Original art by Sally!


Sally, with help from Linda, has produced this great, original piece of art just for Rangers Report, and for you Boneheads.

A big Thank You to Sally and Linda for putting in the time to do this for us.

Check out more of her drawings at her blog.


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  1. First first!
    Just checking in at the Giants halftime for news about Dubi. I’d give up the first for news of Dubi officially joining the team.

  2. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Oh what a MESSier we are in!!! "… says Greg L. on

    Creative stuff girls , Nice to see some color on the blog here . Nothing beats Ranger art..beuty!! Carp ,having Sally post art once a week or 2 times a month would be fine by me .

  3. I dunno Greg… then people will come on here and complain about the lack of news despite a myriad of other blogs they can go to.

  4. Somerset

    Great! Its gonna be a fun season. I’ve had a blast in previous seasons, its even better now that we can talk all trash to each other.

    Not to hijack – There are 5 spots left to make a league of 12 teams. Draft will be set as soon as all spots are taken!!! GET YOURS NOW :)

  5. Linda and Sally, AWESOME!! Years ago I was commissioned to do portraits of the Sutter twins (Richie and Ronnie) – fun, not as fun as yours!

  6. OMG.

    That is flippin awesome.
    So funny and well done!

    I had no idea Timberlake tagged Cuthbert too.
    That guy lives a great life.

  7. Rob E., as far I as understand the story goes that Cuthbert was engaged to JT’s bff and she left the guy to be with Avery. Avery was a jerk to her and JT wrote “What Goes Around/Comes Around” about the whole thing. We all know what happens next…

  8. Sally you should try. I knew nothing last year and I enjoyed it. Gave me a greater appreciation for players and teams I would never watch or follow.

  9. sally, if you have the time, definitely do the fantasy hockey stuff. I did it years ago and it was a blast!!

  10. Sally

    Its pretty simple – send me an email and I will send you an invite. mako068@gmail.com

    create a name for your team and then when you are all set. Start to edit the players you would want to be drafted on your team Ovie is obviously #1, Malkin and Cindy are #2 & #3 set….

    Its head to head so you will be going up against us fellow bloggers here on Rangers Report. They are via real time stats during the season. You will have:

    2 Centers
    2 Left Wingers
    2 Right Wingers
    2 Forwards – can be RW, LW or C – I just changed this…
    4 Defensemen
    2 Goalies
    4 Players who you would bench.

    Categories for points during games are:
    Powerplay Goals, Assists & Points
    Shorthaded Goals, Assists & Points
    Game Winning Goals

    For Goalies:
    Goals Against
    Games Started
    Save Percentage
    Shut Outs.

    Just to make it interesting there are other categories such as shots against, saves and goals against. If any of you want these added let me know.

  11. BTW – I changed the default for players on waivers to ONE DAY. Because 2 is too long if your team is playing back to back games.

    Maximum # of players you can acquire during the week are 4.

  12. Awesome Sally!!!!

    3 SPOTS LEFT LADIES AND GENTS. Then the league is locked and the draft time will be set.

  13. Sally, how’s reading going?
    And, yeah, are you sure Brodeur has a spleen? Which brings me to the last point: with his history, it’s not a given that he hasn’t tagged Elisha either.

  14. Ok All – I know there are lots who arent on right now. So minus Mike in IA’s team there are 4 spots left and I will keep them open to anyone who wants to join until the start of Rangers pre-season. Its going to be lots of fun. Rick you can ensure another 100 posts to the thread when we are all trash talking each other during the games and who is beating who during the week LOL

  15. Chris from Buffalo on

    Yea, DirecTV has free NFL Sunday ticket. I put the game on and I’m like that voice sounds familier. And it was Sam. haha

  16. haha, nice flow chart and drawing. Very inventive.

    Carp – I hope the next round of guest bloggers is chosen from people who can attend preseason games. Hopefully, they will at least be able to watch them. You got a good game and good weather with the Giants today!

    Unfortunately, they always bury Rosen, usually in the west and/or against the number one game on FOX. As long as the local teams get viewers, we won’t get to see him call one of their games. At least he is above Dick Stockton now (I think), who makes sooooo many errors.

    Nylander is adamant about playing for the Capitals: http://voices.washingtonpost.com/capitalsinsider/nylander-i-want-to-play-in-the.html

  17. Ilb2001, oh man, you’re tough. Truth is, I know more about Sean Avery than about the workings of flowcharts. This was a first for me. Next time I’ll add you to my draft consultation list, okay?

  18. Sally-nah, you did a great job with a flowchart. I really enjoyed it. And I won’t be of much help with draft stuff. I might give you a better reference for a spleen picture next time. J/K

  19. I accidentally gave Avery an extra chin and you’re concerned with the SPLEEN? Haha!

    L is for tomorrow, boneheads! Something to cheer up your Monday. Time for some beers and bicycles…

  20. Great, great artwork Sally – I loved it. And for those who are asking, it was Timberlake’s best friend that Elisha left for Avery, and JT wrote that song What Goes Around or whatever its called about it. And one final thing – I am pretty sure that Avery did NOT have to have his spleen removed after that game. But since I’m a doc I actually pay attention to stuff like that. But he did play an entire game with a ruptured, bleeding spleen.

  21. Sally, Linda, that flowchart is priceless haha. More please. I love the way Brodeur looks, like a fat kid who got picked last for P.E. dodgeball in 4th grade.

    One thing: why does Avery have an earthworm neck?


    There is only 1 spot left. But If I get any more requests for invites I will add more teams to the league if need be! Thank you all for joining!!! Its going to be a great time!!!

  23. ***CARPS BONEHEADS*****

    Sorry that I have to use this to relay messages
    Bloggers with teams: Dont forget to check recent messages at the lower half of your league page. Ask as many questions as you want. Hopefully, I will have all of the answers LOL

  24. Rick,

    If you need quest bloggers this week let me know. I will be attending the game on Tuesday night so I can do a post game reaction/summary if you want-but my grammar aint like that of an english teacher so you and your editing team will prob have a lot of work to do lol -let me know-email me at marxseth@gmail.com….good nite all, is that guy brandon dubinsky signed yet-i dont think anyone has mentioned this kids name this summer-what is his deal

  25. MAKO

    Thanks for the invite dude. I’m setting up my draft preferences now. I’ve never done this before so I hope you guys don’t beat me too badly :P

  26. guys, duby must be signed today. this cant go on. we cant let this go on. TR, wick, cccp, pavel, truefans, greg, mako, sally, linda,ORR!?!?, beth, tony, carp, laurel!! and everyone, we have to start a sign duby chant at the preseason games. well, i cant, but whoever goes to the preseason home games, start a “sign duby now” chant!!! ok. do it for me and all other displaced ranger fans. im countin on ya. and greg, no, u cant yell sign zherdev ok!!!

  27. Mike in IA-consider it DONE, tomorrow during the anthem sign dubiiiiiiiii chants will begin it will go something like this ” WE WANT DUBI WE WANT DUBI WE WANT DUBI”

  28. I have 2 tickets for tomorrow nights pre-season opener.

    Price is $20 bucks for the pair. ($10 each)

    Seats are in Section 424 Row E center ice. You will probably be able to move down lower as the place will be 1/2 empty.

    Ticket exchange in Penn Station or around MSG before the game between 5:30 and 6:15 or so.

    These are 2 of my seasons tickets and I will be selling this center ice pair for just about every game and the playoffs…at market price.

    Contact ronsterpuck@yahoo.com if you are interested.

  29. mike in ia
    wheres my love i dont make the list. if i could post every minute like you guys i would. this is first place i go when i turn on computer

  30. Mike in IA

    I just emailed you. I only deleted ONE of your teams – the one that had NO activity on it.

    EVERYONE – I just added another 2 roster spots. Again email me if you want in. Draft will take place 72 hours after the teams are locked & set.

    For all of you who are coming late:

    create a name for your team and then when you are all set… Start to edit the players you would want to be drafted on your team Ovie is obviously #1, Malkin and Cindy are #2 & #3 etc…

    Its head to head so you will be going up against us fellow bloggers here on Rangers Report. They are via real time stats during the season. You will have:
    2 Centers
    2 Left Wingers
    2 Right Wingers
    2 Forwards – can be RW, LW or C – I just changed this…
    4 Defensemen
    2 Goalies
    4 Players who you would bench.
    Categories for points during games are:
    Powerplay Goals, Assists & Points
    Shorthaded Goals, Assists & Points
    Game Winning Goals
    For Goalies:
    Goals Against
    Games Started
    Save Percentage
    Shut Outs.
    Just to make it interesting there are other categories such as shots against, saves and goals against. If any of you want these added let me know.

  31. Krispy!

    Yeah its soooooooo much fun. If you never did it before, you will get the hang of it. I will walk anyone through it if you need help. You get to pick which players you want on your starting Roster and sometimes. Every player on your roster is playing that night.

    For instance last year I had Pascal LeClaire ugh and Martin Biron as my Drafted goalies and they both SUCKED so I picked up Khabibulin and started to do better. But when he was getting hot – I dropped both Biron and LeClaire (LeClaire was on IR) and went after Manny Fernandez and you all remember how HOT the B’s were last year eh? Ok

    You can Trade players. The default was 2 days… but I thought that was too long for a player to clear waivers. So I changed it to one.

  32. And the email again is mako068@gmail.com

    Im sure you ALL know what the “68” is for in my email addy ;)

    Let me know all… I added another 2 roster spots and if I get more requests. I will just add 2 more. So they league will be 14 or 16 teams. But Hurry, you want to get all of your players set and maybe do a little reading up on them, trade them or waiver them for other players out there. Remember once the league is LOCKED the draft is 72 hours after its locked!!!

    AND if you feel during the season you dont want to continue – please let me know. Waiver the top ranked players you have so other players have a chance at getting them. Last year, that happened in a league I was in. He had Crosby & Bobby Ryan & Getzlaf on his team.

  33. Hey Mako-
    Any way we can change games started to shots against or Saves for the Goalie cats?

    Shots against makes a goalie on a weak team more valuable.

  34. My girls! What a great way to start the day when I turned on my computer at work. Outstanding! I want to get a poster made of that!

  35. Saves is a good stat to have – the busier goalies on bad teams then become a bit more valuable.

    Are you going to add PIM too?

  36. I only caught a few comments over the weekend but what’s the deal with Gaborik sitting out the first few days of camp?

  37. Carp – Good article on the Giants! I thought you hit all of the important points, and you didn’t have to stand in the rain!

    Is it really one more day until real hockey?

  38. Rob E.
    Hey I’m glad you like that stat. I will change it when I get home, I’m in transit & are typing from my phone.

    Also, ladies and gents if there are any last min sign ups let me know. All 14 spots have been filled. Just giving the opportunity for 2 more bloggers who weren’t around yesterday to sign up. Capping the league at 16. I want you guys & girls to get a fai shake at the best players in the league. So our league isn’t diluted with “average” players.

    If we are set. The league will get locked tonight after the stat settings are changed :)

  39. UK

    If you want the PIM stat I’ll add it. It’s a bit unfair to NHL teams who stay disciplined vs. Penalty happy teams OR if the refs are whistle happy on said night.
    If I have a few more ppl who want it. I’ll add it. It’s not an exactly unbiased stat lol

  40. MAKO – One year when I started a league and didn’t include PIM, people were outraged because that is apparently a big part of fantasy hockey, not just to have a fighter on your team but because it is a big stat for defensemen.

  41. I just added another 2 slots. One is being saved, there is one left. I’m capping league at 16 teams. Thank you ALL who joined!!! It’s going to be lots of fun!

  42. Spider –
    oh I completely understand – i just changed the goalie stats, so by the afternoon… I’ll probably add the PIM stats too…

  43. Mike basically what you do is rank players in order that you’d like to have them. Yahoo defaults based on last years rankings at end of season. you can keep those or re-order them.

  44. I’m not sure if this has been mentioned sorry if it has but on the post yesterday they mentioned Elias having hip surgery and 3 months later he’s complaining about his groin…sounds pretty similar to gaborik….

  45. Spiderpig, Agreed about Seidenberg. There is no way we could take on that kind of salary and still hope to sign Dubi this season. Looks like we’re going to go into this season with the 2 pairs we have, and the other 2 spots will be up for grabs.

  46. Lol thank you Beth. It’s an ode to Carp & Rangers Report for always giving us the best news on our beloved team. Oh yeah it’s gonna be fun!!!

    Draft is after league is locked with all our teams. There is one spot left. Again ladies and gents, if you feel you want to drop out mid season or a few weeks in. Please let me know & waiver your top ranked players so other teams can pick them up. Thanks :)

  47. Hey guys, Sally’s cartoon is so popular, and such a cool thing to have on the blog, that I didn’t want to put up a nothing post on top of it.

    So since I’ve been really busy and there isn’t any major news, I’m going to leave it up top for while if that’s OK with you (not kovy, who will surely think I’m just being lazy).

    Will post when we have something worth posting.

  48. Hey Carp, at what point is Dubinsky’s holdout become a problem? At what point do things turn ugly. I mean if they trade him, he’s probably only going to get a little over qualifying. He’s not helping his situation at all, and the longer this drags on…

  49. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    From Agross Twitter:
    Torts not happy after first practice, seemingly about how hard they skated. Seemed to pick out Higgins and Drury [but likely b/c they’re vets]

    I wonder if that will ruin Drury’s lunch?
    … I doubt it, nothing gets him off “his” game.

  50. mako – I second that emotion for PIMs.
    Thought it was there when I signed up, guess not.
    But PIMs is a good cat to have – especially in a league with so many owners as the talent pool gets diluted real quick.

  51. Drury will win a clutch faceoff in game 82 of the season (after the Rangers playoff fate is already decided). He can’t be wasting his energy doing unclutch training camp drills.

  52. True Fans

    Re: Drury. As I see it, he’s had a few big games but not season changing clutch games. If Sather got rid of Gomez because of performance & laizze fare attitude. Why isn’t anyone holding Drury accountable??? Big deal he’s a vet and captain. Elias got his “c” stripped so…. Don’t know why they treat Captain Snooze with kid gloves. It’s not like he’s JJ or Messier.

  53. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Beth, good point. If you’re asking carp to write more then you don’t realize what he’s giving us is a favor as he’s not paid to do it at all.

    I think Drury is just clutched-out after that 7.7 seconds clutch goal against us for Buffalo.

    How do you think Avery gets along with Drury? I would bet Avery feels the same way(s) we do and thinks Drury is a tool.

  54. I would think that Avery and Drury don’t really cross paths a whole lot outside the rink. I’d assume this is so since Drury’s a family guy. I think if Avery would have an issue with anyone it might have been Gomez since they’re both single and well paid (Gomez even more so) and have a taste for NYC nightlife.

  55. Good morning, Carp and THANK YOU! And thanks to the rest of yous for being so kind.

    Can’t believe it’s just one more day til we see the baby Rangers! Exciting! Better get some lucky beer so I’m ready!

    Lets go Rosen’s Nosens!!!

  56. Staal, I don’t think Dubinsky becomes a real problem until we get toward the end of the preseason. But I think he will sign before then, if not really soon. I also don’t think either side will take this personally when it’s over, nor do I believe he would be traded for spite. That’s self-destructive to the organization. The only problem is if Dubinsky is not in good shape when he does sign. He’d better be working hard now.

    Hockeyman, it’s kind of tough to report from camp when, you know, I’m not there.

    I hope to get to camp or a preseason game in the next few days. BTW, for those who think there are so many blogs out there, do you realize that only the actual newspaper writers are reporting? Most of the rest of the blogs are just borrowing stuff from them. Only actual legit news organizations have access to training camp, not every numbskull with a blog (I’m not saying all of you bloggers are numbskulls, or that I’m not).

  57. well, dru was pissed at avery for the stick waving incident. he didnt like him then, prob just tolerates him now. i think aves also has proved he is valuable to this team, and drury should and probably does realize that. there just polar opposites. dru is soft spoken, focused and superclutch, aves is a sparkplug and fiery but not as superclutch.

  58. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Last year, when Avery was indefinitely suspended, I thought I had read a posting where he met up with Gomez and I want to say it was Dawes and Drury at a NYC night club? Anyone recall that? It was probably christmas time-ish.

    I recall being a little surprised that it included Drury (because I assumed he spent his evenings at home with hot cocoa, his kids, and re-runs of his little league world series). Anyway, I can’t imagine Avery being in that locker room and NEVER telling Drury he’s the most over-rated player in the NHL. It seems like something that will happen, if it hasn’t already.

    I thought Gomez was more of an Avery type of guy because Gomez will tell it straight. He told Trautwig, on air once, that he looked un-professional wearing blue jeans and he made another comment once to (i recall) Giannone saying his tie looked terrible. I liked Gomez’s dry wit and non-BS (aka. non-DRURY!) nature.

  59. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Mike, whoa…
    dru is soft spoken, focused and superclutch, aves is a sparkplug and fiery but not as superclutch.

    I can’t tell if that was sarcasm, tell me it was.

    That leads us to an interesting question, who’s been more clutch?

    No doubt, in my mind, Avery has! He’s not only gotten this team into the playoffs twice (arguably 3 times), but he’s also basically stolen a series on his own (vs. Atlanta). Drury doesn’t have any of that, not even close.

  60. well truefans- dru is at least professional. i didnt like when gomez made fun of giannone or trautface. i thought it was lame, at least dru has manners and doesnt make himself look like a buffoon like gomez does. the guy has a goofy smile every time he talks. hes not that funny. he shouldnt try to rag on people especially when he tries to take a shot. it looks like an 80 year old woman shooting. im not defending dru, i think hes def. overrated, but id still rather have him as captain than goofy gomez.

  61. Mike

    LOL you may wanna draft players who score. I did that last season & seriously it killed me for the first half of the season. I had Nazzy, Gomez, Zherdev, Redden & Rosy.

    My other players included Eric Staal, Kovalev – I picked up Demitra off of IR.

  62. Hi. everybody! Days like that at work make me wonder why bother taking the vacation at all.
    The only good news when I opened my calendar I found “7pm, MSG, vs Bruins”. We made it! Honestly, I don’t care if their first line center tomorrow is Matt Macarrone ( he may make me bight my tongue for making fun of him last week, he scored twice today in scrimmage ) as long as they are on the ice. Btw, this Semenov guy has a good chance of being #7. He can also throw a few punches, if need to.
    Carp, you don’t have to explain yourself to anyone. We know.

  63. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Mike(Grabachevorik)in IA
    September 14th, 2009 at 12:47 pm
    wait a sec true-aves did awesome vs atl. but what did he do this year? did he score an ultra clutch 2nd period one handed game winner in the early 2nd period like capn clutch??? uhh no, he didnt!! lol

    You got me.

  64. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Ok then in LO HUD better get someone that can report from camp. Nothing against Carp he does a great job here, but if you are writing a blog about the Rangers SOMEONE needs to telling us what’s going on a practice. Us boneheads have ben waiting for this all summer. Yes I can go over to ZIPAY (or even Blueshirt B) but I would prefer not to. Again nothing against Carp, I can’t have nothing against Carp he is a up state NY speidi freak like me.

  65. I’d still take Gomez over Drury any day of the week. I’m really concerned about his conditioning though… Sounds like he’s had it easy under Renney lol

    Mike – I gotcha ;)

    Not to sound like a broken record… 1 Spot left people!!! We have 15 & need 16! I can lock the league & draft will be very soon!!! The sooner the better!

  66. You know MAKO I’d take that last spot but the last time I did fantasy hockey, I totally lost interest…and became totally inactive with it…I’m sure thats not what you want.

  67. ilb 2001
    u talking about macaruone centering tom first line I would tune in tom night if i saw

    ORR was centering mike in ia an d cccp.
    with doodie and nasty on d

    with our beloved

  68. OK !!! All 16 TEAMS ARE SET!!!

    I need to match the team names to all of you so I know who is who lol

    league is being locked in 5 min.

  69. Sally, gave the zetter a shout out on the sister blog (pets.lohudblogs.com) with ripped off photo of Dubi and Gomer….

  70. Awesome drawing!

    Does anyone know anything about having a firepit in a suburban back yard? Is it legal?

    I’ve been burning wood in a tin can in my yard all summer and am thinking about just creating a pit with bricks…

    this is in Westchester…


  71. I don’t post a lot, but read multiple (too many to admit) times a day. Can I take that last spot Mako?


    Your auto draft will be completed between now and 11:59 PM PT on Friday, Sep 18.

  73. anyone planning on staying up late and catching the Islanders/Canucks preseason game tonight?? Check out the “competition” from the islanders that we may be facing this year..

  74. Hey fivefootzero,

    I’m really sorry…all the slots were filled. I added 4 more spaces for the bloggerson here. I don’t want the talent pool of players to get diluted. It was capped at 16 teams.

    Thanks so much. I’m sorry buddy =(

  75. Hey anyone in the tri state that has time Warner. What happened to VersusHD? Anyone know? Thanks in advance.

  76. Beth,

    Why is competition in quotes? I think we may actually finsih behind the islanders this year.

  77. A local fan,

    Why is competition in quotes? I think we may actually finsih behind the islanders this year.


    There is no we! You’re a devils fan!

  78. MAKO …

    Any chance we can get a live draft instead?? Its so much more fun that way.

    You get to feel like a GM on draft Day, hoping some player is still on the board when your next pick comes around (and getting pissed when he isnt)…… its pretty cool

  79. Again the rotten smell… “shmoko fan”…stop bring the entire Newark in here…

    How can they call it a rivalry (a$$landers and debbies) when there is clearly no competition??

  80. Rangerfan,

    While I understand you not liking Marty Brodeur, being a Ranger fan, he is obviously not a hack. He is the all-time winningest goalie in NHL history, has 3 Stanley cup rings and an olympic gold medal. I know I keep saying I like the Devils a little more then the Rangers, but that is because of glen sather. How can I like a player who we aquire and then know he will be gone in 3 months. Every player that comes to the team we all say how good he is going to be. And then when he leaves, we all say how he sucked. It is just so frustrating. Why isnt Dubi signed?? Brashear gets 1.4, but we cant give orr 1 million or Dubi 1.4? Wow just Wow. I 100% will guarantee the “hack” you refer too will finish with more wins, a better save percentage and GAA then Henry. Give the guy some respect.

  81. CCCP,

    There is my ignorant friend! What do you mean there is clearly no competition? You think the Rangers are so much better then the Devils and the Islanders? If that is the case you clearly are just a homer and dont realize what is going on. We suck.

  82. Local fan picks the Rangers to finish behind the Islanders can mean 1 of 2 things…
    1. he doesn’t know hockey
    2. He is a Devil fan
    3. all of the above

    How on God’s green earth can you pick the Fishsticks over the Rangers.
    what have the Islanders done to make them better this season than last season?

  83. A local fan,
    I have no problem that you being a devils or the fact that Marty is a great goalie.
    What i do have a problem with is that this is NEW YORK RANGERS blog, and all of the RANGERS fans on here are not really interested in the devils, or what kind of dynasty they could have been or your thoughts on them the Fishsticks and whatever else.
    You want to talk RANGERS hockey thats fine!
    We are all here to talk about THE RANGERS! not the devils!

  84. Staal Wart,

    I am a Devils and a Rangers fan. I did not predict the Islanders to finish ahead of us, but I think they will be more competive and would not suprise me if they finished ahead of us. I think they just got John Tavares if you remember correctly. Can anybody list our top 5 point getters and goal scores please? I would like to refresh some memories.

  85. Yes rangerfan32! We do talk about the Debbies and Fishsticks on occasion…like when we beat them, or I loved talking about the Debs when Avery crawled under Farty’s skin and smacked him around a little.

  86. Somerset

    I can still change it if you all want it that way. You have to have java & flash on your systems and the draft will be over SEVERAL hours.

    Everyone let me know bc I would have to change it now & pick the date and time. During the Rangers game would be ideal…. Since we will all be on here.

  87. Local fan,

    Once again you fail to realize the hostility you engender when you enter this particular forum claiming allegiances to both the Rangers and Devils. Not of all us, in fact I’d go so far to say that none of us worship at the altar of Brodeur. Last season showed that a goalie (not just Brodeur) can benefit greatly by playing behind a well disciplined system.

    I think that it’s not a coincidence that the Devils haven’t won a Cup since the likes of Stevens, Niedermayer, Rafalski, Daneyko, et al left the team.

  88. Drafts usually don’t take hours.
    Longest live draft I’ve ever been in for Fantasy Hockey took 55 minutes in a 16 team league. I mock drafted a 16 team league last night and it too just 45 minutes.

    If everyone took their allotted 2 mins per pick per round, yeah, it could take awhile. Most have their lists and are ready to pick when their turn comes.

    I’m fine either way.
    I’m live drafting in my other leagues so auto-drafting here works fine by me.

  89. UES,

    Thats a fair assessment. But why can’t the Rangers have a well disciplined system? Why is there so much turnover? So much hope and then disapointment. I just really think glen sather is the worst. We will be paying for his mistakes for years and years to come. We are the ones who suffer.*

  90. I have seen pictures of brodeur this camp and last camp. You guys all get on this “fatty” thing because of what? Because Sean Avery called him “fatty”. I bet you he weighs less then Henry and has a less body fat percentage then Henry. But we all like to call him fat. Its very odd.

  91. A local fan.

    Just because the islanders got Tavares it doesn’t mean he is going to be their top goal scorer. He could be a complete bust. I don’t think he’s gonna be…but it could happen. There are many #1’s that have been AND the islanders are NOTORIOUS for drafting busts that they trade away or mishandle

  92. A local fan,

    Are you really Marty’s boyfriend?!

    I’m just going to start referring to you as Mrs. Brodeur from now on.

  93. Mako,

    I understand. But we have lost 4 out of our top 5 point getters from last year. We have replaced them with Mr. Brittle himself. They guy cant even run on a treadmill without getting injured.
    Islanders haven’t really lost anybody since last year. They have gained Tavares and some stability in net. Atleast Tavares will play.

  94. Staal Wart,

    I am a Rangers fan. I like the Devils too. But just like I can appreciate what Marty Brodeur has done for the Devils and the Sport of Hockey, I can appreciate Mike Richter and what he meant to our team in the 80’s and 90’s.

  95. A local fan,

    Are you serious? As athletic as Marty is. He definitley gained weight. You can see it in his face & neck. Marty is listed as 6’2″ 215, LQ is listed as 6’1″ 195. HUGE difference an I would bet my paycheck that LQ’s bodyfat & less than Marty’s.

  96. ‘Transformers’ Crew Calls Megan Fox ‘Dumb As A Rock’

    Megan Fox was the target of an open letter from unnamed ‘Transformers’ crew members after she likened director Michael Bay to Hitler in an interview. The crew bashed the actress calling her a fraud.

    “She’s as about ungracious a person as you can ever fathom. She shows little interest in the crew members around her. We work to make her look good in every way, but she’s absolutely never appreciative of anyone’s hard work. Never a thank you,” they added.

    “Megan has the press fooled… When facing the press, Megan is the queen of talking trailer trash and posing like a porn star. And yes we’ve had the unbearable time of watching her try to act on set, and yes, it’s very cringe-able. Read more >> http://tinyurl.com/ptquoh

    sorry ORR…

  97. Local fan,

    I think I’ve pointed out before that the Rangers are far from the only organization that has had problems putting together competitive teams. The Canadiens and the Leafs haven’t exactly done that well since the early 90’s and they have just as much as money and arguably a huge competitive advantage when it comes to attracting front office talent. Despite their newfound success of last season, the Bruins and Blackhawks are both large market teams whose Cup droughts are rapidly approaching the high watermark of futility, 54 years.

    Teams that have consistently struggled and have had an even better talent pool at their disposal via the entry draft (Phoenix, LA, Columbus, Florida) have remained bottom tier teams for the better part of the past decade.

    Then you have a team like San Jose that should have at least one appearance in the Cup Finals, if not even a championship but have failed spectacularly with loaded teams.

    Detroit and the Devils set a pretty high standard throughout the late 90’s into the pre-lockout portion of this decade. However while Detroit was able to simultaneously maintain and redevelop the core of its teams, the Devils chose to stay with more/less the same key players and have failed to adequately replace them over the past few years. Re-hiring a coach whose playing style seems to have lived past its expiration date while letting several veterans depart may or may not become a tipping point for that franchise.

  98. A local fan,

    I understand what you are saying. Like I said yesterday, I anyone has played hockey on this blog you will know – you could be in the best shape. When you skate hard, there are small stabilizer muscles in your groing that exhaust quicker when one skates versus any other larger muscle groups and yes they get very sore very quick.

    I am positive other players were also sore…but reported on Gaborik bc of his past medical history. Honestly, would you care if Lisin’s groin was sore? Probably not lol

  99. Eh, I wouldn’t normally defend another young actress acting like an over entitled princess but when it comes down to it she helps sell the movies regardless of her acting talent (or lack thereof). Plenty of actors/actresses have been less than endearing to a production’s crew.

    And I don’t think Orr ever liked her based on her acting qualities. If that was the case we’d hear about his dreams of Judi Dench or Kathy Bates.

  100. “I bet you he weighs less then *Henry* and has a less body fat percentage then *Henry* But we all like to call him fat. Its very odd.”

    *HENRY!!* who the f*** is HENRY?? what a douchebag… i think its time to ignore the Newark basterd… he’ll get lost as fast as Marta Brodiva got lost in Avery’s eyes when Sean was dancing in from of Marta two seasons ago.

  101. CCCP,

    I think he was referring to Henry Rowengartner the main character from the 1993 film Rookie of the Year, because he doesn’t know anything about hockey!

  102. Carp can you please remind the CCCP guy of a previous post? So far he has told me to blow him, called me a douchebag, and called me a basterd. Yes carp, he spelled it basterd.


    Why are you the only person on this blog who looks at things logically? The perception is Lemaire is “defensive” but the devils did put up the most points in the league while he was here, and all of the players are saying Sutter was much more defensive then Lemaire. As far as all of the veterans, we lost Madden and Gionta. Madden looked terrible last year. Gionta hurts, but he put up 60 points. The devils (since im on a Rangers blog the Devils won’t be referred to as We)have a guy named Bergors who will cost them 750K this year and put up 40 points playing with elias and rolston. So for the 20 point difference they saved 4.25 million as Gionta got 5 million per year. Are 20 points worth 4.25 million? I would say no. Lou would say no. I trust Lou’s opinion.

  103. Carp can you please remind the CCCP guy of a previous post? So far he has told me to blow him, called me a douchebag, and called me a basterd. Yes carp, he spelled it basterd.


    Why are you the only person on this blog who looks at things logically? The perception is Lemaire is “defensive” but the devils did put up the most points in the league while he was here, and all of the players are saying Sutter was much more defensive then Lemaire. As far as all of the veterans, we lost Madden and Gionta. Madden looked terrible last year. Gionta hurts, but he put up 60 points. The devils (since im on a Rangers blog the Devils won’t be referred to as We)have a guy named Bergors who will cost them 750K this year and put up 40 points playing with elias and rolston. So for the 20 point difference they saved 4.25 million as Gionta got 5 million per year. Are 20 points worth 4.25 million? I would say no. Lou would say no. I trust Lou’s opinion.

  104. A local fan wrote: “I am a Rangers fan. I like the Devils too.”

    This is not possible. As a logical matter, both of these statements cannot simultaneously be true.

  105. Well I’m glad I sparked some conversation today…

    MAKO – I’d prefer not to do a live draft and just take my chances.

  106. Do you shower often CCCP? Often in this case means once or twice a day, not one a week, which would probably allow you to answer yes. We all know about your native ways. When im sitting next to you at the game please at least have deodorant on. Its quite offensive.

  107. Why are all russians so stinky and lazy? Do you get that reference? That’s been in lots of movies!

  108. Rangerfan32: There are movies in Newark, they are in little booths and localfan’s job is to mop them up. A guy has to do what a guy has to do in this economy.

  109. I love Russians. They are the best. I was just referring to all of those movies and media perception of all Russians being lazy and stinky.

  110. shmoko fan

    see… now you are going too far… you have no clue about my native ways or a clue about anything at all for that mater… too bad this is just an internet board… otherwise, I would probably knock your teeth out first and then I would break your neck for being an idiot.

  111. Fugg everyone in Transformers. They made two garbage movies, and Fox pretty much bashed the two movies.

    Gotta give her credit, at least somebody can tell the truth, it pisses me off when people know something sucks, but they act like it’s awesome. Kind of like Islandork fans with their team.

    Love the Fox, Hate Bay, and Kanye West too !

  112. Local fan,

    Not just confining it to this offseason but in recent years they let Rafalski and Gomez walk. Obviously signing Gomez to the same contract he got from the Rangers would have been outrageous but losing Rafalski left a hole on the blueline that I don’t think they’ve been able to fill. The Devils might get more value out of their players from a points production vs dollar basis, but I don’t think they are in any better position to compete with the Pens, Caps or Bruins any more than the Rangers. They might have a better system but aside from Parise/Elias/Zajac their talent starts to quickly thin out after the top line.

    Team offense under Lemaire:

    NJD 93-94: 306 GF, 2nd in NHL
    NJD 94-95: 136, 15th
    NJD 95-96: 215, 25th
    NJD 96-97: 231, 16th
    NJD 97-97: 225, 9th
    MIN 00-01: 168, 30th
    MIN 01-02: 195, 25th
    MIN 02-03: 198, 24th
    MIN 03-04: 188, 26th
    MIN 05-06: 231, 24th
    MIN 06-07: 235, 19th
    MIN 07-08: 223, 17th
    MIN 08-09: 219, 22nd

    The year that you were referring to with the Devils scoring the most in the league was not coached by Lemaire, it may have been Robinson or Ftorek. Point is, Lemaire coached teams tend to be bottom half if not bottom 5th of goal scoring.

  113. CCCP,

    Obviously we are to assume that you are stinky and lazy, just like we all knew anyways. Otherwise you wouldnt be crying over there. Its ok CCCP. Crying is fine. Messier would be proud.

  114. UES,

    That is actually pretty interesting. I guess we will see what happens. I see Minny was 22nd last year. It is widely known the Devils have alot more offensive fire power then Minny did last year, esp Since Gabby was out for most of the year. They Rangers I think were 25 out of 30 or below last year, and In my opinion, cant do much better then that this year. It is fun to talk, but I for one am very interested in seeing what transpires on the Ice! Anybody else??

  115. A local fan,

    I don’t know what movies you are watching but Russians aren’t portrayed as lazy &
    stinky. They are usually portrayed as ruthless rich mobsters, killers, terrorist/criminals in most action movies.

  116. This blog has become an utter waste of time. Kudos for Zip for covering this team, not giving rise to this circus on crack. It’s a shame, too, because there actually used to be good discussion here.

  117. Mako,

    CCCP knows he is Lazy and Smells terrible. He notices how people look at him when they are around him. I was just reminding him.


    I’m not going away friend. I like the Rangers and will continue to post my thoughts on the Rangers. No matter what you guys say, I AM A RANGERS FAN. I bleed Ranger Blue, except I Bleed Red when we play the Devils. I enjoy hearing everybodys thoughts on OUR team.

  118. Rockso –

    one word – leave

    don’t waste your energy on posting anything or
    bring up new discussion to add to the joy of this blog

    have a nice day =)

  119. CCCP
    September 14th, 2009 at 4:16 pm


    hahaha ur too much cccp!!! ur the best!!

    loco fan- i dont dislike you, but your a walking contradiction. can i ask how long youve been a fan of hockey? cuz its like a sox fan who cheers for the yanks. u do like the devils more right? and ur reason is because of sather? so, if we had a different gm youd like the rangers more? what is the basis of your ranger-devil fandom? is it because you have split personality? do u have a siamese twin brother attached by your liver? do u inhale ajax? no but seriously are you just a casual fan? tell me how u became a fan of both teams. i really wanna know.

  120. Gravey - Formerly known as Jor71 on

    I am so glad that some of the Rangers preseason games will be available down here in S. Florida!!

  121. Id like to see Kanye West in a subway, and push him onto the tracks, and watch as the train rips his body apart, and watch his blood spray on all the rats, and bugs down there.

    Seriously, i hate this guy. Call me an a-hole, but i hope he dies. I hate him more than the Devils, more than Brash*t !

  122. CCCP, I do need you to lighten up with the language a little bit. Local fan, don’t cross ethnic lines. OK?
    Looks like we’re all ready for some hockey.

    And for the complainers, rest assured we will talk hockey once they start playing. We may not be there all the time like some of the other newspapers’ blogs, but we will have more interesting and entertaining discussion … and more fun.

    But if that’s not good enough, well, as Uncle Leo said, “nobody got a gun to your head.” you are free to leave.

  123. Mike in IA –

    It’s a little complicated haha. Born and raised in LA but I’m in Connecticut going to school. I’m a die-hard Kings fan but I’ve also been a die-hard Avery fan since ’03 so I root for both. In turn, I watch most Rangers games and I’ve learned to love the players and root for them (Kings over Rangers though absolutely). It works out since the teams hardly ever face each other and have very different rivals.

    I have to stay really informed on my Avery business so I’ve been reading this since Feb ’07 when he was traded, commenting occasionally. So I guess I’m a quasi-Rangers follower, but only because of Avery.

  124. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Devil's are a MICKEY MOUSE organization again!!! "… says Greg L. on

    Gooooo Rangersss!!!! NJ sucks!!!!! Broduer is too fat to be a profesional hockey player but his girth helps out so he gets a pass.

  125. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Devil's are a MICKEY MOUSE organization again!!! "… says Greg L. on

    Broduer could stop pucks with his neck!!!!

  126. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Devil's are a MICKEY MOUSE organization again!!! "… says Greg L. on

    LOCAL FAN STILL HAS “MATTEAU !!! MATTEAUUU!!!” still ringing in his ears!! HAHAHAHA , poor guy , he must be Mexican cuz hes plum loco. ( no Offense to Mexican’s , I eat burrito’s)

  127. Carp- racial remarks about Russians- that’s a new one! I’m Russian, born and raised. Do you think what he says bothers me? Pleeease.. He (local fan) thrives on attention and I think he also likes being abused. Masochistic is a word, isn’t it? The less attention he gets…

    CCCP-in terms of bj proposal, I was hoping you’d have a better taste.

  128. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "The Devil's are "MICKEY MOUSE" again!!! "… says Greg L. on

    ummm..Loco is mexican , Local as in he is crazy so he must be a crazy Mexican ? we don’t have Mexicans around here so I guess they are a bit of a novilty with me …but again Not be racial..Speedy Gonzalas was one of my favorites on Bugsbunny!! Haha Chuck ,yw.

  129. Greg L.
    haha rolling there with your little burrito comment…I eat them too…
    I’m Dutch…What can be said about us?
    Dutch Boy Paint…um
    We are cheap? I like to call it thrifty…

  130. lol Greg… you just a funny little man you… loco is Mexican… i think loco is Spanish… as in Spanish language… if that is what you were trying to say.


    you’re right… shmoko fan doesn’t even worth that much.

  131. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Devil's go back to Colorado!!!!… says Greg L. on

    Yeah we have ‘old Dutch potatoe chips over her . beuty.

  132. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Devil's go back to Colorado!!!!… says Greg L. on

    ….cccp , not to be silly over here BUT Speedy Gonzallas was the fastestest mouse in all of Meckecoo and he would use the term “that cat is plum Loco!!!” so I have always assumed it was Mexican , oops.

  133. Staal Wart

    You are Dutch? Did you celebrate the NY Harbor Day to commemorate 400 years since Henry Hudson and his Dutch ship the Halve Maen (“half moon”) arrive at what is now New York harbor? I was at the Battery Park City yesterday and it was great!

  134. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Devil's go back to Colorado!!!!… says Greg L. on

    Old Dutch Chip’s are the best in Canada and it’s wind Mill trademark is famous for quality and fine taste. Yeah they are goood.

  135. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Devil's go back to Colorado!!!!… says Greg L. on

    Yeah , I don’t know any Spanish besides …maybe spanish fly? You see over here we got the “french” Sesame Street version and over there , you guys got the Spanish version. I know all this French from watching tv as a kid and reading cereal boxes. Being from Western Canada , it’s even hard to understand the French as well. So pardon my French as well. This Racial stuff is borderline for me getting The Carp “slap” so I better just stop while i’m ahead and just say …poor Gomez …having to learn French when he never had the seasmee street I did!!

  136. right Greg…

    i had a good time yesterday at the Dutch festival. Of course Netherlands is famous for its varieties of cheese… had Dutch Gouda cheese and it was delicious! Back in Ukraine cheese from Holland was considered a big deal and a huge deficit!
    Had Heineken beer of course (made in Holland) which is always good… took some awesome photos with my brand new Nikon D90! Good time!

  137. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Brodeur is fat! He skipped the canadian national games (world cup maybe?) the offseason immediately after Avery’s comments and stuck to a hard-core diet and lost 15 lbs or so. He is fat and he knows/knew it.

  138. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Devil's go back to Colorado!!!!… says Greg L. on

    You better believe it ACDAVIDDC!!! Were traveling down the Highyway to hell and no one is gonna stop our Runaway Train!!!!

    R A N G E R S featuring John Tortarelli , grab your popcorn and hang onto yer gal….Sean Avery is in the building!!!! Marc Staal ‘s eyes ..look in ’em , he’s HUNGRY!!!!!!!Hungry!!!!!!!Thump , Thump , THUMP!! what is that!!!?? That ‘s cross checking charlie!!! NOOOO , It’s Brashear!!! GOONies is on tonight….I want a BABE RUTH bar!!!

  139. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Devil's go back to Colorado!!!!… says Greg L. on

    !!!!!!!!! …easy Greg ( in a 3rd person perspective) don’t get too excited…season hasn’t even started yet!!!

  140. Hey Ladies and Gents.

    Did we all know if we want a live on-line draft or Auto…. I will change it now if you all want the live. I will schedule it during the Rangers game since we will all be on line & here…

  141. i got about 100 comments to catch up on but HOLY CRAP, the flowchart has taken on a life of its own!!!! AWESOME JOB SALLY!!! You’re famous!!!!!!

  142. Thanks Beth for that link. And Im waiting for a few more voices on the on line draft :)

    BTW Patrick Swayze passed away :(

  143. Famous line from Youngblood from “Derek Sutton” “Thank God there’s still a sport for middle-sized white boys” LOL

    Kelly Youngblood: “Would you rather spread manure, or play hockey in Madison Square Garden in front of 20,000 people” WOOHOO!!!! LETS GO RANGERS!!! LOL

  144. Mike…

    Im still waiting for a yay or nay. The site says several hours, but Rob E. says between 45-55 min.

  145. MAKO,

    If everyone participates in the live draft it goes pretty quick, but for everyone that isn’t logged in and picking, their full 2 minutes count down before it autopicks.

  146. WOLVERINES !!!!!

    R.I.P !

    To bad it had to be Patty Swayze, i really wish it could have been Kanye West that died instead.

    Anyway, im looking forward to seeing Artie, Grach, and the rest of the gang, minus Brash*t, Ales Kotalgeek, and Dreary.

  147. omg you guys are just too hilarious, too many great one liners and quips to reply to!

    Ok, where the heck is Agravaine????

  148. they got dave checketts on as a guest during the cards game. talkin about the blues and their expecting to sell out every game. erik johnsons return and karyia. theyre really lookin like a team on the rise and im happy JD’s doin well over here

  149. Hmmm. Intereting lineup. Some big bodies: Brashear, Boyle, Grachev, Macarrone( ouch), Semenov, Byers… Something tells me we’ll see a few punches flying. Opinion?



    This is to ensure you will ALL be at your computers blogging and drafting.

    You have 2 min between drafts, so pee quick if you have to LOL

    Thank you all for playing and thank you Rick for letting me get this started & recruit ppl.


    League Notes
    Your live online draft is set for Tue Sep 15 7:30pm EDT which is 21 hours and 56 minutes from now.

    Please arrive at least 10 minutes early since your draft will start promptly at the assigned time.

    Rank your players up until 45 minutes before your draft.

    Test your system to ensure the draft application will work correctly.

  152. Mako …

    Thanks for taking the Live Draft into Consideration. Its so much more fun that way.

    This will probably be the only time ever where Lundvist and Gaborik go 1st and 2nd overall !!!

    Why during the Game though ?? As long as everyone shows up it will go fast (an hour tops). When people are actually drafting it takes 30 seconds a pick … its only when people dont show up that the whole 2 minute draft clock has to completely count down before “autopick” steps in … then it starts taking to long

    Did you set the draft order to “Random” instead of “Custom” ??

  153. Mike(Grabachevorik)in IA
    September 14th, 2009 at 10:05 pm
    guys- remember the sign duby chants tommorow. do it for me!! and for all displaced ranger fans


    and for me too!!! If he’s not signed, I’ll bring a SIGN DUBI sign to the Metallica concert in Atlanta!!

  154. Olga Folkyerself on

    ilb2001 “CCCP-in terms of bj proposal, I was hoping you’d have a better taste.”

    Ewwww. That can have several interpretations….

  155. nice line up for tomorrow!! too bad Grach is playing center… would’ve been cool to see Lisin AA Grach line… interesting to see Brash in Rangers uniform… black and blue usually goes good together :P (is it too soon?)

    I also agree… those are some big bodies!! i am *PUMPED!!*

  156. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Devil's go back to Colorado!!!!… says Greg L. on

    ” log on here for a few, say stupid stuff, go pee again, then i’ll be ready!!!”

    Thats classic Mike for ya !!

  157. Also, i really like the line-up tomorrow. Staal, Girardi, Gilroy, and MDZ !!!

    Im Sure they will be juggled but …

    My Lines:

    LW C RW
    Higgins – Drury – Kotalik

    Grachev – AA – Lisin

    Parenteau – Boyle – Callahan

    Byers – Maccarone – Brashear

    LD RD
    Girardi – Staal

    Gilroy – Semenov

    Sauer – MDZ

  158. Somerset..

    Just to ensure everyone shows up and gets their picks. Figure we will all be watching the game and BSing on here. What better time or place ;)

    HAHAH you guys would want LQ & Gaborik over Ovie? WOW LOYALTY =D

  159. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Devil's go back to Colorado!!!!… says Greg L. on

    sweet , thanks for the insite , my NHL network is playing the game….the anthem is on now.

  160. Olga, CCCP interpreted it just right the first time. Your own interpretation might be based on personal knowledge. I’ll let you judge it then.

  161. Petrovicky? Oh sheesh, he meant well but that’s definitely gonna make me throw up back to the bad old days.

    CCCP-Where did you see that? I heard he was out with the flu.

  162. LOL.

    By the way, I saw the lineups posted as per Andrew Gross and Steve Zipay,

    We get to see Cally, Higgins, Drury, Anisimov, Grachev, Lisin, Boyle, Del Z, Sauer, Gilroy, and everyone’s new favorite handlebar moustached man Matt Maccarone.

  163. Ilb2001

    true… but, he could’ve pulled Lindros and demand a trade! that would kill every single islander fan and would give us rangers fans the greatest pleasure in the world!

  164. 1. Mike(Grabachevorik)in IA, I can’t keep typing that so…
    Can I call you Grabby or Grab I have a tough time typing G-r-a-b-a-c-h-e-v-o-r-i-k!
    2. Where is our favorite localfan? I want to hear more about Farty’s love handles…
    3. Grabby pee’s alot…
    4. ZZ Greg L…eats Dutchboy potato chips which make him happy
    5. CCCP…I did not celebrate NY Harbor day, the Dutch folk never sent me an invite plus I didn’t want to meet up with a bunch of drunk Russians and loose my coat PLUS…I only go to the city a few times a year.
    6. *Everyone thank beth for bringing news of the lineups…its hard work people!*

  165. Careful look suggests that the Islanders fans are already dead. Tavres just serves as temporary ventilatory support.

  166. That’s awesome that the flow chart made it to the top of the headlines on Puck Daddy!

    No lineup finalized for the Bruins on _The Boston Globe_ website per this afternoon’s update.

    Funny (if you have a dark sense of humor) fake quotation that my friend posted on Facebook: “Yo, Patrick Swayze I know you just died and all and Imma let you finish, but Michael Jackson’s was the biggest one this year!” -Kanye West

  167. lol Spiderpig… thats a good one. K.West is as classless as they come… he just gave me one more reason to dislike rap music.

  168. Does anyone think its funny/sad the coverage rangers preseason/training camp gets? When nfl, mlb camp opens you’ll see 3 reports just on the condition of the grass…. if it wasnt for great people like carp, steve and gross we would be getting no coverage at all!

  169. You have only two options for Ranger camp coverage on the airwaves and it consists of two Internet radio shows that are and have already had Ranger beat writers during camp.

    This week my show is having Ranger beat writer for Hockeys future Leslie Tress on and in two weeks Newsday’s Steve Zipay.

    If you wanna talk Ranger puck and hear what’s really going on, besides the two paragraphs you get in the papers and want to have an outlet for your Ranger opinions heard unedited besides Carps wonderful blog, you just have to tune in every Thursday night Live 9-11 PM to Ranger Crisis Radio or listen to the podcasts on Ranger Crisis.com the following day.

    You won’t find it in the mainstream media or MSG. They abandoned the Ranger fan thirst for real Ranger talk long ago. It only exists in the new media.

    Ranger Crisis Radio


  170. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Way to go Sally and co!
    Not only did it make Puck Daddy, they also said:

    “The Sean Avery flowchart is pretty much the best thing we saw all weekend. [Rangers Report, H/T Curl]” hahaha… awesome.

  171. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Devil's go back to Colorado!!!!… says Greg L. on

    Azzlanders lost and the game was soooo boring , I fell asleep. Talk about watching two teams I hate.

    Tomorow the Rangers are on NHL network (AWSOME),Big Brother finally is on,It’s toonie tuesday too and NHL10 is out…sweet.

    It’s old Dutch not Dutchboy Staal Wart and yeahhh mmm Ketchup is my favorite!!

    Chuck , that’s a loooong story ,let’s just say around here …everyone cheers for teams like Edm,Cal,or Van. I hate those places because they are rivals with my CFL Football team … The Saskatchewan Roughriders. No team in Canada has a fan base so dedicated that they travel across the country to every game in huge numbers wearing Green. Every game here is sold out. Yeah , the story gets lonnger so we’ll just stop there.

  172. I love Henrik’s new gear! i also like that it doesn’t look huge…ala Garth Snow huge…it looks just perfect…

    Long live the King!

  173. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Devil's go back to Colorado!!!!… says Greg L. on

    Great show Mouth!!! Funny you said that CCCP …I was thinking his shoulder pads looked huge!! Kinda reminded me of Garth Snow a bit.

  174. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Devil's go back to Colorado!!!!… says Greg L. on

    CCCP , go to bed already so yer not so LAZY all the time..hahahaa just kidding !!!( that dumb loco fan sure has it out for you)

  175. i didnt thing they were huge… to me they looked normal! go figure…

    so, Greg… ur little story up above still doesnt really explain how a boy from Saskatchewan became a rangers fan? Is it because the rangers fans are the most loyal fans? is that what you saying?

    also, you people wanna know what this blog got what other blogs don’t? Sally!! Again, great job Sally… you make all of us proud!

  176. Ryan Hollweg got invited to Phoenix training camp!

    Gretzky: “Hey Ryan, can you skate fast and slam yourself against the boards?”

    Hollweg: “Ummm…yeah, i guess i can.”

    Gretzky: “Ok, you make the team!”

    is Phoenix slowly becoming our little brother? lol

  177. Olga Folkyerself on

    Sweet caroline
    Good times never seemed so good
    Ive been inclined
    I believed they never could
    Sweet caroline

    This was as good as it got under Sather.

  178. So, based on the first couple of days of camp it looks like Gilroy, Heikkinen, MDZ have the inside shots on making the roster – i’ve not heard much about Potter or Sauer but i would think one of them would be needed to provide a defensive balance to 2 of the more offensive 3 mentioned above.

    Reading about Bobby S’s struggles during the conditioning drills is that going to work against him? Is his lackof mention in the reports from the other columnists mean he is not standing out?

    The other thing is – and i rarely say this – i agree wholeheartedly with Larry Brooks’ article in the Post:

    Sign your offer Brandon, and get on the ice with your team-mates and spend the next 82 games (plus pre-season and post-season) proving you are worth the multi-year multi-million dollar deal you seek. Jeter did it, Sandman did it – you can do it too!

  179. Why would the Rangers, if Brooks’ report is true, deny Dubi’s request to borrow his own equipment? Putting on that equipment might motivate him to sign!

  180. “lol Spiderpig… thats a good one. K.West is as classless as they come… he just gave me one more reason to dislike rap music”

    Same with me, just another reason.

    NHL 10 DAY !!!!! Approximately at 12:00-12:30 i will have NHL 10 in my hands, wearing my vintage Rangers shirt from the 80’s that i paid $60 for, while walking home to go in my room and literally play NHL 10 from approximately 1:00-1:30 to 6:00 p.m. Then i will pause to take a shower, eat dinner, then watch the first Nyr pre season gaaaaame !!!

  181. because hes pissin sather and torts off. he isnt gonna get his stuff because it doesnt belong to him. he doesnt realize thatr he is very replaceable. i like the guy, but cmon duby, just take the offer. every day u dont, you ruin the chance to get a better deal. youre gonna regret not being with the team and coach. if i was duby, id be watchin anisimov very carefully. they’ll likely start drury or prospal on the top line first though. but, hes gotta realize this isnt gonna help his chances of playing with gaborik. we’ll see, but if hes gonna play on the 2nd or even 3rd line, his stats will probably stay close to his avg past 2 seasons.

  182. orr- we have the same schedule!1 except i will get off work at 2 so i’ll be playin at 2:30. wish i had a ps3 id play u and cccp. my best friend back home keeps tellin me to get 1. its free online so thats a huge plus. idk i like my xbox though. should i get the ps3 guys?

  183. Orr-

    “….Go in my room and literally play nhl 10…”?

    What, your mom doesn’t play NHL 10, she makes you play in your room?


  184. As i said before…the whole Dubinsky situation is a major turn off… the more Dubi holds out the more i believe in the Dubi “douche” story. I dont like the kid anymore…if he signs and produces my opinion might change but right now he is being a stupid, spoiled little kid…

    Ill play for half a mill! Give me his contract… im sure ill get killed on every shift but at least ill show that i want to play and i worth my price!

  185. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Carp, this blog reminds me of what happens when the teacher leaves the students alone in the classroom.

  186. onecupin69yearsand counting

    Carp, this blog reminds me of what happens when the teacher leaves the students alone in the classroom.


    didn’t you love that as a kid??

  187. Hahahah Linda & Sally congratz on puck daddy. Is really is priceless!!! Great stuff… I’m
    gonna print it out & give it to a friend who is a devils fan ;)

  188. “damn… as long as i make the team i might even play for a haagen-dazs bar and a roast beef sandwich!”

    All on the same sandwich? What do you call that, the Marty Brodeur special?

  189. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Mike in IA/CCCP:

    Couldnt agree more.

    I mean we all know some if not most Hockey players aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer, but Dubi Holding out, missing training camp, pissing everyone off, all for $$ he hasn’t really earned yet, is just plain stupid and childish.

    No offer sheets from any other clubs, Top Line cetner with a 40 goal scorer for the NY RANGERS, and a payday of 700K+

    What the hell is he complaining about?

    Sometimes these players, even the ones we love and want on our team, are spoiled little brats.

    If he doesn’t accept wahtever offers are on the table, prove himself this year, and then cash out next year, he’s a fool.

    I think we all just want this over with one way or another.

  190. UESBlueshirt

    lol yeah, we might as well call it Brodiva sandwich!


    i was a ladies man… i would join the ladies for a quick… no, not what you think… quick conversation and a smile. :)

  191. OMG!!! my best friend just suprised me coming in from California and with the home opener tickets!!!!! Awesome!!!!

  192. CCCP you have to clue me in on some cool places to go in Brighton Beach… I have friends in Bushwick and we’re always looking for stuff to do in Brooklyn

  193. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    CCCP, the teacher left the room,and I still got in trouble,
    the best was when teachers would assign the smarts kids to play monitor and they would write your initials on the black board” Bad list”
    Mike in IA
    a little threat of a fist and your initials were gone

  194. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    I hope to be playing NHL10 sometime after i get home from school. should be around 7.

  195. …UKRanger sits quietly in the corner wishing EA had not abandoned the Wii format for his favourite sport and considers whether a switch of allegiance to NHL2k10 is in the cards on 29th Oct…..

  196. Hockey tonight! I’m pumped guys. It’s been a really long summer.

    Also, for all the cool people in MAKO’s league, remember the live draft is tonight so try to be around for that.

  197. IM SO STOKED!!!!!!

    I took a half day,

    leavin work, goin to pick up NHL 10, Play NHL 10, Put on my Jersey, head to the Garden and watch some HOCKEY!!!!!!!!

    IT’S HOCKEY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  198. Pavel do you work in NY? I got mine at the gamestop in Rockefeller Ctr, no waits and usually not as much demand for games there since it’s tucked away in the bowels of the shopping center.

  199. I like the cartoon.

    But it’s gameday and that cartoon has been up there for a good 40 hours and Carp you have nothing to say?

    Psyched for tonight. Think I will head over for the last half of the game. Wife out of the house til 8, so can’t get there much before.

    Anyone know who’s dressing?

  200. MAKO

    No problem!


    Andrew Gross is reporting the following in terms of whose playing tonight:

    Christopher Higgins-Chris Drury-Ales Kotalik
    Evgeny Grachev-Artem Anisimov-Ryan Callahan
    Donald Brashear-Brian Boyle-P.A. Parenteau
    Dane Byers-Matt Maccarone-Enver Lisin
    Marc Staal-Matt Gilroy
    Michael Del Zotto-Dan Girardi
    Alexei Semenov-Mike Sauer
    G: Steve Valiquette, Matt Zaba

  201. I don’t even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was good. I don’t know who you are but certainly you’re going to a famous blogger if you are not already ;) Cheers! Szkolenia.

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