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September 21, 2009 – New York Rangers 4, Detroit Red Wings 2 (Pre-Season: Game No. 5, Home No. 2)

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The Rangers opened the game’s scoring with three straight goals in the first period, and held on to defeat the Red Wings, 4-2, tonight at Madison Square Garden.
The Blueshirts notched two goals on the power play in eight opportunities, and have tallied three goals with the man advantage in the last two games; New York held Detroit scoreless in four power play chances.
Marian Gaborik registered a power play assist and tied for the game-high with five shots in 19:38 of icetime in his Rangers debut.
Free agent acquisition, Vinny Prospal, tallied the Rangers’ opening goal with the man advantage at 5:13 of the first period; He also tied for the team-high with nine faceoff wins.
Enver Lisin gave New York a two-goal advantage with a power play tally, and is tied for the team-lead with three goals in the pre-season.
Henrik Lundqvist (W, 12 saves) and Steve Valiquette (16 saves) combined to stop 28 of 30 shots for the victory.
Ryan Callahan gave the Rangers a three-goal lead mid-way through the first period, off an assist from Evgeny Grachev; Callahan also tied for the game-high with five hits and a plus-two rating; Grachev now has two assists in his last two games.
Artem Anisimov, Rangers’ second round pick (54th overall) in 2006, sealed the win with an empty net goal in the game’s closing seconds; He entered tonight’s game tied for fifth in the league in pre-season scoring, and currently leads the team with five points (three goals and two assists) in four games.
Blueshirt defensemen Wade Redden, Dan Girardi and Bobby Sanguinetti each collected one assist in the contest.
The Ranges return to action on Thursday, September 24, when they will face-off against the Washington Capitals at Madison Square Garden (7:00 p.m.), in their final home game of the 2009-10 pre-season schedule; the game will be televised live on MSG.

John Tortorella on tonight’s game…

“I thought we played a really good first period and probably played one of our worst periods in the second, but we found a way to win. Third period I thought we grinded it pretty well but still struggled with turnovers. They had more NHL players in there. It was good for our guys to play against (them).”

John Tortorella on Marian Gaborik…

“I thought he did some good things. Obviously, you can see his talent. He did some things in our end zone; he did some lousy things in our end zone; he did some good things in some other areas. I think he is going to add a dimension to our team that I think you need and that is his creativity and the dynamic player that he is. I am sure it is hard for him. I haven’t talked to him at all about playing today or even after the game. I am sure it is hard for him, he wants to be healthy. I thought he gave us some good minutes. He did a good job killing penalties.”

Marian Gaborik on tonight’s game…

“I felt pretty good out there for the first game. I felt nervous at the start but it felt pretty good. It was a win for us. Hopefully, it is going to get better and better.”

Henrik Lundqvist on tonight’s game…

“We were playing well in the first period. It feels good to just be out there and get the game feeling. It is just about being out there and getting the feel for it. We are getting closer, it is exciting.”

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  1. Glad Torts pointed out Gabby was weak in our end.

    The Red Wings’ first goal was a two on one he probably could have broken up if he hustled back – he lollygagged, but i won’t fault him for taking it easy with the groin in preseason.

    But I liked him on the PK – surprised me.

  2. Rick,
    You are always late with the news. I saw this recap and the quotes almost verbatim awhile ago in a couple of blogs.
    I am curious, I always thought that you may have a second beat. Or are you just starting in the hockey reporting business, no contacts yet?

  3. Yup, Carp’s new at this whole hockey reporting business. He has NO CLUE what he’s talking about, but he gives us skittles so we keep coming back.

  4. Sally get to bed ! ;)

    The Rangers have always been a lunch pail – blue collar team and when very flashy, dynamic players like Gretzky (past his prime), Bure (didnt last long), Jagr ( still had some gas in the tank) and now Gaborik (very young still) come to the team, I get really excited to see what they can do…I think Gaborik is going be the toast of Broadway and by his numbers – he’s a point or two game guy.

    Welcome to Broadway Gabby!!!!

    Torts… Give Gabby the “C”

  5. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "It sure was Gaborik time !!!!… says Greg L. on

    Ra Ra Rangers win ,, gonna be some good night sleeps this year!!! ZZZZZZZ

  6. Why am I getting Rangers in 60 at 1:00 a.m. instead of Rangers Rewind? Oh well, I guess this means I get to try to go to sleep an hour earlier.

  7. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "It sure was Gaborik time !!!!… says Greg L. on

    Rick was late with the news? I think you were late when the brains were handed out…instead you got water .Is it spashing around in there?

  8. am I seeing things or is the best group of young guys the rangers have had in a long long time???

    gilroy, del zotto, anisimov, grachev, johnson the goalie, even DUbi is 22…

    I say forget the older guys just go for it with youth… Semenov will not be on the team after 60 games or he will be like strudwick so why go there????

  9. I just got back from the game, section 211. Man, that 2 hour drive after a 45 minute train ride sucks. Some observations…
    -Anisimov is ready to go.
    -Grachev has earned his spot on this team. Callahan’s goal is a direct result of his superb play in the boards to cause the turnover. He’s big, and though there may be some growing pains, this kid needs NHL minutes.
    -Lisin for Korpedo was highway robbery.
    -This team misses Rozsival like a hole in it’s head. He’s dead weight.
    -Gilroy is obviously the 5th man, and Semenov had another strong game. He’s no Chara, but for the money he will play for, he’ll be a stable force on the blue line, like Mara was. -Del Zotto made a couple of irresponsible passes and had a couple turnovers, and failed to clear a few times when he should have. Yes, he needs more time to grow and a season in Hartford might do him well. But then I think about all the lousy passes, missed shots and overall half assed play we get from Rozsival and Redden, and I think that it’s worth keeping this kid up here and letting him develop, and just deal with his growing pains. Luckily we have Hank in net and he’ll prob bail the kid out 9 times out of 10. The occasional goal against to develop a young talent is worth it in the long run.
    -Clearing Rozsival’s salary will create a world of possibilities.
    -The team misses Avery’s “jam”
    -I’m not super impressed with Higgins so far.
    -Voros has had a good camp and preseason, and seems to have an extra step from last year, Even still, we have seen over the course of several seasons that the kid has no hands, can’t fight, can’t score unless the puck miraculously pinballs off him. With all the young talent we have, there is no room for dead weight, 1 dimensional players like him. Get him off the roster.

  10. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Joe in DE! Are you serious?! I think your harsh criticism of Rozsival is terribly misguided, tonight was a clear turning point and probably the best I have seen him look in years! lol

  11. True Fans, haha good point on Rozi.

    Voros can’t even score when the puck actually goes in the net. Voros leaned on his stick to stay upright before he got the shot off, it was crazy that I could see the whole shaft flex hard and not snap.

    Then Semenov lets off a cannon and the stick explodes, literally half of the stick went flying about 20+ feet in the air. He snapped it in the middle of the shaft.

  12. Joe in DE,

    I agree completely. This is my who’s who of the games so far;

    Gilroy (albeit a little overambitious at time, we still need him)
    Anisimiov (a gamechanger, reminds me of zetterber. a smart two way center)
    Grachev (Big body, great shot, should fet 10 games at least)
    Lisin (can score and had some chem with cally and AA, could be a prucha-ish surprise)
    Boyle (Obviously a typical 4:th line center. I’m sure he is going to get a lot of games, could be scrathced for faster players though)
    Rangers report regulars.
    MDZ (Is going to play, im sure. But I’m not too crazy about he’s play last two games. Made some typical rookie mistakes)
    Potter (Doesnt cut it, never did. Trade him)
    Heikkinen (dito)
    Sangs (Looked a bit weak, especially against RW, needs to get more pounds and smarts)
    Parenthau (Got the Fleury characteriztics, but without the Fleury grit. Trade)
    Dubinsky. (Awful, Awful way of going into the season. Has got alot to prove, especially with AA ripping it up)
    Zaba (Not going to happen)
    Rangers report stuck up complainers and homophobic trolls.

  13. Joe in DE: I don’t think Del Zotto is old enough to play in the AHL, he would have to return to juniors. I expect him to be up for the first 9 games of the season, and if he doesn’t do well they will send him back to London (Grachev is in the same situation)

  14. MDZ is either NHL or back to the OHL, he is too young (19) for the AHL. As you said Calad, it looks like he may be given a 9 game audition and then the decision will be made to cut/keep him. Semenov seems to have the inside track on the #7 D spot and i think if MDZ is cut Potter or Heikkinen may be called up to replace him.

    We must be the only team starting the season with an $11.5m 3rd pair on defense!!

    Voros’ chance of staying around also just increased with Avery’s injury, i guess Parenteau and Sanguinetti will be the 2 cuts and then a 3rd may depend on when Avery will be fit.

  15. UKRanger,

    MDZ will play, thats for sure, and even though he’s made some bad plays here and there, he is better than Harry Potter and Heinikken.

    Potter is dead weight, as far as I’m concerned. Trade him already!

    Heikkinen did not make a good impression on me, and as far as I’ve seen him play here in Europe; I really don’t get it!? He is lightyears from being on any NHL team.

    Just my take on it. Gilroy, MDZ, Semenov and Anisimov are probably locked. Grachev if Aves is out. Maybe he could even squeeze in without help from him, on the account of Voros, but I think he will be sent back, unfortunatly.

  16. I watched two periods last night. Voros looked good. But, he started hot out of the gate last season too. Gilroy is gonna stick with the team, but Sangs looked pretty damned poor. Del Zotto looks light years ahead of Sangs. Give credit to Sather, that Lisin looks good. Korpi for this kid looks like a steal. Cally looked great. Jury is still out on AA, but there could be some chemistry with Grachev already.

    I think the NYR looked a lot better last nite. Especially considering they had a rotting corpse skating around in a #6 sweater on D. Tough to overcome that.

  17. I remember hearing a report on Redden that said he has ice water running through his veins. (Thus making him great in pressure situations) I’m more inclined to say he’s just dead inside. Reminds me of Patrick Bateman:

    “I have all the characteristics of a human being– skin, hair, bones– but not one recognizable human emotion, other than greed and disgust. There is an idea of a Patrick Bateman, some kind of abstraction, but there is no real me, only an entity, something illusory, and though I can hide my cold gaze and you can shake my hand and feel flesh gripping yours and maybe you can even sense that our lifestyles are probably comparable, I am simply not there.”

  18. Was at the game last night, great to be back watching hockey, surprisingly decent sized crowd for a pre-season game but the Wings draw a crowd. About as entertaining a 1st period as you’ll see anytime of the year.

    I paid particular attention to Gaborik and factoring in this was his 1st game of the year and with an understanding that he’s probably not going to go full throttle he did not disappoint. He completely lulled the Wings D into a trance to set up Lisin’s goal and is such a graceful and fluid puckhandler that he looks to play a a different speed than most of the other skaters. He did have a hand in the 1st goal against but later in the game he was the 1st forward back to break up a rush that carried deep into the Rangers zone. I just wish I wasn’t so nervous each time he got bumped into. Aside from his smooth skakting and puck skills he does a lot of little things that separate him from a 20 goal scorer. His pursuit of the puck while not aggressive like someone such as Callahan, is very effective. Often times he was right in the way of clearing passes or passing lanes that caused the other team to force bad plays. His hand eye cooridination is the best on the team with pucks in the air and bouncing pucks and his control in tight spaces on the ice is top notch as well. And this is all in his first game of the pre-season. So despite this turning into a Gaborik man crush, his health and ulimate production is going to be essential to the team competing with the elite teams of the conference.

  19. Good morning all!
    Loved the first period, they made Detroit look like a mediocre AHL team. And then they took a looooong intermission. I’ll tell you, if Aaron Voros is your best player for long stretches of the season, you’ll have a good look at the first pick next June.

    Cuarenta y tres (great Spanish liquor, btw in case you haven’t tried ) made some immature mistakes, but will be great for this team for years to come. Too bad he has to go to OHL. Grachev will be a tough decision, I think he’ll benefit from a year in AHL.

    Drury played yesterday. I think.

    They keep showing that 5-goal game from almost two years ago. Dunno about you, but I had enough. It still hurts! We got, he can score.

  20. ““I have all the characteristics of a human being—skin, hair, bones—but not one recognizable human emotion, other than greed and disgust. There is an idea of a Patrick Bateman, some kind of abstraction, but there is no real me, only an entity, something illusory, and though I can hide my cold gaze and you can shake my hand and feel flesh gripping yours and maybe you can even sense that our lifestyles are probably comparable, I am simply not there.””

    Torts: “Redden, where were you on that last shift? You completely lost your man and that led to a 2 on 1.”
    Redden: “I had to return some videotapes.”

  21. DZ’s defensive play is too weak for the NHL level. Too bad another season in the OHL would be a waste and he cannot go to the AHL. I think Sangs was better positionally and might be up to the challenge. I’m not just saying that because I was born in Trenton. Ok I am.

  22. Here is my take:

    PA (Permanent AHLer) Parenteau will be shipped up to Hartford soon.
    MDZ has the ability but not the seasoning or the physicaly presence. He will be sent to his OHL club where I expect him to dominate. My hope is that Redden is bought out after this year and replaced by MDZ. Gilroy makes the team this year, MDZ does not. But I like MDZ next season.
    Semenov makes the team for his size and aggressive play and because he is a veteran.
    Anisimov continues to impress and gets better with each game.
    Gabby…welcome to MSG.
    Sanguinetti needs another year in Hartford to work on his physical game.
    That is the easy stuff.

    Now let’s talk forwards:
    Centers: Dubi, Drury, Anis, and Boyle (his size and physicality and PK ability keeps him here.)
    Wingers: Gabby, Avery, Cally, Higgins, Kotalik, Prospal, Grachev, Lisin, Brashear, Voros, Parenteau

    PA is going to Hartford. I do think Brash-Boyle-Voros is our 4th line. After that you have Lisin and Grachev fighting for a spot. Lisin has 3g in 5 games and Grachev has a bunch of points. But I don’t see where they go so easily. I think you need that 4th line for size and grit and fear. Maybe Grachev or Lisin in place of Voros on the 4th line. But isn’t a waste to have their speed on that line?

    Anyone have pithy insight on the overload of 3rd and 4th line wingers?

    On D: Rosy, Redden (uggh), Gilroy, Girardi, Staal, Semenov is what it seems like. Do you think they keep Bobby Sangs as the #7 D? I would think that young a kid needs to play everyday.

    Overall: The team is much faster than last year and a fair bit grittier, it seems. I would say our big challenge will again be putting the biscuit in the basket.


  23. yea i agree ues. but hes not even 100% yet. and its only preseason. he played great in the first period, and looked to ease up at certain points of the ltter half of the game. for most of the 2nd i didnt notice him that much. he made a few good plays in the 3rd and a great defensive play at the end to cause AA to score. he played as i expected. i was happy that he ws getting chances. even if the didnt score he was getting good chances and that pass to lisin was great. i didnt even remember drury was playin last night. him and higgins have kinda stunk. i mean, they havent done anything bad or any big mistakes, but in this type of attacking game, i thought id see them get some better and more chances.redden played ok. he still doesnt hit and never will but for the vets its still only preseason and im not gnna judge him yet. drury either. if they play like this during the season then i’ll be worried. grachv hasnt done enough to stay. im sorry, i know it sounds like im bashing him, but im not. he hasnt gotten many shots on goal, and hes got 2 assists in 4 or 5 games. lisin has him beat with 3 goals and AA has 3g 2 a. and if hes auditioning for top 3 lines, he just didnt do enough to beat out any of the vets or free agents ahead of him. he played great, but if he has a year in hartford, and can continue his dominance on better competition he will be here in 1 year and will take prospals spot on the wing. theres no point in rushing him and having him play 5 minutes a night. let him get top minutes and if someone gets hurt he can come up.

  24. cwgatti – I think yesterday or whatever day that that open thank you letter to Jagr was published, you came out with one of the most curious if not insane comments I’ve read about the Rangers on this blog; “Jagr is the best Ranger to ever wear the sweater”!! I can name 10 All-Time Rangers in 10 seconds who most Ranger fans would name ahead of Jagr but that’s not my objection today. You seem a bit misguided when you make comments like that AND the one you made earlier this morning; “the jury is still out on AA”. What are you crazy??? The only way the jury is out on AA is if Torts & Sather lose their minds and send him down!!! He is a lock to make this team and rightly so!! Geez

  25. I was at last night’s game. Before posting any add’l comments about individual play, I’d like to suggest we hit the brake a little. Remember…

    Detroit is a very, very good team (SC finals last two years) and has several high level (i.e. All-Star) players that are very familiar with each other. They are also a well-coached team.

    We are a very young team (i.e. inexperienced) with several veterans that have never played together. We also have a coach in his first full year with the team.

    I think some of the assessments made may be a bit premature.

  26. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Don’t have a cow , it’s only preseason.
    And don’t become delusional if they start off 6-0 either.

    It’s the playoffs that count.

  27. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    I’ll admit and give credit to voros for working hard this summer and competing extra hard in these pre-season games for a roster spot.

    But NO FU@KING WAY should he be on this team.

    All Maloney, Al Trautface and Micheletti talked about was how much balnace training and skating he did over the summer to become a better skater.

    Oh Really? where the hell has it been since camp opened?

    Voros actually reminds me of the first time I ever put on my Hockey Skates as a kid. Slow at First, then 90mph out of control into a wall with my arms flailing.

    And he fooled us all last year with his fast start, so I’m not buying his bullsheet this time around.

    Go to HArtford, do not pass MSG, do Not Collect 1 million against the cap.


    LEts go Rangers

  28. I will give Voros some credit for working hard and he’s delivered some decent hits during the pre-season, but if the main complaint about last year’s team was there was a lack of skill up and down the lineup then guys like Lisin and Grachev should be ahead of Voros on the depth chart.

  29. I know it was a game night…but is 520 comments the most on a guest blog???

    This makes up for being cheated out of winning the beard contest.

  30. New Newman, I don’t necessarily think of Grachev, Anisimov and Lisin as 3rd and 4th line players as much as 1st and 2nd line players in training.

    Boyle and Brashear are locks for the 4th line, but I see no harm in sticking Grachev or Lisin on the 4th and cycling them in where they are needed. If Higgins is doing nothing, stick him on the 4th and cycle up one of the kids.

    I also like it because it gives the 4th line a different look. Boyle is a big physical presence, Brashear is an elite heavy weight, so there will be plenty of banging going on regardless of who the 2nd winger is. Boyle is also considerably more talented offensively than Betts, so putting a goal scorer on the line creates a hybrid checking/energy/scoring line. Might be kinda cool. There is no rule that your 4th line can only run people over and not score.

    I know Torts really only rolls 3 lines and putting a talented player on the 4th diminishes ice time. But this year with the Olympic schedule, there is a possibility that players may feel more fatigue by the end of the season. Having extra fresh talent around can only help.

  31. Gravey - Formerly known as Jor71 on

    LOL, Gabby missed the start of training camp and played his first game last night. I think we should be blown away that he was able to make some good plays.

  32. Where's Pavelich? on

    Drury is getting $7 mil and is Captain – I heard his name was called ONCE last nite…

    …just think about the point this year when the third forward line (say, Drury, Kotalik and Higgins) is on the ice with the third D pairing (R^2) plus Hank…that’s alot of loot.

  33. Good morning Staal and all! Sally, you cracked me up. Great answer. Noah, don’t know the exact answer, but you’re definitely up there…..The Mouth’s guest blog should be joining us soon I believe.

  34. Anyone interested in 2 tix for Thurs game against the Caps? Sec 69, Row F, Seats 6-7 – over the Zamboni ramp and right next to Rick! Club Silver seats…..

  35. Redden continues to show a lazy, non-caring lack of effort. At least the Rangers save money on laundry – there’s no sweat on his uniform after the game, so it doesn’t need to be washed!

    Many years ago, the Rangers were facing elimination in the playoffs, and Vic Hadfield took a needless late penalty, thereby killing any chance of a Ranger come-back. As he sat in the penalty box, he was laughing and joking with the penalty box official. You see, he just didn’t care – THE MONEY WAS ALREADY IN THE BANK! It’s the same with Redden.

    No player, regardless of salary, should be on an NHL team when they show that they just don’t care. It’s like poison – the attitude spreads. The Rangers just cannot afford to keep him – he has to go before he influences the young players. Eating his contract would easily be worth the money. I hope Rangers management comes to their senses before it’s too late.

  36. Artie-Art,
    Thanks for reading my post. There was NEVER-EVER a player who single-handedly dominated every shift like Jagr. You can name a hundred ex Rangers, and you will NEVER find one with the abilities of #68. I love Messier. No doubt he was key to winning the cup. He never lacked for excellent teammates, but that doesn’t diminish his accomplishments. Jagr was physically dominant and much more talented than any player that has ever wore the sweater. No Ranger could do the things on ice that Jagr could do.

    I am speaking of individual players. No one touched Jagr in skill or physical ability. No one.

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