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Here it is … Somerset, I penciled you in for Wednesday, but if I don’t hear from you by Saturday, I’m going to the bullpen.

Remember, folks, I need your guest blog the night before via e-mail ( If there’s a game that night and you want to write your post after the game, that’s fine. But please send it to me before you go to bed. Also, be sure to put the name you want used in the post. Most people are using their screen names. On game nights, I may put up a blank evening post for game-related comments and discussion.

Have fun with it. Try to keep it hockey related, and not too long … 8-10 paragraphs is ideal.

So, the schedule for next week:

Sunday 9/20: Colorado Mark
Monday 9/21: Noah
Tuesday 9/22: The Mouth
Wednesday 9/23: Somerset
Thursday 9/24: Laurel Babcock
Friday 9/25: The Real MikeyNJ
Saturday 9/26: AdamZ
Sunday 9/27: Me.

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  1. Is it just me or does anyone else really despise fantasy leauges? I mean it’s entertaining and all and you get to learn a lot about new players and teams but I think I would have to slay myself if I ever said “awww man the devill scored….but at least parise is on my fantasy team!” I mean c’mon! Conflict of interest! Maybe I’d do it for basket ball simply cuz I have no interest.

  2. RJAM
    I’ve only played fantasy football. I picked the guys from my favorite teams with a few extra parts because thats all I knew.

    It made me watch a litle more but not that much. In fact I forgot to make my teams a couple of times. Still finished 2nd in league and got a$100.

    I will never do it again.

  3. Anyone hear about tonight’s line-up? I know Gaborik won’t be playing. I’m going to the Detroit game on Monday and hope he’s playing then. Can’t wait! More cuts after these next two away games?

  4. For all of the Blair Betts fans here(and there seem to be many), check out the stats of John Madden a true checking center. You will see that Betts does not come close in any category.
    Madden not only checked the other teams best line, but managed to pot goals in the teens many years, and have a strong +-.
    I am not devil fan by ant stretch, but have grown tired of the Blair Betts pining.

  5. Great lineup for the guest bloggers, but i don’t see a number one center. no way that team is going to score.

  6. steve –

    Its bizarre how many players turn into GOOD players when they leave the Rangers LOL sad but true…

    Gomez will probably have a 70-80 pt season with Gionta & Fried Calamari ;)

  7. blair fuggin betts. he was a good guy, team guy, but very replaceable. it is kinda funny how our pk has given up a few goals already though.
    dan j- gabbys prob gonna play vs washington next wek i think. id love to see him play too, but hes obviously already injured a little, and they want him ready to start the reg. season 100%. he should get at least 1 pre season-game though. i think if duby was in camp and signed, he wouldve played more.

  8. IA Mike…
    I’d like to see Gabby play more than one pre-season game, but I think Torts is doing the right thing easing him in.

    The Dubi situation is disappointing. I wonder if the two sides are talking and if Dubi’s agent is still in town? I’d love to be a fly on the wall when Torts and Sather discuss what they’re going to do if he’s not signed by the end of the pre-season?

  9. Larry Brooks reports Dubinsky has lowered his salary demand to $1.1 million for 1 year, or $2.14 million for 2 years.

    At this point i have to imagine something will happen soon. The guy clearly wants to be a Ranger…. isn’t that the type of guy we want to BE a Ranger??

    He had a so-so year, but that’s not exactly an unreasonable request. SIGN THIS GUY NOW SO HE CAN GET TO CAMP!

  10. Take whatever he wants and add Voros’s salary and then send him down to Hartford. What’s the deal with Dupont and Byers? I thought they were looked at as possible 4th line guys, haven’t they been playing in the minors the past couple of years?

  11. Byers is coming off a big injury, so I think they want to see how he lasts in the minors before thinking about bringing him up.

  12. Typical negotiations: They will meet in the middle.

    Gaborik available in Bonehead league.

    My first overall pick, so don’t insult me with your lame offers.

  13. Here’s the Brooks article on Dubinsky lowering his price…

    Given Sather’s comment that this is the only time the team has any leverage in salary negotiations with Dubi, I can’t see him backing down. With no other offers to consider and Dubi’s strong desire to stay in NY, Sather has no reason to change his offer. Is this Dubinsky being too proud or his agent being too stubborn?

  14. Can’t you fantasy leaguers talk amongst yourselves and leave it off a Rangers web site? Just kiding, I can skip over that stuff pretty fast.

    So Gaborik is gonna play in Boston, can’t wait to see him in a Rangers uniform. If Dubi signs this is a fairly balanced offensive team. the defensive play is gonna be a big question mark.

    Every game I watch our centers, I think Dubi is gaining leverage. Not much there. I am really hoping he signs soon.

    He is using the only leverage he has. His offer has gone up from the measly QO to 700k. Now i hear Dubi is lowering his demand. Deal will get done. I hope?

  15. Torts from Brooks’ article about the defensemen, “We’re continuing to evaluate that position; it’s wide open,” said Tortorella. “I like what I’ve seen from the kids but as far as the vets, I’m not crazy about the way a few guys have played.”

    Uh, do you think he’s referring to the defensemen whose lastname begins with the letter R?

  16. LOL 22figure8…
    They both played the other night and I didn’t even notice anything good about there game…Rozi…was horrid and the only time I notice Redden it was because I saw a guy standing still in the defensive zone and I automatically new it was Redden.

  17. Grachev… thanks
    Nice move by Theo. It’ll be interesting to see if he makes the team; a great story if he does. What’s it been, six years?

  18. I thought Redden looked solid in both preseason games. He’s not gonna do anything that makes you go “WoW”, but he did’nt make any mistakes and thought he moved the puck very well. JMHO

  19. Staal Wart-I usually don’t even bother with preseason games but I’m real interested in the kids this year. Then Rozi plays and BOOM, I start to watch his every move instead of watching the action. I really think he’s shot. It still looks like he plays scared, afraid to get hit and battle in the corners. And, I don’t know, but if a guy (Clarkson) is standing in front of the goalie with the puck, I want a defenseman to barrel him over, not poke check. Real interesting to see if Torts doesn’t pay attention to salary and plays his 6 best players.

  20. Torts from Brooks’ article about the defensemen, “We’re continuing to evaluate that position; it’s wide open,” said Tortorella. “I like what I’ve seen from the kids but as far as the vets, I’m not crazy about the way a few guys have played.”

    Uh, do you think he’s referring to the defensemen whose lastname begins with the letter R?

    And ends with edden!!!

  21. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Gaborik time soon!!!!… says Greg L. on

    Dubinsky needs to be in training camp!!!!! Come on , Sather just give in for once!!!

    New firing squad line-up to guest blog …sweet.

  22. Tomb,
    If we can pass over 150 “Rozi sucks after one preseason game” posts, you can pass over a few fantasy hockey posts.

    I am usually one of the more cynical posters, but I really like what I see in Gilroy. (Again just a couple preseason games). But I liked his poise, his speed and vision, and he looked like an experienced Dman out there. Props to Sather.

  23. Good morning Staal and all…..buddy, I kinda feel your pain, especially since I didn’t make the league, and surely wouldn’t have time anyway. it’s enough keeping up with all the bone/knuckleheads here.

    My fantasy….another Cup before before I need to be put in the wheelchair section.

  24. Hey Carp,

    If somerset is a no show. I’d love to fill in. I’ll bring some seriou wit and above average insight to the table.

    At minimum, it won’t be a bore; that I can guarantee.

  25. Laurel,
    You wanna be my co-manager? I can add you if you like. I have Gaborik if you care to know. . . . .

  26. cwgatti, thank’s for the offer, but seriously, I’d be as effective as Sather signing Dubi….just too swamped. But you get my hopes for winning since you asked :)

  27. Seriously – why post your fantasy stuff here? Every online league in the world has it’s own message board, keep it there. No one cares.

  28. Laurel,
    You don’t have to do anything. You can just check in whenever you want. Piece of cake. You don’t have to da any work at all. I will be Sather for you.

  29. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Thanks for one of the guest blogger spots Carp!!

    Totall appreciated.

    And Dubi Dubi Dubi!!

    I think soemthing will get done now.
    IT’s too little $$ between what there asking now not to.
    And if an offer sheet comes, Sather will match no question
    Just hope it doesant come to that

  30. Hey…. did anyone see Dion Phaneuf DESTROY Kyle Okposo last night? that was a nasty hit, looks like he left his feet, wonder if he’s gonna get punished by the league.

  31. I heard that the real reason for the hold up in the Dubinsky signing is Dubi’s dad. He is very creepy, and looks like some underground illegal porn seller from the movie 8MM with Nick Cage. The word is that Sather, and other unnamed people within the organization want Dubi do cut ties with his old man for good, because he “creeps” everyone out. Take it for what it’s worth.

  32. Either the trigger is pulled on Dubinsky or package him for a trade. I don’t know what he’s doing on his own to keep in shape…. Any word on that?

    So lemme understand this… This is a Rangers blog for Ranger fans who blog about Rangers hockey… Ranger fans joins fantasy hockey league to have a little fun. So what’s the difference if people talk about Fleury scoring last night, okposo getting freight trained or gomez scoring a goal vs Mike trying desperately trying to unload Redden on me? it’s all hockey related?? LOL
    I’m not being a d*ck by asking that. I just want to understand that’s all… Thanks :)

  33. I hope since Torts is calling his vet D men out that they get the hint. I’m all for Redden & Rozi being on the team if they play like they are “worth”. I want them to do well… And yes Rozi plays like he’s scared.

  34. “Hey…. did anyone see Dion Phaneuf DESTROY Kyle Okposo last night? that was a nasty hit, looks like he left his feet, wonder if he’s gonna get punished by the league.”

    No, he was the victim of that vicious verbal attack by mean Sean Avery. That’s just his way of expressing the trauma. Plus he was the cover of NHL 09.

  35. Mako,

    you have the intellect of a child if you think that your discussion of your fantasy league belongs here.

    Very simple terms: Everyone who comes here does not necessarily belong to fantasy shite.

  36. Staal, respect your opinion. What did Redden do, or not do that did’nt impress you. I thought he looked confident, moved the puck up the ice well, and had some good outlet passes.

  37. Lol Idiot patrol

    in stead of changing the name you usually use on this blog, just tell me what you need to tell me with your original name. Typical keyboad courage….You must frequent on here since you know it’s my league that regular bloggers on here volunteered to join when I asked. I figured it would be fun, thought maybe Rick would get in on it and I actually apologized to Rick a few threads ago that I used this blog to ask about the fantasy league. I didn’t think it was going to cause certain people all this anxiety & drama…lol

    by the way. When you insult me, you insult the 16 regular bloggers

    Have a nice day :)

  38. Maybe I don’t understand the restricted free agency well enough but why wouldn’t a GM from the Western Conference give Dubinsky an offer sheet for 2yr at ~$1+mn/year (whatever minimum number gets you a 2nd round pick). Best case scenario you get Dubinksy, worst case you get a 2nd round pick and because the Rangers are in the East you’re not necessarily helping a conference rival sign a player cheap.

    Unless we’re all horrible judges of talent, it seems reasonable to me to give Dubinsky that sort of money. How many teams out there couldn’t use another draft pick or a young center with upside at a reasonable cost? It makes me think none of the GMs will cross the line…..and implicitly collude to screw players.

  39. Patrick

    You are half right, you just forgot the other R is rozy!!!

    Laurel and others

    In the spirit of all the other posts today, I usually crank up my espn hockey league the end of september and split it 8 girls and 8 guys in the league if anyone is interested!! I’m kinda in and out today so I will check back occasionally for responses today and add people this evening if people are interested!

  40. Again 16 out of how many? Go fantasize somewhere else, please!

    I agree with Idiot Patrol

    Anonymous because I enjoyed this blog once before it was taken over by the fantasy nerds

  41. GerryD
    Redden doesn’t move, he looks slow his foot speed is slow. Both Rozi and Redden didn’t show anything…and thats the problem. It’s like they are fine with being adequate. Where as every time Gilroy was on the ice, he was noticeable, in a good way, not just chipping the puck up ice. Gilroy and DZ think before they act…they try to make things happen, they play smart. Are they going to make mistakes…Yup. But Rozi and Redden continue to play the same way they always do, and continue to make the same mistakes.
    Don’t get me wrong, it was one preseason game, but they both need to improve…alot!

  42. Let me just say this, because this blog has always been about whatever you all want to discuss … let’s not let it become JUST a Fantasy League message board, OK? Make your trade offers and such privately. Limit the fantasy stuff for the majority of us who aren’t in the leagues.

    It’s like when I talk about baseball or football and everybody gets all up in my face about that. Keep it to a minimum.

  43. Mako – I’m not the idiot patrol but to answer your question, the majority of what is discussed on this blog is hockey in general. I would say that it’s more a hockey forum for Rangers fans than purely a blog about the Rangers.

    Talking about a fantasy league, which only a small subset of the blog is playing in creates a lot of off topic posts that the majority of the readers don’t care about. Add in the fact that you (the fantasy players) have an online forum through your league site to discuss your league or you could just email each other and it’s just rude to waste everyone’s time posting fantasy banter here.

  44. Oyy !!!

    Jennifer’s Body comes out today ! I was gonna see it, but im gonna wait. I hate movie theatre crowds, they’re always talking, and clapping, it annoys the piss out of me. But she sure looked hot last night.

    MUAHAHAHA, and i just saw Phadoof’s hit on Okpiggo. Muaha, i love it ! Thank you, another reason why i like the guy.

  45. Thank you Rick & JJP for the mature and honest answers. I appreciate that. That’s all I wanted to know.

    And for the record I’m HARDLY a fantasy nerd lol I actually PLAY hockey.

    So does this mean Orr and I can still duke it out over Ms. Fox? Lol
    Orr – check out those free movie sites… Maybe they have a bootleg showing on line?

  46. Banj

    I was jsut kidding bro…write whatever you want man, im easy!!


    I missed the blog window again, any more??

  47. TR-
    Nice up, just came over to post that link.

    Interesting gesticulating there by Kevin Dupont on a three way deal. Sounds like the Rangers would get the very short end of the stick in that deal.

  48. It is unbelievable the way the the league, the officials, and sports analysts react to Avery. The dude plays his heart out every night. If you can’t appreciate his antics thats fine, but to get on him for every little thing he does is absolutely ridiculous.

    Watch TSN’s highlights from the Rangers/Devils the other night. After he gets punched in the back of the head and then complains, the analysts talk about how “Avery is at it already.” Then the female announcer whines “What is he doing?” in a very disapproving tone. Doesn’t seem as irritating in text but give it a watch. It’ll make you cringe.

  49. So, near where I work this is this awesome little deli that has the best stuff. The absolute best thing that they have there is a drink known as half and half. I am sure many of you have heard of it. It is half unsweetened iced tea and half lemonade. They take big quart sized jugs plastic jugs and leave them in the freezer with a few big ice cubes inside as well, to get it nice and cold. Anyway, all morning I have been craving this stuff, so I decided to take a ride over on my lunch break. Anyway, I asked a co worker if she “wanted to take a ride for a little half and half.”

    She looked very taken back and confused by this. She politely said no, and kind of had a funny smile on her face.

    Later when I got back, she saw me with the tasty beverage in my hand and asked me what I was drinking. I told her, half and half of course. She laughed and pulled me aside and asked if she could be honest with me, and if the conversation could stay in the room. I said sure. And she proceeded to tell me that “half and half” meant something completely different when she was younger. We both started to laugh hysterically. I can’t say to all of you what she said to me, but maybe you know the term.

    Given the difference in both of our ages, it made it even more hilarious!

  50. bitt
    heres your hat.

    the intelligent people that understand the situation here will stay. enjoy reading news elsewhere but not having any conversation w/ anyone. there is no other blog that gets more than 10 comments a day that you dont have to sign up for.

  51. Before anyone reacts to my comments, I’m not looking for any sympathy for Avery here. I love the hatred he garners around the league. Its always fun to love someone everyone despises.

    I just want to point out how annoying this chick on TSN is.

  52. I really do wonder too what is going to happen with this Dubinsky situation. I don’t like agreeing with Sather, but he is right on this one. You really should have to prove yourself into a contract. Dubi has upside, but he definitely had a mediocre season last year. He needs to accept Sathers 1 year offer and have a great year and then get signed to a better deal. The longer this goes on, the more damage is being done. Each day gone is a day away from meshing with the team, is a day Torts, whether he admits it or not, loses a little respect for Dubi, the relationship between player/agent and organization sours. It is just not a good situation at all. I know it is a business, but enough is enough now. Get something done, or move him for something that is going to help this team NOW, not picks.

  53. I have a feeling that Gomez, Cammalleri, Gionta line is going to be pretty fun to watch this year. All three players are so fast.

  54. Question for you guys lucky enough to have played any sport seriously (not necessarily ‘pro’)…
    Does the Dubinsky situation affect the players in any way?

  55. I was thinking the same thing! HA. Hilarious! Talked about signals getting crossed! Would have made for one helluva a story though.

  56. Dan, by the time you are in the pros, it is a business. Something like the Heatley situation affects the players more than this Dubi situation. In my opinion, the only thing this will impact is comfort level on this ice. By that I mean, lets just say that Prospal centers Gaborik and Higgins. They get used to playing together a bit, then Dubi comes back and then they have to start messing with line combos again. Not that changing lines is such a horrible thing, but once you develop a comfort level and chemistry, it kind of sucks to then have to acclimate yourself with new line mates and then have to develop all new chemistry. I really don’t think though, that any of the players on the rangers are now sitting and hating on Dubi.

  57. Also, on a non hockey note, I have an early copy of the new pearl jam album, and I really like it a lot. Anyone else hear it yet? I got tix to see them on Halloween night to be the last concert ever in the Spectrum. Should be a BLAST! I know we all have different musical tastes, but for me, the best live band I have ever seen, and I have seen the many many times now, is Pearl Jam. Amazing energy at those shows.

  58. Daniel J- I think it does. Players talk about it and tend to be on one or another side. Not to mention, him coming back changes who is playing which position and who is going back to Hartford.

    Nasty- if Brooks is right on the numbers, Dubinsky should be in by Sunday- no reason to argue around that minimal difference. If they do argue- that’s pure stupidity. Oh, well, that could be the reason too…

    Bitt, go get yourself a “half and half”, buddy. Whichever one you prefer.

  59. Humorous anecdotes and Pearl Jam discussions are like fantasy hockey discussions, they have no place on this blog. In fact, I suggest that all posts be limited to referencing Dubi’s contract, Gabby’s groin, and unrealistic trade scenarios involving Redden and Rozi. :)

  60. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Is dubi just retarded or is his agent that bad? According to Brooks he is looking for a 2 year deal; If he is sitting out for basically 300-400k why would he even consider a 2 year deal when he is looking at arbitration rights after a year of possibly playing top center with Gaborik in an up-tempo offensive style? He could be looking at millions there.

    Unless of course they are both smarter then all of us and realize that after a year of playing 1st line and with Gabby and he still has only 15g that this is he last chance for a big payday.

  61. Nasty 1…
    thanks, I’ve always been curious about the ‘behind the scenes’ part of the game we aren’t privy to. What players think and talk about among themselves when management or the media isn’t around.

    BTW, cute story. I wonder how many guys will be using that line today and how many of those drinks will be sold…? Might also make for an interesting commercial if you can get it by the censors.

  62. I’m still think Sather’s not budging on Dubi. Another aspect of this is that the contract negotiated now sets a starting point for the next contract.

  63. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, it’s gotta be pretty sweet to have a blog with so much traffic that when people say they’re not coming back you can just show them the door as opposed to trying to apologize.

    Wish I could do the same when some of my clients who are jerks come in.

  64. Nasty1,
    I am thinking the same thing about Gomez. . . .he is my #1 C in FHL.

    Living Colour just released a new CD. Pretty damned good.

    Hope Gabby plays tonite. Would like to see him skate.

  65. Doodie Machetto on

    Sather will let Dubi sit out the whole season if he wants. If they go to arbitration the next year, Dubi will still get nothing. The longer this goes without Dubinsky signing, the likelier it is that he will be traded by the end of next season.

  66. Ha, yeah, definitely make a HILARIOUS commercial! Actually Arizona makes their own version of it called an Arnold Palmer, and it might have actually been created by him. You can get it with vodka in it as well and they call that a John Daly. Ha.

  67. Does anyone remember Hockeybird?
    His site had a message board that was categorized. If Carp keeps growing in popularity, he may have to use a similar format.

  68. Doodie, I don’t mean to be that way, but sometimes a peabrain comes on all rude like that. We do the guest blogs when I’m on vacation. We could just go dark those days, like every other freakin’ blog on earth. But this is a way to keep something up every day, and it still involves a certain amount of work for me during my vacation. I think it’s a great compromise, and it was pretty well received last time.

    I’m not lecturing you. Just explaining why guys like Bitt aggravate me. If they need the line combos from the 9 a.m. scrimmage, they’re not getting that here whether I’m writing or a guest blogger is writing.

  69. Oh, ever so humble Carp…

    Btw, I can see this “half and half” growing in popularity on this blog. So when do we use it? Shell we start calling the pair of Rozsy and Redden “half and half”?

  70. Nasty 1,

    Arizona ice tea makes that its called the arnold palmer. I always drink that while im playing golf.

  71. cwgatti
    funny you should say that. I had gomez, nazzy & z last year.

    But in realistic hockey news…
    Tsn had an article about Gomer finding some great chemistry with fried calamari – I wish them
    well & it will be a true testament to see what gomez is made of. If he *cough cough* coasted for a pay check.

  72. Where's Pavelich? on

    If Kotalik, is worth $3mm/per for 3 years, Dubs in worth 2 mil for 2…

    ..If Dubs report out of shape when/if he get in it will may have a some negative imact, otherwise, if he plays hard his hold out shld be overlooked under the player’s view of “it’s business”

    I had an “adult” version of the Arnold Palmer.. Limocello, Iced tea, vodka (Belvedere, sorry CCCP) and mint.. incredible summer drink – however, will not be my Ranegsr game drink of choice, unless I watch the games in San Diego.

  73. “For all of the Blair Betts fans here(and there seem to be many), check out the stats of John Madden a true checking center. You will see that Betts does not come close in any category.
    Madden not only checked the other teams best line, but managed to pot goals in the teens many years, and have a strong +-.
    I am not devil fan by ant stretch, but have grown tired of the Blair Betts pining”.

    Bulldog line:

    First: Madden played on the third line, not the fourth line.

    Second:Madden played on Stanley Cup winners and Division

    Third: Madden played with wingers who could put the puck
    in the net once in a while, ie; not guys like Ryan
    Hollweg and Colton Orr and Jed Ortmeyer and

    Not that I think Betts was a great player but to compare him to Madden is an apples/oranges comparison.

  74. MAKO

    Nah, i need to see her on the big screen. I might see it next week. Now don’t get the wrong idea, it’s not like im waiting for the theatre to be empty so a can have a personal wank session. I just don’t like movie people !!!

  75. Why do the Rangers do that three way deal? We get a number one and a prospect leaving us without centers, and yet another shot at drafting Jamie Lundmark or Pavel Brendl…

  76. Fantasy stuff: After the baseball strike, my friend got me into fantasy baseball. I hated baseball but really got into the fantasy side. Now I’m watching games and getting the baseball package so I can watch an Oakland game and see Matt Stairs get his 4 AB’s. We formed our own league and got some frineds involved. I did pretty well and made some money. Eventually we all lost interest in it and stopped a few years ago.

    With that, I was always asked to play fantasy hockey. With baseball, I didn’t care about teams so rooting for someone was easy. With hockey, I’m such a Rangers fan that I couldn’t see myself rooting for Erica Lindros to score against the Rangers and get me a point. So I never got into fantasy hockey. I do run a pay football pick’em league and I always have to pick the Giants cause their my team. It really sucks to pick against your team and either hope they win but don’t cover or lose.

    Hate it or not, fantasy stuff gets people into the games so I guess it’s a good thing for the NHL.

  77. ORR !! What Is It Good For ?!?!,

    Im pretty sure its not out yet! They usually make you wait until all the third jerseys are announced. Its pretty Lame!

  78. Nasty-
    My copy should arrive today!
    LOVE the new single “the Fixer”.
    They are a Great band – I am highly obsessed and have seen them a bunch.

    What a great show to be at – Pearl Jam’s live showa are head and shoulders above the rest. amazing, but they rock it out for memorable nights like that.

    Gonna run down and check my mailbox right now!

  79. shawn

    kirill kabanov

    if it meant drafting him (where the rangers would trade their 1st rd and tml 1st rd to move up) im all for it.

  80. Half & Half is definitely a good thing…. come to think of it, either half of a half & half is a good thing and the half you get isn’t half bad!

  81. Did battle for the cup last night in NHL 10, Cally was the MVP it was pretty awesome, i swear even in the game Avery gets everything called against him!

  82. darn.
    no album in my mailbox.

    don’t know if you’ve seen this Nasty:
    Pearl Jam covering the Who”s Amazing “Love Reign O’er Me” – from the VH1 Rock Honors – a show i could have gone to as my friend was working the taping.

    Sadly i had a prior commitment.
    I missed seeing this live:

  83. Tortorella called Redden “kind of a whipping boy around here,” and said similar things about Rozsival, but the coach has a big need for his two most experienced defensemen to have bounce-back seasons.

    hhmm… experience, in case of Redden and Rozi means absolutely nothing! But, i gotta good laugh outta the “whipping boy” comment!

  84. Zipay’s reporting the lines for tonight’s game from today’s half-hour skate:



    I’m most curious about Heikkinen who’s supposed to have a wicked shot. He’s considered a rookie but he’s got experience in the Finnish league.

  85. Oh man, was that close. I’ve been away for a few hours and noticed bitt had been canned, I was worried bitt was code for “wicky229” and I had been banned or something…..but i read further back in the posts and got it all sorted out. Man, I need a half and half now!!!!!

  86. Would McDonagh be allowed to play? He’s still an NCAA player right? Wouldn’t playing for a professional team violate the NCAA rules?

  87. Staal

    thanks for posting that link. Remember at the end of last season or I think it was around July 1st Torts was saying if “certain players don’t play up to their standards … Don’t expect to see them the year after” well if R squared don’t stand out. I would HOPE that Sather has the cojones to rid the team of the dead weight. $12mm in two players OY VEI!!!!

  88. zzzzzzzzzzzz
    You tell Sather to give in for once. He gives in for every free agent thats a big name. He just doesn’t give in for our home grown talent who loves the Rangers. This is a huge mistake, this whole dubinsky situation. Sather may get his way now, but he is ruining his relationship with Dubi and Dubi will get back at him next contract time when he ignores Sathers calls.

  89. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Nasty 1:

    HILARIOUS!! The real question is, if she said yes to the half & half she was thinking about, would YOU have accepted?

    And I heard most of the NEW Pearl Jam album too. Really, Really good.
    If you got halloween tix your a lucky man. Last night for the spectrum and Pearl Jam.

    They’ll be ripping the place apart that night

    And Dubi either signs or won’t play this year period.
    He’s going to have to accpet one of the offers and suck it up.

    And his agent from Brook’s and Zipay’s comments sounds like a total pompous ass. Score 20+ goals then you can start asking for millions while your an RFA

  90. I wonder if there will be performance clauses in the contract?? Or with the CBA that dosent exist? I’m not too clear with bonuses & the CBA.

  91. CCCP

    Not yet, im still trying to get used to the controls and style of the game, ive only played aboot 10 games so far. I did play one online shootout, and won. Im still preparing myself for some real competition.

    And that’s to bad McDonalds isn’t in camp, i wanted to see what the hype is all aboot with this kid. I mean the Habs fans were really crying when they found out he got dumped for Blowmez.

    Speaking of Blowmez, i have a bad feeling he’s gonna be raping Nyr in all 4 games. Ugh, something not to look forward to. Unless someone catches him with his head down.

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