Hockey night


Some of you guys will need seatbelts tonight. I can just tell that your excitement might be a little over the top. I don’t blame you, but I’ve never been part of this blog for the start of a season before.

No, Brandon Dubinsky isn’t going to be playing tonight. But you may have seen Larry Brooks’ story on the leverage issue in the Dubinsky situation. It was quality stuff (sort of what I’ve been saying all along, only probably better than I’ve said it).

I have an assignment tonight, so I won’t even be able to see the game live. I know you all will keep me informed as to what looks good and what doesn’t.

Enjoy. I’ll stop back in later on.

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  1. Carp the anticipation is strong for tonights event. Although I was just at MSG on Sunday (for Basketball), cant wait to see the ice again!

    Lets Go Rangers!

    (Please tell me that we are not using the them Blueshirts United! for this season. MSG’s other team the Liberty made their year United We Play and it did not turn out well – no playoffs.)

  2. Let’s go Rangers! Been away for a bit but excited to watch Grachev, Del Z and Gillory tonight.

    Also, I seem to remember saying Dubi would never get more than 1 million from the Rangers because he had no leverage and got hammered…just saying…

  3. Where is Dubi? Why isnt he signed? Isnt he our first line center?? Shouldn’t be be building chemistry? Has Gabby stepped on the Ice yet?? What is going on with Gabby and his groin/hip/osteoporosis ??

  4. My friend just told me he read an article on TSN saying the Rangers traded McDonough, a first rounder, DUBI and Bobby Sang for Phil kessel.

    Then he went back and the link was gone……. I WOULD HAVE FREAKED. Great player but not worth 3 top prospects and dubi.

  5. Tonight’s lines according to Gross:

    Christopher Higgins-Chris Drury-Ales Kotalik
    Evgeny Grachev-Artem Anisimov-Ryan Callahan
    Donald Brashear-Brian Boyle-P.A. Parenteau
    Dane Byers-Matt Maccarone-Enver Lisin
    Marc Staal-Matt Gilroy
    Michael Del Zotto-Dan Girardi
    Alexei Semenov-Mike Sauer
    G: Steve Valiquette, Matt Zaba

  6. Jeez, I wonder how dumb EA Sports feels for making Patrick “20 Cent” Kane the cover of the new NHL game?

    Although, instead of punching out the cabbie he could have held up a copy of the game and then asked “Do you know who I am?”

  7. UESBlue do you play online? I’m picking up the game today would be cool to create a Rangers report team.

  8. Cindy, that trade doesn’t make much sense as those players don’t clear up enough cap space to sign Kessel. I don’t think the Rangers have enough depth to be able to wait for Kessel to recover from surgery if they send top line forwards in return.

  9. Flipped Turtle, my XBox live subscription ended a couple of months ago and I never replaced it. I didn’t play a whole lot on line but may get back into it if there’s enough interest. My friend tried to start a league last year that went nowhere.

  10. Blueshirt Brawler on

    With the Yankees throwing Mitre vs. Halladay tonight, I may actually tune in to see some of the Rangers kids play.

  11. Hockeyman Rangers on

    I still think Dubi deserves the same dollar amount as Callahan. (or near to it) Why did Cally get his contract done and Dubi didn’t??? They both go out every night and give it their all. Dubi even stood in for a few fights and got his _ss kicked, now that’s dedication. It is time for a compromise and get Dubi to camp asap.

  12. Seriously, what does this blog offer anymore? They aren’t at practice and they’re not watching games. Is this site merely a “guest-blogging” area, and a place for Carp to post secondhand news from other sites? I just don’t get it.

  13. This blog offers a great community of fans. I think it serves as an excellent forum for fan conversation. Most of the other newspaper blogs I’ve been to don’t have near the amount of fan participation on them.

    I don’t know if I could get through a day without checking the wackiness on here at least once.

  14. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Hockeyman Rangers, simple…one had additional negotiating rights awarded to them by the player agreed CBA then the other.

  15. Hey Rangerfan32 I was thinking the “boneheads” but “the carps” works for me! My xbox tag is the same as my screen name flippedturtle send me an invite.

    hockeyman I think the reason Cally was signed was because he was eligible for arbitration while dubi is not. If dubi was eligible for arbitration he would be signed now.

  16. BTW… I’m seriously tired of people coming on here just to b!tch and complain about a lack of whatever. Us regulars enjoy it if you don’t then beat it.

  17. I have an issue with Dubinsky, who has played in the NHL, getting less than Gilroy. Gilroy, who has never played pro-hockey, is making over $1.5 million. I also think the argument about just signing and playing to wait for his pay day is ludicrous. Are they going to give him a free $3 mill if he gets a career ending injury? This is about more than one year of play, it is about a career. He is using the only leverage he has. Signing an offer sheet elsewhere is the only other leverage he could get.

  18. exactly, turtle and Paris.

    As Dubi is not arbitration eligible his only negotiating tool is an offer-sheet or an (ill-advised) hold-out. He has no offer-sheet to use for the Rangers to match so he has to take what he is offered. I’m surprised Slats won’t go to $1m but such is the nature of the CBA, Slats owns Dubi’s ass this year! (and every penny he saves on Dubi he can use 3 or 4 fold at the trade deadline).

  19. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Gotta hand it to Brooks for a nice article.

    Dubinsky thinks pretty highly of himself coming off a garbage year, no?

    I’ve been sick of this guy for a while. I think NYR should move on.

  20. Shawn i agree, to some extent, but thats the CBA.
    If you’re a UFA like Gilroy you can negotiate with all teams and gain a higher salary, whereas Dubi can only negotiate with the Rangers.

    If Dubi has a good year (ie 60 points) he can look forward to a $2-3m contract from the arbitrator next summer.

  21. Beth, I agree. This is a great forum for Rangers and league-wide discussion with really passionate fans. Often times, news gets broken here faster than the other beat writers can break it themselves. Carp has a treasure trove of stories from more than two decades on the beat, not to mention the fact that the blog probably would have ended with Sam’s departure if he hadn’t stepped in. It’s a great place to visit for a variety of reasons.

  22. Upside to Dubinsky’s poor judgement regarding this contract situation – the coaches get a better look at Anisimov and maybe Grachev.

  23. With hockey season coming up, it is almost time to replace my Yankees wallpaper with a Rangers one. I have a cool Rangers-logo-on-metal-background that I’ve used the past couple of years, but could use a change.

    Anybody know of some good NYR wallpapers? And not cheap MS-Paint crap, but good high-res stuff.

  24. If you guys want behind the scenes info and updates on practice scrimmages and lines for the games check out Andrew Gross’ blog (link of the right). Its like what Sam used to do… its nice.

  25. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Shawn, remember its not how much the player is worth but how much is his market value..does not mean Gilroy is a better player…just like when you company hires someone new who is less experienced then you but make more then you..its the market value. Unfortunately (for Dubi) he is bound by the CBA that his union agreed on. You cant have you cake an eat it cant expect to get paid free agent dollars when you are not a free agent and then also get them when you are.

    Sure the Rangers could throw 3mil at dubi, but when we are a few mill shy on the salary cap to pick up a new player to help the team people would complain that we over spent (again).

  26. JJP – downside is SLats gets pi$$ed with him and trades him to someone else..!!

    I think Ansimov has a good chance but i expect Prospal will slot into the #1 center role for now, when Gabby is fit to play.

  27. by the way, we may not be there for every little groin tweak and line change, but we’re not devoid of news. We kind of rocked the blog world on the day Tortorella was hired, on trade deadline day, on break-up day, and on July 1 free agent day. We haven’t missed any major news. … even though that’s not what we “do.”

  28. Slats won’t trade him for spite.

    Also, if Dubinsky had been a UFA, he’d have gotten more than Callahan. And if he had arbitration rights, he’d have been signed the same time as Callahan. Blame the CBA, not Sather or Dubinsky. This stalemate is what the NHLPA and NHL have wrought.

  29. UK Ranger – Exactly. As poorly as Sather handles contract negotiations/UFA signings, his trades at the deadline the past 5 years or so have ranged from good to great(Morris, Sjostrom, and then of course Jagr & $$ for Carter and change, Avery, and Antro). Keeping some cap space open is crucial for that.

    Then the trade he pulled off to dump Gomez’s contract and pull in Higgins and McDonagh could very well in my opinion mark the turning point for the Rangers. This clearly is not our season (we’re one great center away from being a fringe contender), but with that freed up cap space Sather went out and finally got us a dynamic player in his prime. Sure, there is plenty of risk, but if he can stay healthy and perform over the next 5 years, with the infusion of our promising prospects, we could be making some deep playoff runs in the next couple of years.

  30. Sign the deal Dubi don’t be a moron. You’ll get yours once you earned it.

    Brooksie’s article was right on the money.

  31. So, am I correct in that this site is more of a “fan forum” than a news site now? Carp, will you guys be attending games and practices during the season, or is there no real beat writer from the Journal News anymore?

  32. can’t wait, finally hockey is back! drop the puck, wooooo!

    as far as calling Dubi greedy – i don’t think its wrong to try to get more than the minimum, but to the point in the Brooks article, if he’s demanding the 1.4MM level and won’t consider anything between, then either he’s sorely mistaken on his negotiating position or is getting extremely bad advice from his agent. either way, get in camp dude!!!!

  33. ML, I will be stopping in periodically. We don’t have a beat writer on most pro sports teams anymore. It’s a fact of life in this economic and newspaper environment.

    But we’ll have any important news updates, some coverage, and lots of opinions and discussions.

  34. No Country For Old Rangers on

    What exactly will we miss if Dubinsky holds out?

    His 13 goals and 20-something assists from last season? His minus 6 rating? His supposed leadership skills that are obviously non-existent. Sure he looked good centering Jagr years ago but lets be realistic. Jagr is a legend, he made freakin Nylander look amazing for crying outloud.

    Sometime we get so enamored with players that come up through the system that it can completely cloud our judgement. remember that for every ryan callahan, there have been at least 6 jamie lundmarks.

    I dont think Dubinsky is a particularly special player at all and I don’t think he possesses the intangibles to make him a true leader in the locker room. I say trade him while we can.

  35. Good afternoon Staal and all and Happy Hockey Day!!!

    Sally and Linda, congrats on the link yesterday.

    Mako, damn I am so late…..I wanted Mike/Grab’s idea of carp’s boneheads v. laurel’s knuckleheads….Oh well, serves me right for watching tennis yesterday.

  36. Rick (No, not that one) on

    Nice to see the “ass-trolls” are out early today.
    Go away.

    Finally, Hockey has come back to NY.
    Looking forward to seeing Grachev play.
    Drop the puck!

  37. The problem is that Dubi wants to get paid now… for one year… AND then get a huge raise after playing this season with one of the top wingers in the game… getting leverage and a new contract next season.


    He can sign now for more money (it will be a longer contract) and then wait longer for his BIG payday


    He can sign for cheap this season… be a RFA next year and cash in big.

    It’s a one or the other scenario… but he can’t sign for more $ for 1 yr AND cash in next season.

  38. No Country-granted he is never going to score 50 but if you dont think dubi has the ability to be a leader than in my opinion i do not think you have paid attention his rookie or sophomore year…the rangers desperately need dubie on this roster….this kid shows up every night, plays every shift hard-backchecks hard, sticks up for his teammates, never backs down to anyone, has a decent shot, can skate, can win pucks in the trenches, wins pucks down low and will only get better and if he gets to play consistently with gaborik his offensive no.s will obviously only get better….

  39. I think the interesting thing about tonight’s game is the d-pairings…

    I would love to see Staal / Gilroy and Girardi / Del Zotto stick for the entire season (meaning I would love for them to play well enough to prove that those combos would work long term in the NHL).

  40. No Country For Old Rangers on


    Exactly. The guy should be happy to be playing hockey for hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you are gonna argue for a pay rise, you better perform during the year. Callahan for example had a good season. Dubinsky was a huge disappointment.

  41. Carp, I’m surprised you keep defending yourself. I doubt it’s necessary.

    Cindy, the first look at this possible trade suggests it’s a robbery. But I’m not so sure. McDonagh was a throw in (in essence) in Gomez deal. Sangs is easily replaceable with our young dman depth. So 1st and Dubi for Kessel. I’d say yes. Look, someone said it, we are not going anywhere without a legit 1st line center. Not with Crosby and Malkin in Pits and Carter- Richards in Philly. Kessel changes that. And he is still 21.
    Has anyone thought that maybe one of the reasons Dubi doesn’t want to wait until next year to cash in is because he isn’t that confident he’ll have a great year? Well, sitting it out won’t help either

  42. Seth,

    I tend to agree with you but, his leadership qualities are taking bigger and bigger hits every minute he’s not in camp.

    Regardless of the circumstances… he’s not acting like nor is he, a leader of this team while holding out.

  43. Good morning/afternoon all!!

    Everyone have a crease clearing hard hitting physical d man day!!!! So excited for tonight!!!!


    We only have one computer available for tonights draft, so if we can both draft from one we will, if not one of us will be autopick…..sorry!!

  44. It’s pretty funny. This blog slams Drury, yet praises Dubi. At best Dubi will become Drury. At best. So far, he’s mediocre with a good (though not as good as Cally) attitude. And he played a year with one of the best ever, who got double-teamed.

    Rangers need a real number one center. It’s as obvious as the need for a PP qb.

  45. Riche,

    I cannot argue with you there-obv from my above statement i am an enormous dubie fan and this weeks antics have hurt that a bit but you cannot put youself in dubie’s shoes-if you could hypothetically do that how would you feel if you made less than gilroy or lisin

  46. No Country For Old Rangers on


    That’s what professional hockey players are supposed to do, right? They get paid a disgusting amount of money to “show up every night, play every shift hard-backchecks hard, stick up for his teammates, never back down, etc” There are an endless number of players in the league who do all these things.

    I can’t kiss Dubinsky’s ass for doing his job and I hate it when professional athletes are greedy pigs. People talk about this guy being a future captain? A captain puts his team first. He will get paid in due time, he needs to do something to prove he is worth the contract. I’m sorry but 13 goals and being a gritty player doesnt cut it.

    In my opinion, he still has A LOT to prove and he will be pissing off many fans with this contract b.s.

  47. This is what always happens guys. Now everybody doesnt want Dubi on our team. Then he will sign and we will all love him. until we loose him next summer and we all say he sucked. We will then sign some old wanna be as his replacement, who will grossly over pay and the same cycle will form. This is why it have such trouble following players when there is so much turnover!

  48. This just killed his chances for an A on the sweater for the foreseeable future. And if he does look comparatively slow when he decides to grace the camp with his presence, he is going to take major heat for holding out. Point the blame at for this one…

  49. Local fan,

    In the salary cap era exactly what young players have the Rangers let walk that amounted to any consequence? Ortmeyer, Hollweg, Moore? Prucha, Korpikoski, Dawes, Tyutin were all traded. They may have signed some bad contracts, but the Rangers haven’t exactly let their high ceiling talent walk.

    Have you not picked on the Rangers making a more concerted effort the past 5 seasons to incorporate more youth into their lineup and retaining the talents they’ve viewed worthy?

  50. No country. I am a Rangers fan too! And I hate the fishsticks! Do you not agree with my statement above?

  51. No Country-

    he definitely has a lot to prove-i totally agree-and he will piss off a lot of people i cannot argue with you there-but i think he is vital to this team and defnitely has a positive future ahead of him and im praying its within this organization…..again i root for the jersey just because turnover is outta control these days but if we lose dubie this year, next year whenver thats gonna be a tough pill to swallow for me…

    ” That’s what professional hockey players are supposed to do, right? They get paid a disgusting amount of money…..

    with regards to your quote above how many rangers in your opinion fit this description last year-now maybe this issue will be fixed with a guy like torts in there and maybe im hight on dubie ill be the first to admit but i do not think anyone else besides dubie,hank, avery or callahan on this team gave 100% each night in…..redden/rozsival/drury/gomez u easily saw them half a== it at times last year……

  52. ilb2000, I don’t mean to sound defensive. I’m just trying to explain how it’s going to be this season, which will be different than last season, for many obvious reasons — the first being me instead of Sam. I still want to grow this thing, and not turn people away. (ps, tell your friends).

    As far as the Dubinsky negotiation meaning anything to his leadership, remember that Messier nearly didn’t make it to the night they raised the banner — and in fact used that ceremony as leverage to renegotiate his contract. And he wasn’t a bad leader. And that Richter missed training camp once because of a contract. It’s business, and it’s separate.

  53. Seth,

    I can put myself in his shoes and I understand what he “wants” but I want to make millions too… that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen.

    Sather knows how these things work… I’m not saying Dubi should give up (or give in) I’m saying there’s two ways out of this…

    A) He can hold out until he’s traded (this means not playing for the Rangers… going to a different team… and not playing with Gaborik) all for a bit more money (MAYBE he finds a team that wants to pay him 1.4M this yr).


    B) He signs with NYR for 800k or whatever… puts up numbers (even the same numbers as last season would be enough to garner a good sized bump in pay when you have arbitration rights) and cashes in big time next season.

  54. Carp,

    I think comparing Messier to Dubi is ridiculous (in almost every way) since Messier was already one of the best leaders to lace ’em up.

    Dubi has a longgggggggggggg way to go before we make those comparisons.

  55. MIKE

    I think it was you who asked if you should get a PS3. You should !!!! Free online play !! You just gotta verse people with a good internet connection, cause if you verse someone with a garbage connection, they’ll be massive lagging, and the game will just stop.

    Im off to play the game until 6:00 !

  56. RIck,

    Ricther didn’t miss camp. If you’re talking about the 91-92 camp, he was there. He participated in camp, he played in preseason games and then when opening night came and he still didn’t have a contract and therefore didn’t play. He signed his deal before game 5 of that season and was a part of the 20 man roster for that night.

    Dubi is not even in camp! Can’t compare the two.

  57. No Country For Old Rangers on


    I agree that most of the team phoned it in last season and you’re definitely right about Torts hopefully changing that. notice how all the players you listed above have their huge contracts? i know those guys are garbage now but they were once all very good and arguably earned their money. they now have no motivation which is one of this team’s problems.

    dubinsky on the other hand, his motivation should be at an all time high right now. he should be excited to play hard this year to get that big contract and instead he’s asking for more money coming off a shite year. poor form imo.

    Dubi’s effort has never been in question, when he plays he goes all out. The problem with Dubinsky is that he can’t finish and he has not really produced statistically. He strikes me as a solid physical player but not gifted offensively. it’s just amazing to me that this guy wont shut his mouth and take his small fortune for playing the game he loves. he knows full well he will get his deal next year.

  58. CARP,

    What can potentially happen here if Dubi continues to hold out? Is there a time frame where something needs to get done? Is there a point in time that the Rangers can/will suspend him? Send him to the minors? How ugly can this thing get?

    anyone else know?

  59. No Country For Old Rangers on

    A local fan

    just bustin your balls man, you gotta expect some harassment being a debbies fan on a rangers blog. youre alright though

  60. I agree with you these guys come to NY after playing well somewhere else and think they can “retire here”….Torts will get them motivated and well if drury, redden, roszival etc have no self pride well lets just say they are not going to have a fun season playing under torts-thats where i give sather credit for bringing in torts-no more mr nice guy-the honeymoon is over fellas…..

    i hear ya, with respect to dubie we do not know the entire story either-larry brooks does not know the whole story either…..dubie will be signed shortly, like Rick has said this happens every year somewhere-this year it happened it ranger camp-its a business it will get resolved and dubie and torts will hug it out……

  61. ill be getting nhl10 just a little late. just moved into a new apartment and i am BROKE! isn’t that pathetic?

    ps3id is otherone81 add me

  62. SO EXCITED FOR TONIGHT. hockey is back!! I am going to be there and cannot wait. Getting NHL 10 tomorrow. No time today between work and the game.

  63. remember those in the blueseats during the anthem, lets get the chant going


  64. I like Duby alot, but this is getting out of control. I keep reading there’s no hard feelings between the two parties, but I find it harder to believe that with each passing day. Is Dubinsky worth what Callahan makes? Maybe, but it doesn’t matter. Why pay a guy more than what you have to? The CBA is in place for a reason. The same CBA that’s hurting him now will be helping him out in a year or two. You’re telling me Dubinksy is going to be living in a cardboard box because of this? Please. Although the NYR are not the best model for this statement, most NHLer’s prove their worth before the big paychecks. At this point if i’m Sather, i’m looking for trade options.

  65. “Does anybody have an update on Marian “most brittle human alive” Gaborik”?

    Yes, he is currently on the phone with Patrik Elias telling him what to expect coming back from hip surgery and groin problems.

  66. Sorry to do this to you Orr, but you can’t “verse” something. That’s something that myself and so many other kids said when we were little that gets my goad (or is it goat).

  67. NESN isn’t showing it unfortunately, beth :( The Red Sox apparently take priority :(

    TR, thanks for the links! I will check them out!

    Thanks guys!

  68. Today is a great Hockey day I also just picked up NHL10 and I get to watch my beloved Rangers tonight this is as close to bliss as I get.

    The players I’m excited to watch tonight, Dubinsky (just kidding) Grachev, Gilroy and lisin mainly because I have never seen them play before.

    I think the player that will most impress/surprise will be AA.

  69. Laurel

    That would have been great. Those slots went so quick I had to add another 4 spaces.


    unfortunately we can’t add invididual draft types to specific teams. But you have a 2 min limit on your picks. Sorry.

  70. I DID NOT compare Messier to Dubinsky. I said don’t equate contract negotiations with leadership. Totally unrelated.

    I forgot that Richter signed that tryout thing, or whatever that deal was that let him participate. But he got what he wanted with the leverage of the season, or he would not have signed, and it had nothing to do with leadership.

  71. Dubi has got to be feeling a little left out right about now. Without a signed contract, I guess he’ll be watching from home. Will his agent be sitting there with him or at The Garden in Sather’s box?

    Can’t wait for tonight’s game! LGR!!

  72. Down Easter,

    You act like it is not known how brittle Gaborik is. Elias had surgery this summer yes, but is already skating on his own. Gaborik already played NHL games after his surgery and he is out with a “tweaked groin”, so again, does anybody have an update on him? Is he skating or doing any physical activity? What caused this groin problem this time?

  73. ML –

    How often do other bloggers actually answer questions in the comments section? There is a reason why there are so many comments here, and so many good discussions. This is a great site, if all you want is news and stats you can go anywhere else – in fact why don’t you.

  74. just got the NHL10 for ps3… its interesting.. i think the board play that they have on this game could get real annoying real fast… if you have the puck and anywhere near the boards and decide to press triangle (in NHL09 pressing this button helped you maneuver better) now, as soon as you press the button the player with the puck immediately presses the puck to the boards and starts protecting it with his body!

    btw, Niki Z, Korpedo, Mara, Morris are all still on the team… Rissmiler, Boyle all made the team as well…

    avery drury and gaby is our first line according to EA sports… Dubi didnt even make the second line!! lol he is third line player in EA Sports book… lol

  75. A local fan
    “Does anybody have an update on Marian “most brittle human alive” Gaborik”?

    He just left a message to a local fan to go and have a little intercourse with himself…prefferably in NJ.

  76. 4everanger,

    Is that the truth? If so thats atleast a positive sign that he can still move and control his bodily functions. How did you confirm this?

  77. “It’s Not Personal, Sonny. It’s Just Business.”

    Or maybe I should say

    “It’s Not Personal, Dubi. It’s Just Business”

  78. If everybody would ignore Local Fan, maybe he’ll go away! Like in bye, bye!

    For those critical of Rangers Report, go elsewhere!

    I think Dubi’s agent is not doing him any favors. If he’s good there will be plenty of time to make big money.

  79. Your doctor from phyciatric fasility(remember, who let you play table hockey)confirm that you like to play with yourself even more,so keep going, just leave us out of your brainless b/s

  80. I am a Ranger fan. Maybe you guys are the types of people that dont like to look at your bank statements or your 401K plans because you dont like to know the truth. Is marion Gaborik not brittle? How many games did he play last season? The season before that? And the season or two before that? Am I the only one worried about his health? He is not taking part of training camp. If Torts says its so important for Dubi to be here participating, why is not as important for Gabby? Gabby doesn’t even know Torts system. Dubi atleast does.

  81. CCCP so does that mean Lisin isn’t on the team? How about any of the prospects on the team or in Hartford?

    That’s fine with some of those guys still being on the team, I usually end up packaging them in a trade. Chicago is usually a good trading partner since they have cheaper D like Barker/Seabrook/Keith…adios Redden.

  82. Vinny V –
    teams have until December 1st to sign their RFAs – after that they are out for the season if unsigned – AND the team still retains their rights.

    NO leverage for Mr. Dubinsky.

  83. plz people… just ignore that azzworm of a shmoko fan… he’ll crawl away…

    also, how can people be so critical of this site and still come here on regular basis? just F OFF and problem solved! go post on nypost site where every other word is considered inappropriate and you cant even make a simple comment.

  84. CCCP,

    Everybody told you to ignore me and now you are telling everybody to ignore me. People comment because there is truth to what I say. And that annoys them because the truth is negative. Lets go Rangers tonight. Lets go Devils tomorrow!

  85. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Local Fan:

    It’s just the way you say things in your posts

    Your negative, pretty much in every question you type. Or are a wise arse , Saying “Brittle” about Gabby liek we don’t know his history. Were not sticking our heads in the sand, were jsut being positive.

    It’s also not helping your cause by saying you root for the Fatty Debbies when we play them.

    And to answer your question, Gaborik skated today, just didn’t participate in the scrimage. Feels fine, said everyone is blowing his injuryout of proportion.

    And Carp, you do a great job here, Sam was great, but never interacted with us as much as you do, and got paid, so from the long time blog readers, your appreciated!!

  86. The Real Mikey,

    Thank you. I do understand. It is just frustrating so that is why I am so negative. The surgery was supposed to fix these groin problems, and although he said he is fine I for one am worried that he is not participating in full training camp with the rest of the team. Torts said it was important for Dubi. It should be even more important for Gabby.. esp considering he is new to the system, and he really is our entire offense.

  87. Carp,

    I guess my point is that this is unecessary… we all know that Sather isn’t gonna be the one that caves becuase he doesn’t have to. We know that Dubi probably deserves more than they are offering and he’ll get his payday… it’ll just be next summer not this summer.

    Dubi is showing poor judgement and is NOT a leader on this squad right now becuase he’s not even in camp!

    Sad but true.

    He’s doing nothing for his career, his teammates, and is starting to lose some fans. Not leadership qualities.

    In the end he’ll sign and try to cash in next year and this will all be for nothing.

    Messier could do what he did because A) He had status/ arb rights and B) he was already a PROVEN leader when he held out.

    Apples and oranges no matter how you slice it.

  88. Though i’m a newb a rarely post I do think this blog gives a lot of info and you guys seem like a nice community of friends and fans. Everyone contributes.

  89. BillyDeeWilliams on

    I wish I had time to keep up with everything on this blog. I really miss it. I’m hoping to get back in the swing of things with the season starting.

    I’ve gotta miss the game tonight too…Luckily they’re doing a rewind at 11:30.

  90. THE REAL MikeyNJ on


    Of course it’s frustrating, but we as fans have no choice other than accept it and to support our team

    To be honest, when all the HEatley stuff began at the draft I was super excited that Sather was going after him instead of Gabby, but that ship sailed and we werent goign to give up that much for him.

    So we signed Gabby, and if there’s any team in the league that can keep him healthy its the NY Rangers.

    I honestly think we have one of the best training and Medical staffs in the league. (That’s where my high school buddy works in the NYR organization) and he specifically told me it’s nothing to get worried about.

    Of course were talking about Gabby, whose been injured for ever, but the Hip surgery did work, and his groin strain the other day was due more to the fact that almsot every player in the NHL, no matter what they said or say, does not practice like they do in training camp during the summer.

    He said there’s like three or four players already in camp with pulls and tweaks, and it’s part of the job. Jsut no one else is talking about it becasue they dont have the injury history like Gabby does.

    But they are being extra careful with Gabby as they want him to be in top shape all year, and expect him to play at least 70 games this season.

    Also to update everyone else, I asked my buddy about Dubi, and he told me nothing. Stone walled me!!

    BUT, In the past when he doesnt answer me it usually means something is getting decided (Same when Jagr didn’t resign, Shanny wasnt given an offer) so I’m hoping his silence equals an answer sometime in the next few days, one way or the other


  91. I also am a faithful reader, many times a day (more than I care to admit). Why is it that people actually take the time to post how lacking this site is…why bother? Go somewhere else.

    I love the interactions and the jokes, the Seinfeld references, the quizes, the cartoons…and everything else this site brings.

    Keep it up guys!!!


  92. Messier had just delievered THE STANLEY CUP to Rangers fans for the first time since ’40. I think he had a legit reason to hold out. The Rangers owe Dubi nothing at this point. My appreciation for Dubi wasn’t so much for his skills, but for his attitude. This significantly detracts from the person I thought I was rooting for. Regardless, I want to see him on the ice ASAP.

  93. UESBlueshirt

    no Lisin…probably not until first EA update after the actual roster is finalized… if the kid makes the team of course…no prospects on the team at all… and in Hartford the roster is pretty much the same only with addition of Bobby S and Weise i think… also I just played online and they actually updated the roster… Prospal, sauer, Potter are on the team when you play online…

  94. riche I still disagree. Dubinsky is doing what’s best for him, which is his right to do, especially given the CBA. I’m not saying he’s asking too much, or he deserves whatever amount. I’m just saying, it has nothing to do with leadership. Dubinsky is using the only recourse he has. Callahan would probably be doing the same thing in the same situation.

    Messier was doing the same thing, what was best for him. It had nothing to do with arbitration rights or UFA or anything like that. The Cup clause in his contract gave him the right to renegotiate his deal, and he used the banner night as leverage instead of renegotiating under his existing deal while playing. It had nothing to do with leadership. It was about what he felt was best for him, and he had every right to do it.

  95. Carp, Messier had nothing to prove by then. He was an established NHLyer and a leader. Dubinsky is only 23 and is yet to prove that he belongs. I’m not convinced that current situation is helping his case. Not to mention, he is unlikely to get much more now anyway

  96. sadly, dubinsky has been put in a corner….


    poor calgary olympic saddledome draft beer $7
    tickets for the train $3.30

    golden row seating for 2 $602.25

    getting to watch “the sloppy second”…sloppy second rematch in Calgary vs the Rangers sat nov 7th PRICELESS!!

    (love the art work sally!!)

  97. Note to Dubinsky….remember the time last year when you went 33 games with only 1 goal to show for it….

    please please rethink this, you don’t want to be banished somewhere like toronto or phoenix by King Sather

  98. Pavel,

    The front office glitch they mentioned for the Rangers…it would be funny if it wasn’t true :(

  99. “In Front Office mode, the “fire general manager” option is permanently *greyed out* for the New York Rangers.”

    really? is it a real glitch or is the person who reviewed the game is making fun of the rangers? lol

  100. Great article by Brooks. Dubinsky really needs to rethink his position. He has great potential but hasn’t come close yet. His contract should be the same.

  101. hahahahah that is hilarious! Wow, everybody except Jim Dolan knows how bad Sather is. He is making us into a laughing stock even we are laughing about it!

  102. Reeshay (or Riche') on


    I truely believe that this isn’t what’s best for him… he hasn’t earned the #1 center spot yet… Sather (or any GM for that matter) is doing what he’s doing because he CAN at this stage. He knows that a player (and again I’m a big Dubi fan… still am… in fact I thought he was going to have a monster season) in Dubi’s situation has no leverage until his next contract.

    End of story…

    Dubi can and will get paid… next contract… (no matter what team it’s for) and then he’ll look back on all of this and he won’t be thinking how good a decision it was.

    You tell me… is there ANY way this works out for Dubi?

  103. The much-hyped “first person fighting” mode is every bit as good as advertised. When you throw a perfectly timed uppercut that connects with your unsuspecting opponent’s face, you can actually see the blood splatter onto the cab’s dashboard.


  104. Hahahaha, well played, Salty. And true.

    But Dubinsky doesn’t deserve a lot of money. He just doesn’t. I hate siding with management, and a huge company that’s quibbling over what amounts to couch-cushion change, but what’s right is right. 41 points doesn’t entitle you to much. Neither does an absolutely putrid middle portion of the previous season.

    I love Brandon Dubinsky and I think he’ll be a great Ranger for a long time. But this has gone on long enough.

  105. “riche I still disagree. Dubinsky is doing what’s best for him, which is his right to do, especially given the CBA. I’m not saying he’s asking too much, or he deserves whatever amount. I’m just saying, it has nothing to do with leadership. Dubinsky is using the only recourse he has. Callahan would probably be doing the same thing in the same situation.”

    Not being at camp is not what is best for him or the team. I bet Cally would be at camp.

  106. HAHAHA!
    Cab’s Dashboard!

    I don’t play NHL 10 but THAT is a damn funny reference to Kane (who is the cover boy, right?)

    Too good.

  107. Not being at camp is not what is best for him or the team. I bet Cally would be at camp.


    It’s my understanding that he wanted to participate in camp, but he’s not allowed.

  108. Reeshay (or Riche') on

    Cally wouldn’t be in this position (and isn’t) because he had arb rights… Sather wouldn’t have even tried this with him. Same goes for Hank.

    I REALLY hate to say it but look at what Glen has done with the last arbitrations:

    Zherdev – Wanted to pay him 3.25M Walked away from the 4M award. How’s that working out for Z?

    Avery – Wanted to pay him 2.5M or something… Avery wanted 4M Oddly enough… he’s playing for the Rangers while making the money he wants but NY is only on the hook for half.

    Even though it’s not arbitration, I see Sather coming out of this one winning as well.

  109. “^but Cally didn’t have a down-season so that’s besides the point!”

    Last year they produced about the same. Dubi had more points, Cally had more goals. Dubi had 4 points in the playoffs to Cally’s 2. Dubi plays a more important position. In the end I think Dubi has higher upside (2nd round vs 4th round pick) and will probably have a more productive NHL career. Both players work their tails off but Dubi is bigger, has better puckhandling skills and while he’s not a great fighter he at least can hold is own when dropping the gloves.



    t-minus 2 hrs


  111. In case anyone was curious, here is Boston’s roster for tonight:

    Forwards: Jamie Arniel, Byron Bitz, Chuck Kobasew, Mikko Lehtonen, Milan Lucic, Brad Marchand, Max Sauve, Vladimir Sobotka, Marco Sturm, Blake Wheeler, Trent Whitfield

    Defensemen: Andrew Bodnarchuck, Johnny Boychuk, Zdeno Chara, Matt Hunwick, Adam McQuaid, Jeff Penner.

    Tuukka Rask, Dany Sabourin

  112. If Sather gives Dubi a 1 year contract, and Dubi has a poor season, the only loser will be Dubinsky. Sather can then easily cut ties. But if Sather stiffs Dubinsky this year, and Dubi has a great season, he could easily sign for a lot of money somewhere else. Then the Rangers would again be left in the lurch without a center. Sather needs to think beyond his own ego, although there is no precedent for that.

  113. I envy all of you who can watch the preseason game tonight. I dont get MSG up here in NorthEastern MA.

    But its okay because the game is being broadcast on the NHL Network and I subscribe to that channel.

    BUT WAIT!… Its only showing in canada. Thats right. The NHLN-US feed (NHLN-CA is a different feed) is playing the 09 Playoffs Game 2 (Pitt vs Carolina) instead of current preseason games. Effing Bullsh-t!!

    The game also isnt being shown on NESN (Bruins network) in favor of the stupid Redsox.

    Im beyond pissed that I wont be able to watch this game tonight. Ugh!

  114. Chris, try,, for links to an internet stream.

    Getting NHL 10 sometime today, add me on PS3 if you want to play, my name is Solskjaer20. I think I already have Orr and CCCP on my friends list.

  115. Shoryuken,

    Thanks. I will give those a try!

    Im on NHL10 as well but for Xbox360. Gamertag: Lanx ii

    If anyone sense me a friend requet just put ‘rangers’ in the message so I know what its for.

  116. Shoryuken on Wade Redden

    i have a new log in name… CCCP_94 add me

    also, i think we should gather some RR bloggers together and create a league for PS3 to play online!

    …and as always…XBOX SUX!!

  117. slats has done fine this offseason. cant understand the complaining. i know his history is bad here, but hes doin alright so far. let it die people. he couldve done alot worse for us thsi year but eh got us torts, and kept the youth while adding gabby.

    mako- are us tarting the draft 7:30 est? im in central, so 6:30 then? that sucks cuz i wanna watch the game online but im gonna be doing the draft? just do an autodraft.

  118. guys- for all who doint get msg or nhl channel, has the game listed. go there its free and usually doesnt lag too much unless its a feed from jtv. if thats the case, im buying gamecenter again. i know, it sucks too, but its much better than not seeing it at all

  119. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    September 15th, 2009 at 4:24 pm
    It hasn’t even started yet and I’m already frustrated with Drury and Redden as a result of this Dubinsky thing.

    What’s up salt?
    Where’s wd40 and ford? News team assemble!!!!

    Actually, that’s a fair point about Drury and Redden (and Rozi who pockets 6million this year btw). I’m starting to feel that Dubi is being selfish more so, especially if he wants 1.4million. Nevertheless, we knew these other mega-contracts were going to handcuff us in other negotiations.

    Btw… i’m reading that Avery was one of the top performers in practice. Gross has been saying a couple days now that Avery looks like one of the top skaters. Can we give him an A now?! Lol

  120. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Mike in IA, i use that hockeystreams site also… they have 3 different qualities of video and have never been blacked out of any game I want to watch. It’s good and much cheaper than… they also archive every game of the season and will probably even broadcast/archive the olympics, all-star game, skills, etc… in case you wanna watch at your own convenience.

  121. just happened to put on the NHL Network earlier today, just curious if the radio show was on (that doesn’t sound right but you know what i mean….)

    the isles/canucks games was on so i went through the schedule and YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    now, i need to get a lot of work done before 7.


  122. funny story about the NHL Network chnl

    I canceled my subscription about a month after the season was over… last night i called the cable and subscribed to NHLN again…so, as soon as i got off the phone with cablevision i turn the NHLN chnl on and they showing 2009 playoffs Cindys vs Hurricanes… exactly the same game that was on when i canceled the service! i guess i didnt miss much…


  123. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Devil's go back to Colorado!!!!… says Greg L. on

    Rangers!!!!!!!!!!! GO GO GO , NHL network wtg!!! I’m in!!! Plus NHL10 on xbox cuz ps3 suks, anything free is usually junk(online play) Gamertag : ZzZz GL

    Local fan this is just for you my pet….gimme a big hug!!!! come mere don’t be shy!!!! Just rember….Matteauuuuu , MATTEAUUUUUU!!!! HAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!!! Matteauuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!

  124. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Devil's go back to Colorado!!!!… says Greg L. on

    ummm guys?…KASPAR was the real Kasperitis …he’s gone for good , sorry.

  125. CCCP,
    don’t you get NHLN as part of a package of other channels?
    i never got it because i don’t have Center Ice at home.
    watch it at work. so, i get NHLN and the Center Ice games. thought there was a correlation.

    does anyone what is up with NHL Center Ice package?

  126. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Pre-Season Pleasure!!!!… says Greg L. on

    old school nhl09 wrap around , Matteauuuuu scores again!!!!!


    40 Minutes from now you will be involved in Yahoo’s NHL Fantasy live online draft. Please make sure you have Java and Flash enabled on your pc or Mac’s…

  128. CCCP, do you get Center Ice in HD? I have cablevision in North NJ. I gave up on Center Ice, no HD, the picture looks like crap on my 58″ plasma. The ads say it’s in HD….BS!

  129. thanks blueshirt in paris and truefans.

    orr- if ur lookin to add some realistic rosters on nhl 10, just go to roster mngmnt in the game modes and check out all the euro leagues. they have guys like heikkenen!!, vic hedman, magnus pj. svensson, roman horak!!, and some others. cant find ambuhl, but i’ll just create whoever isnt on the teams. sucks theres no grachev or del zotto. they seriously have to start adding the chl and junior leagues!

  130. Players

    Mike in IA – Team Rangers
    Sally – Team Sam Rosen’s Nosens
    Colorado Mark – Team Rocky Mntn Madness
    Cwgatti – Team Where’s B. Richards?
    UK Rangers – Team UK Rangers
    Mrs. Wicky – Team Mrs. Wicky
    Travis – Team Ranger Blue
    Chuck Woolery – Team Chuck Woolery
    Rmant – Team Muddy Pucks
    Somerset – Team Somerset’s Squad
    KrispyNYR – Team Krispy Chicken
    Mako – Team Mako Madness
    Rangerkat – Team 4everblu
    Wicky – Team Wicky’s Wankers
    Beth – Team DriveforFive
    Rob E. – Team Bucket of Pucks



  131. BANJ

    i dont have CI… though i was thinking about gettin it this season… last season i had online account with NHL and it sucked! all the games that i wanted to watch online were blacked out…

  132. WHAT THE #$#@ IS THIS?!?!?!!?!?!?!



  133. LOL Mike – where is the Snapple bottle

    If you have access to your computer you can… Hopefully it wont be too long…

  134. I did a mock draft last night on Yahoo. I’m feeling pretty pro right now, better watch out guys :P


  135. holy crap I’m actually watchin hockey!!!!!

    Hello everyone, sorry about my piss poor first post..bad day today!

  136. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Pre-Season Pleasure!!!!… says Greg L. on

    ummmm , thats OLD DUTCH , Staal Wart…not Dutch. Yeashhhh haha. Hope lisen didn’t get to hurt slidding into the net.

  137. somerset and duker…you’re very welcome! it took me a while to find a working one, it’s not the best, but at least we can see the game!!

    i think i gotta buy the gamecenter live mess again this season, but i’ll do the $20 a month option, i just dont have $160 handy right now

    are you guys having fun with your draft and nhl10?

    sally,no lucky drink just yet, still trying to relax after a horrible day at work!!

  138. LINDA I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    just gave someone at cable an earful and just emailed a nasty “letter” to NHLN.

    not happy……at all.

  139. what happened with Boston scoring. screw up in our end? grat shot? who was on the ice?
    sheesh!! sorry i’m full of questions!

  140. just wondering how Tortorella can put in his system if all the team has done are just a couple scrimmages.

    weren’t they supposed to be doing classwork as well?

  141. Staal wearing a wireless mic?!?!?

    isn’t that counterproductive?

    i would think there will be just a bunch of
    “get ’em boys”
    in there and not much else

  142. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    September 15th, 2009 at 7:30 pm
    just wondering how Tortorella can put in his system if all the team has done are just a couple scrimmages.

    weren’t they supposed to be doing classwork as well?

    What do you mean? I’m sure the Rangers knew what Torts wanted before they started camp. Each off-season the players get a list of things to do concerning training and I wouldn’t be surprised if they had a DVD with clips of the system Torts wants to do. At the same point, learning a ‘system’ is also a part of what camp and scrimmage are exactly for. Boston’s learning whatever system their coach wants too.

  143. they’re going to get an earful between periods for all these penalties.
    to quote a certain coach, “stupid.”

  144. why wouldnt valli be in great shape after his WIFE had a baby….its not like he was preggers with her!

    Drury is wearin the C and both A’s, he’s soooo clutch!

  145. yeaaaaa cally!!!! hehehe

    sally, higgy definitely looked better in the picture lmao!! i may have to return my claim on him ;-)

  146. i thought that Boston has the same coach as last year. which means that it’s a reintroduction to what they did the previous year.

    as far as Tortorella, it’s possible they received a DVD but no one has mentioned that. based on reports, it sounded as if the full system would finally be shown and implemented with this training camp. during Tortorella’s interviews it sounded as if he couldn’t do much last season and will present it now.

  147. i just freakin realized this..OH OK, IT WAS JUST EXPLAINED TO ME!!

    i’m in alabama, watchin Rangers Bruins on msg, with Canadian commercials!! Just figured out its NHL Network feed….holy crap i had a really bad day!!

  148. first of all i know its only first period of preseason game 1 but if boyle makes this team and betts was let go for this clown i will puke.


  149. saw on the scroll that Seidenberg signed with the Panthers for $2.25 mil……….i know it was reported earlier that he signed. didn’t know if the amount was mentioned.
    no way we could have got him with that desired amount unless we got rid of a contract or 2.

  150. LMAO @ 1/3! awesome! so we share Aves and MDZ, you have Dubi and Hank, I have Cally, who does Laurel have outright? Heehee

  151. jpg, i watched a bunch of games on there last season when game center wasn’t working, they is typically 5 or 6 people who stream games on there. then the guys here told me about channel surfing and the atdhe thingie. I ignore the chat section, too many stupid kids, and besides, here is much better.

  152. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Pre-Season Pleasure!!!!… says Greg L. on

    Good interview Gilroy!!! With him and Del !! Staalsie is leading like a vet him score alot more this season with the defense having the “red light” to go!!!

  153. Gilroy and Del Zotto looks really good. Seriously, I know this is early, but both these guys look better than Adolf Redden.

  154. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Pre-Season Pleasure!!!!… says Greg L. on

    Grachev , AA and Lisen are gonna be exciting to watch!! Semenov is as big as the Jolley Green Giant!!! Mr moustash Maccone is kinda funny out there. Brashear is oviously better than Colton , too bad we can’t have 2 goons.

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