The official cuts


Thanks to the guys who put this info in the comments earlier. Here’s the official word from the Rangers (sadly, The Moustache is gone):


34 Active Players Remain With The Club 

            New York, September 17, 2009 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has assigned the following 15 players to Hartford (AHL): goaltender Miika Wiikman; defensemen Trevor Glass, Brent Henley, Sam Klassen, Mike Sauer, David Urquhart, and Nigel Williams; and forwards Andres Ambuhl, Daniel Bartek, Devin DiDiomete, Brodie Dupont, Dan LaCouture, Matt Maccarone, Justin Soryal, and Dale Weise.  In addition, the Rangers returned five players to their respective junior club: goaltender Scott Stajcer (Owen Sound, OHL); defenseman Tomas Kundratek (Medicine Hat, WHL); and forwards Ryan Bourque (Quebec, QMJHL), Roman Horak (Chilliwack, WHL) and Ethan Werek (Kingston, OHL).

Forwards Tyler Arnason, Dane Byers, Corey Locke, Jordan Owens, and Patrick Rissmiller will continue training camp with Hartford.  Including these five players, the Rangers now have 34 players remaining in training camp, including four goaltenders, 10 defensemen and 20 forwards.  New York continues their exhibition schedule tomorrow, September 18 at 7:30 PM when the team will travel to Detroit to face-off against the Red Wings at Joe Louis Arena.

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  1. I can see Rissmiller getting sent down but Arnson why was this guy signed if he wasn’t going to make the big club. Also I have a strange feeling Voros is making this team. Don’t be shocked if he makes this team.

  2. no w3ay mako. i wont trade ovie unless u have kovalchuk or malkin to send. i want hank but i got a starter in backstrom. im willing to trade erik johnson, horton, boedkker and stafford ok. and komiasarek and redden on d. let me know if u want any of them. i already proposed a trade with somer, so let me know fast. i gave her an offer she cant refuse!!

  3. OHHHHHHHHH my trade was DENIED! Guess Williams wasnt good enough with Lundqvist to get Ovechkin.

    Hmmm Ok What about Daniel “dont call me Danny” Briere & Lundqvist for Ovie?

  4. LOL Come on Mike – I thought it was Ovie for LQ straight up. And lemme tell you… You’re gonna need more than just one starter for your goalies ;)

  5. Voros is so bad… he can not get to the puck or the puck carrier. He can’t fight at the NHL level either. Can’t see him making the team.

    Gilroy looks great. A bit smaller than you-know-who, but I was thinking last night, as a poster noted earlier, Mike Green-lite. Similar to a Dan Boyle, but a bit quicker, but not quite Campbell… will he get better?

    Grachev should play all the games. He reminds me of Jagr a bit, just not as polished. I think he could be a center also.

    Del Zotto did not play well last night. I think he is physically over matched right now.

    Redden, Rozi and Girardi are in preseason mode. Staal needs to make a jump this year.

    Lisin is around the puck, I’d continue to give him a shot.

    Owens I like, Boyle I like.

    Arnison and Rissmiller are non-entities. I like Semenov, the big dman.

  6. I believe in a life full of love, and full of life. I swing in Texas, listening to the alligators moan, while i eat the pork off it’s bone, and sing the unknown. This is life, and death, ya dig ?

  7. yeah you will see him on Sept 19th on your roster…

    Funny trade you proposed to me next LOL Im gonna start drinking after that one ;)

  8. owens scored a good goal. i like him too. mikeA scouted him well. he couldve been a betts replacement or shoe replacement, but we do need bigger guys on the team, and he may have to wait another year. hes kinda small too. he did score, but i think he needsto add much more offense to his game to make the team. he had what 7 goals last year in hartford? if he can at least double that, then he could have a shot next year.

  9. Furthermore…. XBOX live reports Brandon Dubinsky is getting bored playing NHL10. Wants his agent to get a deal done so he can add himself to his fantasy team.

  10. Doodie Machetto on

    So far, the defensemen battle is playing out as I predicted before the preseason. Sauer didn’t stand a chance.

  11. I have 3. Just a good thing to have if Price and LQ arent playing. I wanted to get a West coast goalie but they were all taken.

  12. Couldn’t help but laugh at this one…I was playing NHL 10 before and Bill Clement cuts off Gary Thorne to tell me (about Drury) “You think this guy isn’t clutch? He was on the mound for the Little League World Series championship game for Trumbull, Connecticut when they won it all!”

    Anyone else hear this yet?

    And where is Capt. Clutch? We miss you man.

  13. Let me say one thing as a season ticket holder. I hate hate hate Aaron Voros. But as much as we ridicule him, give him credit for this. The man ALWAYS fights. He has to know he will lose. But he fights. He isn’t a 3rd line NHLer but he’s a good 4th liner. The guy has heart if nothing else, and gladly gives up his fce for the good of his teammates. Isn’t that what we want from a bottom depth chart guy?

  14. I give much credit to guys like Voros, I commend him for making it to the NHL. He accomplished his dream, and not too many people can say that. I hope he stays and plays for us, If not, I wish him well.

    I don’t think Gaborik is going to stay healthy, and what happens when playoffs come around and he is fatigued?
    Hank better be awesome this year.

  15. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Chris F.
    September 17th, 2009 at 8:14 pm
    Trade Dubi and a high pick for Jared Staal.
    Jared was a bust last time I checked.

    Couldn’t help but laugh at this one…I was playing NHL 10 before and Bill Clement cuts off Gary Thorne to tell me (about Drury) “You think this guy isn’t clutch? He was on the mound for the Little League World Series championship game for Trumbull, Connecticut when they won it all!”
    Are you kidding me? One of the MSG broadcasters for the panel they held a few weeks ago asked Drury if he had heard enough about that and his response was “I don’t know, i’ve been milking it quite awhile” … yea, really? Only made you about 4million more than you should have earned the past two years.

  16. shory- oh yea, i heard that one. i couldnt stop laughing. but drury is better than gabby in the game. hes faster and has a better shot!! through 5 games dru has 9 goals. gabby has 3. i also traded duby, sangs and a 5th rounder for kessel and a 4th at the draft. they give sangs alot of trade value in the game. higher than every dman except staal i think.

  17. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Mike(Grabachevorik)in IA
    September 17th, 2009 at 10:44 pm
    so honestly, do u guys think gilroy could be on the 1st D pairing as the season goes along. i really think he will, and him and staal would make a great pair.

    Gilroy’s spot will actually be determined by who he plays with and how they play together. If the other pairs solidify in anyway that leaves Rozsival with Gilroy, then they will not be the top pair. However, if Gilroy stays with Staal or even gets Girardi and maybe Redden (who i’ve never thought was great, but i’ve never thought he was terrible either) then they’ll probably make the #1 pair. The biggest problem will be who is good enough on defense for Gilroy to take some chances and we all know Rozi ain’t.

  18. Beth

    Oh, he destroyed him!!! That is how you play D.

    Hey grabachev

    dude you are cracking me up with the trades…..You interested in another league as well, I usually fire mine up next week!!

  19. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "ATTA boy ,Gilroy!!!!… says Greg L. on

    Dam Azzlanders are hanging out here in Saskatoon for training camp and to play a few games.Why couldn’t it had been the Rangers instead!!??? I ‘m not going to see ’em …even if they are headlining Tavares.

  20. Blair Betts played against Toronto..looked in mid season form,but not good enough for these home team immortals. Played on a line, and was in the mix all night. What a dope to have let him drift in the wind. He hits, he skates and handles the puck well…AND he plays a nifty defensive game. Teams drool over this kind of diversity on their teams..but all past history now.

    This Owens kid intrigues me. He played a very formidable and aggressive game, and I’d never heard of him. Someone to keep one’s eye on.

    I still can’t believe that Voros is hanging on.

    A perverse exhibit of the sacrificial goat perhaps?

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