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Rangers beat the Red Wings Last night, 3-2 at Madison Square Garden. The game marked Marian Gaborik’s first appearance as a Ranger. The Blueshirts looked fantastic in the first period, but listless through the final two. I think we all hope they buck this trend quickly.

However, the young crop of Ranger hopefuls continued to impress. Matt Gilroy looks like a shoe-in for a defensive spot on the roster and Michael Del Zotto is making it hard for the Ranger decision makers to send him back to the OHL.

On the forward side of things Evgeny Grachev continues to make a statement with his poise and confidence on the ice and Enver Lisin showed great finish on a nice pass from Gaborik in the first stanza, That goal combination may have won Lisin a first audition as possible linemate for Gabby once the season gets underway.

Some Other Musings from last night.

Don’t Believe The Hype:  The comparisons to Gilroy being like or reminding fans and TV media of a Brian Leetch are absurd. Matt Gilroy is already 25 years old has only played in ONLY five pre-season games and by that age Brian had already played in 353 NHL games scored 78 goals and recorded 289 assists for a total of 367 Points. Leetch accumulated all this while taking care of his defensive zone in phenomenal fashion. If you feel the need to compare Gilroy to anybody how about a young James Patrick, that I might buy into.

There’s Always One: The only new face that has yet to impress this preseason happens to be one of the Rangers more expensive UFA signings in Ales Kotalik, so far Ales has been wild with his shot from the point on the power play and a virtual non factor even strength.

Vinny Prospal Invasion: Vinny Prospal scored a nice unassisted power play goal in the first period, and was interviewed between periods, which made a bigger impression on me than his goal. Vinny strikes me as evil, but the good kinda evil like Sean Avery. He will speak his mind, cause the odd bit of controversy and shoot from the hip both with his words and his stick.

Grachev and Del Zotto Time Bombs: We would all love to see this infusion of youth make the Rangers squad but besides being unable to return to their OHL teams, if both Grachev and Del Zotto make the Rangers squad, they also become pros. Which means the free-agency clock on their careers begins ticking immediately. This may be a factor into the Rangers decision against keeping these two around with the big club for this season. The Rangers have very little wiggle room as is with the cap especially with several overpaid players already with long term contracts and let’s not forget Marc Staal is due for a large payday next year.

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  1. MDZ should go to juniors. He’s too raw too face the pros daily. Also, anyone catch the slight smile on Anisimov’s face when he faced Datysuk in the face-off circle. Cool moment. WOnder what he was thinking? Probably holy sh!tysuk.

    Hey Noah, after the game last night it occurred to me that Jaromir brought us something else that ALL fans love: The stick salute. Let’s not forget that night when Malik won the game with that sick shoot-out move. That’s when we first saw the salute. It endures without JJ—and has been picked up by other teams—and I expect it will remain a Garden institution after wins. Thanks, Jags!

  2. Gilroy does remind me of Leetch as far as his style, and the fact that he can rush the puck. You can’t compare the careers, because Gilroy doesn’t have a career yet, but the styles are similar.

  3. Repost – Anyone interested in 2 tix for Thurs game against the Caps? Sec 69, Row F, Seats 6-7 – over the Zamboni ramp and right next to Rick! Club Silver seats…..half price…..btw – LOVE THE STICK SALUTE…..

  4. Nice post, i agree with alot of it. Anisimov has really impressed me this pre-season. I didn’t like him last season, didn’t show any flash, this year however he’s making a big case to stay with the club.

    Gilroy the next Leetch? Not ready to go down that road anytime soon…. but he is exciting to watch, and brings alot of confidence, which in turn, makes me happy to have him on my team.

    Gabby looked decent…. i’m excited for this season to come already…. GO RANGERS!!

  5. Don't You Enver Lisin? on

    Great post! I thought the Rangers looked amazing in the first period as well. But at the same time, the goaltender that Wings had in at the moment looked clueless. Not to take anything away from the Rangers. They moved the puck beautifully and have me looking foward to exciting hockey for the rest of the year. Looking foward to the game against the caps!

  6. Carp …

    i sent you my post for tomorrow. feel free to spell and grammar check it do death, if you like.

    There is also a photoshop pic attached courtesy of blogger Jay.

    Thanks again Carp

  7. Mouth, great point on Grachev and DZ becoming pros if they stay with the big club… We all know we’re in cap hell, and unless Redden and Rozi get waived we’re definitely in trouble…

    Good read

  8. I’d just like to point out that Grachev is becoming a pro whether or not he sticks with the big club. He is going to Hartford if he gets sent down not the OHL and that makes him a pro. The clock is already ticking on Grachev no matter where he ends up playing so the only real question is what is best for his development and the team.

  9. Dont you enver lisin, AWESOME name. I LOVE it.

    Mouth: Nice blog, was enjoyable and very concise. However, I will dream all I want because in the time that we have seen Gilroy, he has show distinct similarities to our #1 D-man of all time. This is not to say that he is or will ever match up to Leetchy, but this is the first time since Leetch that you saw this kind of play in a Rangers defenseman.

  10. Mouth

    good post, and I agree about kotalik being non factor at this point, but he may just be playing like a et in the preseason.


    Umm the stick salute was not jagr’s idea, if I remember correctly is was kaspar’s (no, not the missing one).

    I hope everyone has a crease clearing hard hitting physical d man day!!!!

  11. I agree with Calad, and I said so earlier … Gilroy’s not comparable to Leetch, but he might be the most gifted guy back there SINCE Leetch.

    Good job, Eddie (the Mouth).

    Good morning, Sally!

  12. They need to work with Grachev here so he doesn’t get frustrated and go back to Russia. Del Zotto has plenty of time.

  13. Nothing more for AA to accomplish at Hartford. He deserves to be on the Rangers and if not, it’s Sather trying to justify his stupid acquisitions of Boyle, Kotalik and Prospal. The MSG shills also pumping the company line in the post game show. Torts needs to stand up to Sather and tell him exactly what he thinks.

    I can see Grachev maybe being sent down but no to Gilroy, AA and MDZ. If MDZ could be sent to Hartford, I could see that move but that stupid rule they got requiring players like MDZ to be sent back to juniors, would be a setback for him. Starting with three rookies wouldn’t be so unusual….except for the Rangers.

  14. Good, honest assessment of the team Mouth.

    If they could just waive or buy out one of Redden or Rozsival’s contracts that would alleviate the cap situation so much more. Problem is the stupid clause where the cap hit is in effect for 2 X’s the remaining term of the deal so Rozi is 6 years and Redden is 10 years.

    Maybe they can make the same gamble that all those teams who are signing players to decade long deals are making, that a new CBA will allow teams to get out of the tail end of the long contracts.

    How does the NHL treat entry level deals as far as the arbitration/free agency clock? Is it that once they are on the NHL/AHL roster the clock starts and cannot be stopped no matter where the player is re-assigned? I know there’s the 9 game threshold for junior players, but from what I read Grachev is eligible to go to the AHL. Dubinsky and Callahan both came up the same year, although Dubinsky was there for like 1 or 2 games and Callahan played in the playoffs that year, so was Cally granted his arb rights for this year because of the number of games he played in 2007?

  15. Lenny the only thing we worry about with MDZ being in the bigs with the Rangers is that he’d be on as a 7th dman. The argument is at the age of 19 wouldn’t you rather him rack up the ice-time in the minors instead of sitting in the owner’s box night after night.

    Now ideally MDZ makes the team as the 7th dman, Redden/Roszival or both go down, and he steps in full-time.

  16. good morning all!
    i hope everyone had a hard hitting crease clearing defenseman weekend!

    glad to see i wasnt impersonated while i was away the last 2 days.
    good job keeping the blog going carp
    im sure all the boneheads can agree, its much appreciated.

  17. How nice would it be to not drop the ball on player development for a change? How many player’s careers are in the crapper because the Rangers stunted their development, letting them languish in the OHL/AHL, or on the 4th line? Meanwhile we watch Chicago decimate opponents with a squad packed full of rookie talent, low on NHL experience but high on youthful exuberance and reckless abandon. Grachev, Lisin and Artie have shown they belong here. Other teams give young players a chance, deal with the occasional hiccup, but are handsomely rewarded from mid-season on. Cut the crap and let’s make this team a perennial contender

  18. Overlooked stat from last night: Prospal’s face-off wins. Rangers need that, from a true center or not.

    LGR, baby!

  19. Artie-Art,
    Thanks for reading my post. There was NEVER-EVER a player who single-handedly dominated every shift like Jagr. You can name a hundred ex Rangers, and you will NEVER find one with the abilities of #68. I love Messier. No doubt he was key to winning the cup. He never lacked for excellent teammates, but that doesn’t diminish his accomplishments. Jagr was physically dominant and much more talented than any player that has ever wore the sweater. No Ranger could do the things on ice that Jagr could do.

    I am speaking of individual players. No one touched Jagr in skill or physical ability. No one.

  20. I agree Artie deserves to be on NYR. He already proved himself in pre-season, so he should be with them for the season opener, along with Gilroy. Hopefully they both have great years.

    I really feel bad for Lisin though. He should be playing on the 3rd line at least. It’s a shame he’s gonna have to be on the 4th line. He needs to work his way up.

    I thought Gabby looked good, that pass on Lisin’s goal was nice. If this guy doesn’t stay healthy, this is gonna be one scary season.

  21. Good point cwgatti. Jagr also forced every opposing team to game plan around him, and who else on the Rangers has ever had that presence. Not to mention that he never missed a game until his shoulder fell off. He played through countless injuries, and still impacted every game. Yet Renney and Sather decided to give up that constant threat and go for Drury, Gomez and plodding defense. Biggest mistake ever. Fortunately Tortorella is rejecting that giant error, and Drury looks like his role will be as an overpaid Blair Betts, where he might actually thrive.

  22. Regarding Voros, with all the unsettled slots on the team, Voros is the least of their concern. He’s just a wobbly skater with no offensive skill and a punching bag for a head! He showed us what he’s made of last season.

    The issue is Glen Sather, not Aaron Voros. The writers and bloggers should be all over him about all the bad contracts he’s given out, all the money he’s wasted, all the washed up veterans that he’s brought in, and that he should be retired and not running a hockey team.

    Anything else is pure diversion, company shilling and nonsense.

  23. Drury is a very frustrating player; he’s never been anything more than a 3rd line center, but since he makes 7mm, they try to play him 1st/2nd line to justify his cost.

    He’s not a BAD player, he’s just not worth his contract. Not even close to worth it.

  24. I’m not sure if Lisin will end up on the 4th line.

    If I could make the lines (here we go for the millionth time…)



    Seeing Higgins and Callahan together in front of the night last night made me pine for this line. Imagine the space the two of them could create for Anisimov, grinding out the puck along the boards and in the corners. That could become a really exciting line to watch.

    On defense its a puzzle. I’m really hoping Redden or Roszival go down either via injury or due to their own crappy play. I’d never wish it on anyone usually, but enough is enough. There comes a time when you have to accept that your play, your salary, is detrimental to the team and be a man and either retire or get bumped down to the minors.

  25. Good post, mouth.
    Generally, we all agree on one thing-the team is getting younger (much) and more promising.
    Gilroy is no Brian Leetch, and all these comparisons come from our desire to have somebody similar to Brian for many years. But if you want to talk about puck moving dman, he is the one.
    Cuarenta y tres (aka MDZ) simply isn’t ready, he gets out of position on defense too often. Again, too bad he has to go to OHL.
    UESB- unfortunately, CBA may allow some relieve, but may not. Byuing these two (uhm..)players out may be taking chances.

    Laurel, I can’t find a link to your pet blog for some reason. I have some great pictures of service dogs working in the hospital with sick children, if you are interested

  26. In regard to the Rangers being in cap hell – Torts said yesterday morning that he and Sather have had a conversation about the fact that contracts and salaries aren’t going to play a role in who stays and who goes, Torts also went on to say that there are three blue line spots open – which to me at least – means that Rozi is no lock to be on this roster. He’s played horribly, without passion, looking as if he’s just going through the motions on the ice. It’s not unreasonable to think that the Rangers might waive him and get his salary off the cap. Rozi might even make it easier for the Rangers if (after clearing waivers) he and the team work out a buyout that allows him to go play in Europe rather than Hartford.

    This may just be a ploy to get a fire under his backside, but that doesn’t sound like Torts.

    I think the Rangers will keep MDZ around for at least the first 10 games and if he’s able to play with the pros he’s gonna stay.

    Grachev is another story entirely. He could stay but I don’t see how he gets enough ice-time. I just don’t see an open spot on any line for him right now and sitting in street clothes isn’t gonna help.

  27. My observations from the camp so far:
    – Drury is just simply awful. At best he’s a decent penalty killer who’s worth $7 mil. Totally useless anywhere else. On top of that he’s our captain. Why? I have no idea. If other players are to follow him they’re supposed to fall asleep on the ice!
    – R&R…Enough said. I really wish somebody would do smth to them in practice so they retire immediately.
    – Gilroy. Good offensive D by virtue of being forward most of his career. Can do some pretty stuff one on one. As far as the defense – not impressive at all. Don’t forget, he’s a defenseman as much as we all wanna see some O from our D.
    – MDZ looks good, better on D than Gilroy
    – AA, Grachev and Lisin all look very good and I would love them play together. Not gonna happen though. Instead we’ll have an all-goon-line who’ll produce 10 goals a season.
    All in all the signs are very encouraging especially if D&R&Rury disappear in space :)))

  28. Also, anyone catch the slight smile on Anisimov’s face when he faced Datysuk in the face-off circle. Cool moment.


    yes…that was cute

  29. Bob – totally forgot about Lisin. Don’t know how that happened considering he’s been one of the most impressive players all preseason. Guess I got hung up on the idea of Higgins and Cally playing together. Whoops!

    Man its going to be tough to put this team together. He deserves to play on the top 3 but who will he replace? It is a tough call.

  30. My friends over at Bluehshirt Banter Radio are having Ranger analyst Dave Maloney on. Dave is going to give his assessment on the Rangers so far. You know Dave speaks his mind on TV imagine Internet radio ! Show airs 7- 9PM

  31. Former Super Bowl star Plaxico Burress was sentenced Tuesday to two years in prison after accidentally shooting himself in the thigh at a nightclub and later reaching a plea deal on weapons charges- from AP
    Interesting way to put it. Isn’t you heart breaking for him?Poor, innocent guy. It almost sounds like our justice system is getting out of hands. Well, maybe it’s because the NFL has been keeping it busy…
    Sorry for bringing this up, but I stll can’t get over Vick.

  32. Yup. Thats what you get for carrying around a gun though. Thank god he only shot himself and wasn’t hurt too badly.

    I can see this turning into a side-bar argument though, hope that doesn’t happen. Let’s focus hockey.

    Thank god Cally hit Avery and not Gabby. If the same thing happened to Gabby I feel like his kneecap would’ve shattered and he’d be Bure-d out.

  33. Gravey - Formerly known as Jor71 on

    Avery is on crutches, Stall manhood is still sore and Bobby Dangs is still around….all according to Zipay on Twitter.

  34. just a quick post because I’m at work..’re post left me wishing there was more to read! Great job!!! Too soon to compare Gilroy to Leetch, but the guy has moves and talent! Would be nice to have him on the backline as long as Leetch was, and for him to be as successful!!

    Didnt even think about the free agency ordeal of MDZ and Grachev!

    Excellent post Mouth, MORE PLEASE!

  35. Vinny Prospal Invasion? Wow!
    Did you really just reference Vinnie Vincent?
    Well played, sir, well played!

  36. Poor Parenteau, if i’m him, i gotta be wondering “What the hell do I have to do”??

    On one hand i wanna see him picked up off of waivers by a team like the Lightning or Avalanche so he can get a fair chance at the NHL but on the other hand a line of Grachev – Locke – Parenteau in Hartford will be deadly !!!!

    Good Luck PA wherever you end up, i was really pulling for you this season

  37. Reeshay (or Riche') on


    Good job Mouth! (love the radio shows as well).

    Lisin appears to be here to stay and having too many guys for the squad is a GOOD problem to have.

    Anyone see this (per Gross):

    At one point, Tortorella was asked whether Dubinsky, who had 13 goals and 28 assists last season, had it within his game to become more of a scorer.

    “That’s why they held out for that contract. I hope so,” an incredulous Tortorella said. “We’re not paying him $1.8 (million) to check.”

    “There’s expectations and responsibility that comes into play now,” Tortorella said of the contract.***

    You’ve been so warned Dubi.

  38. If the Rangers would eat $10 mil per year, they could just bury Redden & Rozi in the AHL. It will never happen, but that would be the cost. I wonder if Sather & Dolan could say to Redden:

    You need to retire. You signed a deal that you will never live up to. MSG powers that be will force you to retire, or spend the rest of your contract/career in Hartford. Could this be a way that a powerful franchise circumvents the cap?

  39. Olga Folkyerself on

    Bravo, Lenny!! Don’t forget all the wasted 1st round draft picks, like Jessiman. They should hang him around Sather’s neck like a dead albatross.

    Sather has taken nine Ranger years out of my life. When will the Reign of Error end?

  40. I thought AA was shaky in the first game I saw him, but he was a lot better the last game I saw him. I said the jury was still out on him, but I am starting to think he is in.

  41. Redden left practice with a sore back. Must be the 17,000 fans that have been on his back since he got here. Just retire Wade. Go out with dignity.

  42. Enough with the Sather bashing. He drafted Jessiman? So what? He signed Gilroy? You look around the league, there are a lot of GM’s that have made bad moves. Feaster won a Stanley Cup, HAD to sign those Lightning guys to outrageous deals, and got himself fired for it. Sather is no Ken Holland, but he isn’t a John Fergouson JR either.

  43. If this were still the clutch and grab/interference NHL that Jessiman was drafted into, Sather might look like a genius right now.

  44. Good post Mouth !!!

    Wanted to clear something up… I think all of us who watch Gilroy say he shows us flashes of you know who… I don’t think any of us compared him to errrr you know who. He is very fluid carrying the puck, 9x out of 10 makes the best decision, his skating style is very similar

  45. Olga Folkyerself on

    How does Sather get someone to actually defend his bad moves? At least Feaster won a Cup before he made those deals. Sather stinks. He’s more like John Ferguson SR, (if your memory goes back that far). How bad does he have to BE to get fired?

  46. On Gilroy/you know who:

    Gilroy may be a better skater. He has yet to show dominance on the defensive side as yet. Way too soon to make any real comparisons but the optimism is over-flowin’!

  47. From Gross’ blog and Reeshay (or Riche’)’s post above:

    “That’s why they held out for that contract. I hope so,” an incredulous Tortorella said. “We’re not paying him $1.8 (million) to check.”

    “There’s expectations and responsibility that comes into play now,” Tortorella said of the contract.

    …OK, I think it’s time for Torts to get off this thing…enough with the sarcastic comments…he’s got a lot of other players making a lot more than Dubinsky who were AWFUL last year and will be AWFUL again…we’ve also got a GM making a lot of money that hasn’t exactly played up to his salary either…but I doubt you’ll be hearing any of his commentary on that topic…

  48. Buster,

    Great, great point. There’s a lot of talk about accountability, let’s see if he can live up to it… I mean can anybody, anywhere regardless of previous achievements argue that R&R have done anything to live up to their contracts? It’s pathetic.

  49. I wanted to thank everyone for the kind words. It truly means a lot. You guys are the best and I would like to wholeheartedly thank Carp of Vandelay Industries for this opportunity.

  50. Buster, He’s totally right about Dubi. I think it’s a good thing. Bring this kid into reality.

  51. Carla,

    He’s dead wrong about Dubi though the kid held out just a bit it too long.

    The point is that he should be bringing the regrettables into reality!!!

    Their not paying Redden 6 million to be a traffic cop!!

  52. Speaking of Johnson, he’s not even in NHL10 ? What the fugg, where’s Johnson ?!?! Hartford has no fuggin Johnson !

    BTW – Did anyone know there’s a football player with the last name “Trueblood”, lol that’s the coolest last name.

  53. Jay,
    How is Torts dead wrong with this comment?

    “There’s expectations and responsibility that comes into play now,” Tortorella said of the contract.

  54. Well the things is it’s a contract that Dubi basically begged for. Redden is plays like crap but they are stuck with it for the most part. Dubi could’ve played for what they offered him from the start. And if he had a good season he’d would’ve got a raise and stayed with the team. Now he’s in a situation where if he doesn’t produce 30 goals then he’s fugged and most likely traded.

  55. He is wrong to single out Dubi and hammer him toward accountability when the hammer is well deserved elsewhare.

    a.k.a. the regrettables.

    After all, their not paying Redded 6 million to stop the puck from going in the net.

  56. Jay,

    You’re wrong.

    Torts was asked about how he felt about Dubi not being in camp, and he answered with sincerity. If you ask him (which people have done) about how he feels the veteran d-men has played, he answers with the same sincerity. So your argument is flawed.

  57. Alex

    I can’t take credit for the regrettables. Someone coined it over the weekend – can’t remember (maybe Linda?) not sure.

    Sincere or not, I haven’t heard him comment on Roz. or Redden with that sharp direction. I’m not saying he wouldn’t. It just sounds like his comment about salary would be more fitting to R or R.

  58. Doodie Machetto on

    Mouth, I’ve gotta say, that’s some pretty incoherent rambling. You’ve got to work on those writing skills. Jeez.

    As for the substance:

    1) Rangers won 4-2, not 3-2.

    2) The proper thing to say about Gilroy/Leetch isn’t that Gilroy is as talented or reminds people of Leetch, just that he’s the most promising we’ve had SINCE Leetch, even if he comes nowhere near approaching that level of skill. I have since scrolled up since typing that sentence and see others echo that mindset. Although, one could argue Tom Poti showed an equal glimpse of promise, and we all know what happened there.

    3) I think Kotalik has actually skated pretty well, and while his shot is not accurate, it’s still very heavy and the guy is not afraid to unleash it. Those are two characteristics that are rare on our roster, and otherwise absent from the point on the PP: heavy shot, eager to shoot. I think of his shot like Fulton Reid from the Mighty Ducks: 1 for 5.

    4)The free agency clock has already started to tick on MDZ because he’s already signed an entry-level contract.

    All in all, this was one of the lesser posts of the guest blogging, if not the least. Carp, I’m surprised you let it go to print with two factual errors (final score, MDZ’s contract).

  59. Carla

    R&R are on the team and account for $10mil/yr in sal. cap hit – at least until Rozy is traded or Redden retires. Hang your hat on those hopes.

  60. Anyone remember the “Wade Boggs” episode from Cheers? Maybe we could get Sam, Woody, Norm and the gang to scare the crap out of Waaaade Redden and force him to retire…

  61. “In regard to the Rangers being in cap hell – Torts said yesterday morning that he and Sather have had a conversation about the fact that contracts and salaries aren’t going to play a role in who stays and who goes, ”

    We all know that that statement is a not entirely true or else Redden and Rozsival would be gone already. Contracts and salaries do play a role, whether he’ll admit it in public or not.

    What he will say later is I told you that it doesn’t play a role and those two guys were the best players available. Then we’ll all gag and go on our merry way.

  62. Columbus BJ apparently are looking for a PP point man. gee, we’ve got 2 veteran PP guys(haha) dmen and contracts they can take off our hands for cheap. at least take one, please.

  63. I think even the Jackets would define a Point Man as someone who can A) quarterback the PP B) get some shots ON the net and C) pick up an assist or two every so often…

    Unfortunately, our “Regrettables” go O for 3 here.

  64. Grachev will be a STAR, and probably soon, but we can not have him wasting away on the bench getting 4th line minutes, much as I would love to see him in a Ranger jersey. He has to go to Hartford until a spot on at least the 3rd line opens up so he can continue to develop.
    Clearly, Gabby has no need for a “#1” center. He can obviously create for himself and will draw so much attention that he is more than happy to find his wide open mates with a laser like pass for a great scoring chance. He will increase their goal tallies by a large factor. He’s always been a balanced point scorer, & I have no doubt he will make his mates that much more dangerous.
    I really like a lot about this team and think they are surefire playoff bound, but unless Sather can figure out how to unload a bunch of excessive contracts,(not likely) we will not be able to compete with the Elite.
    It was a miracle he was able to get rid of Scotty, and a gift from above that our Swedish friend opted to retire & not force Sather to buy him out.
    Clearly, Sather really mis-evaluated Redden(Understatement of the year) but don’t forget, he actually paid MARKET VALUE for that mediocre albatross, and there is one THANKFUL GM out kissing his lucky stars that he LOST the bidding war!
    Useless as Scotty was, it was more Sather’s fault than his, as he had no one to pass to who could keep up or score. His line with Gionta did great last night, smerf-like tho they are.
    Glen is paying people too much to be who they can’t & he’s mitigated some of his past blunders, but has a long way to go!
    Sooner or later he will have to bite the bullet & give away far too much inorder to entice someone to take our bloated payroll off his hands.
    I am looking forward to this season & can’t wait for 10/2.

  65. Leetchhalloffame on

    Grachev & Del Zotto have proven belong on this team. The Rangers have money to throw at every garbage, over-the hill free agent known to mankind. They need to find a way to keep these guys on the big team so they can start their promising careers now.

  66. “How awesome would it have been to score –Mark Streit– anyone instead of Redden? Just sayin”

  67. Doodie,

    Writing skills?

    “…I have since scrolled up since typing…”

    Hmmm. LOL.

    (But agree with your criticism, maybe a tad harsh, though.)

  68. Thanks Carp, I got it.

    Doodie: “I have since scrolled up since typing that sentence and see others echo that mindset” That easily qualifies for incoherent rambling, I’d suggest. And we all noticed the score, so? This isn’t the courtroom..

  69. Can anyone provide a link to Tort’s comments in regards to he and Sather “having a conversation about the fact that contracts and salaries aren’t going to play a role in who stays and who goes”?

    If this is true the next week and a half will be very interesting leading up to next Friday’s season opener.

    BTW, I used the ‘Regrettables’ tag for RnR for the first time last week. I was thinking of the scene from “The Incredibles” where Edna Mole is telling Mr. Incredible why he shouldn’t have a cape on his new outfit. She describes all the situations wear a cape lead to the demise of superhero after superhero. Couldn’t help thinking of our zero-heros with capes. I thought it summed up the feelings of fans and management alike.

  70. I just figured The Mouth was taking a page from the Al Iafrate handbook and not counting the empty-netter.

  71. great post mouth. like linda, my only complaint was it was too short. and its not really a complaint as it is a compliment that i WANTED to read more of your thoughts on the team and the games theyve played. good job buddy. and i still hear that old school new york accent(kinda like archie bunker) whenever i read your posts. lol

  72. Doodie, MDZ’s entry level contract does not start until he hits 10 games in the NHL.
    So if we are keeping score, that is 1 wrong for Doodie.

  73. Torts has been saying for months, people will make this team based on merit, not age, contract, etc. If he wants to reinforce what he preaches then not only Gilroy (who’s been great) and Anisimov have to make the team, but Lisin and DelZotto as well. MDZ and Gilroy are the 2 D who have stood out among all the D by far. MDZ wouldn’t be kept here as 7th D. He should be in the top 6. We aren’t winning a cup this year, let’s give the talented kids a chance to develop.Semenov can be the Strudwick like 7th.

  74. Thanks doodie I appreciate the feedback. I will keep my further blog entries factual and less of a ramble. I will work on my sentence structure as well. I always enjoy and embrace constructive criticism.

  75. Dell Zoto has made it….Potter already cut….sauer to seminov ok for part time duty.Y would they trade for another dman!it is between voros and grachev and boyle. One goes other 2 will stay!I hope Voros goes.even if Grachev can get 10 minutes a game …With coaching it would be better than 18 or 20 at Hartford!

  76. So question for you all; if Prospal is going to play center..where does this leave Anisimov? 4th line duty? Is Boyle the extra man out? Does Voros make the team solely based on his friendship with Gaborik? Does Grachev stay?

    A line of Voros-Boyle-Brashear might be statistically worse than the Betts/Sjo/Orr line.


  77. to be honest, mouth based on your videos and your hfboards post i always thought you were a huge tool. But that was a well written article that didnt make you seem like the normal ranger fan homer.

  78. If anyone playing nhl 10 on 360 is having trouble scoring with the rangers make these your lines.

    lisin prospal gaborik
    cally dubi higgins
    kotalik anisimov avery
    brashear boyle drury

    yup, dru is burried on the fourth line. ha.

    Anyway, you will score many goals with that first line. it is magical in this game.

    Yeah, that had nothing to do with Rangers news or real nhl hockey.

    say something! go ahead, say something! I will take you all on one by one! :)

  79. Great Blog Mouth!!!

    And we are not paying Redden’s rotting corpse $6.5 mil to be undead. Where’ Woody Harrelson when we need him!!!!

  80. Mouth, definitely excellent post! It is very professional. When I read it, I have an imaginary “Mouth” voice in my head reading me the words. Ha.

  81. Nasty 1

    xbox line update has all those players?? wow… PS3 in season mode still have ressmiler and voros!! And for online no lisin or aa at all!!

    to be honest i am a bit disappointed in NHL10 so far… the game online is too slow and way too many stupid penalty calls…and these kids online getting dumber by the minute… i was playing today and Avery got 5 min major and game misconduct for slashing!! I know its Avery but this is a video game!! I swear I was just speechless… and all that after whistle crap is just beyond annoying…

  82. The online doesn’t have them, but the roster update does. The online roster update doesn’t include them though.

  83. ill add you NYRinPHX

    we gotta get people together and organize ps3 league online… it’ll be fun

    then we can come back here and talk about it!! :P

  84. I for one love Torts calling guys out. Dubi asked for it… Got it… Now it’s put up or shut up time… Welcome to the real world (again I’m a dubi fan).

    We’re not payin the (fav nickname evr) Regrettables 11M to…
    WAIT we’re paying those screw ups 11M?!!!

  85. dru is awesome in nhl 10 nasty!! in gm mode, after 10 games, dru is tied for first in points with gabby with 9 goals, 6 assist. hes fast and his shot is good. my lines are- prospal-duby-gabby, avery-dru-cally, higgy-AA-kotalik, and brash-boyle-lisin/voros

  86. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Gaborik looks good in NY blue !!!!… says Greg L. on

    Yeah guys, told ya xbox360 is better!!! I love the online stuff but the game is alot slower and the after whistle stuff does drag on and on…I try vs play and OTP.

    Mouth , haha Doodie got ya on that one!!! Your rambling is what makes you , you!!! We read shuff all the time and when someone like you tells it , it makes it more real. Kotalik does miss the net..alot.

  87. in fact, im gonna go play nhl 10 right now. greg, one day im gettin live and im challenging u to a duel. u wanna be the islanders? i’ll be the ohh if u want the rangers i will choose whatever team has sabrina ladha as goalie!! if shes even in this game.

  88. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Gaborik looks good in NY blue !!!!… says Greg L. on

    Ha Ha ,no azzlanders for me Mike!! I take Chicago everytime. I’m playing more online be a pro but I have played vs and I’m 5 -0 now.

  89. I think NHL 10 is great, you just have to mess with some sliders if you want realism. But Drury is still Mario Lemieux Mark II in the game, no slider to get him to have stone hands like in real life.

    Great post Mouth, Ethiopian food ftw. Loved that video.

  90. Ugh, honestly im leaning toward selling NHL10, this game is pissing me the FUGG OFF !!

    Three god damn fuggin times now i took two fuggin hours out of my day to set the rosters, put the guys that are in the AHL into the NHL, and fix the lines, and put everyone in the right spot. And once again the stupid game erases my changes, even though i fuggin saved the stupid lines, and roster changes.

    I had to go up and down every stupid roster to fix things, and get players from the Euro leagues, and blah blah blah.

    STUPID GAME !! I cant believe i wasted $65.00 on this garbage. And the online play sucks. They just couldn’t leave it alone. They had to make it a whole new game, and now it’s ruined. I hate it.

  91. I really still do not see why all the voros hate and “will he be on the roster” silliness…..As far as NHL experienced players go, he has probably been one of the best forwards out there game in and game out. He by far has the best ranger hit of the preseason and on D semenov has looked the best of the NHL experienced d men. Why, when the rangers are lacking (and have been since the lockout) a physical element team wide, is everyone always wanting to cut or waive the players that provide that, it baffles me!

  92. HAHAHAH did you guys see the quote Mr. EXCELLENT made about Brashear?

    “I don’t think one guy in here had a problem with it, or is going to have a problem with it,” Drury told the New York Daily News of Brashear’s signing. “And if anyone does, they can come see me.”

    What is he going to do? Bore them to death???

  93. Doodie- Sorry, but The Mouth was half-right about contracts. Del Zotto signed a contract, but the contract doesn’t kick in until he plays his 10th NHL game. If he is sent back to juniors before that, his contract (which he signed last year after camp) will start the first of three years next season. Grachev signed last year as well, but his first year doesn’t start until this year either, and that’s only because the rangers told his Junior club that he would play in Hartford if he didn’t make the Rangers.

  94. Also, I think it was No Country For Old Rangers who said in yesterdays post that Jagr was the best player to wear a blueshirt (meaning, that he was the most talented guy to play for the Rangers, not that he was the best Ranger). I would argue that Wayne Gretzky was the best player to ever wear a Ranger jersey.I’d put Jagr up there, though.

  95. Mako
    This quote is old news.
    While Drury may conduct himself as captain differently than you would, this is exactly the kind of leadership a captain should exhibit. Remember that Drury was the co-winner of the ‘Players player’ award last year. If you’re knowledgeable about this, you’ll realize what kind of respect and credibility Drury must have in the Ranger’s locker room. Torts doesn’t strike me as shy about making changes he thinks should be made and Drury continues to wear the ‘C’ for good reason.

    After you get the Rangers coaching job, you can give the captaincy to someone else. Until then, trust Torts. Support the team.

  96. Redden’s cap hit is 6.5. The stiff actually pocketed 8 million for last year. EIGHT MILLION DOLLARS. I find it hard to get my head around that insane amount of money for such a waste of a player.

  97. nice post

    as far as Gilroy, the same people who are comparing him to TGO are the same who would be the first to want everyone traded by the first week of november.

    what little i’ve been able to see (and based on what i’ve read) he looks like a good acquisition, but let’s see how things go after a portion of the season goes by.
    don’t forget folks, Voros looked really good the 10 games of last year.

  98. You kno what’s really unsettling that no one seems to grasp… What if staal and girardi can’t carry this team defensively? I mean I’m one of the very few that has hope in dredden this year. Let’s be honest, he CANNOT be worse than last year, but still…a slightly better redden, semenov seems decent at best, I don’t care what’s goin on with DMZ contract or stuting his growth or yada yada yada he is not NHL ready, an already injured staal, and dead weight rozi. That leaves us with girardi and gilroy. I happen to think gilroy will be one of our better dmen as the year pans out and girardi is usually solid. This does not look good people. Especially if staal and girardi can’t carry us all year. We have no Mara this year nor a morris/kalinin. This year rides on staal girardi and gaborik and yes yes say I’m crazy Prospal as well.

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