Reviewing the Red Wings game


Some thoughts 0n last night’s game, with a quick turnaround to this afternoon’s game in Boston (4 p.m., MSG).

1) Anisimov, Grachev, Lisin. Skills and skating. Good combo in a Tortorella system. Just give them sweaters. Loved Gilroy the other night. I also think that Higgins is going to be a really good player this year. And I liked the Kotalik signing (maybe in the minority there). So there’s some hope.

2) That Voros-Boyle-Brashear line was pretty effective … except Brashear has to learn when to get the hell off the ice, especially down a goal in the waning seconds. Voros, as long as he doesn’t play too many minutes or have to fight much, can be an effective player. I hated the Brashear signing, but he is better than Orr. And Boyle? Well, he’s big. Jury’s still out on him. But these guys won’t be doing PK duty or anything, like last year’s fourth-liners.

3) Abdelkader. I just wanted to say that again. Haven’t said it since June.

4) Do you guys like the fact that Mike Keenan is going to be a studio analyst 10 or 12 times this year? Should be fun if he fires from the hip. If not, he won’t be good at all.

5) It’s going to be a long, long year if MSG Network keeps beating us over the head with those Geico commercials (not to mention the virtual ads).

6) Redden and Rozsival. Well, the best play Redden made was to give Anisimov the puck. Otherwise, they stunk.

7) You Boneheads rock, turning out these kind of numbers for preseason games.

Here’s the official game summary.

Check out the Rangers’ site for pregame notes today


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  1. Good summary. I hate the new MSG scoreboard as well and the music is so football esque it makes me sick.

    Redden and Rozsival should be let go. Let’s rebuild!

  2. whoever said that Redden will have a better year should be shot in the head…right here…right now…

    even if this is still a pre-season…what you see is what you get.

    he has to be nearly perfect this year to get the monkey off his back…he knows it… we know it… and it just ain’t gonna happen.

  3. Nice job Carp…I really think that Anisimov Grachev Lisin line could be really good…put Prospal with Gaborik and Avery and then Drury with Callahan and Kotalik and who needs Dubinsky??

  4. Does anybody else think that MSG is telling Sam and Joe what to say? I’ve heard a lot of talk about Redden and Rozsival looking much better, and how Dubinsky is dumb for not being in camp. I haven’t been overly impressed with Redden and Rozi, and I feel like MSG is trying to turn the founds against Doobs.


    I’m almost giddy at the anticipation of being 1 of 18,200 to boo Redden out of the building on Oct. 3rd during pre-game intros

    seriously this is what I’ve been saying all summer…Redden’s game was in MAJOR decline during his last 2 years in Ottawa, and after he got here his game got even WORSE…a year of experience in New York can’t save him…Torts can’t save him…nothing will work…he’s completely FINISHED

    Rozsival is just as brutal to watch, and his contract is horrible, but at 3 years/$15 mill left, it’s not the Cap Killer that Redden’s is

    WAIVE REDDEN…we NEED that extra $6.5 million of cap space per year…and as Redden heads towards another disgraceful season with us, there’s NO WAY he can possibly still be on this roster for another 4 years after this one…he has to be waived before Opening Night 2010

  6. Rick you forgot the damn Emblem Health commercial that comes on 20 times a game.

    My Fantasy:
    Brasher-Amnisimov- ????

    Gilroy-Del Zotto

  7. Blueshirt in Paris on

    They both are bad…and cost a lot of money….but the worst thing right now is that we are going to have 2 very promising kids back there this year and I really don’t think we want RnR as leaders/examples for these kids. I know Shony is a great defense coach but still something has to be said about the amount of time they will be playing/practicing with those two. And let not leave Staal out of the kid conversation. Its a compliment that we constantly do but he is still a kid and has a lot to learn. A we need someone to teach them.

    Unfortunately I don’t think there are much choices still left in FA. Now add that to the fact that Kessell is now gone and Torts has gone on the record stating they need a veteran defenseman , I dare say a trade is in the works? But who. I still dont think Dubi is trade bait…right now. I think you will see him get to the team, but will miss training camp. Will be a step behind most all season. Fall out of favor with Torts and not get top-line minutes. And depending on how we look come the trade deadline, maybe used to put us over the hump.

    Give the nothing short of steller performance by Gilroy and a very good showing of DZ that leaves sangs odd man out. i dont think any of our other D prospects would be much trade value…but Sangs might have to get us that veteran defenseman . Yes we give up youth but for the sake of youth x 2. And lets be honest, If Gilroy and DZ earn a permanent roster spot for the next few years, is there really going to be room for him? Cuz don’t forget RnR might also be around for a while…even more of a reason to get a real defenseman in here.

  8. Blueshirt in Paris on

    And if this is the most scariest quote of the day, I would like to see what is…

    Said by Rosival for the Staple article at Newsday ‘”Sometimes it just happens that way when you’re older, playing with younger guys,” Rozsival said. “Reds is a guy with a lot of experience. You can put him down right now as the leader of the Rangers’ defense. Me, I just have to lead by example.’

  9. Carp,
    Boyle will be killing penalties. You can tell that by the way Torts has been using him,
    You left out Bobby(THE BUST) Sanguenetti), he with out question was the best Ranger Dmen in the game.

  10. Tell you what,

    In all fairness; Redden and Roszival stunk last night, but so did Potter, and I was not at all impressed with Sangs…

    In my opinion, Sangs and Potter are trade commodoties, so is R&R… As I said all of last year; this defense should be built around Marc Staal.

  11. There was definitely a vibe last night of a team in transition. Most of the new and young guys are sold out to Tort’s system. There is too much Renney influence still hanging around and you can feel it most in the Redden/Rosi pair. Ship out R&R to Edmonton so they can reunite with the “R”. It’s like the B.O. in Jerry’s car. You can’t clean it up, you just need to get rid of it.

  12. I don’t know how you can say Redden & Rozi stink. It looks like they all stink with a few exceptions. PRE-SEASON!!! November 1st we will see who is really good and who is really bad.

    Redden actually improved when Torts was hired. Of course he will NEVER live up to his contract, and therefore will be booed until he retires. Rozi is maddeningly inconsistent. He has been that way from Day 1. If the season falls apart, he will be traded at the deadline.

    As a fan, I will give these guys til Nov. 1. Then heads are gonna roll. But I am excited by the young guys. I usually poo-poo them because the kids have SUCKED for the last 15 years. I believe the NYR are gonna be fun to watch.

  13. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Yeah it is pre-season but what would have impressed me and obviously the coach too, would be if those two came in to pre-season and worked their butts off. I will grant them rust and so flubbed passes but the work effort is still not there. Redden will always avoid being hit instead of taking the hit to make the play.

    I just don’t see two guys playing as if they are fighting for a roster spot…they should be. Cuz they should be fighting for a spot.

    Im thinking Roz and Sangs for someone. Now you lower the value of what you are getting back since the inclusion of Roz is for the purpose of taking cap and any other GM knows that. We can hope for a 3-4, but most likely a 5,6 coming back.

  14. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Gaborik time soon!!!!… says Greg L. on

    When ya watch guys like Gilroy and MDZ skate around and have guys like Staal and Girardi…could be time to release 15 million in cash and ditch R N R.

  15. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Gaborik time soon!!!!… says Greg L. on

    Hate to say it BUT we do need a hard hitting crease clearing defenseman!!!!

  16. “Hate to say it BUT we do need a hard hitting crease clearing defenseman!!!!”

    Who’s available?

  17. I’m going to agree with most everyone on here. R N R should be gone. They were pretty bad last night. Plus to have them out there together was a disaster. Gilroy has more talent on one skate from what I’ve seen so far. None of the D was impressive last night. Maybe Heikinen just because he actually hits the net when he shoots.

    Chris posted possible lines above and I see problems when Dubinsky is thrown into the mix. So far based on what I’ve seen in the preseason Lisin and Anisimov should definitely have spots on the team. Grachev isn’t far behind either and is probably on the bubble.

    If Dubinsky comes back then I would think Prospal has to move to wing because we would have at center Dubinsky, Drury, Anisimov, and probably Boyle. Then moving Prospal to wing creates more of a jam on the wing. Tough call at this point on who stays and who goes. I’m sure some of us are going to be disappointed with decisions that have to be made.

  18. Good analysis.

    I know I am repeating what many others have already said, but Rozival and Redden blow chunks! I’d rather see young guys play. I hope they heep Gilroy and Del Zotto up. Maybe they can teach Redden and Rozival a thing or three.

    I had gone to a panel discussion at MSG regarding the MSG Network and what we thought could be changed to make it better in July with about 15 other people. They recorded the discussion and we ripped them a new one. They asked us to fill out a survey and we discussed our answers. Questions revolved around current broadcasters – who should stay, who should get the boot and any suggestions of who should be brought in, what should be chnaged regarding their line-up of shows, what should be their slogan etc. I assume this is one of the reasons they brought in Mike Keenan. Although no one had mentioned him in the discussion, the basic sentiment that everyone agreed with is we need more honest announcers. They need to be able to speak their mind and rip into the team when they are playing like crap. They need to tone down Al Trautwigs presence because he is on every damn show and they need to update their studio. I see they have updated the graphics for the games and have added Kennan, so maybe we will see some other changes down the pipeline!

    WTF is Dubinsky thinking at this point? I love how everyone from Tortorella to Joe Micheletti are ripping into both him and his agent. Torts basically told him last night that he is not being guided correctly and that he needs to develop just like everyone else. I hope Dubi gets the message. Obviously, no other team is clawing for him especially when he pulls a stint like this. He needs to pay another year. If Gabby stays healthy, that will only help Dubi’s #s and give him more leverage next summer.

    Gilroy looks REALLY good, IMO. Yes, I agree, he looks that someone else we know, but I don;t want to put that much pressure on him this early in his career. If they keep him and he sticks with this team, he should stay with Staal. How good could those two be???????

    I love how big Grachev is. I had heard a lot about him, but have never seen him play prior to this training camp. What a contrast to Dawes and Prucha. I love those guys, but they were just too small for our team. I am glad Torts and Sather decided to bring in some size, because we will need it when we play Philly and Toronto. We may not score, but at least we can protect LOL.

    Have we scored a PP goal yet this year? LOL Del Zotto and Kotalik look really good on the points, but we are going to give up a lot of short-handed chances this year IMO. Hopefully, Henrik is up to the task.


  19. Calgary is over the cap and have a great looking d-corps. Why the heck would they trade a guy like Regehr for one of our rejects? Oh and he makes $4 mil.

  20. Blueshirt in Paris on

    So it a swap of dmen, plus they get Sangs as a prospect. they are solid in D and could probably hide Roz much easier then we can.

  21. Anisimov did really well. If the AHL goaltender is better then Rangers easily win this game. But Anisimov is still two years behind Dubinsky. How can the Rangers think Dubinsky is not worth 1.1 million for one year? Paul Crowder makes 975,000. Why are they refusing to sign Dubinsky? Kessel and Heatley have been traded already.

  22. CCCP, please don’t shoot me. I think Redden will be better. Then again, he couldn’t be worse.

    cw, I didn’t say R&R stink. I said they stunk last night. And they did.

    Chuck, I don’t think I’d want the Yankees beat. Severe change in quality of life.

    Good morning, Sally!

  23. Carp too bad there is not enough open positions at forward to give the Anisimov line sweaters. Otherwise I agree. Also I am tired of seeing the replay of Gaborik scoring 5 goals against us. We get it he can score. We all want to see him on the ice.

  24. Good Morning boneheads, and great post section 309.

    to add my 2 cents to a post from the previous blog, yes Jeff, last night after the game, I just thought, what the heck would Cherepanov have looked like in this camp. Very sad.

  25. Okay, so everyone agrees that RnR should be much better than they’ve shown. But what can we do? Neither one can be traded straight up, so we’ve got to package them with at least one prospect. Who? Would someone explain the upside and downside of waiving them? Redden might be worth keeping IF he’s a decent teacher, but w/ Shonny here maybe that’s not a good enough reason to keep him either. Huge money tied up in these two that makes us weak on the ice and in the trade market. Let’s cut our long term loses and move em’!

  26. Saw the Rangers in 60. R & R need no further comment. Bobby Sangs looked decent. I loved the idea of the Giant line (Boyle, Voros, Brash). I think Brash will win us over, and he DEFINITELY is a better player than Orr. As bad as Zaba was in the 3rd, he didn’t get much help in front, especially from one of the famous R’s. Is it safe to say that Anisimov and Gilroy have made the team? I’d love to see more kids make it.

    Dubinsky—SIGN ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!

  27. I think having Keenan in the studio is an awful, awful idea. What? Is he the Special Assistant to the President? More living in the past here. He’s probably already working on getting a new deal to go to CBC Hockey Night in Canada and then say MSG breached his contract…

  28. Where's Pavelich? on

    I want Dubs in camp, as well, but NYRangersfan is right, PAUL CROWDER makes $975k, I know Dubs has no leverage, except the fact that he, the team, the coach and THE FANS all want him here…Why play hardball with him? 2 years; $2mil done, you have a good young player without strain on the cap…

    btw, the forward lines last nite were: i) All-former USSR; ii) All-American; iii) All Canadian; and iv) all > 6’3″

    if Drury is leading by example, its gonna be a long season.

  29. potter has played well and i think del zotto needs another year in juniors. i would go with potter and gilroy for 5th and 6th dmen. we need a veteran dmean maybe one becomes available before the season.


    1. REDDEN
    3. ROZY

  30. You all make excellent points!!! This is the 3rd season of Redden’s contract – there HAS to be some sort of wiggle room out of it. OR is Sather NOT moving on it because of his pride & ego????

    I think DeePee’s contract is worse than Rozis

  31. Gotta agree with Mako on ole glass hips contract!

    In honor of today being Talk Like A Pirate Day, maybe we can make R^2 walk the plank this afternoon.

  32. The good news- our fourth line is set. I think Boyle will actually get some PK time.
    The bad news-that’s about it. The Russian line looked fast but needs to gel. Anisimov will be a great player for this team as long as nobody expects him to become a Lecavalier type of center. I think he is more suited for an excellent checking center with some scoring touch. Lehtinen type of player. Grachev needs more milage to learn the system, he’ll go to Hartford, esp if Dubi signs.
    Somehow Beruzzi didn’t look that big anymore, esp next to Semenov- he is #7 d.
    R&R are ready for AHL. Just too bad nobody has the guts to send them there.
    The most worrisome to me was how this team crumbled under sustained pressure. With Torts system, it doesn’t look promising. Yeah, and the only thing Zaba can catch is a swine flu virus.
    Wasn’t all his fault, but c’mmon, bring your butt closer to that post!

  33. Where's Pavelich? on

    zaba showed a nice glove – that’s it though. he is AHL bound (backup), I really liked Ocho Cinco in net.. he is so quiet back there…

    Last night, was the first really impressive showing by AA – I like the comparison to Lehtinen … AA is longer AND and MAY have a touch more offense in his game (that goal was nice) – if he ends up as lehtinen, that’s great!… I can live with Grachev on the team. JEEZ, he is 19 yrs old and that big? He has 2-3 years to fill out..

    With that, no gaborik = no offense and a very long season.

  34. dont know if anyone posted the lineup for the game today yet. here it is.

    12 Ales Kotalik RW
    16 Sean Avery LW
    20 Vinny Prospal C
    22 Brian Boyle C
    34 Aaron Voros LW
    36 Dane Byers LW
    38 P.A. Parenteau RW
    42 Artem Anisimov C
    50 Jordan Owens RW
    73 Corey Locke C
    81 Enver Lisin RW
    87 Donald Brashear LW

    5 Dan Girardi D
    18 Marc Staal D
    25 Alexei Semenov D
    43 Michael Del Zotto D
    54 Bobby Sanguinetti D
    97 Matt Gilroy D

    40 Steve Valiquette G
    96 Chad Johnson G

  35. Where's Pavelich? on

    If kessel HAD to go b/c of cap and, maybe. bad attitude (plus some injuries/aolments).. Boston got a decent package of picks

  36. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Come on guys…We need Dubinsky.
    And Boston is not stupid for trading Kessel for number #1 draft picks. They are already over the cap, and could not afford him. We could be facing same deal with Dubie, except we need him more than the Bruins needed Kessel. But if we can get a #1 pick for him, do it!

    I know it is “only” preseason, but it is true. All the kids look better on D than the veterans. In order, Gilroy, Del Zotto, Heikenin, Sanguinetti…those 4 all look better than Redden and Rozival. Jeeez, if some other teams would covet either one, we could trade them and give Dubie the money he has earned one year earlier than we have to.

    Even the kid Chad “seis-nueve” Johnson looked good as a back up goalie.

  37. Where's Pavelich? on

    avery and brash playing a lot for veterans.. the fact that brash is in there so much, to me, emphsizes the lack of toughness on the team (i.e in case, anything breaksout)

  38. Would the d-men listed for this afternoon’s game be our line-up without ‘The Regretables’ in the lineup?

  39. Redden’s contract has nothing to do with Sather anymore. Reddens’s present contract is the last one he’ll ever have. It is clear that his pattern of decline has done nothing but continue.

    He is not going to fit this system and he is way too expensive to move.

    Redden ought to do the right thing (soon) (now) by retiring.

  40. TR
    Are you serious? Torts is sitting out R&R??? WOW..

    Are you serious? I guess Torts is “Mr. Accountability”.

    How long have we been begging for this?

  41. im not 100% on this being the lineup. dont hold me to it but yeah if this IS true it looks like they are sitting both of em.

    if there are any changes i hope heikkinen plays over semenov.

    the D needs to play an EXCELLENT game and take advantage of this situation.

  42. Jay, I’ve been dreaming about the day that last line you typed comes true, since the day he signed the contract!

    How is it that sather was stupid enough to give a guy in decline (that started what, 2 years before he signed with us) that humongous contract??? Did someone spike his freakin cigars??? And with all the young guys they’ve drafted, you go and give this decaying fossil 6 years and 39 million bucks???? Oi vey

  43. I also don’t like that concerted push against Dubi. Does everyone on MSG and around have to say on the air how stupid he and his agent are? I realize it’s a part of a negotiation process, but he must feel embarrassed by now.Is thar what you want a young player, considered an important part of your team to feel? I believe certain things need to be kept private. Opinion?

    Next time they show the Little League gavno, I’ll have to enter the anger management program in my neighborhood.


    SEPTEMBER 19, 2009


    40 Steve Valiquette G
    96 Chad Johnson G
    5 Dan Girardi D
    12 Ales Kotalik RW
    16 Sean Avery LW
    18 Marc Staal D
    20 Vinny Prospal C
    22 Brian Boyle C
    25 Alexei Semenov D
    34 Aaron Voros LW
    36 Dane Byers LW
    38 P.A. Parenteau RW
    42 Artem Anisimov C
    43 Michael Del Zotto D
    50 Jordan Owens RW
    54 Bobby Sanguinetti D
    73 Corey Locke C
    81 Enver Lisin RW
    87 Donald Brashear LW
    97 Matt Gilroy D

  45. TR, for someone who wasnt 100% sure on the lineup, you were pretty dead on!

    I’m with you Mako, but I bet Grachev will be in there the next game. And for The 3 GIGANTIC CONTRACTS to not be playing is a pretty nice thing to look forward to on a Saturday afternoon, while also watching the Gators and Vols mingle.

  46. linda
    i got the info in an email and there was no link.

    ive noticed that people (especially now that the season has begun) feel cozy and safe behind a keyboard and like to bark things at other visitors on here. ESPECIALLY when there is no link.

    i try to word things properly to avoid conflict.

  47. Linda…

    Yes, I wasnt going to let Captain Excellent ruin my PERFECT NYC afternoon. On that note. I have to run and do some errands and then settle in for the game.
    Im on pins and needles to see Gabby play…

    I may go see Megan’s Body errr Jennifer Body tonight with some friends after the game LOL
    I’ll let you know how it is if we go ;)

  48. I enjoy the info you give us here TR. I’ve noticed some posters get a bit antsy without concrete proof, and that’s ok too. Some people are a little more laid back than others I suppose. Keep up what ya do TR, it’s appreciated.

  49. Its an errand filled pregame for me too Mako! Then Rangers on the computer and , alas, college football on TV because everyone down here will be talking about the Gators/Vols game because of the TN coach! Should be fun!


  50. FWIW, here are my thoughts:

    There were no real offensive defensemen among the youngsters playing last night. Defensively, I think they ranked as follows: Heikinen, Potter, Semenov, Sanguinetti.
    I think DZ needs another year. Gilroy is a lock and, if I had my druthers, Heikinen or Semenov, or both. I wouldn’t pair Gilroy and Staal. It might stifle Staal’s offensive potential.

    I liked the BVB line. Used judiciously, they could be a huge factor in a close game.

    I liked the Russkie line — big, quick and bright. Grachev could probably use another year, but Anisimov should stay, probably as 3, and Lisin should stay with him, with maybe Avery?

    This could be a fun season, for sure…

  51. linda

    thank you

    speaking of info can anyone find this hit belanger laid on chimera?
    chimera didnt travel back w/ the team hes still in the hospital apparently.

  52. while everyone else down here will either be wearing their auburn blue and orange, alabama crimson and white, or tennessee orange and white, I’ll be sporting my Avery Rules t shirt and laugh as they all stare at me! Fun to be a New Yorker in the South!

  53. Aren’t there more cuts coming after this afternoon’s game? That could be the (unfortunate) reason ‘The Regretables’ aren’t playing (i.e. they’re a lock), and Torts just wants to look at the bubble players. If that’s the case, maybe Grachev has been given more time to make the team.

    On a personal note, I’m glad to see Gaborik isn’t playing today. I’m going to Monday’s game and expect to see our super-sniper make his Garden debut! I’m psyched!

  54. Yeah, I wouldn’t read into this as a benching of those guys. It’s pre-season and several players were scheduled to play even before last nights game.

  55. as much as i want grachev on the team i am not sure how it works, even if dubinsky comes back

    w/out dubinsky our lines would be this (more for numbers purposes not saying these should/will be our actual lines/positions):

    Avery-Anisimov-Lisin or Grachev
    Brashear-Boyle-Voros (ugh I’d much rather have Byers here)

    if dubi doesn’t come back only way Grachev is on the top 3 is if Lisin or Avery plays on the 4th, which I don’t think I see happening. And if dubi comes back it doesn’t look like there will be a spot on the top 3 lines for Lisin or Grachev.

    I would much rather have Grachev playing with us (and ideally on one of the top 2 lines), but in terms of his development it may be best to have him start in hartford and play 20 mins a nite on the top line and then call him up if there is an injury or he is dominating

  56. Reeshay (or Riche') on

    You know what… I’m sick of this BS with Redden/Rozi. Regrettables is a great name for those two screw ups!

    Quite honestly, I know it’s only pre-season but it’s time to cut bait on at least Redden. Send his sorry ass to Hartford and leave him there to rot.

  57. Redden reminds me of corbin bernsen’s character in major league…roger dorn. a quote from his character in the movie…

    “Plus me and my agent got a couple of plans for life after baseball. So I am not about to risk major injury or displace this property for a collection of stiffs!”

  58. CO Mark,

    Posting from my phone. I know – but its a step in the right direction with these two. No matter how WE ALL feel about them, they are getting paid VERY good money and are SUPPOSED to be VETS leading by design and example (scary thing eh) they ARE supposed to perform. Im sure Torts KNOWS what we know they cant play worth of damn probably even more because he’s behind closed doors with them. Redden is washed up. Sure he had 3 maybe 4 good games last season and Im sure we all thought that his first two games of the season we were gonna love him but NO. Torts is handcuffed with them.

  59. Miss rose and deadden suck and the sooner they are gone the better.I kept having a fantasy that they would crash into each other and they’d both be gone. I’d like to see Byers on the fourth line,I feel he is better than voros. As far as Keanen He sucks and after what he did to the Rangers I’m surprised he’s back in any capacity.

  60. Observations

    Now that Kessel is off the board, I think Sather gets serious with Dubi

    Grachev is going to be good, but got knocked off his skates way to often last night, needs to get stronger in that area

    Watch out for Lisin, he has a nasty shot and fires it from anywhere

  61. I think Torts will hold them accountable. But I’m sure they’ll get every single chance to prove themselves and will be here at the start of the season. Torts may not be crazy about it, but our famous GM will push it. But, if at some point of the season things don’t go well, we might see a multimillioner playing in Hartford.

  62. I don’t think Sather needs to “get serious” with Dubi…I think it’s the other way around. Dubi has no leverage…play the season and get a big contract after the year. Carp’s example of Mo and Jeter was perfect….his agent is killing him. If Renney was the coach still, that’s one thing, but the guy has a new coach with an offensive system who loves him.

  63. And where does Dubi fit in if he comes back with one or two games left? Torts said everyone’s job is up for grabs…and he has not even been here.

  64. who else does dubi’s agent represent? has he given them such bad advice? The serious miscalculation of Dubi’s monetary worth by his agent should be enough for the guy to be fired. ya gotta know you had no leverage this season, and all he had to do was show up in camp, have an awesome season, and he’d have hit the Ranger Cash Lottery when it was his turn!

  65. Busy as crap so I haven’t scanned the posts sorry…
    Carp I agree with everything you said…
    I don’t see how the double R’s beat out the youngsters…they are terrible. I think R&R should be our 6th and 7th D-men

  66. zipay is saying 1.7 million this year and about 2 million next year…..why did Sather play hardball for so long and just caved in.


  68. AGrossRecordDubinsky’s contract calls for $1.7 million this season and $2.0 the next. The Rangers finally moved up to meet his demands.
    2 minutes ago from web

  69. I’m gonna go give Princess Dubinsky some temptations and some hugs! GO DUBI!!!! WOOO!!!!

    I don’t know how I’m gonna get this paper done now… oh man…

  70. well sally, he STILL did miss a week of camp. sure he got his money, but i’m sure there are gonna be some people with a soured opinion of him for a lil while.

  71. torts already said something like “there is a process everyone has to go thru”
    i wouldnt be shocked if he made him run the 3 mi, do the 2 bag skates, etc.

  72. ilb, you are SO right. This deserves immediate celebration! The Rangers, a lucky can of blue, and my integrative reflection paper… here I come!

  73. TR…………maybe two or three times! hope he doesnt “GO REDDEN” on us, now that he got his green!! ;-)

  74. DUBI DUBI DUBI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


  75. Pux….THAT is totally outrageous! maybe after putting a few 40 goal seasons up in a row!! ;-) Who does he think he is…Wade Redden??

  76. are you kiddin’ me?!?!??!
    NHLN posts on guide that the Rangers game will be broadcast
    and once again it’s the pens/canes.

    anyone know what’s going on and how to find the game online?

  77. Sather does it again. After all this talk about the only time the team has the adavantage…not budging on is 700K offer….he goes up to 1.85 Million??? Wow. Just wow. The kid has 13 goals last year!

  78. I really don’t think this is gonna make him lazy. He seems to honestly love playing. And now that he doesn’t have to worry about not being able to afford his happy meals, he’s gonna rock out so hard this season. Seriously, you guys.

  79. Looking for online as well. NHL Network in CANADA is covering the Ranger pre-season games for some ridiculous reason. Not on in the U.S.

  80. you KNOW i’m just messin with ya Sally, right?!?!

    happy meals, kleenex and hand sanitizer for the newest young Ranger millionaire!!! WELCOME BACK now score 40 goals this season!!

  81. just called cable again to complain.
    i should realize that a network run by the NHL should
    end up being a joke of a station.

    if it’s not going to be shown then don’t show it on the program guide!!!!!!!!!!!! period!!!! end of story!!!!!

    it’s like indoctrination time with the running of another pens game………sheeshus gary, give it a rest. you already everything you could to give your favorite one a Cup.

  82. WTF?!?!?!? if Dubi’s agent lowered his demands, why not just go with those numbers??

    i really don’t get Sather at all. hopefully, Messier is learning what NOT to do.

  83. wooohoo!!!

    are you listening to the game?? if not, where are you watching it? msg? can’t get it.

    online? where where WHERE?!?!?!?

  84. thats right TR, and the only time i notice a guys shoes is if he’s wearing sandals, or sandals with socks! BOTH ARE NOT GOOD!!

  85. That was a pretty power play. Del Zotto has to make the team with the way he has been playing.

    That would seem to be a pretty fair deal for Dubinsky, but not as a RFA without arbitration I don’t think. At least it was for two years, so we have him at what would be a cheap rate next season if he breaks out. However, it probably prices someone like Rissmiller off of this year’s team, since a 23-man roster including Voros, Rissmiller, Heikkinen, Del Zotto, Boyle, and Lisin would put us $800,000 over the cap.

  86. i don’t understand why we have Voros and Rismiller around. i’ll be surprised if they’re around when we start, unless Torts is worried about having too many young players.

  87. Consider that the money that Dubinsky got could be an indication of who is not making this team. Arnason and Rissmiller occupy most of the money Dubi got. If they are in the minors and counting against the Cap than the Rangers could afford to pay Dubi what they did. It may also mean they feel strong about what they have seen from the kids on D and Semenov so they aren’t holding Cap space for signing a veteran D-Man.

    The play of Grashev, Lisin, Anisimov, Gilroy, Del Zotto and Boyle may have had more to do with this than anything else. It alows the Rangers to save money on some of the older retreads that were probably brought in as insurance.

  88. checking again if anyone can tell me if there’s any way to listen or watch the game online. NHLN screwed me again.
    (and i don’t want to head over to the Red Lobster bar again and watch the MSG broadcast.)

  89. Well, here goes my input.

    First of all, not a coincidence that Dubi gets signed right AFTER kessel was traded to T O. Once kessel was no longer available then dubi was signed. We overpaid for Dubi (despite the fact I really like the guy, not like sally likes the guy, but I like the guy), but done deal now!

    Dubi signing means only one forward spot left on the roster (not counting spares) and that will more than likely go to AA. So much for lisin or grachev starting, my guess is lisin is spare guy. 4th line will be the one we have been seeing, hey voros fighting may not be any better, but his skating is noticeably better (i know, not saying much).

    As far as crease clearing hard hitting physical d men go, for those of you asking, the guy we should have signed all along is still out there….Gauthier. He brings the same type of intimidation to the ice (for his annihalating hits) that brashear brings to opposing teams. He gets suspended enough that young guys would get in some games during the season as well. Regher would be great, but his salary would be tough to absorb without some going the other way and I doubt calgary wants rozy unless bouwmeester goes down (no, not comparing rozy and j bo as players, just as salaries). So best we can do is semenov who torts really seems to like. Top six will be semenov, gilroy, redden, rozy, staal, girardi with heikkenen or potter being #7. Unless of course we do something rational and trade rozy for picks or a bag o pucks or just outright waive him.

  90. Oh wow, Artie!!! 2nd highlight reel goal in two nights.

    Didn’t expect to see nudity at the game today b/c that Bruins D got undressed.

  91. You know times like this were I WISH JJ was back on the team. Think AA & JJ would have made some sweet music together ;)

  92. AA really has gained his confidence in these past 2 games. now he is showing his stuff. great goal

    and with Dubi signed, now center looks a lot better. they can play Vinny on the wing

    and Joe M was right, Del Z really looks poised on the PP point for a 19 y.o.

    and Gilroy continues to look real good

  93. Linda, I’m gonna have to make my own cause I can barely afford a lucky PBR right now. Maybe I’ll make a Del Anisibinskiroy one?

  94. btw,
    i tried going to the site and i couldn’t find the Rangers game. prior games i did.
    is it a matter that i didn’t sign in or…?

  95. man, Zipay and Andrew are slow with the twitter posts (can’t say tweets and not proper to say that in past tense…)

  96. haha I didn’t know Dubi signed!
    Its a good think I don’t come here for ‘news’ haha…
    Just kiddin Carp…hope you had a great day! Weather is soooo nice!

  97. pbr
    September 19th, 2009 at 4:46 pm
    Its amazing how much better our defense is without Rosival in there!


    redden too! i kinda like this!!

  98. Interesting they were talking about AA being projected as a role player. He was a 2nd round pick (like Dubi), I thought he had 2nd line potential when I read about him the past few years.

  99. Linda, I would love to see those 2 guys dumped. they are taking up $11m of cap space and the kids are better players.

  100. i’m hoping if they suck the firts 10 games, Torts gorilla glues their hineys in the press box!! Someone’s gotta man up and let one of them loose, if not for the financial reason, just for the good of the team.

  101. can anyone explain the current CBA situation?

    prior to the lockout, i recall players simply cut from teams as well as a Waiver Draft happening around a week before the season started. don’t recall that happening anymore.

  102. ya know, not that i’m loving every single song that’s playing on the online site to replace the msg commercials but it’s a lot more exciting stuff than what’s usually playing in nhl arenas.

  103. has anyone heard from Mike in IA the past 2 days? i gotta find out if he got the premium or HD package on hockeystreams.

  104. maybe Gilroy can be paired with his dad, a stay at home Dman who’ll clear out the area in front of the net.

  105. dlb, i know you were ;-) it just amazes me sather outbid himself for a guy like redden when he had all these draft choices playing along in the system. Redden for 6 years and 39 million, what a yoke!

  106. Savard. isn’t funny how he was trashed as a Ranger and believed to not amount to much, a selfish player….

  107. OMG SALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that was freakin awesome!!! The pronger/hartnell one was ridiculous!! Send me that link on facebook too if you dont mind!

  108. Aves knew he was going to offside and still took the shot at Thomas. It will be interesting to see these two in the season series.

  109. the brodeur ‘fata&%” one was pretty funny too. WOW, ijust put that in my favorites,and yes, avery WOULD wear those

  110. yeah, they said they are cutting down to 23 after this game

    Owens, Byers, parenteau, Locke and more will all go to Hartford I think

  111. this is pathetic!

    September 19th, 2009 at 5:24 pm
    Linda, mine does at night, try a mild vinegrette, for those ladys days and a tossed salad. Works on both.

  112. we know jpg…its a regular who’s an imposter. Rick’ll eventually take care of it…just ignore it

  113. Thanks guys, my Italian grandmother taught me that one, and what’s the difference between her and an elephant, an electrolysis appointment, 200 pounds and a black dress..

  114. welcome to the club… it’s gonna be sad when the imposter is banned and we all realize who it has been.

  115. Serious, Linda, that young thing Dubinsky is so hot, I would eat the kernals of corn out of his excrement, and save the spanking by him for later.

  116. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Gaborik time soon!!!!… says Greg L. on

    Love the game …Rangers…thereeeeeee Great!!!

    DUBINSKY , WE LOVE YOU!!!!!! Your worth it , good deal for both sides. Can’t pay our #1 center $700 grand…embarrassing.

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