First day of training camp …


… and I’m going to stand in the rain at a football game. Ugh.

Oh, well, that’s reality. My full-time job takes precedence, so I apologize in advance for the way it’s going to go this season. I have the Giants tomorrow.

I do plan on being with the Rangers at some point early this coming week, maybe a couple of times.

If there’s any important news, we still hope to have it for you here. And in the coming week I hope to start putting out a schedule for guest blogging the week of Sept. 19-26. Maybe I’ll have some of you post after some of the preseason games. We’ll discuss later.

See youse.

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  1. so they give a thug brashear $1.4 per yr and they nickel and dime Dubinsky.

    what is up here. DUbinsky is key to the team, young, and plays his ass off…..

    come on………..

  2. Carp,

    I’d love to do a guest blog if you’re doing it again. I enjoyed the first batch very much.


  3. I would rather read nothing than the Rangers beat writer really isn’t. Gross and Zipay are all over training camp.

  4. DID anybody try to get tickets this morning individual games on sale today.I tried a bunch of games it kept coming no tickets available.Did anybody else have this happen to them?

  5. Hooray! Training camp starts today! I thought this day would never come! Here’s to the first pre-season game!

    By the way, in the coyotes situation, if the judge rejects both of their bids, what happens to the team? Do they go back to the original owner or does it go unowned? Also, if Balsaille moves them to Hamilton, do they still play in the pacific division for the remainder of the season? My head hurts…

  6. Been on ticketmaster for like 45 min… nothing in 300s or 400s opening night… grrr I can’t afford two tickets @ 275 and then 30 in bullcrap “convenience” fees!

  7. I was able to get two tickets limited view for Opening Night pretty much by being a psycho and logging on at 10 exactly. $ minutes later and only individual seats were left.

    Slim pickings.

  8. 4 minutes later is what I meant. Haha, subconscious $.

    Pavel-check stubhub or You minght be able to get something for just under $100 after the charges..I know, it’s still a lot of $$$$. Sucks.

  9. Yeah, 2-3 games at MSG is it. If you go to stubhub/ and monitor the situation, every once in a blue moon you find a great deal and get tickets that way.

    It’s like JD used to say, you work hard, you work hard, and good things happen.

  10. Just don’t understand the total mis-treatment of Dubinsky. He’s worth a hell of a lot more than they’re offering. He’s a vital part of the Ranger’s future. Sather really pisses me off.

  11. Shoryuken, I totally get you on the Dolan issue. We support this team, we love this team and MSG, it’s unfortunate. I wish we could buy him out and kick him out of New York State.

    Dubi deserves more than 500K this is ridiculous. He had two 40 point seasons which is pretty good. Could he do better? Sure, but he should be making Fillpula money in the $1.7-2.1 million range.

    Take care of your own, always. Rule #1.

  12. fact- i was @ a business where dubi ended up 2x
    fact- i saw dubi act like a douce
    fact- i heard dubi talking like a douche

    thats really all there was to it
    i happened to be w/ a friend
    who happens to be my “source” i suppose

  13. Rick, agreed paid work takes top priority these days. We regulars know…ignore steve…
    TR congrats on numero uno…hehe
    So Dubi’s a holdout…
    Kessel was great last season, but what worries me is he just had shoulder surgery on a torn labrum. Knowing shoulder anatomy, this would be a concern in my book. Shoulder surgery is iffy…operating on arguably one of the weaker joints of the body is not good.
    But with Gaborik, and maybe Kessel…we may not have the relatively injury free season we had last year.

  14. i cant believe everyone getting on TR’s case. the guy puts links on here like crazy to help give us some news and somethin to talk about. he goes out of his way to spark convos here and nobody should get on his case for that.

  15. the thing with duby, is if he plays hardball and gets his wish of a one year deal say 1-1.5m, then slats will only spite him, and either have torts play him on the lower lines so he cant get good numbers, or he will trade him. duby should just take the multiyear deal

  16. TR –

    So what is the problem then? Are the Rangers offering him a one-year deal worth his QO or a 2 or 3 year deal worth, say $1.5 – $2 million/year? If he wants a one-year deal, then he should take the QO and prove he’s worth “cashing out.” I think it is short sighted of the Rangers to squeeze Dubinsky, but by the same token, the Cap is going down next year and mid-level players looking for $3-$4 million/year for multiple years are going the way of Nikolai Zherdev and the dinosaur. I don’t know what Dubi is being offered, but I would look at it this way: despite him having less leverage from a statistical and RFA standpoint than Callahan, he should be given a similar deal. If the Rangers are offering much less than that, then the fault lies with them and Dubi is right. If the Rangers are offering that and Dubi wants much more, then the fault lies with him. It doesn’t matter if he has a huge ego or doesn’t tip or wants to actually make money to play hockey. We’d like him on this team and the Rangers do in fact need him on this team and he needs to play if he wants to “cash out” so they’d better come up with something on both ends of this soon. From the Rangers perspective, they’re already real thin at center, and from Dubi’s, if he wants to “cash out” then the best way to do that is by playing with Gaborik, and the best way to do THAT is to show up at camp playing with Gabby and looking like a #1 center from the get-go.

  17. TR- knows…thats all we need to know…
    Also Grabachevorik, if Dubi wins that sets a standard that other players will try to follow. However I do think Sather should have offered him about 750,000, showing a little respect at least. If Dubi wants over a 1 mil…I’d play hardball too.

  18. yes staal- correct about the standard he will set. i think duby has to realize that this wouldnt be a problem if he had put up some decent numbers last year. all other intangibles aside, his numbers were kinda low for a 2nd line center. he is young and has plenty of time to”cash out”. he has no argument here. he has a multiyear deal on the table. so take it, and earn it. then cash out. it seems that when these kids get their big payday, some of them slack off, thinkin they made it, and dont have to prove anything anymore. hes not earned it imo. 2 full seasons in nhl, 27 goals scored. thats all slats looks at. if money was handed out for effort, blockin shots, whatever, betts would be getting 2-3 mill too.

  19. chuck
    i forgot to answer you last post
    if there is a college football game on it seems like there are more guys there
    girls come in groups and come and go all night

  20. Does anyone think Evegny Grachev will make the rangers rpster because my friends who are also big ranger fans are sayin this guy might be a big deal

  21. TR- i just joined twitter. you have to help me out man. get me started on this thing.

    jj- grabachev is the real deal. except hes not yet faced any real competition. hes coming along at good rate. could be in the lineup a few times this season, and most definitely, if he continues to improve, will be on the team next season full time.

  22. So Sather isn’t budging on the half-million dollar offer to Dubinsky because he doesn’t have to. Seems to have nothing to do with paying him what he’s earned, or is worth, or deserves.

    Now Dubi’s missing camp, risking a start to the year on awkward (or worse) energy.

    Someone please Sather you can’t score a goal or center a line with leverage.

  23. This was supposed to be the year Cherepanov joined the team. Damn it ! I was waiting for this day for two years, sucks that it cant happen.

    I really hope both Artie, and Grach make the team, that would be sweet.

    Cant wait for tuesday !

  24. Dubinsky should’ve been in the camp. Having said that, he might be overestimating his value. Everybody keeps mentioning him in the same phrase as Callahan, but I’m not so sure he has the same skills. At least not yet. His restaurant manners aside (TR-who cares, unless you plan on dating him?), he is yet to prove he deserves the same contract. He had one nice year playing with Jagr. Blair Betts would have an “offensive explosion” if he centered Jagr too. Playing on QO (it sounds like it is more now, does it not?)for a year would be the best way to prove that he belongs and earn the money.

  25. “Well everyone at Scotiabank Place is buzzing with word that a trading partner has been found, and a Heatley trade could happen sometime this afternoon.

    James Gordon (Ottawa Citizen), Bruce Garrioch (Ottawa Sun) and Darren Dreger (TSN) have all mentioned that a deal may be close and Darren Dreger has tweeted that it’s down to San Jose/Chicago”

    Found that on Hockeybuzz, from one of the people there, Sens guy im assuming. Hopefully it does happen today, and we can all officially move on.

    I hope he goes to the Hawks, it would be cool to see Heatley, Hossa, Kane, and Toews all on the same team.

  26. for those who missed out on tix i have season tix section 330
    65 a seat. i have 2 tix. i will not be able to attend the
    coyotes game oct 26th
    blue jackets nov 23rd
    hurricanes jan 2nd 1:00 start

    let me know anyone who wants these tix

  27. mmmmm…. a bad tipping ill behaved young man who wants to be paid what others of his skill level earn, who hates little kids and feel better than everyone else. I can live with that.
    Good reading TR-808! Good form.

  28. TR- I didn’t mean to sound offensive. At all. Apologies.

    Isn’t it strange that Heatley, with all his skills, can’t find the team? I guess there are some GMs who really know what their teams need. Too bad their mailing address doesn’t have NY zip code.

  29. According to NHL Sources on twitter there is a done deal for Heatley to the Sharks for Michalek, Cheechoo, and 2nd round pick

  30. I think it will be tough for Grachev to make the team this year. The Rangers have been going with the philosophy of having players dominate one year in the AHL before coming up (Girardi, Dubinsky, Korp, Dawes- exception- Marc Staal). Consider that there are really only a few spots open, no matter what Torts says. I can’t imagine they would want Grachev on the team as a 4th liner. The wingers ahead of him:

    Avery, Prospal, Higgins, Brashear, Voros on the left.
    Gaborik, Callahan, Kotalik on the right.

    Bubble players like Lisin, Byers, Parenteau are better suited to be skybox material, especially since Byers and Parenteau make the league minimum. Cap space and future development will play a role. Byers and Parenteau don’t have anything left to prove in the AHL. Lisin has already played in the NHL and could be substituted in any of the lines if needed.

    Of course the Dubinsky Debacle could throw a wrench into all of this. I love the fact that Torts is drilling them without pucks for the first two days, but it can’t mean there is much action to report on. Also interesting that they will play their first game with only 1 day of puck practice.

  31. Grabachev

    Hell yeah bro, we went out and bought a Wii, so I’m almost ready for camp torts!!!! Let me know your twitter handle as well and I’ll add you.

    I got a bad feeling dubi is burning some bridges here.

  32. Senators have traded unhappy winger Dany Heatley to the San Jose Sharks for Milan Michalek, Jonathan Cheechoo and a second round pick.

  33. From Zipay’s blog,

    Torts on Dubi:

    “It’s stupid, ” the Rangers head coach said after 50-plus players went through a series of medical tests and wind sprints. “He’s a young man that needs to be here. I think a player needs to be with his teammates. I’m hoping he realizes that. I think his agent’s stupid….I think Dubi understands my feelings. I thought Glen (Sather) was very honest with Dubi a couple days ago—I was privy to that conversation—as a general manager and man-to-man as a friend.”

  34. Opening night should be interesting. Those are two very good players that will fit well in that Ottawa line up. I think both teams did well for themselves in that trade.

  35. Zipay is now reporting that Gaborik is already sore from skating. Ouch… Let me make sure my cardiologist hasn’t retired..

  36. sam (not the great Weinman) on

    Hey, has anyone seen the AT*T rollover minutes commercial with the parents in the front seat and 2 kids in the back seat?

    It’s in New York and on YES network during Yankees games.

    The kid in the backseat on the left is the mini-Brandon Dubinsky and the kid on the right is the mini-Chris Drury.

  37. and this really sucks about duby. if hes not signed he cant even go to camp? so, unless hes signed in the next day, he will basically miss the whole thing. very bad. how long did slats and duby have to come to an agreement? 2 months? bad busines. effin ridiculous.


    I’ve lost patience with Dubi. He had all summer to sign. He doesn’t have the history or the stats to demand lots of money. Now he’s already missed the first day of camp. What kind of attitude is that to start the season? Man up!

  39. We can now finally put the Heater rumors to bed. I say we swing a Dubi package for Kessel. Not often can you trade a young guy like Dubi and get a BETTER younger player like Kessel.

  40. Apparently, Heatley secretly wanted San Jose all along since May( per TSN). Secretly. Can you say full of…?

  41. Gaborik missed first traing camp skate because he was “sore”? WTF!!!!

    Dubi’s either being a real AH or is getting bad advice from his agent by sitting out.

    Heatley ias now a Shark so if Dubi cont0inues to hold out he may be gone…..for Kessel?

  42. Dubi COULD go to camp, but he would not bu covered by the team insurance. Really stupid if your livelihood depends on your health and you don’t have a contract. If he doesn’t sign in the next few days I have a feeling that he will be gone. In fact, with Sather’s history, he holds grudges (Korp most recently) so consider him as good as gone!

  43. Mike- Kessel to Toronto isn’t a sure thing. Don’t think Chiarelli wants him in the same division. Sather may have a chance, but will have to pay dearly and dump some salary to AHL. Unlikely.

  44. Dubi had his chance to sign a more lucrative offer before Prospal was added to the team. Now that offer is gone and he has very little leverage. each day he misses camp he pisses off torts and sather (who as others have said holds grudges when it comes to money).

    bottom line is dubi’s agent is a moron who gave his client bad counsel early on in the summer and now both are paying the price

  45. it is ridiculous that Gilroy has never played one second in an NHL game, yet he is given more than twice what Dubi is offered, and with a one way deal to boot.

    I like Gilroy, but I am just pointing out how unfair the process seems to young vets with little leverage.

  46. This thing with Dubi isn’t that bad. He can always catch up on sprints during the Olympic Break.

    I like Kessel but how is his shot going to be after rotator cuff surgery? I’m not familiar with what the surgery does. I know he’s very young etc. etc. etc. but Jagr lost his shot after that shoulder injury.

  47. Don’t get me wrong. I think Dubi is a good player and should only get better. But, what if he holds out and finds that Prospal can put up the same numbers and Anisimov is NHL ready? Then what will he do?

    I still think Sather is a dick though.

  48. TR-808 – Too many FFs yesterday based off of yours. It was scary how many places I was showing up! Mike in IA – I added you, too. I’m bmitchelf there.

    Finally we can get on with our lives now that Heatley has been moved. I’m hoping for a Heatley-Thornton-Setoguchi line over there. Maybe Cheechoo will find some luck with the Senators, but it’s probably not going to be on the first line, unless of course he changes wings.

    That new Henrik mask art is cool. I’m guessing he’s gonna be wearing it during the Olympics and wants the Swedish flavor up there, even if it’s in the wrong colors for the national team.

    If Brooks is right about Sather offering Dubinsky a raise from his salary last season, he should take it and get into camp.

    Nylander might end up going overseas to play, which sounds strange since he wanted to stay close because of his family. He should have gone to Edmonton when he had the chance.

  49. 2 things….

    1-Thank GOD Heatly is off to San Jose…I did NOT want any part of that dude on the rangers!

    2-Ticketmaster SUCKS!!! I couldn’t find 2 tickets together for the opener other than $110-$250 per seat. So I went on ticket exchange and picked up 4 in 403 for $85 each….Yeah I overpaid but screw it, last year I paid $100 to get into opener. Haven’t missed one in 10 years

  50. Grabachev

    I did add fishing at a couple of high alpine lakes to my training as well over the past couple of weekends!!! Add me to your vast twitter following as well!!


    Have you added me as well??


    Is that fantsy invitation still open??

  51. THE REAL Mikeynj on

    So what happens now??

    Dubi gives in and takes one of the offers on the table from Sather?

    Sather stays super pissed and trades him?

    I HOPE Dubi just takes one of the offers and gets his ass to camp.

    If not, I just don’t see Sather playing this game much longer.

    Ans Kessel isn’t going to be ready to play until Nov/Dec. so hope Torts and Glen have a center in mind from within the organization if Dubi is gone.

  52. Patrick, I agree with you on Heatley…thank God that drama is over and he’s out west.

    The Thrashers had their presale Thursday and Friday, so I ordered my tickets for the Jan 7 game vs. our beloved Rangers yesterday through Ticketmaster. Too bad I didnt have more money cuz I could have gotten awesome seats! With that being said, I hate ticketmaster for their damned tough.

  53. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Let’s see, Gaborik’s hurt and Dubi isn’t on the first line yet! Yup, nothing’s changed from last year.

    Nylander might end up going overseas to play, which sounds strange since he wanted to stay close because of his family. He should have gone to Edmonton when he had the chance.

    Haha, Nylander actually agreed to a contract! The oilers were pissed because he had a verbal agreement and while his agent was processing the papers Wash made a late offer and Nylander’s wife didn’t want to go to siberia so he screwed Edmonton and went to Wash. It’s almost the same thing that happened when the Rangers and Flyers bid for Lindros from the Nordiques except Nylander’s case is the first I had heard of with a player doing it with free agency.

  54. The Rangers should have traded Dubi last October when his perceived value was much higher. Two players have played with Jagr, overvalued themselves, and were both treated the same by the Overlord Sather. Nylander’s career took a dump. Dubi’s could be next. Don’t mess with Glen.

    Didn’t Torts say “no grudges” yesterday? He better be careful. Other potential UFA’s (hell, even the current players) are gonna read that and lose trust in this guy. I love Torts, but he has to be careful.

  55. Yikes that sentence should read, I hate ticketmaster for their crazy damned fees though, and trying to get concert tix on there while in NY was tough!

    where did all those words go????

    Sally, are you ok? I’m worried about you! Don’t be imitating Dubi and his nostrils!

  56. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " WANTED: First line Center , plz call Glen! "… says Greg L. on

    Gaborik is sore. Thats a great sign!!!! Sore is ok , Injured insn’t.

  57. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Why the heck does Wayne Gretzky make $8.5 million a year is my damn question?! Especially since his team(s) has failed to make the playoffs every year.

    What a mess that is! The fact that the league can own a team and then choose who to sell it to. It shows everything that’s wrong with the NHL, starting with the ‘good ol boys’ clubs including Sather, the bias’ of discipline, officiating, etc… ugh. Disappointing.

  58. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Oh what a MESSier we are in!!! "… says Greg L. on

    Do the Rangers lose the draft picks to get Kessel!!?? Many Boston fans are upset with Kessel and say that his “toe drag” move was easly defended at the end of the year in which Kessel never scored much.If Jagr stuck around , could have Dubi put up Kessel numbers and stock piled his stock to 3.5 million!!?

    Point is , Dubinsky is a homegrown talent. If we pay him big bucks now..we could be screwed. We have paid Big buck to free agent busts so why not give “our” own some loot?
    I say sign Dubinsky for 4 years at :

    1st year @ 1.5 million
    2nd year @ 2 million
    3rd year @ 3 million
    4th year @ 3.5 million

    Like 10 -12 million over 4 years. In the 3rd year re neigotiate and deside weather to keep him or lose him. This way we NEVER gave up on our home grown talent too soon.

  59. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Oh what a MESSier we are in!!! "… says Greg L. on

    BTW nice to see ya back Tony , it’s been a blast here all summer!!!

  60. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Oh what a MESSier we are in!!! "… says Greg L. on

    I ment renegotiate a contract extention.

    I know Glen wants around what I said and Dubi’s agent wants alot more.

    Smart thing to do is play hard ball , But we have something here in Dubinsky. We must give in and give him gold. If we are wrong …atleast we gambled on our own.

    I can live with that.

    Anyone else agree?

  61. greg- i think duby should sign slats new offer of one yr. and prove himself. hes got a perfect linemate to get him lots of assists. if anything, he can get gomez type numbers. not gomez money, but he could be a 20g 30a guy. then he can get better money

  62. Greg – you can renegotiate contracts in the NHL.
    The NHL just changes the rules to suit themselves – just ask the Coyotes !!
    This has to be the only league that’s going to own a team.

    ZZZZZ – I agree, give in & get Dubi in camp !

  63. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Oh what a MESSier we are in!!! "… says Greg L. on

    Sign Dubinsky to a big contract and make him the captain.

    If Dubinsky still says he wants just 1 year …let him walk. Just like Zherdev and Antro. Heck toss out Redden and Rozi too. Trade Gaborik to Toronto for Schenn and scoop up Frolov. If we are rebuiling , lets chuck it all away and build from Hank ,Staal , schenn and our young Russian kids..Grachev,AA,Lisen and Frolov. There!! So if Dubinsky goes…I want all that to happen.

  64. I hope Gaborik isn’t babied like the Yankees do with Joba. They treat him like a plant.

    I really don’t see why Dubi and Sather can’t get on the same page for at least a one year deal and then go to Arbitration next year. It’s not that hard. He should be making in the $1.7-$2.1 million range. A little less than Cally who has scored more goals, and a little less than Fillpula from Detroit who puts up slightly better numbers.

    With all of this, I really hope Artie grabs the bull by the horn and shows what he can do with proven wingers. Then when Dubi comes back, it only adds to the top 9.

  65. i mean, he did get surgery last season so he might not be able to do all these sprints and 3 mile runs and whatnot. hes not injured though. but it is kinda crappy that he cant complete the training that torts wants from these guys. makes ya wonder

  66. I am probably the one to blame for the twitter outbreak, I think I brought it up here a while back.. Not sure though!!


    Are you following me?

  67. I am following your Wicky… I dunno I’ve had twitter since April now I like it because none of my family is on it they are all on Facebook

  68. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Oh what a MESSier we are in!!! "… says Greg L. on

    Baby Gaborik!!! Why not? He is “already” in game shape so there is NO reason to make him skate like the wind for nothing and have him pull a groin or something.

    Hank and Gaborik are the only “safe” bets in camp.

  69. good evening all-not a great start to camp, gaborik is held out for precautionary reasons and dubie is a no show and torts is not happy about it-im starting to feel sick already…i tried to stay positive throughout the summer-summer is over and the stress is beginning

  70. SETH

    I know, day 1 of camp, and already, it’s off to a bad start.

    Either i want this team to surprise us, or i want them to SUCK, so we can get the 1st pick in the draft.

    I don’t want another tease of a season, a Jessica Alba type tease !

  71. ORR-why us seriously!, i have that sick feeling in my stomach already….i wanted to vomit after reading “RANGER RANTS” today…..Carp, when is your prediction/ranger preview coming after the pre-season?

    atleast my wolverines won today (GO BLUE) but even though im alumni i still only really bleed RANGER blue!

  72. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Oh what a MESSier we are in!!! "… says Greg L. on

    Nice old article TR , wow as in SHAM WOW!!! Thats the week I came aboard the Ranger ship and thought I was rid of Sather for good!!! Boy was I wrong.

  73. I really can’t say i blame Dobinski for holding out, He knows what Brashier is going to make, and they offer him less than half what the goon makes. He had a bad season, but he’s got mucho talent, and if the Rangers loose him over this, I think they will regret it. I am sure there are teams out there who would be more than happy to pay him a decent salary.

  74. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    lets start a pool about the amount of games gaborik will miss, I say 15 and the 1st round.

  75. thank god your doing this for kicks carp because if you were getting paid for this you should be out of a job. guest bloggers now??? why the hell would anyone want to read a guest bloggers entry? isn’t that what the comment section is for? i never thought id say this but we need weinman back badly

  76. Olga Folkyerself on

    Gaborik held out, Dubinsky holding out, Sather somewhere in outer space. Sounds like you guys are getting the same knot in the stomach I’ve had for the last few weeks.

    On the Gaborik pool- put me down for 25 games and Rangers don’t even see the first round unless they buy a ticket…

  77. Olga Folkyerself on

    Kovy27- The guest bloggers did an admirable job in Carp’s absence. If you were paying his salary then you would have the right to say something. Since you aren’t out a single penny, STFU.

  78. HAHAHA

    I was watching the women’s semi-final at the U.S. Open, and Serena Williams got called for a foot fault, and faced match point, and she told the lines-woman that she was gonna kill her, and she was gonna stick the racket up her ass, and she got disqualified.

    Hilarious scene ! I thought Chris Simon was gonna come out of the stands and whack somebody in the throat with his stick.

  79. sam (not the great weinman), awesome call on that AT&T commercial. I just saw it again, and IT IS a little Dubinsky and a little Drury in the back seat of that car!

    seth, the prediction will be just before the season begins, I’d think.

  80. one more thing there kovy, if i were getting paid to do this, I’d be making more than I’m making now, because this is the best and most successful rangers blog anywhere. check the numbers, junior.

  81. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Oh what a MESSier we are in!!! "… says Greg L. on

    I think a pool to see how many games Gaborik will miss is a STUIPED idea even in jest. That is what a DEVIL or Azzlander fan would say.The name onecupin69years is a clear indication you are mocking the Rangers!!!

    Olga , seems like you too have no Ranger faith …makes me wanna puke.

    KOvy27 , alot of the guest bloggers did suck…but it was a kinda interesting thing to do during the summer …it wasn’t too bad of an idea. Saying crap about our editor is wayyy outta line , your a moron and you can go take a Flying F*#@% off!!! Sam did great reporting but Carp runs this blog 10 times better.

  82. Im only pissed aboot the guest blogging cause nobody mentioned Fox. I really thought someone would try to surprise me with it. If i was as sensitive as Gabby’s groing, i would have cried. Probably would have to be checked in to the looney bin as well.

  83. I embarrassed Jess, and he ran to his master Dubi, and he banned me.

    But that’s not the whole story. It’s a really long story, but i looked like the man ! I made Dubi look like a douche, which he is, and then he not only banned me, but he cut off the comments section the next day, and made it a paying site. LOSER !!

  84. I was having a convo with someone, and we got into a debate over something, and the know it all that Jess thinks he is got involved, and tried to act like he’s god, and he was wrong, and i called him out on it, and made him look like a douche, and Dubi said if i don’t stop then he’ll ban me, even though there was trolls on the site, that he wouldn’t ban for some reason, so i told him i didn’t care if he banned me so he did.

    Second time, Cherepanov said to a Russian reporter that the only Rangers writer that thinks he’s coming to New York this season is BB, and Dubi took it like he was bashing him, and like the classless loser he is, he said Cherry was afraid of Brandon Sutter, and the NHL’s physicality, and that he should stay in Russia, so i called him out, and a few other people, and we all embarrassed him so badly, that he cut off comments the next day, and banned me, and opened up BB+ a month earlier, all because the real fans made him look like the fool he is !

    I think it was me, and Greg that bashed him, but i don’t remember anyone else. It’s like the Lord Of The Rings, we defeated the main Uruk-Hai, but the group disbanded, and we cant find each other.

    Just for the record, im Legolas, because Legolas is dating Miranda Kerr. BOOM !

  85. think i got ya wicky! Mike, its zanyNYR_girl

    and congrats on all of you finally jumping on the Lil Dubi and Lil Drury commercial bandwagon, i’ve only been mentioning that since like MARCH!!!

    LMAO @ they treat jabba, i mean joba, like a plant.

  86. Orr, I don’t imagine you as the Legolas type…too feminine. What is wrong with all these women who like guys who are kinda on the fem side???? DAYUM, it’s scary.

    I promise you Shor!!

  87. Olga Folkyerself on

    Greg, The way Sather is ruining the Rangers is what makes me want to puke. If you wanna believe that this is a playoff team, (or even a Cup Favorite?) go right ahead. But I have seen Sather for 9 years now, and it’s criminal that he is still running the club.

    YES! I HAVE NO FAITH in what Sather has put together so far. Last year I had my doubts. I said “where is the scoring going to come from?” Then in the first 10 games they fooled me into believing. But it was just another version of the last 8 years from ol’ stogypuss. They squeaked into the playoffs on game 81 and went out like a lamb to the Caps. The surprise was not that they blew a 3-1 lead. It was how they managed to win three games at all.

    Enough. After seeing what he did over the summer, and up til now, I think Ranger fans are screwed again. Try to look at it without the rose colored glasses of a Ranger fan, and in the stark light of reality. Is this team going to be a Cup contender? After 9 years with Sather, shouldn’t we be better off than this? Anaheim won a Cup. So did Tampa Bay. Carolina. Pittsburg. All these teams were bottom feeders while Sather was “building” the Rangers.

    Sather sucks, and there’s no pleasant way to put it. Dark humor is the only thing I have left against the neverending story of Ranger failure under Glen “Lion for a Day” Sather.

    Let’s get together and compare notes in April…

  88. Linda

    sent you a request to follow…what at&t commercial is everyone talking about?? is it on youtube???

  89. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Oh what a MESSier we are in!!! "… says Greg L. on

    Yeah ORR , his article on Cherapanov was tastless expecially to our top prospect. Everything was all working out well because Cherry staying in Russia for another few year would n’t have hurt us at all. I have never seen so many negative comments to an editor that Dubi got that day!!! He was bashed so bad that yeah he ’rounded up a few of his “paid” posse and moved them to BB+ . Everyday I would read …buy the magazine…its soo good , bla bla bla…I felt I was at a imfomercial web site!!

    Sam reported pritty good over here and it was a nicer fresher look. Carp is way more attentive and he speaks alot more freely which is refreshing. Carp and I are not really alike but I respect his opinions and I agree he runs the best Rangers blog.

  90. Hey linda

    where the hell did you get an avery rules shirt??? We’ve been looking for them forever (atleast since the incident).

  91. that must be a different Crazy… the forsberg one would be great… or hollweg comes to buy one and chris simon comes out of no where and smokes him in the neck with a stick

  92. Orr and Crazy, love your commercial ideas!

    How about Rick DiPietro signing something and breaking his other glass hip? Too soon???

  93. CCCP, you guys and gals are my brothers and sisters now. I just meant that Sam will always be welcome here. He is a great friend of mine and a great friend of the blog, and everything we do here that is good is because of him.

    But I love it when you Boneheads have my back like that.

    Good night all. Good night, Sally!

  94. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Oh what a MESSier we are in!!! "… says Greg L. on

    Olga ,

    After 9 years of sather , you think we should have won the cup when guys like Amonte,weight, and Savard are scoring it up with other teams because Sather did inherit a team with no young stars. Neil Smith shipped it all away and the Rangers can’t buy a top draft pick because we NEVER sat at the BOTTOM of the NHL to earn a top pick….who fault is that?..Dolans???…ahhh hogwash!!! Sounds like a bitter Ranger fan over there. Sure Sather done some wacky things ( haha)but he is tailor made for here …funny thing is , it pisses you off. Me too at times. We have guys here now who can score :

    It aint the best but who knows year Florida made it to the finals…I think we can too. Sue me.

  95. I did not know about his blog when Sam was still the guru, I’ve only known Rick as the big boss man, and I’ve enjoyed every minute I’ve been on here! You guys (and ladies) are the best! From Orr and his Fox obsession to CCCP and his coat check escapades, its never dull.

  96. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Oh what a MESSier we are in!!! "… says Greg L. on

    Yeah Linda , Poor ORR …his infatuation with hot sexy star Megan Fox may hurt him in the future!!!! Finding a girl friend that fits her image could break the poor guys heart. Girls like that are usually self centered, ,egotistical,spoiled ,greedy,money hungry,bossy ,slutty and extremely stuiped and never funny. When you both wake up in the morning her first need is a mirror and you to make her breakfast…sick.

  97. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Oh what a MESSier we are in!!! "… says Greg L. on

    CCCP , would you belive I live on Elm street? That is freaky!!! I am always awake..believe me coat check boy..believe me.

  98. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Kovy, I feel like all the blog-posters were great the last few weeks, until you showed up… So yea, I guess in a way it has taken a dive recently I suppose. Obviously those guys arent’ writers and yes, some of the topics were kind of lame, but a few of them were phenominal. Carp and I have hashed out our differences in the past also, but there’s no other blog I check daily because this one is that good (and it’s free). Maybe you should try a site where you pay for someone to ram some BS about the team (most of which isn’t true) down your throat? Just a thought, it would help this place get back to how good it was.

  99. Just an FYI here (and i’m guessing no one here will really care) but dubi is leaving BB and turning it over to someone else. There was much rejoicing (from some anyhow)???????

  100. Olga Folkyerself on

    I have been a Rangers fan since 1974. I know some of the history of the Rangers. Amonte and Weight are the players that were traded by Neil Smith to get us the experienced players that helped win us a Cup. Some things had to be done. Savard was a mistake in trying to move up and get a decent draft pick that turned out to be a bust. Yes, it cost us some future, but whatever you say about Neil Smith, he got us the only Cup in our lifetimes. I can appreciate that. You mean to tell me that Sather couldn’t overcome those sacrifices and draft some good players in nine years at the draft table? Hugh Jessiman- There’s your hogwash, right there!

    Look at what players we needed to have to win a Cup in ’94. Do you see a Messier on this team? We have Captain Drury. Is there a Leetch in the crowd? Redden and Rosival don’t quite measure up. Staal is years away from Leetch. Graves? I don’t know. Maybe Gaborik has the points, but can he take the punishment Gravy did? Does he have the spirit? Lundqvist may be comparable to a Richter, but goaltending alone won’t do it. Keep going down the line- where is the Beukeboom? The Lowe? Kovalov? Zubov? Do you really think this team has the personnel to even compete, let alone win a Cup? You offer Gaborik, Higgins, Prospal and Kotalik. I’d laugh if it wasn’t so pathetic.

    Bitter? Hell, yes. The last nine years are the worst I have ever seen. Sather IS tailor made for here, if all you (and Dolan) want is to fill the seats and make the playoffs half the time. Yes, even Florida made it to the finals, which is one more time than Sather’s Rangers did, or ever will.

    Carp- it was probably a good thing I didn’t ask to do a guest blog, (the name not withstanding).

    Don’t worry, I’ll get over it- I always do. (sigh).

  101. I never saw the kid as a little Dubi in that commercial because he reminded me of someone else I have seen at my school. FYI, he is the kid in _Adventureland_ who punches the main character in the man-region.

    ORR – Technically speaking, Serena wasn’t disqualified. It just happened to be match point for Clijsters and Serena was penalized a point, which meant Clijsters won. That was pretty wild to watch, even if I couldn’t understand most of the audio!

  102. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Oh what a MESSier we are in!!! "… says Greg L. on

    In ’94 we almost lost to the devils , then to Vancouver ..sacraficing those player for the old timers such as Anderson and Lowe ,MacTavich was ok by me but it all could have backfired and then Neil Smith would have been the Villian. It is too easy to point fingers twards management when the one who proceeds them are usually no better. Just like Politians , any way you go ya always get screwed. We are the Rangers and as bitter as you are don’t try to brain wash others over here with your ” we suck” attitude dude.

  103. Olga Folkyerself on

    Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda… Who is using revisionist history? Smith the villain? No better than Sather?

    Check the Record, Bub:
    Ranger Cups- Smith 1, Sather 0.

    It isn’t “we suck”, it’s Sather Sucks. (BTW, You’ll need a brain to be brainwashed.)

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