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Just watched the Yankees-Blue Jays brawl. Pretty good one by baseball standards. Joe Girardi has a mouse growing under his eye.

Anyway, before I see Rangers in 60, here’s the official  postgame stuff:

September 15, 2009 – New York Rangers 1, Boston Bruins 2
(Pre-Season: Game No. 1, Home No. 1)
Click Here For The Official Game Summary

  • Steve Valiquette started the game in net for the Rangers, stopping 18 of 19 shots in 31:17 of icetime. Matt Zaba replaced Valiquette in net during the second period, and turned aside 15 of 16 shots in 28:36 of icetime.
  • Christopher Higgins notched the Rangers’ first goal of the pre-season with an even strength tally at 10:05 of the third period; he finished with two shots on goal in 15:24 of icetime.
  • Forward Ales Kotalik collected an assist on Higgins’ third period goal in his Rangers debut, and finished the contest with three shots in 15:20 of icetime.
  • Ryan Callahan tied for the game-high with six shots on net in 13:25 of icetime.
  • Artem Anisimov, the Rangers’ second round choice (54th overall) in 2006, won a team-high, nine of 16 faceoffs (56%) in 17:50 of icetime.
  • Defenseman Alexei Semenov tallied the primary assist on Christopher Higgins’ third period goal, and logged 17:42 of icetime.
  • Marc Staal logged a team-high, 21:23 of icetime; he also registered two shots and delivered two hits on the night.
  • Dan Girardi and Michael Del Zotto tied for the team-lead with three hits in the contest.
  • The Ranges return to action tomorrow, September 16, when they will face-off against the New Jersey Devils at the Prudential Center (7:00 p.m.), in their second of four games in five nights; the game will be televised live on MSG.

John Tortorella … “As the game went on there were some good things. I don’t want to name names because I may forget someone but as the game went on I thought we played well. We switched the lines around a little and I think everyone contributed.”

John Tortorella on Christopher Higgins…“I thought he was one of our strongest players on the puck, especially in the second half of the game. If we’re going to be a good team and a competitive team, he needs to be a goal-scorer for us, he needs to be a penalty killer for us, he needs to be a top six forward for us and he needs to accept responsibility for that. Tonight was a good sign.”
Christopher Higgins…“I think we were a little slow to start. I think that was a byproduct of all of the conditioning we were doing. Guys were a little bit tired but I think you saw the product of that as the game went along. We played a little bit better. We want to keep the pressure on teams, wear them down. We didn’t get the second goal tonight but that is what we are looking to do.”
Matt Gilroy…“It was good. First period was a little shaky. In the beginning it was kind of hard to find my spots defensively but towards the end I got into a little bit of a rhythm.”
Matt Gilroy on playing in MSG and hearing the Star Spangled Banner… “I definitely got chills, and to hear that first ‘goal’ song go off was pretty cool too. It was my first taste of this and I want a lot more.”

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  1. Gilroy, MDZ & Grach all looked very very good tonight. I know they’re mostly playing against other players fighting for a roster spot, but nevertheless….I’m getting excited for this year, and the next several years to come.

  2. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Pre-Season Pleasure!!!!… says Greg L. on

    6thhh nice to see the Rangers start off the pre season with a loss. No clouded hoopla , just set ’em straight , right away!!!

  3. Nice reporting. Gilroy was a little shaky early but adjusted. I really was happy with Del Zotto. And Higgins had a heck of a game playing with Drury and Kotalik.

    Anisimov and Grachev also looked good. Boyle not at all.

    All in all, not bad.

  4. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    anisimov didn’t impress me and I though MDZ looked better last year… we’ll see.

    Gilroy: ‘I am a Ranger!’ … I hope.

  5. Maccarone does look like a throw back from the seventies. I like it and I thought he played pretty well.

  6. Just got back, moved down to about 10 rows off the ice at center ice for the whole gfame and watched carefully. Much of this will echo what others have said:

    Matt Gilroy – This kid could wind up being the #1 defenseman on this team. Joins tyhe rush and sees the ice very well, shows excellent judgement in picking his spots, is also very smart defensively, good positioning. Honestly his all around game puts him in the top four on this team right now and don’t be surprised if on opening night the #1 pairing is him and Staal. Took the puck end-to-end several times. Great offensive instincts. If I say who he reminded me of nobody will take me seriously.

    Mike Del Zotto – Also joins the rush effectively and has good offensive instincts, but is not as aggressive as Gilroy. Excellent on the PP point – patient, never panicks, and makes good decisions with the puck. Defensively still needs to work on his reads a bit, but positionally still sound. Should absolutely make the team. There is no benefit at all to him going back to play junior hockey – he is ready to learn at this level and should at this point be given that opportunity.

    Semenov – made two great plays that led to the Ranger goal, had a decent rush up the ice, not afraid to hit. Also should be on the team, but hopefully not at the expense of Del Zotto being #7.

    Sauer – Doesn’t look ready. Reads not as good, positionally OK, but just doesn;t seem to make plays at this level.

    Grachev – Kid is big and very fast, Can go into the corner and get the puck, use his size to protect it from the defender and make a play. Seemed to be pressing a bit first 2 periods but in the third had a real nice scoring chance where he looked like he’d be lucky to get a shot off and somehow not only did but labeled a laser for the upper corner (Rusk made a great save). Definitely has the goods, not sure if he is ready for the Rangers yet but it probably is a good leap of faith to take and say to this kid “hey you’re ready for the NHL”

    Anisimov – I have never been all that impressed while watching this kid and tonight was no exception. Can make some nice plays, has some speed and size, but doesn’t really seem to engage or take control at all. Didn’t make any mistakes, but i felt like his line had only 2 or 3 good shifts all night. I would love for him to be better. But I don’t think he is a top center. And I think if I am Brandon Dubinsky right now, I am calling Sather and telling him he’d actually better raise his offer to $2.5 million because this team has nobody to play center.

    Drury/Higgins/Kotalik – later in the game, when this line decided they wanted to play hockey, they were good. Kotalik will be good on the PP point – real heavy shot. Higgins is just like I always said – like Adam Graves but a better skater and less of a hitter, But effective. Drury is Drury – he’s a solid two way player who is the best 3rd line center in the league and a solid 2nd line center on a stacked team.

    Zaba – could make a good backup for Lundqvist.

    Brashear – booed too much. Get over it, people. Hits like a monster.

    Overall, I think the team looks great on D, but desparately, desparately needs centers. If I am Sather I give Dubinsky whatever he wants and shut up right about now.

  7. Maccarone does look like a throw back from the seventies. I like it and I thought he played pretty well.

    Agreede, if this was the seventies he’s a blue seat favorite.

  8. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Great summary, Pete!
    Gilroy: Great offensive instincts. If I say who he reminded me of nobody will take me seriously.

    …yup, I felt like I was watching the MSG Vault debut of Leetch (in 88 or 89?). I’m sure that’s who you’re referring to as well.

  9. Gilroy did look good, typically rooks are just satisfied not making mistakes, but he took some chances.

    Looks like Torts has a whole new mission for the 4th line, no more of Renneys dump and change.

  10. good summary Peter. like a couple others, also do not think AA is a top six NHL forward.

    w/o Dubi and Prospal, they looked weak at center tonight.

    disagree about Semenov. saw him play for 2 years as a Shark, and he can have some real boneheaded moments and giveaways. don’t want him taking any job or ice time from Gilroy or Del Z

  11. I was at the game..some observations
    Del Zotto and Gilroy looked good, but nothing spectatcular. Grachev looked “green” and may need a year in Hartford. Ansimov should easily make the team.
    Who the eff was maccrione? Who did he blow for a tryout?

  12. Gilroy is not going to be on the first pair especially to start the season.

    people after 10 minutes of ice time have picked the new studs and duds, that is laughable.

    give it soemtime. Hope they get Dubi in camp soon..What the heck is he doing????

  13. I was very excited by the play of MDZ and Gilroy, Grachev looked good but did not dominate like he does at other levels (not that i expected that in his first “NHL” game). However like Stuart said, lets have this guys get a few more games and get more familiar with their game before we pass judgment.

  14. – Agreed on Gilroy and Del Zotto. They should both make the team, and I am pretty sure they will. Both had a strong game, nothing electrifying, but strong and competent on both ends.

    – I think Torts is going to base his defense around Staal. He wants to make Staal the leader and a franchise player. Don’t be sursprised if he is offered a long-term deal soon.

    – I liked both young russians. Particularly Grachev. He reminded me of Jagr in a way, when he was comfortable and protected the puck. Big strong body and seems to have an edge to his game that few russians have. He seems to really compete. Anisimov played well, better defensively than offensively which surprised me. I’m not too sure he will make the team though, I think Sather is trying still…

    – Lisin was also pretty good at times, so did Kotalik and Higgins.

    – Sauer, Boyle, Byers and Semenov are probably in no mans land. You could just tell by the minutes that Torts eyes are going to focus on MDZ, Gilroy, AA and Grachev.

    – Theroen Fleury, anybody?

  15. Agree with others that Gilroy and MDZ were impressive and should make the team.

    Given Grachev’s youth and inexperience he looked very good. Good skater (especially for his size) and not afraid to use his body. Probably should start season in Hartford, but I won’t be surprised if he’s with the team for good later this season.

    Drury looked to be quicker, both skating and shooting, than he did last season. Also more physically aggressive.

    Tonight will be interesting as we get to see players who have had an extra day’s rest after the grueling camp.

    This first game represents what our season will be. We’ll start off slow as players learn Tort’s (fully implemented) system and develop chemistry. The Olympic break may be beneficial as our younger players will get a chance to rest and ‘go to school’. The second half will be much better.

  16. We need to sign Dubi or get another center. AA looked very inexperienced out there. Maybe he will surprise the next time out, but who knows.

  17. OMG!!!! I always read the blog, but never post …. But this morning I met chris drury on the way to school!!! He apparently has a kid in my school and was dropping her off. He was so nice!! Ahhh I can die happily!!!

  18. Maybe it was the conditioning or maybe this team just can’t score for . They don’t have Dubinsky either. Drury can’t play in all preseason games.

  19. Good morning!
    In general- the most striking thing to me was how young this team is turnung into!
    Gilroy is number 5, Semenov is # 7. MDZ needs more maturing but should be considered untouchable in terms of trades.
    Grachev can dominate, but he needs more time. AA may not have done anything spectacular, but he is very solid in both ends and has a pretty good sense of the ice. He’ll be good for the team and is in.
    Drury looked like he is ready to redeem himself. Hungry and angry.
    Matt Maccarone might make it in Hartford just for the looks.
    Oh, yeah, is there anyone who still thinks that Brashear isn’t better than Orr? He skates better, he is better positioned, he hits better. And he actually shoots the puck. And he hasn’t even fought yet.

  20. Higgins-Drury-Kotalik…That is your 2nd line on opening night.

    Grachev is on the cusp of making this team. Maybe he is a little green but the guy is Jagr-esque. If he puts on another 15lbs and gets a little more seasoning, he’ll be a force.

    Gilroy and DZ look good, should make this team.

    Brashear…still hate this guy. But for him to win over the fans he needs to fight someone (and win!)

    Parenteau, the guy is a lifer in the AHL. Bet anyone a lot that he is not making this team and will never play in the NHL as a regular.

    Without Gabby, Dubi, Avery, Prospal, Rosy, and Redden, and Hank I thought the team looked OK. But that’s to be expected and it means little at this stage.

    At the end of the day though, what are we going to do with Lisin, Boyle, and guys like that? I mean 4 key guys were not in the lineup last night and we still are chock full of 3rd and 4th liners.

    Again Sather has stacked the team with so-so players. This is Voros (where is he?), Fritsche, and Rissmiller all over again.

    When are first cuts? I thought I heard that by this weekend a handful of guys would be sent to Hartford.

  21. morning guys. im still spinning. i took redden because hes gonna have a good year. im tellin ya. he wil score 10 goals minimum, and 40 points-50 point. dru looked good, higgy, cally, grachev(who did remind me of jagr on some of his plays), del zoto was good, gilroy was awesome, anisimov was ok, nothing great, staal was great as usual, looked better joining the rush, parenteau sucked, maccarone and boyle sucked, brash was better than orr!! lol. i like brash. hes gonna be a fave soon, especially with orr!! who will change his name to ‘brash!!! he can bash and he makes the cash!!! lmao!, higgs was great on that goal(which is where we need him on the pp to score), dru looked great too. i noticed dru and our d was passing very well and keeping the puck moving on the pp. kotalik was alright. liked his pont shots but hes fulton reid from the ducks. 1 outta 5 like someone said yesterday. semenov was good. i want him as the 7th. we need some size and hes got a good low shot. i liked lisisn, but anisimov and p.a.p were just lookin amateur out there. aa is not going to take dubys spot on top line, at least not yet. still, its 1 preseason game. cant peg these guys yet. and someone not really mentioned was zaba. i like his game. zaba should be backup next season. and chad johnson might too. but he made some good saves on chara, lucic, wheeler, and sauvve. k anybody wanna make a trade with me??? i need a goalie, and i got this awesome d man redden im dangling!!!

  22. Peter
    September 15th, 2009 at 11:47 pm
    Maccarone does look like a throw back from the seventies. I like it and I thought he played pretty well.

    Agreede, if this was the seventies he’s a blue seat favorite.

    I thought that was Jason Strudwick with an alias name

  23. I don’t think my other comment went through but….I met chris drury this morning!!!! I was walking to school and I saw him and I walked up to him and spoke to him-he was so nice!! Apparently his daughter goes to my school!! Ahhh!! I can die happy!

  24. Funny moment of the night was in the towards of the 3rd and while the crowd was chanting LETS GO RANGERS, some of the fans started chanting MACC-A-RON-E!!!!

  25. yea, i agree. dru and redden are gonna have good seasons. and dru actually had an avg season last year stats wise, but thats not why i give him crap, its because hes the captain, and this season i wanna see passion, anger, emotion, and better leadership. if he does that, he’ll be back in my good graces. but hes gotta hit at least 25g 60p. fo sho!!!! dubys pissin me off more and more. im startuin to want him traded. freakin 13 goals and he thinks hes due all this money? he had a crap season!! cmon dooby. just sign dude. your not gonna get anything better right now. in fact sather will prob bring his offer back down if u keep playin games. i think slats brings it up to 800-900k and thats it. if he doesnt accept that hes done

  26. Nasty – The boyfriend was playing it last night and he seemed to enjoy himself. I have only played the demo so far and I liked it but I’m kinda lame when it comes to using more than 2 buttons to play. I’m an NES kinda gal

  27. nasty- its awesome bro. the gameplay is a little different but much more realistic. took me 3 games to get it down but its so fun. the fights are great, and it gives u momentum if u win, the goals are better, more loose pucks to fight for in front of net, board play is cool, but can get repetitive although it sets up the forecheck easier and is a good way to keep pressure on the other team wearing them out, so they take a lazy penalty. realistic goalie animtions, crowd, etc… i love it

  28. First off, did lisin even play? I rarely heard his name.

    Secondly, maccarone did a great job out there. Give him a reaal shot. Not a Nedved shot…

  29. istill thought we couldve generated some better chances in that 3rd per. i wanted to see them go all out and try to prove themselves to torts and to the fans. i thought they couldve done more in the 2nd and 3rd. some good chances but i thought rask was good. i think gabby is still gonna carry this team and this year is gonna be in a transition for awhile. i can se us goin either way, but i think the ofense will be a little better than last year for sure, and the d will actually be ok i think. if redden and rozy play good, i think we’ll be ok. gilroy is nhl ready, del zotto im not so sure yet. but heikkenen could be.

  30. I also thought Boyle was totally lame. Based on last night’s game, I thought Maccarone was much better and I ‘d rather see him on the fourth line.

  31. in approximately 9 hours I will be at MSG west and totally ready for my first live action since April. I’m hoping the place is half empty so I can move down from my nosebleed seats

  32. Nasty, I got NHL 10 yesterday and here’s my take on it so far.

    It plays a lot like NHL 09 with a couple major exceptions. You can’t carry the puck along the boards/around the net with impunity as the D do a tougher job of pinching off that strategy, the along the boards play. The most major adjustment is the passing where you have to do a better job of aiming instead of just pulling the trigger and connecting on a pass.

    I downloaded the roster updates, they remove Mara/Morris/Zherdev from the team and add Lisin/Prospal. I started “Be A GM” mode which I believe replaces dynasty mode. You start at the 2009 Entry Draft and in between rounds you can make trades with other GMs. Trading players is a lot more complex than any of the other EA NHL games. They give you rationales as to why a trade is rejected (for example the other GM will say they don’t want to give up players that are entering their prime, they like having a particular vet in the locker room, your offer is an insult, the player you’re offering isn’t skilled enough -Voros-).

    Anyway, I immediately put everyone’s favorite $6MM man on the trading block and in between the 1st and 2nd rounds of the draft I was offered Joe Thorton/Ortmeyer/2nd round pick for Redden/Arnason/Locke…that trade was done immediately.

    They bring back some of the features of NHL 07 or 08, where you have tasks as a GM but they kicked it up a notch where you have a GM reputation around the league. So you offer too many of the Voros for Mason Raymond trades and your rep suffers.

    After going through the off season it was late and I only played one game and I’ll refer you to my comments above about game play. The good part is I beat Cindy and the playPens on their opening night.

  33. “in approximately 9 hours I will be at MSG west and totally ready for my first live action since April. I’m hoping the place is half empty so I can move down from my nosebleed seats”

    It will probably be half empty Beth, MSG is trying its best to make the Devils feel like it’s a home game!

  34. Well, I guess Gamestop will be in my afternoon plans on the way from work to the gym :)

    Actually, I know I won’t get much of a return for them, but I have NHL 2K9 and NHL 2009, as well as Halo 3 to trade in. Maybe I can at least get 20 dollars off for them.

  35. Oh, one glitch that I don’t think EA will ever fix is that they count Avery’s entire salary against the cap. There is a buy out option on contracts in the game, but I don’t know if they went as complex as the half salary aspect of re-entry waivers.

  36. Gilroy looked great. He has me excited.
    Del Z looked good on the PP but i didn’t see him Shoot. it looked like he passed up a couple to force feed Kotalik. his passes were good though and he looked decisive.
    Godzilla looked good in the corners during the 3rd. he stated getting confidence in the 3rd. look for him to play great against the Devils if he goes.
    AA looked Responsible defensively. didn’t see much creativity from him last night though. He needs to play more confidentley and go all out if he wants to produce at this level.

  37. Also, for all you BlackBerry owners out there, Opera Mini has release their Beta 5 browser, and I have to be honest, so far, it is the best mobile browser that I have ever used. Makes this site look exactly as it does on the computer.

    I have a Sprint BlackBerry 9630 Tour, and it is very fast and smooth so far.

  38. We have Parros II on this team! lol
    I also thought Gilroy and DZ looked good. I also thought Anisimov and Grachev played great. I don’t know, I think Grachev could make this team. Anisimov looked much more comfortable than he did last season. But it is only one preseason game.
    What were your thoughts on Boyle and Semenov? Boyle…so so
    and Semenov was ok. He is huge and seems to be slow…but he threw a very nice hit.
    Thoughts on Sauer?
    Newman, same thoughts about Grachev…he could be a total stud…
    Also we have some guys who can really skate and look effortless doing it…Grachev, DZ, Gilroy.

  39. Enough is Enough on

    MSG did a great job of showing how vocal Staal was being throughout the game.

    At one point, he turned to Gilroy and corrected him on positioning. Then he turned to Cally and told him that he had to be more aggressive on the particular play. Anyone else see that?

    If this kid leverages his skill into a leadership role, there will be no end to his value.

  40. The problem is you have to trade the previous year’s game in before the new one comes out as the trade value drops significantly

  41. “The problem is you have to trade the previous year’s game in before the new one comes out as the trade value drops significantly”

    This is true, FIFA10 doesn’t come out for another month so I got almost $20 for FIFA09. I’ll be too busy with NHL10 that I’ll wait until Christmas to get it as my obligatory gift from my brother.

  42. good morning Rangers Fans! my thoughts were confirmed:

    DelZ, Gilroy, Gravech, Higgins all great games! I’M EXCITED FOR THIS TEAM :D

  43. Ouch was playing NHL10 last night after the Rangers game and started a new season. First game, first period against Pitt and Orpik lays out Gaborik and he gets injured 4 games with a groin injury. I like realism but what the F?

  44. Boyle & Voros – the all big stiff team. Grachev belongs on this team – he will be a stud for years to come. Sign Dubi Slats – time is a wastin’. We need his skill, heart and passion back NOW.

  45. lol flippedturtle. i remember playing NHL09 and knocking out Havlat for a month on a body check.

    I hope Gravech continues to play awesomely and AA steps up.. might give our boy Dubinsky something to think about.

  46. UESBlueshirt did that roster update include Gilroy?

    Gilroy really impressed me last night and I’m ecstatic that we have him. He moved the puck very well and was very noticeable every time he was on the ice.

    Enough is Enough I completely agree with your thoughts on Staal he is going to be a star for us and with MDZ and Sangs coming up as well our D is looking really good.

  47. Good morning Staal and all!

    “MSG did a great job of showing how vocal Staal was being throughout the game.”

    We here know all Staals are vocal!

  48. good morning all, drury was lost on the ice again last night…he was out of position on the bruin;s PP goal in the 1st period….hockey season has started our captain is back

  49. Did anyone notice Voros and Gaborik standing together as the Rangers made their way to the locker room at the end of the game?

  50. Thank UESBlueshirt I will have to create him then.

    Interesting quote from Torts near the end about MDZ being a bit cocky and having to tame him a bit.

    Tortorella said. “Him, Gilroy, Grachev, all these kids. (Del Zotto) equipped himself very well in Traverse City. I thought he was one of the more talented players in Traverse City. His first game up there, he took chances, up the ice. He can pass the puck. That’s playing against kids. I think he has a nice arrogance about him. It’s a type of kid I think I may have to tame a little bit as far as the arrogance but that’s a good thing to have, a guy who wants to make a difference and is willing to take a chance.”

  51. I was there and it did take a period for the baby Rangers to lose their jitters.

    My observations:

    Gilroy makes the team as a top 6 defenseman.

    Del Zotto played well but at times was physically overmatched. With all the other D-men available he should go back to juniors to grow physically and play huge minutes.

    Anismov-Grachev-Lisin: Lisin looked the most NHL ready.
    Anisimov and Grachev have skills, don’t know if Grachev is ready yet. Close, but some seasoning in the A will help.

    Boyle: Don’t know. Used his body a bit and skated better then I thought he would.

    Maccarone: Dirk Diggler moustache. Did OK.

    Semenov: Big body, played with composure, will be kept around as a needed experienced defenseman.

    Byers, Sauer and Parenteau: Did not do enough to distinguish themselves.

    Just remember guys and gals there are a bunch of other kids that need to be looked at before hard decisions are made, particularly on defense with Heikkinen, Sanguinetti and Potter left to look at. The is also Weise, Arnason, Owens, Dupont, Borque and Ambuhl to get a look at on the offensive side.

  52. Great to see the team on the ice last night. I don’t put a lot of stock in preseason games as the teams fielded are NHL Lite what with all the AHLers out there. I thought the young guys of interest all looked good with the exception of Anisimov, who just wasn’t all that noticeable to me. Drury looked pretty sharp out there in both zones and Higgins did some good things.

    The only real negative I picked up was Del Zotto on that penalty kill, so tired he couldn’t even skate to pick up his man. I know they’ve done a lot of skating and he was stuck out there for the whole shift (which does happen) but for this early in the season and a young guy, he should be in the best shape out of anyone.

  53. Just read in the Post that the Hartford Wolfpack is playing the Lowell Devils at the Prudential Center in Newark at 1PM today. FREE ADMISSION!!!!

  54. Newman I think youre deadwrong about the comparison between Rssmiller-Voros-Fritche and Boyle-Lisin.

    Boyle did not make many plays last night but he still played with a sort of edge, you know. Controlling the puck in the offensive zone and hitting hitting hitting.

    Lisin is a simple sniper. Great speed, great shot and will score 12-17 goals if we’re lucky. How can you even compare that to the likes of Patrick Rissmiller and Aaron Voros who are both slow, stupid and has no real purpose on any team.

  55. Gilroy wow, he impressed the heck out of me.

    Did anyone get to meet Sean Avery, Voros and Lundquivst?

    They were giving autographs in the 400’s. I told them to have a great season.

  56. For the first time out I thought that they all looked pretty good. In fact, if you were to compare this first impression with last season’s last impression..light years difference.

    The energy level was most impressive.I can’t fault any individuals for their play..too soon to judge.

    I was taken with the quality of goal tending by Rask.

    I was turned off by the ineptness of the announcers.
    Lost track of the pbp, while mewling over trivia. Hope that’s not a sign of things to come.

  57. the flynn:

    “I was turned off by the ineptness of the announcers.
    Lost track of the pbp, while mewling over trivia. Hope that’s not a sign of things to come.”

    Why would they be any different? They’ve been unlistenable blowhards who love to hear their own voices for the last 20 years – when Davidson and Rosen were first paired in the booth. Now Rosen and Micheletti are even worse. At least JD had a few moments of real insight, even though he would spend 10 minutes talking about the great Italian restaurants, and meatball comparisons, in all the away cities.

    I turn off the shills and turn on the radio broadcast. A lot less fluff and a lot more insight.

  58. LOL this is pretty funny got it from Andrew’s blog here is the quote and link if you want to read the rest.

    Meanwhile, morning’s funniest moment came courtesy of Sean Avery, who had completed practice and come off the ice toward an auxiliary dressing room. He was standing, chatting casually with the media when, all of a sudden, he took off in a dead run back toward the ice (a dead run while in skates on land, is neither easy nor does it look smooth). Avery got three-fourths of the way there, stopped and turned around. Turns out he thought he had heard John Tortorella blow a whistle and Avery joked he never knows when Tortorella is going to call a meeting.

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