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I’m always so bad about getting out thank-you notes promptly. This one is about 15 months late. I hope he understands…

Dear Jaromir,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all that you accomplished while donning a Rangers sweater for just over three seasons. You came into New York with a lot to prove and thankfully a cheaper price tag since our much-maligned GM somehow induced the Washington Capitals to pay around $4 million per year of your annual salary during the length of your contract. Unloading Gomez’s tragic contract this past summer comes in a close second in Glen Sather’s Post-It sized list of “Good Moves” during his dictatorship tenure.

You proudly predicted, in response to all the naysayers that thought the Rangers would be bottom feeding with the ragamuffins from Long Island, that the Rangers would be a playoff team in 2005-2006. You proceeded to put the Rangers on your broad shoulders (with some help from Henrik) and carry them for 82 games in a whirlwind season that brought a majority of Rangers back from their collective fetal position following 7 seasons of morbidly disgusting hockey played by players that would skate for 20 minutes and watch their ludicrous paychecks come in.

While that 2005-2006 season fell apart due to many injuries (yours included), that season made hockey relevant again in New York City. The identity of the team changed. You made a man out of a player who probably doesn’t have a hair under his arms, but who could also be the team’s future captain in Brandon Dubinsky. You covered up a lot of the weaknesses of an overmatched coach who had the killer instinct of the adorable bear in the Snuggle Fabric Softener commercials. You became the team’s captain prior to the 2006-2007 season and you were a captain that led by doing and not by talking (though when you did talk, you cracked everyone up).

And, unfortunately, you and the aforementioned GM could not agree on a new contract following the 2007-2008 season. My instinct was to attack you for not coming down from your asking price to play in a city that you loved. But I realize that things aren’t always that cut and dry. Nevertheless, I felt I owed you a heartfelt thank you for your service while wearing the red, white, and blue. You wore the sweater with pride and respect and you are the reason the team is not the punch-line they once were at the turn of the century. Your presence this past season was sorely missed.

So please accept this belated thank-you letter that I would hope represents the pulse of the Rangers fan base. Hope all is well in Russia. Send me a postcard when you get a chance.



(Thanks for the opportunity, Carp!)

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  1. No Country For Old Rangers on

    wonderful job noah

    i got nothing but love and appreciation for jaromir

    i should really get a “68” sweater on the cheap

  2. Noah,

    I can honestly say that got me a little choked up. I loved him as a player way back when he was wearing a mullet, saluting after he scored goals and kissing his fingers in celebrations…

    I have many youtube videos of him, his away Pens Jersey with the “A” and home blue jersey with the “C”. Only Mark Messier can come close to the passion I have in my heart for a player to come to the only team I’ll ever 100% cheer for. I knew he wanted to come to the Rangers before he was shipped to the Caps. We all would have seen magic from this man for a good many years. But we were lucky enough to see it for 3 1/2 seasons.

    Thanks Noah…

  3. Great read Noah, shame Sather is a douche and gives too much money to the wrong players, and never gives the ones that deserve it anything…

  4. Carp,
    I actually had some one use my name on the previous blog(an imposter).
    Used some language i do not use. Just wanted to let U know.

  5. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "It's almost Gaborik time !!!!… says Greg L. on

    Finally a guest blog that actually means something. Jagr did put us back on the map . He gave it his all when it counted and thats all that counts. He is one classy guy and has a great personality. Jagr wearing the “C” made me smile everyday. I’ll miss ya Jarda …retire 68 , no one could wear it better.

  6. I’m so over Jagr. Let’s move on. Next.

    Dubinsky has a future with the Rangers. Jagr was about done when he came here but he was still great. He is gone now, and didn’t leave any championships behind him. Took a lot of money with him though.

  7. I remember the season JJ scored his franchise record 54 goals. He scored from everywhere and the puck seemed to have eyes for the back of the net as he scored without looking. He was a very, very gifted offensive force.

    However, I also remember a player who infuriated me with his lazy, one dimensional play , taking penalty after penalty (usually a hooking call) in the offensive zone.

    I frequently was stunned by his scoring ability, but I lost a lot of respect for him as a member of our ‘team’. He played the game his way, regardless of the system, and frequently did more to put us on the losing end by the end of the night. I may be in a small minority here, but I was glad to see him go.

  8. Completely agreed. I recall buying an official #68 jersey the first week of the 2005-06 season when nobody was wearing his jersey. I told myself “this guy is going to carry the team and bring hockey back to NYC.” My brothers and friends thought I was crazy for:
    a) spending $200+ on a jersey
    b) getting a Jagr jersey because they thought he was washed up
    c) they thought I would get ridiculed for wearing it in my seats in the 400s (and I did on some of his off-nights)
    My response to all the early naysayers: “Just watch guys.. just watch.”
    Sure enough, as the season went deeper, more and more #68 blues and whites sprinkled the MSG crowd. As he scored big goal after big goal, I was proud to wear #68 and get those nod-of-the-head approvals from all those who doubted him earlier that year.
    Would I want him back on the team next year after his contract is up in KHL? No. His time came and passed, but we should all be grateful for the excitement he brought back to MSG.

  9. Daniel T

    I agree with you 100% about Jagr. I never understood the absolute hero worship bestowed on him during his final two years here. He played his own game regardless the circumstances, and he made an absolute puppet out of Roszival. Rozi found it actually impossible to take a shot on goal if Jagr was on the ice, and when he wasn’t ,Rozi would search high and low for him, instead of playing his game. I believe that Jagr inhibited many of the young players development due to their being also under his spell. They were going no where with him. They’re actually better off today without him.

  10. I miss the dominance of Jagr, but not his age. This team is going to be a very good young team in a couple of years.

    Video of Artem Anisimov’s absolutely Filthy goal against Bruins this past Saturday #NHL

  11. Good morning, all!
    Jagr, on top of his unmatched skills was a very proud man. This team benefited from his pride. In fact, I’m sure we would still be looking for that elusive playoff spot if it wasn’t for him. He also signed with KHL because of his pride. But it was time to turn ther page.
    theflynn-I don’t know which young players development he inhibited that you refer to, but if it’s Dubi, I disagree. He is a better player now in part because he played with Jagr. And his presence actually allowed this team to get younger without sacrificing our youth for a playoff run.

  12. This blog gets more pathetic by the day. This once was the first site I would open to find out the latest news on my favorite sports team, but ever since Sam left, it’s just a waste of the ten seconds in my life to open and close it. It is now removed from “my favorites.” Goodbye.

  13. Great, rare, and overdue tribute to THE BEST PLAYER THAT EVER WORE A RANGER SWEATER.

    No one in the history of this organization was a talented, dominant, and dangerous as #68. I used to get so pi**ed off watching him get mugged every shift. He literally drew a penalty every time he had the puck. Unfortunately, the refs had a bias against JJ (I say that as a guy who refs games myself). Sather did a good job getting him here, but the system and poor linemates (including and especially Dubi) cost Sather another half priced year of #68.

    Great blog Noah. Thanks.

  14. And with that said,

    If Dubi centers Gabby, and ends up with 40-45 points again, are we gonna be screaming at Sather for resigning him to this new deal?

    I mean, he didn’t do anything with Jagr on his wing. . . .

  15. I think Jagr deserves to be remembered with respect. And as for whomever said that Jagr took a lot of money with him when he left, we got him at a great discount. His sense of humor was missed last year and continues to be to this day. We haven’t had a player who can dominate a game (albeit not often enough) since he left (hopefully Gaborik can become something similar).

    Thanks for saying what a lot of Ranger fans should have said long ago, Noah.

  16. A few last comments regarding Jagr…

    cwgatti: NO WAY is JJ the greatest player to ever wear a Ranger jersey. He played half the rink, yes he did it extraordinarily well, but you disregard several other players who contributed significantly more at both ends of the ice and in the locker room. Next time you’re in the Garden, just look up in the rafters to start your list of who has been more important to this organization.

    Hockey is one of the few sports left that remains a true ‘team’ sport. This page was turned long ago for good reason.

    (sfx) WHOOSH!
    Back to reality in the present day…

    Anyone hear about tonight’s line-up? I’m going to the game and can’t wait to see Gaborik (surely, he must be playing tonight) and maybe Dubi? The game in Boston showed continued improvement toward building a competitive team. LGR!

  17. I have been a reader/blogger/contributor on this site for a good 3 years now. So I am not making a fly-by-night comment here. Steady Eddie is more right than wrong. I am not ditching as I still need my Rangers insights, but over the past 6 months to a year, it has gotten a lot harder to find good Ranger tidbits versus finding other inane BS that has nearly ZERO to do with the Rangers.

    I think Noah’s letter was nice, if not a bit of excessive man-love. But give it a rest. Why not throw in some thank you/love letter to Messier and Leetch and Eddie Giacomin while you are at it. If some chick wrote that Jagr note and told him to send his jockstrap, it would only be a shade more aggressive in telling him that you want to sleep with him. And btw, not that there is anything wrong with that…but I don’t need to see it on a NYR blog where I come to read about the team and the outlook and the like.

    I use that last little sentence to transition…notice the Seinfeld reference. WTF is Seinfeld doing on this blog all the time? Go join a Seinfeld blog or whatever. This blog was (and I thought is, but maybe I am wrong) about the Rangers. Who is playing with whom, who is injured, what the players are thinking, etc. It is not about Jerry Seinfeld. Granted it was the summer and it was slow, but I click on Rangers Report to hear about the Rangers not about Seinfeld. If there is nothing to say then say that. I don’t need to hear, “Master of my domain” and whatever else on a Rangers blog.

    And lastly, enough with the BS about fantasy teams and who is trading for whom in fantasy land. No one gives a crap about that except you people with FAR TOO much time on your hands. Go start a fantasy hockey league blog.

    That stuff is only one step removed from “my lines for tonight” suggestions from everyone but at least that is pertinent to the Rangers.

    The Rangers Report is called the Rangers Report because it is supposed to “report about the NY Rangers.” It is not to perpetuate Seinfeld or be the posting arena for fantasy league BS.

    I love the Rangers and have been a diehard since the 70s. I think it’s great that everyone expresses their views and thoughts. But when people start using this blogspace to talk 100% non-Ranger horsecrap it becomes like any other lame blog.

    I have not been contributing as much lately as I have a new job and don’t have that much time. But I still check it everyday for new tidbits and stuff. It just gets harder to come here and find real pithy insights about the Blueshirts and my time is limited.

    What has me fired up when I see this Jagr love-letter is that we just cut our roster down massively and I would have expected some people to talk about all the stiffs that got sent down, whether anyone thinks Brashear-Boyle-Voros can really be our 4th line, where the heck is Grachev going to end up, Dubi, Drury, Anisimov, and Boyle are our 4 centers? Are we set on that? Did Johnson outplay Valiquette but lose the job to him due to him being a veteran? Will Johnson be in the backup seat next season?

    So many good questions for discussion and instead we are all busy fellating Jagr? Come on. I loved #68 as a player but he is gone. And he this is his 2nd season of being gone already….move on.

    Let’s return this blog to talking about Rangers 100% of the time and try and focus it on what is going on in front of us.

  18. Noah

    good job of writing, and even though I know I am in the minority here about what kind of captain jagr was or wasn’t, your post was good and I leave the rest unsaid!!

    Have a crease clearing hard hitting physical d man day to all!

    Grabachev?!?!?!?!?! Please write home, your mother and I are worried sick!!!

  19. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Wow Carp

    The criticism is harsh

    I’m gonna make sure my post this week is all about what’s going on NOW!

    And Noah, I liked your post

  20. Lets do some math.

    According to Capgeek, the Rangers cap space is $895,834.

    That includes Parenteau @500K, Potter @ 550K and Heikkinen @ 875K. If you take those three off the NHL roster and add their salaries to the current cap space you get $2,820,834.

    That leaves 12 forwards, 5 defensemen and 2 goaltenders.

    Add Anisimov at 821,666K and you are at $1,999,868 of cap space left needing another forward (for 14) and 2 more defenseman (for 7) coupled with the 2 goalies for an NHL roster of 23 players.

    Semenov is probably going to make this team if Tortorella stays with his intention of adding one more veteran defenseman. For the sale of argument, lets pencil him in at 750K. That leaves $1,249,868 remaining for the 14th forward and 7th defenseman.

    This is a real tough call as Grachev is making 933K and DelZotto is making 1.087K. That adds 2.02K to the cap hit with only $1,249,169 remaining. That doesn’t work.

    That means you can add only one of Grachev and DelZotto unless you can jetison Rosival or Redden (unlikely).

    Do you waive Voros and his million dollar salary to get both in, which gets the team under the cap (providing no team picks Voros up at half his salary) but still leaves the Rangers a forward short with no cap space?

    Grachev can go to Hartford and play big minutes in all situations if they choose to keep DelZotto, which leaves the team at the cap with only 13 forwards. I don’t think that will happen.

    Unfortunately, looks like DelZotto is the odd man out due to the numbers game and the fact he is eligible to return to juniors (after a 9 game trial run?).

    Without Grachev and DelZotto you can add Parenteau back in (500K) which brings you to 14 forwards and 6 defensemen with $749,168 of cap space left. That would leave room for Cory Potter (550K) as the 7th defensemen and possibly allow him to be showcased to bring in a prospect or a pick.

    The next few days will determine the fate of Grachev and DelZotto and whether Sather can work out a deal to move Rosival that could possibly be sweetened with a Sanguinetti or a Potter.

    Not an easy call as Grachev and DelZotto have proved they can play at the NHL level.

    Or, you could send Grachev to Hartford, DelZotto back to juniors after 9 games while keeping Parenteau and only 6 defenseman on the NHL roster like they did last season?

    Do you get Semenov signed for 500K (250K less then the previously proposed 750K) which increases the cap space (without Parenteau) to $1,449,169 which gets Grachev (933K) in as the 14th forward and Potter (550K) as the 7th defenseman with the team being a scant 34K over the limit?
    Or does that get you Parenteau (500K) and Sanguinetti(855K)
    which gets the team in under the cap and possibly showcases Sanguinetti for a trade?

    Quite a few possibilities and endless combinations.

    It is going to be an interesting week and a half up to opening night. Sather’s options are limited. Lets see if he can pull a rabit out of a hat like he did with the Gomez deal.

    We can all see now how important 500K can be. If Slats or Cameron Hope had beem a little more frugal with Higgins, Kotalik and Brashear (to say nothing of Rosival and Redden),
    the team might have had an extra 1 to 2 million to play with and these decisions would have been a lot easier.

  21. Thanks to many of you for the kind words. And those that did not have those same sentiments, I of course understand. I just wanted to do something a bit different since I am certainly not qualified to predict lines or generally report on the current status of the team. If Carp was nice enough to give me VIP access (where’s the love?), then I would’ve definitely gone in a different direction.

    And sure, a post about Jagr is a bit outdated. But it doesn’t make what happened any less true.

    Thanks again Carp!

  22. Steady Eddie, goodbye.

    New Neman, surely you’ve been around long enough to understand that things have changed for me and for LoHud, etc., and it would have changed even if Sam were still here. Still, we talk Rangers quite a bit. I can regurgitate the same info that most of the other blogs just steal from Steve Zipay and Andrew Gross and Larry Brooks … or we can just have discussions, as we do every day. Do we get sidetracked sometimes? Sure we do. That’s what happens in discussions.

    Feel free to go to the other sites and read all their comments in 14 seconds, then come back here.

    Great job, Noah.

    Good morning, Sally!

  23. Carp’s getting a little snippy with the deconstructive criticism, taking shots at his fellow journalists in terms of website “hits” and comments.

    Always better to take the high road and ignore.

  24. I don’t understand all the news stuff…Geez…there is almost nothing going on…
    I’m going to forecast some news…
    Dubi’s due in this morning…and Torts will send him home tonight very sore…there you heard it here on Rangers Report…now carry on!

  25. Noah, great post. I’m not quite sure why Jagr wasnt accepted / embraced here in NY on a level equal to his play. Afterall – he set numerous records and literally carried us out of the funk we were in for almost a decade. He brought credibility back to a franchise that sorely lacked it.

    As for Sather fitting Grachev / MDZ into the lineup. NO SHOT. Nobody in the league is taking Rosy or Redden from us…I dont care how many prospects or picks we have to sweeten the deal with. Their play and contracts are just that bad. Waiving them is NOT an option, either…. I just can’t see our beloved GM coming to grips with reality. Those awful contracts have and will continue to literally cripple our franchise.

  26. No Country For Old Rangers on

    also- the numbers and records dont lie. JJ was absolutely the best player to wear a nyr jersey. he may not have had the impact or the legacy of say a Messier or Gilbert but from a pure skill standpoint, JJ was the best.

  27. Definitely Sather has to figure out how to dump those two stiffs (rosival and redden). Those two guys are eating up 11.5 million in cap money which is a joke considering they are two average players at best. Next year there will be more young players to sign starting with Stall and Girardi and most likely the cap will be lower than this year.

  28. I’m just saying that there is no reason to defend himself to comments that are taking shots at him… he is doing what he can under what him employers will allow and that is not his fault at all.

    My comment wasn’t a shot at Carp but more of less wishing that he would just delete the comments made about the subject and not respond to them because there is no real need to do so.

  29. No Country For Old Rangers on

    If Sather was able to move Gomez and get a good return, why can’t he move Redden or Roszival?

  30. At age 32, he may think that too young. Redden must go. Naslund was only 36 at his announcement after the first year of his two-year deal.

    Redden has declined further – and over a longer period of time. Ottawa saw that decline; saw the writing on the wall. Renney and Sather ignored it and added insult to injury by believing he had as many as four-six more good years ahead of him. The first of six contract years has passed. Did the exit from Ottawa have any impact on his performance? Did the change of scenery improve his mental state or play? Did he get any faster?

    How can player and coach possess such dissimilar persona? How can a player lacking footspeed be of any value to a system that DEMANDS it. He is not fast enough to join the rush and he is certainly not fast enough to retreat and recover.

    I mentioned this over the weekend. Because of his ridiculously huge salary, he simply cannot be moved. His current contract is the last one he will ever have.

    The only way for NYR to wipe the slate, is if he retires.

    32 is NOT too young.

  31. Good job, Noah. If only the Jagr could actually see it!

    I’m just gonna repost what I said last night about how I feel about this situation: I do kind of wonder what Gross and Zipay (or their bosses) think when they see all kinds of traffic and comments over here and not on the regular beat writers’ sites. Newsday had it pretty good until they changed their websites format and screwed up the comments section. The Post doesn’t even have a real blog, but Brooks has good access and articles. It’s too bad Carp has to be forced onto vacation during the last week of preseason and not during a western road trip; perhaps that’s coming up during the season! Oh noes!

    Basically, we have to deal with what we have. If we are all really sick of Carp taking “vacation” (during which he still posts here), we would all leave and start commenting on the other blogs. But Carp has good opinions and should be around for all of the home games, and hopefully the budget will allow for some road playoff games if the team is good enough and the games are close.

  32. Carps, I hear you. But opening up the blog to Seinfeld trivia just diluted the blog. And I know you made a comment the other day about fantasy leagues, but that needs to be nipped early and often henceforth.

    Here are questions I am wondering about:

    First, anyone see MDZ get speared by Lucic? I didn’t but wanted to know what the refs saw.

    Second, in lieu of that, does anyone think Brashear should have fought someone by now already, especially in the Bruins game? I mean if nothing else it will win Brash some sorely need support by the fans.

    Third, PA Parenteau…he scores one goal and he makes the cut. Do you think he makes the team?

    Fourth, in lieu of #3, Parenteau, Voros, Lisin, Grachev, rank them and do you think they all make the team?

    Fifth, I think MDZ has the skills but needs a little more size and seasoning. I think it is him or Gilroy, not both. I think Gilroy gets the nod. I also think Semenov makes the team due to his size and leadership. MDZ and Sanguinetti will be sent to their respective teams. Next year we will move Redden or just banish him to make room for one of those guys (I think MDZ > Sangs), unless Redden has some sort of rebirth (dont’ bet on it at all!)

    Sixth, what do you think the ideal line combos are right now? (And here is where I think this is a good idea given that we are still in preseason and NOTHING is set at all.)

    Now these are some of the things I think we should discuss on this blog.

  33. sorry Jason, I read it the other way…my bad.
    In this wonder recession we are in everyone is taking a hit.
    This is anything but Carps fault…
    hey Carp maybe the hemorrhoid in the white house will bail out the papers.

  34. Noah,
    I should have stated my thanks in my original post. While I don’t feel the same way about Jagr that you do, I do appreciate your well written thoughts. Thanks for your effort.

    This blog has quite a few worthy contributors and colorful characters to make the off-topic comments entertaining and a pleasant diversion. The biggest turn-off for me on many other blogs is the childish name calling. People can disagree here and for the most part keep it on topic. Carp does an excellent job of keeping things in check (thanks, Carp).

  35. New Newman – you know I don’t know if anyone showed the spear, I don’t recall seeing it at all on TV in real time or replay

  36. Thanks, all.

    I’m not taking shots at Zipay and Gross. Not at all. I like and respect both of them and what they do. I’m just saying, our numbers are better than anybody else’s, so maybe our “conversational” style works better than the daily “Should Lisin or Kotalik play with Drury?” stuff. At least, it works better here.

    But I do want to reiterate that the other Rangers blog sites, those not operated by actual working beat reporters, are just stealing info from other sites and posting it. I’m not going to do that. If somebody breaks a story, I’ll give them credit and put it up, and so will you guys. But I will not make this blog a place just for second-hand news.

  37. Staal,

    It’s okay and I perhaps should have worded it better but yes, it is not Carps fault at all and while we may not be getting the info we get on other blogs, we do have a lot of freedom to wonder off the beaten path which leads to great conversation within one another here.

  38. maybe a few people are coming here for news…but most of us are here to talk Rangers as well as just shoot the breeze…
    I get to work check this site. Then check the other sites, bring back any news if there is any and for months there hasn’t been news…then I head back home to RR.

  39. Jason – which leads us back to what I said last week where it would help if people would just view this as a more relaxed fan forum. We have a great community of fans here and the conversation while not always Ranger related (especially in the off season) is still fun.

  40. No Country For Old Rangers on


    you seem like an intelligent, forward thinking individual. you think the recession might have anything to do with borrowing billions of dollars to finance 2 pointless wars? or maybe the sub-prime mortgage debacle? or maybe it was the 8 years of allowing private industries to operate without oversight or review, with a focus on short term gains, as environmental and world economic issues were ignored? just sayin. oh yeah and redden and rozival suck.

  41. No Country,

    I really blame this recession on Sather… Giving tens of millions of dollars to guys who he really doesn’t see much of a return for from those specific players… Yes/No?

  42. Stay Thirsty Rangers Fans (formerly MiamiPimp, formerly The Most Interesting Man in the World) on

    I just wanted to say … Redden is weaksauce (formerly bushleague)

  43. When they start to play the games that count that should provide enough news. Otherwise there’s precious little to report about during off days and I don’t think this blog has missed a breaking story. It might not be the first to break but I don’t think anyone misses the news in general.

    Also keep in mind how little attention gets paid to hockey by the media in general let alone pre-season hockey during the last few weeks of the baseball season and the start of the football season with 2 big wins for the local teams.

  44. This just in:

    At practice Avery collides with Callahan in passing drill. Avery limps off. Looks like a right leg issue.

  45. Lots of chatting to catch up on here.

    Was in the Westchester yesterday with the missus and saw Roszival on the 2nd floor hanging outside Crate n Barrel with his two kids. I got a little excited when I saw him and said to my girlfriend, “Hey thats Michael Roszival over there!” And she said, “Cool, are you going to say hi?” At which point my excitement died down and I responded, “Nah. He sucks, not worth stopping for.”

  46. What is going on?

    Whats all the arguing about the content of this blog? I mean, my god, if you don’t enjoy the format, go somewhere else, or start your own blog.

    It’s all in good fun. I mean the reason we all meet up here every game (or some of us every day) is to discuss, joke around, critisize, get angry, enjoy each others company and have a few laughs. Whats wrong with that. The Seinfeld stuff doesnt hurt anyone, and it doesnt mean “important” news is being neglected, especially since those posts came during the quiet weeks of the summer.

    New Newman;
    I respect your perspective, but really, is it so bad with a few stupid, sarcastic (and smart) comments inbetween the more serious discussion that take up most of the space here?

    All you regulars;
    you guys make watching and following the Rangers all the more enjoyable, thank you for being who you are.

    you’re doing a great job keeping things both lighthearted and serious when the situation calls for it. I mean, we’re all having fun, let’s keep it that way.

    Lets go Rangers.

  47. nobody posted lines from morning skate I guess… per Andrew Gross:

    Dubinsky (likely for Avery)-Anisimov-Callahan
    (Brashear and Voros are on the ice as well).
    Del Zotto-Girardi

  48. Jay,

    Apparently from hearing he had been paired with Rozsival in the morning skate, Staal stormed out of the training facility and vowed never to come back until the R&R debacle are playing in Hartford.

  49. “maybe the hemorrhoid in the white house will bail out the papers”

    What? I’m back in the office? Sorry, My policy’s only force bank bailouts, not newspapers.
    Hope you bought some oil stocks eight years ago. You’d be doing dang fine. Yeehaa!

  50. Sorry no country,
    I am just a layed back ‘right wing’ conservative with a family that has had a pretty fair amount of servicemen in the military starting with my brother.
    I was for the war when we had actual leadership…you know people who actually can make a decision.
    When you compare the amount of money spent on the military it is a fraction compared to say education…which is also an abismal failure.
    The subprime mortgage mess is because the government starting with a previous admistration that forced banks to lend to people who had absolutely no chance of paying the loan back.
    Any new Rangers news?

  51. Some people need to ease up. Is life so mundane that you have to complain about the subject matter of discussion on a blog? The reason that I, and I assume many others, come here is because this site is different from most of the other Ranger sites in the fact that the conversation isn’t dominated by the same three people arguing with each other over line combos, or whatever the topic may be. Do people talk about things other than hockey here? Sure they do, but there is also plenty of hockey talk as well. Relax, have fun, enjoy the ride. Life’s too short to get all riled up over a blog.


  52. Gravey - Formerly known as Jor71 on

    Avery getting his right knee checked….Staal feeling better after achy groin on saturday…….Dubi may play Thursday against Toronto….Avery, Dubi, Rozi, Staal and Brash are out tonight…..this is all according to Zipay on Twitter.

  53. Newman

    just wanted to let you know you’re a few days late in critizing the fantasy league talk. A few other had concerns over it. Rick gave his view and the talk pretty much ended right then an there. I’m answering you because it’s my league & there are 15 regulars who have teams in the league.

    A word for the complainers…
    It’s preseason and there is nothing going on. Rick I’m
    pretty sure is still on vacation & passed along a really cool idea to let other bloggers on here write an article on WHATEVER they like. So if someone wants to write an article on Tomas Sandstrom 15 years too late then it’s their perogative. Rick is actually cool enough to keep the blog open & running so we still have a place to talk about our team.

  54. What? Other players can tweak their groin? It’s a fairly common occurrence at this stage of the season? I thought Gaborik was the only one.


  55. One last thing…
    This blog crashed during the trade deadline because Rick
    and Jane brought us breaking news deals from around the league & from
    the Rangers. Every thread have over 900 posts on them…

    So whomever is new posting & complaining… Just know that fact.

  56. Looks like Gaborik’s Garden debut tonight with Higgins and Prospal…

    From Zipay’s site:
    Coach John Tortorella said he is hoping Dubinsky will play on Thursday after a few more practices…The coach said he did not tell Gaborik, held out of the first four preseason games with a sore groin, anything specific. “Just play,” he said. Vinny Prospal, at center, and Chris Higging on the left side will be Gabby’s linemates…Gaborik said he was not at 100 percent, but added, “I don’t think there is something I cannot do. I’m looking forward to my first game with the new team and playing at the Garden.”…Tortorella said he has been pleasantly surprised by Alexei Semenov’s tryout. “He’s a better passer than I thought and he’s added some jam back there.”

  57. Good job Noah!

    I love Jagr (as a player of course) and i was very upset when he left! So, thank you JJ for what you’ve done for this organization and for us, the fans. You’ll always be missed!

  58. Did Denis Gauthier really receive a tryout and then refuse it ???

    Now that Dubinsky is under contract, that puts the Rangers at 49 (out of 50) allowable contracts … so i think we should expect a trade pretty soon, especially if Semenov keeps impressing Torts the way he has been.

    Semenov could possibly get offered the 50th contract, and i cant imagine the Rangers going into the season with no flexiblilty

  59. CARP …

    whats your email??? i gotta send you my Wednesday blog

    ANYONE …

    Who has photoshop skills, i can borrow for my Wednesday post???

  60. Hopefully Gabby doesn’t skate so hard that he craps out an organ. Ill officially be nervous every time i see him on the ice, for the rest of the year, hopefully he proves he’s not as sensitive as everyone thinks he is.

    And hopefully Aves isn’t injured. I haven’t heard anything on Staal, if he is hurt, it’s not gonna be a pretty start to the season.

    Injuries weren’t a problem last season, so it better not be one this year.

  61. Semenov made 650K last year and wasn’t highly sought after player in the postseason. So it shouldn’t be diificult to sign him unless he pulls “Dubi” on Sather. He deserves a spot IMO.
    Interesting remark by Gaborik- he isn’t a 100% but he doesn’t think there is something he can’t do. So what CAN he do at a 100%? Sometimes these guys talk out of their….

  62. … These f’cking complainers just won’t go away! As if this blog is the only place for people to get Rangers news! so f’cking annoying! Try reading comments section… you can get a lot of news on hockey there! I can tell that the only people who complain are the people who barely even comment… You need to pay attention… Hockey talk never leaves this blog.

    We are all Rangers fans…this place is a great place for us to communicate! There are plenty of people who come to this blog daily and who enjoy everything and anything from hockey to Seinfeld to personal stories! Every single time some mofo crawls from under some rock and starts complaining that he doesn’t get enough news. Get a life! Carp is on vacation (or so he tells us). If it wasn’t for guest blogging this place would be shot down completely for the entire vacation time! There is no need to type up a 10 miles long post full of complains especially when your time is so limited… instead, use that time to find what you want…cyber space is endless!

  63. Someone almost got choked up reading this? Really? No, seriously, really?

    Give the kids a chance…blah blah…fire sather…blah blah….chris drury is THE worst player blah blah…Antoine Vermette blah blah…all veterans sucks, give the kids a chance…blah blah…I’ve been a Rangers fan since the 1700s…blah blah….my other Rangers jersey is a Star Trek outfit…will someone PLEASE give the kids a chance blah blah….get off my lawn.

    Sorry Carp, I love this blog but if I want to read drivel and the highly subjective inner thoughts of the guest bloggers I can just go to the HF Boards — but I guess that’s why they call this a blog?

  64. What is apparent is that Rosival is the biggest problem we have. Some may argue it is Redden because he gets paid more. I disagree. Rosival is the most incompetent player as displayed in the pre season.Does anyone know how much it would cost to buy out both R and R’s contracts?

  65. Jay …

    i need Tort’s face “shopped” onto The Fonz’s body (with two thumbs up of course) and underneath to say “Ay … AY … Ay Ay Ay”.

    At the end of the post (as a final thought, type thing) I making a joke that since Torts is the coach and he looks so much like The Fonz the Rangers should change their goal anthemn to “Ay … AY … Ay Ay Ay”

  66. CCCP

    Don’t you love how they change their name to insult & to complain about things?? The ultimate keyboard courrage warriors!!!

  67. Buying them out doesn’t help the cap situation – does it?

    Plus it has to be like 40 million for both.

  68. Im 21 years old and a die hard ranger fan. I went to school in albany the year captain clutch ousted us from the playoffs. Every morning that a game was scheduled to play I would do my ranger wake up call at 8 am. I figured I was outnumberd at night with all the let’s go buffalo! I had to take my turn early in the morn and really get my voice heard. I would scream at the top of my lungs “let’s go rangers” for a good five minutes. Up in Albany they are all buffalo fans. I had to put up with a lt of ish wearing my JAGR jersey. If it wasn’t for Jagr I prob wouldn’t even be a ranger fan. I was never really into sports growing up and when I finally started getting into them at about 12 it was cuz of he subway series and superbowl. (go Giants and Yankees!!) As u all know the years following 2000 in ranger hockey prob weren’t the greatest (who we kidding! They stunk!) Guys like Lindros and Bure got me interested for a lil….but then we all know how that turned out. After the lockout when
    we got Jagr, I watched him for a couple of games and now love the rangers more than anything. Thank you jaromir!

  69. Blueshirt in Paris on

    I also would like to know about the buyout option. Not that is would happen since Slats would have to admit he screwed up, and he NEVER screws up.

    Hell TB bought out Vinny P. and he is Gretzky compared to R&R. But why do I think some of the cap hit still stays on the buyout?

  70. Blueshirt in Paris on


    Contract Buyouts:

    * For players under the age of 26, a buyout costs the team one-third of remaining contract value.
    * For players 26 or older, a buyout costs two-thirds of remaining contract value.
    * On a buyout, the team takes a cap hit for a percentage of the buyout value (according to a very complex formula) spread over twice the length of the remaining contract years

  71. I have been reading this blog for a long time, but never have commented. I enjoy reading not only the news and insight on “our” favorite team, but also the non Rangers banter. As many have stated, when there is no notable news to report, what should everyone do? Repeat the same old tired topics, not comment at all, or throw in something off subject that might interject some fun and discussion? I would rather read the latter. I know if there is any Rangers news, someone here will bring it to the blog usually within minutes of it being reported anywhere. I have to say some of y’all have mean skills on that front. Thanks Carp for all you do and to all of those that comment with their wit and insight.

  72. Guys and Gals,

    What some of the idiots don’t understand is that right now, there is not much else to talk about. Once the season starts, there is much MUCH more pure ranger, game, hockey related discussion. And some of the people who are getting along now, won’t get along as much :) because of their passion for this team and the game. Go complain somewhere else. Those of us who have been here all along and kept this blog alive don’t need you. The blog in general doesn’t need you. The guest posts have been great, and I know that I definitely enjoyed doing one, the FIRST one. So in the words of an old, grouchy, toothpick chewing SOB, just “Piss off”. Would you please already?

  73. Hockeyman Rangers on

    I can kind of agree with the complaints that we are not getting the play by play post’s we used to with Sam. That is how this blog became what it is today. HOWEVER things do change, things sometimes have to change. So as I see it, we can go where ever we would like for up to the minute post’s and you know most will all come back here b/c this is where everyone hangs out. And like someone else has said it’s fun to blog and watch the games at the same time. It works out great for me b/c I am now living in PA which is not exactly NY Ranger land. LOL So it’s like having friends sitting with you watching a game. All you boneheads are the greatest.

  74. Nasty 1- well said. What brings the readers back to this place, I think, is that people here know a thing or two about hockey. Sam knew a thing or two about it, so does Carp. And it’s not even their primary sport to cover. Dry news are very easy to come by these days… Just click the link. I, for one come here for an emotional outlet.I enjoy the guest posts and all the discussions and emotions. Get to know new people. All the good stuff. And, yeah, you get plenty of news.

    CCCP- your rant would sound much more emotional in Russian. Too bad not everyone would understand

  75. I did not get served beer at a concert in Allentown PA because my buddies and I would not stop our ranger chants. It was worth it.

  76. You tell em Nasty!!!

    This blog is great – it is particularly crappy to come in here and insult the efforts of regulars who are guest blogging in Carp’s absence (and in the absence of news)…why don’t you contribute instead of whining.

    Go start your own blog for whiners…you can talk Marty all day ;)

  77. It’s the freaking internet. If you’re not getting exactly what you’re looking for here then go to another site to find what you’re looking for. It seems that the budgets and priorities of the different newspapers determine what you’re going to get.

    For me, I always start on this site to see the headline, then go to about 3 other sites to see what else is up. But, in the end I always come back here. Always! Why, because I enjoy seeing what the people on here have to say. No matter what it’s about. If it’s something I don’t really care about I just skip over it. Nothing to sit and cry about.

    I don’t agree about the Jagr post at all. But, I’m not going to ask that Carp stops the guest blogs when he’s on vacation because it’s great that people get to post stuff that they want to.

    If you don’t like it go to one of the other sites with the budget, but you won’t have anyone to talk to because most posts on theses other sites are lucky to get 10 comments. So, save you’re crying and post something actually worth reading.

  78. Please don’t misunderstand…while it was definitely different under Sam, I think Carp et al have done well…and while I think giving a voice to everyone with a keyboard and an inflated sense of hockey knowledge is ridiculous, isn’t that the whole point of “blogs” and social media?

    I’m just saying that I think some of these guest blogs have been lame but in the spirit of the “blog” I should not criticize those of you who have contributed. But c’mon, some of the praise and comments seem a bit over the top no? It is like there is a dozen or more people here who seem entitled and make this site their own personal circle jerk. If you can’t take any criticism maybe you shouldn’t publish your thoughts?

    Anyway, rock on, if this is the way the blog should go when there is no real news that is completely legit but simmer down…just because we don’t comment on everything doesn’t mean we haven’t been reading this blog as long as you or know as much about the Rangers as you — we being the “complainers”. I’ll stop complaining and just bore myself with the HF boards which some of you habitual posters are on too.

    I didn’t change my name to criticize just chill out my commie friend and learn to take criticism from your peers…for such a hard arse the skin seems to be a bit thin.

    See you on HF

  79. “It is like there is a dozen or more people here who seem entitled and make this site their own personal circle jerk. If you can’t take any criticism maybe you shouldn’t publish your thoughts?”

    There are plenty of people who come here who don’t post often and still like to keep up with the blog. You sound like a kid who is going to take his ball and go home because you are not in the “in crowd”. Nobody seems to have any problems with criticism when it is meant to spark a discussion, only when its used to be a malicious jacka$$

    If you don’t like the tone or topics contribute something and start a discussion instead of crapping on everybody else.

  80. I forgot, what does “F” stand for in HF?
    Something just hit me- I think Carp posts for all these fake whiners just to stir the things up. He must be bored on vacation. We got you! Carp the impostor!

  81. So it looks like no Dubi tonight, which is understandable. I wonder what Torts had him doing today since he wasn’t around for the ‘Torture’ sessions the first two days (or is that ‘Torts-ture’?)

  82. Hey does anybody think legalized fighting will ever be banned from hockey? They are always bringing it up and there are good points for both sides. I think there should always be fighting. For one it’s entertaining as hell. Two cuz it gets the crowd and team going. But most importantly I think it keeps the players a lil more safe. I was watching the giants cowboys game yesterday and one of the cowboys linemen, flozel Adams, intentioanlly tripped Justin tuck causing him an injury. It was completly bush leauge and the only imediate reprecussions he faced was a 15 yard pentaly. I found myself yelling at the screen “somebody fight tht guy!!!” but that’s not how things are in that sport. Either somebody on the giants does something equally dangerous or nuthing happens at all. In hockey a guy thinks twice about doing something of that nature because he knows some big enforcer is gunna be knocking his lights out. I say let them settle things like men!

  83. Good job, Noah. Jagr absolutely revived the franchise. And worth mentioning, the 2005-06 team was the funniest team in years. Jagr, Kaspar, Nieminen, Rucinsky, Nylander, etc. had personality as well as skill and talent. Last year with Gomez and Drury was the dullest team ever, both on and off the ice. This year seems like some of the entertainment value is back, with Gaborik, Avery, Tortorella and prospects like Anisimov and Gilroy, but the 2005-06 team was always fun to watch. Last season was just sad and boring.

  84. Reeshay (or Riche') on


    Great post breaking it down like that…

    I honestly feel like Grachev will be out… not because he hasn’r proven that he can play in the NHL but because this year there’s just no room on the roster. Heck even getting Lisin into a spot where he can fit in will be tough.

    The remaining money will be spent on the defense. Sounds like Staal / Gilroy
    Girardi / del zotto / semenov
    and the regrettables

  85. “wetodded”

    Lol nice name by the way ….

    Anyway, I don’t feel the need to explain the passion I have for certain players who have been idols of mine & who’ve worn Rangers blue & when someone who has The ability to put emotions into words – I appreciate that wholeheartedly.

    I made the comment on changing your name NOT CCCP – and don’t call him a “commie” you twit. I find it so ironic the for those who complain are the one who never post just lurk.

  86. anyone want tix for tonight. looking to sell pair for 70 bux. cost 115 usually. i need the money more then going still looking for a job. i could meet up let me know

  87. Reeshay (or Riche') on

    As an aside…

    I think there’s plenty (Gaborik’s first game tonight, lines/d-parings, cap space, Dubi’s back at practice, final cuts, etc.) to discuss / spark debate… rather than thanking a guy that’s been gone for a season now.

    That being said if Noah takes his opportunity as guest blogger to thank Jagr… that’s his perrogative. He made an effort and should be commended for it.

  88. My wife came home the other day and had a huge smile on her face. I asked her why she was smiling and she said, “Guess where we are going on October 3rd?” I grabbed her and lifted her off the ground and hugged her and kissed her and screamed THANK YOU THANK YOU I am so excited.” She said, “Really, I thought you were going to fight me on this one?” I said, “Hold up, wait a frigin minute, where are we going on the 3rd?” And she told me it was to a housewarming party for her friend. I threw her off of me and kicked her in the throat. Just kidding. I kicker her in the stomach. Ha, just kidding again. But the housewarming part is real. I felt like I had been kicked in the gut. This is the same wife that surprised me with Graves Night tix last year. I am trying my hardest to get out of this one, and to get tix for the home opener. Wish me luck.

  89. not trying to start an arguement, but anyone find it funny a guy named newman is complaining about seinfeld trivia!!!

  90. Hey maybe we could just make up stories like most of the media…

    wetodded, haha FU this is our site! Please go to HF, we won’t even notice your gone. really…we won’t…we never knew you read until today either!

  91. lol commie… its ok… if every commie was like me, maybe the communism itself would be viewed differently!


    You’re right… too bad not everyone would understand my rant in Russian… it would not only be more emotional it would also be more to the point! if you know what i mean.

    “Capitalism and communism stand at opposite poles. Their essential difference is this: The communist, seeing the rich man and his fine home, says: ‘No man should have so much.’ The capitalist, seeing the same thing, says: ‘All men should have so much.’”

  92. i wonder when sean avery finally breaks down and offer tort’s some fashion advice when it comes to ties. and then i wonder if torts will learn how to properly tie one.

  93. hey everyone, i have two tickets to thurs nights game vs the caps sect 412 row 2 they r good seats and are where my season tickets are. They are 40$ a ticket face im looking to just get rid of both for 50$. If anyone is interested please email me at and we can figure something out thanks.

  94. Noah September 21st, 2009 at 2:11 pm

    “What the hell did I cause? Eek.”

    Noah, you did a fine job…think about it…the complainers
    A) never or very rarely comment
    B) Probably just jealous
    C) aren’t part of the “in crowd” haha
    D) can’t find news anywhere else so they come here to complain about it because this blog gets a ton of traffic…so they have an audience here. It’s tough to bitch to 5 other posters.

  95. Nasty – too funny.
    I about died when i read “kicked her in the throat”.

    Noah – nice job, don’t sweat the haters.

  96. JAY …

    very awesome man !!! Thanks !!

    could you make the “Ayy’s” like this underneath, or is it too late??:

    Ay … Ay
    Ay, Ay, Ay

    (Like the Goal Song)

  97. This just makes me sick. Jagr, the best Ranger ever? Yes, he came here and played well and got the team into the playoffs, along with a lot of other guys most people thought were washed up. That first post-lockout season was great. But when he had EASY incentives to meet, he tanked. He was a great rental player while he lasted, but there was never going to be a “Jagr” team here in NY. The rebuilding time was too long and he couldn’t keep it up for the 4-5 years that were required. Yes, thank you JJ. You helped restore our respect, you did your job and we are thankful for that. However, I doubt we will ever see the #68 hanging in the garden.

  98. I don’t think anyone has seriously suggested they retire Jagr’s number. The only place where that will probably happen is Pittsburgh and he’s not the most well received player there these days, although I have to remind some Pens fans that I know that Jagr was a big reason the Pens even had people show up to their games in the late 90’s.

    It’s tough to use the criteria of whether he won a Cup while he was in NY because there’s been only one team to do that within our collective lifetime. He’s not homegrown so he won’t compare to the classic Rangers greats like Bathgate/Howell/Gilbert/Giacomin or the heroes from 94. Still, it’s worth giving him his due as he holds a couple of single season records and raised the organization’s profile in the post lockout era.

  99. Nasty 1 – Well, she did get you Graves night tickets. Just keep thinking about that when you’re at the housewarming. Luckily, that’s not a “school night” so you could try to stay up and watch the replay at 1:00 a.m.

    somerset – I’m guessing that they’re trying to trade Parenteau because he may be plucked off of waivers this season after playing well in the last couple of preseason games, as well as actually playing in all of the games so far. If he does make the Rangers, it will be as an extra.

    downeaster – We will probably start the season with one extra player each at forward and defense based on the cap situation and always wanting extra dollars in space to use at the trade deadline. We don’t want to be in a 2008–09 Flames situation!

  100. RAN

    It goes like “We Want To Rock, Want To Rock Want To Rock” and then they sing aboot how their fans are the best in the NHL, and names all of the legends.

    It’s just a horrible song,, but way better than that stupid techno hip hop R&B Miami Dolphins song. Lol if i was a Dolphin player, or actual Dolphin, id wish i was with a different team, or some other sea creature !

  101. wetodded
    You got it all wrong and must be lectured, sorry.
    Internet in general and this site in particular is an ultimate quintessential place of freedom of expression for willing to write to share ANY thoughts and for reading to take it or SKIP it. It is open space for people united in common love for game, team or just for humor. They could respectfully disagree with each other and still have fun. Every site developed by time it own, very special culture and nice, warm relationship between participants (I, personally cherish this) If you don’t feel belonging – find other site where you’ll be happy there are plenty, but don’t dictate what we have or not have to talk about we will figure it out somehow (how we did before you).So, feel free…
    P.S.BTW, you seemed much more COMMIE to me with your attempt to censorship or force your vision what to talk about. Hello from “Pravda” editor, – he would be proud for you,comrad.

  102. spiderpig …

    That could be very true, although i really would like to see him get a chance finally. I think they were hoping that someone would take Riss or Anason off of waivers, but im 90% sure that wont happen.

    Something has to give though because if they give Semenov a contract (which i think he’s earned) they are at their limit for the year

  103. Yowza! Did everyone have a lousy weekend or what? Enough with the insults, OK, seriously.
    Carp’s on earned vacation. We have great guests, again, this week. Let’s respect them and keep the chat friendly (and happy, and peppy and bursting with love :)

  104. I don’t always post, but if there is no hockey news its still fun to read all the comments. Sure, they tend to repeat but so what? Where else in this day and age, when hockey is so low in popularity, can you get this much conversation about the Rangers?

    I wonder why the haters feel the need to voice their displeasure. All I gotta say is keep up the good work Boneheads…I’ll keep on reading and throw out the occasional post.

  105. I don’t always post, but if there is no hockey news its still fun to read all the comments. Sure, they tend to repeat but so what? Where else in this day and age, when hockey is so low in popularity, can you get this much conversation about the Rangers?

    I wonder why the haters feel the need to voice their displeasure. All I gotta say is keep up the good work Boneheads…I’ll keep on reading and throw out the occasional post.

  106. Doodie Machetto on

    Someone explain to me the logic of signing Dubinsky to the contract he was signed to? Isn’t that actually MORE than he was supposedly looking for per season?

  107. Belated congrats, too, to Colorado Mark. I had an insanely busy day yesterday and have been slow to catch up. Great idea for the post!

  108. I was wondering that myself Doodie. In the Daily News they wrote 3.7 but that had to have been a typo. Is it for 2.7?

    Either way, wasn’t his agent looking for 2.4 for 2 years?

  109. somerset,

    No problem, I didn’t volunteer to guest blog (probably better this way) so at least I get to contribute.


    Redden should retire soon. Actually, now is good.

  110. Just picked a few Ranger games to hit this season…

    Sunday Oct. 11 -2 tickets VS Ducks
    Wednesday Dec. 23 -2 tickets VS Panthers
    Saturday Jan 2 -2 tickets VS Hurricanes
    Tuesday Jan 12 -2 tickets. VS local fan and his Debbies
    Tuesday Mar. 16 -2 tickets VS Canadians

  111. “Artem Anisimov does his best Alex Ovechkin impression” was just given “one cheer” on _SportsNation_, which means it was their number three play. It was beaten by snow sports on a beach in Brazil and somehow by the guy running onto the field to take a soccer penalty kick. I was hoping that the latter would be in the jeers portion of the program. :(

  112. Thanks Chuck. Wow, I had no idea that Doobie was looking for money that serious. 16 mil over 4 years is a lot to ask coming off of a mediocre year. Say what you will about his defensive play and hustle, when he was offensively unproductive last year his defensive play did nothing to spark the team.

    In my opinion his ability as a two-way player relies greatly upon the other players on the ice. There are the types of players who make others better and the types of players who are made better by those around them. Duby at this stage of his career is 100% the latter. That is not meant as an attack on Duby, because a majority of the players in the NHL fall under that label. It just takes a lot of balls to ask for that type of money when your value hinges on Gabby or Higgins netting goals to boost your assists and p/m.

  113. this just in…
    “Michael Rozival and Wade Redden of the NY Rangers announced there retirement today in a press conference. John Tortorella had two Glocks held to the heads of each player”

  114. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "It's almost Gaborik time !!!!… says Greg L. on

    GABORIK!!!!! BTW last thread at the end…wasnt me , it was the vulgar imposter!!!!!

  115. Dubi is gonna kick ass this year.

    Jagr saved this team after years of suckitude.

    A full house beats a flush every time, unless you’re a plumber.

  116. Noah-
    Sorry,Jagr was a great Penguin and won two cups with them.
    He was great here for one season,that’s it.
    He is in no way in the conversation with Mess,Leetch,Richter and some others who’s numbers hang in the rafters.


    You have no clue about what caused the mortgage mess. I have worked in the financial industry for 20years. If you are interested,I can educate you about what really caused it.
    In the interm,please stop regergitating the talking points and open your mind.

  117. I think Staal Wart hit the core reason for the problems with the subprime market…you don’t give risky borrowers a lot of credit and ask them to put next to nothing or nothing down.

    But yeah if you want to go into the whole concept of the capital markets eagerly accepting the idea that the inherent and complex risks involved with the private label securitization of the non-agency mortgages could be easily and fluidly transferred to an appropriate end user (i.e. a CDO manager, subordinate debt fund, structured investment vehicle manager, et al) only to have it all backfire when people figured out that the structural protections of ABS/MBS/CDO mean absolutely nothing when the correlation models used to create securities were hardly ever calibrated to incorporate a steady decline in home prices….I think risky borrowers shouldn’t be lent a lot of money does suffice.

  118. No offense to Noah or any of the other guest bloggers, but this blog blows…I want to hear inside stuff about what is going on with the current Rangers, not feel good stories and amateur opinions. Come on Carp, do your job or find someone else who has the time to cover the team.

  119. ESPN has the Atlantic Division previews up for each team.

    Burnside predicts the Rangers to make the playoffs, but again as aone of the lower seeds. Think 6 thru 8. Predicts the Pens and Flyers to finish above us within the division.

    Nothing ground breaking in the prediction except its nice to see national media blast our Redden/Rozi pairing while giving Staal and Girardi some props.

  120. Hey Beth,

    Yeah, I mean, whats up with everybody today, did R&R get contract extensions I’m not aware of?

  121. I’ve got a feeling Prospal is going to be a major choke. He has nit looked good. I just feel Grachev should play, not prospal, but i could be wrong.

  122. ScottS
    If you need a pros opinions you’re in a wrong place – nobody here are paid to write (definition of being pro)so, try big ones www. NHL,TSN,etc. or patiently wait for another Larry Brook article and discuss it in the kitchen with your wife(if you have one) Good luck.

  123. Staal you diplomat!

    Well, youre probably right, but he has looked awfully slow, something I though Torts was NOT a fan of.

    What are your feelings about Cally in the pre-season games?

  124. *Renney admitted he had other opportunities, perhaps even to be a head coach elsewhere, but he chose to join Quinn in Edmonton because he’s a big believer in the group philosophy. He does not at all look at his new role as being a step backward.

    “You have to understand that when you’re making decisions with respect to your own career you want to first and foremost identify with good people,” Renney said. “This was honestly a no-brainer. This was a slam dunk.”*

    Gaad damn it still warms my heart that this charlatan is out of New York… reading his words, the way he talks, just gives me the worst douche chills.

  125. I’ve got a feeling Prospal is going to be a major choke.


    There has to be high expectations for a guy to have him be a “major choke”. I don’t think too many people really expect VP to be much more than an experienced utility player. Granted, he’s being given the opportunity to play a big role in this years team.

  126. after seeing what Grachev could bring to the team i am secretly hoping for Prospal to choke… that way Torts kills Vinny and calls up Grach!

  127. I thought the wetodded comment was funny. What he says is true, but I still like yappin about this stuff.

  128. There weren’t that many coaching positions to be filled so I wonder who it could have been that gave Renney a chance to be the head coach. The Devils after Sutter left???

  129. Salty,

    You’re right. I just feel he is going to play 40 games before he gets replaced by the Mega-russian. Just because he’s cheap doesnt mean he should make the team. But I know, it’s early, and to be honest, I was kind of thrilled about the signing since he’s been known to be dynamic on a good year so…

  130. Maybe Renney got offered a job in Belarus? Or as a janitor in Joe Louies? Maybe a waterboy during the olympics?

    Yeah, that guy could pick and choose… what a crock o sh??t

  131. There weren’t that many coaching positions to be filled so I wonder who it could have been that gave Renney a chance to be the head coach. The Devils after Sutter left???


    Exactly… I really doubt anyone was knocking his door down. I personally would have enjoyed him on the Devils bench though… would make those games even more fun… the NJ is *way too smart* of an organization to pick up a bullsh1t artist like Tom Renney though. That organization is built around hard work, accountability, and not relying on one or two big names to carry the team. Renney would not fit in there.

    What’s up CCCP… I can’t keep up with the blog these days like I once could.. you got any shows coming up?

  132. Alex T.
    I honestly have been watching the kids more than Cally etc.
    I’ve obviously noticed R&R because they so obviously suck!
    But Cally I’m sure will be fine

  133. Alex T

    Gotta recognize Prospal was hand picked by Torts and therefore will be given the benefit of the doubt unless he is just *brutal*, and even still… you never know.

    I haven’t seen too much preseason but didn’t someone say Prospal was “one of the best skaters out there”?

    Yes, I believe Torts himself said that… the VP fix is in. (I think he’ll be alright though)

  134. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "It's Gaborik time !!!!… says Greg L. on

    HELL YEAH GABORIK TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yesssssssssss go go go Gaborik. I love the NHL’s showing the game again!!!!!!!!! WHOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!

    This blog is #1 , People have points about the guest and stuff but , heck if yer never here…ya got no right to bitch. I’m always here so I have ever right to say what I want. NEW NEWMAN complained last year about , line conbination and other Rangers stuff so …NEW NEWMAN , show up more often and maybe what you say ,ya may have more of an impact. Blow in here once in a while and complain?? hahaha talk about ignorent.

  135. the age is catching up or something?


    Once I have things to complain about (Ahem, #23)… I will likely be here more often…

    Won’t be making IM, but I’ll be at Brothers Past this saturday @ Bowery Ballroom

  136. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "It's Gaborik time !!!!… says Greg L. on

    If I guest blog.. It will be all about me and only me , I’ll talk about how I clip my toenails and how I go about shaving while I watch seifeld. I’ll tell you my whole fanasy team and explain why I picked who I picked. I may even throw in a couple drawings I was doodieing.

    R A N G E R S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love gametime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

  137. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "It's Gaborik time !!!!… says Greg L. on

    GO RANGERS…umm Salty Go take a flying F**K !!!! Show up now? about another fair weather fan geeeezee.

    WHERE IS Mike in ia???

  138. Does VP use that cheese doodle spray tan or something? There is something unusually orange about him. I know he came from TB but DAYYYYUUUM he is orange LOL

  139. There were a fair number of coaching openings. NJ Colorado Calgary Dallas come to mind immediately. Renneys time had passed here, but he turned the team around after the lockout. Nt quite sure where all the venom comes from. It was boring hockey but effective hockey for what he was givn to work with.

    That said, I am a huge Torts fan and agreed with the change 100%. Very excited to see Gabby tonight but I will be more excited when Dubi is centering him.

    Also, my friends and I skip all of the preseason games every year. Late notice but after tonight of anyoe wants three free blueseat tickets let me know. I’d be more then happy to pass them on for free.

  140. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "It's Gaborik time !!!!… says Greg L. on

    Goosefrabba Staal Wart , ok …i’lll relax. Leave it to Salty to throw a “stab” at me…I’ll ignore him.

    Gaborik is in the building!!!!!

  141. evening gentlemen and ladies! i see many people had pissed on cheerios for breakfast today. Wow, some people just need to relax just a bit.

    We all know Rick is NOT PAID to do this blog, nor is he the Rangers ‘beat reporter’ full time, he’s doing it to keep it alive. If it wasn’t for Rick, I’m sure LoHud would’ve closed it down a long time ago.

  142. but he turned the team around after the lockout


    I’m sorry, that was Lundqvist and Jagr.

    Sather didn’t exactly give Renney alot to work with…


    I’m sorry, Renney got nearly everything/everyone he wanted.

  143. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "It's Gaborik time !!!!… says Greg L. on

    ummm someone on here said Prospal being a bust? ….HAHAAAA yeah right!!!!

  144. Salty
    I hear you! Hopefully you wont have much to complain about and still visit more often!

    Staal Wart

    Which one am i on the picture in the link i posted? lol im the bold guy!

    im kidding…this is a band i love, called Infected Mushroom… they are from Israel but live in LA now
    if i could be anyone in that band i’d be the last guy on the photo… the one in brown pants and black t-shirt. His name is Erez Eisen… and he is a genius!

  145. Blueshirt in Paris on

    I know we are not big Voros fans here but be honest, he is giving a good effort; Plus his foot speed and balance seems to have improved…the fighting, not so much.

  146. NYR, i love that guys name. It just rolls off the tongue.
    lmao @ Fanta!

    Blueshirt, maybe if Voros only plays 4 minutes a game he won’t burn out after 10 games like last season. It’s always fun watchin him sacrifice his face though

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! 2 for 2 on the power play…armageddon is upon us!!!

  147. sorry, must’ve missed a power play. I hope they don’t score all their power play goals in the preseason!!!

  148. Nothing like a 2 goal lead to cheer up the cranky pants on the blog.

    I noticed that Vinny looked unusually orange the other night, but I thought it was my TV. He could be purple for all I care as long as he keeps putting them in on the PP.

  149. somerset…either fanta, sunkist or orange crush is prospals nickname



    Lisin and Grach better be in the line up on Oct.2nd or ill go Russian check coat on someone’s behind!

  151. could not disappoint you sally!!! i knew you’d be waiting for it!

    I’ve never heard the groin referred to as the groins. Joe Michelobetti ladies and gentlemen

  152. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Joe Micheletti…never thought it was possible to have someone MORE vanilla then Sam….boy I miss JD!

  153. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "It's Gaborik time !!!!… says Greg L. on

    We did samesies Beth. Same thought about Prospal being a bust at the same time! Great minds think alike , haha.

  154. Olga Folkyerself on

    Nice to see a Ranger in front of the net on the Power Play. That was never a Renney-Pearn PP feature.

  155. grachev to hartford and ani will stay up… grachev will develop his skills better there with actual minutres.. ani did his time there…

  156. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "It's Gaborik time !!!!… says Greg L. on

    No need for depends Linda , mes wearing plastic pants!!! Ty anyways!!

    Gaborik is talking to players , skating ,shooting and kinda makes Drury look bad. I agree about Gaborik being captain. Drury should do the classy thing and give Gabby the “c” after the game.

  157. Linda

    Really?? Oh good. I wonder if Rick has to scoop on it? I’d really like to know the terms of it if anyone has any other details.

  158. I bet my roommate a beer that Voros would get intentionally injured or kicked out of the game in time to catch Gossip Girl at 9. He better get on that…

  159. good to hear its nothing serious with Avery… AND THANK GOD he doesnt have to do any ruway shows… it’d be really embracing limping on the runway

  160. Stop it you loser, my husband Harvey is even bigger than me. Besides, I come from a very disfunctional family, my pa spanked me alot as a child…sniff…Then the nut would turn around and say….Now do me sonny.

  161. Mike, I don’t know. I’m kinda bored with it already and I have 400 million hours of homework everyday :/ Still, go Nosens!

    How was your mini-vacation?

  162. Now I know who it is., does Beer give you a clue, and he knows I’m Italian because we tried for years to finally get into a legitamate business, through the roof.

  163. I hope MSG won’t be running that Boar’s Head grandma commercial the whole season. My goodness, I can’t stomach it anymore.

  164. New Drury Name: “Captain Coffee talk”

    for how he loves chatting with his opposing centerman before faceoffs

    no talent assclown

  165. taht commercial is disturbing, especially the grandma with the big black frame glasses…just naaaaaaasty

  166. Linda: I’m sure he will be one of the first call ups… some say PA… but i dont really see much out of him other than that one goal… surprised acually he is still here… maybe they are giving him the extra look to see if they should keep him or they are wasting their time… on that topic i see hugh jessimen was sent back to the minors…

  167. Linda, stayaway from the Sicilians, it’s always Wham, Bam, thank you ma’am, trust me, girlfriend, been there.

  168. WOW I think boyle got his teeth knocked out because they interviewed him not too long ago and he his teeth were fine…

  169. ok I take back what I said earlier… complainers are better than the trolls… they only show up once and then leave. The trolls have no life and continue to post…

  170. yea i agree with that mike, I watched the Jets on that stream yesterday. beth, the trolls ARE the complainers, it’s all the same

  171. Got it! Thanks Linda! Sorry, I’m trying to read about formative and process evaluation and watch the game at the same time. This blows.

  172. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "It's Gaborik time !!!!… says Greg L. on

    Mike!!! I did a “where’s Mike!!??” comment when ya were gone. I kept your name alive man but I did remember you saying something about a vacation..oh well .

    Rangers have 5 players out

    Brashear is replaced with Voros
    Avery is in the line up and Parenteu is out.
    Dubi is in and Grachev to Hartford
    Staal is in and Sagunetti is out.
    Rozi is in over Semenov..sad

  173. sally, that sounds about as exciting as listening to the man talk about physics and programming! I have NO CLUE!! but i LOVE hockey!!

  174. I am so disappointed in Dubinsky! Why is he wearing his hair like that? Looks like his old man, and that is a very bad thing!

  175. detroit’s outplayed us since the beginning of the 2nd. had they started the 1st that way, they’d be winning.

    that being said, this has been the first full preseason game i’ve been able to catch and it’s been encouraging in my opinion. granted, i’m one of those leaning more towards optimistic than pessimistic fans when it comes to the team, but i’ve seen a lot of good things.

    gaborik hasn’t shown any signs that he’s still hurt, although i think he’s holding back cuz it is only the preseason and it’s only his first game. when he gets the puck, its exciting, and i haven’t felt that level of excitement from an individual player with possession of the puck since jagr. voros is trying so hard to make the team and i appreciate his level of effort. vally has been strong since filling in for henrik (as i type this maltby scores to make it 3-2).

    i dont know, its way too early to say anything. i’m just glad hockey is back. baseball is boring, football is over-rated. hockey dominates. so happy.

  176. Olga Folkyerself on

    You know, If Bill Clinton had used Semenov, we never would have heard of Monica Lewinsky and the splotch on her blue dress.

    I’m just saying…

  177. Guys I don’t think Grachev can go to Hartford…he’s in the same boat as MDZ…Rangers or Juniors…they have 7 or 9 games I think before they have to decide.

  178. NYRGuy

    Yeah that what I thought…. do you have the detail on why?

    CCCP he’s going to be a treat to see man… GABBY!

    Im going opening night… Who else is going?

  179. Chuck that is SO true. And he’s already missed the first 20 min! Now he’s gonna be all distracted thinking about Chuck and Blair…

  180. good game…good win…

    oh and another thing aboot Jagr… Salute to the fans after the win…didnt it all start with Jaromir too?

  181. Somebody please give me, in a nutshell, a description of the game. Who scored? Who looked good? Did they say anything about Avery? Sorry, I’m trying to get in some actual, you know, vacation.

  182. As unpopular a decision as it may be, I am going to say that Voros gets a spot on the team to start the year. His relationship with Gaborik definitely will have an impact on that decision being made. Anyone else feel that way?

  183. carp- gaby looked great, him and grachev made great plays to set up goals. lisin,cally,prospal and AA scored. it wouldve been 5-2 if voros goal wouldve counted and it shouldve. both goalies played great especially vally. uhh, redden played ok. girardi and cally were very physical as was the 4th line. parenteau was invisible along with captain invisible

  184. Rick

    First off Gabby is a wizard with the puck. Cally was classic Cally scoring an Euro-Style type goal that Grachev made happen.
    Gilroy is really something special to watch. He is on point with his decision making and so smooth with the puck. Semenov dumped a few players on their butts. Voros stood out too with his persistence in play. He played hard, made seldom mistakes…

    Torts said Avery’s injury wasnt serious.

    Yes it did… The Salute started right after the lock out…

  185. not just that but i think voros has been better than parenteau and byers. even though he didnt get but 1 or 2 games, byers wasnt that good. made 1 good pass for PAP’s lone goal of the preseason, but voros played great physically and didnt take any stupid penalties. he scored too. but they said the whistle blew.

  186. The reason that Grachev can go to the AHL is because the Rangers owned his rights before he was drafted by Brampton. This is somewhat common for Russian players. Many junior teams shy away from skilled Russians because they can go pro in the KHL and most likely won’t report to the junior team. It wasn’t until after the Ranger’s drafted him that the Battalion drafted him. Most North American players are drafted by junior teams out of high school or early college years, so they own the players rights until said player is 20 unless the player makes the NHL roster full time (like Bailey on the islanders last year).

  187. Ah…I like Anisimov..but if it comes down to keeping one in NHL and sending one to AHL I think Grachev has to stay…at least it’s a good problem to have…

  188. Gravey - Formerly known as Jor71 on

    Nasty, I felt the same way the minute they signed Gabby. You never know, it may be beneficial for the team.

    I just wish we could have traded atleast one of the R’s this off-season.

    I am looking forward to Gabby this season and I am sure he will shut all the critics up about his past injuries!

  189. Rick: in a nutshell, first period was awesome. rangers outplayed from opening faceoff; i think shots were like 18-4 or something silly like that. couple PP goals, prospal and lisin i think. voros was working his arse off trying to earn a spot which was great to see. the lone detroit goal against henrik was on a 2-on-1, other than that, henrik was henrik. didn’t really have to be crazy good for his half of the game. cally’s goal was made off of great board work from grachev, utilizing his size to box out the red wing with the puck against the boards, steal the puck and make a perfect pass to cally as he skated hard to the net making a great backhand-to-forehand move for the goal. first period = awesome.

    after that, rangers either sat back a bit, were tired, or detroit just decided to start playing hockey. they outplayed us from the 2nd period on, but vally looked real strong in net. it wasn’t a complete breakdown or anything, we just weren’t as aggressive as we were in the 1st and detroit definetly upped their level of play; we just didn’t match it. but got the win, which even though its preseason, its still satisfying.

    as far as individual players. gaborik showed no real signs of being injured still which was the most important aspect of the entire game. cally was cally. duby looked like a character from Mad Men. Semenov is good. voros isn’t that good but he sure as hell is giving it his all. lisin showed good finish on his PP goal. i liked what i saw from prospal. didn’t get a good enough look at kotalik, took a couple penalties, didn’t get a chance to really see his shot on the PP which is one of his strengths. gilroy was good, had this one sick move streaking in on the left side boards.

    overall, i had fun watching hockey. granted, outplayed after the first, but i love this sport and missed it terribly. i am so excited for this season. if gaborik stays healthy, i’m gonna have a serious mancrush on him.

  190. nyrguy- no way man. we need AA hes a center. and hes been better than grachev im sry to say. hes paid his dues in hartford. grachev could use a year in hartford. he’ll only be better when hes a year olderr and mature. id say keep him over kotalik or prospal, but it wont happen.

  191. Mike…I see your point…I think we need Kotalik, he can get 3rd line minutes even strength but play every PP…which is exactly something we need…Prospal I wouldn’t mind sticking around either cuz he knows Torts and can keep the locker room cool when he goes psycho eventually…

    Is Lisin on a 1 way or 2 way?

  192. Well if he’s on a 2 way deal then I wouldn’t mind seeing Grachev up and Lisin down…but I’m really torn because as good as Grachev can be it is probably best with him playing at Hartford getting 20 minutes a night. And with Avery and Gaborik’s injury history, I’m sure it wouldn’t be long before he is called up.

  193. what’s with Maloney? they beat the det red wings, and he’s whining about the young dmen. cripes. one mistake

    but when the bobbsey twins R&R, rest and relaxation, or redden and rosival make blunders, we don’t hear word one from maloney about dumping them

    especially since Maloney was given a chance as young kid to play with the Rangers, it is even more disappointing to hear him unwilling now to give the same chance he got to current young Ranger kids.

  194. carp- 1 big thing i noticed was we were still giving up too many neutral zone turnovers and made a few bad passes in our own zone. i know these kids are still learning, so its no bog deal now, but they gotta tighten up in the defensive zone. im sure they will. and also the aggressive style will call for more turnovers and such, so that was the only negative i saw tonight besides when they let up after the first period. of course detroit wasnt gonna sit back but i thought we looked a little tired at times and didnt keep up the pressure as they shouldve. but all in all, a great 1st period and solid goaltending got us a win. thats what matters. just like when renny was here, i dont care how we win, as long as we win. but this time its much more exciting!!

  195. They are going to be a good line with fried Calamari. They’ll regain their NJ Swap magic again… Well good luck to them then. LOL

  196. Grabachevorik – hahahahaha yea my nutshell got a little overzealous. i couldn’t help it though, i’m just really glad that hockey is back.

    oh, and i just realized, sometimes when i post it says my name is “Jeff” and sometimes it says “Jeff M.” they’re both me, i’m just gonna stick with “Jeff M.” from now on though. not that i post much, i just dont want anybody thinking i’m trying to be double-identity man or something.

    and as far as grachev goes. my head is telling me he should go to hartford for a year to develop a-la anisimov. but my heart is telling me i want him on the team now. i just dont know where he would fit logically, because it’ll be counterproductive for the guy to be placed on the 4th line all season (in my opinion). i kinda feel the same way about lisin.

  197. he was criticizing Gilroy and Del Z, saying they didn’t look as good tonight, and speculating as to whether Del Z should make the team

    cripes, they were playing a topnotch team that had Datsyuk in there. what does he expect.

    the Rangers sat on the lead, and thus spent a lot of time in their end in the last period. that was the fault of the forwards , who did not put enough forechecking pressure on like they did in the first.

    they had 3 rooks on D, and they beat the det red wings. they could not beat them in the past with all vets in there. so what is he beetching about?

  198. I was in the building….here are my quick thoughts.

    Cally… there a game in which he won’t play hard? he was awesome.

    Gilroy was the most impressive player on the ice for either team. I said player, not rookie.

    Anisimov is on the team. Obvs.

    I hate to say this but Grachev and Del Zotto will not make the team. If there were no Gilroy or Anisimov these guys would have a shot, but there is only so many rookies you can put on a team.

    Kotalik can skate and see the ice. I think he will be a good signing.

    I think the real question mark is Boyle. He can barely move out there and makes Voros look like Pavel Bure.

    Voros clearly worked in the off season and is working hard. He will be a solid 4th liner.

    Gabby looked ok and set up Lisin for a sweet goal, but was not a big story tonight.

    Semenov has a shot at making the team since he is HUGE and is decent.

    Higgins Drury and Prospal looked fine, nothing outstanding but looked like veterans during the preseason.

    Redden, while not showing much, is clearly committed to being a better player. He went back in the defensive show more than once and took big hits to retrieve the puck. Not a big deal, but not play he would have made last year. I think he might comeback as a strong veteran presence amongst a younger D core. Gilroy will take the offensive pressure off of him.

  199. the garden had a lil more buzz to it tonight that it had last tuesday….everyone was pumped up to see gaborik…he made the obvious great pass to lisin but also made those lil subtle passes that started a few good rushes….semenov looks good in my opinion……drury always look bad in my opinion…..kotalik and delzotto are already impressive on the PP-kotalik is respected around the league and his shot is a weapon and thus with him at the point he creating more space for his teammates……any update on avery?

  200. It looks like the 13 forwards to stay are going to be:
    Dubinksy, Drury, Anisimov, Boyle
    Avery, Higgins, Kotalik, Brashear
    Gaborik, Callahan, Prospal, Lisin, Voros

    I would imagine Lisin/Brashear/Boyle being swapped in and out on occasion and I wouldn’t even be surprised to see Gaborik given a night off here and there

  201. My thoughts after tonight: on

    Del Zotto should absolutely make the team. Give him his 9 games at least. He is talented and belongs.

    Anisimov and Gilroy have made it as far as I’m concerned, as has Lisin. Grachev should get some burn in the AHL and be the first man called up (it WILL happen, and he’ll be ready when it does).

    If we carry 7 D, sign Semenov. Otherwise, 5 and 6 should be Gilroy and Del Zotto (honestly R&R are 5 and 6 now).

    Sanguinetti can go to Hartford as well. He’s not as good as Gilroy and Del Zotto, yet.

  202. Del Z will make it. he is the best PP point man, quarterback, setup man, that they have

    he will get 10 games to show what he can do on the PP in the reg season. and they will then keep him if he can help them be successful on the PP.

  203. Sanguinetti is more polished defensively than both MDZ,and Gilroy. All 3 of them should make it, but only 2 will.

  204. I am seriously asking now…
    If I were Torts, Redden and Rozi wouldn’t have a snowballs chance in hell of making this team.

  205. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "It sure was Gaborik time !!!!… says Greg L. on

    Grachev can’t make the team because of Prospal,Lisen and even Voros are gonna make it. Grachev being a call up isn’t so bad. Let’s say Avery can’t go…? In comes Grachev!!!

  206. Hey Noah, last night it occurred to me that Jaromir brought us something else that ALL fans love: The stick salute. Let’s not forget that night when Malik won the game with that sick shoot-out move. That’s when we first saw the salute. It endures without JJ—and has been picked up by other teams—and I expect it will remain a Garden institution after wins. Thanks, Jags!

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