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(Ed. note: Colorado Mark wrote this before the Dubinsky signing).


And now for something different. While browsing my Entertainment Weekly magazine, I noticed a lot of new shows starting up. Here are some excerpts!

EXTREME MAKEOVER: RANGER EDITION: This show has been on forever.

SURVIVOR: NYC: 10 Rookies move into the veterans undersized apartment in Manhattan for training camp. Each day one is voted “off the island” as there is only room for three. Watch as Sean irritates his roommates by “rocking” his “straight Speedo” while cooking breakfast, ridiculing their lack of fashion-sense and bringing home Paris Hilton and an Olsen twin at three in the morning before Tortorella’s first day of camp.

THE AMAZING RACE: Enver Lisin challenges Rico Fata and Fred Sjostrom for the title of “Fastest Skater Who Can’t Score!”.

BIG BROTHER: A documentary on the Staal household, where Marc suffers through yet another summer Stanley Cup Party he can’t enjoy.

TWO AND A HALF MEN: A comedy starring linemates Vinny Prospal, Marian Gaborik and Sean Avery (Who lost half his man-card for interning at Vogue).

THE BIGGEST LOSER:– Starring Wade Redden. Check local listings for a blue-line near you.

AMERICA’S GOT TALENT: Ryan Callahan, Brandon Dubinsky, Matt Gilroy and the
Chrises (Drury, & Higgins) compete for a spot on the US Olympic team. Watch as
they hide Henrik Lundqvist’s cup the night before the big game.

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE?: Starring Donald Brashear.

TRAUMA: Hopefully NOT starring Marian Gaborik!

THE FORGOTTEN: A drama starring Nigel Dawes, Petr Prucha, Scott Gomez, Blair Betts & Paul Mara.

HELL’S KITCHEN: Head Chef John Tortorella searches for the right ingredients to make Ranger Soup. Watch as he stirs the pot, seasons with plenty of salty language, then throws it all in the pressure cooker!

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: The Trash Talk Techniques of Sean Avery.

HANK: ‘Nuff said!

BIG BANG THEORY: A comedy about the Rangers attempts to revive their impotent power-play, starring Marian Gaborik as the “Bang” for the Rangers Bucks!

FRINGE: Fourth Line hopefuls Brian Boyle, Donald Brashear and Aaron Voros search for the mysterious, elusive entity known as icetime.

LOST: Brandon Dubinsky and his agent find themselves on a mysterious island where they are stalked by a Cigar-Smoke Monster and can’t get to training camp.

PRIVATE PRACTICE: Also starring Brandon Dubinsky.

FLASH FORWARD: A fun fantasy about the future of the Rangers after Glen Sather retires.

BONES: No comment from CBS as to the rumor that the show has been renamed “Bone-Heads” featuring a bunch of wannabe bloggers bickering over line combinations.

Of course a lot of these shows won’t last very long, and there are sure to be mid-season replacements (Two Tom Renney Projects are in production, The Mentalist and Bored to Death, the latter featuring his Power Play ). Since this blog seems to have multiple sources, I am sure that there are some insiders who can let us know of other shows on tap!

Thanks to Carp and the blog for letting me attempt to induce chuckles!

–Colorado Mark

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  1. WOO HOO MARK!! very very clever! rockin the straight speedo!! didnt aves get part of the man card back for callin cuthbert what she really is? He should also be in CougarTown, since he did date Rachel Hunter. And wasnt the Cigar Smoking Man a character in the X Files? Good way to start off the guest blogging this week!

  2. (1)Avery, Dubinsky, Gabby; (2) Higgens, Drury, Callahan; (3) Lisin, Anisimov, Grachev, (4) Kotalik. Boyle, Prospal. R-N-R need to go. Keep the youngsters. The D played better tonite without them

  3. CO Mark

    Great job man, very very funny!!!

    Repost from last thread

    As far as semenov goes, he’s been good, the first interference penalty on him was bogus, it was a good hit (speaking of hits, man voros lit that guy up) the second might have been a penalty, but either way he has acquitted himself quite well. I do not think sangs will be on the roster he may be first call up. Potter is not anything special, i thought he would be the seventh guy, but at this point no go. I would find it very intersting if the seventh d man was a rotation between redden and rozy…whichever one was playing worse!!

    I think johnson should back up hank instead of valli, but just an opinion.

  4. best guest blogger so far funny stuff….not rangers related but did you hear the new seasons of cops and prison break are starring patrick kane

  5. I think Grachev makes this team. He is too young to be sent to the AHL (won’t be 20 by 12/31 and wasn’t junior’s eligible for 4 years), so it is either send him to juniors for a year, or let him play here. He looks good enough to play here, so it is either let him sit in Brampton for another year or keep him at the big team. We need goals = he makes the team.


  6. Carp,
    Outside of porn, fantasy sports are the hottest thing on the web. It will be difficult to keep guys from discussing it. I am in the league, but I will respect the outsiders that are not involved and refrain from posting fantasy stuff. I would suggest that the 15 other owners in that league offer a co-ownership to any Rangers Report blogger that is interested. I invited Laurel to be my co-owner so she could keep up with the fantasy gossip. That would allow 32 posters to get involved.

    Or, you could set this site up to have categorical topics. Sometimes we are talking about 3 different topics in a thread anyway. We post about how R&R suck, Dubi is stupid, Gabby’s groin, and TR-808 is at Avery’s bar simultaneously anyway. That would make the best Ranger blog even better right away.

  7. Thanks for the comments, guys. As a Ranger fan, I was psyched to hear of the Dubinsky signing. As a writer I was thinking “Couldn’t they wait one more day? And then Enver Lisin went and became Jarri Kurri. Sigh.

    Shawn- Grachev can go to Hartford because he was drafted from Russia before Juniors.

  8. Colorado Mark, Thanks that was great!!!
    And I actually like the way this team is starting to fall into place.
    Also can anyone else see R&R as anything more than 6th/7th D-men…honestly I feel more comfortable with any of the rookies.

  9. LOVE this post, Mark!

    What about The Biggest Loser: Featuring Rangers fans who keep losing weight. . . in their wallets!

    And Project Runway: Where Corey Potter learns that being a Rangers prospect means that one day you’re in and the next day, you’re OUT.

    And finally Intervention: John Tortorella tries to break the bad habits of good players who’ve lost their way. Featuring the tortured fans who love them and so desperately want them to change.

  10. Ok can anyone tell me what happend to staal? He dindnt play the third period yesterday and wasn’t On the bench. Also it seems we have more players then we need right now. Prospal, gabby, kotalik, higgins, avery?, drury?, dubinky?, calllahan? Are all top six forwards. Then you HAVE to put anisimov and lisin together on the 3rd line ( Artem has been showing of late maybe he could play the first line but I think it’s to early for that) so let’s just say grachev goes to hartford, you can put kotalik on that third line or callahan. Then what? Dubi on the first line with prospal? What happens to Avery? He gets dumped on the 4th line? What happens to voros? I thinks silly to try and make solid lines with torts. He his gunna be movin guys all around. I think they should adopt a a “spelling tehnique” giving a guy a rest per line shift. It would keep our speed up and get all our guys enough ice time. Has anyone else noticed vinny and redden with the A’s? Great guest blog! Survivor NYC was right on point Hahaha

  11. Line combos for opening night.
    Prospal, Dubi, and Gaborik.
    Higgins, Drury, Kotalik,
    Avery, Anisimov, Callahan.
    Brashere, Boyle, Lisin, or Voros.

  12. Grachev will probably go to Hartford, and be the first call up.
    I saw Staal leave the ice with the Team at the end of the second period, he did not appear hurt. When he played he did not look good, and did not really take a regular shift after the first period.

  13. Awesome post, thanks for the laughs!! You missed one: Curb Your Enthusiasm-starring all the bloggers me included and John Tortorella.

  14. Is that supposed to be funny? JUST KIDDING!! Good, smart and funny post. I liked the “straight Speedo” and Hell’s kitchen.
    Carp, the way it goes now, you may not need to do much in the future with this blog but show up and say good morning to Sally.

    Staal I was thinking the same: I doubt Slats will allow Torts to send the odd couple to Hartford, but I think Torts will have no problem using them as a third pair. Imagine, 11 million bucks for 8-10 min per game. Ouch.

    What I noticed is that whenever a D goes low in the opponents’ zone, somebody is already covering their point. Seemingly they know who and when. Which indicates that he wants that system to be learned early and used often. Good news. They haven’t practice much, but it’s already in place

  15. Morning carp and sally and everyone, I hope you all have a crease clearing hard hitting physical d man day. On that note, I guess I owe the rangers organization an apology. All along I have been fuming that the rangers have not went after UFA d man denis gauthier, the most intimidating hitter on the blueline, and apparently they have (according to larry brooks) and he has declined the tryout invite more than once…….that sucks!!!!

  16. Damn, that’s to bad. Ill always have a soft spot in my heart for most of the guys on that 05-06 team. Minus, the losers, of course.

    To bad, Dreary and Blowmez broke up the Czech Connection, they did a hell of a lot more than those two half assed thief’s will ever do.

  17. don’t see how lisin can get on the 3rd line but he has earned that spot i think and anisimov would be better having at least one offensive player with him. i like avery and cally, but neither has the skill or shot that lisin seems to have

    of course injuries are bound to happen (hopefully not to you know who) but once again we have a logjam of wingers. i think kotalik and prospal are interchangeable and no need to have both (especially not when kotalik is making 3M a year)

    also i think del zotto could really make this team if he has a good week or at the very least get the first 9 games to prove he belongs. how great would it be if one of rosizval/redden was the 7th d-man every night (this assumes semenov makes the squad)

  18. Rodent has the first positive spin on the team on his website in a long time, if anybody is interested. He also brings up the point that has been bugging me for a long time since the whole Kessel/Toronto thing surfaced. Why would he trade a potential game breaker to a divisional opponent? I’d think that a few more teams would be willing to give up 2 first and a second for him. Something doesn’t fit. Chiarelli may know more about Kessel than he is willing to say. It’s all theory, I know.
    My previous comparison of Anisimov to Lehtinen may prove to be premature. He may have much better offensive skills. On top of that, Lehtinen developed in Hitchcock’s system, Anisimov will grow in much more offense oriented system. So lets hope.

  19. CSI NY, as the team goes under the microscope by the boneheads to see if there is enough evidence to indict Sather for signing Rosival and Redden to criminally insane contracts

  20. This from Gross’ blog…

    More thoughts from Dubinsky
    Trying to keep an eye on this Rangers-Bruins game but here’s some more from my conversation with Brandon Dubinsky just prior to faceoff. Dubinsky spoke on his cellphone (hands-free, of course) as he was driving to the Rangers’ practice facility. One nugget: Dubinsky said he personally called GM Glen Sather in an effort to hasten the slow-paced talks.

    On whether he was nervous about the length of his holdout: “I don’t know if nerve-wracking is the right word. I don’t know if I was ever nervous. I was anxious, kind of down a bit. The only part that made me nervous was the thought that they might possibly trade me. I never wanted to get traded. I wanted to be here from the get-go and I made that clear.”

  21. I just got NHL 10 for 360 and played my first xbox live game. I got my ass absolutely handed to me by the Devils. I can’t believe how bad our updated roster is. And I also can’t believe how easy it is to score from a tip in in front of the net. Like if you pass from the boards to a guy in front of the net. Every year there is an easy way to score. One game in, and I can already see that.

  22. I gotta admit, im not crazy aboot NHL10, the game play is pretty cool, even though im having trouble scoring goals. It seems like th eonly goals i score are either deflection or rebounds, but my shot really sucks so far. But everything else is pissing me off, every time i save the settings, the next time i play the game, the settings are different.

    It looks like EA rushed this game, there’s a lot of annoying flaws so far. I still haven’t played online yet though.

  23. This blog has gone really downhill.

    I used to come here to get news about the New York Rangers.

    I can’t remember the last time I got a piece of breaking news from this site.

    Guest bloggers don’t add anything, either.

  24. A lot of people seem to enjoy it the way it is, hurr.

    we have guest bloggers when I’m on vacation, instead of shutting it down as other bloggers do with their blogs when they go on vacation.

  25. Yeah i gotta admit this site has really been sucking. Oh well, i guess just like all the others that complain do, instead of coming here, im gonna go look for the best amateur porn site on the internet. Oh boy, i sure cant wait, yipeeee !

    Seriously, why does everyone that comes here to complain are people that were never here before ? Must be the same loser.

    These losers are pathetic.

  26. oopps sorry…i meant to go to another site but ended up on this one…AGAIN!! what a crappy site this is! i find myself coming here every day… i just cant help it!! someone plz stop me!

  27. Hurr- told you. And you are lucky today is Sunday. I’ll tell you, next time you come in to complain during the weekday- bring an umbrella!

  28. here is some lineup musing from Zipay. I pretty much agree with him. of course, Carp, Rangers Report is the best blog. no musing on that


    So. How. Will. This. Shake. Out?

    Saturday September 19, 2009 10:40 PM By Steve Zipay

    Some lines/d-pairs to ponder:





    Where does Lisin fit? Grachev? Neither are real fourth liners in Torts’ system. Do they start the season in Hartford? One may have to, unless Voros ($1 mil per) is sent there and the 13th forward, say Lisin, alternates with Brashear/Voros Grachev might be better off competing in the A to start the season and be the first callup.

    Kinda like what I see in Staal/Gilroy

    Girardi-Del Zotto?


    The Double-Rs are playing like a third pair right now.

  29. I wonder if Dubi is still running laps as we speak. Something tells me he is. He’ll see the first puck at 8:30 pm.

  30. Actually what would be a better question is. How many point would you all day Dubi should put up to “earn his worth” and Im only talking about Dubi LOL We ALL know R^2 & Mr. EXCELLENT’s stories. ;)

  31. dlb

    I agree but, if said players arent playing to their “potential” then there wont be any 16 playoff games to try to win.

  32. dlb,
    Higgins has played with Drury in the preseason. I think he is to soft to play with Gaborik and Dubi. Prospal makes more sense there.

  33. EA Sports has been rushing the NHL games out for years now. They’re still great but they have Rissmiller starting for the Rangers. I remember in 07 they had both Sykora and Kondratiev on the Rangers. That was pathetic.

    And as cap numbers go, according to, if the Rangers keep Parenteau and Voros as the extras and start the season with Del Z in the top 6, they’ll only have $46K left which is not enough to sign Semenov who’s done a good job.

    Something has to give; either PA has to go back to Hartford because of a numbers game, Del Z has to go back to juniors, or one of Redden/Rozi/Voros have to be cut.

  34. Here’s a great idea – how about what gives is they send Roszival, Redden or both to the Pack and open up $11.5 million in cap space. Tell Junior we won’t sign anyone else unless the deadline comes around and we’re real close, so he isn’t laying out any more money than he would have been initially.

  35. the guest blogging has jumped the shark.

    Carp….u need to up your game cos’ you’re being left in the dust by Gross & Zipay.

  36. Kind of agree about the guest blogging, it has gotten old. There has been a lack of good hockey talk lately, as well. Still I enjoy checking it out everyday anyway.

  37. Doesn’t Grachev have to return to minors if he doesn’t make the team?

    From what I have seen, Grachev is ready to play at the NHL level and his development would be hurt if he did indeed return to Brampton.

    But I don’t see where he fits in the lineup. He has skills and should get 17 minutes of ice time per night. But can’t see how he makes the team.

  38. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Gaborik time soon!!!!… says Greg L. on

    Colorado Mark , I liked the ” SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE?: Starring Donald Brashear.” ..just wondering…was that aimed at Brashear not being able to fight anymore or was it to aimed at Brashear calling out players to fight?

    BigBrother part could have done without the “stab” at Marc ,the Lisen part was kinda un-called for. I know , I know , it’s all a joke at it was done rather well. I’m just wondering if your really a Avalanche fan who got the spot -light to show us Ranger fans what fools we are? Right before the regular season I like to get pumped!!! This was more insulting that refreshing. I love the outlay and the great idea Mark , good job.

    Guest blogging is a good idea , So what if we don’t like ’em all.

    ORR , you better not wait too long to play online …others are ahead of you and have bought new skates and gold paks to get faster and better. I also find it hard to score but do have 25 goals in 31 games played in OTP. My versus record is 4 -0 .

  39. Blaze- I didn’t even get my leather jacket wet!

    Blaze & Bulldog- Seriously, I’m not offended by your negative reaction to my posting. I do think that you guys might be misinformed about this blog. When Sam left, Carp volunteered to take over the blog. I don’t think Carp is officially the beat writer for the news, so saying he better step up his game is not fair. From what I gather, Carp had two options when he is told to take a “vacation” from the blog. He could shut it down, or allow others to help out and carry on discussions.

    I am not a journalist and I don’t live in New York. I doubt any “news” that I (or any guest blogger) could break would be second hand information at best. Zip and Andrew are paid to be at Rangers camp every day, so if you are looking for breaking news, there are other venues. I thought about several things I could do, but the humor thing is what I like to do, and I doubt you would have been impressed if I told you who I think the line combinations should be. But I volunteered to write and I’m fine with the criticism.

    Thanks to the rest of you for your kind comments. I had fun doing it.

  40. Grachev can co to Hartford because he was drafted by the Rangers before he was selected by the Brampton Battalion. I’d love to see Grachev stay up but let him work on the little things in his game and play 20 minutes a night rather than be a 3rd liner here. He needs to work on his reaction time when he immediately receives the puck, and he needs to shoot more. He’s only a call away and is ONLY 19.

    Imaging next year if the Rangers can keep most of this team, send Redden and Rozi to Hartford, and sign Kovalchuk for a short term contract…..

  41. Greg L.- I was actually making reference to Brashear’s jesting with NYR fans at the Fanfest. I was not thrilled with his signing but I’m behind the guy now that he is in Ranger Blue.

    I thought the Marc Staal thing wasn’t a shot at him, actually. I mean, it’s gotta suck (and be motivating) to have both your brothers win a cup on different teams. Plus he has a big brother and he is a big brother!

    I almost took out the Lisin joke after he scored on Friday, but I still thought it was funny. After Saturday I knew it was going to come back to bite me.

    As for getting pumped up before the season, I was trying to capture the overall mood of the blog during the off-season, which was decidedly more pessimistic than not. I did write this before the win on Saturday, so Dubi hadn’t signed, Gaborik hadn’t played and we hadn’t won a pre-season game. Not worth killing myself over, but I think the team (and Sather) were open to a little fun at their expense.

    If you are serious about my being a Ranger fan because I live in Colorado, then I’m sorry you thought that. I’ve used the same handle for 10 years, so if you want to look back at any of these blogs, RFC, BB or wherever, you’ll see me there.

    Let’s Go Rangers!

  42. Actually, no…don’t do it…cuz ill be the first one complaining aboot the blog being down! This place is like water and air!

  43. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Gaborik time soon!!!!… says Greg L. on

    Colorado Mark:
    Yeah ,I was Just wondering if all the Ranger gags were in “fun” and not making fun…do ya see what I mean? Your name is ok by me and I don’t care if ya live in siberia( no offence CCCP). I hate when guys like Local fan and other cram about Gaboriks injuries cuz it seems alot of other teams fans HATE us and would love no better than to see us fail. I’m against all that crap and when I see someone jabbing us , I wanna jab them. I do see your points and don’t take any offence ‘cuz I do think you did a good job.

  44. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Gaborik time soon!!!!… says Greg L. on

    OK , WHO CARES WHERE KASPAR IS….WHERE IS MIKE!!!??? in ia? Is he missing in action?

  45. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Gaborik time soon!!!!… says Greg L. on

    Yeah CCCP if yer Russian , German or Mexican mmm Tacos!!! I don’t care. A Ranger fan is a Ranger fan!!!!

  46. Blaze, Hurr and the other loosers…go chip in with the other 5 comments on other sites…
    this is our Ranger blog…

  47. Colorado…who gives a sh** what a very few think…
    your blog was freakin awesome…the team is off today, how much news is there?

  48. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Gaborik time soon!!!!… says Greg L. on

    Blaze and hurr fought all day yesterday on another was only them two ya see…they desided to go out in the world to see if they were the only two. They came here and will now probally go back to thier other thread full of comments only done by them. Talking about “us” and how they showed us…

  49. Colarado,
    I did critic your blog. I think the guys that have done it have done well.
    My comment was that the whole was getting old. Staal, It seems like anytime some one disagrees with what you think you resort to name calling. Back off, people are entitled to there opinion.

  50. Greg- I’m actually a New Yorker. I grew up in Long ISland during the Islanders Drive for Five years and lived through abuse from obnoxious Islander fans every day. I even had to wear Islanders colors when I played for Nassau County. I moved to Wisconsin after college and a year playing hockey in Nova Scotia and then moved to Denver in 1998. I don’t know what I did before Center Ice!

  51. Staal Wart

    i guess some people want to know what each individual Ranger player does on his day off!

    Carp, can we organize this? Can we actually get some news on what…let’s say, Redden does on his day off? I mean, I have a slight idea, but…

  52. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Gaborik time soon!!!!… says Greg L. on

    Mark , I don’t get it…if you grew up in long island how couldn’t you not be an Islander fan when they were so successfull back then? What drew ya to the Rangers?

  53. Bull Dog- I was pointing out that there really isn’t another option other than Carp shutting us down for two weeks. I did make the mistake of lumping you in with Blaze when I said you were open to critiquing my writing. I meant to address the whole Guest Blog thing together. No offense taken!

  54. oh god are you kidding? is iut the matt maccarone picture? lol

    ok so heres the news for today
    avery won his libel suit against howard berger
    rissmiller and arnason were waived
    gauthier declined on an invite to camp
    matt maccarone still has a ‘stache

    the end

  55. Greg- My Dad took me to Ranger games and I was hooked. I think I liked being different as well. I was 11 in 1979 when the Rangers made the great run to the finals. I also was at the playoff game when a rookie goalie named Roy stoned us in overtime. When I moved to Colorado, I started coaching in the organization Roys kids played in (Jonathan was a punk back then as well) I got to meet the guy and told him that I was there, shouting “Rooo-Ahhh! Rooo-Ahh” like we did to Pete Peeters the series before. He said that he didn’t realize the entire MSG crowd was taunting him with his name. I still find that hard to believe, but he was only an 18 year old kid, so maybe.

  56. Rissmiller has been waived more times than he touched the puck during the last year. Interesting way to make a mil considering our current economy.

    Gauthier and Avery together at the camp would provide a lot of entertainment, I’d think.

  57. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Gaborik time soon!!!!… says Greg L. on

    That is cool Mark , Your Dad is the real hero here. Yeah I was 11 years old in 1979 as well . I guess we are the same age. I never ever lived even close to New York so my story is a little bit different.

  58. The imposter is a poster on Yahoo Sports hockey site called, Puck Daddy, and he calls himself Fox there. Now you know. PS My vagina is killing me, wheres Linda.

  59. Colorado Mark – Thanks. That was great fun! The Rangers and television are both right up there in my list of stuff I like. (Bones is on FOX, though)

  60. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Gaborik time soon!!!!… says Greg L. on

    Bulldog is that you or a imposter talking about the imposter?

    CCCP , In my guest blogg i’ll tell my story ..yawn ~~~

  61. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Gaborik time soon!!!!...says Greg L. on

    Bulldog, meet me at Puck Daddy to discuss this further, as Fpx there is my Italian Stallion butt cheek corn haul boy with a wet jpckstrap after a shower I lickity split his hairy manclevage, like I eat Dubinsky ass.

  62. SpiderPig- Yeah, someone else mentioned that it was on Fox. I don’t know why I thought it was on CBS. I think I get it confused with another show. Apologies to any Bones fans out there. I might have to actually watch the show as penance!

  63. I was wondering if anyone else saw that Rissmiller had been placed on waivers. The only other place I saw it was on TSN’s Ice Chips.

    TR-808 – Do you have a link for the Avery vs. Berger news or is the blog shutting you down trying to post links. You have to do one in each post I find instead of doing multiple links in one post.

    I do kind of wonder what Gross and Zipay (or their bosses) think when they see all kinds of traffic and comments over here and not on the regular beat writers’ sites. Newsday had it pretty good until they changed their websites format and screwed up the comments section. The Post doesn’t even have a real blog, but Brooks has good access and articles. It’s too bad Carp has to be forced onto vacation during the last week of preseason and not during a western road trip; perhaps that’s coming up during the season! Oh noes!

  64. Did everyone forget that there is another fantasy hockey league with people from this blog. We just aren’t talking because we haven’t had our draft yet; it’s next Sunday night! Talking fantasy is cool, but I wouldn’t go with league-specific adds or trades.

  65. spider
    i found this clip on a brooks blog just now
    The Rangers’ Sean Avery won a settlement in his libel case against Toronto radio reporter Howard Berger following mediation earlier this month, Slap Shots has learned. The suit was brought in the aftermath of the pregame incident in Toronto on Nov. 10, 2007, after which Berger alleged that Avery had made comments to Jason Blake relating to the Leaf winger’s previously diagnosed cancer. Terms of the settlement are confidential. Avery has at least one more pending suit relating to the incident.

  66. I wasn’t referring to how many hits the blog gets. Nor was I commenting on this particular guest blogger’s post. I was referring to the lack of content with up to date, insider info on a blog called “Rangers Report”. I truly hope you start to spend some more time inside the locker room interviewing players so you can satisfy our thirst for Ranger related blogs. I do happen to enjoy visiting here every single day. Just not digging the guest blogging.

    Sorry if I offended you.

  67. Great post! LOL funny. Survivor (bringing home Paris Hilton and an Olsen twin at three in the morning before Tortorella’s first day of camp), 2 1/2 Men and Dance? are great. Thanks.

  68. Funny! just kidding..the season hasn’t even begun yet… This would have been funny if you waited until the season was a disaster to make all that shit up.

  69. I had been suggested this site through this relation. I am not saying beneficial when it distribute is actually written via him seeing that who else understand these kinds of one of a kind about the difficulty. You might be superb! Thanks!

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