youth movement has been in full-effect, we have our franchise goalie and future captains. We were ranked 12th in Hockey’s Future Organization Rankings last year (and were ranked even that low due to the untimely death of Cherepanov). This year with the additions of McDonagh, Kreider, Heikkinen, Ambuhl, and Nigel Williams I would venture to say we will be ranked in the top 7.Tort-final3

The future is bright, the present is bright, it just took a little longer then most of us would have wanted, and we have Sather to thank for building back the depleted farm system and drafting some of the best young players in the NHL today.

Side Note: In honor of our new head coach John Tortorella (who I always thought looked like “The Fonz”), I am currently writing a petition to have the Rangers goal anthem officially changed from “Hey … Hey … Hey, Hey, Hey” to “Ay … Ay … Ay, Ay, Ay”

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  1. What about Bourqe and Locke? Those guys seem pretty good as well. Great post! I felt the same way abou how he’s been going about things, if he could some how get “proactiv” and rid himself of he blemishes, i.e. Redden, rozi, and drury then there could be no complaints! He even got gaborik people! Gaborik!! If this guys stays healthy, we are in for one hell of season.

  2. Great job somerset. I agree with everything you said. It’s just what happens when you play in the NY market; we all want immediate satisfaction and we want to win now. Hopefully the Gaborik signing doesn’t falter and become one of the disastrous signings Sather made earlier in his tenure. I think we’re on the right track and I can’t wait for RANGERS HOCKEY!!

  3. you’ll never be able to rationalize enough to put a good face on Sneering Sather for me. he was a total disgrace in his first 4 years. was so unpopular that he could not even show his face at Ranger charity events. got less than value for the trades in ’04 because he wanted to send them all to Canadian based teams to try to buy off his tarnished image up there.

    then he has continued to hand out dumb contracts even after the salary cap. see Gomez, Drury, Rosival, and Redden

    and in the draft even a blind squirrel will find a few nuggets after 9 years. so, the fact that he now has a few good kids is more from his staff getting enough chances to overcome the dumb mistakes of Jessiman and Montoya.

    he won’t get any reconsider mindchange from me. he’s a failure

  4. Given the state of this team when Sather took over, has he really been as bad as most Ranger fans make him out to be”?


    Yes it only has taken Sather 10 years just so the Rangers have become annual contenders to squeeze into the playoffs.

    Come next spring you will be calling for Sather’s head just like the rest of the Ranger fans.

    Thanks for the laugh dude it was pretty good

  5. I’m not sold on this until opening night and there are actually 3-4 rookies in the lineup and that means no messing with Artie and sending him to Hartford because Propsal and Dubi just HAVE to play center, and no sending MDZ back to juniors because of cap reasons, and no keeping Voros around because he’s good friends with Gaborik and Henrik, and if Higgins or Drury ain’t working out (both have been too quiet this preseason), they need to be benched.

    That being said, I don’t love Sather, but he seems to have finally gotten it right, but that can also be attributed to people like Tom Renney, Gordie Clarke, Jim Schoenfeld, and Benoit Allaire who have done all of the hard work like Traverse City, the development program, and building an identity.

    He’s 3/4 there, now him and Torts have to prove they’re not talking balogna and insulting the fans.

  6. Olga Folkyerself on

    And the answer is…..

    No, Sather just sucks. Or blows- it’s really just a matter of which way the air moves.

    Not all his deals turn out bad, just most of them.
    Not all his coach choices suck, just most of them.
    Not all his free agent signings are bad, just most of them.
    Not all his draft picks are busts, just most of them.

    Look at his record as GM. Out of the playoffs four straight years, with some of the biggest payrolls in NHL history. Guts the team before the lockout, then with a salary cap in place, he goes out in the first or second round for the next four years.

    Anyone else suitably knowledgeable about hockey could have run this franchise better over the last nine years. A Cup? Maybe, maybe not. But definitely better than Sather.

    I’d rather not turn this into a long rant that no one would read, so I’ll just say this: After the last nine years, do you trust Sather to run this team any more?

    I don’t.

    How DOES he stay employed?

  7. Olga Folkyerself on

    BTW Somerset, your article was well written, I just disagree with your conclusions regarding the subject matter.

    “It’s not personal Sonny, It’s just business.”

  8. Somerset –

    You’re a brave soul….I applaud your courage, writing and the clarity with which you made your point, but most long time Ranger fans will never agree with you, as no matter how many good signings you point out there will always be more bad.
    Any time I am tempted to try to see your side of this, one little point pops into my head that makes me see red still – he traded Brian Leetch! Slatipus bites.

  9. Olga Folkyerself on


    You summed up in 2 words what I’ve been trying to say for the last two weeks. You have to go back to 1962-1970 to find a worse 8 years of Ranger playoff ineptitude. I don’t think many fans here will remember that far back…

    Unfortunately, that cowsucker is going to keep the Presidente for Life job, and when the Garden faithful begin calling for his wrinkled azz to be fired, he will hand off the GM job to his patsy-in-waiting, Messier. Ranger fans will cheer their heads off, and after a few more years of ineptitude, he will say Messier wasn’t right for the job. It’s always someone else’s fault. Never Sather’s.

    Cynical? You’re damn right!

  10. Full credit should not go to Slats on drafting Lundqvist. It was an absolute fluke. Had it not been for the European scout staff pushing for NYR to use one their late round picks on Lundqvist. I’m pretty sure Slats never even heard of him until that weekend of the draft…..

    Look at what Burkie has done in just 1 year in Toronto.I’m not saying that The Leafs are are going to be top 5 in the east. Burkie’s been pretty smart about his approach to rebuilding the team.

  11. Somerset,

    Brave new world you walked into, my friend. But I am afraid you are wrong. We can not allow for the chief administrator of our beloved organization to be without blame throughout these dark years. One good trade, or one good draft pick do absolutely not make up for all the bad decisions that have cast this team into the fire.

    Every possibly good move by sather I am afraid has been negated by the Regrettables. It probably takes 3-5 years with a next to perfect scouting staff, coaching staff and GM to win the cup. We can not win with 11 million dollars tied into two players who if they didnt have a track record wouldnt even make the team.

    I say;

    IF the core prospects (Grach, AA, MDZ, Gilroy, Johnson) blooms within a couple of seasons AND IF they are accompanied by some smart roster moves (no regrettables, a long term Staal, couple of vets, and a couple of mid stars, and one franchise player) we could see a team that really could be competing in a few years.

    I love the Rangers. Almost more than life. But I’m not delusional.

    We are not going to win a cup until the cancer is cut out. Redden, Roszival, Drury are slowly taking this franchise to the bottom of the abyss and it doesnt matter if the young guys can swim like hell. A winning team can’t be “kind of” complete. It has to be complete. It has to work through and through. But we might get there. We just might.


    Good read. Thank you.

  12. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Thursday is gametime !!!!… says Greg L. on

    HAHA look like ya really set off a few peeps somerset!!!!
    Great job , well said. Hard to defend picks like hugh Jessewoman but picking Hank!!!??? THATS THE TICKET!!!
    It really funny how some Ranger fans smell doom and live the life of bitterness twards something they can’t do a dam thing about. I laugh at all you Sather haters..I LAUGH!!! When we win the cup , oooooohhhhh im sooo dilutional…gimme a break , I know we will win and it looks like our GM will be Sather..cry , go ahead and cry all you Sather haters cuz it is making me pee myself laughing LMFAO!!!!

  13. nice try, wrong conclusion. On any other team Sather would be gone just for the Redden signing, never mind the rest of his mistakes. Only Dolan keeps guys like this. Give him 10 more years, he just might get it right. When the NYR make it to the finals, then Sather has done his job correctly. His goal has been to just make the playoffs with 15 other teams, and sign big contracts to have ‘stars’ on Broadway. Most of those signings have been busts, like him. FIRE SATHER !!!!!!!!!!!!….why wait for another season to go by on his open ended contract to nowhere special.

  14. Somerset,
    GREAT post. Just listen to your critics. No credit for drafting Henke, but ALL THE BLAME for drafting Jessiman. Now THERE is an idiot. Jessiman was a bust, but remember the clutch and grab NHL he was drafted into? Remember the team then? Soft as could be. Jessiman was running guys into the third row before he was drafted. Montoya was gonna be drafted in that spot by ANY TEAM IN THE LEAGUE!!! Geez. We know the mistakes. Redden was a mistake. I HATE the signing. But how can you forget the Jagr trade? How can you forget the Lindros trade? Sather got Lindros for chump change from a DIVISION RIVAL!!! GILROY!!! For nothing. Will Sather get credit for signing Prospal if he lights it up?

    Every GM makes good moves and bad. Maybe someone should blame Redden for sucking so bad instead of Sather.

  15. Sather is not Lou Lamirillo. He is not Ken Holland. But give Sather credit as often as you crucify him, and you have an above average GM in the NHL.

  16. Reeshay (or Riche') on


    I give you a lot of credit for taking the road less traveled here… I even agree with you on some of your points… might even add in that he was pretty adept at seeing the lockout coming and preparing for it with the great purge (should’ve skipped shipping Leetch out of town).

    That being said…

    You can’t name 2 or 3 worse contracts league wide, than what he handed out to The Regrettables and Drury. THAT, in and of itself, is reason to NOT praise him. I’m sorry… but Sather is a bumbling moron when it comes to signing free-agents and THAT… Is a major part of being a GM.

    I’d give him a D+ with an incomplete because…

    How or IF he can lock up the home grown prospects in the next few years will be what the remainder of his grade will be baised upon.

    Good post though. Makes people think!

  17. really good blog. Sather drafts ok ( cept Jessanim)when we could have had a real star –getlaff or parise too mention a few…Free agent signnings terrible.also does steffan play at same school as Mcdonagh…wisconsin? I hope he plays alot of kids…Thought byers could be ok also.
    Trader drafter sather ok. free agent signings terrible.Maybe Gabby will be ok…great player!

  18. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    The only reason there may be 4-5 rookies in the starting line up is Not Sather’s choice , or because they’re going to be great, it’s the CAP.
    Sather has no other choice.
    If there wasn’t a cap he would throwing more money at veteran players.

  19. Jimmy Dolan's Fat Wallet on


    Sather covers up mistakes with more mistakes.

    He’s too quick on the tigger to ditch promising young players.

    Everyone but Dolan realizes that he can’t manage the cap.

    The organization will not succeed under his control.

  20. Reeshay (or Riche') on


    I for one believe that Gilroy & Artie, (possibly MDZ and Gratchev depending on the team and the depth at those positions) would make almost any team in the league.

    Credit where it’s due. (I’m refering to giving those kids their due)

  21. So the Rangers didn’t win in the past because of goaltending? What? Who are the superstar goaltenders that all the other playoff teams have had in the last 9 years? Putting a winning team together is difficult, but a lot of teams make the playoffs all the time. Philadelphia had a disastrous year, then came back and made the playoffs the next season. Sather’s Rangers spent years floundering, due to his own management style.
    Sather got lucky with Jagr — Jagr saved his job, but then Sather took credit for it. Not to mention that after Jagr scored 54 goals, the next season Renney and Sather decided to switch to a new defensive system! If Sather worked for any other team, he would have been fired long ago. There is little respect for him in the NHL, and Edmonton was thrilled to get rid of him.

  22. Somerset…
    A courageous decision to put yourself directly in the line of fire. Thanks for your well written thoughts.

    I think many of us don’t fully appreciate how difficult a GM’s job is. While the ultimate responsibility for a team’s performance is the GM’s, there are many coaches, scouts, advisors and consultants that have significant input into trade and draft decisions.

    Also take into account the unpredictable outcome of trade and draft choices. There are so many aspects that can derail a player’s potential: injuries, mental health issues, personal relationships with teammates and coaches, work ethic, willingness to be coached, on-ice chemistry, off-ice behavior, the affects of money and celebrity, and many more.

    It’s easy to criticize the results, but I can’t pretend to know all the factors that go into the decisions that are made. For all you saying “Fire Sather!” Who do you propose to replace him with? I’m not coming down on one side or the other on this, but there needs to be some balance to the criticism.

  23. Somerset-

    Nice post- you are definitely one brave soul! it is easy for everyone to come on here and rip sather apart and play monday morning QB and play 20-20 hindsight…..i am sure everyone knew Redden was on a rapid decline before he came to broadway, everyone knew bure would turn into a complete bust, etc etc-granted 2000-2004 was a debacle he deserves all the blame, but you gotta give him credit for the post lockout era-we and the NJ devils are the only two teams who have made the playoffs all 4 years, we lost to the devils with a one armed jagr after game one, we lost to buffalo tks to captain dreary breaking all our hearts with 7+ secs to go and then lost to a very talented pens team and then lets face it choked last year even though the caps were more talented….im not saying he is the best GM in the biz but NY is the toughest place to run a sports team…he cannot unfortunately put a squad out on the ice like the islanders did last year and ask corporations to pay 1mm for a suite, or 275 for a seat behind the bench, he has to unfortunately market a Bobby Hoik, an Eric Lindros, a Pavel Bure, he cannot market a Brandon Dubinsky two years ago, or a Artem Anisimov this year……

    Where I believe Sather deserves a lot of criticism is with regards to his scouting staff….Sather does not watch these Free Agents during the season or during the offseason, what are the professional scouts for the rangers smoking the last couple of years, i mean can you imagine the conversation sather had with the scout who praised redden-what did he see in reddens game that made sather offer him that ridiculous contract????????????????????

    i do not know the turnover with regards to the proffessional scouting staff but im hoping some heads have been cut over these last few years

    sorry for the long post -LETS GO RANGERS

  24. first of all, u cant sit there and say somerset is wrong. its her opinion. thats all. i happen to agree in that recently, being last part of last season till now, slatipuss maximus has been good. he really did fine with his offseason and drafting. and the coaching change, which he knew ny needed a guy like torts and he got him. im still mad as hell about redden, but none of us thought hed be that bad. i thought hed be ok. i still think he has been better since torts taking ovr. but sather shouldve realized he was done and nothing was gonna change it., drury got overpaid yes, but he was awesome in buffalo. he just came off a 37 g season idk 70 something points? a career best for him. who thought then he would be the big turd he is now? maybe it was renny. i blame him jut as much for his laid back approach to vets. i know satherpuss has been bad for most of his tenure here, but he gets some credit in my book for the way hes trying to fix his mistakes and put a youthful, exciting team on teh ice. if he would only eat rozys or reddens contract id be perfectly fine with him. great post somerset. now do that… ahem, trade on the thing i will not mention here! lol

  25. You Sather apologists drive me nuts. With all the wasted contracts, overpaying for glue factory players and a lack of mathematics to figure out his cap situation, Sather gets a failing grade. Even after ten years on the job, he still makes the same mistakes,over and over and over……….

  26. and dont forget cherry. we wouldve had him, grachev,AA lisin, gabby, duby,cally,higgins, etc.. that wouldve been a dangerous team with him. we’ll never know, but his drafting has also done very well in 2nd rounds on. AA, duby and cally were 2nd rounders. maybe cally was a 3rd, not sure. im not giving him credit for hank, because it was his euro scouts who got hank over here. it was his final decision though. if slats will bury at least 1 of R-squared, i’ll be perfectly fine with him. and if drury still sucks this year, take his C away and give it to staal

  27. Slats has done some good things but as is the way of the New York fan he will always be remembered for his mistakes (UFA signings Redden, Gomez) rather than the positives (re-stocking the farm, trading Gomez, trading for Jagr and only paying $4m per for him).

    I agree with a lot of people he gets much more rope than a lot of other GM’s do (maybe he has some secret photos of Jr Dolan?) and may well have been sacked long before now if he worked for another franchise. However, if we get to the conference finals or Stanley cup this year, will you guys give him any credit then? I doubt it.

  28. Somerset, I give you a lot of credit for coming out and taking such an unpopular stance. Yes, 1994 stripped us of a lot of our young assets, and there were some head-scratching moves at the end of the Neil Smith era (Brendl & Lundmark, anyone?) that put us further behind the 8 ball.

    Sather whined while in Edmonton that had he had deep pockets to go out and spend he could have a winning team. Then he came here and got just that and for the most part has done nothing but mismanage, bringing in high-priced has-been veteran after has-been veteran who was just here to lollygag and collect a big paycheck and brought us lousy hockey for 7 years under the premise that “you can’t rebuild in New York.” I don’t know about anyone else, but if the end result is losing anyway, I’d rather see young kids learn and work hard and put forth effort night in and night out than see fading superstars mail it in on a nightly basis.

    He got lucky right before the lockout being able to get Jags from the Caps. It was just the right place at the right time and for a lopsided price. I don’t mind giving him credit for that.

    Our farm system has definitely improved over the last few years, but does Sather or should the people surrounding him get the credit? While we’ll never truly know, I’m sure Don Maloney had a lot of involvement in where we are today in terms of our prospects.

    The lockout temporarily saved Sather from himself, but it wasn’t long before he was back to his old tricks of handing out albatross contracts to those not truly deserving (I feel Redden and Rozsival’s were panic moves after Campbell signed with the Hawks). And now we’re back to kissing the cap ceiling with the majority of the money tied up in only a few players. Some deserving, many not. And let’s not forget the Trottier coaching debacle either.

    I don’t post all that often and I apologize for going on and rehashing so much of what we all already know, but I just had to respond. How many times does one person get to fail and then radically attempt to overhaul a team to try to fix his mistakes before enough is enough?

  29. also i’m pretty sure a lot of the european scouts for the rangers were holdovers from the neil smith era. and i don’t think sather has a lot to do with any of the draft picks. maloney was very hands on when he was here (especially for jessiman) so sather essentially defers to his scouts. therefore i wouldn’t praise or criticize sather for the draft b/c i think he is but a small part in the process.

    his free agent signings have been horrible and many of his trades have been bad as well, look at the return he got for Leetch and Kovalev…terrible

    this team has snuck into the playoffs for the last 3 years, hardly what i would call a success, even with jagr they never were more than a fringe playoff team

    bottom line if he was running any other team he would have been fired long ago and if any of us performed like sather in school/jobs we would have canned/failed long as well

  30. I’m just going to say, Sather has improved this past summer. It was good…not great, not fair or poor, just good.
    I am pushing the past out of my mind

  31. I have to agree with the poster’s general premise. Sather has actually been doing a good job.

    We have a playoff team with a superstar or two, some great youth coming along, and fantastic depth. What’s the problem?

    You don’t like the lengths of some contracts? I will agree that some seem long but: a) I think there are market based reasons that long contracts get handed out, and they’re not the same for each team, and b) If they’re truly onerous, Sather has proven that he can get out from under them.

  32. THE REAL MikeyNJ on


    Good post, well written and pretty accurate

    BUT, I think most of us will never be happy until Sather is gone.

    He’s had a long run, but even the positive moves he makes, are juxtaposed against all his HORRIBLE ones.

    Again great post, but until I go or he goes, I’ll be chanting FIRE SATHER!!

  33. Good read, Somerset. And a brave move.
    There in no perfect GM. Holland gave out some pretty long contracts recently, that may haunt his team in years to come. Lou? Look at his team now. Competitive, yes. But it’s old. He is trying to wait out until next CBA. They may have issues making the playoffs in a year or two.
    Sather acquired the team with depleted farm system. Tried a quick fix, didn’t work. His main problem was that he surrounded himself with people loyal to him. Read- nobody would go against what he decides. Well, that changed with hiring of Mr. Torts. I foresee an interesting relationship that may start not later than a week from now when Torts will ask to send some people down.
    We should only be looking ahead, and I like what I see. Fire Sather is an easy chant, folks. But be careful what you ask for. Who is coming instead?

  34. In the past 15 years there have been 2 teams that have managed to get it consistently right. The Red Wings and the Devils. And you could easily argue that the Devils have fallen from the elite franchise status as they’ve had very limited success since their last Cup and in recent years have essentially mirrored the success in the playoffs that the Rangers have had.

    Look at a lot of the large market teams, more specifically original 6 (minus Detroit) and you’ll see that Sather has some company however. Up until last year, both Boston and Chicago have been chronic underachievers. Chicago finally pooled together enough can’t miss draft picks to put together a good team but their ex-GM Tallon then screws it up but committing a ton of money to 2 goalies last year, gives a worse contract than Redden’s to Brian Campbell and then the RFA debacle this summer.

    Then there are two proud Canadian franchises Toronto and Montreal. Neither are ever lacking for money nor prestige. Yet Toronto has missed the playoffs every year since the lockout, signed a guy with 24 career points to a Rozsival-like contract (Jeff Finger) and drafted just as many Jessiman type 1st rounders as the Rangers. Montreal has the same number of playoff appearances in the past 10 years as the Rangers. Their player development while decent hasn’t exactly sent them up the ranks and a number of their top picks have either defected or been moved after their entry level contracts have expired. Let’s not forget that the only thing worse than signing Gomez to a hefty contract is trading for Gomez with a hefty contract. And of course during their centennial season they had more self-inflicted drama than a video diary of Lindsay Lohan.

    If it’s accountability you’re looking for, well Sather still being around isn’t his fault, that’s Dolan’s.

    The biggest pluses for Sather, as others have mentioned, have been the trades. In the post-lockout era he’s done fairly well or at the very least he hasn’t had the terrible impact of Neil Smith who should get the bulk of the blame for destroying the farm system in the 90’s. He’s also done ok with drafting in any other round but the 1st. By definition these are players that have less of a shot of making and succeeding in the league so while he hasn’t unearthed the gems like Detroit has; Dubinsky, Anisimov, Callahan, Girardi (undrafted FA), Gilroy (undrafted FA), Prucha (for a couple of seasons) have turned out to project as solid if not spectacular NHLers.

    The minuses are obvious, the free agent contracts, the 1st round of the draft pre-2005, some of the coaching staff decisions.

    I’m not pleased that it took a decade to restore the franchise back to respectability. I am willing to give Sather a partial mulligan on the first couple of years of his tenure because he inherited a mess. He didn’t have to compound those mistakes throughout the first half of this decade but he’s made strides to atone for his mistakes, with some obvious setbacks. As much as many of us want to revile the man, he has tried to make things better.

  35. Wow, I couldn’t disagree more. A very important detail was left out of the equation in Somerset’s post: the NHL is a business and in this business, results are the only thing that matters.

    You could go on and on all day about intentions, and I won’t aruge that Sather’s intent was to make the team better, but the fact remains (based on results) that our GM has been out managed by just about every team in the NHL, save for a handful in the last decade.

    His track record shows that he has not been able to move away from the oldschool mind frame of making transactions through relationships, which has restricted our moves considerably. One of the reasons bringing on Torts was so shocking, albeit in a positive way.

    He has displayed no clear plan of action at any point. From the random combustible big contract signings early in his tenure, to the revolving door that has been this team the past 3 years, he has never shown that he has a plan or a direction.

    Sather might know talent, and that may have worked 20 years ago, but in today’s game, and with a cap, NHL teams are more like a puzzle. Sather time and time again purchases peices that don’t fit. And as the old adage goes, fool me once shame on you, fool me 20 times shame on all of us.

    You can’t just go out and get guys you like. YOu have to build something.

    In a 10 year period you should make some kind of progress building towards something bigger.

    The only thing consistent with Slats is that his teams are 2 steps forward, 1 step backwards.

    In any other sports franchise he would have been gone 5 years ago. Fact is, Dolan has a man crush on him, and as with Isaih, he like keeping his cronies around.

    One last note, during Slats time here he’s had Mike Richter and Henrik Lunquvist in net. Two of the best goalies in Rangers history. So, a 2-3 year period of starting Mike Dunham and the likes is no excuse for the numbers he’s put up as GM.

  36. Great post, somerset, and I happen to agree with you. It’s not as simple as that, and I happen to think that he’s done a pretty good job. We have prospects all over the place, and gilroy is a prize. The overspending has been happening all over the league and the ridiculous contracts are going on left and right. No one will be flawless, and Sather definitely hasn’t been. But he’s done a damn good job in revitalizing the organization. I agree wholeheartedly, great post!

  37. Interesting take on our much-maligned GM. The guy has made plenty of mistakes, but getting Jagr in what basically amounted to a fire-sale on the Caps end really changed the franchise. Even though Jagr didn’t win a cup here, he brought the franchise back to the playoffs. Lots of people here seem to think he “got lucky” with the Jagr trade. Fine, whatever – he got luckier than 29 other teams in the league.

  38. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    I do think some some of the ranger rookies would make teams lineups, but, I really do believe that Sather feels more comfortable with veteran players.

    He played hardball with Dubinski’s contract.

    Sather’s signing Jagr was ,in my opinion,was signing a big name.
    You need a big name in NY.
    Just as he tried to get Heatley, he’s signs Gaborik.
    But, sometimes its dumb luck responsible for success, if the cap prevents sather from signing over the hill vets , he has no choice but to go younger and if he wins, he’ll look like genius.

  39. Great post!

    I have to agree that Sather hasn’t done as bad a job as some people make it seem.

    It’s funny that a good trade or move is luck and anything that doesn’t pan out is Sathers fault.

    If you are going to place blame for the failures, at least give credit for the successes.

  40. Somerset, I agree with the others… brave, brave man! Whether folks agree or not, good post and certainly a discussion starter. Geez, what the heck am I gonna do tomorrow!

  41. “Dubliewicz on waivers…. one of the best backups in the NHL, IMO.””

    Maybe the Icegirls will re-sign him. They do not have enough depth in Gaol ;)

  42. Sather has ZERO respect for the Ranger’s fans. He does more interviews with the Canadien media than he does here. Then again, he does NO interviews here. Hey Carp, what would the response be from the Ranger’s PR guru if you asked for an interview with Glennie? If your name was Terry Jones from the Edmonton Sun, it would be a different story.

  43. somerset youve put into words what ive been thinking all along, sather is a good GM whos made some mindnumbing moves but at the same time has done a damn good job making sure the rangers will be a great time for a long long time

    i mean just 2 of his recent trades smell like a steal to me

    boyle (former 1st round pick) for a 3rd rounder, this guy is a beast and offers way more than betts ever could for a 4th line center

    lisin for korpedo, when i first heard bout this trade i was pissed because i really thought korpedo had some serious potential, but thats before i saw this kid lisin play, he can flat out fly and has some serious scoring ability, he looks poised for a break out year

    ive looked at every single teams defensive prospect and there is no team that comes close to the talent we have on the blue line in terms of youngens playing now and coming through the pipeline

    id say sathers done a pretty damn good job, and i think if redden craps the bed early in the season, i wouldnt be surprised to see him sent down!!

  44. onecup,

    Jagr came in a trade for Anson Carter… Yes, Anson Carter, not only that, but they paid half of his salary for the entire length of the contract… if that’s not a good trade then I don’t know what is.

  45. Schnee, How can you say they’re going to be a great team for a long time to come, when they haven’t been a great team for the past 15 years. Sneaking into the playoffs, and getting knocked out in round 1 or 2 does not make a great team.

  46. Wow, Somerset-
    Nice, ballsy post.

    Gotta love a guest blogger (and board regular) that puts themselves in the line of fire.

    Great alternate perspective to the normal (and often loud) refrain of Sather sucks.

    One question – if Torts is the Fonz, when do the Rangers jump the shark?
    Or have they already?

  47. Don't You Enver Lisin? on

    Question – Let’s go out on a huge limb and say the Rangers win the cup this year…

    Does all of the animosity for Sather from years past all of sudden disappear because of that?

    I can absolutely see that being the case. He becomes the the “savior” all of a sudden, with the many drastic moves he has made this off-season. NY fans have short term memory with sports.

  48. Sather and Neil Smith have been the GM for a comparable number of years. In Neil’s tenure the Rangers won the Stanley Cup, won the President’s trophy twice, won the divisiion 3 times, and made the playoffs 7 times. What exactly has Sather done?

  49. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Jason -anson carter and $$$ for jagr.

    even a brain dead GM would twitch yes to make that trade

  50. Where's Pavelich? on

    Well done Somerset, certainly dont agree but, well done.. when he traded Leetch that was it for me.. esp when it turns out that the trade turned into pretty much nothing (Enver Lisin, is the last grasp)

    – I agree with Blaze, Lundqvist in the 6th rd was a fluke (think, Tom Brady) – recall they drafted a goalie in the first round the following year (Blackburn) and again in the first rd in 2004 (Montoya) to lead the team

    – He also drafted the only BUST in the great 2003 draft (first 29 picks) and traded for the other bust this year (Boyle)

    – Recently, the Dredden/Drury/Gomez contracts were way off market (believe it or not, Rosie’s contract wasnt that far off when he signed it) and he outbid himself for Naslund

    – on, and just wait till we discuss the cap issues next year, it is worse than ever, and result in some really tough decisions to be made (see point above)

    – Jagr does not offset his continuous poor signings

  51. Your kidding right on

    Sather was no the sharpest knife in the draw as a player, coach and certainly not as a GM. But would anyone at MSG no this?
    If you have ever seen the deal before the home games at the Garden Club Sather is first to the Grand Buffet. The culture at MSG and with the NY Rangers is so screwed up that the fat just get fatter regardless of overall results.
    I guess that comes with a full Arena no matter how bad.Lets face it we keep feeding Cablevision every month don’t we. You don’t have to be good at what you do, you just keep eating and doing it. Hows the sliced steak Glenn?
    Don’t sit at Dolans table by the way there or not. The entire group and system is the laughing stock of hockey even with the slug Bettman snacking it up with them.

  52. Reeshay (or Riche') on



    Not one

  53. Reeshav (or RICHE’)………Riche, he was a top 10 defenseman in the league, i know he played with Chara for a long time but no one knew he would turn out to be this bad! i thought we would have a decent two way defenseman who was an intelligent player-lets hope he turns it around this year…. and all i am saying is the professional scout who “suckered” sather into this signing deserves a boat load of blame as well-obviously Sather is the GM and he should take a lot of heat but honestly the scouts have to do a better job!

  54. Redden has to be the worst contract of the past ten years.

    He has zero redeeming qualities on the ice anymore and is paid SO MUCH MONEY

    Yeah Blowmez and Dreary are disappointments but not even remotely approaching the levels of suck that Wade Redden achieves on a nightly basis.

  55. Mike,

    Neil Smith also left Glen Sather with worse prospects than Craig Patrick and Phil Esposito had left Neil Smith.

  56. Any of the Redden/Drury/Gomez signings would be somewhat tolerable if it was just one by itself. There are equal or worse contracts around the league (Brian Campbell and Danny Briere come to mind). However, the fact that Sather has made the mistake repeatedly is his biggest fault in the salary cap era. Maybe 4th time’s a charm with Gaborik.

  57. I was just reading over yesterdays posts because I am bored in class. I saw that Blaze corrected part something that I was going to say already. Redden is actually being paid $8 million real cash (as opposed to cap hit) this season, Rozsival is getting $6 million, and Drury collects $8.05 million, all according to NHL Numbers. So what are we paying them over $22 million to do? :)

    I think The Mouth had a good post aside from getting the score of the game wrong. I didn’t even notice it until Doodie mentioned it because I wasn’t paying close attention to that game anyway.

    I read the ESPN Insider blog about Gaborik’s debut. It said that Gaborik’s pass to Lisin probably would not have worked during the regular season and that Gaborik had bad moments in the defensive zone. Hradek thinks it will be easy for Gaborik to click with other players, but if he does not, he will be moved around by Tortorella.

  58. Somerset-

    Great post. It’s nice to hear some positive about Sather. You did skip a lot of negative but it was refreshing.

  59. Has there ever been a GM more out of touch with the pace and the reality of the game, and what it takes to win other than Somerset’s Glen Sather?

    The guy was it in the 80s (thanks to 99, Mess, Fuhr, Kurri, Anderson, etc) and I am not even sure how much of that team construction was his. (BTW, give me those guys and I might be able to win some games.)

    My brother ran into him a bunch of years back at a game at MSG and asked, “Glen, you think they’ll ever get rid of the redline for passes?” He responded, “No way. That will disrupt the game too much.” Good call Glen.

    Then he signs Gomer, Drury, and Redden to $20mm worth of contracts per year in a world where the cap was $50mm.

    Do you know how many different GMs have dealt with him who are not former MSG or Ranger employees? I cannot think of many. JD yes, Maloney yes, maybe even Kevin Lowe (ex Oiler)….then who?

    Somerset, your piece is well written. But you cannot make chicken salad out of chicken s**t, no matter how hard you try.

    Sather is Dolan’s lap boy. That is the only reason he has hung around as long as he has. The Pens rebuilt. The Flyers rebuilt. The Bruins rebuilt. The Wings are perennially good. Even San Jose has had a few solid teams. The Rangers have had nothing to write home about in far too long.

    Sign all the big names you can find (and 35 guys who are 3rd and 4th liners to complement them) and maybe something will stick. That has been Sather’s gameplan.

    And BTW, from what I hear, Hank was signed only at the begging of the European scout. It had nothing to do with Slats.

    Anyway, good effort Somerset. Too bad you are defending public enemy #1 in Blueshirts’ fans’ eyes.

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  61. “Sather is Dolan’s lap boy. That is the only reason he has hung around as long as he has. The Pens rebuilt. The Flyers rebuilt. The Bruins rebuilt. The Wings are perennially good. Even San Jose has had a few solid teams. The Rangers have had nothing to write home about in far too long.”

    This is completely unfair.

    Pens have Cindy. Flyers have got no playoff success. Bruins are built around Chara and an ex-Rangers prospect. Wings are the wings. Sharks? Meh.

    If it were so easy for the other 25 GM’s to have the “success” of the 5 teams you mention, wouldn’t they be doing it? Or – if GM’s of the quality of the 5 mentioned were available, why aren’t we hiring them? Why aren’t others hiring them? WHERE ARE THE GREAT GM’s THAT DOLAN SHOULD HIRE? Maybe they already have jobs.

    Meanwhile, Sather is doing ok. Don’t hate.

  62. Somerset, it took balls to write that and I give you credit for doing so. However, if Sather really cared about Rangers fans would he have brought in Bryan Trottier to coach his team. And this was after a long, long search for a coach. And he’s blown away by a long, handwritten resume. Erica Lindros? Please.

    I will never forget his quote when he was in Edmonton about the Rangers,” anybody can win with that payroll.” Well he had the payroll and did nothing. It’s been 10 years, and the best he has to show is 2-2nd round exits. If we had any other owner but moron Dolan, Sather would have been retired for a while now.

    Yes, he fxed the Gomez signing with a nice trade. But he’ll never fix the Redden and Rozsival blunders. And, Drury has way too much pressure on him to lead this team. I’m excited about having a young team with prospects in the wing, but I wouldn’t be so fast to praise Sather for all of this. However, if there’s a parade down the Canyon of Heros next year with the cup, I’ll be the first to say how great Sather is.

  63. Mike S, i can say that theyll be a great team because theyve never had this much young talent ever

    i envision del zotto gilroy staal and girardi being fixtures on the back end for years to come

    and up front, i mean cmon callahan, doobie, with AA and grachev, AA and grachev could be our answer to crosby and malkin and datsyuk and zetterberg, except our duo are gigantic!!

  64. You should delete your side note..the whole thing about changing the goal song has got to be a joke. other than that, good post.

    Im really hoping this Avery injury isnt so bad. The team is completely one dimensional without him. This team NEEDS Avery!

  65. Avery. . . .another bad move by Sather? Right, Sather sucks.

    Oh sh*t, he acquired Avery twice!!! What a fool!!!

    What? Dalls is paying half his salary? Like Washington did for Jagr? Real dumbass, huh?

  66. Schnee, You can’t say they’ve never had this much young talent. Look at the late 80’s early 90’s. Leetch, Richter, Zubov, Vanbiesbrouck, James Patrick, Doug Weight, Tony Amonte, Sergei Nemchinov, Kovalev. PLEASE don’t start making comparison’s to Crosby and Malkin.

  67. Olga Folkyerself on

    “Sather is doing ok”

    You’re damning him by faint praise. Just making the playoffs 4 out of 8 years is “OK?”. A couple good pickups sandwiched around multiple failures is “OK?”. A wonderful 7th round pick surrounded with 1st round failures is “OK?”. One good coach out of 5? Not even “OK”. Worst 8 year Ranger record since the 60’s. Worse than “OK”, that’s just plain BAD.

    By almost all measures, even “doing OK” is a bit of a stretch. Are you OK with the last 9 years?

    I’m not. It has been a dismal disaster. And this year it will continue… 8th place, maybe. First round exit?

    That’s doing OK…

  68. “Schnee, You can’t say they’ve never had this much young talent. Look at the late 80’s early 90’s. Leetch, Richter, Zubov, Vanbiesbrouck, James Patrick, Doug Weight, Tony Amonte, Sergei Nemchinov, Kovalev. PLEASE don’t start making comparison’s to Crosby and Malkin.”


    A lot of that talent was shipped out to make a one and done run at the Cup or they were traded shortly thereafter. You can blame Sather for a lot of things, inept drafting is one of them, but at least he hasn’t traded away any of the major viable prospects they’ve developed the past few seasons. Even if Montoya turns out to be a viable NHL goalie he would have been blocked by Lundqvist. As much as we can credit Neil Smith for bringing a Cup to NY, he was just as responsible for setting the franchise back afterwards.

  69. I’ll never forgive Sather for trading Brian Leetch, the greatest Ranger of them all for a bag of pucks.

  70. BobSantos….The Bruins were built arounds Chara….Why the hell didn’t we get Chara? Instead we got Redden. Wasn’t Chara a free agent?

  71. Even the Islanders fired Smith before the season started. Aside from the hilarity of how that organization is run, makes you wonder what happened and why in the 10 years since the Rangers fired he never got another GM job.

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  73. Olga Folkyerself on

    For every great Avery deal, there is a Redden, Rozival, Drury and Gomez signing. THAT’S the dumbass part…

  74. I heard a rumor that Chara didn’t want to sign here. Jags, and Chara had some sort of problem with each other. Eh, who knows what aboot.

    Damn shame, cause he really could have helped is out. Id give both Dredden, and Blowzy’s money to him just to come over. It would be great for Marcy Marc and the funky bunch to learn from a guy like him. Instead they have to learn from a couple of losers. Sad !

    And im seriously considering getting in touch with EA, and completely ripping them inside out. I never hated a hockey game as much as i hate this one. It’s just not fun at all. I cant stand it. I usually play a sh*t load of games in a single day, but it seems like im playing it every other day, only once or twice before i lose my mind. Im really disappointed.

    Maybe when the next roster update happens, ill feel a lot better.

  75. OLGA

    I would forgive the Blowmez signing, if Higgins does well, and McDonagh is the real deal like Habs fans think he is. Then it was worth it.

    You can take a bad move and turn it into a great move. Hopefully Slats can do the same with Blowsival, Dreary, and Dredden. Blowzy seems like the only one that’s possible.

  76. Yeah Orr, I hear ya about NHL 10. My neighbors must think I have Tourette’s with the amount of swearing I’m doing because of the game. I’m not having the same memory crack out problems you are, I just don’t think the gameplay is that good with the along the boards play, scrums after the whistle and the terrible revision of passing.

    Anyway, I don’t know if you look at Higgins and McDonagh as the corresponding talent for Gomez, but rather Gaborik since he filled the cap space cleared by Gomez. Higgins is more of a replacement for Naslund/Antropov/Zherdev.

  77. O.F.: yeah, compared to about 25/26 other GM’s he’s doing ok. Tough nuts if you can’t see that. It’s mathematics.

    And I like where we’re headed.

  78. CCCP for GM! He hands the coatcheck attendant a 7 year/$51MM contract with a full no trade clause.

  79. Avery’s MRI is normal, as per Gross.
    Sather is here, and as much as we talk about him being fired, he is here to stay. So CCCP may need to look for work elsewhere.
    It’s very intriguing how our situation with centers is unfolding. I know, it’s a good issue to have, but I wonder who is staying in the middle and who is going on the wing. Certainly, Prospal and AA made a good case to be our centers. Opinion?

  80. Hopefully at the end of the CBA, GMs will be able to buy out some of these bad contracts like they were able to last time. I’d buy out Redden and Rozsival, like we did Bobby Holik.

  81. Every time I think of Sather I get this feeling in my throat as if someone is choking me! So, I try not to think of him much…

    Sather is a f’ck up! Every year it’s the same old story… he guts the team out… brings new outrages contracts in… it doesn’t work (IT NEVER WORKED!!) then he guts the team out completely once again and round and round we go for the past 9 years! I won’t give him credit just because he did an OK job this summer. This current team is still full of huge question marks! Don’t let one good first period (pre-season period) fool you kids!

    Another problem with Sather is that he never shows himself to us or media. He is like the little bully coward … he does some stupid sh*t…he knows he messed up… and he hides, hoping for everyone to just go away! I think if he would speak out more… or simply was a little more accessible… I think a lot more fans would be ok with him… if such thing is possible at all!

  82. Interesting Line Combos from practice this AM as per Andrew Gross
    Enver Lisin (insert AVERY HERE)-Vinny Prospal-Marian Gaborik

    Obviously, lisin has been impressive, 3 forwards all with decent shots-when was the last time we saw that!

    Christopher Higgins-Brandon Dubinsky-Ryan Callahan

    tough ALL AMERICAN line, could cycle down low well, very responsible on the defensive side of the ice but can dubie finish this year on the offensive side!

    Evgeny Grachev (insert Avery here)-Chris Drury-Ales Kotalik

    for the love of GOD, KOTALIK please rekindle some magic because Chris is so lost it is scary!

    Donald Brashear-Artem Anisimov/Brian Boyle-Aaron Voros

    everyone is raving about Voros’s conditioning this summer, the kid looks hungry and is playing in your face hockey, i think he makes the team, he might even dress opening night!

    Wade Redden-Matt Gilroy
    Michael Del Zotto-Dan Girardi
    Marc Staal-Michal Rozsival
    Alexei Semenov-Bobby Sanguinetti

  83. Hey uesblueshirt. You cannot be saying Neil Smith made a mistake by trading away the young talent that won us a cup in 94. I don’t think anybody here was crying back on June 14th, 1994 about the young talent we gave up. Hell, if it wasn’t for that, we’d be looking at a 70 year cup drought.

  84. Sather could hide all he wanted if he didn’t do stupid moves like Redden’s deal.

    Believe me, coming from a Mets fan, when watching a bad team and then having the GM appear and say some pretty stupid comments makes me feel that the team’s situation is that much worse.

  85. CCCP- you don’t like him that much, I gather. I suppose you can’t be hired as his publicist either… Oh, well

    What he did here is a mixed bag, at least in my book. One thing I can’t forgive him is Brian Leetch in 2004. Brian mentione everybody during his speech, if you remember, but never mentioned Sather. Proud man, he is still hurting..

  86. “Hey uesblueshirt. You cannot be saying Neil Smith made a mistake by trading away the young talent that won us a cup in 94. I don’t think anybody here was crying back on June 14th, 1994 about the young talent we gave up. Hell, if it wasn’t for that, we’d be looking at a 70 year cup drought.”


    A Cup is a Cup, I won’t argue that. I also think Keenan had a big hand in a number of trades that year, but the top end of the farm system was completely drained after that year and then giving up on Zubov killed one of the best 1-2 punches from the point.

    It’s impossible to figure out which players were the right ones to have kept and whether all of the players acquired at the deadline made the ultimate difference. I will say that the extraordinary play of Leetch, the guarantee of Messier, the steady goaltending of Richter, players that were already there provided the biggest push for the Rangers.

    I know Matteau had a pair of the clutchest of clutch goals, but who knows if they still had Amonte if the Devils series would have gone to 6 or 7 games. As I recall the Rangers owned the Devils throughout that year with most of the games played pre-deadline. Matteau and Noonan then went on to have very pedestrian careers the rest of the way. Then Tikkanen and Glenn Anderson were gone after the Cup (I believe Tik was part of the compensation package for Keenan) and while they had their one year of glory, the price paid for mortgaging the future was very steep.

  87. Mike S.

    Other than Tony Amonte, the Rangers didn’t trade away much young talent during the 93-94 season. You can debate Todd Marchant but he wasn’t a superstar in his career. Darren Turcotte was never a star, there was no room for James Patrick, Mike Gartner was 34 years old already.

    They did trade Doug Weight the year before for Tikkanen but Tikkanen was a huge part of the 94 team and was a 1st round playoff hero in 97 when he returned.

  88. Looks like someone was reading what my NHL 10 rosters are and decided to use them for real, ha. Life imitating art at it’s finest.

  89. Somerset,
    Sather is here almost 10 years and what does he have to show for it? Two first round wins. In 10 years!!! Think about it. And this is in NY with all the mighty power he has. Look at Phily,Pens – how long did it take for them to turn it around? Do you need to tank the season to get the pick in the first 3? Yeah, that’s what you supposed to do! In case of Sather though, he would picked up Jessiwoman over Ovechkin anyway )))

  90. The ONE thing Sather is good at is putting out press releases through MSG’s PR department. He does not personally talk to the media, which should be a job requirement, especially in the largest media market. Again, I’ll ask Carp what would happen if he asked for a one on one with Slats. (After the PR guy stopped laughing)

  91. Also, about Neil Smith, his undoing with trades occured after the 94 cup.

    He traded away Sergei Zubov, Ian Laperriere, Mattias Norstrom, Luc Robitaille (for Kevin Stevens), Alex Kovalev, Dan Cloutier, Nik Sundstrom, Marc Savard, Mike Knuble and 2 first round picks which became JS Giguere and Oleg Saprykin.

    Not to mention the horrible FA signings that took place in 98 and 99.

  92. UESBlueshirt

    Mets fan, eh… my condolences!


    its not that i dont like him… i simply CANT STAND HIM! He needs to go and leave us alone already!

  93. “Also, about Neil Smith, his undoing with trades occured after the 94 cup.
    He traded away Sergei Zubov, Ian Laperriere, Mattias Norstrom, Luc Robitaille (for Kevin Stevens), Alex Kovalev, Dan Cloutier, Nik Sundstrom, Marc Savard, Mike Knuble and 2 first round picks which became JS Giguere and Oleg Saprykin.
    Not to mention the horrible FA signings that took place in 98 and 99.”

    Without the Cup he’d be viewed in very similar light to Milbury…thank god for 1994.

  94. At least Sather hasn’t beaten up any fans with his shoes. I guess we can give him credit for that. Whatta ya think CCCP?

  95. Yeah but if you have no money to work with then you better hold onto your top prospects, Mad Mike screwed that up royally.

    That question though is like asking whether you’d want to have your eyes gouged or get kicked in the groin.

  96. Somerset

    Liked the post, sather has not been perfect by any stretch, but has not been as bad as many want to believe (R & R the bad bad examples). The lack of a true goalie was indeed the problem in the dark years.

    Regarding the chara jagr “problem”. Chara did not like playing with jagr because jagr only worked when he wanted to, only played 1/3rd of the ice surface, and felt everything should revovle around him instead of a “team” concept. He wouldn’t do the shoot out “too much pressure” for a supposed “leader” to handle and was only truly successful when he wasn’t the focal point (see pittsburgh and mario) of attention. That is why chara did not want to come here when jagr was here.

  97. The worst move was to get rid of Zobov and then Domi.
    Glen is ok in my book, not great. To be great, we need a Cup.

  98. anyone who watched the draft show a couple years back, where they miked the Ranger mgmt at the draft table and leading up to it, could hear that Sather was a mumbling, bumbling old fool who had little to say or offer about any player. he was simply there to sign off on picks made by Ranger staff of scouts and personnel guys

    he NEVER even saw Gilroy play live I’ll bet, before he was pursued by his staff. but he HAS seen plenty of the players HE selects like Redden, Rosival, Drury, Gomez, etc

    that gives you an idea of his signing blunders. HE is the author of the bad UFA signings, but OTHERS are the main reason for the good draft picks

  99. Maybe they can convince Chara to come now since there’s a fellow Slovak. He can even pair up with his old buddy Wade. Just send Rozi and Kotalik the other way and that should be enough cap space.

    Meanwhile, back in the real world…

  100. Writing that Glen Sather is the Rangers’ equivalent of Mike Milbury is just willfully ignoring the facts which include individual stats, team standings, playoff appearances, attendance and head-to-head competitiveness. In all these metrics the Rangers and Sather have come out ahead of Milbury and the Isles.

    Are you so desperate to trash the man that you have to make the Rangers out to be the equivalent of the Islanders?

  101. OK BobSantos. I’ll give. Sather over Milbury. I still like uesblueshirt’s analogy best. The bar has been set pretty low for Slats.

  102. I have to give the writer credit for making an effort. The credit stops there. Big picture…the Rangers have sucked for the 9 years Sather has ruled. In 9 years they have gone from doormat to a top 15 team in the league. At the current rate we should be one of the elite teams in another 9 years. 18 years to build a contender…. not sure in what city that would be acceptable.

  103. Excellent Job Somerset ! Way to stir the pot. I love it.

    Legendary 1979 Fotiu/Durbano Stick Fight at MSG Video

    Durbano got a 5 minute match for attempt to injure, a Ten Minute misconduct and 2 game Misconducts for this particular part of nuttiness.

  104. Something is not logically fair after all. I’m pretty sure if Slats would collect under Rangers banner All Stars team for 1/2 market price, Slats bashers wouldn’t be satisfied and will scientifically explaining why he sucks.
    Everybody are pro in GM JOB and smart AFTER party,forgeting that trade and UFA players evaluation is not only intellectual and pro managerial job, but also gambling and sometimes pure luck. He tries always getting what is best on market.Dru and Gomes were at their prime and best money could buy at that time. Who knew? Even hated Redden was only available and asked for choice – he gambled and..lost, big time, truth. So, sh*t happened. Besides, are we really want our team be for a few years deep sh*t last and hopelessly miserable like Pissburgh to obtain (and it’s about luck too) likes of Cyndy and Malkin.Or was it their GM excellent job? For someone the neighbor’s grass is always greener and d*ck is thicker. I personally enjoyed after lockout year in full, when everyone put us #30.Besides great Jagr he got guys like Staal, Girardi, Cally, Dubi, Anisimov, Grachev, MDZ, Mcdonagh, Sangs, Heikkinen, Byers, Gilroy, Stepan, Kreider, Werek and possible the steal of this years draft in Bourqe. Got to give credit where it’s due and Gordie Clark and Sather do a fantastic job of drafting recently. And don’t forget the pick in the 7th round I think his name is Henrik Lundquist.How come that IF player is good it’s not his achievement and if it bad – definitely his fault?
    It is so convenient to have an Enemy of Ranger State and instead of normal real analyses to go in endless loop of blaming him for anything. C’mon, objectively he IS above average in the Ligue. And I personally don’t like him either…

  105. 4everRanger: Not trying to be a d/ck here but are you foreign? If so, very impressive the knowledge you have of the Rangers. If not…at least put a minute or two into proofreading before firing off that post. Kinda distracting to follow with the broken sentences/misspellings.

    Anyway, I give kudos to Somerset for sparking a great conversation today. There has been a lot of Slats talk around here, but we don’t ever see both sides of the debate. As far as I am concerned, when you have a salary cap you not only need someone with an eye for talent and team chemistry but someone with the mind of a businessman. Here’s a tap for ya Glenn…bidding against yourself is not necessary to pull someone into NY.

  106. UESBlueshirt: The Islanders did not fire Neil Smith.

    He resigned after the owner pulled a bunch of crap and decided the GM job (Neil’s) would be done by committee. Pat Lafontaine couldn’t take the crap either and resigned when Neil did.

  107. A F L Y
    Yeah,it is truth – English is just my 5th language and I’m trully sorry to insult your aestetical senses. I’ll try to get more English lessons, promise. Now on a substance – I just never liked proffessional bashers as well as ass kissers. Always suspect lack of real thoughts or need for overcome their personal inferiority complex.(spelling?..ok?)

  108. Missed the conversation today dealing with a computer that had every flippin thing wrong with it…
    Trojan horses, malware, spyware, Swine Flu H1N1, AIDS, you name it!
    its good to be back…

  109. well… i guess a lot of Rangers fans do compensate for something when bashing Sather… maybe its a compensation for not having a good team owner?

    …but yeah, we are all emotionally unstable!

  110. A F L Y
    Oh and BTW, last thing I need in my life and at this wonderful site is you patronizing me and giving me tap on the shoulder about Rangers stuff – I follow team since 1979
    in a country where you couldn’t get info about your father, much less about USA hockey team, so if you are better in math than I’m in English you can figure out my age.(passionate fans don’t live for so long)

  111. 4ever and afly….I’m up tomorrow ya know, so let’s play nice. I love sand on a beach, but not having it thrown in a sandbox :)

    On that note, by bone/knuckle friends, here’s an early mea culpa. I’ve watched the games, I’m being a fan, I read the blog, but this has been my week….I’m like Betts after getting Bashered…I’m Malarchuk after playing the Blues….you get my point? The usual wit and creativity that you’ve all come to expect from me is dyyyying….:)

    So, no line discussions, no Slats, sigh, not even a half-dressed Aves (welllll, maybe). So whatever I come up with, be your charming selves and chat away!

    P.S. Yes, I watched Curb. Man, this season is going to a Cup winner even if the Rangers aren’t!!

  112. A F L Y
    After all said, I like your posts (except the last one) for a deep analyses, substance and sense of humor. Seriously.
    How about that? (any spelling errors? Corrections would be greatly appreciated)

  113. My 2 cents…
    I don’t like Sather the person which like most, probably clouds my judgement of him as a GM.

    I think the whole argument that he’s a bad GM because of the draft is bogus. The team needed a goalie when Montoya was drafted and not a single goalie in that entire draft year has played 50 NHL games, so it’s not like the team picked the wrong one. Every team has 1st rounders like Jessiman that don’t work out. Yeah it sucks that the overwhelming majority of 1st rounders that year were good but it happens. Look at the draft history over the last ten years, every team has 1st rounders who fail (even Detroit).

    The thing about the Gomez/Drury signings is we wouldn’t really be talking about their contracts if the economy hadn’t imploded and the salary cap was $5mn higher. Not to say that the cap staying flat or falling shouldn’t have been a consideration but it’s pretty rare in pro sports. You sign those contracts in a rising cap environment, where they’re front end loaded like they are and the team has plenty of flexibility going forward.

  114. 4everRanger-I like Slats drafting but the thing is; when are we going to get to see these guys already? Are any of Anisimov/Grachev/Sangs/Del Z going to get to play any meaningful minutes this year or are guys like Prospal, Semenov, Voros, or even Marc-Andre Bergeron going to take their time away?

    There’s a little over a week left of training camp.

  115. Olga Folkyerself on

    MSG is airing Game 7 of the 1994 finals.

    Watch that Ranger team for two minutes and then dare to tell me Sather has done a good job. Sather’s teams have won only two playoff series in the last nine years.

    Gee, that’s better than Atlanta and Columbus. Yeah, he’s doing a good job…

  116. Wow,got a little fiesty here…

    AFLY- I can assure you that 4everanger’s English is much better than your Russian. And unless it’s being published, everyone is allowed to have some TYPOS. You misspelled his name, btw.

    Laurel- no worries, we got your back…

    To someone who compared Slats with Millbury. Tell us how many players of a superstar statue (Luongo, Chara, Spezza etc.) are playing elsewhere and were traded out for players like Yashin, Kvasha (sheesh…)by Sather?

  117. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Thursday is gametime !!!!… says Greg L. on

    Somerset ,doesn’t look like yer answering anyone yet. Don’t let the haters screw up your sentiments to Slats. You see Sather is kinda like your parents. Not your parents but Parents in general. They Don’t get you the right gifts ya want but in all sincerity they try to do thier best. I still say Sather is the perfect GM for the Rangers…perfect. Not because I like him , just because I know Sather. I was pissed at Sather before all of you guys even knew who he was!!! I was the Oiler fan who watched Gretzky and Messier grow up in Sathers teaching. Sather made those guys go and raised them like cuss Dimiao did to Mike Tyson. I am bitter twards Sather because of letting go Jagr and for his blunders BUT im a Ranger and I stand by my GM.Sorry guys ..I have too.

    * Heres my article I wrote back on Sept 18 1996 on Sather :


    “When you lose it is easy to point fingers” Wayne Gretzky was quoted as saying after the 5 -2 nose rubbing the Canadians recieved on saturday from team USA.

    I hate to point fingers but here goes. Nobody has said one word about Glen Sather. I used to love the guy but after the stubborness he showed throughout the World Cup Of Hockey tounament he made me sick. Sather is the reason Canada lost. The Canadians were embarrased and im sorry Scotty Bowman or Mike Keenan didn’t coach Canada.

    Sather had to stick with the same dull, ineffective lines through out the tournament. There was little chemistry resulting in poor offensive production. Keenan would have juggled,juggled, thoes line untill he saw goals pour in . Sather stuck to his lines game in, game out.

    Sathers team played hard ,USA played great,goalie Mike Richter was awsome.But face the facts Canada , Glen Sather lost us the tournament.

    Mark Messier and Gretzky were never re-united on the same line during the whole round-robin tournament.Why?
    Didn’t Sather remember all those glory years in Edmonton or all those Canada Cups Canada won with Grez and Mess scoring key goals on the same lines. Mario Lemieux was placed with Gretzky in 1987 because Canada had depth on other lines. This year Canada still had depth. So why not place Gretzky with Messier?

    Everyone knows Gretz and Mess will provide a goal when needed. Sather just wouldn’t do it. I hate him ,and all of Canada should too!

    Messier and Gretzy know this deep down , but have too much class to rib Sather and whine about it.

    I don’t believe this bull about USA taking over “our” game . Bad coaching is why we lost.

    Finally ,with Canada down with little time left on the clock in the third period ,in the third game of the World Cup ,and with only one chance to tie…Messier,Gretzky and Paul Coffey are on the ice together. Too late Sather , too late.

  118. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Sarher sucks plain and simple.
    The dolan’s are suckers.
    what does that make us?

  119. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Thursday is gametime !!!!… says Greg L. on

    Onecup , do us all a favor a shut the hell up!! Yeah things have been a mess but to act like that is childish . makes us Rangers fans( answer to yer question). Your name is insulting and GO HANG OUT WITH LOCAL FAN. Somerset gave us a positive spin and your depressing view is stated every time you post …YAWN!!! Your never here when they win…you only like to bash, I know that kinda , Had one online playing NHL10,,the guy would bash and yell at this kid over the headset for what reason?..Some people have a real hate on..looks like Onecup..thats you.

  120. No offence to the currant bloggers you’ve all done a nice job but when do we get back to professional writing? Does Carp work here any more?

  121. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Thursday is gametime !!!!… says Greg L. on

    Craig , offense taken. Get lost! Want professional writing? Go get the memos from your psyciatrist.

  122. ZzZz NYR ZzZz
    Thank you bro. Wonderful piece of Ranger hockey mind.(and in a good English, ha-ha)

  123. sorry if someone linked this already….or if it’s old and has been revised, but this is from Zip

    Judging from the previous games/practices:

    Looks as Staal-Girardi and Redden-Rozsival may be broken up.

    The four pairs in the hopper in last couple days have one youngster with a partner with NHL experience, with one of the two counted on for joining the rush. Torts wants Staal to increase his offense.

    So Del Zotto-Redden; Gilroy-Girardi, Staal-Rozsival, Sanguinetti-Semenov.

    Most impressive rookies in camp? Anisimov, Gilroy, Del Zotto, (Lisin doesn’t count).


    if MDZ makes the team and is paired with redden, will we be watching the ruination of Michael Del Zotto??? ARGH! Whoever called Redden a “rotting corpse” on the previous thread, OUTSTANDING!

    I have never had, nor ever will have, anything too nice to say about Sather. His bad moves outweigh his good moves, and we’re saddled with the 3 worst contracts in the league because he felt he had to outbid himself. If the Rangers ever win the Cup under his tenor, it’d be IN SPITE of him.

  124. Hey, is anyone watching Devs- Isles game on MSG? Did you see that Islanders commercial with Bruno Gervais and Blake Cuomo during the intermission? Man, they are already playing golf. What a great vision!

  125. I was never a big fan of the Kauf, but yeah she is looking even worse.

    It’s a shame we have to wait for the playoffs to see Soto, or what ever that blonde chick’s name was. She was babish, but only did West games.

    And what the fugg ? Andrew Peters is on the Debs ??? This retard Dreary helps bring over that loser Kalinin, and Kotalgeek, but he cant help bring over Peters, who is tougher, and cooler than Brash*t. Ugh, damn it !

  126. Just think we took Maholtra over players like Nik Antropov, Dmitri Kalinin, Christian Backman, Scott Gomez, Blair Betts, Mikael Samuelsson, Ales Kotalik….

    Think of all the trades we could have not made… oh ya and Brad Richards too

  127. Hello from Philadelphia where I have been working hard, but keeping up with all the great posts from the guest bloggers. I have come to the board for some advice. I am coming up to NYC on October 3rd for a party, then realized that is the night of the home opener for our blueshirts! So I was looking for recommendations on what bar I can watch the game at with a great ranger fans presence. I am going to be around the 60s on the east side, so anything close to that would be great. Hell, anything on Manhattan I would be open to.

    Thanks for the suggestions! Also, any chance this can evolve into a Rangers Report Boneheads night out? Just saying…

  128. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Thursday is gametime !!!!… says Greg L. on

    Tanks Chuck , Don’t worry ’bout english foreveranger ..when it comes to slang , I’m the mang!! I love this site , I love Rick and I love Happy days!!!! The question is …IS TORTS COOLER THAN THE FONZ!!??

    When Jonny Tortarelli snaps his fingers , Avery and his “girls” come a running.

    New Tv show called Happy dayz , Tortarelli beats up Ralph and potsie(Redden and Rozi) and gives Richie ( Drury) dating lessons.

  129. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Thursday is gametime !!!!… says Greg L. on

    I’ll make sure I have a hard hitting crease clearing good night , make sure I don’t step on a cat … I could head out to Warren77 N hook up with TR!! Don’t wanna get too tanked and go Russian coat checK on someone. All this talk about slatapuss does make me think who would be next if he was gone ?(ilb2001 said it well)…I might go look at some Megan Fox vidz. I’ll be back in 2 and 2 .

  130. i used to be a sather hater, but i think this year, we had a good offseason. i had redden as much as the next rangers fan, but it’s not like sather said on the first day of free agency “okay i want redden offer him 6.5 million for 6 seasons” the rangers were shopping for a #1 defenseman, and redden was probably their 3rd or 4th choice, and they probably got in a bidding war over him with another team. i’m a fan of the gaborik signing–it’s not like no other team was going to offer him that amount of money for that amount of time. and look, pretty much every team in the league, even the best ones, have overpaid players. salary cap management is a new art that has yet to be perfected in the NHL. the capitals have theodore and nylander, the blackhawks have huet, hossa, and campbell and not enough space to sign their rfas, the redwings could be handicapped in the future with all of their long term deals, the list goes on and on. if they can’t move redden before his contract expires, he’ll probably be in hartford for the last season of it. by then, all or most of the rangers current defense prospects will be developed, and we’ll have one of the best blue lines in the league. how many “future top 6 forwards” do we have. cally, dubie, aa, grachev, lisin, stepan, bourque, higgins…that’s more than 6. just be patient guys. in a couple of years dubie, aa, and stepan would make us one of the deepest teams at center in the league. sorry for the long post

  131. Tony, Bam Bam!!

    Craig, if you read here often, do we really need to explain Carp’s situation AGAIN? Who does your job when you’re not around? (sigh, sorry all, but I get tired of this. and yes, I’m cranky tonight…my turn for a change!).
    Rest assured, blogfather is back next week. It’s still pre-season last I checked and we got a long season to go.

    TR, we still gotta meet at Warren sometime.

    ilb…as always, thanks (from sister blog, too)

  132. John Tavares is one of the doofiest, most awkward, slackjawed slobs I have ever seen. Just watching him walk and talk makes me cringe. I’m surprised this kid can even tie his own skates, let alone was taken #1 overall…he seems like he has a mental retardation….

    and now I’m realizing he’s wearing a former “NYI Legend’s” #91… what a fking jackass.

  133. I think when Sather took over the farm system was completely devoid of any quality. Smith went nuts to acquire Brendl and Lundmark who were the only prospects we had and they were busts. i think the Rangers had zilch in the way of scouting, playerdevelopment, I think Hartford was being used as a money funnel for Cablevision with the intent of signing washed up NHLers and AHL lifers and trying to win the Calder Cup instead of developing up and coming Rangers. Whether due to Sather or not, the Rangers have rebuilt the farm system and now have a tremendous crop of young players – honestly, a full complement of home grown defensemen – and a team in Hartford that is designed to develop players and feed them to the big club.

    I think that prior to the lockout Sather came across as having personal problems tht he fixed during the lockout and has been better since. And I think people fault Sather for not letting the team tank and blow chunks in his early years, and to a degree that is correct. I think one of his huge weaknesses has been that he hires people who will not threaten him in any way, and as a result had Don Maloney, an utter failure as Isles GM, as his right hand guy and he delegated responsibility to the wrong guy in many cases including that of the 2003 draft. I think Maloney’s re-acquisition of a slew of Rangers he drafted speaks volumes. And I think Sather hires zero good coaches until now.

    As for UFA signings, I cant even talk about them. Redden is just unspeakably bad and looks completely disinterested. Rozival is afraid of getting hit.

  134. Wow, I totally didn’t see that Craig remark.
    Craig- if you are still around: Speaking of professional writing, “currant” (black usually) is a berry, dingbat.

  135. now, now ilb, we’re being kind about typos remember :) (but that was funny)

    my home computer is too effing slow tonight, so I can’t keep up with the evening’s final thoughts (Linda, super computer advice, mac only?)

    see ya in the morning Staal and all….off to draft….

  136. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    ZzZz NYR ZzZz “Thursday is gametime !!!!… says Greg L.

    Can’t take the heat eh’ cry baby

  137. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Thursday is gametime !!!!… says Greg L. on

    onecupin69yearsand counting …change your name , I find it offensive. It mocks and slanders our team and is too sarcastic. You look like a chump using a name like that. Azzlander or Devils fan comes to mind.

  138. John Tavares is one of the doofiest, most awkward, slackjawed slobs I have ever seen. Just watching him walk and talk makes me cringe. I’m surprised this kid can even tie his own skates, let alone was taken #1 overall…he seems like he has a mental retardation….


    I came here to say something about John Tavares, only to have you beat me to it. I’m sorry, but the kid doesn’t impress me at all. Maybe the hockey “experts” see something in him that’ll show up five year from now, but so far, I don’t see much. Would you give a Grachev for this #1 overall pick?

  139. Olga Folkyerself on

    So, it’s all settled then. It’s agreed that Sather has done a lousy job as GM of the Rangers over the last nine years, and Somerset will be printing a retraction of today’s guest blog- which I think is a very commendable attitude and magnanimous admission of error.

    Now, if we could only get Sather to issue a public apology to all Ranger fans, then resign gracefully, taking the Dolans with him, buy the islanders, and start managing them.

    “And they all lived happily ever after…”

    Bring on the next guest blogger…

  140. yeah… bring on the next guest blogger! is it Laurel? She’s aboot to throw herself right into the lion’s den!

    btw Laurel, the website address of your blog in your name is misspelled.

  141. Watching game 7 on MSG… no matter how many times I’ve seen the game…its just never gets old! What a great game it was! I still get goose bumps when Mess raises the Cup!

    Kovalev is so young and geeky looking, holding yellow-haired troll in his hand! lol

    “All season long people talking about who will be first Russian to win the Cup… HA-HA… I DID IT!”


  142. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    ZZZ, maybe I’ll change my name to “4 cups in 85 years”, or if they win this year “2 cups in 15”,
    but this blog is about the rangers , not the names of who posts.

  143. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Thursday is gametime !!!!… says Greg L. on

    Sure it’s about Rangers but your name is something an Azzlander or Devil would have. Just stating the ovious. With a name like that , only shows how of a half glass empty kinda guy you are and you seem as bitter as hell , have a good sleep.

  144. Somerset – great post, don’t agree with everything but that takes nothing away from your effort, just because we have different opinions and different hockey experience.

    I havent always been a SAther hater. Thought his days in Edmonton were Ok and was exctited as were many others when he came here. But enthusiasm rapidly tuned to disdain with each passing season.

    Most of the reasons for that sudden loss of confidence and support have been pointed out already.

    The things the Rangers have improved with the most lately, are the two things Sather really doesn’t have much to do with besides getting ouot of the way.

    #1 – The draft has improved so much because of Renney and his insistance that we invest there and basically SAther lets those guys do it.

    T#2 – he coaching is vastly improved with Tortorrella. I guess Sather had a lot to do with that one, the fact remains Tortorella has his beliefs and will not bow down to Sather like Renney apparently did

    I also agree with almost all of Sather’s postseason moves this year. The only exception being that he fell on an old sword with signing Kotalik for 3mil and 3 years, thus blocking another prospect in favor of an aging merecenary with a long contract that will affect next year’s important signings.

    I thought he was messing with Dubi, but I’m happily surprised at the contract signing and terms.

    I am excited as hell for the season to begin on my bday Oct 2.

  145. I think its juvenile to rag on somes chosen screen name. It is their chosen identity, its like making fun of someones name.

  146. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Thank you Tomb, I think zz wants to know if your name is tom b or tomb because if it tomb its…see it is childish

  147. cwgatti: “Brad Richards is back in play”.

    At 7.8 million a year for the next two years he is not in play for the Rangers.

  148. Ha ha!!!

    Usually, no one even responds to my Brad Richards rants. I really think that Ranger scouts were at the game for another reason.

    But why send Messier to scout a preseason game? To convince a rookie or a vet?

    Even I think that this will amount to nothing. Maybe prospect swaps. But I love getting a rise out of people. Not in the Sean Salisbury way. . . . .

  149. Unless we are trading Gaborik, Redden or Drury (or Roszi and another) Brad Richards is not coming to the Rangers…

    Incidentally has anyone looked at the breakdown of the roster….
    We have 8 drafted players (Hank, Staal, MDZ, Anisimov, Grachev, Cally, Dubi, Sangs) plus 2 undrafted free agents (Girardi, Gilroy).
    Of the guys we have traded for this off-season they are all young and affordable and have some upside:
    Higgins(26), Lisin(23), Boyle (24)

    Gaborik is only 29 and should be entering his prime, so should last season’s acquisition (at half his salary) Sean Avery. Kotalik and Prospal seem to be doing ok during pre-season.

    I know Slats still has to bear burden for Redden, Roszi, Voros and Drury (although at least Drury is nearly worth the money) and a lot of people don’t like the Brashear move either but i think he is heading in the right direction with a lot of the roster turnover recently.

  150. Maybe the Rangers were at the Stars game to pick up the thank you gift for taking Avery off their hands. If it comes in the form of Louie Eriksson, that would be nice.

  151. I’m truly sorry I so greatly offended so many on this blog with my comment. A special apology to ZzZz, Laurel who were very taken back by my comment. Truly, I meant no offence to anyone here, including the guest bloggers nor the many comment authors who whenever I visit provide much needed insight for me. My comment was merely a frustrated statement about the lack of presence of the professional writer who runs this blog. I guess it’s the loss of all our great Ranger reporters over the last year or so that causes my frustration. It seems we’re left with very little inside info! Again my apology to all!

  152. Finally!
    Where is Kaspar?…
    Found him playing LW in our archenemy system – Philthy Flyers, ladies and gentleman.

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