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Well, it was fun while it lasted but I might be getting the hook for another assignment that just popped up.

I watched the workout for the guys who are playing tonight, had a few words with some of the players, then went to watch the workout for the guys not playing tonight and now I may have to leave.

So not much to report other than: Nothing new on Dubinsky.

Cuts tomorrow, down to the low 30s in numbers. The team goes to Detroit Friday (not traveling the day before the game, as they normally would) then to Boston for Saturday afternoon. So a lot of guys (probably the young guys) will have to play both of those games.

Sanguinetti, for those who asked, is not in the lineup tonight at the Rock, and didn’t play last night. I don’t know what’s up. I don’t think the team thinks he’s ready to be one of the many young defensemen ready to play now, though, or at least make team. I’d think Gilroy, Del Zotto and Potter, for sure, are ahead of him, and probably a few others. There are obviously only two spots on defense open.

Gotta go. Hope to speak with Tortorella, but that might not happen.

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  1. Rick (No, not that one) on

    Anyone see a lineup for tonight posted yet?

    I’d love to know what’s up with Sanguinetti.

  2. I posted the line up in a previous thread last night… here it is again.

    Sean Avery-Vinny Prospal-P.A. Parenteau
    Aaron Voros-Tyler Arnason-Enver Lisin
    Evgeny Grachev-Brian Boyle-Ales Kotalik
    Patrick Rissmiller-Matt Maccarone-Dan LaCouture
    Wade Redden-Matt Gilroy
    Michael Del Zotto-Michal Rozsival
    Brent Henley-Corey Potter
    G: Henrik Lundqvist/Chad Johnson

  3. sanguinetti screwed up his foot i believe during the 45 lap crap. id try to find the link to where i read it but im on the run w/ my laptop.

    i dont even know how i got first on this post i thought i was still on the last one, lol.

  4. Here’s the Rosen’s Nosens roster:







    Langkow (boring, anyone want?)

  5. Did anyone watch the very beginning to last night’s game? Where they were showing the first two days of workouts? One shot showed a player fall to his knees during a skate because they were tired…it kind of looked like Sanguinetti…maybe he is already in Torts’ doghouse…not in good enough shape to compete…

    I don’t know for sure but thought it maybe a possibility…

  6. Boring names? What about Byfuglien?!

    Carp – I would say that three open spots on defense, since we only have Staal, Girardi, Redden, and Rozsival. TR-808 posted this on the last thread; Tortorella talks about how he would want the rookies in the 6th and 7th spots, which makes sense to me, at least to start the season, though I think Gilroy could make it in the 5th spot.

    Players who are playing two games in a row: Parenteau, Lisin, Grachev, Boyle, Kotalik, Maccarone, Gilroy, Del Zotto

    Who hasn’t played besides the names we know? (Dubinsky, Gaborik, Sanguinetti)

  7. Parenteau was very unimpressive last night. Turned the puck over a bunch, seemed to tense up when he had possession and out of position a lot in the Rangers’ own zone. I’d much rather see Lisin skating on the first line tonight with Prospal.

    And though he didn’t really show anything, how amazing is Maccarone’s mustache? He looks like The Butcher (DDayLewis) in Gangs of New York.

  8. Staal Wart: MDZ can play the entire season. Its just they have to send him back to Juniors after 9(?) games or keep him for teh entire season…he is to young to go to the Pack. Grachev can be sent to Hartford because he was playing overseas when drafted so he doesnt fall under the same rules. The Ragners can send him to the AHL or Junior, or keep him.

  9. lines from skate
    Sean Avery-Vinny Prospal-Enver Lisin
    Evgeny Grachev-Brian Boyle-Ales Kotalik
    Patrick Rissmiller-Tyler Arnason-P.A. Parenteau
    Aaron Voros-Matt Maccarone-Jordan Owens

    Wade Redden-Matt Gilroy
    Brent Henley-Corey Potter
    Michael Del Zotto-Michal Rozsival

  10. The other day, Brooks reported that the Rangers refused to let Dubi borrow his equipment so he can train elsewhere.

    Ok, so here’s (admittedly) a stupid question. What equipment: skates, pads, sticks?? Doesn’t that stuff belong to the player?

  11. beth, yes that was my strategy!

    Spiderpig, if his name was Byfuglienski, that’d be pretty cool. I actually really like that guy.

  12. CZW – didn’t dubinsky make like a half-mil last year? Can’t he go buy some gear? He must have some skates available. Jeez he sounds like a real cheapy.

  13. Harvey 20, you’re right on, that was Sanguinetti. The story is he went too hard in the first set of (3) 15 lap skates & “blew out” his legs. That may be why he is not in the lineup again tonight as his legs haven’t completely recovered. My guess is he plays over the weekend, if he’s still with the team that is.

  14. Hey hey hey! How is it going Rangers fans! Interesting game last night! At first I couldn’t follow the game at all! All these new numbers… I had no clue who was who! I really liked Gilroy and DZ.. Grach was pretty good too… a bit disappointed in AA… he was almost invisible… I also liked the Boyle, Bayers and Maccarone line… huge guys and really created offensive zone pressure every time they were on the ice… and Maccarone’s “Baron Munchausen” like mustache is priceless… can he challenge Mara’s beard? Too early to say…

    Also, people need to quit booing Brashear… as much as some of you might still not like him I thought he played well and made good plays and a nice deflection in the third period… he is definitely much more skilful than Orr…doesn’t say much but Brash in one pre-season game created more offense than Colton in half of last season!

    Gaborik is a scratch…again? Hhmmm…are they being super careful with him or did we waste 8 mil dollars?

    Shoryuken on Wade Redden… I still use my old log in from time to time…

  15. The new Cosby’s is absolutely a huge downgrade from the old one. The store looks terrible and I do not know how it is business.

    I was at the game last night and actually had the chance to sit in SI’s box. Shocking how the TV’s up there aren’t flat screens but will obviously change w the renovations.

    Speaking of that, nothing new really. My ticket rep told me that it will start next summer and by the start of next season the lower bowl will be done, and then the next summer after that, the upper. He said many dept’s have already moved out of the offices that they will be clearing out for the wider concourse so you’d have to think there is some stuff going on behind the scenes already…

  16. And by the way, whomever asked earlier… the pregame stuff was all the same, but will change for opening night as someone said. They did however come out to a different song.. if that’s the one they use this year, its still kind of weak. I liked two yrs ago, foo fighters “the pretender.”

    They need something good bc it really PUMPS ME UP

  17. repost:

    Mike in MD –
    was just gonna point out Sather’s Mistake.
    VERY clear in the CBA that the RFA deadline is Dec. 1st.

    Kessel faces same dilemma.

    Patrick Elias just has surgery to remove scar tissue on his groin- out 3-6 weeks, will miss start of season.

    Who picked him in Carp’s Bonheads league?

  18. I have a good feeling Brash is going to become a fan favorite. I never liked him, but I really liked what I saw last night from him. Good upgrade from Orr.

    Dubi is a douche

    And someone asked me who Ranger blue was in the league. It’s a blogger named Travis.

  19. Carp, how many hats are you wearing? I know the feeling.

    CCCP, did you see Lisin fall on his elbow and say “Blyad!” pretty loud? Music to the ears.

  20. where did it say that elias was out 3-6 weeks for the devils. i saw someone posted that.

    hope hes out 3-6 months that freaking bum

  21. Eric
    Jeeeeze man, what did Elias ever do to you? Lol I have him on my fantasy roster so I’m
    hoping for a quick recovery… Don’t jinx him.

  22. well BANJ… in general, yes…that is the meaning of the word… but it is widely used just like “sh*t” or f word lol oh man, this is great!

  23. Eric- emailed. Let me tell you something about drug reps-where are they when you need them. I’ll have a lighter afternoon tomorrow.

  24. I remember reading on one of the other blogs that Sanguinetti said that he was able to do the conditioning skating of 45 laps on his own, but that his nerves may have got to him more when he was doing it in front of the coaches.

  25. Im gonna hate Brash unless he ends Cindy’s season, then maybe i wont hate him, but i still wont like him. Ill stop not liking him if he injures Geno Milkman as well, so ill be neutral with him, but if he hooks me up with Fox, ill love him forever, and ever.

    Anybody see Fox on Regis & Kelly, i dvr’d that crap, she looked fuggin hot, as always.

  26. Im all worried aboot Sangs now. It would suck to get yet another 1st round bust. Not that im jumping to conclusions, but you cant blame me, look at the list, it speaks for itself.

    Im hoping our luck has changed, but with Slats, you never know.

  27. CCCP,

    I have to get used to it, the new passing system is messing me up! LOL

    i was pissed to see they have DP in one of the menus!

  28. ORR !!
    Dont worry about Sang in a long run.This season it is all about physical condition.Tough luck with Torts for a while, but he will be OK – he is young and have a tremendous upside. Meanwhile, he will play in minors with Maccarone,Linguinetti and Sanguine and be ready next season.

  29. Don't You Enver Lisin? on


    Yes I’am the poster formerly known as “if the SJO fits”

    I hibernated all off-season, but I’m back with a new name

  30. ORR !!, buddy
    BTW, Lisin translates from Russia like “belongs to fox”.
    Now, let me ask you: Don’t you Envy Lisin?

  31. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    What is this Dominic Moore crap?

    Didn’t work when we drafted him originally

    IS Sather seriously looking at him as the replacement Center if Dubi doesn’t resign?

    First Brooks reports it, now Hack Eklund

    And Kessel? Really? Where’s that money coming from the magic cap jar??

    UGGG Just sign a Fu*#ing contract Dubi you greedy little basterd!!

    I’m really starting to hate Dubi now for this. He has no leverage, maybe if he got an offer sheet, but no one came knocking, so get over yourself and show your worth the $$

  32. Staal Wart

    nice fish-tank… you gotta get more fish though!


    yeah, the new game takes a bit getting used to…and it seems a little slower online than the 08 version…but i like this one… you get better player control and you also get to control your goalie when the game gets to shoot-out in online mode! 08 didnt have that… i usually suck at shoot-outs, and sometimes, it used to take like 5 or more times to go through the entire roster to score a shoot-out goal to win the game!

  33. CCCP,

    Yea all i did last night after i got home from the game was do the roster update and play one game. So i really didn’t get to do that much with it.

  34. I’ve been noticing a certain amount of discussion on whether Bobby Sangs is destined to be a bust or if not a bust then a disappointment. Collectively from what I’ve read it seems that Del Zotto is the jewel of the Rangers D prospects and Sangs hasn’t shown as much progress as the team had been hoping.

    I don’t know if this is necessarily a make or break year for Sangs, but I think it would raise a couple of red flags if Sangs doesn’t at least make it a difficult decision to send him back down to Hartford or at the very least is the 1st name of the short list of mid season call ups should that be needed.

    I wonder if maybe he gets turned into trade bait? We saw what happened with Montoya when they overplayed their hand.

  35. I posted earlier in the day, but I started that out last night (it takes a long time to get to even the 1st game of the season since you start out at the entry draft). I put Redden on the trading block and was offered Joe Thorton/Ortmeyer/2nd round pick for Redden/Arnason/Locke…I couldn’t hit the “accept” button quick enough.

  36. As of right now I think Gilroy, MDZ, McDonagh, and maybe even Heikkinen, Potter, and Sauer are higher on the Depth Chart then Sangs.

    That doesnt even take into consideration who we could possible draft this year in the first round (if they go the D-route again).

    NO MATTER WHAT, we should trade Sangs during this season. Let him pile up some points in Hartford and ship him over to the Coyotes or something. I wouldnt mind swapping him for another one of their speedy, Lisin type prospects.

    Sally …

    I’ll trade you for Langkow, who do you want???

  37. UESBlueshirt,

    Thats awesome, yea things like that take so long and i get frustrated and just play a regular game! LOL But im definitely gonna try it out. I am still waiting for a game to have the white liberty jersey in it!

  38. Anyone else see the Tort’s quote MSG had on during yesterdays game? He basically said he pushes his players extra hard in training camp to see who wilts and who responds under the duress and anxiety of an intense and painful experience. The guys that step up are the ones “that become Rangers”. Looks like Sanguinetti may never see MSG under Torts.

  39. Don’t You Enver Lisin? – Yeah, I figured it was you because you had been asking for new name suggestions earlier; tou didn’t take any of mine! I used one of them for the name of the blog fantasy hockey league, Lisin to Torts or Else.

  40. Someone said before about NHL 10 feeling slow. I agree, definitely next time I play I’m putting game speed up a notch or two. Feels like I have 20 Voros’ on my team.

    Gaborik is awesome in the game though, hopefully a good omen.

  41. Well, all I can say is I hope everyone has a crease clearing hard hitting physical d man day!!


    If you need someone sure, if not, no hard feelings!!!!

  42. lol 4ever

    So nope, no NHL 10 on PC yet.
    Is it really any different than all the other ones. I used to buy it every year, but it was the same game with updated rosters and little tweek here and there.

  43. Shoryuken on Wade Redden

    i said it was slower than 08 version… can you make it faster for online vs play? i dont think so…

  44. Haha Obama called Kanye West a jackass. I hope Kanye gets so hurt that he jumps off a building and ends his worthless life !

    And did anyone see that video of a baseball game where this guy catches a foul ball, and he hands it to his daughter, and she threw it back. It’s hilarious, id cry if that happened to me with Hank’s stick. But you’d need a HGH baby to throw that stick back onto the ice.

    Im having trouble with the passing system as well. Im gonna wait till next week to play online. I need to train hard, play a bunch of games. Ill pop on some Dead Weather, and kick ass. And just encase anyone was wondering, Brash*t is a healthy scratch, EVERY GAME, muahahahaha !

  45. Trading players is somewhat more realistic in that players are no longer measured on skill rating and salary number alone. They assign a trade value based on skill/age/salary. Staal and Callahan I believe have the highest trade values for the Rangers. Trades also need to make sense for both teams so you can’t ship a center to a team that already has 4 or 5 of them.

  46. mako- my fantasy roster d men are chara, bowmeester, komi, redden, and erik johnson. i will give u anyone u want except chara, bmeester, johnson and komi. lol no really, i got backstrom and rask as my goalies. i wanna trade rask for a different goalie. i’ll give u rask and hejduk for elias and one of your goalies.

  47. yes hopefully Kanye kills himself. Didn’t he cry when Obama won or was that someone else?

    Do you like Fish STICKS?@! What are you? A gay fish!? HAHAHAHHAHAHA

    NHL10: has anyone played Be a Pro! yet? How is the passing system for that?

  48. somer- nigel williams is higher than sangs on the depth chart too. hes also rated pretty good in nhl 10. good potential too. hey orr- if u dont wanna wait for an update, you can get guys from the euro leagues like pajarvi svennson, vic hedman, etc… and heikkenen, roman horak too. i didnt look too long but im sure theres other prospects and draft picks. go to roster management and do player movement. you can get all the guys who are on the team that way instead of starting a gm mode and trading for them.

  49. Don't You Enver Lisin? on

    Spiderpig, I remember you giving me suggestions…Good stuff! What fantasy league do you belong to? I’ve used the SportingNews fantasy hockey league over the past few years. Making a team up there consists of a salary cap, as opposed to a draft. I’m looking to use a 2nd site for fantasy hockey and I’m open to suggestions. Any ideas ?

  50. Mike(Grabachevorik)in IA,

    Thats what i did i traded in a bunch or old PS2 wrestling games and some how got 30 bucks
    i think the kid messed up but whatever!

  51. Don't You Enver Lisin? on


    Kanye basically came on stage during Taylor Swifts acceptance speech for “Best Female Video” and took the mic out of her hand. He then proceeded to say something along the lines of “Taylor your great, but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time.” Obama got asked about it yesterday and called Kanye a “jackass” lol

  52. So, If I have this correct a President called someone a
    Jackass? What? George W is back?
    Could he even spell it?
    I’ll front him the J.

  53. I think Kanye takes the MTV video whatever awards a little too seriously. I wouldn’t even have known they went on the past two years if Kanye didn’t bug out like tht

  54. No Country For Old Rangers on

    yeah what the hell are you guys talking about? obama called kanye a jackass off the record and nbc fouled up by publicizing it. i cant imagine what bush called people off the record. i would wager it’s worse than jackass.

  55. I didn’t mean to create this firestorm…haha…I put that as my name on my other computer, but never posted…took care of a patient, forgot…then hit “submit comment”. I was politically fired up today and still am!

  56. Mesmarizing marvelous messierism shall overcome sad sappy satherism.

    Oh, btw, my mind is slowly unravelling.

  57. Alcoholism!

    Mike, thanks! I’m really psyched about the Nosens roster too. You have Redden! Haha!

    Somerset, I’d love to trade. I’m checkin out your roster. Any ideas?

  58. Its kind of a interesting, thought provoking notion; how does social science translate into a NHL organazation.

    It’s kind of totalitarian, don’t you think?

  59. Reddism – When everyone on your team comes back to help you after you turn over the puck, and the opposing teams scores anyway

  60. Lol Mike –

    thought you were trying to lure Lundqvist away from me by dangling Ovie in my face. And everyone know that I have said several times last year. The only player I would ever trade Lundqvist for was Ovie ;) yes call me crazy….

  61. Druryism (noun)- when cashing the check never felt so good!

    Drurystic – (adjective) as in “i feel so drurystic that nothing can ruin my day!

  62. we need to make a huge list of reddenisms

    reddenism – defending a player of the opposing team and you see it fit to stop w/ them so you screen your goalie.

    dont know if im wording it properly.

  63. lol rangerfan- me too. at first he said, ok with the trade ins it’ll cost ya 11 bucks, then he goes, “oh wait, noiw it says u owe 29 cents!!” i said, uhh idk thats kinda high for a video game. i might just wait till it comes down in price. i said it very seriously too with a straight face. he laughed, but i said why u laughin? he goes are u really serious? i said damn tootin im serious. then i said, hey, u drop it down to 28 cents u got yaself a deal. lol.

    sally- your so cute with ya ‘ski roster. between your hilarious flowchart and your roster-ski, anbd your love for the rangers, i think i love u. whyy cant there be any fun, hockey fan chicks in iowa??

  64. Im really looking forward to seeing Megan Fox on Conan O’Brien this friday. It should be great

    I don’t know how this talk shows hosts can look into her eyes, and talk to her without pitching tents. It’s amazing. Consy has a desk though, so that will block any action that could happen.

    I still cant believe Brian Austin Green !!!! Is dating this chick. I want to put him, and Kanye West in a small room, and throw Martina Brodiva in that room, and watch him eat them alive. That hunger of his always puts him in a bad situation, but with that, at least everyone wins, i feed him, i get rid of a couple of losers, everyone lives happily ever after.


    Thanks, im gonna go look for them. Ive been fixing the lines all day, putting the right players where they belong, since EA is so lazy they cant do it themselves.

  65. So I’m here way up in no mans land.. There’s pipes next to me and on one of the pipes is this 1″x1″ rangers sticker.. It’s amusing. I was going to put a photo up on Twitter but the iPhone camera does it not justice

  66. Lundqvist is Swedish Chef.

    I heard in the next NHL 10 update there will be a Crosby button where you can go down like a sniper got you if someone skates too close to you. If you slash him for real, you have to fight Bettman in first person.

  67. holy crap you guys…too many posts to catch up on, especially with having to go find a link to watch!! Nice SKI time Sally, SKI SLOPE, Rosens Nose…good call!

  68. Tortism (a.k.a-healthyscratchism)- certain way to express displeasure with someone behaviour.
    Brashism – opponents total elimination.
    Gaborikism (same as fragile gaborkisme) – torture opponents by turning constantly lights on (their faces)

  69. Emrick—every stop by Brodeur is a great save, but the opp goalie just turns the puck aside, or it is stopped out in front.

    and Cheeko makes a phony excuse for every goal allowed by his dear beloved Marty

  70. that call sucks. Avery tipped the puck in before any contact. it should be 1-1. another reputation call, bad call, by bettmans striped dummies.

  71. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Pre-Season Pleasure!!!!… says Greg L. on

    Rangers VS Mickey Mouse’s Organization…this could get a little Goofy!!!

  72. Hi, I’m having difficulties loading your post. Only near 50 percent of the post seems to load, and the remaining is just blank. I’m not really sure why…. but you might want to take a look. I’ll check back again later, this may very well be just a temporary server error.

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