Messier, Richter to get Patrick award


From the NHL:


NEW YORK (September 18, 2009) –
Hockey Hall of Fame center Mark Messier, New York Rangers goaltender Mike Richter and Detroit Red Wings Senior Vice President Jim Devellano have been named recipients of the 2009 Lester Patrick Trophy for outstanding service to hockey in the United States.

The award, one of the most prestigious in hockey, was presented to the National Hockey League by the New York Rangers in 1966. It honors the memory of Lester Patrick, who spent 50 years in hockey as a player, coach and general manager and was a pioneer in the sport’s development.

The recipients will be honored at an evening reception at Gotham Hall in New York City on Tuesday, October 21. Further details on the event will be announced at a later date.

Universally acknowledged as one of the greatest leaders in all of sports, Messier already had won five Stanley Cups as an Edmonton Oiler when he arrived in New York in 1991 with the task of ending the Rangers’ five-decade championship drought. Following the lead of their captain, the Rangers won the Stanley Cup in 1994, putting hockey front and center in the consciousness of the United States’ largest city and gaining for the NHL unprecedented publicity and attention throughout the country.

A native of Edmonton who began his career as a rambunctious role player, Messier developed into perhaps the greatest power center the game has ever seen. In a 25-season NHL career that began in Edmonton and included two stints with the Rangers as well as three years in Vancouver, Messier piled up 1,887 points, second all time to Wayne Gretzky. His 1,756 games played were second all time to Gordie Howe’s 1,767. And the combined 1,992 regular season and playoff games in which Messier appeared are the most in League history. His jersey number 11 was retired by the Rangers on Jan. 12, 2006 and he was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame on Nov. 12, 2007.

A remarkable big-game goaltender, Richter backstopped the Rangers to the 1994 Stanley Cup and the United States to the inaugural World Cup of Hockey title two years later. He was brilliant on both stages, providing the acrobatic foundation that enabled that Rangers team to play an attacking style and stunning the star-studded Canadian team in the three-game finals of the ’96 World Cup.

Richter’s 666 games played and 301 victories are the most by a goaltender in Rangers history. His 42 victories in 1993-94 are a single-season record for the franchise. He was a three-time Olympian who won a silver medal with Team USA in Salt Lake City in 2002. His jersey number 35 was retired by the Rangers on Feb. 4, 2004 and he was inducted in the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame on Oct. 10, 2008.

Entering his 28th season with the Red Wings and his 43rd overall in the National Hockey League, Devellano continues to be a driving force behind Detroit’s success, as well as a strong influence in the evolution and improvement of the League itself. Devellano was the first individual hired by owners Mike and Marian Ilitch after they purchased the Red Wings in June 1982. He was the team’s general manager for eight seasons before ascending to his current position as senior vice president on July 13, 1990.

Devellano’s pioneering work in developing a strong European scouting staff helped build Detroit into an NHL power and four-time Stanley Cup champion from 1997 through 2008. He also was responsible for bringing the Entry Draft to the United States for the very first time on June 13, 1987 at Joe Louis Arena. In all, he has won 14 championship rings as a scout, general manager and team executive. That includes seven Stanley Cups – three as assistant GM of the New York Islanders.


Here are the official Rangers game notes. You might want to check out the downloadable complete game notes package on all game nights.

Enjoy the game.

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  1. A local fan
    September 18th, 2009 at 3:12 pm
    You tell Sather to give in for once. He gives in for every free agent thats a big name. He just doesn’t give in for our home grown talent who loves the Rangers. This is a huge mistake, this whole dubinsky situation. Sather may get his way now, but he is ruining his relationship with Dubi and Dubi will get back at him next contract time when he ignores Sathers calls.

    I’m going to ask you to list examples of Sather letting RFA players that aren’t arbitration eligible walk.

    Have you not read the explanations about why Sather isn’t yielding in this situation? You read this blog enough to know that Dubinsky’s contract is a frequently enough discussed topic. It’s pretty hard to miss.

    In case you haven’t absorbed the realities of this particular contract situation, the fact of the matter is that based on the class of restricted free agency that Dubinsky falls under, aside from an offer sheet from another team there aren’t any reasons why Sather should have to pay Dubinsky more than the minimum qualifying offer. If you’re so concerned that Sather has handed out bad contracts to unrestricted FAs, then what sense does it make to hand out unnecessary contracts to RFAs, thus compounding the salary cap space issue?

  2. Yeah TR, their classic jersey wasn’t that much of a departure on their regular jersey. The Hawks and Wings did it right last year. As much as I hate to admit, even the Pens baby blue jerseys were pretty snazzy. The Rangers wouldn’t really have much to change if they finally get selected for a Winter Classic since their old school jerseys are similar to their current ones with the exception of the lettering not having the shadow effect.

  3. I like that Bruins jersey…they are my 2nd favorite team after the Rangers…
    Speaking of local fan…the Debbies retro jersey’s are those pizza man colors again…just horrible!

  4. Sign Dubi,,,,Are you kidding.Trade him now cause if he comes back,and I think he will,AND he has another 15-20 goal season,and I think he will,,,He’ll turn into another Prucha and we’ll get ZERO for him.and I think that’s what will happen.

    If he comes back put him on he 3rd line 15-20 goals IS NOT a top two line center,and anyone that thinks he is DOES NOT know hockey,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Com’on Glen Trade him.

    I will say he does have some good play-off number’s.But he’s gotta double his season average goals a year at least.

  5. TR-That is the MOST HIDEOUS piece of clothing I have EVER seen in my life!!!

    Looks like it should be sold in Toy’s R Us

  6. LOOOOOL !

    Great find TR, lol that is the ugliest jersey ever. It looks like Mike Ricci, and Mats Sundin’s faces mixed together with some blueberry syrup.

    And i kind of like that B’s jersey, it’s nice. And don’t fugg with the Pooh jersey. I have a soft spot in my heart my that one !

    Not yet, im still trying to get used to the controls and style of the game, ive only played aboot 10 games so far. I did play one online shootout, and won. Im still preparing myself for some real competition.

    And that’s to bad McDonalds isn’t in camp, i wanted to see what the hype is all aboot with this kid. I mean the Habs fans were really crying when they found out he got dumped for Blowmez.

    Speaking of Blowmez, i have a bad feeling he’s gonna be raping Nyr in all 4 games. Ugh, something not to look forward to. Unless someone catches him with his head down.

  7. kaspar is gone! i dont think he is coming back… something must have happened…otherwise i just dont see why he wouldnt be here a long time ago.

  8. if you think thats bad check out the Milwaukee Admirals and the Alaska Aces (im not sure on the last one)

    i know the admirals had a picnic like looking jersey and the aces (i think) wore a jersey on new years that looked like a tuxedo.

  9. i think both sather and dubi are being unreasonable, but u’d hope sather would settle this for $1M or $1.1M for a year. dubi would have something to prove and hopefully he does it, if not nothing really lost. i don’t think his trade value is that high right now especially b/c we have no cap room to take on anyone without including roszival and that is hardly an enticing package, picks or prospects would have to be included.

    but i wouldnt totally be on dubi for not putting up big numbers last year. he started off great with zherdev but then he essentially became a 3rd line center until torts took over and we all know he had no one who was going to help him score or score off his passes

  10. CCCP- does your Russian zhopa ever get off the computer?
    And congrats to Richter and Messier. Well deserved

  11. The Ducks had a pretty horrendous jersey too…hideous 3rd jerseys, Fox animated robots, teams in the Sun Belt, two lockouts…I HEART BETTMAN!!!

  12. Counter offer for Dubie…Three Years 3.3 Million.

    A while ago we were scared hed be a 2.2 million hit per year on the cap

  13. fake kaspar! he never wrote the name in CAPS!


    my Russian tuhes is on the computer (literally) 24/7! im at work right now…so… then im doing homework… and then im just browsing porn sites…you know how it is… :P

  14. UESBlueshirt

    kaspar is one of us…a true bonehead! he is this really funny dude that was always around… very hockey savvy too… he was like a voice of reason…sort of…hope he is ok :)

  15. From Zipay´s Blog

    Rangers off to Detroit carrying 29 players to both games in Detroit tonight 7.30pm and tomorrow at 4 pm in Boston….
    Rangers lineup tonight looks like….







    According to the Detnews. com the Wings have split up their team into two groups a red and a white one..The red one including Pavel Datsyuk, Johan Franzen, Tomas Holmstrom, Nicklas Lidstrom and Brian Rafalski played last night against the Flyers.
    The White team, led by Henrik Zetterberg, Dan Cleary, Todd Bertuzzi, Niklas Kronwall, Brad Stuart and Chris Osgood, will play Friday night at the Joe against the New York Rangers..Zetterberg will not be in the lineup tonight…

  16. its 23.36 and game starts at 1.30 :)

    I am mulling over the idea to make a little nap and watching a full replay tomorrow morning…

    I am still tired from my six days adventure last week in Istanbul/Turkey including this riot derby between Galatasaray and Besiktas which probably featured the most fanatic crowd I have ever seen in 25 years of traveling :)

  17. Kaspar ain’t coming back until Dubi is signed. He phoned Slats and told him that. Slats said that Kaspar will have to come up with extra bucks to sign Dubi. So Kaspar is busy playing chess in Central Park trying to make up the difference.

  18. Shanah Tova and Happy New Year To All observing Rosh Hashanah, a Ramadan Kareem to all those still observing Ramadan, and Let’s Go Rangers to all those watching tonight.

  19. Orr-
    Problem is Kessel apparently WANTS to go to Toronto.
    So if Nashville dealt for him, Kessel could refuse to sign and wait for Toronto’s offer sheet.

  20. Anyone know which online venue will be available?

    CARP- Worked on it today. Might even have it for you tonight. Thanks for the opportunity. I’m going to keep it light and (hopefully) funny.

  21. CCCP

    don’t agree about kaspar being funny. he was at one time but changed way before he stopped posting.

    do agree that i hope he is ok although i don’t miss his postings

  22. Colorado Mark, i purchased a package from…so far so good, and less expensive than GameCenter Live on

  23. I posted this mid summe but I think it’s worth writing again…my close friend hung out with dubi quite a few times over the summer, he was “seeing” her friend, and every time he had couple all he wanted to was go back to his place and play video games. He would also mention a few times how he thought he had a terrible season and really wants to come back to new York. I blame his manager on what’s goin on right now

  24. Ahh, to bad Kessel wants to go there.

    Leafs are gonna be a tough team to play against this year, they’re gonna have some good talent, and they’re gonna have some annoying guys to go up against, like Komisarek, and Exelby, etc. Not looking forward to that.

  25. as i said he was funny at one time. he stopped being funny long before he stopped posting. i don’t miss him

  26. Ps when I saw Obama give the Cup to Cindy Crosby I threw up. I’m serious. Ask me If I would ever expect to see that a year ago and I would have laughed in your face. I really ralphed all over the bar and got thrown out. The most disturbing thig I have ever seen in my life! Let’s go Avery and the Rangers!!!

  27. I’m actually still cracking up about the “pulling his johnson” comment. Its so funny he should get a spot on the team.

    Sheeesh…. pulling his johnson…

  28. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Gaborik time soon!!!!… says Greg L. on

    RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!! UES ,nice touch on the comment back to Local Fan.

    My Fantasy team needs a goalie ….I wont stop flapping my fingers til I get a deal done..Fantasey syle!!! Come on!!!!!
    Why isn’t peeps talking no more fantasy. OK OK i’ll shut up!! Haha , I’d never be in a fantasy league because I cheer only one team…Our Rangers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO boys , KILL Detroit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 washed up bums!!!

  29. what

    SAY WHAT? kaspar was one of the funniest people around… as Shoryuken on Wade Redden noticed… its probably the stick up your tuhes that wont let you see the humor. and its ok if you dont miss him… we dont miss you either.

  30. Alex, you know that if the guy ever makes the team, Michelobetti will actually say Pulling Johnson at some point

  31. Hey that was a pretty good shift by R&R. I think there bad play to cancel each other out. Maybe they will play well together ;)

  32. Doodie Machetto on

    Kessel to Toronto is supposedly done pending a contract agreement between Toronto and Kessel. Deal is rumored to be two firsts and a second for Kessel, straight up.

  33. sally, i’m shocked!! I’ve lived in the south for 3 1/2 years and have never typed that word!! i did say ‘fixin’ last week, it scared the living hell outta me! I need to get back to NY for a week!

  34. CCCP

    key word is was

    i won’t go to insulting you like you did to me but i am allowed to have my opinion. he stopped being funny even when he was posting last several months

  35. I get Center Ice on cable, so I don’t want to pay for the online package anywhere just for pre-season games. Anyone know of a Justin.Tv site showing the game?

  36. Linda

    Im telling ya… how bad R&R are, they’re canceling each other out. Torts should keep them together =P

  37. Rozi and Redden both have two bad cross ice passes right to a Wings player. Guess they didn’t read Torts’s quotes about his lack of enthusiasm about the vet D.

  38. I like that Brashear/Boyle/Voros line.

    Big guys who can skate.

    I agree, except not about Voros. He’s great for 15 games and then becomes a liability.

    I would rather see Brashear/Boyle/Byers. Byers is ready for 4th line duty in the NHL, and he can PK as well.

  39. Help – why doesn’t may name stay in the Name box?? Everytime I post i have to re-enter may name. Anyone know?

  40. The guy in the seat behind me at the Sabres game last night was talking about how he thought Brash was has been one of the best guys on the ice for the Rangers so far. It was funny to hear someone say something nice about Brash… and also to hear something good about the Rangers!

  41. Alex,

    Actually Im super critical of the two of them… but both of them are playing well tonight. um TONIGHT. Lets hope they keep it up….

  42. Alex T – No thanks, I just had some ice cream :)


    Seriously, I should just delete the cookie for this site?

  43. If I could write this in small letters I would so here goes…
    if our fourth line plays like that…there is a very minescule…and i mean very small chance I might like voros…and b..b..bra…s…brash..ire…gulp!

  44. LOL Staal!

    Linda, I’ve got my last can of lucky PBR here, and then I’m probably switching to Blue. Big surprise, but I had a lot to drink at the game last night so I’m gonna take it easy tonight.


  45. Alex,

    No worries… we agree to disagree. Redden’s passes tonight have been tape to tape. Cant remember the last time I saw that out of him… Rozi doesnt look like he is panicking with the puck. As small as that is.. its a big improvement from how they have played in the past.

    Brash is a good skater. Great play by him before.

  46. MAKO,

    Maybe your right. Still. I can never forgive Redden for being so.. Reddenish… What a total bum.

  47. LOL SHOR!! better than sominex!!! is he gonna be the new GO TO interview like Gomez was last season???

    Mako, I was all about the bat when before I moved down here!Brooklyn girl here my friend!

    Viking descendants!!

  48. Oh and on another note,

    Anybody feel like writing a paper on International Political Economy by any chance? Only 10.000 words…

  49. Man can he milk this little league WS thing ANYMORE!?!??! LOL Im not a baseball fan at all … is it really that important?

  50. instead of having the C on his jersey, he’ll have a HUGE E!!! Captain Excellent the Svelte i love it

  51. Alex
    OOOOOOOOH I agree with you my friend believe me.


    WOOHOO!!! West Village here – born and raised. Yep I still live here too ;)

  52. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Gaborik time soon!!!!… says Greg L. on

    #1 )Prospal / Dubi /Gaborik
    #2 Higgins /Drury/Kotalik
    #3 Callahan/AA/ Lisen

    Looks like Grachev is cut? Avery can’t be on the 4th line either.

    Avery/ Higgins/ Callahan is a beuty second line!!! so then the first line would be Kotalik Drury Gaborik? That’s if we trade Dubinsky for a Hard hitting crease clearing defenceman.

    How do you make a good second line when ya have 5 guys primed for that spot?

  53. hey hitting the gym didnt ruin my summer

    As long as I can wing it all season I still have $ to gas the clutch mobile

  54. shor, we gave him props on his new slim look and OMG @ 2.32 pack…thats just wrong on so many levels!

  55. he’s too old for me sally lmao! besides, all those hilarious situations we put him in last year, just bad!! the whole crisco and ben and jerrys at center ice was just too perverse

  56. Ps no matter what our record this year I think we can all agree this ranger team is gunna be much more fun to watch than then ghost teams of renney past.

  57. CARP …

    I definitely wanna guest blog, thanks for thinking of me.

    I actually didnt even read any of today’s post, i went right to the comments section to get a link to the game … sorry

    But Mark Me Down


  58. quite a game so far… and I agree with whomever said Dubi is making an arse out of himself now. The longer he misses out the more time the kids have to prove their worth. The kids have the advantage now.

  59. Per TSN:

    “The drama surrounding Phil Kessel has finally come to an end as the Boston Bruins have traded their disgruntled sniper to the Toronto Maple Leafs in exchange for a 1st and a 2nd round pick in 2010, and a 1st round pick in 2011 pending a trade call which is currently underway.

    Kessel and the Maple Leafs then quickly agreed to terms on a new five-year, $27 million deal.”

  60. I thought seeing jersey #25 would make me think of Prucha. No chance with Semenov wearing it. It’s like two Prucha’s.

  61. Trade Dubi now,Y? Y I’ll tell ya Y.Cause if he comes back,and I think he will,And has another 15-20 goal season.He turn’s in to Prucha and we get–=== NOTHING–===for him…..

  62. Olga Folkyerself on

    Sather could’ve given up draft picks for Kessel. He hasn’t a clue what to do with them anyway..

  63. Blueshirt in Paris on

    This is the first time I have actually watched Brashear play hockey (normally I just watch him beating on someone) and you know what, he can.

  64. Tough decisions to be made on D. Bobby(THE BUST) Sanguenetti can play. Gilroy can play, and MDZ can play. I think MDZ may be the odd man out, but it would be waste to send him back to junior. Boyle, by the way, is going to be at least the 4th line center and maybe move up as the season goes on.

  65. Can someone tell me what’s going on w the game? I’m on a train to AC. Particularly interested in Godzilla (grachev). Thanks.

  66. So if Glen Sather and Brandon Dubinsky took the roles of Patrick Kane and the Cabby, who would be who?

  67. So what I’ve gleaned from the convo so far: sangs is playing well, the russians are doing well, wade and rozi are stinking up the joint as usual and zaba has a good glove. Anything else? Score and goal scorers would be appreciated.

  68. If you keep 2 of the 3 young Dmen(MDZ, SANGS, OR GILROY) who becomes the 7th Dmen. Semenov, or Potter? I think both have shown a little something.

  69. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Bull Dog, was just thinking the same thing….we might be better off going with 4 rookie Dmen this season.

  70. First goal was Anisimov. Second goal was Lisin (Grachev, Anisimov). I didn’t see the first goal. Somerset, if you have another link, I’d appreciate it. I’m using Sopcast and it makes me nervous as it mentioned file sharing and that always makes me nervous.

  71. We’re stuck with Dreden and Slozi,even if playing two of our other D-man makes us better….The only way they’re playing is by injury.

  72. So, we are hearing from the Detroit GM, we have heard from the Boston GM. Why don’t we ever hear from Sather?

  73. They interviewed Sather the other night but it was recorded. He was talking about the Dubinsky situation

  74. Must have missed it on the first game. Though i’m not too keen on counting a prerecorded interview, but I guess beggars can’t be choosers, right?

  75. Thanks Mark. Thoughts on Grachev’s play so far? I must admit I haven’t been able to watch the games but I’ve been following Grachev since we drafted him and the kid is a stud. I really can’t imagine him not making the team. This is a case of the Rangers grossly under estimating their own talent. Shouldn’t have signed Kotalik. Maybe we would have sucked for a year but I would have been happy w the top nine being in no order (assuming dubi’s agent stopped being unreasonable)

    Avery, Dubi, Drury, Gabby, Higgins, Artie, Lisin, Grachev, Cally

    Def would be some growing pains but I think they would be worth it long term.

  76. Olga Folkyerself on

    I’d like to see Dubinsky beat the crap out of Sather. You could probably put what’s left in a bottlecap.

  77. Zaba is garbage. Let’s face it.. we have no goaltending depth. Johnson had one good game, but I’m hoping for a long-term, healthy Hank.

  78. I try to to stay away from bashing Redden, and Roszival, especially in the pre season, but man are they bad.

  79. Rangers STILL havent let in an even strength Goal. If they their PK together they will be great this year

  80. Grachev and his line have been excellent. They seem to really have some nice Russian chemistry while rushin’ up the ice. Sorry.

    All the lines have looked pretty good tonight. Grachev goes to the net hard and has enough strength to go through people. We dominated the first two periods, then the first minute of the third Zaba fell apart and we’ve been on our heels ever since. A complete reversal of our last two games.

  81. holy crap…. i leave up 2-0, return and they are LOSING!! How many goals did r&r score for detroit ;0)

  82. Boyle has been good. The only negative i see right now is balance. He is on the ice more than he should be.

  83. damn mako,my game stream is about 20 seconds after what you see………grrrrrrrr but

  84. Anyone seen Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels?

    There’s a scene where a couple of London underworld dudes are discussing who to invite to a crooked cards game. One of them mentions an up and coming con artist that’s good at cards and he’s described as a “bleepin liability”….I’m thinking of two people on the Rangers that can apply to.

  85. R^2 in statistics is used to measure mean regression…if only R&R could trend toward an average level of play. You know, just for the sake of the $10MM they’re making.

  86. How could this be? The veteran D making millions of dollars blew this game?? They were directly responsible for 2 goals against.

    Mr. Tortorella, what gives?

    Based on your rhetoric there should be some solid accountability, right?

  87. With Redden and Rosival together, the only hope this team has is that one of them gets hurt for a long period of time, sad but true.

  88. game 1: brashear decapitates crosby and is suspended for the year. redden and rozsival check each other into the boards, resulting in torn acls for both…out for the year….

  89. Sorry guys – was really trying to be hopeful with R&R….

    Well since Torts said he wasnt to happy with the “veteran” D play. Maybe he’ll do something about it? Like maybe carry and **8TH** Dman! LOL

  90. Chuck Woolery
    September 18th, 2009 at 9:56 pm
    Captain Clutch won’t let this loss ruin his Rosh Hashanah.

    lmao!!!!!!!!! beautiful! but remember, he lost 10 pounds over his summer, he must’ve done the clutch workout

  91. Alex


    You and me BOTH Linda… Sorry there was no POST GAME interview. Im sure he would have been QUITE colorful ;)

  92. lmao, is everyone on the fantasy league message board tonight? the usual suspects were very quiet, ‘cept for you mako!

  93. LOL I dont know. I havent logged on there, but Mike was sending me the most ridiculous trades LOL he kept on trying to trade me Redden for LQ or Redden & Rask for Gagne & LQ LOL I thought we were gonna do a Ovie for LQ straight up but oh well ;) LOL

  94. ah that was great! i loved the one suckin his thumb, he’d stop for a few seconds, crack up, go back to sucking the thumb! too funny

  95. I don’t think it’s entirely accurate to say the Rangers lost with most of their starters. Lundy shut them out for a period and a half. We had two vet D-men and were missing Gaborik, Kotalik, Prospal (not to mention Dubinsky). As much as Redden and Roszival sucked, Zaba let in some that should not have gone in. At worst this should have been a 2-2 tie, but really we should have won 2-1.

  96. Im sorry, but WE were missing Prospal, Kotalik, Gabby, Staal, and Girardi

    THEY we missing Zetterberg, Datsyuk, Holmstrom, Lidstrom ,and Rafalski

    We should have won !!!

    You cant count the Goalies because both Starters played an equal amount of time

    Does it make anyone else really sad that we should be watching a Russian Line of Grachev – AA – Cherepanov (instead on Lisin)right now ???

  97. So I’m watching the Yankee game, and Seattle’s shortstop’s last name is Wilson. He booted a ball hit to him and Ken Singleton called the play:

    “Wilson couldn’t pick it”

    He said it so deadpan I couldn’t tell if he was trying to be funny.

    This has nothing to do with hockey, so before the hockey blog police get up in arms, Redden sucked, Rozi sucked, AA looked better, Lisin is Prucha 2.0, Higgy’s going to net 25-30, LQ is still the man, yadda, yadda, yadda

  98. “Does it make anyone else really sad that we should be watching a Russian Line of Grachev – AA – Cherepanov (instead on Lisin)right now ???”

    oh man it does. oh man it does indeed.

  99. I know it’s pre season but how can anyone in their right mind think that this team needs any of the current veteren “leadership” that we saw tonight. You keep hearing JM shill for the two most over paid underperforming players in the NHL and question wether Gilroy and MDZ are ready for the NHL. It’s pathetic!!!!!!!!!!

    Rozy sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is an embarrasment and he will only ruin wich ever one of GIlroy or MDZ or Sags plays with him. Same for Redden.

    On the positive, AA really looked good tonight as did Grachev and Lisin. Also have to give some props to the fourth line Cally and Higgins.

    But again, Rozy and Redden have to go and have to go fast.
    The only vet leadership we need should come from Staal and Girardi.

  100. All kidding aside, I can see Rozi starting the season in Hartford, Redden will be with the big club, Dolan won’t eat both salaries. Staal, Girardi, Redden, Gilroy, Heikkinen, and Semenov start the season on D.

  101. I know this is unhockey related and could get me band but but no matter how erratic AJ Burnett is….he is a big game pitcher and WILL show up in the playoffs…”you heard it here first!”

  102. Surprised no note of the Dubinsky signing…nothing about salary in the announcement. Obviously, they were waiting for a possible Kessel deal, which can’t make Dubinsky feel good about it, but he’s a Ranger, for now.

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