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1)  The plan is for me to head over to the workouts today. I don’t know if I can free up to go to the Rock tonight, but it’s on TV, so that’s fine. Hopefully I’ll have something from practice later.

2) Did anybody notice anything about the MSG renovation last night?

3) I’m starting the roll call: Anybody want to do a guest post next week? E-mail me at Again, this is how it works: You write something and e-mail it to me the night before it is scheduled to be posted. Pretty simple. I’ll put out a schedule in the next day or two. Somerset, you’re already in, but e-mail me anyway just to let me know you’re still willing.


PS, did you see that Zherdev signed yesterday with a Russian team. OK, I lied. Four quick things.

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  1. I did notice some new lighting around the Garden itself (or at least it seemed that way on TV). I dig the new graphic package they are now using on the MSG broadcasts. Reminds me of the way ABC shows the scores, power plays, the split screen intermission talks etc..

    Overall a pretty good showing.

  2. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Anyone cathc the Sather interview regarding Dubinsky during the second intermission?

    In a nutshell, said Dubi has no leverage, and either he accepts on eof the offers on the table, which he said is fair as there goign to give him first line center position with Gabby if he resings, and this season to prove he’s owrth the dollars he’s asking for, and have his payday next year

    If not, Sather said we own his rights, and if he doesn’t sing by Dec 1st, then he’s uneligable to play for the entire season, period.

    This si getting pretty stupid on Dubi’s side, jsut take one of the offers, paly your ass off and cash in next year.

    A 23 year old kid being greedy is not good after he made 500K+ last year.

  3. Carp,
    In the arena, have not noticed anything that changed and I have been in the arena during the summer.

  4. Repost (re Rangers roster in NHL10):

    Flippedturtle, no. No Gilroy or MDZ. They do have Bobby Sangs though.

  5. Yeah, I was about to say that the graphics looked very much like NBC. I like the graphics, but not the new music package. I liked the one-minute song at introduction that was around when I was growing up and had a flame burst at the end of it eventually.

    I only got to watch some of the game replay, and it sounded like the players that have a real chance at a spot did a decent job, like Del Zotto, Gilroy, Semenov, Anisimov, and Grachev. I doubt Grachev is going to make the team out of camp. I was disappointed that Lisin was on the fourth line and did not seem to get much playing time, but he did well also.

  6. I did notice that the ice looked much brighter on my TV. It could be just my optimism though.

    I think Grachev is a big time player but I think they will start him off in the AHL. He needs to have one full pro season just to get to a 70-82 game grind.

    Blueshirt Edumacation : 10 Player Videos of 10 New Ranger Forwards for 2009-2010

  7. THE REAL MikeyNJ on


    NOV 1st if Dubi hasn’t played, he’s out for the entire year

    The video of Sather interview is up on the Rangers site


  8. @The Mouth .. I thought it was just me who thought the ice was brighter.. When the game started I thought to myself the ice and logos sure look brighter. I thought maybe b/c it was a few months since a game was on it was just me.

  9. I’d say the two players that impressed me the most last night were Gilroy and (gasp) Brashear. Gilroy looked confident with the puck, joined the rush at the right times, and was agressive on the point keeping the puck in the zone. His nerves showed a bit in the first period but what can you expect for a guy making his debut at the professional level in the Garden of all places.

    Brasher played hard every shift and doesn’t seem at all perturbed by the faithful’s reaction to him everytime he touches the puck. He fired a couple of decent shots toward the net and forced the Bruins defense to fire the puck around blindly for fear of their lives. My favorite Brashear moment was when he took the puck up ice, the crowd booed, then he dumped the puck and chased it around the net and took out one of the Bruines and every cheered. It won’t be long til everyone is on Brashear’s side. Bett’s is gone folks…lets enjoy the ’09-’10 team.

  10. Anyone else think Del Zotto is going to make the team this year? That kid was hungry last night, and he came awfully close to finding the back of the net when he hit the post from a few feet out.

  11. Don't You Enver Lisin? on

    I thought some of the graphics seemed really vibrant throughout the broadcast…Was anyone at the game? Is there a new entrance song when they come on the ice? I hated last years song which I belive was performed by Snow Patrol. Good band, but not such a good song for a hockey team to get ready to come out to. Personally, in the 90’s they came out to “Ready To Go” which always pumped me up.

  12. I was at the Garden last night…the only thing that seemed different was the fresh paint job on the ice…no noticeable renovations in the 300s or 400s.

    As for entrance music…they played all the same clips, etc. from last year for entrance and throughout…they usually wait to unveil the new stuff on opening night.

  13. Hartford Wolfpack is playing the Lowell Devils at the Prudential Center in Newark at 1PM today. FREE ADMISSION!!!!

  14. Didn’t see anything new on the renovation front last night. Thought they were going to go hold off for a year and then go at it after 2009-2010 season.

    Remember, the new train station under the post office just got the go ahead and previous plans were to have a new MSG over it and to tear down the existing one and replace it with high end condos.

    Makes you wonder if the renovation delay and that is related?????

  15. Saw Nicky Fotiu at the Garden last night and he had on that same freakin white and green striped shirt and light colored sports jacket that you always see him in.

    Nicky, buy yourself some new threads.

  16. Carp-Are the Rangers down on Sanguinetti? All I hear is torts talking about Gilroy and Del Zotto…Is Sanguinetti the odd man out? i was surprised he didn’t play last night. i know he struggled with one conditioning drill but still. Any thoughts? Thanks.

  17. morning all-

    does anyone know the offical report on Gabby?
    -tsn says didn’t play due to stiffness/tightness in groin
    -nyr reports said normal tightness not due to groin related injury and skated well w/ no problem the day before

    I know msg/nyr prob wouldn’t say even if it was his groin just curious as to see if anyone read anything I missed???

    Maccarone Midler???

  18. Anyone else see the footage last night before the game on the intensive workouts and skating Torts put them through?
    Any else see the one Ranger fall over? Who was that?

  19. anyone know how difficult it is to get the letters and numbers off of a jersey? Just a regular replica jersey.. I’m assuming it’s just glue of some sort

  20. I tell you what. Brashear did look pretty good last night. And as much as I liked Orr, I do think he is an upgrade. He will cycle well, intimidate, and cash in a few goals.

  21. Agreed Nasty 1. Orr, as hard as he tried, couldn’t offer much to the offense exceot for a little motivation from pummelling other teams “enforcers.” Brashear will fill this role easily and also hopefully put the puck in the net 4 or 5 times.

  22. Beth,

    Usually you get off glue by heating it up, I believe the lettering on the replica jerseys is heat pressed on anyway.

    So perhaps a hair dryer might do the trick?

    The problems with that approach however are that since the jersey is nylon you might end up ruining the fabric. Also, the lettering might not come off so clean and neat. Do you happen to have a jersey of a player no longer on the team?

    I had that problem with my authentic home jersey. Got it 2 years ago and had Gomez put on it. Last week I went to the NHL Store and they sewed over the 9’s with 8’s and since the names are done on one plate they just sewed Staal over Gomez.

  23. repost-
    Gilroy wow, he impressed the heck out of me.
    Did anyone get to meet Sean Avery, Voros and Lundquivst?
    They were giving autographs in the 400’s. I told them to have a great season. I think it was really cool of them to just mosey around the garden like that.

  24. Yup:
    I wished they came down to the 200’s last night. My nephew who was using my extra seat would have fainted.

  25. I got punk’d. Somebody at MSG was messing with me, telling me the renovation was well underway, that the pressbox had already been moved upstairs. It hasn’t started yet, except for some exterior stuff — now offices where Cosby’s was. So, that’s why none of you noticed anything.

  26. Maccaroni better make Hartford. I liked the guy.

    BTW – There is a roster update for NHL10, i came across it while trying to play online.

    If anyone is planning on starting a franchise, id wait till aboot november, cause the next update will be a lot better, cause Grachev, Heikinnen, and Gilroy, and maybe even Del Zotto will be added to the game, along with Hedman, Tavares, etc.

    Anyway, hopefully tonight, Broduer is playing, along with Aves. I wanna see a better game, last nights was surprisingly boring. Looking forward to seeing the next couple of rookies, along with Gabby, maybe.

  27. Gary:
    Yeah it was pretty awesome. I did move down to the 100’s and shook Brian Mullen’s and Rod Gibert’s hand. Everyone was out last night it seemed .I did notice more people asking Avery for autographs over Lundquivst.

  28. Is the cutback in in-person hockey coverage due to the bloodbath that took place at Lohud over the summer?

  29. Rick: I think they have a full sized replica of one of the remodeled new suites in the area Cosby’s used to be in.

    UESBlueshirt: Did the NHL store do your jersey while you waited? I went to the newly located Cosby’s end of last season to have my #16 Pro-Jersey (Holik…yeah, I know!!) converted to Avery and they told me they would just sew a new name patch over the old one as the old one would not come off without ruining the jersey.

    With that, the guy could not tell me how much it would cost or how long it would take. If you have been in the new Cosby’s, it is a far cry from the old one…at least when I was there last March….and I thought they would be going under.

    If you did have to wait for the name change….how long did it take and how much did it cost…if you don’t mind!

  30. Sather mis-spoke. The deadline for RFA contracts to be in the league office is Dec 1st not Nov 1st per the current CBA.

  31. The other thing my brother and I noticed at MSG last night was the Mets’ Shea/Citi Field PA announcer doing in-between period promo announcements. Maybe he’ll be Joe Tolleson’s back-up and he was just practicing? If so, that’s great and all, but I sure hope he keeps the Mets’ injury plague away from MSG.

  32. Thanks mike in MD-
    was just gonna point out Sather’s mistake.
    VERY clear in the CBA that it’s Dec. 1st deadline.

    Kessel faces the same dilemma.

  33. the flynn:

    “I was turned off by the ineptness of the announcers.
    Lost track of the pbp, while mewling over trivia. Hope that’s not a sign of things to come.”

    Why would they be any different? They’ve been unlistenable blowhards who love to hear their own voices for the last 20 years – when Davidson and Rosen were first paired in the booth. Now Rosen and Micheletti are even worse. At least JD had a few moments of real insight, even though he would spend 10 minutes talking about the great Italian restaurants, and meatball comparisons, in all the away cities.

    I turn off the shills and turn on the radio broadcast. A lot less fluff and a lot more insight.

  34. Repost

    Funny story about Avery from Andrew Gross blog

    Meanwhile, morning’s funniest moment came courtesy of Sean Avery, who had completed practice and come off the ice toward an auxiliary dressing room. He was standing, chatting casually with the media when, all of a sudden, he took off in a dead run back toward the ice (a dead run while in skates on land, is neither easy nor does it look smooth). Avery got three-fourths of the way there, stopped and turned around. Turns out he thought he had heard John Tortorella blow a whistle and Avery joked he never knows when Tortorella is going to call a meeting.

    Link if you want to read the rest of the story pretty interesting that Sangs is not playing tonight.

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