Game time


That means time for a blank slate for all your comments.

Here it is. Enough said.

(Oh, and I never did get a chance to speak with Tortorella today. I got called away for another assignment.)

Hey, they just showed the AT&T commercial with little Dubinsky and little Drury in the back seat of the car before coming on the air on MSG.

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  1. I have IE…doesn’t work. I had the same trouble at work today trying to watch UEFA Champions League.

  2. if they automatically renew you, they should let you have the preseason games for free. i’ve been on hold for 6 minutes trying to find out if i am set up for auto renew or if it’s monthly, i’d rather do the monthly cuz i dont have $160 handy damnit

  3. i think i am going to do that CCCP, i was just on hold with customer service for 9:11 and nothing! PISSED OFF…gonna try and call back to cancel my auto renew

  4. Ridiculous!!!! Avery should change his name and have the movie “Faceoff” surgery so he can get an honest shake the rest of his career

  5. that call sucks. Avery tipped the puck in before any contact. it should be 1-1. another reputation call, bad call, by bettmans striped dummies.

  6. that’s what lardass Brodeur’s diving and flopping brings from the refs. he does not even have to be in net, his backup gets the same breaks if Avery even breathes on any debbie netminder.

  7. Lol, you think this thing with Aves is bad, wait till Brash*t throws a hit. He’s gonna get suspensions left and right. Remember how Orr always got screwed because of his reputation ? It’s gonna be worse with Brash*t, especially since he’s on a team with no Crabby, or Obitchkin.

    Why does the league hate us so much ???

  8. Now Im actually GLAD Brashear is on the team. Because if Brash was playing tonight REST ASSURED Mottau will get HIS!!!!

  9. Rozsival in mid-season form means he’s absolutely atrocious and soft. I would give my life for one game in a Rangers’ sweater!

  10. somerset, how about Pomerdoodle? Longcow or whatever scored more goals that him last year, and you get that veteran presence in the locker room.

  11. Rosi is so painfully slow in thinkig and acting.His pure fault,not to mention living Clarks alone in crease

  12. could rosival have been any softer in his excuse-me check on the player in front. first he is way out of position, then he lets the player stand there and bang in a rebound.

  13. yo ORR whats up BUD…what a joke -im thinking the same sh-to myself….first last night im talking to myself after the first period we have 4 calls against…..then this avery sh- especially against the devils is just a joke…..he barely touches DANIS, let alone the goal is waived off he gets the double minor…..ORR dont worry you will like brash— right away, as in right away on oct 5th when he wipes that smile off CLARKSON face

  14. Sally …

    There is a trade that is pending with him already.I traded Pommer for Marleau with Team Ranger Blue

  15. we are sharing MDZ and AVES, you have dubi, i claimed higgy, we’re givin laurel brashear cuz she didnt claim anyone yet. ;-)

  16. Doodie Machetto on

    I understand there would have to be more in the package, but that’s a good start.

    They can throw in ever more quickly becoming a bust Bobby Sanguinetti.

  17. CCCP, cancelled my auto renew on game center and just got the Premium account on Hockeystreams for $70 and its already 75% better than gamecenter was.

  18. Olga Folkyerself on

    2003 Draft-

    Sather: We’re up next. Who do you guys want to pick?

    All: Parise!

    Sather: I like Jessiman. What about him?

    All: Getzlaf!

    Sather: Not Jessiman?

    All: Perry! Richards!

    Sather: The New York Rangers select Hugh Jessiman from Dartmouth. (Crowd snickers…)

    All: Nice pick, Glen…

  19. bigfoot, the website sucks since the NHL took over. they’d probably screw up a 5 year olds bday party

  20. gamecenter pissed me off for the last time tonight. It said “LIVE GAME” under it, i clicked it …….nothing…tried to get to my account info….nothing..send them a nasty email while i was on hold for 20 minutes, finally got a csr, told him i wanted to cancel my auto renew and that I had no computer to watch the games on, and said i might renew next season. LMAO

  21. Glenn Glenn Glenn. Letting Mara & Morris walk. They are 10x the Dman then Redden and Rozsi UGH! WASTED $11mm

  22. Rosival leaves the front of the net on the first goal and then blind passes to Shanny for the second goal. This is pretty funny. All these young guys like Gilroy and DelZotto come in and play like veterans and Blowzival still plays like a PeeWee. Rosival and Redden are the weak links for sure.

  23. I seriously hope Torts is a man of his word when he said he’s paying attention to players who dont play hard. Redden and Roszi should be the first on his list.

  24. mastercard, it went really quick and boom, there was the game, so much better than the stream on gamecenter, without all the bells and whistles. there is a chat, put i did the popup stream

  25. linda, is the stream quality HD? I will have to look into this…too bad they don’t have a preview thing

  26. Chopper, and thats when the Imposter always seems to show up, just when you arrive. Thought we didnt know that!!

  27. Olga Folkyerself on

    Torts said that about accountability ’cause that’s what he’s supposed to say. Kinda like “Our goal this year is to win the Cup”.

    Redden and Rozival will be on the ice opening night.

  28. Rozi had the distiction of being the only NYR that I’ve ever booed, last year. And I’ve been going to games since the mid 70’s. I just hope torts keeps his promise and plays players based on performance. I know nobody wants Rozi, but sitting him at #7 for the first 5 games might do something?

  29. Duker, they have a regular, premium, and premium hd accounts..the premium hd is $100 for the season. I would’ve went with that if i had another $30!

  30. I am the real one. I saw the issues Carp had during the summer but it never affected me since I post very rarely. I thought he had fixed it.

  31. I keep hoping that Rozi’s lack of performance last year is possibly related to the absence of his countrymen in the locker room. He played great with Jagr and Straka there, maybe with Gaborik, Kotalik and Prospal around, he’ll get back to form.

  32. Rusty, i’m giving him and matt dillon the first 10 games, if no improvement over last year…then they gotta go. OMG someone needs to give stan fishler some ensure or something

  33. Rosival was a #5 dman in Pitt years ago. so why should anyone be surprised that he sucks, and will NEVER be a real top pair dman for anybody.

  34. Most of these guys playing tonight should be cut or have a pie thrown in their face; and I mean Rozi and Redden who have been horrible.

    Positives: Grachev looks a little more comfortable, he’s getting it, maybe not this year but he has the tools and talent.

    Propsal is fast, Lisin is playing pretty good, and Owens has played a good game.

    Del Z looks great, Gilroy looks very good.

  35. This is embarrassing, Quackson is making us look like fools right now.

    Blowsival, and Dredden are in mid season form, helping out the other team.

    Im not gonna panic just yet, cause this isn’t the team, but im not looking forward to the start of the season as much as i was two weeks ago.

    Just like last night, this game is boring me to death.

  36. wonder why ya had so much trouble mike! it took me about 3 minutes and it was streaming

    thanks Rick…sad thing is, it could be a regular.

    wow, Stan is freakin RUDE

  37. Honestly, we shouldnt be worried. Torts only started “allowing pucks in practice” like 3 days ago. I dont blame this team for having terrible chemistry.

    Truthfully, if I were the coach, i would have started with some instructional work with the prospects FIRST to see who was soaking in the system


    Did all the Conditioning stuff after i made my first cuts.

    How can you honestly rate any of these players right now when you havent taught them the system and all you have done is skate them to death??

  38. Carp,

    While you’re on the topic of impostors… wanna do something about Rozsival trying to impostor a hockey player?

  39. I wouldn’t worry about the scoring yet Mike, most of the guys playing tonight are AHL jabronies. It’s like the Grachev and his less talented friends show. At least they haven’t given anything up even strength.

    Also our alleged first line of Gaborik-Dubi-Prospal hasn’t even played together yet alone scrimmaged together yet.

  40. Mike In IA -very impressed with the skating of delzotto and gilroy….very prelim observations but delzotto has been hesitant to shoot the puck….gilroy is all over the ice-at one point him and redden led a 2-1 on the ice…the PP looked much better last night…kotalik looks decent has a very good shot…….lisin getting lots of PP time and he has looked decent….parrenteau also looks decent hit the post earlier, has made some nice passes…..

  41. goooo virus!!!! u rule dude. im glad im gettin wasted again. this is gonna be a fun nght. hey mako- lets make a deal!!!! i’ll trade u redden for some sympathy in the fantasy season. they’ll be lots of sad nights when i see redden screen the goalie and get skated around with ease!

  42. somerset
    September 16th, 2009 at 8:47 pm
    Honestly, we shouldnt be worried. Torts only started “allowing pucks in practice” like 3 days ago. I dont blame this team for having terrible chemistry.

    Truthfully, if I were the coach, i would have started with some instructional work with the prospects FIRST to see who was soaking in the system


    Did all the Conditioning stuff after i made my first cuts.

    How can you honestly rate any of these players right now when you havent taught them the system and all you have done is skate them to death

    somer- wow. u should be coach. that is a good strategy. seriously. ur right.

  43. Mike

    No effing way I want that bum on my team. Remember when you got to EDIT your team list. And on the far left you see “EXCLUDE” he was the ONLY player I put over there.

  44. I’m switching between the Yankees and Rangers games, but every time I put MSG on, I keep hearing Gilroy’s name. Now he scores that beauty. This kid has got to make the team.

  45. No Country For Old Rangers on

    can somebody describe the gilroy goal? cant watch the game here. i’m so f-ing pumped we finally got a kid defenseman with some moves

  46. Doodie Machetto on

    Voros has made sure to let all of the NHL know that his services are available as a punching bag.

  47. Doodie Machetto on

    Can I just say how much I hate Voros? I think he is my all time most hated Ranger. Everytime I see him on the ice I just see a white flash of rage.

  48. I didn’t have high hopes for Gilroy, but I did not think he would be a bust or anything. I mean, look at other “late bloomer” signings.. Wheeler and Brunnstrom are pretty solid.

  49. Doodie Machetto on

    I wasn’t against Gilroy’s signing, I just thought the contract was a bit outlandish considering he had never played professionally.

    I also was harping the signal it sent about Sanguinetti being a bust. I don’t think it can really be denied at this point. He can’t even crack the preseason lineup. He’s the next Jessiman.

  50. grachev lookin good again. fug dobby. give grachev his spot. let him jump in baby. who cares anymore. i wanna see the guys who care. the guys who wanna be rangers. i wanna see megan fox on my… uhhh nevermind. just put grachev on the team damnit. im likin him n gilroy.

  51. No Country For Old Rangers on

    i dont know about that TR-808. you got a link for that? i dont feel like seaching for it. i remember some love on the blog for Hobey Baker back then.

  52. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    They suck , do you know why?
    they still shoot from the face off DOT, no one goes to the net or tries to make a play

  53. LOL Linda!

    Okay, this guy’s gonna love me now. Mwahaha! Really I’m going to the game tomorrow so I don’t have to listen to Jeanneret…

  54. finally, the rangers put on some pressure and get some prolonged offensive zone action. and a tying goal

  55. Olga Folkyerself on

    Johnson is looking pretty good, after Rozy tried to ruin his career before it started… Let’s see how he handles OT.

  56. lmao @ long hard objects!!! mike, you are out of control!

    ok, this commercial is gettin old now

    M IS FOR MULLETS!! great sally

  57. **Shoryuken on Wade Redden
    September 16th, 2009 at 9:25 pm
    “the little elf that likes to beat himself”

    I read this and it just tickled my funny bone

  58. lmao @ mike havin redden on d! i am printing your rosters out later, Mako was nice enough to email em to me so I can see what you boneheads are up to!

  59. Olga Folkyerself on

    Just think, someday when the Rangers are down by a goal late in the game, you could be yelling for Tortarella to be pulling his Johnson.

  60. looks like Boyle will be the 4th line c and pker like Betts. Torts put him out there in that key 4-on-3 Pk situation in OT.

    he did ok in that spot.

  61. Exactly Linda! Just like on NHL 09(haven;t played 10 yet). He makes a comment that sounds like it should make sense…yet has nothing to do with the current game/situation.

  62. is Andrew Gross psychic or can he type at lightning speed?
    he twittered the winning goal within a second or two of the red light going on!

    still love you Rick and Laura

  63. the good news is that the punishing skating drills are paying off in 3rd period Ranger pressure

    the bad news is that they are starting games like crap, and floating in the first period every night.

  64. yea, kotalik, prospal, lisin sucked in that shootout. del zotto too. parenteau is officially cut. he did nothing to get on this team. how many camps has this kid been in? hes still exactly the same and hasnt improved one bit. it was a great comeback but why does it feel like the goals are gonna be just as hard to come by as last year. i loved gilroy, johnson was great, owens with a nice goal, pissmiller was ok, grachev shouldve shot in the hootout. why they put 2 d men out there? gilroy ok i get that because he scored and was flyin all night, but u gotta put grachev in there. torts effed up. u wanna see your forwards in the shootout. not ya d men.

  65. who told them to deke Danis? even kotalik who usually fires a hard shot in the shootout tried a fake and backhand.

  66. CCCP, if i get up to NY for a game this season, I gotta buy you a few drinks! Thanks so much for the hockeystreams info. I know someone else mentioned it last night, and whoever it was, I’ll get you a few drinks also! Great stream, only froze up twice for about 3 seconds each time. Already sent them an email lettin them know how much better they are than gamecenter live.. A MILLION THANKS GUYS!

  67. yeqa linda. i agree. prospal and kotalik shouldve scored on yann danis!!!! cmon. i thought hes a shootout specialist? lol. del zotto had a good game. i missed the first 2 periods. so i only know rozy, virus and redden sucked. am i right? i really think torts shouldve put grachev in the SO. hes a fwd torts. hes gonna be getting those chances way more often than del zotto!!!

    mako- im gonna log on to the yahoo league. walk me thru the trade process.

  68. MIKE-LOL. Yeah, I was pretty pumped when Owens scored. Torts played him a lot, that goal probably bought him another game or two. Maybe it’s the goal that changes his career. LOL.

    Gilroy was sick. Del Z was very good. Grachev getting better every game.

  69. great minds TR!!

    and hey, did Rick ban the imposters? after he came in and laid the smack down, there was like 2 more imposter posts, then nothing. sad thing is, it’s gotta be a regular

  70. Rick, thanks for your quick actions earlier~ Good job!!!

    arent’ they cutting close to 20 tomorrow?? It’s pretty obvious who should stay. Too bad they can’t cut Redden and Roszival..oops, I promised I’d give them until 10 games into the season

  71. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Pre-Season Pleasure!!!!… says Greg L. on

    Looks like our young defense could be making an impact this year. Be nice to see Gaborik debut sometime.

  72. Entertaining game even with the one-sided announcers. Why didn’t our Genius coach use Grachev in the shoot-out??? Grachev, Gilroy, Del Zotto & Anisimov are keepers. Gilroy is fast with soft hands and fantastic vision, in fact he may be more effective moved up to right wing. Reminds me of another d-man with the Rangers. Grachev can control the puck for long periods time. Lisin (Boy can he skate fast) and Kotalik ( who didn’t take his hard slap-shot in the shootout) should also make the team. Rosy, Voros & Redden all need to go asap. Chad Johnson might replace Vally, Very quick hands. Really feel sorry for Duby because he has no leverage and his being poorly advised by his agent. He wasting valuable time by sitting out. Overall we look bigger, younger, faster and far more talented than last year. Still don’t believe in 3 lines employed by Torts.

  73. It’s never fun to drop the game to Devils. But give Sather some credit for signing this young dman and goalie. I thought Boyle looked much better tonight. P-A is going back to Hartford and staying. Lisin is on the bubble. I think they’ll give Grachev and Del Zotto a longer look but they’ll go back for one more year. I didn’t know Arnason was playing until the overtime. Rozy looked like he was playing baseball all his life not hockey.

  74. Hey, Avery’s goal should have counted so it should have been a “W”. He never touched the goalie until the puck was in the net. Then he took a punch to the side of the head which wasn’t called. Same old B.S. As long as Bettman is commish, it’ll be a Mickey Mouse league.

  75. Matt Gilroy, welcome to the Rangers.

    Oh and I’m so glad to hear someone else thinks those kids look like both Drury and Dubi in the commercial. Everyone else thinks I’m nuts.

  76. Gilroy is a keeper! I’d love to see Grachev stick around, but I don’t think he’s made enough noise yet.

  77. Well… I just finished watching the game I dvr-ed…wno one was wearing a “C” for the Rangers?

    sigh…I know its early…I know its only a pre-season


    Things that will never change:
    1.Rozival (dont even care to spell his name right)/Redden… what a waste of two valuable spots… they bring nothing to the team… Rozival is a turnover machine as always and Redden…well Redden is just being Redden…that is more than enough already!
    2.Chico “butt” Resch and Mike “perpetual orgasm” Emerick
    3.Avery still gets no respect
    4.Aaron “punching bag” Voros

    Things that could change (in a good way):
    1.We get key players back and score few more goals
    2.We will win at least one pre-season game
    3.Gilroy a new Rangers star D (two great goals!)
    4.Idiot Clarkson gets his skull kicked into stupor by Brashear

    Other than that… all is good :P

  78. Some quick thoughts-

    Rozy in mid season form.
    Redden wasn’t bad but at six million that’s not good enough.
    MDZ looked good again.Could not do much offensively because he had to coverup for blowzival.
    Potter played very well.
    Gilroy was outstanding again!
    Grachev was good again. He will score in the next game.
    Lisin does every thing well except finnish.
    Avery got the shaft again.
    Johnson is the real deal as well. Very impressive.
    Boyle and Kotalik were pretty good as well.
    The rest deeply deeply suck!

  79. I was at the game
    1. redden still plays lifeless.
    2. Gillroy is a keeper
    3. Del Zotto played worse/ Boyle played better from previous night.
    4. Devils fans are retarded and say the most ignorant, racist, homophobic shit.

  80. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    There was a pre-independence day last year that I got sick to my stomach. That was the day they signed Rozsival to 4 years. I still don’t understand it, he is the worst defensemen on THIS team (including the rookies).

  81. Well better late than never. Just watched the game on the dvr….Boyle better, MDZ not bad, avery….was avery, gilroy is gonna be on the team and yes reminds me of leetch as far as style. I have said it since the lock out…rozy sucks, still sucks, will suck and is the best contract to trade. I would take redden over rozy any day (that is really sad to say)! Best line of the night at my house…me “man rozy playing like sh*t again”. My wife responds “rozy is sh*t”. Enough said!!!


    Dude, freaking cracking me up with that trade proposal!!!

  82. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Which non-Staal stud could the Rangers package with Dubinsky to get Kessel? I’d prefer they keep Grachev, but if Dubi doesn’t want to bend a little on his contract demands in order to stay a Ranger then might as well consider some options.

  83. They should have given Johnson number 85 in camp just to mess with us.

    At least we got some fights in this game, even if one was Voros.

    I’m looking forward to adding Gilroy to my fantasy teams.

  84. Dubinsky is asking for one year if its at 700K a year. Sather is only offering a two year deal.

    Don’t ask me how I know, but I do. Glen wants two years two make up for his screwups. Sather says 1.4 for two years. Dubinsky knows he is getting robbed.

    Sather is not doing the Rangers or their fans any favors here. people are blaming the kid for listening to his agent? He sees all the contracts around him in the NHL and on the Rangers. 700k for two years?

    Other people say prove yourself first. this kid was the only one who could skate with Jagr after they tried two other $7 milliion centers. Last year he did get jerked around by mumblypegs. He still got as many points as Callahan and way more game winning goals.

    I only fear that he will be locked out for a while before he is forced to fix this thing.

  85. Gilroy looked good. One thing to remember about the kids is that MDZ is only 19. Gilroy is 25. You can see Gilroy is developed physically and probably ready for the rigors of the NHL. MDZ is a year or two away. Gilroy is gonna make the team. Same thing for Grachev. Rodent wrote a good piece on Grachev last nite.

    Watch #87 v. Mike Mottau when he has a shot at him in that first Devils game. That was a scumbag move on Avery. With Brash, you are gonna see a lot less liberties taken with the NYR.

    And for all the Sather bashing, Johnson and Gilroy are looking like pretty good moves, no?

    And please keep in mind that this is only the second pre-season game. And that Torts has been KILLING these guys in camp. Any season I have ever watched, it takes about 8-10 regular season games for the team to gel. Let’s see what these guys (Rozi & Redden included) look like then.

    150 posts about how much Rozi sucks in his 1st preseason game is really boorish.

  86. “Maccarone left because they missed him on Magnum P.I.”

    Hahaha !

    That 3rd period was fun, to bad they couldn’t win. Torts should have never put any vets in. Why didn’t he put Grachev in ? That didn’t make sense.

    Gilroy, has some sweet hands, he’ll definitely be making the team. Del Z, who knows, still gotta see Sangs, if he’s healthy enough, and Pott-head, and Heiniken.

  87. miked @ 12:34

    4. Devils fans are retarded and say the most ignorant, racist, homophobic shit.

    AGREED. I couldn’t believe it last night. terrible sportsman ship from their fan base, I was way up top last night so I was surrounded by the worst of it.

  88. Honestly, we shouldnt be worried. Torts only started “allowing pucks in practice” like 3 days ago. I dont blame this team for having terrible chemistry.

    Truthfully, if I were the coach, i would have started with some instructional work with the prospects FIRST to see who was soaking in the system


    Did all the Conditioning stuff after i made my first cuts. I think its silly to run ALL 50-some players through the rigors knowing that 30 of them you wont be coaching this year anyway.

    How can you honestly rate any of these players right now when you havent taught them the system and all you have done is skate them to death??

    Teach the system – cut who doesnt follow it in the games – Skate to Death the remainders to get ready for the season.

    Thats my philosophy

  89. wick- cmon man u know u wanna make that trade. i would if i was you. i wouldnt be able to sleep at night knowing i could have an all star like redden on my team. and i even threw in brashear as a sweetener!!!

  90. Thoughts:

    Gilroy makes this team.
    DZ has the potential but he will not be kept as #7 D-man. He’s too young.
    Grachev is getting better with each game. He should make this team
    Rozy, agree with whomever that it is only game 1 of his season. But I gotta tell you, since he got rocked last year, he seems tentative. Again, just game 1 of his preseason, but if we continue to see him jump out of the way of getting hit in the corners, we’ll know he it is not because of just early season rust.
    Redden….ahh…same as Rosy.
    Does anyone really think Johnson replaces Vally as Hank’s backup this year? Next year maybe.
    Voros again good at hurting other team’s guys hands with his face.
    Rissmiller the invisible man.
    Parenteau, I said it yesterday and it was confirmed last night…he is the Crash Davis of hockey.
    While I still dislike Brashear, Mottau would not have taken that shot at Avery if Brash is around.
    Avery will NEVER get the benefit of the doubt. That was a BS call on that no-goal.

    Blair Betts in the Philly camp. I think we’ll end up regretting that. BTW I think he gets solid applause when he returns to MSG as a Flyer.

  91. One other thing….Somerset…I think its fine to skate ALL these guys to exhaustion. Torts has to show even the young kids what it takes to play for him.

  92. somer- were seeing the results of the conditioning in the 3rd periods of these 2 games though. they have been playing great in the 3rd. i dont get why they start off like crap, but a full 60 min. effort we havent seen yet. if they could play and forecheck the way they did for most of the 3rd last night, during the whole game, we wouldve scored 5 and won. some of these guys have a little trouble finishing too. especially on the shootout. yann danis? cmon. thats why were gonna need gabby and hes the key to the success of this team. id like to see him play in a preseason game soon just to know hes healthy. i dont like that hes sitting out already.

  93. Hey Guys & Gals….Anyone looking for a ticket for home opener I have 1 spare ticket for sale for $90 for Section 403 Row B.
    This is what I paid exactly off of ticketexchange for 4 tickets but 1 person bailed and thus 1 ticket if available.

    Email me if interested…..


  94. i think we played better than the 1st game, and guys who sucked were the usual suspects, so im not too worried. i wanna see AA and grachev light it up soon though. torts shouldve used grachev in the shootout. del zotto was a poor coice. i wanna see the forwards in the shootout. especially the prospects. prospal shouldnt have went and kotalik either.

  95. Anybody wanna post their 30 man roster to survive the cuts today???

    Dane Byers, Ryan Callahan, Chris Drury, Christopher Higgins, Aaron Voros, Sean Avery, Marian Gaborik, Vinny Prospal, Brian Boyle, Andreas Ambuhl, Donald Brashear, Evgeny Grachev, Enver Lisin, P.A. Parenteau, Artem Anisimov, Ales Kotalik, Patrick Rissmiller

    Matt Gilroy, Marc Staal, Corey Potter, Wade Redden, Michal Rozsival, Michael Del Zotto, Dan Girardi, Bobby Sanguinetti, Mike Sauer, Illka Heikinnen

    Henrik Lundqvist, Steve Valiquette, Chad Johnson

  96. Gaborik is skating in his first scrimmage this morning and has already scored on Lundqvist per Gross.. hope he keeps rolling.

  97. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Ok Everyone

    PLEASE explain this to me

    WHY OH WHY is AARON VOROS on EVERYONES list to make the cut?

    HE can’t skate
    He can’t fight
    He’s a 1 million dollar cap spacer when you put him in Hartford
    And, HE SUCKS!

    So why oh why is he on anyone’s roster makign the team?

    I agree with Doodie, i get white hot flashes of rage when I see his 1 million dollar worthless ass take the ice.

  98. First the downside – with poor performance and some brainless turnovers Roszival looked to be in mid season form – he’s possibly the only player who can make Redden look really good at this point.

    Loved what I saw from Gilroy last night, kid should crack the roster at least on the third pair.

    Problem is that I don’t see a good partner fit for him on the roster. A kid who is going to join the rush like that needs to play with a stay at home partner who Torts can trust to cover the back end of the play – Girardi might be the only guy on the roster who fits that mold even a little. Staal, who he has been paired with in practice and was again against Boston, is also a join the rush type of player, Rozi and Redden can’t be trusted in their own end really and that leaves Girardi who can be trusted but isn’t a true stay-at-home blueliner.

    I feel a trade coming to fill this role – I wouldn’t be shocked if the Rangers decided enough was enough with Dubi and moved him for a young – veteran rugged blue liner or an older player along with a prospect – probably a pipe dream but something along the lines of Dubi and Roszival to the Yotes for Jovo and Jared Staal.

  99. Mike from NJ –

    I think Voros has a chance to make the final cut and skate on a fourth line with Brashear and Boyle – but only because Torts is giving the guy a clean slate and thus far he’s worked hard, been rugged on the ice, and not made any glaring mistakes. Also, since Torts rarely uses his fourth line I don’t think he’s going to put a young kid in that spot to sit on the bench when he could be getting regular time down in Hartford.

    For what it’s worth – I have no clue at this point how the third line is going to shake out with the exception of Kotalik.

    Figure Dubinsky gets traded and so Prospal centers Higgins and Gabby with Drury centering Avery and Callahan, fourth line probably Boyle, Voros and Brashear…any guesses on third line partners for Ales?

  100. “Dubi was at the yankee game last night sitting behind home plate.”

    What is a dude with no job doing in those seats?

  101. Just as likely by the way is that he’s playing Rissmiller and Voros in hopes that someone on another team decides that these guys fit some system and will take them in a trade.

  102. One of the tasks in NHL 10’s Be A GM Mode is to make a one for one trade, so I tried trading Voros and got a lot of responses of “Your proposal doesn’t offer enough skill in return for the playing you’re asking” or something along those lines. And I wasn’t even asking for anyone that established. I even tried trading Voros for Cam Janssen but to no avail.

  103. I guess there must be a lot of unsold season tickets left…I had sales representative calling me at *8AM* offering once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase an 11-Game Plan with the New York Rangers in a club seat or seats for the Full-Season package as well!! 8AM??? mofo, im still sleeping at 8AM! what the hell are you doing up so early? he was like ” Hi, my name is Scott… I see you’ve showed interest in purchasing season tickets before” YEAH, I HAVE… LIKE 3 YEARS AGO! and only now im getting that call back? lol

    anyway, if anybody is interested in purchasing tickets through the garden…let me know… ill give you Scott ‘s number.

  104. One downer this season is that Direct TV is dropping VS as a telecaster due to VS asked an “outrageous” price for it, so Direct dropped them.) Arrrgh.
    This means that we’ll have to rely on MSG completely.(And won’t get to watch other teams.)

  105. CCCP – I had the partial last year and the year before and had to give it up this year because we are in the process of buying a house. I wonder if I could get a sweet discount on them since they are having trouble selling them.

  106. Where did this Owens come from. I see the kid out there throwing some very interesting hits, and then suddenly pops a goal. Who is he?And where did Henley come from/ (The rowing crew in London?)

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