Cut-down day (updated)


The Rangers will cut down to 29, 30 or so today. Some thoughts after a couple of preseason games:

1) The Avery Rules are in effect even for preseason games. I mean, geez, he knocked over a goalie last night, but the puck was already in the net, and then he got punched in the face by Mike Mottau. The result: Goal disallowed, two minutes for goalie interference and two more for yapping to the ref. Why not give him one of those phantom Colton Orr major penalties, and suspend him, too? At the very least, the goal should have counted and Mottau should have gotten two minutes.

2) Matt Gilroy will not be one of the cuts today or ever. The guy is on the team, and if what he’s shown so far is real, he’s here to stay for a long time. So kudos have to go to Glen Sather and his hockey people for signing Gilroy as a free agent. He may be the most gifted D-man the Rangers have had since you-know-who.

3) Evgeny Grachev looks like he belongs, but we have to see more before we know he surely does. Same with Del Zotto,who is on the bubble. I don’t mind the way Potter is playing at all.

4) The Rangers sure have some XXL-sized guys now. Unfortunately most of them aren’t very good.

5) How about Ochocinco? Chad Johnson should change his number to 85. I don’t know if he beats out Valiquette for the backup job, though, but he looked pretty good. Except that he got beat on the first shot he saw, and long before the pathetic Prudential Center p.a. guy realized there had been a change in goal.

5) Hate to say it, but Redden looks decent.

6) They should have shootouts at the end of every preseason game. Then none during the season.

7) The Rangers really barely have enough players to start the season, especially if Gaborik and/or Dubinsky don’t.

Here’s the official game summary.


I’m going to put out the guest blog schedule for next week, and just want to check: Somerset and ZzZz, are you guys planning to volunteer? Last time you were both interested, but I haven’t heard from you.


AFTERNOON UPDATE, 12:52 P.M.: Got to go to a football game soon, and the cuts are expected around 3 p.m., so I won’t be able to post them. If you guys spot them on another site and want to put them in the comments, great. But please credit the site from which you, ahem, “borrowed” them, i.e. Andrew Gross or Steve Zipay or whomever. OK? Thanks.

I’m still waiting to hear from Somerset. The clock is ticking.

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  1. I will throw a party of Rozsival gets cut, but of course, he won’t. Dear Lord he’s USELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    DZ is not ready for the NHL yet, but I think Torts should give him the 9 games.

    Boyle had a decent game, but Arnason/Rissmiller were invisible.

    Subtrace 95 from Gilroy’s jersey.

    Dubinsky is really starting to piss me off. I almost regret buying his jersey.

  2. sather needs to find a way to get rid of rosival, he stinks. I wasn’t a big fan of signing Gaborik even though the rangers need a scorer. Gaborik has never been healthy enough to play the entire season or even three quarters of the season. The rangers will be lucky if Gaborik plays half the season. That’s probably why the experts don’t see the rangers making the playoffs.

  3. grachev, gilroy, and del zotto are nhl players….need Dubi in camp soon…what the heck is his agent telling him?? Tale the $700+ K for 1 year and play well then get better deal next summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I really think Dubi’s going to get traded – I just don’t see Torts being the kind of coach who is going to hold a spot for a young player holding out. I think he and Slats move him for a stay at home blueliner to pair with Gilroy

  5. Carp

    if i only knew where to look for kaspar i would drag him back here by the freaking ears!


    do you want Scott’s phone number? he said that he can work out few different plans…

    here is the #: Tel 212-465-6077

    if you decide to call tell him Anatoliy gave you the number…so he knows that i wasnt full of sh*t lol

  6. I was pretty impressed with Gilroy after Tuesday’s game but after last night and everything I’ve read, it really sounds like the kids the real deal. Now you have to take into account that it is preseason/pre-roster cuts, but if he continues to play with that confidence and Schoefeld/Torts are better able to harness his aggressive offensive instincts during the course of the season we may have ourselves a legit defensive scoring threat. Wooohooo!

  7. I hope Callahan gets cut. he’s too small. No More smurf Hockey. He’s North American and you know how they play. Absolutely no finesse or play making ability. Bamboozling fans that they have talent because they look like they are hustling by constantly uselessly moving wasting energy to make fans think they are actually doing something productive.

    Sorry, I want to join in this irrationality fest as far as Rozsival goes

    Are You drinking the Kool-Aid ? That’s the topic for tonight on Ranger Crisis Radio. We will also be discussing who impressed and depressed us so far in these arduous and epic two pre-season battles.

    Ranger Crisis Radio Tonight 9-11PM EST

  8. Its all very well everyone saying get rid of Roszival but that would leave Redden as the only veteran D-man. Are you ready for a season like that? Roszy will get better when he settles into the system and he gets a few games under his belt.

    Its interesting to see who will join Gilroy in the #6 and #7 spots on D, it might be best to send MDZ down to the minors otherwise he might find himself short on ice time, Potter sounds like he’ll make the final roster with one other.

    Surely Voros is just being showcased as trade-bait, $1m is a waste of money for a big guy who’s only weapon is to use his face to hurt your fists and with Brashear around who needs him?

  9. Morning gang…
    I’m not sure I necessary care where we end up as we rebuild with even more youth, but I could really enjoy watching a young team with Gilroy, DZ, and Grachev go through the up and downs learning the game at the NHL level.

  10. Irrationality fest? Rozsival BLOWS. He’s awful. He’s soft. He can’t play defense worth a stink!

    I don’t care if it’s preseason. He was responsible for two goals against last night, and at least 3 passes to Shanny.

  11. I can’t see how Gilroy doesn’t get a 3rd pair spot. However I’d be cautious before comparing him to an all time great. Still you gotta love his decisiveness with the puck versus the timidness the blueline showed last year. It will be interesting to see how he fares against NHL level competition on a nightly basis. He’ll be tempting fate if he goes for those aggressive pinches against teams like Pittsburgh. But if he turns into Mike Green-lite, then that was an outstanding catch for the Rangers.

    Perhaps this means they keep Semenov? He’s got some size and has the experience. Going with two rookies wouldn’t be completely unprecedented as Staal and Girardi were newbies a couple of years ago.

  12. ive been saying this for a while rosi is worse thsn redden. when rosival was signed i was absolutely furious. cause i knew how lazy he was. he made so many rookie mistakes last night.

  13. Pavel he had one sub par year. he’s been paired with Redden and Malek the last three years. We will have to agree to disagree on this one. He does passes up too many shots on the PP that I will give you.

  14. I’d love too CCCP just not feasible this year… grinds my gears though because I bet if I’d had the money I could have upgraded to a full season. thanks though.

  15. Every year was sub-par with Rozsival. Don’t get me started on Malik. :)

    Think about it this way… picture any roster player (or potential player in camp).. imagine them on the ice in a very important situation, be it a deep faceoff with seconds left, or a PK… of ALL the players on this team, I fear having Rozsival and Voros in that situation. I can tolerate anyone else.

  16. Mouth is in a funny mood today… he wants Callahan to be cut and says Rozi i not useless…

    maybe it is early…maybe Rozi needs few games…maybe… but what we saw last night is exactly the same thing we’ve been seeing for the past 2 years…

  17. Anyone else a bit worried about Anisimov?

    I know its only 2 games, and its only preseason. I guess I just had higher expectations, it seems Grachev is outplaying him. considering how weak we are down the middle, I was hoping for more out of artie

  18. Does anyone think that if Dubinsky doesn’t come back that means Grachev makes the team? You figure that they’re down to two top 6 centers, Drury and Prospal. If he stays on the team Anisimov might get 3rd line duties and then Boyle or Arnason on the 4th but I had thought that Prospal was slated for the wing rather than center if Dubi was in the picture. So by slotting Prospal at center you’ll need a wing. Making the forwards look like (in no particular order):

    C: Drury/Prospal/Anisimov/Boyle
    RW: Gaborik/Callahan/Kotalik/Byers
    LW: Higgins/Avery/Grachev/Brashear

  19. Jive, i thought he might even be able to push Dubi for #1 center if he found some chemistry with Gabby but neither Dubi or Gabby has been on the ice and Ansimov is looking pretty ordinary.

    My positive feelings thanks to Gilroy, Grachev and MDZ are being tempered by our significant lack of depth down the middle. At the moment the depth chart at C looks like Prospal, Drury, ??, ??

  20. Trade Dubinsky, Sanguinetti, and a first rounder for Phil Kessel. Come on Slats, pull the trigger.

  21. Gilroy can be a big threat from the blueline.
    Gaborik needs to play with Prospal. They really can’t score well right now. At least not the forwards.

  22. CCCP-EXACTLY!! Anybody who thinks we’re better off with Rozsival is crazy. Granted last night was his 1st preseason game. But he counted for 2 against last night and I still see a timid D who is afraid to be the 1st one into the corner and take the hit. When he’s got the puck in his own end it’s panick time. Problem is nobody else wants him. I can only hope Torts works some kind of miracle and he comes back to the D he was 3 years ago.

  23. Doodie – doesn’t clear enough cap space. It’ll be hard for the Rangers to get a deal done with Boston because they can’t take a cap hit either. Right now we have what, 3 mil? Plus we’ll probably end up signing Semenov. Not enough room to get a deal done with Kessel.

  24. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Pre-Season surprises!!!!… says Greg L. on

    Ra Ra Rangers….whoaaa m-mouth? was that you saying cally is too small? He is kinda small but in today NHL , small is in..see Kane and Theo Fluery!!!

    Well , Carp … wouldn’t be fair if Orr didn’t have the shot before me ..that way everyone is distracted before I get fed to the wolves.

  25. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Who ever is bashing Gaborik ALREADY b/c he isn’t playing need to give him a break. This was only game 2 of PRESEASON, there is nothing the matter with being cautious during the preseason. Which would you rather do have him play preseason with a sore groin and hurt it more and be out at the start of the season or let him slowly work into playing shape during preseason. Some people on this blog have to learn to be patient and keep their thoughts in check. Now if he is going to be out for a portion of the real season then give Sather hell for signing him.
    Ok I am complaining about the bloggers today. Here is another, whoever said they should let Callahan go better do a reality check, yes he’s small but he hits big plays big and he is the real thing. You should see him have a better season this year with Torts style of play and quit bashing a player that was voted favorite NY Ranger of the year last year.
    I sure hope we hear something SOMETHING, one way or the other about Dubinsky b/f the end of the week. it would be nice to have him in there during some of the preseason games to start gelling with some new players. I said I would like him to get 1 mil, but it’s time to back down and like whoever said above sign for the 7gs and playy big this year and set your self up for a major contract next year. If you don’t get it, then walk. Wish I could get some of the pre games on TV but being out of the area I can not. GO GILROY, GO Rangers.

  26. I’m not worried about Anisimov…yet. He only played one game, so it’s way too early to call him a disappointment.

    I didn’t get to see last nights game, so I can’t comment. I guess I am most surprised that Ambuhl hasn’t been given a shot. Here’s my shot at who is still on the roster after todays cuts:

    F: Avery, Gaborik, Prospal, Drury, Kotalik, Callahan, Higgins, Anisimov, Brashear, Boyle, Lisin, Voros, Byers, Parenteau, Grachev, (and one of: Arnason, Rissmiller, Owens or Crowder)

    D: Staal, Girardi, Redden, Roszival, Gilroy, Del Zotto, Potter, Sanguninetti, Semenov, and maybe Heikkinen.

    G: Lundqvist, Valliquette, Johnson, Zaba

  27. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Pre-Season surprises!!!!… says Greg L. on

    Hank is hung out to dry game in and game out by blunders from Rosival and Redden. Everyone knows if young Staal makes a mistake , we can live with it. When older over paid guys like Rozi/Redden do it , we are not so forgiving.
    Solution? DO NOT LET REDDEN OR ROZI see any regular season ice. Ever.Trade ’em , sell ’em ,ditch’em,buy ’em out,send ’em down…or just scratch ’em!! Send them where Kasparitis and KASPAR went and do not look back!!

  28. Be careful what you wish for in Kessell. The kid has been a “me-first” player since he was a little kid and always rubs his teammates the wrong way. He’s talented, but I see him and Torts being a neverending soap opera.

  29. Doodie – 2 words SALARY CAP. Kessel will not fit under the cap if all we cut is Sanguinetti and Dubi, he’s looking for a $5m per contract.

    I honestly can’t see Kessel going anywhere but Toronto, they have $6m in cap space even with 11F, 9D and 2G on their roster

  30. after watching both games and seeing most of the players we have to offer i really dont think we will be in the playoffs. rozival and redden are useless as our top veteran dmen and i still think scoring will be a major issue. as hank goes so does this team. boyle hasnt shown me enough. del zotto needs another year in juniors. we need a vet d mean to pair with gilroy and that dmen is outside of the org right now. drury we all know is the worst.

    im down on this team a lot more then i thought i would be

  31. Carp, I agree with you. Redden looked decent last night, he made some intelligent dump ins, a few good passes here and there, and he pinched in and joined the rush intelligently a few times….but with all that being said he still pisses me off because he never skates hard-i understand its pre season but he has to turn the engine up a bit, it looks like he is going in slow motion….

    gilroy looks GREAT, this guy can skate people, he is gliding out on the ice every shift

    del zotto controls the puck well, he is the first blueliner in a long time who i feel confident in who can settle the PP down and dish to puck to kotalik, rozsival, whoever….he skates pretty well backwards and hopefully he makes the team because he could help this PP right away….

    parrentau i thought had a decent game last night as well…..

  32. Okay, get off Gaborik’s back people. So negative. Gross is reporting that Gaborik has been practicing for four days already and skated in a scrimmage today and tallied a goal. I’m all for being realistic but it seems like some of you just want him to get hurt to prove your point.

  33. Hockeyman and Krispy, I agree with you guys. Tons of players pull groins during camp, and if Gaborik is feeling a tweak or anything, he should be going slowly now. He’s coming off surgery last year. They should baby him for as long as they have to so he can last a full season (or as much of it as possible). Playing in preseason games isn’t crucial for him. Being as healthy as possible is. It’s smart. Plus he is skating and practicing, so it’s not like he’s laid up or on crutches or anything.

  34. Anybody notice that every goal we have given up so far has been a power play goal???
    Too early to start worrying about that yet……. but special teams will make the difference this year. We need to score on the advantage and somehow try to be comparable to last year’s penalty kill……. oh yeah, and maybe keeping Avery out of the penalty box might help too !!!

  35. Gabby’s groin is well down my list of concerns i’ve had those kind of issues when playing soccer and the best thing you can do is rest and let it heal and when you feel it a bit during practice back-off a bit.
    I’m more interested in today’s cuts, Dubi’s contract, Avery’s mistreatment, Grachev & MDZ making the team, Voros’s presence on the roster…..

  36. maccarone was cut i believe. if you look @ the red and white teams from the scrimmage this morning that might hint @ who stays and goes.

  37. No Country For Old Rangers on


    Are you daft? After watching 2 pre-season games you are ready to give up on the year? didnt the 94 squad go winless in the pre-season? talk about reactionaries. i thought my girlfriend was bad

  38. heres the teams from this morning

    Red: Ales Kotalik, Marian Gaborik, Evgeny Grachev, Christopher Higgins, Vinny Prospal, Enver Lisin, Chris Drury, Ryan Callahan, Ilkka Heikkinen, Matt Gilroy, Dan Girardi, Wade Redden, Marc Staal, Steve Valiquette, Matt Zaba.

    White: Sean Avery, Artem Anisimov, P.A. Parenteau, Aaron Voros, Paul Crowder, Donald Brashear, Brian Boyle, Corey Potter, Alexei Semenov, Bobby Sanguinetti, Michael Del Zotto, Michal Rozsival, Henrik Lundqvist, Chad Johnson

  39. Dunno if any of you guys caught the Boston/Toronto game last night, but Colton Orr played a helluva game. He had a couple scoring opportunities, and nobody had the stones to fight him.

  40. “Doodie – doesn’t clear enough cap space. It’ll be hard for the Rangers to get a deal done with Boston because they can’t take a cap hit either. Right now we have what, 3 mil? Plus we’ll probably end up signing Semenov. ”

    By my count we have about 4 million. And obviously you let Semenov walk if you can get Kessel signed. It would have to be a sign and trade deal.

    Also, he won’t be ready to play until December, so that’s plenty of time to shed some salary, even if you have to strand it in Hartford.

  41. I think the Mouth was trying to make a funny with his Callahan statement. Too bad there’s no sarcasm boldface on the interweb.

  42. Has Heikkinen played in the preseason? If he has, I didn’t notice him. Probably not a good thing. Unless you’re Michael Rozsival. Then I’m hoping I didn’t notice him because it’s usually something bad.

  43. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    “4) The Rangers sure have some XXL-sized guys now. Unfortunately most of them aren’t very good.”

    Unfortunately they didn’t learn after Voros, Antropov, Morris…

  44. Hi Uncle Rick !

    Can I ask you a question ?

    I am sitting here in Europe seeing the teams make a preparation camp for almost five weeks with three weeks of preason games installing team concepts lines and testing newcomers..!

    Why is it so short over there in NHL ? They only met at September 12th for two days of conditioning and playing the first half of preason with mostly young guys and have only three preseason games with the exspected lineup and only one another week for installing team concept, lines and strategy ?

    Wouldn´t it be better for a new coach like John Tortorella who wants to change the Rangers team into more high paced team to have much more time to work on team related stuff ????

    I would really apreciate any kind of response even from anyone :)

    P.S. I know it is commons sense and the NHL makes rules when to start preseason for every team as in contrast all teams in Europe can decide about that indivually but I always thought in the past it is simply too short…

  45. OK, so he’s not making the team then. I figured as much in my preseason preview. As I said, Gilroy almost definitely, MDZ or Sanguinetti if they could prove themselves (which they haven’t), Potter the fall back guy, and possibly an outside guy, and it’s looking like Semenov will be that guy.

    BTW, who the hell is Paul Crowder? The fact that he is anywhere near the top 30 just shows how thin we are down the middle.

  46. Koala, welcome back. Some teams — i.e. the Devils — play fewer preseason games. But the Rangers feel the need to sell tickets three times at home, and this year provide programming for MSG Network. If it were my team, five would be the maximum preseason games, and no travel — only bus rides. More practice time.

  47. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    These young D men , really make Rozival and Redden expendable,too bad they can’t be moved because of the money.

    But if I was Torts ,I simply wouldn’t give them much ice time, I would make their lives so miserable they would beg for trade.
    Then I would unload them.

  48. Onecup, if there’s no trade market for Rozi and Redden how exactly will not playing them make them more marketable?

  49. the less redden and rozsival play the less they screw up. putting them in in situations where they cant screw up will hopefully boost their value.

    if lets say for instance in the middle of the game a pie eating contest breaks out, you throw redden and rozsival out there. instantly their +/- ratings go up as does their TOI. unless they take a dumb penalty for eating w/ their hands (cant see that happening especially w/ reddens inability to drop the gloves except for the ONE TIME) i think its a win/win situation.

  50. hm, I have seen the first two games now of the Rangers, but how can Torts really decide if a Gilroy, del Zotto, Owens, etc. are ready for the NHL when they play against other teams which have also only newcomers in their lineup..

    To me, those games are almost useless and additonally they are stealing practice time…

    I understand the need to test them but then you need to extent the whole preparation time to work on chemistry, team concept against tougher opponents and even it is better for the fans but they know they have more intresting lineup during preseason..

  51. on gabby he is fine and healthy and ready to go. taking it easy w/ their investment

    and nothing is going on w/ dubi, talks all day but nothing so far.

  52. The call on Avery was a joke..The puck was already in net before he touched the goalie…

    As soon as he is touching an opposing player little bit harder, or sporting a strong look on his face on a linesman he got penalized…

    Is this an order from the commissoner himself ?:)

  53. Running the goaltender is prohibited except in cases where that goaltender is Henrik Lundqvist. You gotta read the fine print.

  54. sam (not the great Weinman) on

    Rick –

    My name is just supposed to be a joke. You are great at what you do. Very friendly and communicative with the posters on here.

    Definitely moreso than Pete Abraham. But then again, you are not a fan of the rival of the team you are covering. (sorry, i had to get a dig in at Pete.)

    I just went back and saw that you agreed with mini Dubi and mini Drury in that ATT commercial. Thanks!

  55. Thanks Rick..

    I hope you know I am planning to return to Madison Square Garden beginning from Dec 11th for the first time since 2003 for a couple of games including the two derbys against the Islanders..

    I am able to see any Rangers game despite the six hour difference so please keep me informed about all the inside..

    Thanks again :)

  56. Valiquette seems to be headed for a great season. Hopefully he’ll get 20 games or more so Hank can actually have some gas in the tank come playoff time.

  57. The only way you get rid of Rosival is if you are shipping out him and dubi for a #1 center

    That also means you have to skate 3 rookie dmen

  58. Rozi & Redden are going nowhere. They are “lifers” Here for life. I thought they had Rozi traded with Dubi this summer, but that deal died when Dallas asked for more kids. The NYR need 2 years to flush out the lousy contracts, and then you will see some real hockey on Broadway.

  59. Nothing official, but this is from Zipay:

    “Some (unofficial) survivors

    Judging by the fellows on ice at this stage (who appear to be headed for Hartford or juniors or elsewhere, the 10 defenseman who will survive the first camp cuts are: Del Zotto, Heikkinen, Gilroy, Girardi, Redden, Rozsival, Potter, Staal, Sanguinetti and Semenov.

    As I mentioned this morning, looks like Alaska grad Chad Johnson will join Lundqvist and Valiquette in goal.

    On offense (15) : Anisimov, Avery, Boyle, Brashear, Callahan, Paul Crowder, Drury, Gaborik, Grachev, Higgins, Kotalik, Lisin, Parenteau, Prospal and Voros. That’s 28, not sure of the other forward or two…. “

  60. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Does any body still Mara?
    He is too old and slow footed compared to the young guys.

    When and if you make a players life so miserable they want out, they sometimes want their contracts bought out at a discount just to get the hell out.
    Make Rozy and redden’s life miserable, they’ll beg to get out.
    They have it great here in NY.

  61. Sorry Pavel…lol
    Your good dude, you actually bring the news,
    with my method you actually have to click…hehe

  62. Mottau should be suspended for his sucker punch last night, but he’ll probably get a bonus from the league instead. He never would have did that with Brashear around.

    Anyone know when you have to make your final cuts and reveal the regular season roster by?

  63. question for all.

    looking at it appears that rob nidermayer is headed to the khl because no nhl team has come calling. i for one think that for 800k rob would make a decent 3rd or 4th line center and is an upgrade over boyle or arnason or whoever might be headed for that role.

    sykora to wild for 1.6 for 1 year

    afinogenov has tryout with thrashers.

    comments on nidermayer

  64. I would really prefer that they would practice the powerplay with the big guys instead of cutting players out of camp :)

    You guys really think that Higgins, Lisin, Prospal, Gaborik can do a better job than last years version of Gomez, Naslund, Zherdev or Antropov ????

  65. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Rob Nidermayer, Maxim Afinogenov and (to a lesser degree) Petr Sykora and Theoron Fleury are getting tryouts with teams [to prove themselves again!]. These guys have played some serious roles on past teams! And we’re paying 1+million to Reissmiller, Voros, and whatever money to Boyle?! Uggg. Sather is frustrating. Glenn, notice how other teams are letting players compete in camp for their pay check? What they’re NOT doing is signing AHL players to decent NHL contracts.

  66. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    September 17th, 2009 at 1:45 pm
    The only way you get rid of Rosival is if you are shipping out him and dubi for a #1 center

    No team is shipping out a #1 center (who isn’t being overpayed) for those two, sorry.

  67. true fans

    i couldnt agree with you more. tons of teams are bringing guys in on tryouts that can help in secondary roles and we have money tied up in guys that bring absolutely nothing to this team. voros, boyle, rismiller. i say btwn these 3 guys they make 2.8 mill. thats a waste.

  68. I saw some of that Toronto game last night. Orr will become a favorite at Maple Leaf gardens. They’ve always taken to the tough mavericks with marginal scoring but heavy punching power. ( i.e. Tie Domi,Bill Ezinicki,etc.)

    I was simply bemused watching the 3/4 time tempo of Redden and Rozi last night. Pathetic exhibitions by hi priced vet D men. They should be ashamed to step out on to the ice..

    You Post emigres, this is fran here, in my alter ego sign in

  69. Ranger Crisis Radio Tonight 9- 11PM

    We will be talking about the cuts ! The Rangers so far. And the fans ground swell of new found optimism for the Rangers future.

    Call In Pavel lets have a spirited debate about Rozsival :)

    You’re never going to hear exclusively Ranger talk anywhere on mainstream media especially an outlet for the Hockey fan to speak

    The show is all about the Rangers fan, so call in and be heard.

  70. Eric, True fans- the new CBA doesn’t allow the players to retire in New York anymore- detrimental to our salary cap. So Dolan retires them in Hartford these days. Don’t worry, your season ticket prices thoroughly reflect their salaries.

  71. cccp- i gotta thank you for that hockeystreams link. i got to see the game very clearly without any lag, and even got to see a replay cuz i missed the first period and a half. only 70 bucks for the season too, which if i wouldve gone with gamecenter, which doesnt even show preseason, i wouldve paid 240 per yr. goin by the $20/month deal. idk what u pay for a years subscription, but i definitely saved some money. no more tryin desperately to find a crappy link that lags every night for a game. thanks buddy!!

  72. That sounds really positive ….:)

    The season hasn´t started yet and we already have a Rangers-Crisis :):):)

  73. Excellent observations. Especially on the Avery Rules. Just ridiculous.

    If they had balls, they’d cut Rozsival if he continues such pathetic play.

  74. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    So let’s talk about who we are pretty much 99% sure will be on the opening night roster

    Redden/Rosival –
    All 4 are 100% making the team no matter how we all dream

    Gilroy – 90% chance/pretty much his spot to lose now

    That leaves 2-3 spots max:

    Del Zotto 60% chance looks good, but young.
    Heikkinen 25% (prob Hartford and as a Call up)
    Potter 40% Chance if Del Z and Semenov don’t make it
    Sanguinetti – 15% Chance(doesnt look good for him)
    Semenov – 40% Chance if Del Z and Potter don’t make it

    And now the Forwards: (these aren’t lines)

    All 8 of them are 100% making the team

    That leaves 3-4 open spots:

    Anisimov – 90% chance (his spot to lose esp w/ no Dubi)
    Grachev – 65% chance (depends on next few games and no Dubi)
    Lisin – 85% chance good 3rd of 4th liner
    Boyle – 80% chance(big body, 4th line center/PK)
    Crowder – 20% chance (i jsut dont see him making the cut)
    Voros – 15% chance (should already be in Hartford)
    Parenteau – 15% AHL lifer unless he ultra impresses

    And of Course:

    Dubi – 50/50 (if he sings he plays first or 2nd line center

    So that’s a grand total of 5-7 spots still to be decided upon, and with no Dubi.

    The next cuts should be very interesting

  75. TR 808,
    Just wondering who your sources were, and why Dubinsky’s tipping (or lack of) were news. If you had a credible source, I was just wondering who it was. I sent you an email. You don’t have to answer.

  76. cccp or mike in ia

    is this hockeystream thing for 70 bucks a computer thing only thats better then center ice or is a television package also thats cheaper then center ice on tv

  77. How stupid is Dubinsky…I mean this is unbelievable…I hate to say it but lately Sather is making more sense.

  78. I’m looking forward to a Brashear and Clarkson battle. That fight will boost Brashear’s standing with the blueshirt fanbase.

    Any comments?

  79. eric- its online. i dont have satellite, i got the local cable called mediacom. i get versus on it, and fsn midwest. so i cant get center ice or nhl network. i was using gamecenter for most of last season and if the game was on versus it wouldnt be broadcasted online. and in the playoffs they didnt show one ranger game on gamecenter. i sucked. and it was expensive. this hockeystream thing is great. 69 bucks for the season, plus they have preseason, reg,and playoffs, plus the draft coverage. and if u mis the game, they have a replay of it. i dont know how long they keep the games archived, but im sure if u miss the game and wanna watch it that same night or the next day, u can. i missed half teh game and got to replay it later on. very good quality too. you can get it in hd. its more money though. i got the regular package.,

    banj- idk about multiple games. i’ll have to find out soon ok.

  80. CCCP
    Take it from the old spy – Koala in Paris, eating “kashtan” leaves and tries to learn Cyrillic..

  81. Come on Orr –

    how could you not run right out & get it ;)

    Don’t forget SNL =P

    I don’t wanna be a pain in asking this again and if someone answered it I apologize for not seeing the answer. Anyone in the try state who has time
    Warner – did any of you lose Versus on HD? it’s not on my channel list. I have it for the regular channel, just not in HD. Anyone else ?

  82. “6) They should have shootouts at the end of every preseason game. Then none during the season.”

    UGH! Another self-procliamed “traditionalist.” You sound just as lame as an 80-year old dude saying they should not be wearing helmets either. Get a grip, man. It isn’t going anywhere, so you might as well get used to it and stop whining about it everytime…

    No one on this board can even name a great tie game from the past… it’s becasue they’re all forgettable.

  83. Rangers reduce active camp roster to 34
    Team reassigns 20 players from 2009 main training camp
    Thursday, 09.17.2009 / 4:18 PM / Team

    New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has assigned the following 15 players to Hartford (AHL): goaltender Miika Wiikman; defensemen Trevor Glass, Brent Henley, Sam Klassen, Mike Sauer, David Urquhart, and Nigel Williams; and forwards Andres Ambuhl, Daniel Bartek, Devin DiDiomete, Brodie Dupont, Dan LaCouture, Matt Maccarone, Justin Soryal, and Dale Weise.

    In addition, the Rangers returned five players to their respective junior club: goaltender Scott Stajcer (Owen Sound, OHL); defenseman Tomas Kundratek (Medicine Hat, WHL); and forwards Ryan Bourque (Quebec, QMJHL), Roman Horak (Chilliwack, WHL) and Ethan Werek (Kingston, OHL).

    Forwards Tyler Arnason, Dane Byers, Corey Locke, Jordan Owens, and Patrick Rissmiller will continue training camp with Hartford. Including these five players, the Rangers now have 34 players remaining in training camp, including four goaltenders, 10 defensemen and 20 forwards.

  84. gross has the cuts up. he has really stepped it up this preseason, no reason at all to read zipay anymore

  85. off topic

    To all my fellow Jewish (and of course non-Jewish)Rangers fans…SHANA TOVA! Happy Rosh Hashanah! Healthy and wealthy new year to everyone!


  86. so after assigning those 5 guys to hartford cap and i am talking about
    arnason locke,byers,owens, and rissmiller

    we have 15 forwards left. you dress 12 for game

    what three guys go

    crowder parentau and prob voros.

    has crowder played yet i mean i dont know much on him surprised hes one of 15 left.

    anyone know anything about crowder.

    looks like grachev has good shot of top 12

  87. Not sure if anyone here has heard of this site, but it’s called and it links to a lot of hockey stories from around the web every morning, as well as editorials and such. My second favorite hockey site, after this one of course haha. Great time-killer between classes for me.

  88. eric maybe a little less time commenting and more time looking for a job. you just got married for God sakes.

  89. I wouldn’t say that about Zipay; I think he and Gross have both been good in the opening of training camp.

    Carp – I’m glad you jumped on the Chad Johnson #85 train.

    I can’t believe that Gross thought Semenov and Heikkinen would not be with the team after this round of cuts. I’m guessing he thought Heikkinen would be cut because he played with Hartford yesterday. I’m surprised they kept four goalies rather than three.

    Does anybody understand what Gross means with this line?: “For technical reasons regarding waivers, Tyler Arnason, Dane Byers, Corey Locke, Patrick Rissmiller and Jordan Owens are continuing training camp with Hartford (AHL) but are still part of the Rangers’ current plans. Hartford practices Saturday, Sunday and Monday with their first game Wednesday.”

    I can’t believe that three people actually thought The Mouth was being serious with his cut Callahan paragraph.

  90. Whoa,

    I would love to sit in Paris…. :)

    But I really love my leaves…:)

    Just to remind you guys, Rangers start at Detroit at 1.30 am

    Good Night to everybody…:)

  91. advice

    i have sent out over 1000 resumes in the last 2 weeks. this job market is tough. i have been in sales for almost 9 years. anyone have connections for pharma or medical sales let me know.

  92. eric

    just don’t lose focus on the real goal (getting a job). if you use the board here to network that is one thing but can spend too much time here otherwise. post the resume on monster and the other job boards (hotjobs, nytimes, career builder among others)

    network with people including attending trade conferences in your field.

  93. Zips blog quotes Torts as being happy with his young dmen. He is concerned more with
    The way a couple of his veteran dmen are playing. Gee, I wonder who he means?

  94. Eric- advice sounds like you know each other. He also sounds like he knows everything else. Trade conferences in his field?

  95. Eric, you have to face the fact that many of the jobs lost during this recession (depression once the dollar collapses next year) are not coming back. You need to find a new career. There are plenty of jobs out there, paying pretty darn good (mostly because of massive layoffs, companies are doing ‘more with less’), but they need specific requirements.

    If you have some tech skills, I recommend searching

  96. Im sorry to break this to you guys, but voros isn’t going anywhere. Torts likes him, his teammates like him (hell hank stayed at his apartment), and despite the fact that he is a human punching bag, he is willing to be the human punching bag and his teammates respect him for that. Oh yeah, if I’m not mistaken, he was gabby’s linemate in minny at one point (i think).

  97. They kept Rozsival? That’s a real headscratcher. They are right, he will get better. For one simple reason- it can’t get worse.

  98. Anyone watch Gabby’s interview on the Rangers homepage? He gives one of the most uninspired interviews I’ve ever heard. Sure – English ain’t his first language, but the dude needs to lay of the monotone.

    Goal: Miika Wiikman

    Defense: Trevor Glass, Brent Henley, Sam Klassen, Mike Sauer, David Urquhart, Nigel Williams

    Forwards: Andres Ambuhl, Daniel Bartek, Devin DiDiomete, Brodie Dupont, Dan LaCouture, Matt Maccarone, Justin Soryal, Dale Weise

    Goal: Scott Stajcer (Owen Sound, OHL)

    Defense: Tomas Kundratek (Medicine Hat, WHL)

    Forwards: Ryan Bourque (Quebec, QMJHL), Roman Horak (Chilliwack, WHL), Ethan Werek (Kingston, OHL)

    Goal: Chad Johnson, Henrik Lundqvist, Steve Valiquette, Matt Zaba

    Defense: Michael Del Zotto, Matt Gilroy, Dan Girardi, Ilkka Heikkinen, Corey Potter, Wade Redden, Michal Rozsival, Bobby Sanguinetti, Alexei Semenov, Marc Staal

    Forwards: Artem Anisimov, Tyler Arnason, Sean Avery, Brian Boyle, Donald Brashear, Dane Byers, Ryan Callahan, Paul Crowder, Chris Drury, Marian Gaborik, Evgeny Grachev, Christopher Higgins, Ales Kotalik, Enver Lisin, Corey Locke, Jordan Owens, P.A. Parenteau, Vinny Prospal, Patrick Rissmiller, Aaron Voros

  100. Brandon Dubinsky has just been traded along with Sanguinetti for Tomas Plekanec and PK Subban of Montreal, per TSN.

    *Ed. note: This is an imposter who will be banned the next time he does this. — Carp*

  101. eric- copied this from the hockeystream site. they did a comparison between hockeystreams, sopcast, and, and theres no blackout restrictions, its mac compatible, streams in hd, and a bunch of other cool stuff the others dont have. you can also watch an archived game from the rangers or anybody from all of last season and the 2 preseason games that were just played. heres the rest of it. i didnt copy teh whole thing though.

    The Benefit
    HockeyStreams provides more for less, you can watch every game of the pre season, regular season, post season, world championships, olympics, you name it, for ~ 1 cent per game*, Hockey is a fast paced sport and with a low Frames Per Second count, you will constantly be behind the action. We ensure that our streams are top notch, and are always at a steady 648KBps (HQ) and 900KBps (HD) and are constantly running at 29.97FPS.

    With peer-to-peer (p2p) streaming services you must constantly contribute back by streaming yourself to gain access to their streams, and even then you are getting half the frames, and less than a fifth of the bitrate we provide you with.

  102. Rick (No, not that one) on

    Still with the imposter crap? Get a life.
    Pavel: (depression once the dollar collapses next year)
    Thanks for that. I feel all warm inside. Yikes.

    And can someone explain to me the rules regarding Byers, Arnason and the other three? Very confused.

  103. MAKO

    The pics are in my name, no need to buy the mag. And when is she hosting SNL ? She didn’t say, and my guide says someone else is on this Saturday.

    The show sucks these says, but at least Fox will make it exciting. Although, it’s not gonna be cool seeing all those guys with pitched tents.

  104. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Read this quote from Torts on Gabby still sitting out… makes me think that this is Gaborik’s decision moreso than Torts or Ramsey’s…

    “I don’t blame him for the way he thinks about this,” Tortorella added. “I believe in pushing athletes. But you can’t be stupid either.”

  105. No problem, Rick. lol

    I just tell it like it is. It’s no secret that the dollar is collapsing. We have economic powerhouses threatening to abandon the dollar… so what do we do? Print more money! woohoo!!

  106. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "ATTA boy ,Gilroy!!!!… says Greg L. on

    Who gets cut if Dubinsky comes back? Will Glen look for another Center if Dubi goes? Will we get another Center in a trade? Are we seriously going with Prospal ,Drury and two young un proven guys in Gravchev and AA? It’s all about chemistry so is not having Dubi and Gabby here hurting us alot?

  107. Boyle will be one of the center’s. Prospal will move to wing when Dubi shows up. Anisimov is no lock to make this team, is effort the other night left something to desired. There is no room for Grachev, he will go to Hartford and be the first call up if he is going well.
    MDZ has been up and down to me. I think him going back to Juniors is a waste, but i think that is where he goes.

  108. I agree with Wicky in that Voros is not going anywhere as if anyone here has watched Entourage on HBO or late 80s WWF; he’s the Turtle/Brutus Beefacke to Gaborik’s Vince/Hulk Hogan.

    Here’s another question for y’all; what would you think if Dubi comes back and Torts makes the 4th line Brashear with Anisimov and Grachev? I know at first it seems like a waste, but remember, this is how Detroit developed Datsyuk and Zetterburg in their early years (not saying they’re gonna be as good but…). They can move up.

  109. Stay Thirsty Rangers Fans (formerly MiamiPimp, formerly The Most Interesting Man in the World) on

    Dubinsky is weak sauce (and bush league, naturally)

  110. ilb2001
    September 17th, 2009 at 5:28 pm

    MAKO- VersusHD ch 481 on TW

    THANK YOU!!!! I was driving myself crazy looking for it!!!


    Yeah but ya got to check out the article ;) And I think the SNL spot is the 26th

  111. That SNY Rangers blog is a freakin’ joke. That guy Adam must just re-post stuff Zip and Brooks write, and then comments on their comments!

    That was a waste of time and i won’t be going back there anymore!

  112. Grachev has all the raw tools to be a good player, He’s got the height at 6’4, good skating ability, and a great pair of hands.

    I hope he makes the team, and i can’t wait to watch him develop into a offensive beast!

  113. “For technical reasons regarding waivers, Tyler Arnason, Dane Byers, Corey Locke, Patrick Rissmiller and Jordan Owens are continuing training camp with Hartford (AHL) but are still part of the Rangers’ current plans”.

    I believe these players have to clear waivers before being assigned to Hartford. So, even thought they are practicing with the Wolfpack, the Rangers have not yet assigned them there for the “waiver technicality”.

    Possibly, before losing them for nothing via the waiver wire, the Rangers would want to work out a trade for another prospect or pick for one of these guys, who all have been pros for at least three seasons now.

    I believe forwards and defenseman are exempt form waivers up to two years and for goalies it is three years.

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