Two days ’til hockey


See, that offseason didn’t take so long … sometimes it felt like a decade.

First of all, thank God we don’t have to deal with any more Dany Heatley rumors. And now that that’s been put to bed, unless the Rangers are still kicking tires on an overpriced jalopy like Brad Richards, it pretty much assures you guys that Brandon Dubinsky is not going to be traded.

We think.

Seriously, the Dubinsky stuff is all part of the negotiating process. This happens every year somewhere in training camp. It’s a natural stalemate between a club with all the leverage and not much money left to spend and a GM who doesn’t mind being a tough hold-the-line guy, and a kid who will certainly deserve a lot more money in the future, but is coming off a so-so year production-wise and has no leverage other than to sit out.

The barking from Tortorella? That’s all part of the game. He wants the player in here, and he will blame the agent. Sather keeps his mouth shut, which is admirable.

Dubinsky will be signed soon. Trust me. (in the meantime, he should hold onto his rollover minutes, like his mom told him in the commercial).


Just got our electricity back here at Blog Headquarters. So I wanted to post something before heading for the traffic jam going over the Hudson River for the Giants-Redskins. I’ll check in from there later.

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  1. Carp, his agent didn’t want to get into peeing contest either. Which means exactly that- he’ll be signed soon.

  2. THE REAL Mikeynj on

    Larry brooks says Zherdev’s agent called asking if Sather would resign Z to there original offer
    Sather said no

    Wow, NO ONE wants him?

    I thought he’d at least find ONE other team to give him 3 mil a year

  3. As per Andrew Gross Alexei Semenov as been invited to Rangers camp. 6 foot 5 235 lbs defneseman who was with the Sharks. A good 6/7th option and an older Russian to help out with Anisimov/Lisin/Grachev?

    Seems good to me.


  4. The Post has learned that the agent for Nikolai Zherdev, who rejected the Rangers’ $3.25 million qualifier and then became a free agent when the team walked away from his $3.9 million arbitration award, called the club this week offering to return for $3.25 million. The offer was refused.

    what? you gotta be kidding me!! lol

    What happened Kolya? I guess you were the hottest sh*t on the market. F’ing hilarious!

  5. CCCP- hopefully Kolya learned his lesson. This league requires an effort. Pure talent alone doesn’t cut it. I’m a bit surprised he hasn’t gone to KHL. At this rate his best bet might be a dog walker in Manhattan.

  6. Perfect example of how some players (ahem Dubi) think too much of themselves…

    In that “NYPOST” article Dubi is talking about team concept, and how much he wants to be a Ranger and that its so unfortunate but the contract hold out is part of the business side of hockey…

    Really? cant you just take what you given if you’re such a team guy and Ranger wanna be? If you love the sport so much why cant it be about the sport for once? You are young…your entire career is ahead of you..why get greedy now? This whole situation is a major turn off!

  7. And the last line from that _Post_ article: “Widespread reports that the Blueshirts are engaged in active bidding for Boston’s Phil Kessel are inaccurate.” Well, that’s fun.

  8. CCCP- wasn’t my goal to be first. But rubbing it in felt good. Trust me, I’ll lose that contest to you every day. Back to work tmr, so I’ll have to choose between the bathroom brake and posting on RR. I might choose latter though. Someone was dumb enough yesterday(forgot the name ) and complained about this site. It amazes me Carp continues doing it on his free time. Folks, be thankful or move on.

  9. every time i see that commercial i swear that kid is related to him. its unbelievable how much resemblance there is! sign the kid. he will produce. hes an ass tho for not going to camp anyway if he knows he gonna sign. hes only hurting himself. torts doesnt seem like the kind to turn his head to this.

  10. ORR !! What Is It Good For ?!?!
    September 12th, 2009 at 11:33 pm
    Im only pissed aboot the guest blogging cause nobody mentioned Fox. I really thought someone would try to surprise me with it. If i was as sensitive as Gabby’s groing, i would have cried. Probably would have to be checked in to the looney bin as well.

    orr- i actually did mention fox in my blog. not much, but go read the first paragraph again. i did it for u buddy!!

  11. the more this drags on, the bigger chance duby gets spited and gets thrown on the 3rd line with kotalik and avery. lets see his numbers go up then. hes getting bad advice and worse is hes actually listening to it.

  12. Marian Gaborik did not participate in the on-ice sprints due of a tender groin. This is not related to previous hip problems.

    What do you guys think of that? He was signed to replaced our entire offense last year. I said this he day we signed him this was a huge mistake. Sather needs to leave. I think I just give up and root for the Devils full time.

  13. The Post has learned that the agent for Nikolai Zherdev, who rejected the Rangers’ $3.25 million qualifier and then became a free agent when the team walked away from his $3.9 million arbitration award, called the club this week offering to return for $3.25 million. The offer was refused.

    Honestly, wait a little longer and get Zherdev down to 2 million and SIGN HIM.

    Prospal = potential 50-60 point player for 1.1 million

    Zherdev = potential 50-60 point player for 2 million

    That is cap management !!!!!

  14. They just want Gaborik to take it easy. “Tender groin” is just a nice way of saying “avoiding getting injured from Torts’ boot camp”.

  15. Mike. I am a rangers and a devils fan. I just like the Devils a little more. But how is this news not terrible? Its the first day of training camp. His groin is sore from what? His physical? We have no offense. We are going to struggle mightily. I said this in July. The man is so brittle. He replaced our entire offense from last year. At least Gomez plays 75+ games. Gabby will play 20 games and we expect him to take on gomez, zherdev’s, nasland etc. production? wow. just wow.

  16. Honestly, Dubinsky is being selfish here … if the reports are correct that there are multi year offers as well as a 1 year deal Dubinsky is being the ass here.

    He seems to “want his cake and eat it too”. We all know he wants a 1 year deal so he can be Arb-eligible next season but he doesnt want to sign for anything less than what he wants in the mean-time.

    So in a sense, Dubi wants the Rangers to meet ALL of his needs of a 1 year deal AND still be paid 1-2 million. . . SELFISH

  17. I also heard that Kotalik didnt have to run because he suffers from Bone Splints when he runs to long, and wanted to substitute that with an aerobic bike training exercise.

    I dont think Gabby is hurt, they are just being cautious because its Gabby’s FIRST YEAR after a season long injury. If Gabby plays a full season (or close to it), he WILL be doing these exercises next year

    I agree with being cautious his first year back !!!

  18. So, Torts is running the first practices without pucks.

    It seems to me that he’s skating them hard to find out who followed his advice (command?) to report in shape.

    Those who didn’t will be watching games from the press box.

    It’s more likely that some of the lazy and overpaid veterans didn’t take him seriously – so we may be seeing more of the kids. If they are smart and as good as they seem to be, the lazy ones may not get their jobs back.

    If so, the team will be better off!

  19. OMFGs, blaming brashear for Dubi’s contract issues……you CAN NOT be serious!!! Get over it people, my burger was cold from mcdonalds yesterday….it’s brashear’s fault, gas prices are too high….it’s brashear’s fault. This is ridiculous!!!!! Brashear obviously brings something to the team that orr and others did not bring in the eyes of the rangers decision makers, so he was signed for his current contract. His salary, as I have stated in a previous post, is right in line with most other “known” heavyweights in the league. If you have a problem with the rangers and dubinsky not gettting a deal done due to money, turn the blame on those actually responsible rozy and redden’s agents and slatipuss. Those are the two contracts that really bust our balls.

  20. Somebody has to tell Dubinksy that He is not going to get the contract Cally got because He disappears for long stretches of the season…How about this, put up consistent numbers this season and get the money you want. Unreal, get in camp you big baby!

  21. The definition of masochistic- deriving pleasure or sexual gratification from being abused or dominated. A local fan- is that why you come here?

  22. Sather not signing Dubinsky HAS NOTHING to do with anything else but Dubinsky. We have the cap space to sign Dubi for 2 million right now, Slats doesnt want to give him that kind of money on a 1 year deal and then have to extend a higher QO to him and pay him even more to retain him

    Dubi absolutely wants a 1 year deal and will have to take less to get it or he should take a hike

  23. Hey Guys!!
    That was a long offseaon. So happy hockey is back.. the ole gf rolled her eyes when I told her preseason is THIS WEEK! Anyway, I hope you all had a great summer. It was work work work for me.

    Hey Rick, what about all of those Kessel rumors??? Are the Rangers still in play for him?

  24. So Dubi is still playing stupid…or his agent just sucks…
    And Gaborik has a sore groin…
    Things are looking up already!
    Oh and Zherdev is still the moron…wow does he look like an ass now!

  25. A Local Fan
    You’re such an idiot, I doubt even Devils fans can take it.
    If your single goal is to annoy all of us with your retarded
    brainless remarks you almost achieved that. Give me your e-mail address – I’ll gladly give you some recommendations of psychiatric facilities (they have a table hockey games)so you will be very happy to share your diatribe diarrhea with your fellow patients. Good luck and give us a break, please.

  26. CCCP!!!! How are ya man!!! I was reading more than I was writing here… How was your summer? And yeah where IS Kaspar. Maybe he’ll show up now that HOCKEY is back ;)

    Mike How are ya!!! Yeah I was reading that he was asking for way too much… But knowing Glenn you never know. I know that Carpy always has his ear to the track LOL

    Im sure this was discussed but Im pissed Betts wasnt resigned.

    CCCP what you said about Dubi is ON THE MONEY. Its never really about the sport anymore with the majority of these players. That’s why I really like the Wings… Lots of players there signed the “Home town discount”, that’s why I really liked Mara & Nazzy. Classy guy who do right by the team and not their bank accounts.

  27. BTW when you get back to playing no matter how “in shape” you think you are or actually “are” those tiny stabilizer muscles will always get sore when you get back to skating hard. Im sure other players groins are sore…but for dramatic effect Im sure LB just commented on Gabby.

  28. Today young men on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one conciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream in which we are the imagination of our self…here’s Tom with the weather.

  29. cccp has just opened his eyes and became one with the universe. it will happen to all of us one day. cccp has learned the ways of the force now. he is a jedi. a russian jedi from mordor. hes a lightsabre weilding uruk-hai from mordor

  30. Mike(Grabachevorik)in IA
    ‘one on one with the universe..” brilliant, lol.
    CCCP come back to our hockey RangerLand in NY Galactica

  31. HAHAHAHA I missed you guys!

    Wicky… yep. It was about REALLY helping the team with those two guys. Good Luck to Mara in MTL.

  32. how can we replace him? we need to trade for someone and who are we going to trade? nobody. were screwed if he goes down. but, i doubt its anything serious. they just wanna take it easy and thats fine. im sure its because of his history that its being blown up into something that si natural for alot of players. if drury had a sore groin, we wouldnt think nothin of it. its not an injury so im not that concerned… yet

  33. Bill Hicks… Chuck Woolery called it right. I love the wisdom and free thinking…one of the funniest people this earth has ever seen. Too bad he gone too soon.

  34. Good morning, Sally! No, I wasn’t just saying that to make you feel better. But if I didn’t mean it I still would have said it to make you feel better.

    See, this overpaid, underpaid, unproven stuff doesn’t matter. If he was a UFA he’d have been signed July 1 for two or three times what he will get this time, and more than Brashear. But since RFA is the only place where the collective bargaining agreement gives the clubs the hammer, you can’t blame them for using it. And if Dubinsky had arbitration rights he’d have been signed quickly, as Callahan was.

  35. see Carp…thats the thing… Dubi doesnt have any “ifs” so, he needs to get a grip… sign the contract and join the camp asap!

  36. 3cp- duby isnt covered under the teams insurance policy if he gets inured and torts camp is much harder than any one renny had, so maybe it is smart for him not to train there, and maybe hes trying to force glens hand by pissing torts off and putting a cramp in the whole thing. its not smart that he didnt just accept the offer though. its kinda turnin me off of duby now. and probably his coach too, and possibly teammates. i dont think waiting will make slats give in. its just pissing everyone off and disrupting camp. id be tryin to trade him now. eff his 13 goals. betts would have that too if he played with zherdev or jagr.

  37. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    What the heck is going on here?!

    September 13th, 2009 at 12:35 pm
    Today young men on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one conciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream in which we are the imagination of our self…here’s Tom with the weather.

  38. Rick & CCCP

    I really thought Glenn was going to send Dubi to arbi… Just so no other teams could grab at him. But its really silly for him to be missing out on camp. Torts gotta be a little steamed at him ( even though he said he wouldnt hold a grudge )

  39. I remember reading or hearing somewhere that Torts said Gaborik wouldn’t be attending every practice in order to remain healthy.

    I’m fine with this. Baby him to death, I don’t care. I just want him to be healthy, and show up for 70+ games this year. If he can do that, and put up 40+ goals I dont care what the organization had to do to make it happen.

    Everyone who is taking bets on how long he’ll stay healthy, or complaining that hes working off ice needs to chill out. Just be excited that hockey is here again!!

  40. Spiderpig
    September 13th, 2009 at 1:12 pm
    Doesn’t say how much Stafford signed for yet.

    Impressive news about Heikkinen. Where did we find this guy again?

    we had him custom made from the hockey player factory in finland obviously!!! thought u knew that spider!! . no he was actually one of the top d men in the finnish league i think. very good shot, and hits too. and from the looks of it, is a great skater too. so, it looks like it could be him and gilroy in the bottom 2 spots. theyre rookies to the nhl, but theyre not inexperienced by any means. so, i dont think it will be such a big issue for the 2 remaining d spots. the only thing he could have trouble with is the different size rink, and bigger, stronger players in the nhl.

  41. I think they’re being smart with Gaborik. He had the same surgery (by the same surgeon) as A-Rod. They need to work him in slowly. The last thing he needs is a groin pull or a setback. Let him go at his own pace. You want him healthy in January and beyond, not necessarily September.

  42. Blaming Brashear for Dubi’s agent’s foolishness (and refusal to recognize a complete lack of leverage) is absurd. Might as well blame Jim Ramsay’s contract.

    Dubi needs to shut up and play. I understand that he wants to make as much as he can while he knows he’s not injured — any pro athlete would — but he’s in zero position to bargain. So join the team already.


  43. I also heard that Kotalik dhas trouble with running long distances because he suffers from Bone Splints and wanted to substitute that with an aerobic bike training exercise.

    I dont think Gabby is hurt, they are just being cautious because its Gabby’s FIRST YEAR after a season long injury. If Gabby plays a full season (or close to it), he WILL be doing these exercises next year

    I agree with being cautious his first year back !!!


    Take the really cheap, 1 year deal so you can be Arb-eligible next year OR take the Longer term deal in the slightly below price range you think you’re worth or get off the pot …. but dont say your a “Team Guy” while holding out for more money

  44. Chris F

    Well said!!

    I wish we could dump rozy and his crap assed salary somehow!!! Then the D would look pretty good: staal, girardi, redden (bleh), gilroy, heikkenen, semenov, with sauer as 7th.

  45. I was sort of on Dubi’s side about this but…now its just stupidity…he is not a 1.5 mil player! Take the 1 year deal on the table, and cash in if you have a great season.

  46. Wicky

    Come on. Redden over Rozy for the Salary dump. Just wished it was Drury over Gomez. Too bad I would have liked to have seen Gomez center Gabby if Drury was dumped. Oh well.

  47. Rick – THANK YOU for pointing out Gabby’s Surgeon/Surgery.

    I’ve been telling everyone who questions Gabby’s health that – plus the fact that his original groin problems were because of the hip injury.

    I covered it in a risk/reward fantasy hockey article a few weeks back:

    A little soreness is no big deal – especially as he’s been skating for a few weeks with no problems. No worries if he’s sore in September. Sore in February – different story.

  48. I’m not listening to all this bad stuff about my little boo. My fingers are in my ears. LALALALLALALA.

    I’m so sick of doing hw that I’m actually going to finish my at project RIGHT NOW. Here I go…

  49. mko-

    I joined yahoo fanasy and am awaiting be assigned to a team. I’d join a league if you were setting it up.

  50. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Sore in February – different story.

    I doubt Gabby has ever had a soreness free February, ever…. ok, maybe once in childhood.

    Seriously though, he may be the next Peter Forsberg… some minor congenital issues (hip) that just grows into bigger issues with a little contact, wear and tear, age.

    Gabby’s a real offensive threat, but I doubt we ever see 80+ games from him any season that he’s a Ranger.

  51. mako-

    I joined yahoo fanasy and am awaiting be assigned to a team. I’d join a league if you were setting it up.

  52. Rmant.

    I said something about it last season. But I think we would need 12 teams. I just got invited to “REPRESENT YOUR COUNTRY” all 20 spots have been filled unfortunately.

    Let me know. If you guys wanna have some fun. We can call the league’s Carps Knuckleheads LOL

  53. Mako

    I think they are both horrible contracts (and not very good players…especially for their salaries) but redden has the NTC, so rozy to me is the problem because he does not have a NTC. I liked gomer, but i would rather have kept dru than him!!

    On a side note for everyone, remember when avery was with dallas and he was giving dubi (and valli) all kinds of crap in the pregame…maybe (judging by recent developments and reports) it was pretty warranted and avery is a better judge of character than a lot of us!!

  54. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Sather is god in ranger land,
    dubi is pissing him off,
    Sather has plenty of cigars to smoke until dubi signs,
    any deal the rangers will ponder
    dubi will be part of

  55. Ok Guys… If you want in on this Fantasy League here are the details.

    Name of the league is: CARPS BONEHEADS
    password is: rangers2009

    Its head to head and the draft is auto-picked. I would have opted for an live on line draft but it takes several hours to complete.

    I am getting ready to invite you all if you want. Let me know if you want in. I will give you my email address so you can send me yours :)

  56. gross said sangs really struggled with the endurance skating. heikkenen is lookin more and more like a fit on the team. gabby is day to day and this from torts on duby-“You can’t miss one day…Every minute that goes by, it hurts the player and it hurts the team.”

  57. We need an even # of teams for the head to head :)

    Come on guys!! It will be a blast! What about YOU Rick?!?! ;)

  58. We have 5… so far… Draft wont be drawn until we are all set. Dont forget to pick the players you want to draft!!! Good luck :)

  59. it’s not hard grabachev… just let yahoo auto draft for you and go from there. last year was my first year playing and now I’m doing two leagues.. kinda hooked on it.

  60. Hey not sure if there are any tool fans here but that quote cccp wrote is also on the album great comic!

    Any way between tr’s info and this contract holdout dubi is falling quickly as one of my favorite players…well I’m glad I bought an Avery jersey instead of a dubi j

  61. Hey Mako, if you guys don’t have enough in your league you can always join mine. We only have 10 right now, I’d be willing to make room for 4 more teams. We’re going to live draft but you can set it up to auto draft if you don’t want to spend the time.

  62. Forgot to mention that Stafford contract information is in: $1.5 million and $2.5 million are the yearly salaries. You would think Dubinsky should get less than that based on point production, but I don’t know how Stafford factors into the physical and forechecking aspects of the game. Dubinsky also has more responsibilities being a center.

  63. Master of Puppets on


    F that.

    There’s a team-first player…. Sha….right!

    Trade him while he has value. Not after another sub-50pt season. He’s not worth more than $2mil per…AT THIS POINT. Paired with anyone other than a 600+ goal, HOF’er, he hasn’t showed he’s worth more.

    Slats…you got one fan on your side here.

  64. LINDA

    I saw it, muahaha that was hilarious. To bad that HBO show is over, cause id love to hear that coach scream at his players again.

    To bad Blowmez is all the way in Montreal. Blowmez and the Jets’ Dirty Sanchez could have been great friends.

  65. Stafford reported to camp while the talks were on going (or at least he was planning on it – think Buffalo opened today?)

    big Difference from Dubi.
    Holdouts help no one.

  66. not worth risking getting hurt at camp if he is not under contract. i think it’s safe to say that dubi is worth over a 1M but sather may not be even offering that for a 1yr deal per brooks’ article

    very few players (if any) are solely team first guys, its a job to them remember that. even the wings players who take hometown discounts are still getting a lot of money or otherwise they wouldn’t be staying there

  67. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Guys bashing Dubi, the game isn’t the same as the 50′, 60’s and even 70’s. He’s gotta be a businessman and he’s not the only one doing this. When you skip college to play in the NHL and you’re not making a ‘huge’ payout (millions) then you have a lot of things to worry about. What if Dubi gets injured a la Blackburn and can’t play again in a year or two? There’s no guarantee for these guys and they’re not just making money for now… they’re making it for when they’re 30, 35 or 40 and have a family to pay for while they also figure out what the hell to do with their lives. Granted, they’re very fortunate to have the opportunity to make 500K and do it playing a game, but realize it’s also their lives on the line (i don’t mean in mortality terms, but in career and retirement terms) everytime they play a game and most of them don’t have a degree to fall back on when they leave it. I don’t like that he’s doing it, but I have less of a problem with Dubinsky holding out than I did with 1) Renney sitting Prucha 20 games straight (unexplained), 2) Drury being content with one point after blowing a 4 goal lead, and 3) Jagr admitting he didn’t too hard during his last regular season in order to save gas for the playoffs. Those are dumb and stupid, Dubi’s probably got 1 or 2 people in his ear telling him how to manage his future… its a little bit different.

  68. Spider

    Hey LOL oh yeah? We’re gonna have to have some friendly competition during the season ;)

    Somerset –
    Your invite was sent ;)

  69. Dubi has no leg to stand on for negotiations – Rangers hold the cards.

    He can take out insurance to attend camp (like so many before him) and show good faith or he can hold out and be a step behind the team that is bonding during these first few grueling days.

    I think Dubinsky is making a mistake, but will be signed eventually when he realizes his error. If he misses these first few days, this could backfire quickly and he could find himself further down the depth chart than he thought he was when he eventually signs.

  70. Sally
    September 13th, 2009 at 5:55 pm
    Heh. New post!

    lmao sally!!!

  71. ORR, the funniest part of the whole thing was GUS JOHNSON going absolutely INSANE calling it! I agree with ya on Hard Knocks, it would’ve been incredible hearing the Marvin Lewis ‘talkin’ to them!!

  72. A Local Fan
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